Saturday, May 28, 2016

New Moon in Gemini: Something to Talk About

The new Moon is happening June 4 in the sign Gemini, the sign famous for flirtations and communications.

To fully understand what this means lets back track a moment and consider where this energy is coming from:

The Moon will be in Aries Monday, all about getting things started. It's a feeling of tremendous get up and go. Nothing stops an Aries because they single mindedly pursue their goals. Moreover, they don't get stalled by unnecessary considerations. For example, although known for being fiercely competitive a true Aries will never carry a grudge because to do so would weigh them down. Furthermore, if they do come to feel a goal is unattainable they will abandon it, pick a new and never look back.

The Moon enters Taurus Wednesday night June 1. Stable, stuck and unchanging are the key words for describing Taurus energy - quite the opposite of Aries.. Together they embody the classic case of the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object and  when they do - wham! - somethings got to give.

What gives is demonstrated by Gemini - the sign depicting energy scattering in a million different directions. If energy is blocked in one place it will bounce about and find a path some place else. Likewise, planets in Gemini don't maintain a steady pattern for long. They will only manifest in brief outbursts. Thus when we have Mercury, the planet ruling communication, in Gemini our attention span seems shorter and we can absorb only quick ideas. Venus here wants romances that are filled with Gemini qualities, that is, words, love notes and wit. The affairs may not endure but they can be delightful. Mars in Gemini comes on with angry outbursts or an enthusiasm for talking. The point is, with planets in Gemini the experience may not last long, but it will be very typical of the planet's core pattern.

The Moon is all about the feelings and  emotions. We can expect when the Moon is in Gemini our emotional response to events will be - in typical Gemini fashion - quick superficial and scattered. As the New Moon sets the tone for the entire month we can anticipate that this month we will be particularly aware of opportunities of a Gemini nature - you may feel more like talking, reading, writing and working with words and you may have opportunities quick trips and new experiences. Because Gemini is known for being changeable our emotions may tend to be fickle. The important thing to remember is your responses will be changeable for the next 28 days. What delights you one day may bore you the next. Beware of over commitment at this time.

Other planetary happenings to be aware of this week include:

Mercury, the planet of information and communication will be making a powerful trine to Pluto, the powerful god ruling secrets and the underworld. How fitting that the whole uproar about Bill Cosby and also  Hilary Clinton's secret emails is front and center in the news these days. The fact that the Moon will be in Aries squaring Pluto and conjuncting disruptive Uranus now through Wednesday June 1st could make this feel like more of a crisis is brewing. Indeed, by Thursday June 2 the stories will be ready to come out in the open when there will be a grand trine between the Moon Jupiter and Pluto.  This sounds like a full on call for justice. Furthermore as the Sun opposes Saturn this day and as Saturn represents rules and limits that even jolly old sol can't brush aside. we could hear of some important court rulings this week.

All in all the pattern points to stories and drama the first part of the week but a lessening of tension with the New Moon on Saturday. We should each of us have some exciting adventure stories to tell around the campfire then.

Take notes!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, May 23, 2016

Venus into Gemini: Words of Love, Soft and Tender

Venus is on the move! She's making a sign change Tuesday, May 24, and leaving Taurus the sign of  possessions to bounce into the walkie-talkie energy field of Gemini. It's as if we've had our fill of  stuff keeping us tied down. With Venus in Gemini we like to move about and it's easier to move about if we carry words and ideas, not things.. Being able to move about easily is a important for Venus in Gemini so if you want the Goddess at your side these next four weeks throw out everything but a few good books and a pair of walking shoes!

Plus you might want to make sure those books are filled with jokes and light-hearted wit. Gemini energy waves can carry only the briefest of messages - no heavy stuff and this is particularly true when Venus is acting as the guide. What ever ideas you are wanting to put across, The Goddess of Love in Gemini means feelings will speak louder than words. My favorite meditation instructor had Venus in Gemini. She used to say that it wasn't the words that passed on the learning, it was the love between teacher and student. So think - love - before you speak and people will hear you.

The mood shifts on Wednesday May 25 when the Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus. Pluto is the planet marking change - death, rebirth and transformation. The Moon comes around and connects with Pluto once every month and when it does it causes us to become aware of some significant change that's taking place in our lives. This wake up call may be some extraordinary event happening right out in the open on the exact day the Moon hits Pluto or it can be a subtle awareness that no one besides ourselves is privy to. That is, the day the Moon conjuncts Pluto may be the day you actually move or it could simply be the day you REALIZE you have to move. But either way, it's a good idea to take a good look around at this time because Moon conjunct Pluto marks when its easiest to recognize what needs to change and the square to Uranus adds an exclamation point!

Thursday morning May 26 we have a difficult square between Jupiter, the planet of optimism and expansion, and Saturn, the planet ruling awareness of limits and harsh reality. As Jupiter tends to spend money freely and Saturn handles budgets carefully, I'm thinking we'll be prompted to reconsider our hopes and wishes. Perhaps a few delays will be put in our paths to get us to slow down and reconsider our objectives. Are we putting our resources to the best use? Don't let money burn a hole! It may be that with a little patience and planning we'll be able to reach our goals without ruining our finances.

On Friday, May 27, Mars retrogrades into Scorpio and will remain there until it turns direct the end of June. We may become aware of projects and plans which need to be brought up to date before we can move forward. Mars retrograde often brings in experiences that promote healing. It's as if when direct Mars was the sword that could wound, retrograde Mars retraces the past and offers tools and opportunities to forgive and rebuild. In the sign Scorpio Mars retrograde is particularly able to heal deep hurts going back many lifetimes. To invoke this healing just repeat the word "Forgive" over and over. It's a simple word, light and tender. The Goddess Venus will be happy to deliver your message.

Wishing you joy this week and always,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Full Moon and Mars Oppose The Sun - Does This Mean War?

Some intense - even scary! - planetary lineups this week. Forewarned is forearmed:

The week begins peacefully enough with the Moon in Virgo making a helpful trine to the Sun. Make Sunday a work day and it could be a pleasant social day too.

Monday May 16 the Moon moves into Libra taking the focus off work and onto relationships. If things have been too one-sided lately we'll find ourselves feeling a pull to balance the scales. As the last aspects the Moon will make before leaving this sign are a harsh square to Pluto and an opposition to Uranus, people may find themselves unwilling to let things slide today. Indeed, if not dealt with, the demand for real justice could build to dramatic confrontations by the weekend.

Thursday May 19 the Moon jumps into Scorpio where feelings are intensified. Passion! Desire! Obsession! Betrayal! It's all part of what's possible with the Moon in this death and rebirth sign. Fortunately before moving on the Moon will trine forgiving Neptune and sextile jovial Jupiter which could help to dissipate the darker potentials of Scorpio. Hopefully dramas stirred up by yesterday's more pugnacious planets will mellow out as opportunities for joy and intimacy get recognition. 

Saturday May 21 the Moon catapults into Sagittarius, conjoins Mars and together they oppose the Sun. It's a full Moon line up that characteristically brings out the most combative side in our natures. Even if you aren't harboring any feelings of ill will, please give yourself plenty of time to get around this weekend. Moon conjunct Mars wants fast action and opposing the Sun could exacerbate possibilities for head on collisions! On the plus side this line-up might make for some terrific sporting events where competition is expected and rewarded. Intentional partnerships could also produce positive results IF people are willing to work together. Simply put, this full Moon denotes a time for opposite sides to negotiate for peace or else be completely blown apart.

We can see how these alignments might manifest on the global scene - On the plus side, even though the warrior god Mars is prominent, he is retrograde in the travel loving sign Sagittarius so possibly this could lead to a backing off from tensions, maybe signing a peace accord or at least a cessation of overseas conflict.

Here at home these energies may portend some earthshaking revelations in the Presidential race - possibly some deadly darts thrown between candidates or some significant alliances forged, or both!

In our private lives this upcoming Moon square to Pluto and opposition to Uranus  followed by the conjunction to Mars could foretell some monumental event for each of us personally. With the gentle aspects to Neptune and Jupiter  mid-week the intention would be for a gradual expansion of awareness. Certainly there is the possibility of many revelations and profound insights leading to acceptance that it's time for a change. My best advice: Don't fight the inevitable. Be willing to recognize and incorporate the new perspectives.

PLUS Mercury will be turning direct the end of the week. Time to look forward, yet...

I always love your feedback!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Moon in Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo This Week.

Do you read your horoscope every day? I used to but I found I tended to then forget the vague warnings so ultimately even the wisest advice wasn't much help. Over the years I've learned that since I am a bear of very little brain, it's best for me to focus on just a few key astrological placements and with that plus my own intuition I do fine. I've found the most useful things to remember about the planets each day is what sign the Moon is in and what final aspect it makes before leaving that sign.

This week the Moon starts out in Gemini. As the Moon rules the emotional tone of the day and the sign indicates how we'll do things, when the Moon is in Gemini we're feeling a bit more restless than usual, plus as Gemini rules words and communication, we may find people are in the mood for conversation - especially fun, not too serious exchanges. I wonder if there will be an particularly heavy call volume today with more people than ever wanting to reach out and wish Mom a Happy Mother's Day?

The last aspect the Moon makes before it leaves a sign tells how things initiated while in that sign will ultimately conclude. This Gemini Moon will end it's visit with a pleasant sextile to Uranus, the planet ruling friends and non-family members. Along with sending greetings to our own mothers we can use this energy to spread good feelings to other friends too. Also, projects started now could ultimately result in Uranian surprises and unforeseen opportunities.

Monday May 9 the Moon will enter it's home sign Cancer. We may find ourselves in the mood to take care of someone and may tend to respond to all situations in a sympathetic and understanding sort of way.

The last aspect the Moon will make before leaving Cancer on Wednesday May 11 will be a square to independent Uranus. Although we may wish to create warm family feelings when the Moon is in Cancer, if people have been demanding too much loyalty this harsh final aspect could trigger hurt feelings as not everyone is going to want to share the group hug. I'm thinking we may hear of some major rebellion in the Republican party now with some members refusing to accept the presumptive nominee.

Late Wednesday afternoon the Moon enters Leo. Feelings are ripe for big theatrics. When the Moon is in this sign we're all feeling a need to be recognized, applauded and appreciated. Dress for success and call everyone Darling!

...but don't throw a hissy fit or go too far out on a limb. The final aspect the Moon will make before leaving Leo will be a square to the Sun in stubborn Taurus. We may enjoy a lot of hooping and hollering but most likely it changes no one's mind or position.

Friday night, May 13 the Moon enters Virgo, the sign known for fixing things. This weekend could be more about spring cleaning than wild parties but the final aspect will be a comfortable trine to the Sun so projects launched now could turn out very well.

So there you have it. Some light-hearted conversation the beginning of the week, a few warm hugs and maybe some surprising encounters in the middle and then some serious work accomplished over the week end.

Plan your schedules accordingly!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Venus in Taurus: Everything We Want is Within Us!

While visiting my grandson Jax, last weekend he told me of the secret invention he's hoping to build someday. "I wish there could be a machine what would scan my brain and then what ever I'm thinking of it would make!" Good golly, Jax, you are right on the cutting edge of all the New Age teachings! Only the thing is, you don't need a machine to scan your brain - what ever you are thinking of you are already creating! I tried to talk a little bit more to him about his idea but being 6 years old and a Gemini he was already off on another subject. So I thought I'd put my ideas on paper here instead.

Think of the word "creating" as meaning "bringing into existence" We all know people who "create" problems for themselves simply by having a negative attitude. We create - bring into existence - good things by our positive attitude. This is because we are all surrounded by infinite consciousness which, when we recognize it, is a manifestation of the vibration or feeling tone we are resonating inwardly. The tricky thing is we tend to only see the pattern we recognize and thus the expression, "The pessimist sees the glass half empty, the optimist sees the glass half full." But the wonderful thing is that we can train ourselves to become receptive to whatever pattern/thing/experience we want to create/bring into existence! You've probably recognized this already in a negative way when after watching some particularly violent or upsetting t.v. show you find you yourself are more prone to be harsh. But if you listen to some lovely classical music - even if you don't think you like it! - your attitude becomes more pleasant. Another eample: Ever notice how boring people have limited vocabularies? If you want to make life more interesting start using words like "fascinating" and "intriguing" and "adventurous" and soon your world will be!

 Creating beauty is going to be really easy this month because Venus, the planet ruling beauty is in her home sign Taurus, the sign of physical manifestation. If  you wish to create beauty just follow this Conscious Creating Technique:
First surround yourself with beauty. Have role models so to speak. This means hanging beautiful pictures, bringing flowers in, listening to beautiful music, that sort of thing.
Make a point of recognizing beauty where ever we see it through out the day. Comment aloud on how beautiful is the sky!
Like taking food in through our mouths, we take in the world through the eyes and - just as you are what you eat - WHOEVER SURROUNDS THEMSELVES WITH BEAUTY TENDS TO BECOME BEAUTIFUL.

I hope you'll play around with these ideas this week because we will be having several very supportive planetary line ups that could magnify your results tremendously:

The Sun in abundant Taurus will trine Jupiter in healthy Virgo on Tuesday. Along with visualizing good things, this day could be a fine time for loading up on vegetables and good eats.

The Moon will be trining Saturn Wednesday morning, May 4 marking an excellent opportunity for making plans and blueprints. Heads-up here: The Moon will then quickly move on to square power hungry Pluto and conjunct disruptive Uranus so be careful that the plans you set in motion with Saturn are realistic and not too restrictive or you may insight a rebellion. Forcing yourself to act super positive can backfire into thoughts of depression. So keep it happy but keep it real!

Thursday May 5th is Cinco de Mayo and the Moon joining Venus in Taurus could make this a fun night to party.

FABULOUS line of planets Friday May 6. The Moon will first  be trining generous Jupiter in the morning and then we have the New Moon that afternoon. Make some donations to those in need and watch how much they really do help - and how quickly blessing come back to you. Plus the good times continue to roll Friday night when both the Moon and the Sun trine empowering Pluto. Your decision to focus on the positive will pay off big time this weekend.

Have a glorious week - You've got it in you!

Rosada, EXT 2340