Sunday, April 24, 2016

Life Changing Questions and What You Need to Know Now

 I've been to so many New Age workshops and listened to so many kindhearted gurus in this lifetime that it's kind of unusual for me to hear a totally brand new idea anymore. This last week however I perked up my ears when a lady called and passed on this idea. "I don't ask God for things anymore. I ask for answers." We chatted about this for a bit and I really liked her understanding. "Things are more than material objects," she observed, "They are also symbols. By recognizing what the things around us symbolize we can make rapid headway in understanding ourselves and our life." She went on to tell me some experiences and the insights that have come to her by continuously asking Spirit, "What is the meaning of this?"

Incidentally, I know there are some people who feel uneasy about consulting oracles or psychics and asking questions. It's as if they think life is a puzzle we're supposed to figure out all  by ourselves and asking God for help is somehow cheating. I don't ascribe to that belief. I feel that if there is a reason why troubles come into our lives it is specifically so we will remember we have God and hosts of heavenly angels eagerly wanting to make themselves known to us and sometimes it seems the only They can get our attention is by giving us a problem only They can solve. Next time you come up against some stress or difficulty, ask yourself when was the last time you checked in with the Great Computer in The Sky? Take a moment to renew your acquaintance with The Man Upstairs and ask what your higher self would do in your situation. Then relax and watch the problems evaporate.

Some powerful questions to be asking this week:

Monday April 25 the Moon will be joining Mars early in the day giving us a sense of energy and making us eager to get things moving but then it will then square expansive Jupiter and finally bump up against limiting Saturn in the afternoon. This means we may attempt too much and feel thwarted by obstacles before we can get anything real accomplished. Save yourself a lot of frustration by starting the day with an organized plan. Ask yourself, "What can I reasonably expect to get done today?" and "What do I need to complete before I can move forward?"

Tuesday April 26 the Moon will trine Uranus and then Venus in Aries. These planets open new doors and encourage new connections. If you were wise about not over extending yourself yesterday you will have time for an adventure today! This line up is about bringing in brand new opportunities so ask, "What can I do differently this morning?"

Wednesday April 27 the Moon will be in Capricorn making a FABULOUS trine to the Sun in Taurus. Organization and planning will lead to tangible results. Ask, "What do I really want and how can I put my talents to their best use?"

Thursday April 28 the Moon will make it's monthly conjunction to Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. Ask yourself, "What significant change has happened in my life this last month?" It's easy to stay stuck in old habits but if you pay attention to the answers you intuit today you could make some positive life altering course corrections now.

Mercury will be turning retrograde on this Thursday. We all know by now that Mercury retrograde means a time to slow down and put the files in order. This is more true than ever during this latest Mercury retrograde cycle as we also have Mars, Jupiter and Saturn retrograde too. Ask, "Where do I need to take things slowly?" and "What do I need to bring up to date?"

Friday April 29 the Moon will go void of course after making a square to Venus in Aries. "Who needs a hug?" could be a good question. Venus dances into her home sign Taurus Friday night. Go out to dinner and ask "What's good to eat?"!

Saturday April 30  the Moonwill be in Aquarius making friendly contacts with both Saturn and Uranus while the Sun in Taurus moves to sextile Neptune. Asking "How can I be of service?" could launch some amazing new adventures.

The Universe is eager to give, we only need to ask!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Pluto Turns Retrograde - Major Energy Shift Happening Now

The scales are tipping Monday as Pluto, the planet ruling Karma turns retrograde in Capricorn - the sign of political power and authority. Look for continued revelations of backroom dealings in the news and in your personal life. Those we trusted may turn out to be scoundrels and those we doubted could yet prove to be our best friends. As Pluto rules great wealth his retrograde motion does not bode well for the market. Some overdo revaluations could be shaking things up soon. We may also hear of more earthquakes in Japan as these occurrences often coincide with major planetary movements. There may be a significant power shift with heads of state resigning or changing roles. All in all a lively beginning to the week!

Tuesday the intense times continue when the Sun enters a new sign, Taurus, and Venus squares Pluto that afternoon. This puts a strong emphasis on money and shared values.  It also will be bringing family dramas to center stage. The way we wheel and deal and maneuver will becoming more and more obvious to ourselves and others. Once we see how we've been manipulated we may have to boldly speak up for ourselves or those who rely on us.

Wednesday afternoon looks like a wild and rebellious day. The Moon squares Pluto, opposes Venus and the final aspect on Wednesday night is an opposition to Uranus! I'm supposed to be with the grand-kids this day. I think I better plan on taking them to a park and letting them run free - no way I want to try to keep them sitting quietly through these aspects!!

Thursday the moon is void o course until evening. Activities launched under a VOC Moon often don't work out as intended- but it can be a great time for enjoying unexpected happenings.
Friday is the full Moon, the time when everything comes out in the open. Venus in Aries will be conjuncting independent Uranus. No place to hide so just be yourself!

 Lot of changes happening this week and possibly some things coming out that could require significant attitude adjustments.
Don't be in a rush and we'll all get through it just fine!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mars Trining Venus from Sagittarius: The Student is Ready - Will The Teacher Appear?

The planet of action, Mars, is poised to trine the planet of love, Venus, on Tuesday April 12. Are you in position to take advantage of this delightful connection? Ideas presented on this day will hit their target with ease so speak up - apply for the job, offer the proposal, go after what you really want! We wont have another opportunity like this again until the middle of July. There is one cautionary note: After all the hugs and encouragement, Mars will be turning retrograde the Sunday, April 17 - plans and good intentions may need to be revised a bit or perhaps it means we will make haste very slooowly.

As Mars will be in the travel sign Sagittarius, I'm anticipating we'll be seeing opportunities to venture out in new directions. Sagittarius is also the sign of the teacher but with the Sun in impatient Aries and so close to independent Uranus we may not be willing to wait for a teacher or anyone outside ourselves to guide us - so if you're feeling to charge out on your own without a map this week, please don't forget it's no sin to stop now and then to ask for directions!

Mars turns retrograde April 17 - June 28. Key things to remember to help you navigate this one step forward - two steps back scenario:
Mars retrograde makes this a good time for reviewing past actions and bringing previously started projects up to speed or back to life.
Old friends, love interests may re-appear. This doesn't necessarily mean you should re-commit but it does give an opportunity to clean up misunderstandings.
Mars retrograde tends to internalize anger. Try not to be passive aggressive or hang on to old hurts.
Anticipate that things are going to take longer than expected.
Don't start fights, lawsuits, or play around with firearms or sharp tools!
Not the best time to schedule elective surgery.
In general, take the attitude that the joy is in the journey - not just in the destination!

A few more thoughts about the Sun and Uranus in Aries this month.:
Uranus is associated with electricity and often brings experiences where flashes of insight shake up all previously held beliefs. The challenge is, are we strong enough to survive the lightening bolt of  truth? Like it or not it's coming at us. For example, this week Uranus in Aries was transiting an elderly friend's fourth house of home, family and the past. As her family is all deceased she didn't imagine it would effect her but an old paper from a stack in the basement surfaced and... she learned she had been adopted! Luckily she was able to take the news in stride but you can see how Uranus can come along and change everything - even the past. Since Uranus set the tone for the month by being the first planet the New Moon connected with last week, there is a strong possibility of similar experiences happening in all our lives this lunar cycle. That is, out of nowhere unexpected information will appear that demands we re-evaluate our past assumptions. If we have been hanging on to a fantasy the experiences we have now will bring us into reality. This can be painful but if we  resist indulging in drama the new wisdom this Sun/Uranus combo brings can inspire us to release old baggage and move forward. Otherwise with Mars turning retrograde the revelations could leave us feeling cheated and disillusioned. Enlightenment is not for sissys!

Time to get ready,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Aries New Moon Conjuncts Uranus - The Door to The Future Opens Now

Been doing your affirmations and wondering when you'll ever see the results? This is the week it all happens:

Let's begin with a little background info -

The Sun has entered Aries meaning the stage is set for individual initiative to take control. No more waiting for help or permission. This is the month when nothing stops the one who knows what they want and has the courage to go after it. Don't look for approval or companionship, just start living the life you imagine and watch the Universe fall into alignment.

The Sun will be trining Saturn, the god of order and commitment, on Tuesday April 5. This connection will illuminate your game plan. You'll have a chance to clearly recognize what your habit patterns have been and to easily identify where you may have been sabotaging yourself with negative thinking - and also this line up could bring an opportunity to put positive things in place that could serve you well for  YEARS to come! For example, I have client who will be starting to get her Social Security benefits on this day - after many months of mistakenly thinking she didn't qualify. What benefits have you been holding yourself back from? The Universe can only give to you when you are willing to receive!

To add to the power of this Super Tuesday, Venus will be entering Aries after a month in La-La Land (Pisces). While Pisces is known as the sign of compassion, Venus here often shows where we've let our guard down and allowed weird ideas and people invade our space. Whatever were we thinking? Now in Aries, Venus says, "Not my circus, not my monkeys!" We're no longer willing to take on problems we didn't cause and can't solve. Venus in Aries will help identify and attract what works for YOU!

Mercury, the messenger  god, will be leaving fiery Aries on this day and entering more stable Taurus. Impulsive speeches will now be subjected to more thoughtful analysis. Donald Trump benefited greatly from Mercury in Aries. He's pattern of saying whatever he thought on the spur of the moment fit perfectly with that energy, even more so when he used his words to inflame and incite Aries anger. Now Mercury goes into Taurus which doesn't support this style of communication so he may no longer be the media's darling. Don't look for him to back down, however. Mercury in Taurus is nothing if not stubborn!

Wednesday April 6 is when the real shake up starts to take effect. The Sun will square Pluto and that means drama big time. Most likely the results of the elections the day before will lead to some significant realizations and transformations. In our personal lives this line up could create  confrontations between the individual and The Powers That Be. I definitely wont be trying to ramrod  any changes through now. But stay alert - the New Moon happens the next day on April 7 and this is when the new consciousness begins.

Thursday morning April 7 the Moon will follow the previous day's Sun square Pluto with a square to Pluto of it's own - adding an emotional reaction to the events of the day before.  Outrages will seem even more unbearable inretrospect but please be patient just a little bit longer. After this come-to-our-senses moment where we realize just how wrong we've been to blindly follow orders, the Moon moves on to conjunct the Sun in Aries - The New Moon! - and then just a couple of hours later it joins freedom loving independent Uranus. What will the experience, the realization, be? I'm predicting this day will offer us unique opportunities to recognize how and where we've allowed ourselves to be hypnotized by the fear mongers and this is when we'll finally start to realize, we'll finally get it, that we create our lives ourselves - simply by what we choose give our attention to.

This New Moon vow to give your attention to what is good and positive in your life. Refuse to give your time or energy to anything less.
Then watch the new doors open.


Rosada, EXT 2340