Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sri Yantra - Shortcut to Enlightenment

"Sri Yantra" is the name of a geometric pattern made up of overlapping triangles. The shapes are arranged so that some of the triangles point upwards and others point downwards. Although often displayed on a banner in tandem with Buddhist and Hindu artifacts, the Sri Yantra does not have a religious significance. Rather, it is an eye exercise that strengthens the connections between the various centers in the brain. By looking at the figure while outwardly allowing the eyes to track from one triangle point to another, the mind begins to make internal connections too! After only one or two sessions of meditating on the Sri Yantra, people report significant improvements in their daily lives. Particularly one's timing seems to improve resulting in many happy coincidences like bumping into friends while shopping and finding perfect parking places. After a bit more practice one experiences thoughts and ideas quickly and easily manifesting into solid things. This is particularly encouraging for those of us who have tried visualization techniques without success!

To make the Sri Yantra work for you, have a clear image in your mind of what you would like to create, stare at the Sri Yantra for about ten minutes, and then..
Be amazed at how quickly your heart's desire comes into being!

Also, for those interested in self improvement and spiritual work the Sri Yantra offers the possibility of completely releasing those old unconscious impulses that may have sabotaged conscious intentions - they simply lose the power to interfere.

If you are interested in learning more about the powers of the Sri Yantra, and even buying one of your own, google it and several informative sites will come up. However, although they are not expensive, you can easily draw one for yourself! As to what it "means", you can't really know that until you experience it.

The line up of planets this week are mostly upbeat giving several opportunities but also some important warnings.

We had a very harsh Mars square Pluto mash up this morning, Sunday, November 19. This no doubt triggered some feelings of being unable to continue old unproductive patterns. Whether you announced, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore," or simply quietly decided to make changes, this aspect will be continuing to cause reverberations in the days ahead - so don't try to sweep stirred up awareness under the rug! It becomes obvious now that something's got to give.
Rather than trying to restore old routines look to create new ones.

Tuesday November 21 Venus in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn - an encouraging omen for transformation, particularly for issues involving death, taxes or sexuality. The recent flood of accusations by women claiming to have been sexually harassed may be leading to positive changes.

Wednesday Neptune turns direct. Neptune rules intuition, music and those things that cannot be seen but only sensed. When retrograde, Neptune pulls back from sharing his insights. Now that he is moving forward perhaps we will find it easier to grasp what our unconscious is trying to tell us - a great time for setting up a Sri Yantra!

Thanksgiving Day starts out with a disruptive Moon square Uranus. It may be impossible to stick with our preconceived plans so have an attitude of flexibility. The Moon will go into Aquarius later in the day which welcomes "outsiders" so take advantage of any opportunity to include someone unrelated to the family. Rather than shooting for a "traditional" celebration, this could be the year you excel doing something totally spontaneous.

Terrific line up of planets for finding unexpected bargains on Friday and Saturday with Mercury trining Uranus. Hit the Black Friday sales with gusto!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, November 11, 2017

New Moon in Scorpio - Marching to The Beat of a Different Drummer

The zodiac is made up of 365 degrees and each degree is described by a different image known a a Sabian Symbol. Being aware of these images can often help one grasp the meaning of a planet at a certain degree more fully than words alone can. This week the New Moon happens on Saturday, November 18 at 27 degrees Scorpio. The key word for this degree is "propaganda" which makes a lot of sense when we consider that Scorpios are famous for being able to influence and manipulate  others on a deep and unconscious level. This word makes even more sense when we pair it with it's Sabian Symbol. The Sabian Symbol for 27 degrees Scorpio is of a military band marching noisily through the city streets. The band draws attention with it's music and the loud banging of its drums. A band rouses us - manipulates us! - and can make us feel good about God and country - even when in calmer quieter moments we may totally disapprove of what God and the government are up to. So the image of a marching band brings the word "propaganda" to life.

Now what does this image mean for each of us personally?
If a person is born on this date the image might suggest the person will literally grow up to play in a band! Or perhaps the influence will be more subtle. The image could be alerting us that the person will demand attention just as a marching band cannot be ignored. Or perhaps they will want to join the army or alternatively they may oppose the military and become peace activists, or maybe it just means they will excel in advertising work.. So you see, the symbols aren't so effective for making specific predictions, but they can be very useful in giving a person a few clues to the larger patterns.

The New Moon falling on the degree of the marching band this week suggests we may see some of the following in our lives in the month ahead:
Noisy bands for sure!
Maybe announcements that make you leap to your feet.
Peace rallies or war marches.

 There is also a caution that comes with each image. The noisy marching band could be warning us that a lot of noise drowns out the real messages. More fake news? Perhaps we are beating our own drum too loudly or perhaps we need to beware of someone else putting on a big ego display. Propaganda and threats to peace often show up when this degree is prominent in event charts.

All in all, the Moon message for this month is "Don't let your own inner voice be deafened by outside sounds."
In the words of Henry Thoreau,
"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away."

The exact time of the New Moon is Saturday morning, November 18 at 6:42 a.m. (est). Set your alarm to go off at that moment and you will be totally in tune with this Crashing Cymbals Symbol!
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Venus into Scorpio - It's Kind of a Big Deal.

Whew, I caught you just in time! Venus, the goddess of love, will be leaving her home sign Libra early Tuesday morning, November 7, and wont be back here again for an entire year! Use these last few hours while Venus is still in her sweet spot to promote a little extra good karma for your relationships. Contact friends and loved ones to share some good vibrations. Venus at the last degrees of Libra can pull you through the worst situations and still end with smiles all around.

Next stop - Scorpio! 
On the other hand, Venus in Scorpio portends power struggles and secret affairs. This is because Scorpio rules other people's possessions and those things we can only have access to because someone else agreed to share. To get someone to share their money (or their partner!) many folks resort to bullying or even theft or in the case of a romance, a secret liaison. During the next month while Venus is here we may all find ourselves in situations where we're tempted to use charm rather than facts to accomplish what needs to get done. Sure, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down but beware of becoming down right deceptive! Be aware that you may also be targeted for manipulation yourself. Department stores will be urging us with syrupy advertisements to spend our money on Christmas gifts and decorations and all the Venus stuff that is supposed to mean "love" - but really means debt.

Other planetary aspect to watch for this week:
The Sun will sextile Pluto early Thursday morning November 9, a powerful opportunity for regeneration and growth. This applies to all sorts of situations from healing relationships to finding just what you're looking for at the local thrift store (Pluto rules things that need to be repaired or reactivated).
On Saturday November 11 Saturn will trine Uranus. As Saturn rules physical reality and Uranus rules electronics, this combination could mean what used to be wild ideas and imaginings are solidifying into brilliant new inventions.

Think outside the box this week and see what New Age wonders appear!
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Rosada, EXT 2340