Tuesday, August 23, 2011

3. The Empress - Something Good on The Horizon

The most effective way to memorize the meanings of the tarot cards is to study them in order as we're doing here and to link together a story from one card to the next. So far we have The Fool, about to step off a cliff, then The Magician saying, "Focus on where you are right now," and next the High Priestess meaning, "Wait patiently." To connect these three you could say, "One day a Fool went out for a stroll. He wasn't particularly paying attention to anything when suddenly something caught his eye. There was a Man (Magician) waving his arms. 'Pay attention!' the man cried. The Fool stopped and waited, as quiet as a High Priestess. And then..."

And then we come to The Empress card. The Empress is one of the most positive cards in the deck. She is a beautiful woman, obviously pregnant, sitting contentedly in her beautiful garden. The feeling is that we are surrounded with opportunity and that something wonderful is about to happen. She tells us the world is supportive of our hopes and wishes. In our story we could say that when the Fool paused and started to pay attention to his surroundings he became aware of possibilities he's never noticed before.

In a reading The Empress promises you your period of waiting is about to bare fruit. Of course this could be a warning to be careful what you focus on, because primarily the meaning of this card is simply that any idea given enough time and attention will manifest in physical reality even the negative ones. (Speak of the devil and he appears!) However, in general you can assume The Empress, who's planetary association is Venus, is an omen of Good Fortune and Abundance. 

I hope you will refer back often to this card this week because The Empress teaches that what we focus on manifests and as you allow her to share your world these next seven days you absolutely should get clear evidence this is true.

To help yourself really get in tune with her energy look at what The Empress is doing and see if you can do something similar. Dress lavishly and invite some friends over. Prepare to serve them fresh fruit. Maybe share some small gifts. Small is a key thought here by the way: The Empress creates not by taking on the whole world, but by APPRECIATING each individual moment. 

And I very much appreciate you reading this blog!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, August 18, 2011

2. The High Priestess - Let It Be

This week we are looking at The High Priestess, the beautiful lady representing The Unconscious. She sits before a curtain concealing a river, the stream of consciousness. Some artists have depicted her as Pandora, the queen of the underworld. She also resembles the Virgin Mary. I have a deck that compares her to the Mona Lisa because her smile seems to know everything but reveals nothing.

To understand her better, let's begin by reviewing the cards we've covered so far.

We began our tarot study with The Fool, the card associated with the planet Uranus that represents free will and spontaneous action. Timing wise The Fool indicates disruption, sudden unexpected surprises, untimed events, 

The Magician means just the opposite. He is the Mercury card depicting a man raising one hand to heaven and the other pointing to earth. Nothing impulsive here, he speaks with clear intention and consciousness guides his will. As a timing indicator The Magician represents being focused in the moment, The Now.

The High Priestess next is the opposite of The Magician card. He is Consciousness. She is the Unconscious.

She does not communicate directly. The High Priestess' planet is The Moon and like the moon, she is silent, her meaning is unfathomable.

If The Magician means Now, The High Priestess means the opposite: Not Now, and thus wait, be patient.

I often feel uncomfortable when The High Priestess comes up in a reading because her appearance indicates there are factors not yet apparent that will have an important bearing on the outcome of a situation. Her presence suggests we should pause, let things develop further. The High Priestess means it's not yet time to take action.

This week as we watch for evidence of The High Priestess in our lives, be aware of times when you can simply Let It Be. Whether you are using her wisdom to keep you calm while awaiting important decisions or just letting her peace keep you patient while standing in a line, when you connect with The High Priestess know that you are safe and everything will work out fine.

I apologize for being a bit behind schedule posting this week's blog. Every time I asked my inner High Priestess if she'd tell me what to write she put me off with her stock answer, "Soon..but Not Now."

Best wishes,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1. The Magician - As Above So Below

Amazing week we just survived friends. Lots of unexpected things happened in my life, as is fitting for the week we studied The Fool, the card representing sudden change. On the national scene it was reassuring we did not "go over the edge" as The Fool appeared about to do, and after many days of brinkmanship congress reached an agreement and the country did not default on it's loans. This non-event has inspired me to more fully appreciate that in a reading although The Fool looks like he is about to fail, somehow he will land on his feet. I think of the expression, "Everything works out okay in the end - if it's not okay, it's not the end!"
This week we will study The Magician. Each card tends to mean something completely opposite from the card before. Thus, while The Fool beats all the odds and gets by on luck, The Magician represents our ability to consciously create our circumstances. When you look at his picture you notice that while The Fool had no idea where he was looking or which direction his feet were heading, The Magician is very deliberately pointing one hand to heaven and the other hand to earth. The message is "As above - so below," meaning that what we focus our thoughts on in our mind, we will see manifesting in the world around us - a totally different approach from that of the "Oh, whatever..." Fool!
The Magician is associated with the planet Mercury, ruler of ideas and thinking. He is considered to be the most powerful card in the whole deck, second only to The Fool (second because nothing beats Dumb Luck! )  meaning that when the Magician shows up in a reading the issue under consideration will be determined by the person's ability to visualize what they would like to see.
On the national scene we have an example of The Magician in the recent down grading of our triple A credit rating. The credit rating is only words, but the idea rocked the stock market.
To better experience how Magician energy works, make a point this week of keeping track of your intentions. Make a list before you go to the store. You may be very pleasantly surprised when you get there to find everything in your size and in your price range! Then develop your manifesting skills even further and buy something for a friend. Visualize how happy the friend will be to receive your gift. You will probably find It's easier to imagine making someone else happy than it is to know what we want for ourselves so this is a fun and simple assignment. Now notice what happens when you actually give your friend the gift- I bet you'll find they are even more pleased than you imagined. Visualizing events before they happen seems to bring in more perfection than you could have even thought to ask for. In fact your friend may tell you, "This is just what I've been wanting! How did you know? Where did you find it?" As a true Magician never reveals his secrets, just say you had an idea and created it out of thin air - which is exactly what you did!
Mercury, The Magician's planet is retrograde this month. Mixed messages, confused records and just poor communication in general are expected when Mercury is looking backwards. I wonder if our studying The Magician this week will help mitigate some of this negativity? Bring him out and put him some place where you'll see him often. Let me know if you find thinking about The Magician helps you focus. At the very least he should make you more aware of your words and how powerful they are.
Rosada, EXT 2340

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

0. Fool's Rush In

Today we begin our online Tarot Workshop. If you have not yet purchased a tarot deck there are hundreds to choose from. With my Capricorn rising I go for the more traditionally drawn cards so I recommend the Waite-Rider version. It is a beautifully drawn deck and widely available. Of course you should pick a deck with pictures you enjoy and feel comfortable with. (I make a point of mentioning this because someone once gave me a very fancy deck where all the characters were nude. The friend was disappointed I didn't care to read using this deck but, geeze, I couldn't keep a straight face in front of clients while flipping over all these pictures of naked ladies!) You should also secure a nice scarf to wrap your cards in. It's very important to treat your cards as you would a valued friend. As you take the cards seriously you'll find you are programing your unconscious to take them seriously too, thus increasing your ability to receive more profound insights from them. I would particularly avoid letting anyone who does not share your respect for tarot handle your cards.
There are 78 cards in the tarot which are divided into two decks. The first deck is known as The Major Arcana. It is made up of 22 cards representing the ten planets and the twelve signs of the zodiac. The second deck, known as The Minor Arcana, is made up of 56 cards and is the basis for the standard deck of playing cards we are all familiar with today.
We will begin our study with The Fool, the first card of The Major Arcana. Pause now and pull it out of your deck. (I know you will be tempted to skip this step and just read the column but if you're going to get the most out of this study you need to have your own card from your own deck in front of you!) Key elements to notice in the picture are the fact The Fool is looking off into the clouds and not watching where he is going or listening to his dog who barks to warn him he is about to step over the edge of the cliff. The impression is that something is about to happen, something that we didn't see coming and that no one could have prepared us for. However, the card is considered to be very positive. Some decks have the Fool stepping off the cliff onto a rainbow bridge indicating that while we may not know where we are going, the future will materialize as we move forward to meet it. The message of The Fool is "Follow your bliss!"
 The Fool is associated with the planet Uranus, the planet known for unexpected flashes of insight, sudden events that can change your life forever.
 The Fool card is numbered zero meaning the Fool is not connected to the worldly order of things, has no preconceived agenda and thus has a purity, an innocence, he represents "Beginner's Luck."
 If you've ever played a card game that used the joker you are already familiar with the meaning of this card, the only one of the major arcana included with the standard playing deck. The Fool or Joker is known as the "Wild Card" and in a game to draw this card is considered lucky. Likewise, in a reading it signifies some unexpected or fortunate event, some unanticipated twist of fate that works out in your favor.
What if the Fool comes up reversed?  Reversed cards don't necessarily mean the exact opposite of their upright meaning. If the Fool right side up means "Good Luck," reversed he does not automatically mean "Bad Luck." Rather the Fool upside down means beware of foolish optimism. The Fool signifies a leap of faith but reversed the magic doesn't happen. When reversed The Fool warns it's better to not be too trusting, to not take the plunge, to not "be a fool".  
Now for our study assignment. Each week we are going to focus on one card with the idea that what we put our attention on inwardly manifests in our world outwardly. This week we will be focusing on The Fool. Watch for - and keep a record - of coincidences, good luck and the unexpected.  Little things count, like finding a parking place in the shade or a piece of chocolate in the cupboard. The point is, notice good things happening - especially where there might have been a crisis but there wasn't. Like the Fool who looks as if he is about to fall but at the last minute gets distracted and looks at a butterfly instead, you may find after studying The Fool you too see where the angels caused you to pause or take a different route and saved you from catastrophe.
To put yourself in tune with The Fool experience this week, do what The Fool is doing on your tarot card. Dress up, put on a colorful shirt and pack a sack lunch.Take a chance, take a walk and take time to smell the roses! You'll discover we are living in a world of miracles.
Please post your experiences here or call me and I will post them for you.
We're off to a great start!

Rosada, EXT 2340