Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer - This Time It's a Good Thing!

Mercury dashed through jabber-jabber Gemini in a record breaking three weeks during May and has now plunged into cozy-quiet Cancer for the first half of June. It won't be moving full speed ahead much longer. In fact, Mercury will barely enter Cancer before it turns retrograde at the end of this week - and then slips back into Gemini in the middle of the month. The good news is that while Mercury retrograde periods are often thought of as a time when things will go wrong and will need redoing, when Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer it can create some very positive benefits:

 Cancer rules family and memories. When mental Mercury, the planet ruling thoughts and communication, is active in this sector we long to connect with our home base and now because Mercury will be retrograde it makes it even easier for it to help us remember the past and hopefully to then share these memories with loved one in a way that strengthens family ties. Now I say "family-ties" but that doesn't mean the good feelings are limited to blood relatives. Rather, it means that by thinking of the people we are trying to communicate with as "family" we will discover the right feeling tone to make the conversation flow. For example, perhaps you have a neighbor you've been enjoying walks with this last month or maybe you know them through a book club. Neighbors, walks and book clubs are all very Gemini activities so your friendship probably was very pleasant in May, but maybe it's starting to feel rather superficial. Now Mercury moves into the food and family sign Cancer suggesting if you are going to continue to enjoy your neighbor it is time to invite them over to the house or do something to make the "neighbor"r feel more like "family" - otherwise you may find they simply drop off your radar screen for a bit. Bottom line - when Mercury is in Cancer we want to connect feelings as well as words.

Venus continues her float through Taurus, the home of gardens and a sign she is most comfortable in. I'm anticipating awareness will be heightened this month about what the food industry is doing to our meat and vegetables. If you've been toying with the idea of modifying your diet to reflect more healthy food choices you may find your inner wisdom is telling you, "Yes, now is the time." I think it would be an interesting experiment to try for at least a week to ignore the cost of organic foods and instead fill the shopping cart up with only the best and the purest foods available. My guess is that not only would we feel better, I suspect we'd find our inner guidance would create ways to continue to manifest the money to keep the good food coming. Give abundance a chance!

Best day of the week coming up for just about anything will be Sunday June 8. The Moon will be in gracious Libra trining the Sun in Gemini and setting the stage for social get togethers PLUS Venus in Taurus will be trining transformative Pluto in Capricorn. Wow, together those two aspects create a wonderful opportunity to put all sorts of positive new programs into effect. I think I'll use it to get family and friends together for a vegetarian pot luck!

In honor of Venus in Taurus I'll close with my award winning super salad recipe:

Red onions
Mandarin oranges
Oil and vinegar dressing.

Call and tell me your favorite recipe and I'll print it here next time!


Rosada, EXT 2340 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Moon in Gemini. Neptune square. Venus and Mercury Change Signs.

Gemini is the sign of the student, the curious young innocent who darts about the neighborhood asking questions and sharing gossip. The Sun is in this sign in May so this is the time of year we find ourselves becoming more alert, shaking off winter doldrums and eager to get outdoors and see what's going on. In a couple of days the Moon will be in Gemini too and that's when we're really going to start feeling itchy to talk, get about, look in on the neighbors and just generally find out What's New?

Unsupervised, the month when the New Moon falls in Gemini can end up looking like a prolonged Spring Fling with nothing much accomplished and maybe a lot of energy wasted. Lerner and Lowe said it best in song, "It's mad, it's gay, the merry month of May. That wonderful month when everyone goes blissfully astray!"
So this week let's consider how we can master this unconscious pull to scatter our resources and instead make the most of Gemini's potential...

Consider that the New Moon provides the right set of circumstances to start off on a new footing. I think we could all use a new beginning after the full moon two weeks ago in Scorpio - meaning some major attitude shifting going on in everyone's reality. How did it manifest for you? Change your job? Change your religion? It's been intense so Moon in Gemini says it's time to lighten up! 

This particular New Moon will be happening just after the Moon's last conjunction was with Venus in Aries. This means that when the Moon meets up with the Sun on Wednesday morning May 28, because it was last with Venus, it will be carrying with it pleasant memories of meetings with friends. Now these memories could be of someone you met long ago, or they could be of someone you just met recently. The point is that when the Moon reaches the Sun to start up the new cycle, it shouldn't be hard to be feeling positive and the Gemini desire to "spread the word" could easily have lots of good words to share.. Tune in on this opportunity by making a special point of counting your blessings and bringing them up to consciousness so when this New Moon greets the Sun it will shine light on all of them.

Venus will be going into Taurus this week, the sign of the farmer. Venus here both restrains and controls the energies of nature, and also builds up natural resources and nurtures their growth. With the New Moon in Gemini it's good to spend some time this week thinking of what can be achieved in the future by controlling the energies now.

Moon in Gemini says scatter the seeds then Venus in Taurus says steady persistence over time, letting each crop complete its growth, will yield good harvest.

Other aspects to be aware of this week:
Mars continues in Libra, the sign of marriage. Any kind of gathering, including a wedding, is sure to be a stellar event! Family gatherings, reunions etc. should also flow happily.
Neptune in Pisces will be squaring the Sun and Moon but this difficult aspect doesn't have to always mean something bad. I'm going to take it as permission to abandon the search for truth and find a good fantasy!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mars direct. Sun in Gemini. Jupiter/Saturn trine.

Been spinning your wheels lately? Can't get out of your own way? Good news, help is on the horizon - or in the sky anyway. Mars has been retrograde in the partnership sign of Libra since the beginning of March creating such a feeling of stubborn refusal that it's seems like nobody has been willing to negotiate with anybody about anything for the past two months. We couldn't even agree with ourselves! That's all starting to change now with Mars turning direct Monday evening May 19, Look around, I bet already supportive friends are coming forward to assist you in manifesting your dreams! The more you recognize this is happening the more you'll recognize how to harness Mars to be your own magnetic miracle.

If you wish to absorb more of the power of the fiery planet, it's helpful to read about people who have personified it. Coco Chanel, the designer who changed the world when she got women out of hoop skirts and corsets and into comfortable clothes, had Mars' energy in her sixth house ruling work, dressmaking, and day to day activities. She was said to be "passionate, focused and fiercely independent". Sounds just like a description of Mars! Can we inhabit those traits too? "Passionate" means caring. We've really got to care about what we're creating because otherwise we won't invest the time or energy long enough to see any results. "Focus" is harder because while Passion overwhelms us whether we agree or not, Focus however requires some conscious choosing. To harness Mars to act for you, first recognize what you are passionate about, what keeps attracting your attention, then focus on it, find out everything you can about it, and eliminate distractions. Finally the most important step, be "fiercely independent" - be willing to follow you inner feeling, knowing Mars will take you along paths no one else can guide you on.

All of this is kicking in this week plus we have the added benefit of the Sun going into Gemini May 20 meaning extra brownie points will be given just for trying new things, no need to make commitments. Mars direct urges exploring and Sun in Gemini blesses all adventures so long as they are not boring. So "Ask around" as my father likes to say, opportunity may not be in your own backyard but I bet you'll  soon find it in a nearby neighborhood.

GREAT line up of planets for new adventures coming up this weekend, May 24 - 25. Optimistic Jupiter trines sensible Saturn while the Moon will be in Aries conjuncting Venus Saturday night meaning New Love. 

Now that powerful combo could mean finding happiness in your own backyard!

It's getting better all the time,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Electional Astrology - The Art of Timing

"This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Electional astrology is the branch of astrology that uses an astrological chart to pick the best time to begin something. Just as a birth chart for a baby can reveal the nature of the personality and the challenges the child is likely to face, a chart erected for the birth moment of an event can be used to predict how the activity is likely to unfold. Many books have been written about the activities surrounding gardening and planting according to the Moon (plant during a waxing Moon for abundant greens, a waning Moon to insure healthy root crops) but the wisdom of the stars can also be applied to any enterprise. The rules are not difficult and the results can be spectacular:

The electional chart itself is set up for the place where the event will occur at a certain time in the future.

The Moon is the most important planet in an electional chart. The sign it is in and the aspects it makes will determine how things will evolve. This consideration immediately limits the number of opportunities for successful beginnings because the Moon makes only a certain number of positive aspects each month.

The best day for starting something new this week is going to be Thursday May 15. Wait until the Moon leaves a square to Neptune at 2:22p.m. eastern time. After that the Moon will be in Sagittarius and connect first in a positive way to Mars (supportive energy) and then on to trine Uranus and Venus in Aries (new projects). It will be a terrific time to meet new people or even just to make plans to meet new people. So if you're ready to make plans and plane reservations for summer vacations, Thursday afternoon would be a great time to do it.

One of the problems people have in using electional astrology to begin something is the question of what truly counts as The Beginning? If you are wanting to pick a time to get married should you use a chart for the moment the ceremony starts or for the time when the bride and groom say "I do"? A good rule of thumb is to consider the project is launched when the decision leaves your hands. In a marriage ceremony the couple can still call it off up until the moment the minister pronounces them Man and Wife so that is the time the chart should be set up for - not the time when they first start walking down the aisle. If you are applying for a job you might not be able to determine when you'd have an interview so you would consider the starting moment the moment you send in your resume. Once you decide to apply, it's no longer up to you and the story will play out according to that beginning decision.

Recognizing how the moment we make a decision sets things into motion causes one to recognize how much power we wield when we have developed the power of our word. Our language reflects this. It's as if when we "give our word" on something we release a host of angels to smooth the path. I think we all recognize how we in some way harm ourselves - we weaken our power - when we "go back on our word". A person who's "word is their bond" will come to have "words that can move mountains". But what to do when you have trouble "keeping your word"? Here's where astrology can really help because knowing your electional chart is positive, that you picked a good time to make your decision, will give you that extra ounce of strength to be "true to your word" even when things appear to be uncertain.

If you'd like to know the best time to get married, apply for a job or whatever, give me a call and let's launch a host of angels clearing the path for YOU!

It's so the right time,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Venus in Aries = Mother's Day Warning!

I really need to warn you about where the planets are this week and to urge you not to put off thinking about how you're going to honor Mom on her special day coming up Sunday May 11.

First of all, consider the placement of the Sun. How fitting that Mother's Day comes in May when the Sun is in the sign Taurus, the sign ruling beauty, flowers, good food and abundance! Even so, even with this strong solar support to send your best gal a bouquet, many will try to slip by with just a phone call. PLEASE - if ever there were a year to remember Mom, this is it. The planet Venus, the goddess of love is in Aries the most competitive of all the signs on this day. Mom not only needs to know she's your favorite, but if you don't make some effort to show you care someone else - a sibling perhaps - could grab first place in Mom's heart!

Never fear. Mercury, the ruler of greeting cards and messages, has raced through Aries and Taurus these last few weeks and is now sliding into his home sign of Gemini on Wednesday May 9. Call on him (Literally! Out loud!) to help you find the perfect card.

Here's more help: Jupiter, the god of lavish displays, is in Cancer, the sign ruling Motherhood, so go for the fanciest card you can find - the bigger the better!

Now don't put off doing this. Retrograde Saturn could be slowing you down and influencing you to wait until Saturday to get moving but on that day he'll be opposing the Sun and you may find obstacles appear or that all the best cards have already been snapped up. Also if you are thinking of taking Mom out for dinner Sunday afternoon be sure to make a reservation in advance or Saturn could put you at the end of the line. 

The bad news: The  Moon will be conjuncting Mars early Sunday morning and later squaring Pluto and opposing Uranus - a particularly difficult line up. Not only that but Mercury will be squaring Neptune in fuzzy-brained Pisces. Without some preplanning a lot of Mother's little darlings are going to stumble around acting forgetful and grumpy. The good news: Because so many are going to be trying to get by on their good looks, if you've put in just a little bit of effort to show Mom she's number one, it shouldn't be hard to win grand prize for The Best Kid Ever!

Venus in Aries - you may already be a winner!

Make Mom proud,

Rosada, EXT 2340