Sunday, October 25, 2015

Full Moon at 4 Taurus = The Pot of Gold at The End of The Rainbow

My husband had a habit of using the expression, "What could possibly go wrong?" i know he meant it to be humorous but it felt disconcerting, as if he was making a negative affirmation almost willing the Universe to create problems.  Then we read the book Afformations which puts forth the idea that the most creative thing we can do is ask a question. Whenever we ask a question we send our minds off seeking into the unknown and we invite brand new information and experiences into our lives. By asking a negative question like, "What's wrong?" we are commanding our higher selves to only show us how to make everything wrong! However, when we ask a positive question like, "What's the good word?" we instantly get a new perspective and access to previously unseen opportunities.. Simply put, when ever you are troubled, don't just ask God to help you with your problems, ask Him to show you why all your problems are so quickly and easily solved!.

For example, if you've been feeling sluggish and grumpy, rather than saying some affirmation you don't even believe in 500 times like, "I'm fit and fabulous!" which only makes you feel even more fat and miserable, instead ask a positive question such as, "Why is it I like to exercise every day?" and "How come it's so easy for me to be at my right weight?" The unconscious wont reject a question the way it does an affirmation and pretty quickly you'll find your world is morphing to give you all you've been asking about!

This week is a particularly opportune time to start using Afformations because we've got a New Moon coming up on Tuesday October 27, which means our dominate thoughts and feelings are more likely to manifest at this time. Furthermore, The Sabian Symbol for this full Moon is "The Pot of Gold at The End of The Rainbow." What a wonderful encouragement! To help program your unconscious to make you clearly aware of your blessings, read this list of questions aloud - and then watch your life show you your path to abundance (you don't even need to try to answer the questions - just ask them):

Why am I so richly rewarded?
Why does money come to me so easily and in such good amounts?
Why is it so easy for me to create whatever I imagine?
Why is it I'm always surrounded with good friends?
Why am I so gifted and talented?
Why am I so good looking?
Why do I have such radiant good health?
Why does my partner love me so much?

If you want to really see the power of this technique, print out the list and check off each question as you see the answers manifesting in your life. The results may cause you to wonder...

Why are we so blessed?

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Venus and Jupiter in Virgo: Don't Sweat The Petty Stuff

The monthly meeting of the Moon and Pluto happens in Capricorn this week, Monday October 20. As Pluto is the planet ruling birth and death and total transformation, each time the Moon connects with him it marks an awareness of change. Dramatic turns of events may happen on the actual day of their conjunction or it may be that this is the time when we finally notice changes that have been creeping up over time. The point is, when the Moon conjuncts Pluto we recognize what's working and what is sooo over.

 As the last new Moon was in Libra, the sign of partnership agreements, this "awareness of change" moment particularly marks an opportunity for re-evaluating relationships. Some significant relationships may have ended (I attended two funerals in this last month) and new connections made during this time may prove to be important (take special notice of new faces in your world now). Over all however this line up of planets suggests it is our own relationship to the world that is due for some tweaking. If we've been too arrogant or too passive, now the results will be obvious. The process may look something like this:

Moon joins Pluto Monday Oct 20. Saturn at first degrees of Sagittarius.
Strong awareness of old patterns that are in need of updating.

Moon trines Mercury Oct. 21.
Great day to re-negotiate! It will appear the decay has not penetrated too deeply and so can easily be discussed and remedied. However, don't overlook problems or take matters too lightly because tomorrow...

Mercury squares Pluto Thursday Oct.22.
Any objections will come up now. (Some nasty words are better left unspoken.)

Venus trines Pluto Friday Oct. 23.
If one is conscious of the danger connected with every reform then everything should go well in the end.
The Sun leaves Libra and enters Scorpio Friday Oct. 23.
Now that the new agreements are in place we begin a month of testing their validity. Did we negotiate in good faith? Hidden agendas will come to light!

Venus joins Jupiter in Virgo Sunday Oct. 25
This should be a lovely day for a Sunday Brunch. Celebrate the new agreements! Because the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter, are in Virgo we may have opportunities to be very kind and helpful but there is also the temptation to get bogged down with annoying details. Keep it simple: Don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff!

Mercury opposes Uranus Sunday Oct. 25
Mercury, the messenger god opposing Uranus, the god of freedom and independence warns that arguments could erupt if people feel their right to free expression being stiffed. The earlier Venus/Jupiter conjunction could have put people in such a good mood however, that this potentially disruptive aspect simply means the time is ripe for some crazy stories, jokes and laughter.

All in all it looks like this is the week we are ready to acknowledge old problems, create new solutions and make Sunday a day of celebration!

Have a good one,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Moon in Libra - Renegotiating Relationships

For the last several weeks we have been studying the meanings of the planets in the various signs and houses. Now it's time to put what we've learned into practice. Let's begin with the new Moon on Oct. 12:.

The Moon symbolizes feelings. This new Moon will be in the sign Libra, the sign of partnership. Thus our feelings will draw us to partnership issues this month - romantic partnerships, business partnerships, any relationship where we are dealing one-on-one as equals.. Issues you may have will probably be around negotiating new agreements with an old partner and all of us will have an opportunity some time this month to enter into a brand new relationship with a new partner. This won't necessarily be a romantic relationship. It could be a business contract. There will be a need to negotiate and there will be an emphasis on treating people fairly and coming up with win - win solutions. This could prove tricky, however, because just prior to this new Moon, the Moon was opposing Uranus, the planet representing independence, in Aries, the sign of strong self-interest, Thus new agreements will be coming as a response to previous experiences of crisis in the relationship. There will be a sense that we need to talk because the old ways weren't working. One person, represented by the Moon in Libra, may be wanting a closer relationship while the other person, represented by Uranus, may feel smothered. When the Moon meets up with the Sun this day there could be a moment of clarity and an appreciation of the other side's point of view.  Unfortunately, shortly after the connection, the Moon goes on to square Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto represents power and squares indicate tests, so the peace might not last and good intentions will be soon tested.
So recognize opportunities to begin discussions on this day but resist being too determined to see immediate results. Get the ball rolling but leave the door open for new insights coming up - perhaps as soon as the the end of the week.

On to October 15:
 Mars will be in Virgo and moving to make a trine to Pluto. In plain English this means the planet symbolizing drive and ambition, Mars, will be in expressing itself in an orderly and efficient Virgo fashion and will be in easy communication with the planet of total transformation, Pluto, also working in an orderly fashion in Capricorn. Together this appears to be a very auspicious indication that previous tensions and misunderstandings can be easily rectified if the parties involved are willing to forego drama and stick to the facts.

October 17:
Another good day, Sunshine! After the empowering back up from Pluto, Mars now moves to join protective Jupiter, the symbol of good fortune now also in Virgo. The reason Jupiter is considered to represent good fortune is because he is so big. He promises there is plenty of room and plenty of time to accomplish whatever needs to get done. Mars is known for his fiery energy and when this planet is active tempers may flare and accidents happen. However, with tolerant Jupiter around to give everyone space, the greater possibility is there will be enough room for Mars excitement and risk taking AND getting everyone home all right in the end.

Altogether it appears that if people can keep their cool and be patient the first half of the week when the need for change is most apparent, the second half will be very auspicious for working through any obstacles that may have come up.

You read it here first!
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Reading Your Chart Like a Professional Astrologer pt 5 The Houses 7 -12

Understanding the meanings of the houses 7 -12 is not hard if you recognize that they are pretty much the opposites of houses 1 - 6:

House 7 Partners and Other People::
 When you consider that the first house represents the self then you can easily recognize why the opposite sign would represent others, particularly our significant other, our marriage partner. The sign on the cusp of the 7th and the planets in this house describe the sort of partnerships we create. For example, some one with Cancer on the 7th would tend to want "partnership" with "family". This could manifest in various ways. Perhaps the person successfully launches a business with a family member or spouse. Conversely they might have problems because they treat business partners as if they were family resulting in ignoring appropriate boundaries. The planets in the house will describe specific partners. Pluto in the 7th house could represent a powerful partner, perhaps a wife who encourages the husband to become more than he might have ever been on his own or negatively a powerful adversary who is very hard to defeat.

House 8 Shared Resources:
 The second house describes our personal finances so the opposite house defines shared resources and other people's money. Think sex - a great shared resource! - inheritances and income from any partnership. Thus if a person has Aries, the sign ruling the self, on the cusp of the 8th of shared resources there could be a tendency to take advantage of a partner's generosity or  a problem with partners who want to grab everything for themselves. The planets in this house tell even more about the 8th house activities. Saturn here would delay an inheritance or perhaps issues around inheritances would be burdensome. Jupiter in the 8th is very good for going into business with a partner as Jupiter here indicates partnership would create wealth.

House 9 Travel:
The third house represents near relatives and the local neighborhood and short stories. The 9th house is about foreigners and distant lands and long philosophical discussions. The sign on the 9th can explain why we left home for the first time. Libra might indicate leaving home to get married. Leo on the 9th could mean the native is a born adventurer, travel is where his Leo star shines. The planets in this house indicate teachers or guides or people who lead us to experiences beyond our usual habit trails. Neptune in the 9th could represent a guru or some mystical ideal. Mars warns there might be problems in foreign countries.

House 10 Fame and Reputation:
The fourth house represents the home base, the quiet place we go to for privacy and rest. The opposite house, the 10th, is the Fame and Reputation area. It is the most public house and the sign on it's cusp tells what we will be famous for, both positive and negative. Taurus on the 10th could give you a reputation for being strong and trustworthy or maybe just stubborn. The planets in this house can reveal a lot about a person's work, or at least what the public impression is of their work. The Moon here will give a reputation for being responsive to the public, so actors often have an elevated Moon in their charts. Uranus in the 10th can be seen as a genius or a crack pot or their actual job may be involved with computers or electricity.

House 11 Friends and Group Organizations:
The fifth house represents our children and close family ties so it makes sense that the 11th house rules friends and people we enjoy but don't necessarily feel obligated to be with 24/7. The sign on the cusp of the eleventh tells us our attitude towards friendship. Scorpio here would mean we prefer a few close friends to whom we confide our deepest secrets. Gemini would connect with lots of friends but only for light-hearted conversation. The planets here in would tell you who you're  friends are. Venus would give you a sweetheart who was truly your best friend. Mars could be a pal you play sports with but they might also tend to be quarrelsome.

House 12 The House of Self-Undoing:
The sixth house represents our day to day activities - our chores, our habits, our work routine. Things we pay attention to and want to do as close to exactly right as possible. The 12th house on the other hand is the house for all the things we don't particularly want to think about - visions and dreams and how we handle problems by learning to let go and not worry. The sign on the 12th tells who you are when nobody's watching. Capricorn here might mean you're a lot more organized than people give you credit for. Pisces on the 12th house cusp says no matter how sociable you may appear, you need your alone time. If the 6th house is the house of "doing" then the 12th house is the house of "undoing" and planets here reveal how we might be the victims of our own self-undoing. Thus while Jupiter the planet of protection and abundance in the 12th can mean a guardian angel, it can also warn the native must be careful not to over do, not to lose friends by being too loud, too demanding, even too generous. Mercury here might give a knack for writing in private but also the owner might be too isolated and with no one to talk to the Mercury mental faculties could become troubled with ungrounded fears and paranoia.

Okay, that's it! Those are the basics and once you start putting them into practice you'll find a whole universe of knowledge becomes available!

Have fun,

Rosada, EXT 2340