Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finding The Right People

Gemini is the month for meeting our spiritual twins:

 Once upon a time a traveller came upon a beggar sitting on a rock on the out skirts of a town.
"Greetings, Grandfather!" The traveller began, "pray tell, what sort of a town is this and what kinds of people live here?"
Replied the old man, "First tell me a little about yourself, young fellow. What sort of town do you come from and what sort of people lived there?"
"Oh I'm leaving a perfectly awful place," said the traveller with a shudder. "The town was filled with drunkards and thieves."
"Ah," sighed the old soul, "This I was afraid of. Sadly I must tell you, you'll likely find the same sort living here."
The traveller went on into the town with a heavy heart and found that, alas, it was just as the old man said. 
Not long after this, a second wayfarer came up the road and he too had a question. 
"Hello Grandfather," cried the stranger. "Can you tell me what sort of town this is and what kinds of people live here?'
The old man answered as he had with the first, "Where are you coming from and what sort of people lived in that town?"
"I've just come from visiting a wonderful place," this fellow exclaimed. "The town was filled with helpful, loving souls, the best you've ever laid eyes on."
"Indeed," remarked the old man. "Well I'm happy to tell you that's just the sort of folks you'll meet here too!"
The young man smiled and went on into the town and sure enough those were exactly the sort of folks he met.

Moral of the story: June is the month to meet 'n' greet and repeat: "I always connect with the best people!"

June 3rd will the new moon will be in airy Gemini. This effervescent combination of the water and air makes sparkling champagne = June is the perfect time for delightful wit and flirtation. Exerting yourself to make social contacts and business appointments in a vivacious and animated way is totally appropriate (of course you can add a bit of tact and diplomacy ;-)

One catch:
This year the June moon will be ECLIPSING the sun. Emotions therefore may be overpowering calmer judgement, which isn't necessarily a bad thing if you're looking to let out your inner party animal. On the international scene however, arrogant rulers (the sun) who have out stayed their welcome may be forced off stage by public protests (the moon rules the masses). The bubbly could fizz over and go flat!

But for most of us commoners, this month of June is the time to shake things up a bit. Wear some color, speak out! Nothing is as infectious as enthusiasm, and now is the time to prove it. So few people now days are willing to exert themselves in an out going lively way. Dress up, make it a party! The Universe will thank you.

Along with the eclipse we also need to consider the placement of Uranus moving up to square Pluto. The issues they are bringing to the surface have to do with a growing conflict over change. Uranus - the planet of restlessness and dissatisfaction with the status quo - has entered Aries encouraging the desire to move beyond personal limits but Pluto the dark planet is stirring up fears about escaping from safe comfortable ruts. On a personal level this should alert you to CONSIDER WHERE PROJECTS NEED CHANGE OR MODIFICATION this month to produce a stable growth foundation.

Finally, Jupiter will be exiting Aries June 5th and wont be back here again for YEARS. Please take advantage of this opportune time to dream big, set forth boldly and energetically follow your passions.

And of course give me a call or shoot me an email. I will answer as many questions as I have time for here on this blog.

I always hear from the best people!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Psychic's Notebook: Location! Location! Location!

Spring is in the air and we're coming into the time of year when people seriously start considering their next move. Do we want to spend another winter like the last one or is there some place we might be better off? A look at your astrological location map can tell you the best places for you to live or vacation. 

Here's how it works:

Most of us are familiar with the idea that your astrological chart is based on your date and place of birth. A lot can be known just from these two facts. But if you also know the time of your birth we can know a great deal more. This is because depending on the time you were born, certain planets will appear on the "angles"  in your chart which makes their influence more powerful. If difficult Saturn was on the horizon in your birth town at your birth moment, it will appear on an angle, the ascendant, in your birth chart and your life at that location is more likely to be Saturn-like: stable but filled with heavy responsibilities. 
Likewise, if jovial Jupiter was rising, then your experience in your home town is more likely to be characterized as fortunate and even blessed.
 Now the amazing thing is, that while you can't entirely change your karma by relocating, you can definitely improve your chances for success if you move to the place where your positive planets are prominent! Thus, if you were born with quick thinking Mercury in the 12th house of hidden matters you might have lots of bright ideas - but no way to get them noticed. However, if you were to move a hundred miles north that would put Mercury on your ascendant and before long you could be finding yourself becoming known as a public speaker! Not only that, but you don't even have to actually move to tap into the benefit of a relocation. If for example you know that Venus - the planet of love and money - is prominent for you in Paris, simply identify with that city - put up a picture of it on the fridge - and watch your romance and money improve! Furthermore, people who come from the places where the planets are good for you should also bring you good fortune. Working for companies based in those cities or advertising your own company in your good fortune locations will also connect you with the positive flow. On the other hand, cities where Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are on the angles may bring you heavy circumstances and if you know this is a possibility in advance you can be prepared and turn the challenge into a triumph.

To be able to tell you exactly your best locations I will need to know your birth time which not everyone knows right off the bat. Check your birth certificate and most likely it will be noted there.
Then give me a call!

Now a bit about the planets this week a head. Only first a comment about our recent full moon in Scorpio. If you've been reading this blog you probably remember me mentioning that everything comes out in the open under a full moon and that particularly when the moon is under the sign of sex, power and secrets, Scorpio. This certainly proved true this last week! I'm talking about the news coming out right on the full moon about the head of the IMF and also the ex-governor of California. Astrology works!

We are into a waning moon for the next ten days. The waning moon symbolizes decrease so if you are wanting to lessen something now is the time to get that project going. For example, if you are wanting to buy a house and are looking for a low price this would be the best time to make an offer. (Sellers should list their houses when the moon is waxing to encourage getting a greater price.) If you are gardening - an excellent project with the sun now in Taurus- root crops are best started when the moon is waning. If you have decided to lose weight, this is the perfect time to start a diet. Rather than trying to count calories or using any method that requires a lot of mental effort (save that for Gemini), the sun in Taurus, the sign of flowers and vegetables, will reward you for simply eating more of the growing things. Watch for your own inner guidance getting stronger and being able to tell you when you've had enough - a signal that often gets ignored when we are dieting by the numbers!

Until next week..
Emotion is energy-in-motion and 
Love makes the world go around!
Rosada, EXT 2340

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Psychic's Notebook: Out of The Closet

Everything comes out in the open on a full moon and this will be particularly true on this month's full moon coming up on Monday, May 16 . On that day the sun in Taurus shines its spotlight on the moon in Scorpio, the sign of secrets, and anything that's been hidden will be coming out in plain sight.

On a practical level this means the weekend coming up could be a great time for garage sales and swap meets. Even the worst pack rats among us will feel compelled to empty the closets and those of us who go garage sailing will no doubt find just the treasures we've been hunting for!

Emotionally and relationship-wise the next seven days could usher in some intense experiences. Scorpio is the sign of life, death and rebirth so when it's part of the full moon combo we know we're in for some extreme highs, lows and around-we-go's. New friends fall in love at first sight. Old friends reappear for one more dance. It can be a time of rebirth or it can be the time you finally know for certain the whole affair is dead and over and done with. This is where astrology can really help. Call me for a look at your relationship charts - find out if its meant to be long term or just an absolutely fabulous mind-blowing, life changing one night stand!

On a purely intellectual level, moon in Scorpio helps mysteries get solved. You wont be satisfied with superficial explanations. You'll want to get to the core reality. Even if you don't have all the facts, your gut instincts will be guiding you. Furthermore hidden truths more easily reveal themselves to you in dreams.
(Which reminds me, I am intending to do a whole column here on the subject of dream revelations. I would very much like your imput if you care to share your dream stories/experiences with us.)

Spiritually we can make great progress this month because with the sun in Taurus it will  make it so much more obvious how it is our own thoughts that are guiding our reality. Where attention goes, energy flows! The moon in Scorpio will be intensifying our focus and the sun in Taurus will be quickly manifesting our intentions. What we see - focus on - is what we get. Plus the more we acknowledge we are the ones doing this to ourselves the more we are enabling ourselves to see. More light, more truth, it's all here this month if we dare to look.

That all sounds a bit heavy but we actually have a joyous and fruitful line up of planets alining this week ahead:

Mercury, Venus and Mars are coming together at the first degrees of the sign Taurus. Mercury  rewards communication, Venus manifests pleasure, and Mars puts it all in motion. It's a great line up of planets for

Mercury: Affirming
Venus: What's good
Mars: And bringing it to life!

One quick hint about affirmations. The idea is to affirm - make firm - what already is. Thus we must choose our words carefully because it is our words that create our world. Thoughts - put into words - become things! Thus it is important that our affirmations state that we already have what it is that we're wanting to manifest. If we affirm that we are GOING to do something we are actually sabotaging ourselves because by affirming that we are GOING to have something we are actually affirming that we don't have it! This is why so many New Year's resolutions fail. We decree, "I am going to lose weight!" and thus assure that all year long we will be just about almost on the cusp going to lose weight - but never quite getting there! The important thing in affirmations is that you focus on what is already good in your life and acknowledge it - count your blessings! - thus programing your unconscious to make you aware of opportunities for more of the same. it's like if we were to talk about elephants here, your unconscious then brings to your attention more and more elephants through out the day! You'll see them in the clouds, in advertisements, in toy stores, you may even see one walking down the street! What ever we focus our attention on, we are creating more of the same. Focus on what you want more of.

However, beware of exaggeration. If you're broke and you tell yourself "I am a billionaire," your unconscious wont resonate with the idea and nothing will come of it. Better to affirm, "I am rich," and then let your unconscious make you aware of all the ways you already are rich - and then show you the way to even more.

Quick simple affirmations that don't create resistance are often the most effective.
 Try saying this one now and throughout the day.
"I am healthy, wealthy and wise."
See what manifests tomorrow!

If you have any favorite affirmations you would like to share here, please email them to me. I've found affirmations posted on the internet seem to come into manifestation much more quickly - kinda like the computer is a sort of prayer wheel where one affirmation spins about and gains the power of a thousand.

So bring those secret desires out of the closet,
Cause success is inevitable and

Best wishes... come true!



Rosada, EXT 2340

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Merry Month of May

The Sun has moved into the calm soothing, nourishing month of Taurus and from what some of you have been telling me it's not happening a minute too soon. Five of the planets we look at are still in go-go-go Aries but I promise you we are going to be seeing a glimpse of the calm we've been hoping for manifesting in the weeks ahead.

In the meanwhile I have some suggestions for how to deal with what's coming up in the near future: