Sunday, November 27, 2016

New Moon Squaring Neptune - Scandal Not Just a T.V. Show Anymore

The New Moon in Sagittarius coming up here on Tuesday, November 29, will be squaring the lies and deception planet and bringing out the worst of Neptune's energies through out the month. We can expect to hear a lot about the election and possibilities of voter fraud in the weeks ahead. Protect yourself by not indulging in gossip. Also as you may be doing Christmas shopping be extra careful to not be be schmooozed into spending more than you should. allow plenty of time to get where you need to go - Neptune can lead to missed directions and getting lost.

If you intend to send out Christmas cards, drop them in the mailbox next weekend (Saturday December 3 - 4) when the Moon will sextile the Sun and trine Jupiter. They will then be sure to be appreciated - but since we'll still be dealing with that confusing Neptune aspect check that you've got the addresses right and the correct amount of postage!

Holidays can be a stressful time for families as we're often thrown together with people we really don't like very much. One way this difficult Neptune aspect can help us is to remind us of the power of music (ruled by Neptune) to sooth rough edges and bring people together. Also having a group activity like a jigsaw puzzle can gather all the relatives around the table in a not-too-competitive way. Still if you are feeling anxious about the upcoming inevitable reunions it can be useful to consider where this anxiety is coming from:

If you don't get along with others, it is because on some level you are afraid of them. You somehow believe they can rob you of your own identity. Remind yourself that even if your relatives don't share your views you don't have to explain yourself or try to convert them. Better to fill your mouth with cranberry sauce than with unkind words!

The truth is that if you are having trouble getting along with others you haven't yet learned to get along with yourself. We are all too hard on ourselves and thus we assume others see the worst in us too. A good exercise is to take out a slip of paper and write down ten things you like about yourself. If you can't do this in less than five minutes you have to admit you are your own worst problem! Once you finally get your ten best attributes on paper start thinking about the people in your circle. Come up with ten positives for each of them too. This may really be a struggle but I promise you it will be worth it. Review this list frequently and by the time you actually have to see them you will be amazed at how much more pleasant the visit turns out to be.

Make the list, even if you have to make up a bunch of phony stuff to get to ten. After all, a little fantasy could be using Neptune's trickery in a good way ;-)

Checking it twice,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sharing The Secret - Now More Than Ever

If you are interested enough in astrology and the world of psychics to be reading this blog I am sure you have seen The Secret, but again if you are like me you probably haven't looked at it for awhile. I had an opportunity to watch it again this morning. Wowza. Really good stuff there and so valuable in these restless times. To anchor the ideas in my own mind I thought I'd review. So in no particular order here are some of the lessons from The Secret:

The Universe is made up of energy waves. The thoughts we think create a specific energy wave and this vibration connects us with the matching energy of the Universe and the world we are thinking about manifests in our outer lives. Thoughts become things. This is known as The Law of Attraction, the universal law meaning that what we focus our attention on manifests in our lives.

How and when these ideas will manifest is determined by the intensity, the emotional feeling tone, accompanying our thought. This explains why some thoughts briefly considered and then discarded never coalesce into a physical experience - we just weren't inspired enough to bring the dream to life. This also explains why somethings we know we passionately don't want DO appear. This is because The Law of Attraction is not about what we do or don't want, it's about manifesting our inner feeling and therefore it is very important that we do not think too much about people or situations we don't like.

Now some might say to ignore what you don't like is irresponsible, that we should acknowledge injustice for example and work to correct it. This is a misunderstanding of the law. It's not that we should be uninformed or tolerate decay but there is a fine line between being informed and obsessing. Have you ever played Scrabble and seen a space where you could play a word only it's the other fellow's turn and so you are hoping he wont grab your opportunity? Do you think to yourself, "Oh please don't see that triple word score spot"? Maybe, but more likely you intuitively will yourself not to think about it. You know it's there but you intuitively know that if you think about it your opponent will some how "pick up on your thoughts" so you try to make your mind go blank. This is you using the Law of Attraction.
Likewise, we can know an injustice exists but if we become inappropriately emotional about it - especially if we stop thinking and just start yelling - we are adding fuel to the fire and actually increasing the chances the problem will continue. 

The key lesson here than is to only focus on what you do want - what makes you happy - and not to think at all about what you don't want in your life.
Where attention goes - energy flows.

How does this effect us in our political life today? I think it explains the upset in the recent election. While Trump was widely ridiculed and even hated, the attention people gave him encouraged newspapers to write more and more stories about him, he ended up getting an estimated 2 billion dollars in free advertising and ultimately he's became president elect - even though he got 2 million less votes than Hillary! And speaking of Hillary, her problem, if we apply the rules of the LOA (Law of Attraction) was that she was not able to engender a groundswell of loving support - if she had then she would have won because love dissolves hate. Instead many of her supporters were voting for her only because they disliked her less than they hated Trump. Who knows, maybe she could have won if only she could have gotten people to hate her more! (Just kidding! Love you, Hillary!)

Another important message from The Secret is the power of having An Attitude of Gratitude.
Gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation is the highest vibration we can attuned to. By counting our blessings and seeking to find something to be grateful for in every situation we are strengthening our ability to maintain connection with our greatest good even when it appears things are falling apart. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we cannot imagine what we could possibly be grateful for. If you find yourself in such a space ask for guidance. Ask, "Why am I so blessed to be in this experience?" The thought alone will raise your vibration and you will start to see things from a new perspective.

Just realized how fitting it is to be writing about these ideas with our very special holiday coming up this week, the day we actually celebrate thankfulness!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Supermoon Sunday

There are a couple of significant happenings to be aware of this week: one is about completions and the other is about waking up and new beginnings.

Tonight, Sunday, November 13 we'll be having a full moon. The Full Moon is the time when the moon has reached it's peak and now starts to wane. It symbolizes completions. This month it will be what's known as a Supermoon. This happens when we have a full Moon that is at it's point of closest approach to the Earth. It appears bigger and brighter than the average Full Moon. and thus the completions it symbolizes seem even more intense.

The Moon rules the feelings so every Full Moon signifies a time of passions reaching a peak intensity too. Hospitals and jails get an unusual number of new clients as people seem to lose control of their impulses and the emotions take over.

As this Supermoon is in Taurus confronting the already passionate Sun in Scorpio it is no surprise the demonstrations of outrage over the election results are not decreasing but increasing. After the Full Moon our calmer angels may again prevail but we will never return to the oblivious slumber so many of us enjoyed in the years before Trump because....

Neptune, the planet ruling sleep and dreams is turning direct Saturday November 19. Neptune has been retrograde since last June, creating confusion and mixed signals on an inner level which I believe was responsible for so many pollsters and astrologers - myself included - misunderstanding their intuitive guidance and wrongly predicting a win for Hillary. Neptune blurred the meaning of winning the popular vote with winning the electoral college vote. Many of us felt intuitively Hillary was the more popular candidate and assumed this meant a win but the fuzzy logic of Neptune allowed the electoral collage to give the presidency to Trump. Now Neptune is turning direct on Saturday, November 19 meaning a wake up from its five month Pisces nap. This will help us stop denying the obvious and direct us to recognize how we have been manipulated and how we must now behave in order to make our dreams of peace and universal brotherhood come true.

The good news is that Neptune rules music - the most powerful unifier there is. Songs like We Shall Overcome led to the success of the Civil Rights Movement and songs of peace can unite our country once again.

Sing with your family this week. with your friends and neighbors, and by yourself.
Music heals.

Sing your heart out, that love may come back in,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, November 7, 2016

Presidential Election Astrology

Who will it be? Months back I was certain a third party candidate was going to rise up and defeat both the Republican and the Democratic nominees. This was because late on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8, Mars will leave conservative Capricorn and  enter Aquarius. This sign switch suggested to me that not only would the current party in power - the Democrats - NOT retain control but also because Mars in Aquarius, the sign of the outsider and the unexpected, indicates a strong possibility of someone not affiliated with either party taking office. Now, however, with Bernie Sanders having dropped out of the race and Jill Stein not gaining significant support I am reviewing my original assumptions.

On the Donald Trump side it could be that although he is the candidate of the Republican party, because he has claimed to be an "outsider" unbeholden to Washington lobbyists his candidacy could fit with the Mars-Aquarius omen. Even though his chart for Tuesday and the next few months is challenged and difficult this doesn't necessarily indicate a loss. Indeed, the job of being president of the United States has proven to be incredibly stressful causing some of us astrologers to joke that the job is so terrible that the candidate with the most unfortunate chart should win!

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton could fulfill the outsider prophecy simply because she is female.

Further astrological clues as to who will become our next president are found in the position of the Moon and the planets Venus and Mercury.

The Moon is full at the end of the week, November 13 - 14. It will be a "supermoon" meaning it will appear to be huge and powerful as it will be the closest it has been to the earth in 60 years. This suggests female energy being strong - and thus I see it as another indication of a Clinton presidency.

On Friday, November 11, Venus leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. The wild stories, lies and accusations Trump is famous for will have been reigned in and there should be a shift to more dry, practical thinking. Again, a vote for Hillary.

Finally on Saturday Mercury who has been in Scorpio digging up all sorts of hidden muck about both candidates, will be entering Sagittarius ready to communicate worldwide cheerful and optimistic good news. As up until now we have heard that other countries look at The Donald with great uneasiness, this indication that there is going to be a feeling of international approval coming on is still more support for predicting a Hillary win.

So I am changing my prediction from "Outsider" to "Hilary Clinton."

We shall see,

Rosada, EXT 2340