Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mercury Venus Mutual Reception - Try a Little Tenderness

Mercury and Venus are changing signs this week. Mercury will be going into Venus' home sign Libra on Tuesday September 2 and Venus will be going into Mercury's home sign Virgo on Thursday September 5. When planets are in each other's signs they are said to be in "Mutual Reception" and this supposedly creates a sort of friendly understanding between the two vibrations. Like strangers who are now walking a mile in the other man's shoes, this change in perspective could signal greater understanding now evolving for all of us as we find ourselves more willing to consider alternative points of view. It's as if last month we had Venus in Leo demanding "I deserve cake!" and Mercury in Virgo responding, "You can't afford the calories!" This week those stubborn attitudes will change perhaps because Venus in Virgo won't be so insistent and Mercury in Libra will want to find a compromise.

 On the world scene Venus leaving the Leo party sign suggests we may find leaders are finally willing to leave their scripted responses. Those who didn't dare promote anything other than the party line are starting to recognize the folly of their former opinions, and are now desiring to behave with less flamboyance - Venus in Leo - and demonstrate good sense -Venus in Virgo - which may lead to more equitable solutions - Mercury in Libra.

 In our personal lives this planetary change allows us all to gracefully release old prejudices and to find ways to create win-win situations. 

Use this planetary guide to help you make the most of this opportunity:

Monday September 1;
The Moon enters Sagittarius. See the big picture and see it for yourself. Don't let other's impose their limited beliefs on you.

Tuesday September 2:
Mercury goes into Libra. Now try to see things from the other guys point of view. In each situation ask, "How can we make this work for everyone?"

Wednesday September 3:
The Sun trines Pluto. This transformative aspect only happens once a year. Wonderful opportunities for healing and improvements. Some may try to use this power to coerce others. The more enlightened know true change comes from within.

Thursday September 4:
The Moon enters the sign Capricorn. Over the next two days the Moon will be connecting with every planet giving us a rare chance to get a glimpse of where our new attitudes are leading. If you've used this week's insights to promote peace and understanding in your world you may be very nicely rewarded. If the day doesn't go so well - STOP AND THINK! For good or ill, Moon in Saturn's home sign only gives you exactly what you deserve.

Friday September 5:
Venus enters Virgo. Did you behave yourself this summer? Hope so cause this weekend is all about cleaning up and getting ready for fall.

Peeking a head a bit to the Full Moon coming up next Monday September 8:
The Moon will be in Pisces putting a spotlight on those who areas we've ignored. Another reason to clean up our act today!

Next week we'll be Back to Bach - flower essences that is:
Think Agrimony,


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sun/Neptune Opposition. Who Do You Trust?

Taking a break from the flower essences today to write about the significant planetary line up heading our way this week:

We've got a New Moon opportunity happening Monday August 25 at 10 a.m. eastern time. It's in Virgo at 2 degrees meaning anyone born within two or three days of this date or who's rising sign is in the early degrees of Virgo is going to be particularly affected in the month ahead by the energy this line up generates. While usually we think of Virgo as having a fairly benign vibration - it's the sign ruling decency and the desire to have things in good order - this New Moon comes with a warning label because the aspects following it - which tell us what energies this Moon will be promoting - are all very tricky and intense:

First just after the Sun/Moon meet up on Monday we'll have a Mars/Saturn conjunction. This puts the spotlight on Rules and Commitments. If the people represented by the Virgo Sun have been ignoring their duties, drawing a paycheck without doing their work, this is the time when Saturn, the boss, is going to call for an accounting.

 On a personal level, I see the Saturn/Mars crackdown happening here locally with a neighbor's gardener discovered putting out a salt lick to attract deer for hunting purposes while the neighbor is out of town. This is not only illegal but immoral. The fish and game people are coming out to inspect the property tomorrow - thus Authority/Saturn squelching Hunting/Mars.

 In the drama surrounding Ferguson, Missouri, the facts of that case will no doubt be coming out in more detail - Sun and Moon in facts oriented Virgo - with a subsequent demand for Authority/Saturn to take Action/Mars.

A few hours later the Moon will oppose confusing Neptune so we maybe hard pressed to get straight answers.
 In my examples the game warden probably won't be able to do anything as they won't catch the gardener in the act. Neptune will help him disappear.
 In Ferguson "the facts" will probably give more confusion than clarity.

However more truth should come out when the Moon trines Pluto early Tuesday morning.

I say "should" because while ordinarily a trine to Pluto can bring renewed enthusiasm this may not be such a good thing Tuesday. Venus - the Goddess of Love and Fair Play - is in dramatic Leo and moving towards a harsh square to inflammable Mars. Rather than diffusing anger this combination could intensify the potential for violence.

The gardener accused of setting out deer traps and the police and protesters in Ferguson may just all become more angry and defensive.

The Moon conjuncts Mercury Tuesday night which might help bring out important information - or it could just mean lots more talk but no resolution.

Wednesday and Thursday's patterns don't offer much relief. We're have the Moon entering Libra which could help but only if people are willing to play fair and acknowledge truth. This seems unlikely to happen as the Moon then goes on to square Pluto and oppose Uranus on Thursday meaning both sides of any question will be screaming, "Be reasonable - see things my way."

The final planetary aspect we look at as we evaluate the week ahead is the Sun opposition Neptune happening Thursday making a clear honest presentation of the truth highly unlikely. Knowing who to trust will be very difficult around this time.

The gardener will probably claim he didn't know about the hunters, the witnesses in Ferguson will have totally conflicting stories.

With the strong Neptune potential for misunderstandings, the best advice as an astrologer that I can offer for this week is to suggest we all try to stay clear and informed and to speak the truth ourselves as nearly as we can. The New Moon in Virgo promises playing it straight generates the vibration that will see us through the coming storm.

Meanwhile, let's continue to learn about the Bachflower essences. This may be the week when the whole world could use some Rescue Remedy.

Let's give Peace a chance!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bach Flower Remedies Online Study Group. Clematis, Cherry Plum, Impatiens.

Rather than devote an entire column to one essence, this week I am intending to cover briefly the remaining three flower essences used in the Rescue Remedy compound. I am doing this because I've found that it is not really very helpful to read a lot of words about something without having experienced it personally. We can read volumes but one experience is worth a thousand words. So I'm stepping up the pace here a bit so we can cover the basics and then get on into the actual experiences of what the essences do.

The compound Rescue Remedy is a collection of five essences Bach found the most helpful in emergency situations. It is interesting to consider their benefits as together we get a picture of just what causes an emergency and what is needed to get things back on track.

Star of Bethlehem as we discussed last week is for over-coming the "deer caught in the headlights" reaction brought on by the initial shock. Something unexpected can cause us to freeze up. Just like the biblical star of Bethlehem, this essence gets a person up and looking forward to the future. Incidentally, if ever you are using the essences but feel the healing just hasn't "kicked-in", add a drop of Star of Bethlehem and see things get moving.

Rock Rose for those emergency situations where the vibration of fear is pounding like a bass drum. Rock Rose transforms a reign of terror into a gentle rain of rose petals.

Clematis is the flower essence getting back into the present moment. This essence is also prescribed for gentle day-dreamers who need to focus more on the here and now. In a life threatening emergency situation however, Clematis is a Godsend for bringing the soul back into the body! In a less traumatic scenario Clematis is helpful when you realize you're doing things to avoid life - like sleeping all day.

Cherry Plum deals with one of the scariest of situations - those times when we fear we may completely lose control. I went through a period after my husband died where I didn't dare go out in public because I never knew when some simple comment would set me off and I would burst into tears. Cherry Plum helped me keep a stiff upper lip. Incidentally, along with their ability to balance a negative expression all flower essences have a positive expression to them too. An imbalanced Cherry Plum energy may express as weeping and wailing but a positive Cherry Plum person may develop a beautiful singing voice. So you can take Cherry plum for controling emotional outbursts and also for enhancing singing.

Finally Impatiens is perhaps the most important of the five emergency helpers. Like it's name, this flower helps when we need to be patient just a little bit longer. If your frequent prayer is "Lord give me patience and give it to me NOW!" this is the remedy for you!

These brief descriptions of the flower essences in Rescue Remedy barely introduce them but more words won't add to our understanding at this point. We can't truly know them until we try them, so I hope this week you will get yourself a bottle and see what you experience. While ordinarily one might not take Rescue Remedy unless there were a real crisis, while we are studying and learning about the essences it is appropriate to take them for even mild disturbances. Feeling pressed for time, searching for a lost item, dealing with a slight injury, these are all situations that will respond well to Rescue Remedy and give you a chance to feel for yourself how our inner vibrations resonate and change.

Stay tuned!
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bach Remedies Online Study Group. Star of Bethlehem and Rock Rose.

When it comes to manifesting, the important thing to remember is that it is not our thoughts but our FEELINGS that ultimately connect us with our desires. If we are feeling optimistic, we instinctively recognize the opportunity in every situation. If we are feeling discouraged we can only manifest continued discouragement. While most of us recognize this truth, it is still often very difficult to raise our spirits in the face of harsh "reality". The mind cannot heal the heart! Bach Flower Essences, however, offer a means to balance the emotions and raise the spirits better than any sermon or drug. Here's how...

The key to using the essences effectively is to know what the 38 Remedies do and how to recognize the right one for your current situation.

Although I would be hard put to explain in scientific terms how the remedies achieve their results, I find it useful to think of them as being like tuning forks. When you are feeling "off-key" taking the appropriate essence gives you the proper "tone" to resonate with - and as a result the world around you changes and aligns with your new vibration. For example, if you are feeling lonely and take the proper essence, you not only find you are no longer obsessed with thoughts of isolation but then - without you having to do anything different - the phone starts ringing and invitations come pouring in! It's as if the essences are like magic potions - they change our inner light and then this changes what we see in our outer world.

Last week we discussed Star of Bethlehem - the essence to take when you've been stunned by some shocking news or event. Star of Bethlehem is to get you going again. To remember this essence I visualize the three kings following the star to Bethlehem - only in my vision one of them has fallen off his camel - shock! - and is seeing a whole swirl of stars about his head. The camel then gives him a gentle nudge (a kick start!) and like Star of Bethlehem, gets him up and moving. 

Today we shall consider Rock Rose the next ingredient in Bach's widely used Rescue Remedy, the five essence formula for all emergency situations:

Rock Rose is called for when a person is experiencing a sense of terror. Considering that the world around us is an out picturing of our own inner vibration, I wonder if the situation in the middle east could be helped if along with our prayers we were to each of us take Rock Rose? If we each of us could calm our own inner fears wouldn't it follow that mankind would cease to create - to out picture - terror? Maybe we should encourage churches to put a few drops of Rock Rose in the Communion wine!

To memorize the meaning of Rock Rose you can think of rocks raining down from the sky - a reign of terror! - but then see the rocks becoming rose petals - a soothing gentle blessing. Curiously, while researching the benefits of this flower and thinking of rocks and roses and rainfall, I read of an Indian healer who recommends Rock Rose essence for villages experiencing draught. He wrote of one village where thirty people in that town followed his advice to take Rock Rose. Within the month the town had had sufficient rainfall.

I have also heard of Rock Rose being useful when one has been terrorized on a lesser scale. If you  lose something or think you may have been robbed, take Rock Rose before the negative belief has a chance to set in. The missing item will be found or easily replaced.

All these experiences serve to remind us that this so called physical world is not a solid but a vibration. Once we totally get that we don't even need to take the flowers physically, we just need to vibrate on their feeling tone. So while it would be good if you could start building your own personal library of essences but if that is not possible do not despair. You can experience the benefits by simply intending to feel them if you can quiet your mind and focus on the essences for as little as 60 seconds through out your day.

Rock Rose taken regularly for a month will reduce conflict in your world because you simply won't be interested - you won't be vibrating on the terror wave length. 
What if they gave a war and nobody came?


Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, August 4, 2014

Bach Flower Remedies Online Study Group. Rescue Remedy

For the next few weeks is going to be focusing on the flower essences discovered by Dr. Edward Bach. I hope you'll follow along and participate in our study by trying the essences yourself and reporting your experiences here in the comments section.

 Flower essences are potions created by letting flowers soak in water under prescribed conditions that are believed to allow the water to become infused with the energy or essence of the flowers and which when then taken internally are said to have a healing effect.

Dr. Bach believed that illness and unfortunate conditions in life were primarily caused by some imbalance in the flow of the body's life force. He never intended his remedies to be therapeutic in the sense of primarily curing physical disease, but rather as an aid for overcoming the mental attitudes that then manifest the symptoms of the disease. He believed that by strengthening the mind and emotions, the physical symptoms would adjust by themselves. Thus his approach was not to focus on a disease, but on the character of the patient. For example, a high strung nervous type suffering from a cold would be prescribed a remedy for balancing an anxious nature where as a slow-moving sluggish sort suffering from the same cold would be given a different remedy entirely.

Dr. Bach found that he only needed 38 different flowers to address and balance - heal - every emotional and mental condition. The trick is to be able to recognize which emotion a person is experiencing and thus which remedy is called for. In this study course we are going to be discussing each of the essences and I am hoping in this way we will all gain more confidence in our abilities to self-diagnose and then to take advantage of these miraculous healers.
The good news is there is nothing chemical in the essences so irregardless of which one you try you won't cause any harm.

The first step to success with Bach Flowers is to become aware of all 38 essences. We're going to start by discussing Star of Bethlehem which is one of the key essences in Rescue Remedy, a "family" of five flower essences  that all work together to sooth emergency situations. Rescue Remedy is the most commonly known of the Bach Flower remedies and the one many of us carry in our purses to have handy in case there is some disruptive event where we need to change the channel quick!

Star of Bethlehem, for neutralizing shock:

Shock causes the life force energy flow to stop and freeze up. If you've ever caught an animal by surprise you know how they will immediately become still - and then run like the dickens! Likewise, when we are surprised our bodies at some level tend to instinctively freeze - but we don't always remember to start up again. This is why whenever a condition is not responding to the remedy prescribed it is well to take Star of Bethlehem, it might be just the thing to kick start the energy flow once more.

Star of Bethlehem is always appropriate when there has been an accident. If the shock is neutralized, bodily recuperation is accelerated to a great degree.

A mental shock can also create disruption in the flow. However, sometimes the effects of a mental shock don't manifest for sometime as in the case of the woman who received a harsh criticism in an email. She was upset of course, but she told herself she was over reacting. So rather than making phone calls or doing anything to deal with or dissolve the situation, she instead decided to ignored the incident and went about her day. An hour later she had a bad fall! She told me she felt the fall had literally been "an after shock."

 Sometimes the effects of a shock don't manifest for even longer periods, We could go along for months or even years and then have a nervous breakdown or a skin disruption or any one of a number of physical or mental ailments all relating back to some long forgotten jolt to our system we may not even have recognized when it first happened. Consider the common cold. If you ever find yourself with a sniffle, consider what happened about two days before. Most likely there was some incident, perhaps someone said or did something that left you feeling diminished, and now it's manifesting in illness. Take Star of Bethlehem right when it happens and the cold bugs will never get in.

I hope you'll call and let me know your own experiences with Rescue Remedy and particularly with Star of Bethlehem. Better yet, post them here so we can all learn together.

Next week,
Rock Rose,
From Rosie.

p.s. You can find Bach Flower Essences at your local health food store or online. 

Rosada, EXT 2340