Sunday, February 25, 2018

Virgo Full Moon March 1 - Thoughts Become Things

The Sun in Pisces illuminates visions and dreams while the Moon in Virgo spotlights attention to the body and health matters. When they combine with a Full Moon this coming Thursday, March 1, we should see some specific examples of how our thoughts effect our physical body and environment. Make a point of listening to uplifting music and avoid negativity - you will see it does you good like medicine!

On Sunday, March 4, the Sun will conjunct Neptune making it an Anything Can Happen Day. Neptune dissolves boundaries and when the Sun energies this pattern we never know what may float in. You may find yourself feeling lost and without focus but you might also have some unusual and inspirational insights. The key message here is that we are all one, no boundaries to separate us, so do unto others as you would be done by.

On this same day, Mercury, the planet ruling the mind, will be teaming up with Venus, the goddess of love in Pisces which could bring us poetry in motion - but beyond sweet dreams you can't count on this combo to manifest anything too concrete. Make plans but avoid being the victim of a smooth talker and don't pay any money up front!

Saturn, the harsh reality planet, is in it's home sign Capricorn meaning we're involved in an intense Awakening to Reality cycle this year. I can remember as a young teenager thinking "Enlightenment" would be a grand thing even though I had no idea what it might mean. Now the whole world is speeding towards enlightenment and it's not the happy feeling anticipated. Enlightenment means the lights are being turned on and we're seeing how the world really works - how we've trusted those who didn't have our best interests at heart and how thoughts and prayers alone don't change anything. Enlightenment doesn't mean we are instantly wise and all knowing, indeed, I'm beginning to think it means we come to realize just how little we know.

But knowing you don't know is a good place to start. The next step with Saturn is to affirm, "The buck stops here." When we accept responsibility and acknowledge how our own actions have led to our current situations we then can see how we have the power to change them.

You've got the power!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Is Your Dream Big Enough?

When we talk about making dreams come true, we tend to think in terms of specific things - like, "I'm dreaming of owning a sports car" - but things are goals, not dreams. Dreams are not one particular thing, but a whole life style. When we dream at night we don't see just one picture, we see a movie - a movie in which we're both the director and the star. By recognizing that our waking life is also a dream that we are creating, we are empowered to make it more aligned with our true wishes.

To live the life/movie of your dreams there are some very specific things you can do to make this happen. Particularly surround yourself with the appropriate scenery, costumes and props because just as what you surround yourself with during the day is likely to show up in your dreams at night, the things you surround yourself with will also attract more of the same in your waking life. We all know people who collect certain items. They probably didn't start out saying, "Oh I'm going to collect china frogs" but rather they probably happened to have one and a friend saw it and gave them another and then someone else saw them and added a third and before long everyone thinks this person wants  frogs and so, even if they hate them, they keep getting more and more. Like attracts like. So what ever you're wanting your dream/movie to be, start manifesting it by surrounding yourself with images and symbols - physical props - of what you do want more of. If you are wanting to manifest more money, carry a silver dollar.  If you are wanting to go to Hawaii,  wear a paper lei and start living on Island Time. Whatever you have is drawing more of the same to you, so have in your head and in your hand only what you want to attract more of.

  This works because the Universe is all about energy, frequency and vibration. If you want to manifest something, your energy has to be on the same frequency as what you wish to manifest. If you are depressed and want to manifest happiness you will not be drawn to happiness by focusing on negative thoughts. Plus to be drawn to happiness when you are down you need a dream that is bigger than your current circumstances. Your dream has to be bigger, stronger, more compelling, to pull you out of your funk. To make your vision a powerful magnet it must be a really big dream!

 After all, a  teeny tiny magnet doesn't have much pull and likewise a small dream wont keep your focus either. To draw you out of your old ruts and forward, the magnet - the dream - needs to be about 3x bigger than the life - the movie - you are acting in right now. In fact, your dream should be so big that you wont even be able to complete it in this lifetime - it should be so big you probably wont complete it for three lifetimes!

Play with the three lifetimes idea a bit and see what happens. Our dreams are so often toned down, squelched, to fit what we think of as being possible and we greatly underestimate what the possibilities are. A senior citizen may say, "Oh I wanted to be a teacher but it's too late for me to get a credential now..." But if this person considers what they might do in three lifetimes, suddenly going back to school now doesn't seem so absurd. This happened with a sixty-three year old friend of mine and no sooner did she sign up for classes than she was offered a teaching job at a private school - no credential required! Another friend was inspired by the Three Lifetime's Rule to take up playing the piano even though she knew her dream of being a concert pianist - which needs about 20,000 hours of practice - wouldn't be realized this time around. Still, imagining that her efforts might lead to being born a musical prodigy in the next lifetime gave her the incentive to begin her studies - which are bringing her great happiness already.

So don't wish for small things. Small doable things make good goals but to create the life of your dreams you need to think way big. So big it will take several lifetimes and many miracles to make your dream come true. But don't worry about the time, because you'll discover you don't mind your current beginner's status when you recognize you are on an adventure to a glorious future - even if it's a few lifetimes away!

Planetary heads up:
The Moon will go into Taurus for a couple of days February 20 -22. This is good for practical matters and creating arrangements that make for a smooth energy flow. You can't please everyone but on these days you may come close.

Venus joins up with Neptune the morning of the 21. This sounds like a warm fuzzy but it could manifest as harsh reality creating confusion. If so, wait a day or two to let things sort themselves out.

Dream on!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Aquarius New Moon Brings The Year of The Dog

Seems like it's all happening at once this week. We've got Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day, Ash Wednesday, a Lunar New Year, a partial eclipse, two major sign changes and a couple of very tricky squares coming up. Whew, I think I need a nap.

Here are some tips for how to navigate this maze:

First, send Valentines. A lot of people have stopped sending Christmas cards mainly because they got to be so common, so required, that sending them ceased to be a delight and became more like a chore. Yet getting a card in the mail is still such fun so why not show your Aquarian eccentricity and let a few close buddies feel your love? In fact, go way outside the box and even send flowers to your very best buds!

Next tune into the power of this up coming New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse happening in Aquarius Thursday, February 15.  Aquarius is a sign known for promoting cool detachment so when the Moon is in this sign it encourages friendships based on mutual mental interests rather than romance. It can be a time of delightful gatherings of like minded souls - just don't expect people to get along because they are family or because it's polite of for any other reason than simply because they want to. The eclipse adds even more intensity to this planetary placement so it may be a difficult couple of days for making important decisions - people may vote against their own best interests just to prove they can.

The Lunar New Year starts on Friday, February16. In Chinese astrology this begins The Year of The Earth Dog. Dogs are known for being trustworthy and loyal so the Year of The Dog is supposed to have a much more stable feel to it than what we experienced in 2017. I sure hope so...

Saturday, February 17, we have a puzzling square from Mars to Neptune. Mars rules ambition and goal seeking while Neptune creates confusion and fog. When the two come together it's easy to get lost so double check directions and instructions this week. Probably not a good time to start tackling your taxes.

If that weren't confusing enough, Mercury enters Pisces the same day. Mercury rules information while Pisces is better at dealing with emotions. When Mercury is here it can be good for listening to music and whispering a lot of Sweet Nothings, but again, be careful to get your facts straight.

The week comes to a close with a yearning for peace and harmony.  First Venus and then the Sun will be moving into Pisces and nobody is going to feel particularly ambitious after that. If you must do something productive consider having a garage sale. The Pisces Sun will make you feel like dispersing all your material goods and even if you don't make the Big Bucks, Venus in Pisces will make you feel good for providing for some needy souls.

Have a great week, Dog gone it!

Rosada, EXT 2340