Monday, March 31, 2014

Did God Change The Locks?

Have you had the experience recently where something you've been doing for years with great success suddenly isn't getting the results you're looking for? Maybe the secret sauce you've been putting on the salad no longer gets the rave reviews or your best jokes or most powerful power suit simply fails to get a response. A lot of us have been seeing this happening lately and it's not our fault. God has changed the locks! By this I mean, the old ways of making things move and shake are no longer working. Uranus in Aries, the planet of upset in the sign of new beginnings is squaring Pluto in Capricorn, the planet of power in the sign of tradition. Result: The old keys don't work and everything is in a state of flux.

What to do? Well, until we get past Wednesday this week the advice is pretty simple: Hold you horses and don't take any chances. That's the day the Sun meets up with Uranus for their once a year peace talk. The ruler of the solar system faces his most rebellious off spring and one never knows where the dust is going to settle. In our personal lives if we have been tolerating erradic behavior or even just been pretending to enjoy things we don't for the sake of peace and partnership, this is the week we're going to find we have to say, "Enough already." Just please try to remember that the offending party probably doesn't even realize you aren't in agreement with them until you speak up and thus a soft word may be all that's necessary. If you do feel you must positively absolutely insist things cannot go on the way they have, be sure to have a clear vision of what would work for you instead. Right now the energies are more inclined to huff and puff about what's wrong when that's really needed is a suggestion for how to make it right.

Last week I wrote I was intending to put down in some sort of clear organized fashion my ideas for getting our lives out of the Hopes and Wishes zone and into the house of Having The Good Life Now! The first step, I said, was to pronounce everything in your current world Good right now. Some of you have told me this felt somehow phony and you had a hard time practicing this exercise - especially those of you who are going through some definitely tough times, so I want to take a moment to write a little bit more about what this step involves and why it is so important.

When we categorize things as "bad" we tend to turn off any instincts for creating improvement. We set ourselves up for a battle where we must defend our position that we are right and that things are bad. When we take this position any improvement actually diminishes us because if things start to become good, we become wrong! On the other hand, when we look for the silver lining - or even just refrain from complaining - we make it infinitely easier for improvement to come into our lives. So don't worry about whether you truly honestly and sincerely believe your life is miraculous, just get into the attitude of gratitude and let nature take it's course.

Tip number two :  This week think about what Enlightenment really means and what it will mean for you. Enlightenment means more light, more insight, things that were hidden coming to light. This is not necessarily a pleasant experience at first. The very reason, the only reason, we are not "enlightened" is because we have wanted to not know the truth. We've been afraid to see. I'm sure you've heard the advice that one should never visit the back room of a butcher shop to see what really goes into sausages. Likewise, there are things about every aspect of our daily life that we have resisted knowing about because we feared taking responsibility for them. Yet now in this computer age all sorts of uncomfortable truths are coming out in the open. If we are ever going to clean up the pollution and create the heaven on earth we claim to desire it's going to require opening our eyes to what really is. Enlightenment may show us we've got work to do.

So our first steps actually require a kind of tricky two-step. First, pronounce your life good and second, be brave enough to see it as it really is. It's probably a lot better than you thought and if there are things that need fixing you may be pleasantly surprised at how easily they can be fixed once we stop wasting energy worrying about whose to blame.

Let go and let God - He's got the keys!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Moon Conjunct The Sun in Aries - The First New Moon of Spring!

We get a lot of urgings to get up and get organized at this time of year. In January we're reminded to make New Year's Resolutions. Then - if they don't work - a month latter Chinese New Year's comes along giving us a second chance to shape up. However, it's not until we get to spring that I feel any real impulse to improve. That time is here now with the Aries New Moon on March 30, so today I'm writing a sort of motivational email to hopefully get myself going and perhaps it may give you a bit of encouragement too.

Maybe it's my stubborn Taurus Moon but I just can't get into any belief system that requires disciplined effort like regular exercise, proper diet, non-smoking or meditation. Nobody sticks with that stuff and I doubt it would work if we did! I need a religion that promotes going with the flow because that's all I can do anyway. So now my question is, once one accepts the Go With The Flow Path to Enlightenment, are there any guidelines to make it even easier?

Most definitely. The first step is to recognize where we are now. The feeling of The Flow is a cheerful joyfulness. If we're not feeling joy, we're not truly in the The Flow. So how do we get from Blah to Aha!? Start by recognizing the link between feelings and manifestations. Many of us have been giving lip service to this idea for eons but it seems to finally be really kicking in for mass consciousness in the last year or two.

 Many of us are opening up very fast these days. We see the results of our attitudes and actions so much more quickly. For example, the plane that went missing two weeks ago. Did you notice how the news media immediately started spinning it as a possible hijacking - and how quickly the story morphed when the public didn't respond to the create-a-fear ploy? Now we know the tragedy was most certainly the result of fire or mechanical error but years ago we might have let the media convince us and gone off to war on the terrorist attack rumors. Fortunately now it seems enough of us have learned to keep calm and give The Flow a chance. Have you ever read what some seers who channel angels say about the number of people willing to stay peaceful and patient it takes to right a potentially disastrous situation? It's surprisingly low - like 100,000 loving souls could restore this whole planet. That idea really encouraged me to feel one person can and does make a difference.

But knowing that having a positive attitude works is not enough. Actually being on - staying on! - the higher vibration ain't easy and so it is my intention - my New Spring Resolution - to share some simple ideas that will work for anybody when you are feeling trapped in the basement and can't find the Up button. These insights are so simple they will work for you even if you don't believe in them.

Of course, if it were necessary for you to read these thoughts to make your life work that would be as bad as saying one must jog or chant everyday. On the other hand , you might get a kick out of reading them so for now and the next couple of weeks I will be writing them out.

For this week my first suggestion is to be grateful for everything. Whatever happens, pronounce it good. I'm sure you've heard the expression, "What ever is, is best,"? It means that whatever is happening, wherever we are in our lives, it's the best possible circumstances our soul could ever wish for.  You don't have to believe this, just entertain the idea. Let it sink in and then watch what happens.

It'll be good!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Law of Attraction Repealed?

Does the Law of Attraction really work? Is it true that what we put our attention on we attract more of and that by consciously focusing on what we want we draw it to us? Lately I've been noticing a lot of comments of the "Been there, done that, didn't work" variety, meaning people seem to have become disenchanted with the idea we can control our experience by our mental attitude and instead are sinking into feelings of discouragement and powerlessness as the world apparently continues on a path of self distraction. I think we could all use a quick review of the principle and some examples of how this law does work and how we can harness it to our benefit.

The Law of Attraction is the idea that we are all vibrating at a specific individual frequency. Just as a radio can only pick up the signal it is tuned to, we can only experience those things that are on a vibration similar to our own - in fact, it is our own vibration that determines if an event is going to be positive or negative. Thus the idea that if a person is optimistic and looks for the best, the situation will evolve to conform to this belief and become good. Likewise a neutral situation will turn negative when experienced by negative people. The Law of Attraction would advise that WHATEVER happens in your life, pronounce it good and inevitably you will see and recognize that things have indeed happened for the best. Furthermore if there are things which one simply cannot see as good, it is best to completely ignore them. Vibration-wise, being in denial is a better state than being in depression.

Is this Pollyanna attitude helpful or harmful? Could it lead to trouble? I think of the story of the wife who frantically calls the doctor asking for help for her husband. The doctor calmly replies, "Now Dear, your husband only THINKS he's sick." She calls back a half hour later saying, "Well, now he thinks he's dead."

But seriously Folks, what does happen when we resolve to look for the best in everything? And by the way, I recently listened to Pollyanna which is available without charge at It was terrific! Pollyanna must be one of the first NewAge philosophy manuals. It's the story of a little girl who transforms a whole town of grumpy people into warm hearted friends simply by playing The Glad Game which means finding a reason to be glad no matter what. I strongly recommend it - it's a good read and it brings these affirmation ideas to life.

 But back to our topic. My experience has been that while initially when we say "It's a good thing" if we don't really mean that then our thoughts spring back with all the reasons why it's not a good thing at all. So you can't force-feed your brain. However, if I ask myself, "How is this situation serving me?" my mind does tend to show me benefits I might not have recognized before. For example, last weekend I attended an astrology conference where the main astrologer gave readings to the members of the audience to demonstrate his techniques. I very much wanted to be chosen and did all sorts of visualizations to draw this experience to me. I even tried jumping up and down with joy in my motel room to program my body to find the vibration of joy I anticipated I would feel if my name were called at the lecture. Well, my name was not selected. BUT then the speaker began doing the reading for the lady whose name had been chosen. So as I sat down and this other woman came forward I asked myself, "How is this chain of events serving me?" OMG, while she had to stand there in stunned silence he publically dissected her chart - and her life! - for everyone to hear. Actually, she seemed to enjoy the attention but I know I would have been miserable. So you might say I did experience the vibration of joy - but only because I did not get what I thought I wanted. What does this tell us about the Law of Attraction? What I get from it is that the feeling trumps the thinking. It is your feeling, not your thinking, that creates your vibration. Staying focused on the thing that makes you happy will attract more happiness - but not necessarily the thing you were focusing on.

The other thing I think is important to recognize as we work with this law is that we have to make room in our lives for the change we are asking for. So often people will ask for things they couldn't possibly put to use. A friend told me how much she wished she could see the Rose Parade. It just so happened I knew someone had two front row tickets to the parade and they weren't going to be able to use. I could get them for her with a phone call! Was my friend happy? Nope. She had other plans for New Year's and didn't want to change them! This really hit me like a bolt of enlightenment. If you're going to ask for a miracle, you better be willing to accept it when it comes true!

Finally, I think people get confused with The Law of Attraction and think their prayer will be magically answered like God has waved a magic wand. If you ask to lose weight you don't (usually) wake up the next morning 10 pounds thinner, but you may hear of an exercise club or maybe your car won't start and you have to start walking! 

When people tell me they don't believe the Law of Attraction works I have to sadly admit it probably won't work - for them, since that is their belief. But if you are willing to give it a chance - willing to suspend disbelief for 72 hours! - I believe you'll attract proof that it does.

It's a good thing,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, March 10, 2014

Moon Conjunct Jupiter in Cancer: Go Big or Go Home

The Moon conjuncts - connects - with each planet once every 28 days as it makes its monthly trip around the Sun. As the slower moving  planets are often in the same sign for months or even years, it's beneficial to keep track of how these lunar aspects manifest in our personal lives because we can then watch the same energy when it comes around again in the months that follow. For example, this weekend, March 9-10, the Moon is joining up with Jupiter in Cancer suggesting a fine time for meeting with family and enjoying a lavish meal. When Jupiter is involved we find small measures just won't do but if you dare to splurge you'll see the results were worth the cost. The Moon will be coming around to meet Jupiter again next month on Sunday afternoon April 6. See if you don't find similar party potential then too!

The Moon will be in Cancer when Mercury squares Saturn late Monday night, March 10, and early Tuesday morning. If you've been putting off doing something (taxes?) you may find you're really starting to feel the pressure now. Nice and easy does it easily when Saturn is setting the pace, so take your time but get the job started because the final aspect the Moon will make before leaving Cancer will be a square to Mars. Frustration without let up could lead to some explosive outbursts. Next month when the Moon enters Cancer again (April 5-7). Mercury will have moved on but Mars will be making another hostile connection. If the work hasn't been done patience will have run out and open confrontation could take it's place.

The Sun will be in Pisces trining Saturn in Scorpio on Thursday March 13. One might assume a strong supportive aspect from Saturn could only mean good things like self-control and responsibilities fulfilled. We can hope but as Pisces often gets the short end of the stick (their reward will come in heaven, I guess?) this could signify getting too little too late. Improve your good karma potential by giving more now.

We're heading for a full Moon in Virgo when it opposes the Sun in Pisces next weekend on Sunday, March 17. This Virgo / Pisces polarity is known as the serve-or-suffer planetary line up. Experiences you have this week can be more easily navigated if you consider how your "sufferings" may somehow be serving a higher purpose. 

I've been away from the phones this last couple of days while attending a Steven Forrest Astrology Weekend. Steve Forrest is a prolific author of many astrology classics so it's been a real privilege to receive his teachings in person. I hope to share some of these new insights with each of you when we talk next. 

Let's talk soon,


Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, March 3, 2014

Uranus in Aries - You've Got The Power

The news stories and their predictions of eminent world war and catastrophe have reached a fevered pitch this week as the Moon opposes Mars and makes a cruel square to Venus. If the New Age teachings are true that say each one of us has the power within to restore peace to the world, now would certainly be the time for us to to demonstrate it.

I suggest we begin by considering the uses of adversity. What possible benefit can there be in hunger, violence, suffering? Well, let's look at this realistically. When confronted with seemingly insurmountable problems what do we do? The more we look at them, the more prone we are to feel discouraged, weak, suicidal. Okay, then what happens? The thought of death doesn't just end there, our minds continue to explore. What if we do die, just what is death? Will we continue to exist? Will we be met by friends and loved ones? Will everything be explained - and if so, what might the explanation be? By pursuing this train of thought we eventually find ourselves taking a much wider view of our circumstances, even to the point of considering our lives as a higher being might and indeed finding comfort in a celestial perspective. Thus we might say that the use of adversity is to force our minds away from a conviction that the problems surrounding us are somehow ours alone to bear and to then re-member - reconnect - with our higher power.

We have problems we cannot solve to remind us that God is here to solve them for us.

As we read the headlines about what is going on in the Ukraine and find ourselves feeling frustrated and helpless, recognize this feeling is a message from Soul saying, "This situation is not your burden, turn it over to God." We do not know how all the energies will play themselves out - although as an astrologer I see that retrograde Mars and Saturn meaning all fractions are going to pull back before anything extreme happens - yet we can find peace here right now in this moment. A friend made the comment, "Worry is like praying for the worst to happen."

 If we are enlightened we will put our attention on the best that is happening in our own worlds right now and let our prayers bring in more of that positive vibration.

Uranus is in Aries underscoring that the unique viewpoint of each individual has the power to alter the course of the future.

Accentuate the positive,

Rosada, EXT 2340