Sunday, February 28, 2016

Timing The Market with Astrology.

Anyone who plays the stock market has their eyes on gold and oil this week. The Sun rules gold and it's making a tight square to Saturn, the planet ruling restriction. As this symbolizes the value of gold being held back, many who use the stars to help guide their trades feel this line up indicates gold is being undervalued now and that it will be rising once the Sun passes Saturn on Sunday March 6. Maybe a good time to get in?

Oil is represented by the planet Neptune. Neptune will be strong in it's own sign, Pisces, for the next several years but what makes it particularly strong this week is that the Sun is in Pisces now too, giving Neptune/oil an extra boost up. This means that although the price of gas has been way down at the pump, those who follow the stars believe oil investments may pay off handsomely in the next month or two.

Please understand that I am not a stock market expert! I am posting these tips for fun and to make people more aware of the many uses for astrology. If you are thinking about investing in gold or oil this week please don't do it just because the stars seem say the time is right. This is an experiment and I will report back in a couple of weeks and then we'll see if these types of predictions amount to anything.

Meanwhile here are some other aspects you can use to time events in your life according to the stars and hopefully you will see some positive results:

Sunday night through Monday morning, February 28 - 29, the Moon will conjunct angry Mars in stubborn Scorpio. Not a good opportunity for negotiating - egos are easily bumped and arguments could flair up big time. I wonder if this could be a reflection on the drama involving the Oscars? Scorpio is the "all or nothing" sign and there was a furor because not a single person of color was nominated for the main awards. On the "all" side, Moon in Scorpio could indicate one movie sweeping most all the awards.

Monday, Feb.29, Venus in Aquarius sextiles reliable Saturn in Sagittarius. Solid friendships are formed and strengthened under aspects like this.

Tuesday night the Moon will  enter Sag and be paired with the rule-minded Saturn. It's a good opportunity for making plans for bringing visions into reality.

Wednesday we have some excitement: Venus will be trying a few tricks when she sextiles Uranus in Aries which could result in people breaking out of old routines and making new connections. Use this energy to your advantage by intentionally seeking out new experience.

Thursday March 3 has the Moon entering  organizing Capricorn and sextiling dreamy Neptune - another indication folks will find ways to get serious about making dreams come true.

Friday the fourth we have the Moon squaring Uranus and Mercury squaring Mars. I wouldn't try to predict the stock market today! Furthermore this could signal arguing even among friends so maybe use these energetic planets to encourage exercise. Burn calories - not bridges!

The week closes with the Sun finally moving past a suppressing square to Saturn - and on to a renewing sextile to revitalizing Pluto. Old habits that no longer serve you can be easily discarded now and replaced with new successful strategies.

With all the pushing and shoving and stubbornness showing up in the planetary patterns this week the core message for survival seems to be simply to exercise more self discipline. Don't allow yourself to be influenced by everything that goes on around you. Conversely, don't try to influence everyone that comes into your circle.

So don't let me influence you but... if oil goes up - you heard it here first!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Full Moon in Virgo - Diet Disaster!

After a jolly weekend in the party sign Leo, the Moon moves on into Virgo meaning we'll be painfully aware of any recent over indulgences. We'll feel a need to pay attention to diet, hygiene, and daily schedule and this will be particularly obvious Monday morning when the Moon opposes the Sun in sensitive Pisces. What needs correcting will get the full spotlight. Be gentle with your helpful criticisms least you inadvertently find yourself stomping on someone's dreams.

The Moon has no light of it's own but reflects the light of the Sun and thus where it appears in a chart symbolizes the light - the situations - we respond to. When the Moon is in Virgo we are particularly aware of details and we can become real sticklers for perfection. Knowing there's going to be this tendency towards fault finding can help us consciously direct our efforts to projects that benefit from careful analysis. If we are unaware of the Virgo vibration we may find ourselves wasting our resources by focusing too much attention on situations that don't require so much scrutiny . If you find yourself getting irritated, step back and consider if your project really needs such fine tuning.

Tuesday the Moon continues in Virgo and makes a very productive trine to Pluto. Facts and figures could come together to make big projects flow smoothly. The Moon then continues to find good fortune as it joins up with Venus and then trines Mars. All in all a wonderful time for working together with groups to promote good causes.

Late Wednesday afternoon February 24 the Moon will leave Virgo, the sign of the bachelor, and glide into Libra, the sign of partnership. You have a chance to restore balance to any relationships where you might have been a bit too efficient in pointing out flaws and now you can take advantage of this friendly time to compromise and find mutual support.

Mercury will be sextiling Saturn early Thursday morning. We'll probably be feeling a pullback and want to be more cautious and specific as Mercury rules the mind and Saturn defines our sense of order. The Moon will be making a delightful trine to Venus in Aquarius at this same time so this could be a day where agreements and negotiations flow smoothly.

Trouble starts on Friday. After making all of these lovely connections with almost all the planets all week, on Friday the Moon ends it's stay in Libra by squaring Pluto and opposing rebellious Uranus. Be very careful today or all your good work of the past couple of days could suddenly be disrupted. 

Never fear - there will be opportunities for recovery when the Moon goes into Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth, on Saturday February 27. Saturday evening particularly looks like we can get the good vibrations flowing again when The Moon trines the Sun and Neptune, both in Pisces. Nobody's going to want to hang on to old hurts so use this time to pour some wine and see the world through a  rose colored glass.

And maybe start the diet again next Monday.

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, February 15, 2016

Venus into Aquarius = Friends with Benefits

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, folks! The dark clouds are disappearing and we're coming up on a bright shiny week. Look what's ahead..

First we have Venus, the goddess of love, moving into Aquarius, the sign of freedom and friendship on Tuesday February 16. It's a wonderful reminder that being a good friend is just as important as being a good lover. If you have some newcomers in your circle make an extra effort to make them feel included now. It will be easier to tolerate their quirks and there's a strong likelihood they will bring in a new prospective that will expand your world in a very positive way.

The Sun will be finishing up its journey in Aquarius and moving on into Pisces at the end of the week. Our focus will be shifting from getting organized and scientific to being able to relax and enjoy the flow. It's as if while in Aquarius the Sun sets up all the electrical connections and then in Pisces he turns on the music.

The Moon will be making some useful connections too. See if you can plan your schedule to take advantage of them:

The Moon is in Gemini now until Wednesday morning Feb.17. Because the Moon indicates what we are particularly receptive and responsive to, when she is in Gemini - the sign of conversation and making connections - we tend to feel restless and may find we're in the mood for talk and visiting the neighbors. It's a time when there's a tendency towards wheeling and dealing but ultimately there's a strong chance of becoming scattered so be careful you don't make promises you later want to wriggle out of. The final aspect the Moon makes in Gemini is quite positive though - a trine to the Sun - so as long as you don't get talked into buying anything on a whim you'll probably feel the week has gotten off to a happy start.

The Moon enters Cancer next where it opposes Pluto and squares Uranus on Thursday February 18. Cancer is our country's Sun sign so when the Moon is in Cancer making these harsh aspects to Pluto and Uranus we see all sorts of drama in the political realm. Trump recently accused George W. Bush of intentionally lying to the American people about weapons of mass destruction as a ploy to invade Iraq. This act of speaking truth to power enraged the Republican Party regulars but actually won him respect from the people who have long suspected 911 was a scam. Wouldn't it be interesting if it this independent bully turns out to be the one who can finally take down the military industrial complex?!! Well, these Moon/Pluto/Uranus aspects never slide by quietly.

Fortunately Friday February 19 the Moon in Cancer will make a final friendly connection with Mars in Scorpio. Mars at the last degrees of Scorpio has been a real rabble rouser  recently, refusing to give an inch where ever he feels attacked. Now, though, while the moody Moon is beaming happy vibrations his way, perhaps there will be an opportunity for some friendly negotiations. 

The Moon makes his entrance into Leo Friday night. When the Moon is in this sign we're all feeling a need to be recognized, applauded, and appreciated. It's a great time to take in a show - or star in one! Be romantic and express your feelings in regal style. Just be careful that all this excitement doesn't turn to melodrama when the Moon squares Mars Sunday February 21.

All in all a good week coming up.


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Chinese New Year and The Year of The Fire Monkey

On Monday, February 8 the Aquarius New Moon welcomes in the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey. Like the animal it's named after, the energy of the Fire Monkey year is known for darting about like Curious George. You may find yourself inclined now to take more risks, have more adventures and in general just be more open to the new and unpredictable! We'll start feeling the shift pretty quickly because in true Fire Monkey fashion, Mercury is going to be escaping from calm stable Capricorn next Saturday and swinging into wild and crazy Aquarius. Use this zap of fearlessness to reconsider your goals and New year's Resolutions. Did you dream big enough? Travel and meeting new people are especially fortuitous in Monkey years.

Valentine's Day is coming up Sunday, February 14th. The Moon will be making a lovely trine to Pluto early that morning meaning Breakfast in Bed a delightful lover's treat. In fact, you might even have a better time if you skip the breakfast and just go for the bed. ;-)

The good vibrations continue through out the morning as the Moon - now in luxury loving Taurus - will be sliding up to make a luscious connect with joyous Jupiter - so you'll have plenty of time to shower your soulmate with flowers and kisses on this special day.

However, there is one tiny Danger Alert you need to be aware of. If you DON'T make an effort to commemorate Cupid on February 14th, by late mid afternoon the Moon will start to oppose spiteful Mars in Scorpio and with the Moon then next making a stubborn square to the Sun those who have been slighted will hang on to hurt feelings for a looong time. Do us all a favor: Be a clever Monkey and stock up on the chocolate now.

As this is a New Moon tomorrow, the usual encouragement to start something new at this time applies. Wednesday is going to host another particularly good line up of planets when the Moon in Pisces will be opposite Jupiter in Virgo, and then sextile  to Venus and Mercury in Capricorn. It just so happens my neighbor and I will be taking food over to the local homeless shelter at this time. Feels like terrific manifestation of the Pisces love-thy-brother honor code.

Friday might get pretty lively with the Moon conjuncting / upsetting Uranus first thing in the morning. Hopefully any difficulties will be soothed away by afternoon when the Moon makes a friendly connecction with Jupiter and then the Sun. If people are stubborn, difficulties could continue on into the night as the Moon next moves to square Venus and Mercury.

All in all, a mostly loving week ahead that could be even nicer with a little bit of planning and forethought.

Best wishes for a Happy Valentine's Day,

Rosada, EXT 2340