Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fasten Your Seat belts, It's going to Be a Bumpy Week!

Major shift happening in the next few days, Friends. Venus, the goddess of love and money is leaving her peaceful home in Libra and taking up residence in the all-out-war sign Scorpio on Friday, December 4 - which means no more Mrs. Nice Guy at the shopping malls or in the headlines. Emotions will be escalating and the possibility is we'll be feeling less like Peace on Earth and more like Santa Got Run Over By a Reindeer. Scorpio is the intensity chamber and any planets passing through this sign will get a jolt of truth serum that makes it impossible to pretend things are anything but the way they really are. Thus folks are not going to be willing to continue to just suck up hurts, indignities, and lies any longer. We may feel like stomping on a few reindeer ourselves. Hopefully the world leaders have a few astrologers on their staffs to remind them this is not the time to make ultimatums.

What this means for the rest of us is first of all you're probably not going to be spending as lavishly for the holidays this year. Venus in Scorpio wants real value for her money and she'd rather get something small that sends a powerful message than squander her resources on something big just for show.

Mercury will be trining Uranus on Tuesday celebrating those who DON'T WAIT for permission to do good. If you've been thinking of volunteering to help others this season you'll find it particularly rewarding to start now. You don't even need to be involved with a particular organization. Just help a friend or neighbor or man on the street. Uranus will help make sure the right people benefit from your (Mercury) message.

There's a tricky line up of planets next weekend when the Moon joins Mars and squares Pluto on Saturday and then Mars moves on to square Pluto on Sunday. Again not cool for World Peace but as the last aspect or the week is a Moon sextile Mercury in truth telling Sagittarius perhaps we will get some clear answers to recent conflicts. Or perhaps we'll see more clearly what the root causes are for the conflicts in our world and thus be able to be more effective.

Personally I think this week is shaping up to be a time where we are given an opportunity to be particularly aware of where we are putting our attention and to whom we are giving our power. Which leads me to suggest we let the world solve the world's problems. Let's you and I focus on creating something good and meaningful right in our own backyards.

"We may not be able to do big things, but we can do small things with great love."
- Mother Teresa

Happy holidays,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Full Moon in Gemini: The Solution Becomes Obvious.

The Full Moon occurs in Gemini on Wednesday, November 25 this month. Gemini rules curiosity and puzzles and clever answers. We can expect a lot of talk and chatter over the Thanksgiving holiday with this Moon placement  - including some wonderful opportunities to resolve family issues simply by being willing to be present and communicate.

The Moon in Gemini reminds us that every problem can be solved. Whether the obstacle that blocks us concerns money, relationships, health or whatever, there is always some path that will move us forward if we can only recognize it. The difficulty is that when we feel confronted with an obstacle we stall, we shut down, we lose focus on our goals when what we really need to do is be calm - and turn to our Higher Power. Now "Higher Power" is a phrase that makes a lot of people uneasy but I'm using it here to mean the mental construct we all have that there is an intelligence greater than ours that surrounds and creates us. We may not own up to the fact we believe there is such a one but truly each of us knows we have greater guidance available than that which we normally tap into. Call it The Universe or God or The Flow or just call it our Better Self - when there are difficulties in our life it is a sign we've forgotten our connection to the part of ourselves that is The Creator and as a result we've become too earth bound, reality has become foo solid, too real. Too Taurus, one might say, stubborn and frustrated and feeling stuck. And when life starts feeling stuck, when problems appear, it's a sign we need to reconnect with spirit. Time to move on to Gemini!
Indeed, after leaving Taurus and moving into Gemini the Moon will be highlighting for us opportunities to connect with that which is not solid, not "real". We'll turn from the Taurus realm of things to the Gemini land of talk and ideas. 

So how do we reconnect with Spirit? Simply by acknowledging that Spirit exists! Speak of the Angels and they appear!
But it also really helps if you take a moment to become calm. Think of problems as being like static on old time televisions. The wires have gotten loose and the picture has become distorted. Likewise, it is when we are agitated that the peaceful flow of things is disrupted and then, because we are now tuned into this disturbed wavelength, everything we do creates and attracts more disruption! As Einstein once said, " A problem cannot be solved on the level at which it is created." We cannot create Peace when we are living Chaos! So at the first sign of a problem, or a sense of being stuck or not knowing which way to turn, SLOW DOWN. You may not even feel agitated but if there is a problem, it's a sign you need to slow down.

Saturn Squaring Neptune.
Now that you have taken a moment to relax and and shift your focus  - "Excuse me while I call God," is a phrase I like to use - now take a moment to acknowledge four or five things that are going right in your world. This will make your vibration less solid, more flowing, stronger, more able to transform that which is to that which could be. Now articulate what you would like to see in your world AS IF IT IS ALREADY HERE. This week, Saturn, the planet that rules solid "reality" is squaring Neptune, the planet that dissolves solid reality and empowers the imagination. It is a particularly useful time for erasing the past and creating a whole new reality. The more you are aware of this and use this opportunity consciously the more likely you will be able to create the future as you want it (otherwise you may find yourself sitting passively by the way side while others dissolve (Neptune) your boundaries (Saturn) and intrude or use you to their advantage).

So the challenge is clear this week: Hold on to your vision. Know your goals, pace yourself and acknowledge your Higher Power - and you will find yourself manifesting a very happy holiday weekend.

I'm so thankful you are reading this email. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mercury in Scorpio: The Soldier Obeys His Conscience

The Sabian Symbols consist of 360 images, one for each degree of the zodiac. Supposedly these pictures come to life in daily experience as the planets move across the heavens and connect with each of these degrees. Often people will pay particular attention to what pictures were activated by the planets at their time of birth and find there is a message for them there. For example, I have the planets Mercury and Venus at 29 Gemini. The symbol for this degree is of a bird singing from a treetop. The meaning of this symbol is about passing on messages, seeing and telling things ahead of their time. I think that's a great image for a psychic! Of course, each picture has a downside and this bird also represents being nosy. Ha! But seriously folks, it often works out that one Sabian Symbol is indeed worth a thousand words so today I thought I'd write out what the images are for us this week:

Mercury is at 21 degrees Scorpio today, Sunday, November 15. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is of a soldier who obeys his conscience and resists orders. Oh my, well, I bet there is a lot of talk going on about how are we going to end the fighting in the world. Maybe it will take going against the so called status quo and each one of us deciding for ourselves what we can do to create peace.

The Sun is in Scorpio and will be conjuncting Mercury in Scorpio on Tuesday, November 17 at 25 degrees. The Sabian Symbol for 25 Scorpio is of an X-Ray photograph helping with diagnosis. This means we may be in need of deeper understanding of our current issues in order to solve problems. There is a desire for "penetrating" insight. No obvious answers.
 This planetary sign placement is for everyone but only those who themselves have planets at or near this degree may experience it personally. However, I've found that often the top news stories of the day will seem to relate to the Sabian Symbol so I am predicting there will be many news stories about needing to find the deeper facts behind the latest current events.

Neptune will be turning direct at 8 degrees Pisces on Wednesday November 18. The image for 8 Pisces is of a girl blowing a bugle. A bugle call is used by the armed forces to announce it is time to rise and shine. If you personally have planets at or near the 7th or 8th degree of Pisces you may be getting some sort of "wake up " call on this day. In general the message is that we may be in for some loud noises from politicians or others wanting to rouse us to their message. As the planet Neptune is involved we are warned not to be hypnotised by their words.

Veuns will be at 14 Libra squaring Pluto at 14 Capricorn on Friday November 20. The symbol for 14 Libra is of a man taking a siesta, an invitation to take some time out. The symbol for 14 Capricorn is of gods and goddesses carved in stone representing limitations that don't allow for change. How will such a combination manifest? Wouldn't it be wonderful if the world held an international day of morning for all our fallen heroes this day and just decided to take all our wars and battles and just give it all a rest?

Peace be with you,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, November 9, 2015

New Moon in Scorpio - Drawing Aside The Veil

Last month we celebrated Halloween which means there was an intense focus on ghosts and the supernatural. According to the Law of Attraction, what ever we put our attention on we tend to attract more of so I wasn't surprised to notice in the days just following October 31 there was a glut of UFO sightings and several photographs of ghosts posted on the internet. I wonder if this happens every year right after Halloween? Perhaps the public is more receptive to believing and investigating such ideas at this time after all the pictures of pretend ghosts and goblins made the unknown a little less scary. The awareness of things hidden behind the veil will continue this week as we are having a New Moon in the secret power sign Scorpio on Wednesday, November 11.

This Scorpio New Moon calls on us to venture down new pathways and to investigate new possibilities each year. It will present you with situations where you'll need to draw on your intuition, have faith and overcome any fears. You are urged to enter into new realms and explore areas you dared not go into before! Travel may be involved but more importantly ideas you hadn't dared consider will be attracting you. Take advantage of the planetary support and vow to look a little more deeply at your beliefs and prejudices. You may find it's time for an attitude adjustment!

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars so success this month comes in direct proportion to your willingness to exercise courage and BE INQUISITIVE! Your sphere of action and operation will become vastly enlarged and new perspectives will open up to you as you test your limits and look for dreams to start coming true.

Here is my check list for things to watch for this month. See how many you experience:

Mysteries revealed, sometimes after a long wait.

Getting past inhibitions or things that have blocked you.

Clairvoyant readings that reveal your path.

A sense of situations that had seemed dead or hopeless now coming back to life.

How ever this New Moon manifests in your life, it appears that help will soon be at hand in sorting out some mystery that has been troubling you. Be receptive, be loving and take that step into the unknown!

Planetary line ups to take advantage of:

Tuesday November 10: The Sun sextiles Jupiter as the Moon sextiles Pluto. A lovely day for travel and healing. Reach out to loved ones. Early Christmas shopping could net some perfect gifts.

Wednesday Nov. 11: New Moon in the morning. If you have something important to start around now, this is a great time to do it.

Thursday Nov. 12: Mars changes signs and enters Libra while the Moon joins Saturn. Be cautious about making new agreements. Have things clearly spelled out and make sure everyone feels the rules are practical and fair.

Friday Nov. 13: Venus sextiles Saturn and Mercury sextiles Jupiter. This Friday the 13th could bring good news!

Saturday Nov 14: The Moon joins the Death-and-Rebirth planet Pluto today. This monthly meet up accentuates what we have outgrown and need to release while pointing us towards where we should be focusing our energies next. Align with this opportunity by intentionally cleaning out abandoned projects or else doing something to rejuvenate them - beware stagnation!

Thank you so much for reading,
Talk to you soon,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, November 1, 2015

This Five Letter Word Will Make You Sick!

During the last years of her life my sister had the job of looking after our elderly mother. When Mother passed away at 93 my sister put all of Mom's affairs in order, breathed a deep sigh of relief - and then died herself, just a few months later. I was saddened but not surprised. I knew my sister had not been all that well - she had Lyme's disease - and I also knew that taking care of Mom had been very stressful for my sister. And if there is one thing the body cannot "cure" it is stress. When we are feeling the least bit agitated or stressed out our body goes into "flight or fight" mode. That means all of our energy, all of our bodily functions and resources stop any repairing and healing activity and become focused on survival. It doesn't matter what the cause is or if the threat is even real, if our brain interprets our outer environment as being less than safe  it will put all other activity aside until the crisis is passed. Just as there is no such thing as being "a little bit pregnant" there is also no such thing as being just "a little bit stressed." The body can't heal unless it feels safe enough to totally relax. Therefore, it is crucial that to maintain health we all avoid under all circumstances, that five letter word, stress!

Astrological tools for dealing with stress:

Aries: The reason Aries is able to move so fast and get so many projects launched is because an Aries doesn't carry extra baggage - that is, grudges. You can't get to the finish line first if you're weighed down by a lot of would-of, could-of, should-of. Aries may not ALWAYS win, but sometimes it looks that way because a true Aries never worries about old losses.

Taurus: The bull knows the world will spin on it's own and that it's not his job to fix it. Let It Be is the Taurus stress-free motto.

Gemini: Talk therapy aka The Gemini Solution. Find a good listener and get those fears up and out. Also, a Gemini knows to keep busy and focuses his mind of the things he can change, not the things he can't. That's stress free living at it's finest..

Cancer: The crab hangs on to memories, particularly the ones made of tears so this sign more than most needs a plan for staying positive. Surrounding the self with familiar things that symbolize love and stability like family photo albums can help a Cancerian stay calm and carry on.

Leo: So many people look to Leo to be the source of sunshine and salvation and indeed, often it is a Leo who will stand up and make everyone feel good even while there are problems going on back stage. It can be quite draining however, so Leo needs to curb the instinct to give of themselves to the point of exhaustion.

Virgo: What is more stressful than striving for perfection? Virgo's will never settle for anything less, but they can make their lot easier if they don't let others criticism bring them down. You can't please everyone so you might as well please yourself.

Libra: This sign is known for being so easy going and hospitable you'd find it hard to believe they have problems with stress, but it's true. Libran's can be so aware of  the importance of fair play and inevitable karma, that they tie themselves in knots trying to make situations a win-win for everyone because otherwise, well, did you know peace loving Libra is also the sign ruling war? Talk about stress! Librans respond well to one-on-one conversations and therapy.

Scorpio: Do Scorpios experience stress - or do they just cut right through it? They do experience it, but they hide their feelings well.  It's said Scorpios don't get mad - they get even. Some more highly evolved Scorpios deal with their issues by taking up sports and physical activities.

Sagittarius: This sign is supposed to have a broad perspective that dissolves stress before it can become an issue. However... many Sagittarians I've spoken with are grinding their teeth at night just like the rest of us - it's just that the things that make them tense most of us don't even think about, like The Environment and Governmental Corruption. Sagittarians focus on big issues and can get mighty stressed. If you have someone like this in your circle urge them to take trips and vacations and do things to encourage a truly broad perspective - one that can see the problems AND the good things.

Capricorns seem to be the least likely to be stressed - they never expected good times to last anyway! Still those who do start to worry can get caught up in some truly dark depressions. Remind a Capricorn of the cost of a visit to the doctor's for anti-depressants, that will get him to at least try to pep up on his own! But if a Cappy truly is suffering don't delay - take him to a really qualified top-drawer doctor and get it handled.

Aquarius will have all sorts of curious ways of dealing with stress, In fact, abandoning routine and being free and unpredictable is their best bet for getting out of a funk.

Pisces: The Savior/Victim sign can help his cause by being more conscious of the drama he is helping to create. His best answer to stress is to turn everything over to God or his higher power and then get a good night's sleep.

Works for me!

Wishing you a stress free week!
Rosada, EXT 2340