Wednesday, June 29, 2011

While The Cat's Away The Mice Go Crazy.

If you've been reading my blog you know I'm not one for making negative predictions. I believe in the maxims "Where attention goes, energy flows" and, "Thoughts become things so pick the good ones." However the upcoming new moon eclipse in Cancer July 1st is so fraught with potential difficulties I've decided to break my own rule. This week we need to stop with the making happy talk and focus on what's real. There's not a moment to lose!

This upcoming new moon will take place in the sign Cancer which rules families and particularly mothers and babies. Ordinarily we can count on this time of year to offer opportunities for strengthening family ties. School is out and the long lazy days of summer lie ahead - or do they? That may not be the case this time. The eclipse taking place Friday symbolizes the steadying hand of the parent being absent or inconsequential and the emotions, symbolized by the moon, running wild. Personally I'm now trying to make my mantra "Keep calm" -  but I keep thinking of the ditty, "When in trouble or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!" 

In layman's terms the sun being eclipsed by the moon in Cancer means whomever we have looked to as the outside authority in our lives, the parent, the one we could always turn to for guidance and approval or the one we could always blame, is being eclipsed and may no longer be willing or able to play that authority role. This could manifest literally with a parent saying, "Your a grown up now, don't expect me to keep bailing you out!" Or an adult child saying, "Stop trying to manage my life!" Or - as is the case with so many of the Baby Boomers - with our parents having health issues making it so not only are they unable to be there for us as parents, but we are now having to take on the role of looking after them. These unasked for changes may trigger some fear and insecurity on both sides so the pouting and shouting potential this month is at an all time high.

 With our parents "eclipsed" and thus we no longer having an outside authority to cry to, the first challenge we're likely to be faced with is what to do with all the ungrounded emotions coming to the surface. Problems we should have taken responsibility for in the past come back to haunt us and feelings we used to repress now refuse to be silenced. It's easy to imagine some pretty bitter arguments manifesting at this time and with Uranus continuing to square Pluto they could grow into a family feud of epic proportions. If you wish to avoid quarrels no one can win, the moment misunderstandings appear don't fan the fires! Set about restoring trust!

 Now the good news. Jupiter, the planet of wisdom is trining Pluto, the planet of transformation. Once we have mastered the Cancerian impulse to indulge in drama, the way forward should emerge pretty quickly. In other words, when we stop the childish way of placing blame and accept the wise parent role of simply doing what needs to be done we should find our way out of difficulties with a minimum of pain and hardship.

 But if it ain't all that easy please know you can write to me here or give me a call! 
It's good to have friends!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Planets This Week

Thank heavens the planets move! Mars finally got out of it's stuck zone in Taurus and is buzzing alive in Gemini. Have you noticed the shift? Connections are finally coming together and it looks like progress is being made. Still a few slip ups to look out for - Mars in Gemini can perform like the knight in Alice in Wonderland who wanted to jump on his horse and speed off in all directions at once. To make the most of this burst of energy, break projects into small steps and don't burn out trying to plan things too far into the future.. You will probably find that you are being confronted with new choices (Gemini) and need to make fresh decisions (Mars) each step of the way this week.
I like to look at the planets in order of their degree. That is, rather than looking at the sun, then the moon, then Mercury etc., I look at which planet is at the earliest degree of the sign it is in. This tellsmes what sort of energy we will be connecting with first in the day. Mars is now at 0 degrees Gemini, so I bet a lot of us are finding ourselves starting our day doing Gemini things such as planning and making lists. Neptune is at 0 degrees Pisces so next we look at Neptune, the planet ruling patience and surrender which has entered Pisces but turned retrograde meaning it appears to be moving backwards. (It's not really, it just looks that way from the earth.) Neptune retrograde in Pisces signifies a time when change is happening so quickly we find ourselves needing to rely on our ability to just surrender to the moment and go with the flow. Mystical Neptune paired now with mental Gemini Mars makes for a tricky combination. We quickly find all our plans and lists need revision. To avoid angry outbursts I think this quote from Marilyn Monroe gives the best advice for when if feels like there is just too much going on: "Did you ever notice How 'What the hell?' is always the right answer?"!
Jupiter began its year long sojourn in Taurus this month. Those of you born in the first degrees of Taurus (April 22 -26) should be experiencing a time of expanding your sense of what's possible and finding yourselves able to draw good fortune to you. The rest of us can benefit from this planet of wisdom in the earthly sign too, we just have to do it a bit more consciously. Jupiter in Taurus says think about what you are wanting, inwardly scan who or what you know could help you, and then follow the lead that comes to you.
Uranus encourages teamwork but in Aries this week it cautions team members need their individual responsibilities. Give yourself and everyone else space to do their thing. Love relationships particularly can experience stress if one partner is insisting that if you really love them you'll do things their way.
Which brings us to Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus in Aries is making a harsh connection to Pluto and this push-coming-to-shove line up is going to be with us for several months yet. We're seeing it play out particularly in the world of international finance with various countries on the brink of bankruptcy. Because Pluto brings power plays and restructuring I am expecting that at the very last minute we'll be seeing currency being re valuated to save the world from ruin. For us individuals I suspect we are going to need to keep an eye on congress to protect the Social Security program. In our daily lives the advice is to as much as possible avoid power struggles. You my find yourself feeling really resentful of anyone who tries to control you. Consider the lesson here maybe it's time to learn self control.
Happily, Saturn has turned direct in Libra. The shenanigans created by the Uranus-Pluto stand off will be dealt with by the ruler of cosmic justice and fair play. This means if for a moment there you were thinking you might be able to pull a fast one, please be warned pay back's a bummer. Play it straight these days and if something of yours is taken you could find it's soon replaced - perhaps with something even better.
Mercury in Cancer means family matters are on the forefront this week. Indeed you may find yourself more psychically intune with your relatives at this time so act on any intuitions to call or send a friendly email.
The planet of last degree for the next six days will be Venus in Gemini. This is a very positive omen for there always being a way for things to end on  a fair and friendly note.
In brief:
Mars in Gemini - Lots to think about. Make lists.
Neptune in Pisces - But things are in a state of flux, so be willing to adapt.
Jupiter in Taurus - Many options if you look.
Uranus in Aries/ Pluto in Capricorn - Don't take it all on at once or try to fight city hall.
Saturn in Libra - A solution could come that's better than any you try to force.
Mercury in Cancer - It's all about family.
Venus in Gemini - So end each day with a kind word.
Talk to you super soon,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Making Room for Miracles

Edgar Casey, the well known healer and clairvoyant, found he could put a book under his pillow when he went to sleep each night and when he awoke in the morning he knew everything in it as if he had actually read the book!. I think you and I have experienced this to some degree. Perhaps you've gotten a letter and even before opening it had a sense of what it would say. For the most part however, we mere mortals get our information the old fashion way, we read the papers and listen to the news. In this day of Internet access and 24/7 reporting, however, one could spend their whole day boning up on current events and still not know what we should do. How can we know what's important and what to ignore? I was talking to a girlfriend about this as she impressed me as being an unusually calm and orderly soul - someone who seemed to have her mind right.
"First of all, I only eat locally grown produce, " she told me. I thought she must have misunderstood my question. I explained to her that I wanted to know where she got her information, not her food. "Oh I know what you asked," she said, "and I'm telling you: Everything I need to know I get from locally grown vegetables. I figure the soil, the sunlight, the energies of where I live have all been informed with what's going on around me. I don't need to know what show is opening on Broadway or what Hollywood star is going into rehab. By eating these locally gown foods I'm getting the information I need for living right here, right now.  You may think it sounds bizarre, but my health, my timing, everything seems to be informed with much clearer guidance when I eat things I've grown or bought from the farmer's market." I didn't feel to debate her, especially because when I left she gave me some fresh carrots to munch - and on the drive home I didn't get lost, which is something I frequently do. I really had to consider that perhaps these home grown vegetables had improved my travel instincts!
Now that sort of thinking - that locally grown vegetables provide one with "information" - may strike some as fanciful or simply silly, but on the other hand, why not let the idea in, let your mind play around with it, allow room for a miracle?!  Gosh, if that idea were true, imagine what a difference it would make in our lives. We wouldn't need to study maps or read boring books, a few organically grown vegies and we'd see our life path opening up before our eyes. I'm going to try eating local fresh vegetables once a day this week and keeping a diary. I'll report back next blog what I've experienced. If anyone cares to join me in this experiment please drop me a line.
What other steps can we take to see more miracles in our lives?  I think the important, often missing link, is to acknowledge a miracle when it happens. So often we just shrug these incidents off without recognizing them. For example, we lose, something, we pray, we find it. But then what happens? Usually we just figure, "Oh, I remembered where I put it." We don't say, "Hallelujah, thank you!" Yet the highest vibration there is, next to pure Love, is Gratitude.  An Attitude of Gratitude puts you on the spiritual fast track!
Well enough sermonizing - what are the planets doing this week?
We start with Neptune strong at the first degrees it's home sign of Pisces. This vibration can create a sense of confusion at the beginning of new projects - not to worry, just show up and get involved.
Jupiter - the planet of wisdom - is the the first degrees of Taurus, the sign of gardens. No wonder I'm inspired to talk about the wisdom in the plants.
Jupiter is making a very nice sextile to Neptune, encouraging taking things one day at a time and promising contentment in the here and now.
Venus in Gemini comes next, a delightful influence for sending Dad a cheerful greeting for Father's Day, but not a good omen for sticking with onerous work assignments. Break your job down to manageable bites and reward yourself frequently.
Saturn has just turned direct in Libra, reminding us there are two sides to every story. As Saturn rules Fathers and will be making a positive connection to Venus, this could also encourage a pleasant Father's Day celebration this weekend.
Mars will be leaving Taurus on Monday and entering Gemini. Projects that have seemed stuck should finally start moving. As Mars rules fire and energy and Gemini is talk, be wary of making fiery speeches that only scatter your energy. 
Mercury is at the very last degrees of Gemini so grab this last chance to get organized. Friday this planet of communication will go into Cancer, the sign of emotions and romance. You'll be thinking with your heart and not your head then so finish up the to do list and get ready to work on your novel!
The full moon today is an eclipse and the new moon coming up is also an eclipse. This unusual planetary activity can make it difficult to make solid plans too far into the future. Stay flexible and don't try to jam too much into one day.
I give great thanks and gratitude for you reading my blog!
Talk to you next week,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Are you a REAL psychic?

Twenty years ago when I first began doing readings over the phone, it was not unusual for curious callers to start by asking me if I were "a real psychic." I always puzzled about how to answer that question. What would be a satisfying answer? Should I mention how started out as a child talking to animals? How I later studied astrology and feng shui with the finest teachers? Do people want to know about my work communicating with loved ones who had passed on? I could give examples of all these things.. And yet...I  too had this vague wondering, was I really psychic or maybe just crazy? Well this week I got my answers once and for all.
The adventure started last Tuesday when a neighbor sought me out asking if I could help by communicating with her chickens. It seems they had stopped laying and she didn't know why. The chickens by the way belonged to her four year old grand daughter, Sonia, who had named them, appropriately, Sonia I and Sonia II. The neighbor suspected the birds were passed laying age and had brought in two new chickens, Rockie and Rhonda (two Rhode Island Reds) to keep production going. She noted that the two Sonia's had seemed very stand offish and she felt they weren't being very nice or welcoming to the new girls in town. Well as I had never read for chickens before I figured it would be good if I could meet them before trying to tune in on them intuitively. So I went over to the neighbor's yard to say hello in person. When I entered the enclosed yard and hen house area my neighbor had constructed for them it was easy to see you didn't even have to be a psychic to know there was trouble in paradise. Sonia I and Sonia II were isolated by themselves in one corner and Rocki and Rhonda had teamed up opposite them. They seemed to be very intentionally ignoring each other. "Hello Ladies," I silently vibed to them. Oh my, that's all it took. They all started complaining to me immediately. I wish we had videoed the conversation because as I relaid to my friend what was being said the chickens very obviously began physically acting it out. "The new ones get all the attention and they are trying to take over" said one of the old hens fluffing her feathers and stamping her foot. "The Sonias make us sleep outside!" complained the new ones now pointing their beaks at the offending birds. And on it went. Boy, I had never understood before what was meant by a "pecking order" but I sure do now. I advised my friend to give more strokes to the Sonias and to not fuss so much over the new ones in their presence. I also recommended  creating a separate sleeping quarters for Rocki and Rhonda.
This morning I stopped by to see how the family was fairing. Rather well, it turned out. The neighbor had built a second hen house for the two Sonias because Rockie and Rhonda had successfully kicked them out of the old one. (That was a validation that there was indeed a power struggle going on - and the Sonias were not the ones who started it!) However, the hens were still not laying eggs regularly. Yet that morning Sonia 1 actually did lay an egg. My neighbor gave it to me saying it was obviously a gift from Sonia for my efforts in her behalf! I was delighted to accept it - I tell folks now I'm a real psychic and I've got the eggs to prove it! 
My next issue / illumination had to do with wondering what to tell folks when they ask about your credentials. Sure you can tell them where you studied and who your teachers were, but in this field not many people on the outside would recognize the difference between claiming you studied with Edgar Casey or just saying you were born with a gift - and I'm not sure it matters as long as the reader is able to tell you things that are true. So, even though I have all the fancy certificates, I never know whether they should be used to count for anything or not. Well last night I got the best degree ever: My daughter called saying she had helped a girl friend find her lost ring. She had shown the friend the special tip I taught my her: When you lose something, jump up and down and shout, "I found it! I found it!" You do that to put yourself on the same feeling tone you would be on if you really had indeed found the ring. Within minutes you will remember where it is. Well, my daughter shared this with her friend, the girl tried it and not only found the ring but also called my daughter back to tell her she was a REAL psychic. My kid smiled and said she had the best credentials - she learned it from Mom. ;-)
Finally, many of you have called me to connect with loved ones who have passed on. We've had some beautiful conversations and you have told me that the messages that have come through have been meaningful and healing. Still, a part of me always wonders, if I can do this for others why can't I do this for myself - a common problem for readers. Well this morning just before I fully awoke my grandmother appeared to me. She was dressed to the hilt, not at all like the comfy kitchen grammie I remembered, but I was quite young when she died. She smiled at me and just said, "Now you know." Then I fully woke up. I shared this experience with my sister, particularly describing my grandmother's sophisticated outfit including a weird fur boa she wore around her neck. My sister immediately recognized what I was describing, "That was Grandma's mink fur collar! I still have it!' She darted off to the attic and brought back these two minks complete with heads and feet -stylish back in the forties - that Grandma had kept tucked away but never wore. I'm just so pleased she put them on this once to let me know I'm a real psychic!
What I am trying to say with all this soul searching this week, Dear Reader!, is that in life we may not ever get that ultimate-now-you-know-definitely-and-for-sure-for-all-time validation that we're good at what we do or that our boyfriend loves us unconditionally, still we can get little perks along the way and follow them like stepping stones through a swamp. Saturn is trining all the planets in Gemini this month and it's purpose is to give us information in small bits, small crumbs and yes, validation that we're on the right path. So follow the lead that comes to you and please know I think you are fabulous for reading my blog - and that comes from a REAL psychic.
Call me or post questions here.
Talk to you soon,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Devil in The Details

Happy New Moon! Today the sun, the moon and the planet Mercury are all in Gemini, the sign of odds and ends, bits and pieces, questions and details. Together they signal this month is the time to sort out the clutter drawer, MAKE LISTS AND GET ORGANIZED! We'll be supported in this daunting ambition by that old devil Saturn who is right now making a very encouraging trine to the new moon so no need to be afraid of the task ahead, just jump in and start sifting the sand!

Several other planetary aspects will be lending a hand:
Neptune and Jupiter are soon to be joined in a sextile at the very first degrees of the sign they are in promising that intuition and practical knowledge are both going to give us guidance this month. YOU CAN TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS knowing you wont go too far a field without life pulling you back on track.

Venus is in Taurus for the next week but soon will be entering Gemini meaning we're going to have to USE DISCERNMENT in our choices as we may be prone to place our trust in those who lack necessary experience. Stay close to your projects. This is not the time to delegate.

Mars too is on our side at this time in Taurus where it gives us the strength to not just philosophize but to actually lift that barge and tote that bail.

All in all, this is the week to visualize yourself as the boots-on-the-ground Sargent. If you have a clear goal, a sensible game plan, you don't over extend yourself (Jupiter at the first degrees of Taurus can cause one to over do, take on too much, expect too much etc.), don't place too much faith in others but stay actively involved yourself, then you should find by the full moon you've been able to make some very tangible real world progress!

My affirmation for the week: JFDI (Just Fricken' Do It!)

 Tally Ho!


Rosada, EXT 2340