Sunday, February 26, 2012

You Are A Winner! 30% Off on All Karmic Debts!

What did you think when you read the title to this week's blog? Did it puzzle you? Surprise you? For a brief moment make you smile? The thing is, no matter what your reaction, just for an instant the idea that you are a winner slipped past your psychic firewall and got planted in your brain! You'll be seeing the results manifesting shortly because that's how The Universe works - what you focus on manifests and thoughts becomes things which is why it is so important that we choose the good ones.

The big stumbling block is why don't all our thoughts manifest instantly? Perhaps the grace of God, LOL! When I consider some of the things I've asked for I have to admit in hindsight it's probably been a blessing I never got them - but still, if this is indeed how creation works - visualization + affirmation = manifestation - why don't we all have health, wealth and love flowing freely through our lives? What's blocking us?

First I think the idea that we are blocked - not denied - is an important one. Our good is out there and eager for us to connect with it but what I've learned in talking to so many people over the years is that we ourselves put obstacles up between where we are now and where we'd like to be. For example, a caller asks if their ex-girlfriend will ever return. I look at the cards and they indicate the woman would very much like to come home. I offer to burn a candle to encourage this to happen (feel free to ask me to burn a candle for you - there's no charge and it gets results!) but suddenly the fellow backs off. It turns out they'd broken up because the man had promised to quit smoking and she was allergic. He still hadn't quit smoking so what good would it do for her to come back now if she'd only have to leave again? Whatever it is your wanting in your life ask yourself, How am I blocking this? What have I promised to do that I haven't done yet?  Complete your promise and my experience has been that either you will then receive what you are asking for - either that or you'll find you've out grown the request and now want something else entirely.

The other thing to ask ourselves is, "How is my current frustrating situation serving me?" We may think we want to fall in love or lose ten pounds or win the lottery but if we aren't manifesting the life we think we want then there is something in our current situation that is actually somehow serving a stronger desire. Perhaps a part of me believes I'm safer if if I never fall in love because that way I'll never get hurt. Or maybe I'm secretly afraid that if I win the lottery I will lose my friends (that does happen). Perhaps I fear if I lose ten pounds I would need to buy new clothes (somehow I think that's a problem I could cope with!). When we consider how our current situation or "limitations" may be our way of protecting ourselves from something we fear we can more easily rewrite our script to deal with these fears while also bringing us the larger experience we crave. 

The biggest obstacle I've learned to manifesting one's true desires is to be holding a grudge. If there is someone or something or some situation from the past we are not at peace with we are stuck big time. We may not even know what it is that's bothering us - but we don't have to know. Just start forgiving everything and everyone. Go through the letters of the alphabet and after every letter say, "I forgive you - please forgive me." This exercise will clear your karmic debt account and get the new energies flowing. You may still have to do some actual work like clearing out old clutter or paying off the old debt but it will be easier. You wont be attached to it, you wont be resisting change. Old situations will be seen with fresh eyes and new opportunities will become radiantly clear!

You can do these exercises anytime but doing them now in February when the sun is in the sign Pisces is particularly recommended. Pisces is the astrological sign most associated with forgiveness and releasing the past - plus this month Pisces' ruling planet Neptune has entered the sign making it even easier to detach from old energy patterns. Pisces also rules wine and music so if having a little sip while playing a cd makes forgiving easier, do it. Whatever it takes, now is the month to... 

Let go and let God!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Who Do You Trust?

I'm not a confident driver mainly because I tend to get lost a lot and when I do my sense of panic drowns out any Higher Guidance my angels might try to send me. Most psychics aren't like this. I have a friend who is very good with a pendulum. If she doesn't know which direction to turn she whips it out and within seconds it's swinging back and forth pointing the way. My late husband just had great instincts. Put him in a strange city anywhere in the world and within minutes he'd find the best jazz joint AND a parking place. But I'm a people person - I find my way by talking to other people and when I do I almost always find the people I talk to are somehow sharing my same experience. For example, in the past I've written here about finding lost items for people because I'd lost the same thing myself and their missing article turned out to be in the exact same place - like under their bed or out in their car - as mine had been. But when I myself get lost I seem to attract only other lost souls. So I pretty much leave the driving up to others and save my intuition for finding answers when I'm safe at home with all my astrological charts, tarot cards and I Ching books close by..

Sometimes folks ask why I like to use more than one divination tool. The answer is some callers only trust a tarot reading, others know a bit about astrology and feel more comfortable with the stars, and some people prefer getting a straight forward answer like the kind the I Ching gives. Also, different tools are better for answering different types of questions. Astrology is particularly good for predicting timing if you already know what it is you're asking about. But if you're just looking for a general reading, astrology can give you so much information you wont know what to focus on. The tarot cards on the other hand aren't specific enough when you want to know the exact time he'll call but they can be amazing for revealing his feelings and emotions. Even so, neither astrology or tarot are that good about telling you what you ought to do even when they so perfectly describe the situation. When we really want advice, the I Ching doesn't pull any punches. This ancient oracle comes right out and tells you if you're on the right track or off in La La Land.

I thought today I would give an example of how all three of these oracles work:

The question is, Should I Move?
My husband recently passed away and I am considering leaving my mountain hideaway and relocating in a small town.
I set up an astrological chart for the exact time I asked the question. This is called a Horary Chart because it is for answering a question vs. a Birth Chart which tells about a person's life and personality.

My chart had the sign Cancer rising. Cancer is not only my birth sign, it is also the sign that rules the home base so I feel this chart has something to tell me about where my home base should be. As I study it more closely however I see that Mars and Saturn are retrograde meaning they appear to be moving backwards. This tells me this is not a good time to be going forward with plans for a permanent move as I may change my mind later and want to reverse my decision. The moon is sextile Venus in the house of distant neighborhoods, a positive omen for travel, but the moon is also trining Saturn in the house of home and foundations, an equally strong indicator for staying put. No wonder I'm confused!  The chart seems to be cautioning me not to make any decisions I can't reverse, but that perhaps an exploratory trip would be appropriate. That Moon trine Saturn suggests happiness maybe in my own backyard.

Well, as I said, astrology can give you a lot of information but sometimes you need more feeling than facts. So I turned to the cards:

For the recent passed I received The Five of Cups - a woman in mourning who does not see there are new opportunities around her. That certainly describes me.
Next to it, for the present moment, I drew The World card reversed -  as The World indicates travel and it is reversed that seems to mirror my current feeling which is I don't feel like moving anywhere at all today.
Final outcome - The Two of Coins reversed - the considering two possibilities card. Reversed: I take this to mean i don't know enough about other possibilities to be able to choose.

This reading seems to echo what I saw in the astrological chart but here the emphasis seems to be on the importance of getting out to explore. Okay, this is true but I don't want to explore! what I really want is for someone or something to tell me where to go!!

Finally I consulted the I Ching:

I received 59. Dispersion.
The I Ching is a book describing 64 situations and how one should behave in each of them. Situation 59 is about being at the end of a cycle and it being time to do something different. "You need to break out of old ruts and get away from negativity."
Wow, thanks I Ching, you nailed it!

But wait! Do I have to move to get out of old ruts? Can I stay positive here? How about if I got a dog?  Ever notice how there never is one final answer? Each one leads to a dozen more questions.

Ah, but it's fun to ask. 
I'd you are considering making a move at this time please call and tell me where - maybe that's where I should be moving too!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Feng Shui for Lovers

Valentine's Day is coming February 14th - A wonderful opportunity to share the good vibrations! I like to decorate my house for every holiday and of course Valentine's Day calls for hearts and flowers and the color red. Feng Shui enthusiasts know the color red displayed in the south-west brings good luck this year so be sure to display your valentines there!

I hope you all send lots of cards this week! I think it's significant that this holiday for lovers falls in the month of Aquarius, the sign of friendship rather than say during romantic Leo's month (August) or during the month that partnership loving Libra rules (October). Aquarius is the sign for friendship and equality which means this special day is for including everyone - not just that one special someone.  Remember how in elementary school we brought valentines for the whole class? Well no need to stop sending them just because you've graduated! I have friends who send out more cards for this holiday than they do at Christmas! So don't be shy - send out a bushel. You'll make so many people happy and it will all come back to you.

The line up of planets this week is rather somber. Saturn is prominent so thoughts of work and responsibility may compete with relationships for our attention. Indeed, the planets on Sunday and Monday night are better suited for displays of affection than what we're going to have on Valentine's Day itself. Tuesday looks like a work day but late Tuesday evening Uranus and Venus have some fun. Just know Saturn says first get the chores done and then call those pals and let them know you care. You may find some people feel Cupid overlooked them this year and a late night buzz from you will definitely raise their spirits. Otherwise, when Venus, the goddess of love, makes a difficult contact with Pluto, the god of death and transformation Wednesday and Thursday, people who got ignored on V-Day may be thinking of pushing neglectful folks off their Love Boat altogether..

The good news is the sun will make a very positive connection with Saturn on Saturday the 18th. Think of the god Apollo as being on good terms with Saturn, the god of rules and commitments. Business deals negotiated with hard bargaining this week will come together with workable agreements by the week end. Although this isn't the language of ooey-gooey romance, love relationships may also be clarified and stabilized now.

Special Stone for attracting love: The Rose Quartz Crystal worn close to your heart . The rose quartz is an wonderfully powerful stone and can usually be gotten at your local metaphysical bookstore.

You can get me at!

Happy Valentine's Day,


Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, February 6, 2012

UFOs: Their Spiritual Mission and Role in Coming World Changes.

Ordinarily I don't pay much attention to talk of UFOs, ETs, crop circles and all that but every year around this time I notice the tabloids and even the general media tend to run a few articles about visitors from beyond. Is this because its always a slow news month after the holidays? Maybe, or perhaps it's because Apollo, the sun god, visits the sign Aquarius in Jan-Feb. where all the gods are recognized as equals and welcome - even gods from other galaxies. What better time to consider the possibilities of life on other planets? Beliefs that might have been considered taboo a month ago in stuffy Capricorn are suddenly being given a fair hearing in Aquarius. So let's play with the idea. Do extraterrestrials visit our earth? What is the evidence and why would they be coming here? Can their plans be known and should we attempt to align with them? How?

After deciding to look a bit more into this a friend informed me there was going to be a talk on UFOs at our local art museum this last week. Such a coincidence made me think I was "meant" to be there. Plus I thought it would be good for me to go just to support whoever was giving the lecture. I live in a small town and we don't get much of this sort of thing. I remember going to something similar a couple of years back and the turnout was pitiful. I was delightfully surprised to find the auditorium was packed this time! Obviously the times they are a changing and the subject of spaceships and aliens is no longer of interest just to a few crack pots and psychics. ;-)

I was disappointed, however, when the lecturer went on and on about how government has tried to suppress the proof of UFOs. He argued that the governments of the world know the aliens exist but they are concealing the evidence for fear the general populace will go into a mass panic if The Truth came out. He claimed Big Brother has forbidden - on threat of death! - those who have reported sightings from talking about what they saw and thus they don't speak up and we don't find out what is really going on. I think this idea is is absurd! Sure maybe people freaked out when Orson Welles did that radio show years ago about aliens landing in New York but who really believes there would be such a reaction today? As a psychic I don't sense that happening and apparently not many others are still buying it either. So the next idea is that the evidence of the space visitors had to be destroyed because the the UFOs are so advanced. If they have mastered all the issues around health, energy, time-travel, etc. etc., no doubt the 1% that rules our world is afraid they would lose their power if the general public knew what the aliens could teach us, so again their existence must be concealed. This idea seems pretty silly too. I mean, even if we did learn their are space beings with superior tools and intelligence so what? We don't know how they do it so we're not going to stop using what we have. Bottom line: I don't think there's been a lack of belief in aliens because of a world wide conspiracy to conceal their presence - I think people for the most part haven't been interested because there hasn't been credible evidence. Until now - and here's where the speaker started to get interesting...

Since the advent of cellphone cameras, the reportings of UFOs have exploded all over the Internet. The speaker showed us pictures many of which are available on youtube.  Google UFOs on youtube and see for yourself. Amazing pictures taken by ordinary folks who just happened to have their cellphone cameras with them when some foreign object was passing by. Or shooting by. The flying saucers seem to be able to travel at incredible speeds. There are videos of apparently mile wide space ships hovering over cities and then shooting off into the black night as fast as lightening.
These videos are amazing!

And then there are the crop circles. Remember those? We don't hear so much about them anymore since they got debunked as being a hoax so the media has stopped reporting them but they continue to appear. Crop circles are beautiful patterns made in wheat fields. The designs are often quite complex. No one knows how they are created. At one point a couple of fellows claimed they had been drinking and made the crop circles by stomping on the wheat. However their story doesn't hold up. The plants in the circles were not damaged. The wheat appears to be folded - not squashed - and on its side still alive, still good to be harvested. Furthermore the crop circles have appeared in places all over the world and often several in one night hundreds of miles apart. Obviously wo drunks couldn't produce these masterpiece, but unfortunately their story was potent enough to convince many the crop circles were a hoax. Fortunately many have not been so easily put off by this ploy to grab attention and have accepted another  theory: the circles were somehow created  by UFOs. If this is true certainly it seems at last we have real evidence UFOs exist.

The talk continued a bit longer with the speaker giving his opinion as to what might happen next. Here he stopped talking about government cover ups and suggested it is not the governments who are suppressing evidence of UFOs - because obviously these space beings can make themselves known at will - rather it must be assumed that it is the aliens themselves who are waiting for the proper time for them to appear. Many theories abound as to when this might happen. Some psychics felt they were intending to go public a year or two ago but held back when some horrid television show depicted aliens as planning to befriend us and then eat us. Yuk! Anyway, my own intuition informs me the time is very close. Perhaps by the end of 2012. But the exact time is not important. What is important is why the aliens would want to come at all. The thought is that these space people want to help us. They are aware of our very difficult situation on earth - wars and pollution - and they are coming here to show us how to access the same power they possess, mainly how to manifest our thoughts instantly! But do you see the problem? If our current typical thought patterns were to manifest on earth now we'd be in big trouble. We'd be destroyed by manifestations of our own greed and fear! Thus in order for the UFOs to empower us safely we Earthlings need to be in a calm peaceful state so we don't hurt ourselves. And so the gifts of heaven wait...

Well. I don't know. It was a good lecture and I'm now interested in reading more about visitors from outer space. I just hope I don't become caught up in conspiracy theories. Be that as it may, the one clear and solid idea I did come away with is that we really don't know how the crop circles were created. I thought they had been proven to be a hoax but that's not true. They continue to be a beautiful unsolved mystery.

If any of you have a UFO story I would love to hear about it!

Meanwhile keep calm!

Rosada, EXT 2340