Saturday, April 28, 2012

Payback's a Blessing.

Dear Readers,

From our phone conversations I know that many of you feel you've truly done all you can, have reached the end of your rope, and that if things don't start getting better soon you really don't know how you'll be able to survive. 

Please, keep the faith just a little bit longer.

There are several significant planetary cycles coming together this year promising better times ahead. It's just that we're still in the Out With The Old phase and not yet into the In With The New. I promise you, I give you my word (and in a minute I'll talk about how powerful that can be), we are indeed going to have the consciousness transformation we've all been anticipating since the Mayan Calendar predictions for December 2012 started circulating a dozen years ago. We're not there yet but if you know what to watch for you'll be able to enjoy the trip almost as much as the arrival.

The planetary cycle I want to talk about today is the one most responsible for frustrating us all lately: Saturn retrograde in the sign Libra until June 25.
Saturn is the planet of maturity, responsibility and karma. Saturn is the last planet visible to the naked eye and signifies the limits of how far we can go as individual egos. (The planets beyond Saturn have to do with group consciousness and dissolving into The One Consciousness.) Libra is the planet of partnership commitments. Thus Saturn retrograde in Libra signifies we cannot move forward until we back up and fulfill our outstanding commitments. Between now and the end of June we are all being confronted with what we have left undone, what needs to be brought to completion. It could be agreements we've made with others but it may be promises we've made to ourselves. The key point here is that we all have areas in our lives where we have not acted like the mature responsible Saturn adults we were supposed to be by now and until we demonstrate that we have mastered these required lessons, life doesn't progress. 

Often though we feel we don't even know what the lesson is we're supposed to learn. "Love thy neighbor " and maybe "Forgive as ye would be forgiven" and "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you,"  of course, but those are all kinda Venus/Neptune lessons. The key lesson with Saturn is Keep Thy Word. Whether it's promising to pay a bill or just promising to be somewhere at a certain time, we can't ascend to the next dimension until we master keeping our word in this one because it is the strength of our word to create the future that allows us to move beyond our present reality. 

As we awaken we more clearly see how our words are creating our future. Saying "I'll see you tomorrow" actually sets up the potential for meeting again. We may say it casually but the Universe takes us seriously. After making such a promise we notice that the next day things tend to line up so we do indeed have an opportunity to meet again. However, if we then do not follow through and complete the agreement our word becomes weak and then the next promise we make is even less likely to be fulfilled until finally nothing happens the way we intended it to.

 When Saturn retrograde is giving us a time to rebuild the strength of our word. Indeed, everything else seems to be blocked until we go back and complete those old promises.. If you have been feeling blocked or feeling that your reasonable expectations are not being met, ask yourself,"Where have I given my word but not followed through? What have I promised to do that I haven't done yet?" Even if it's something minor - trivial in fact, like taking out the trash - go back and complete the task. If it's major, something that can't be completed immediately like paying off a debt, at least make a start. Clear a space. Then notice how the Universe rewards you. Pay off ten dollars on that loan and the Universe will send you twenty. Preachers say our lives are only given to us as a loan. Just as with a bank, as we pay off that loan by doing what we promised to do in our lives then we are extended a greater loan, a greater life.

As I re-read this I realize I'm making dealing with Saturn sound like hard labor. It needn't be! One of the very pleasant opportunities Saturn retrograde offers is the chance to repay social debts. Owe someone a dinner invitation? Give 'em a call! Or maybe we just owe ourselves a day off - hey, it's a tough job but somebody's got to do it. ;-)

Now post a comment or give me a call - we owe it to ourselves!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The I Ching Oracle

The I Ching is an oriental book of prophecy. It dates back thousands of years, in fact it is the oldest book in existence. Confucius held it in such high regard that he said, "If I had another 50 years added to my life I would spend it studying the I Ching so that at last I might be made free from error." 

"I Ching" means "The Changes" and the book describes all the changes possible in the human experience and divides them into 64 situations, such as Creating, Completing, Waiting etc.. It describes each situation and how it will evolve - change - and  then advises how one should behave in such circumstances. By then following this guidance one can come to live in harmony with all that is.

 If you care to consult the I Ching, you begin by asking a question and tossing 3 coins 6 times. The way the coins land - heads or tails - indicates which of the 64 possible pictures applies to you. It's like getting a snapshot of your situation. Then it is up to you to interpret how the image relates to your question.. For example, you might ask, "What is the potential of my relationship?" You would then toss your coins six times. The six tosses result in a series of 6 lines, solid or broken depending on whether you got heads or tails. This series is called a hexagram. There are 64 possible hexagrams. Let's say you asked your question and tossed your coins and received the pattern for hexagram 22. Grace. This hexagram describes friends on vacation gathered around a campfire fire beneath a mountain. This is is a lovely image but it is describing a moment that cannot last, eventually one will have to return to the everyday world. The answer to your question, "What is the potential of my relationship?" is the I Ching is cautioning you to be sure the romance is not unrealistic. It maybe a lovely fantasy. However, if you received hexagram 53. Courtship, with it's image of two love birds building a nest, then without a doubt the I Ching is encouraging you that your partnership can grow into something long term. This is what I like so much about the I Ching  Unlike astrology where you have ten different planets and all their conflicting tendancies to take into consideration or tarot where you have 78 cards to worry about, the I Ching gives you one clear image and tells you exactly what the answer is! 

Most people if they have heard of the I Ching at all, only know it as an oracle. They have their specific questions and they only need to read their specific hexagrams for their answers. They may never choose to look at it more deeply. Some of us however catch the bug and like Confucius long to read it cover to cover, over and over in hopes we may eventually live a life of greater consciousness and deeper harmony.

I have been "into" the I Ching for over forty years. I am hoping that by writing about it here perhaps you, Dear Reader!, will be inspired to look into this book that is so much more than an oracle. It's really a Handbook for Life.

This week the sun has moved into the sign Taurus where it will eventually be meeting up with Jupiter, the planet of foreign cultures and philosophy. An excellent time for taking up the study of the I Ching!
Tally Ho!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Turn on! Tune In! Write It Out!

I've recently moved to a small town in northern California. It's a friendly place and I've already connected with several kindred spirits in the neighborhood. it seems we all like to blog and so since we live practically next door to each other we've started calling our street The Writer's Block. We get together for coffee and encouragement, particularly when one of us really has run out of ink or ideas. We've come to the conclusion that writer's block tends to be a symptom of there being things that need to be gotten up and out but somehow we're resisting writing the words. When I first heard this I got a verifying "chill of confirmation" so I realized it's time for me to write out the story of my husband's recent passing:

My husband died of lung cancer in December 2011 but if you go back through the achieves you wont find me making any mention of it while it was happening. Having this space to think and write about other things provided me with a much needed alternative universe to hide in. But now I think I'm ready to tell the tale:

I met my husband in Haight-Asbury in the sixties during The Summer of Love. I had been taking classes at San Francisco State Collage when Timothy Leary of LSD fame came to the campus and gave a rousing speech concluding with his infamous words, "Turn on! Tune in! Drop out!" Despite the fact that I had come to this notorious city, I was a very straight little girl so these unorthodox ideas "blew my mind" as we liked to say in those days, and that night I had a vivid dream. An angel appeared and told me something amazing was going to happen the next day. My first thought upon waking was that nothing amazing could happen at my school so I decided to go ahead and "drop out" at least for a morning. Thus for the first time in my life I cut class and took a bus to Haight-Ashbury...
Although I only lived a few miles from that part of town, I had never been to The Height but I knew several people who lived there and of course I had heard all the stories about the Make Love Not War neighborhood. So I figured if anything unusual was going to happen this would be the place where it would manifest. But when I got off the bus I didn't know where to go! I decided to visit a friend. I walked several blocks to his apartment and knocked on his door but he wasn't home. Now I really was stumped. What to do next? In front of the building there was a stop light. A VW pulled up - a love bug! - with two fellows inside. I decided to try something else I'd heard of but never done before - hitch-hiking!! I stuck out my thumb with the idea that if this one car didn't pick me up I would keep walking. The boy who would be my future husband opened the door and said, "Hello. Want a ride?"

And so the forty-five year adventure began...

 These "hippies" were on their way to a Be-In, what we called gatherings in those days - sort of a mini Woodstock. Naturally they invited me to join them and naturally I said yes! We headed for Golden Gate Park and spent the next several hours "day-tripping." I had recently read a book, The Scientific Laws of Palm Reading, and was eager to try my skills. With the sort of confidence that only comes from being completely inexperienced I began telling fortunes. Soon a line formed and I had a wonderful time learning to trust my instincts and becoming bolder and bolder with my predictions until finally the fellow who had picked me up asked me what I saw in his hand. "You are going to be married very soon," I decreed, a tad disappointed because I was thinking he was kinda cute myself. He shook his head in puzzlement claiming he didn't know anyone. "Well, keep your eyes open," I advised, "Cause any day now you are going to meet her..."

Long story short, we were married six weeks later. Meanwhile I'm getting kinda teary so that's about as far as I can go with my saga for today. I'll take up the story again another time. An interesting sidelight: My roommate at the time also met her future husband that week and she too was married shortly there after. I wish I'd known about feng shui in those days - I would love to know what the energy of that house was, definitely lucky for love!

Well enough about me. Now some astrological data to give us some guidance for our week ahead:
With a new moon in Taurus, and Mercury and Uranus in Aries the emphasis is on new beginnings this week but with a warning to check your facts before making large investments.

Monday, Mercury - the God in charge of communication - will be leaving Pisces, the realm of dreams and intuition to enter Aries, the sign of fast action and initiative. It signals a time when the door is open for new inspiration to come in. A bit of caution - weird fears and paranoia drift about in Pisces Land, so be careful the new ideas you're wanting to promote are based on something real..

The moon will be joining Mercury and also Uranus on Wednesday. This puts the focus on breaking out of bondage (maybe that's why I'm breaking out of writer's block?). Situations that have seemed stuck for months will find ways to move forward.

Finally on Saturday we will have the new moon in Taurus giving us a chance to anchor our inspirations in a whole new reality.  Do put in writing your affirmations for the month on Saturday and particularly be aware of what's going on in your world Saturday night when the new moon will be exact. This Taurus new moon specifically encourages us to eat healthy and be with good people. Please do it! You are setting the tone for your whole month ahead.

Feel free to post your New Moon affirmations here. There's something powerful about putting prayers out on the internet. Like a Tibetan Prayer Wheel, a computer seems to multiply the power of a written affirmation making it manifest so much more quickly.

My affirmation is that we'll talk soon!
Thanks for reading,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Selection of Readings

This week I thought it might be interesting to share with you a sampling of some of the questions people are asking.

Dear Rosada,

My husband and I are camping out in a friends' living room due to the bank foreclosing on our house. I wont go into detail about that experience but it was devastating and now all our furniture is in storage and my husband and I and our three cats are essentially homeless. My husband is hopeful that an investment he made will be paying off in the very near future giving us enough money to buy a home but it probably wont happen before our friends would like us to leave so I'm am asking your advice. Do you see a financial windfall for us anytime soon or should we be looking for a house to rent? Can you give us and guidance about finding a suitable house? it should be furnished and allow pets.

Thank you,
Wistful Wanderer

Dear Wistful,

My sincere sympathies for the tough times you are going through just now. You are not alone. It used to be that 90% of my calls were asking about relationships. That all changed when Uranus went into Aries last year. With the planet of upset and upheaval in the sign of self-reliance suddenly we're finding the people and institutions we thought we could count on are no longer there for us. We're all of us being forced to come up with new ways to provide for ourselves - solutions we never would have considered in the past. Uranus rules Independence but also Friendship and Support Groups. I think we're going to be finding communes and group living situations back in fashion big time by Dec 21,2012.

I laid out cards for you with the question, "Please comment on WW's hope's for a windfall and on her search for a furnished apartment."

First two cards representing your question:
The 8 of Cups and the Knight of Wands.
The 8C is a man leaving an arrangement of carefully stacked cups as he ventures off into the unknown.
The Knight of Wands is a knight on a journey. He represents emigration, a change of residence.

The first two cards depict your question which seems to be "Where do I go from here?" 

The two cards representing your past are the Page of Cups and the Ten of Swords.
The Page is a young child and the Ten of Swords is a person lying flat on the ground exhausted.
As you do not have children I see the page as representing your pets and the man exhausted as a comment that finding a home that will accept your cats has been a major stumbling block.

The cards that represents your goal and near future are The Hierophant and The Queen of Swords.
The Hierophant is a priest giving a blessing and represents mercy and shelter. The Queen of Swords is a woman who must sever ties to loved ones. 
I suspect we are being cautioned here that you may have to put your pets in a shelter.

The cards for you next best step are The Moon, uncertainty, and The Chariot, moving forward successfully.
This is a very positive indication that while you may not know where you are going now it does appear you will be moving forward successfully in the near future. Because the cards do not seem to be describing your next location I think you are being guided to focus on the cat issue. It may be that as you investigate possibilities for the cats that you make connections that will lead you to a suitable home for you and your husband. Sometimes we are only given answers one step at a time.

I did not see any reference to money in this answer. The cards are more likely to give us the information we need, which may not always answer the question we think we are asking. Thus it seems you are being advised not to wait for a financial windfall to resolve your situation. Focus on your immediate next step which is finding a shelter for the pets.

I hope you'll let me know how things work out.
Best Wishes,

Dear Rosada,

I am having a tough time finding my direction in life since my husband passed. Can you advise me what I should be focusing on and where you see my life opening up in the year ahead?

Thank you,
Suddenly Single

Dear Suddenly Single,

I am very sorry for your loss. I sense you are sorting out your priorities and are feeling overwhelmed. Mars is retrograde now meaning it's a little bit premature to be making major decisions. I suggest you take this period between now and April 17 when retrograde Mars finally starts moving forward to sort through your physical possessions, particularly your purse. Our purse represents what we value so as you clean and organize this small but highly symbolic area of your life you will find your unconscious starts to sort and organize your greater issues. Once you have successfully completed this small task you will find yourself instinctively drawn to your next appropriate goal. The point is to do something small, do it well and once you experience what success feels like you will recognize the success potential in the larger world.

Feng Shui tip: Everyone should get a brand new wallet every year to insure your values are up to date.

Best wishes,

If you would like an answer in this column post your questions in the Comment area.
I'll answer as many as I have space for.

Happy Easter Everyone,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, April 2, 2012

Do You Believe in Magic?

Magic: The art of transforming reality by means of supernatural forces.

April must be the most magical month of all! Trees brown and barren all winter suddenly alive and green, birds appearing out of thin air, and it's warm air too - friendly and delicious! How does all this magic happen and can we tap into it for our own lives?

We certainly can and the planets tell us how.

Uranus is the master magician. He rules electricity - the spark of life that can light up the world or frazzle your gizzard. He has the power to create CHANGE and where ever he appears in your chart that's where nothing stays the same. He is in Aries this month, the sign of the individual, meaning each and everyone of us can harness his magnetic energy now simply by agreeing you are willing to accept change (it's inevitable so you might as well) and then affirming the transformations you would like to see. It is important to know what we're aiming for here, otherwise Uranus will just create chaos. So lets begin to ground his power by doing some goal setting with the master planner, Mercury:

Mercury has been retrograde in Pisces, the sign of visions and dreams. He turns direct this week meaning now we can start to bring our visions and dreams in to the real world. So what are those dreams? Curiously, this is often a tough question for many of us to answer. Most of us are pretty vague about what we're looking for. To help you get in touch with your goals start by using Mercury's favorite technique, ask yourself questions:

Take ten minutes and very quickly ask yourself, what are 50 things Id like to see, have or do in the next week, month, year, five years? (50 seems like a lot but that's okay. You gotta get the river flowing.) Ask, "What's something I'd like to do with a friend? What would I like to share with my family? Where would I like to go? What silly adventure would make me laugh?" The point is not to block yourself trying to evaluate if the goal is "worthy" or "sensible" or even "doable". Just start scribbling and don't stop until you reach fifty. 

I think you'll find this is kinda fun. Venus goes into Gemini this week, the sign that rules lists and games and light-hearted promises so the goddess is supporting you as you flirt with all these possibilities. However Venus will be squaring Mars - the planet that rules taking action - so we may have some issues when it comes to actually getting up and doing anything. Here's where knowing how to use magic really can help you.

Think of the word Magic as really meaning Magnetic. You want to think of a goal and make it so clear and so strong that it actually draws you to it like a magnet. To make your goals clear and strong you start by refining your list. Out of the fifty, pick out the top four you want to complete this year and the top four you'd like to complete in five years. Then start finding out everything you can about each one. If your goal is to have a car, decide what make? What color? What price range? Think of giving definition to your vision as doing something that gives it weight.  The more weight to your image the more magnetic its pull. When you truly know what you want you will find you are literally drawn to it!

(Spoiler alert: Venus is squaring Neptune so you particularly need specifics in your wish list this week. Otherwise you may be attracted to things that sort of fit but really don't..)

Mars is retrograde till mid-April so there may be a bit of procrastination. Just do your magic one step at a time. At least start your list! I remember Dorothy Parker who famously explained why once again she hadn't gotten around to writing her column, "Someone else was using the pencil..." So that excuse is taken - find a pencil and write. When Mars finally turns forward you'll be ready to go.

Jupiter is in Taurus. The god of miracles in the sign of manifestation - this means it's gonna be easier than ever now to see the results happening.

Saturn is the most important planet of all here because Saturn rules reality. We aren't looking to wallow in a bunch of wishful thinking. We are intending to make our dreams come true. Saturn is at the very last degree of the sign it's in promising if we do the work we get the reward. If we fulfill Saturn's requirement for DISCIPLINE - that is, make the lists, do the research, keep the dream alive - the final outcome will be the magical manifestation!

Full moon in Libra coming up on the 6th. Could be a good day for finding a trusted friend to share your goals and give you guidance.
I'd love it if you choose me,



Rosada, EXT 2340