Sunday, March 26, 2017

New Moon in Aries, Mercury Trine Saturn: This Week We've Got to Get Organized!

The week starts off with a New Moon in Aries on Monday March 27th.
Like last week's first day of spring, this Sun/Moon combo fills us with a boost of enthusiasm and makes us aware the times are a'changing. Leaders become followers and followers become leaders. Start this cycle with an intention to get out and about. See new people, mix it up a bit. Listen more and talk less, let go of old prejudice, be open to opportunities. No need to choose or confuse. Just be a wide-eyed innocent and take it all in.
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Tuesday March 28:
The Moon bumps into disruptive Uranus, the planet ruling friends but also strangers, alerting us that today we need to be careful of the company we keep. If you made a point of listening  yesterday it shouldn't be difficult now to recognize who are the strong people of good character and to let go of relationships with people whose habits are not bringing out the best in you. Everything tends to get tossed up in the air with these Uranus aspects but after breaking out of the old patterns there's an opportunity coming up (tomorrow!) to regroup in a more harmonious way.

Wednesday March 29:
Mercury trines Saturn: Easy to get organized. When you've eliminate the clutter and stop associating with people who are unsatisfactory or leading you astray you automatically make room for meeting the right kind of people who can help you achieve your goals. Create a routine that's easy to follow.

Thursday March 30:
Moon trine Pluto: This powerful connection awakens a similar Can-Do vibration in you. With the weak willed cling-ons now out of the way you can move mountains with your well chosen associates. In the words of Mother Teresa, "What I can do, you cannot do and what you can do, I cannot do, but together we can make something beautiful for God."

Friday March 31:
Mercury leaves Aries, enters Taurus:
When the planet ruling the mind changes signs we tend to feel mildly disoriented. It's as if we are suddenly adrift in uncertain and changing times. Keep calm and carry on. Mercury in Aries urged us to make the best choices by setting our sights on what is beautiful, good and truly worthy of our devotion. Now as Mercury progresses through Taurus, the sign ruling the physical world, we will start to see these intentions manifesting - but it can be a bit of a test of faith as we first have to release the old to make room for the new. So have no doubts. Stay on your path with confidence and decisiveness and you will succeed!

Saturday April 1:
Moon trine Jupiter:
Jupiter rules vast experience and it's accumulated wisdom while the Moon represents the general public. Together these two bring you opportunities to share what you have and what you've learned. You may find the day filled with interruptions - Tuesday's Uranus disruptive aspect is still resonating! - but if you unselfishly live up to your obligations to help and guide others you will be rewarded with goodwill, lasting friendships, and a sense of fulfillment. 

Bottom line:
With Pluto involved, it's a powerful line up of planets for transformation and healing this week. Seek to align with the flow by choosing a worthwhile focus and then surround yourself with positive people who are dedicated to moving in a similar direction.

To more fully understand how you can best harness these energies for your own purposes call me for a personal reading.:

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sun into Aries - Seize The Day!

Monday, March 20 : The first day of spring is finally here. With four of the planets we look at plus the Sun all in Aries this week, it's time for new adventures and taking risks. If you've been feeling bogged down by the constant yammer of the talk shows demanding that we all be outraged and hysterical, you may find yourself feeling it's all gotten to be a total bore and you're no longer hypnotized into watching all the negative forecasters telling us what to think. Sun in Aries empowers your own ideas, your own perspective, and rather than waiting for the government to get their act together, you may find yourself enthused to do your own thing and also inspired to come up with solutions for problems in your community. Think outside the box! Go for the gusto!

On the flip side, this year's Sun in Aries may signal some hard times for relationships. Venus is also in Aries inclining us to love our own point of view to the point of rejecting any others. Remember the story of the three blind men and the elephant. They all touched the beast but each came away with a different opinion. "An elephant is flat and wide like a wall," said the one who came up to the animal's side. "No way, an elephant is like a limp broom," argued the one who touched the tail. "You've got it all wrong," said the third as he stroked the tusk, "An elephant is hard like a sword!" Likewise, with Venus in Aries we are prone to only be seeing things from our own perspectives unless we remind ourselves to consider the opinions of others.

Further significant aspects to be aware of this week:

The Moon will be crossing Pluto late Tuesday night, March 21. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth so every month when the Moon makes this Pluto connection we tend to become aware of the passing of some significant milestone. A chapter ends, a new one begins. You may do something major like deciding to quit your job or moving your residence or it may be fairly minor like finally getting around to cleaning out the refridge. The big change may not actually happen on this day, but this is when you become aware that a shift has happened.Take advantage of the cycle by intentionally releasing old stuff now and recognize where new opportunities are forming.

A bit of caution is advised as we get into the middle of the week. Mercury in Aries will be squaring Pluto on Thursday March 23 and this could signify someone shooting their mouth off and creating new problems. Use the aspect to your advantage by focusing your mind (Mercury) on something that deserves serious (Pluto) attention.

Friday night March 24 the Sun will join Venus and although these planets will still be in "Me first!" Aries, still together they could create some sort of happy dance. With Venus retrograde folks may have a hard time expressing their good will or feeling the good vibrations, but keep the faith, this placement brings up the past and with the Moon in Pisces some old friends could stop by.

All together we're coming up to a time of challenge where old solutions don't solve new problems but bold inspiration saves the day!

Have a good one,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, March 13, 2017

Mercury in Aries: Get to The Point!

Mercury, the planet ruling communication, leaves shape-shifting Pisces this week and moves into Aries, the sign demanding we say what we mean. On the political front we will probably see the media cracking down on Donald Trump's "alternative facts" and in our personal lives we may find we're done with wishful thinking and eager to make solid plans to put ideas into action. Mars, however, continues in Taurus so do not rush.

We are also coming up against a Sun square Saturn on Friday March 17 meaning our current activities may have been characterized with many difficulties which, unfortunately, are not yet over. Still Mercury in Aries awakens our vision to new developments and new opportunities. Together these planets are telling us that providing we don't ignore Saturn's requirements that people behave and play by the rules, we can find ourselves recognizing we're actually in a very good position to move forward without mistakes. Just remember Saturn says give matters serious thought before making those first moves and remember ANY PROBLEM CAN BE SOLVED! Whether the issue that confronts us concerns our health, money or relationships with others, there is a solution. This life we are living is a soap opera we've created and when we may think we've gotten ourselves trapped in an impossible maze we need only acknowledge that we have the ability to write a surprise ending and Lo! within days or even hours we will see new plot lines opening up.

Opportunities for new plot twists will be particularly abundant from now until the end of March. Four of the ten planets we look at are all going to be in Aries. (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus) which means don't look for partners to initiate activities. This line up rewards you for taking the initiative. 

Don't be an extra in somebody else's movie! 

Don't wait for an invitation to get the party started!

Be bold, confident and inspired!

Have a super St. Patrick's Day.

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mars in Taurus: Roadblocks and Delays

This week Mars leaves it's happy spot, Aries, where he's been free to run like blazes, and now goes into slow motion in Taurus, the slowest sign of the whole zodiac. You may feel frustrated and even angry as roadblocks and delays spring up every way you turn. Perhaps it would help to know that Mars' job in Taurus is to slow everything down so we can think through various projects we've set in motion recently. We're SUPPOSED to stop and reconsider. So don't be wondering if you banged your head against the brick walls just a little bit harder maybe some secret door would open so you could slip around these current obstacles. There are no secret doors and there are no shortcuts. Whatever you are attempting to achieve, the best attitude at this time is to simply recognize you can't push the river. You must be prepared to take a few steps back. Continue with your life as usual, and get prepared to confront these problems when the appropriate time comes.

Perhaps it would be helpful to understand the path Mars takes, and what you can expect to see, as it travels through Taurus:
1) When Mars is in Aries our energy seems to be more abundant, we shake off colds, chores are easily handled and we feel there's nothing we can't have if we simply go after it. Eventually this attitude leads us into situations where lo and behold, it turns out we don't know all the answers after all. Very frustrating, but don't panic. Hit the pause button and see what can be done.

2) Take small actions that are reasonable and appropriate. Mars in Aries wants things NOW but in Taurus Mars gets in situations that require patience and waiting. A friend found her dream house when Mars was in Aries and wanted to sign on the dotted line that very day. Papers had to be drawn up of course and inspections and all the things that go with such a major purchase. By the time these things were in place Mars had moved into Taurus making the wait seem all the more unbearable, but she took the reasonable appropriate actions and the purchase did move ahead.

3) Do not take action that is risky. Restrain yourself and restore your composure. Mars in Taurus says, "Wait calmly." I mention this because sometimes when Mars is in Taurus we think we can do something to speed things up. We can't. I had another friend who was hoping to reunite with a boyfriend. Although he had promised to call her when he was no longer angry she couldn't bare the separation and took a chance and called him. Big mistake. He told her she was stalking him and that was the end! Mars in Taurus can be very stubborn.

4) When we face obstacles it is often a clue that we should be reaching out and teaming up with others. What is an obstacle to you may not be any problem at all for someone else. Aries works alone, but Mars in Taurus encourages you to pool your talents and resources. With friends you can often get the job done.

5) Of course, do not let the difficulties stop you from pursuing your goal! Mars in Taurus is slow but steadfast!
6) Finally, stay involved. Even though it may seem there isn't a lot you can do about the roadblocks right now, don't just let someone else handle the situation or you will need help again when a similar problem inevitably reappears.

And of course the good news is that in six weeks Mars will be moving on into Gemini where he'll have us buzzing all over the place. So for now, just chill and take things one day at a time. It really can be rather pleasant.

Pace yourself,

Rosada, EXT 2340