Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Dali Lama, "How to Expand Love"

Every day I get calls from people asking about their love lives. Although each person's situation is different, the main stumbling block seems to be that most of us don't have a clear understanding of what love is. Now to adequately define love probably requires the skills of a musician or a poet, but I have received some interesting visions and messages so in the hopes of being helpful I am going to tell you about them now.

When I first realized we all tend to have a rather distorted opinion as to what this extraordinary power is all about, I thought I'd start by consulting the Bible.

What is love?
1 Corinthians 13.4 - 8:
Love suffers long and is kind;
Love envies not;
Love vaunts not itself, is not puffed up.
Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeks not her own, is not easily provoked, thinks no evil, rejoices not in iniquity, but rejoices in truth.
Love bears all things, believes all things, endures all things.
Love never fails.

Whew, that covers it pretty much I guess! And yet, while this passage seems to describe the qualities of love well enough, I still didn't feel I really had a handle on what we are dealing with here. I next lit a red candle (the color to burn for love and relationship prayers) and asked that I might receive a vision of love. Immediately I felt as if I were in outer space and I saw myself surrounded by what seemed to be clouds of glittering pink fluff. As I focused more closely I saw hundreds and thousands of sharp jagged rocks scattered about among these clouds. Where the cloud cover was thin the rocks were banging into each other while where it was thick the rocks seemed to be protected, cushioned. The whole effect was that these clouds were a visual of what love is, a sort of softening space saver that holds us all together but also prevents us from knocking into each other. I was impressed with an awareness that if this is love it doesn't have to "do" anything, it just gives us space and allows each of us to do our own thing, to find our own place of peace and comfort. Also I saw that space is not empty but that it is filled with this sort of cloud or jello like substance and that we each have more or less of it surrounding us. Obviously those rocks who had more of this protective substance were able to move about without being bashed by the others while those with only a few wisps were not so fortunate. And that was it, that was my whole vision but it certainly left me with the desire to know how to create more of this substance that seems to fill the Universe and so completely protects and provides for us. Then - wouldn't you know it? - as so often happens when we sincerely seek answers, I found I had another book that addressed this very question!:

How to Expand Love, by His Holiness, the Dali Lama.
It is my sincere hope that any of you who are looking to cultivate love in your lives will seek out and read this book for yourselves but meanwhile I will give you a few highlights to work with...

The Dali Lama explains that love begins as energy - self-centered energy that we can transform into outwardly directed compassion in seven steps.

1) Starting with the premise that we have set aside our tendency to put people in categories (such as friend or enemy), the first step is to create a strongly positive attitude towards others in ever widening circles. We begin with considering a friend as a model for how to value other not so close friends and from there gradually move outward to include neutral friends and finally enemies.

2) The second step involves reflecting on kindnesses received from one's mother or from - especially from childhood when we were particularly dependent on the care and attention from others.

3) We vow to return these kindnesses to others to help in their development.

4) Now we really start learning to love. After enhancing our feelings of closeness to others in the first three steps the Dali Lama offers exercises for developing these feelings of concern which then expand finally into love. I wont go into detail about the exercises here but basically they are about being a friend to all, to stop harming, to start helping.

5) Cultivate compassion. Imagine yourself switching places with those who are suffering. Have a strong wish to see others happy. Have mercy.

6) Become fully committed to altruism, meaning without hope of reward, provide help to others.

7) Finally seek to improve yourself that you may be of even more help to others.

Again, Whew! These are tall orders and are obviously a life long study. Still, it encourages me to at least have this game plan. :-)

For more insights into how your astrological chart reveals your true talents and how you personally can expand love, give me a call!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ester and Jerry Hicks, "The Law of Attraction"

 You've most likely heard the saying, "Like attracts like," and although the idea has been alluded to by some of the greatest teachers in history, it has never been explained in as clear and practical terms as it is by Ester and Jerry Hicks. They call this phenomenon The Law of Attraction which says, "That which is like unto itself, is drawn." This means that whatever you have, you will attract more of the same things and whatever you feel, you will attract more of these same feelings. Simplistic as this may sound, being aware of this truth can have a profound effect on our lives.

You can easily prove the validity of the first idea - that whatever we have,  we tend to collect more of the same. Try this experiment: leave an unwashed spoon in your kitchen sink. Before long a plate will join it and by the end of the day you'll have a whole sink piled with dirty dishes! Now try the reverse approach. Put something you would really like to have more of in a special place, let's say you put a quarter in a savings jar. It's not long before you are contributing more spare change and before you know it you have a pile of money! This may not strike you as particularly miraculous because you think, "Well I'm the one who left the dirty dishes and I'm the one who filled the coin jar," but if you go with this idea for a bit you'll find that actually other factors are contributing too. The important thing to realize is that we are creating the attraction - so are we going to be mess magnets or money magnets?

Naturally we all want to eliminate being a mess magnet and enhance attracting good things. Ester and Jerry Hicks explain how this is to be done.

The most important thing in making the Law of Attraction work for you is your feeling tone. Think of the Universe as being a radio and you are wanting to tune in onto just the right vibration. To do this you need to be experiencing the same feelings, be on the same vibe, as the thing or the experience you are wanting. Let's say you are wanting to have a happy relationship. It may be helpful to think about happy relationships you've had in the past, people you know who are in good partnerships and maybe make a list of the qualities you'd expect to find in your soul mate. These are all good techniques for getting yourself focused. But the most crucial thing to do is to FEEL what it is like to be in love. So this is where it gets tricky. How can you feel you are in love when you're not? Actually it's not that hard. You just do whatever you can to get yourself closer to the feeling. Maybe you put on your favorite songs, maybe you watch a good movie, you get as close as you can to the feeling and trust that the Universe will reveal the next step. The same technique works for manifesting money. You need to FEEL rich. What that means differs for everyone but a good place to start is with your appearance. Wear colors that are right for you, get a really good hair cut. Carry a large bill in your wallet. Most importantly, notice the wealth and abundance around you. Many times when we are feeling less than prosperous we tend to walk with our heads down and our eyes lowered - as if we can't afford to look at a neighbor's beautiful house or even enjoy a community park. But when you start seeing abundance you are training yourself to keep finding it and to FEEL more comfortable with it until you can see how abundance is actually yours too.

Equally important in attracting that which we want is what we give our attention to. Ester suggests if something is unpleasant we should simply look away! Shocking advice to many of us but pause and consider. Whatever we give our attention to, we tend to see and attract more of. Now some might cry, "But we must not ignore the problems of the world!" True, and yet, how is reading more stories about Trump or Hurricane Irma actually helping anyone? It's not easy to be informed with out becoming addicted to drama so this is something we have to be very vigilant about. I find a good approach is to delay looking at Facebook until night time when I've completed the chores of the day. It's very interesting to notice how if I read the stories at the beginning of the day when part of me is feeling lazy and not eager to get into action, I easily get sucked into reading one awful news clip after another yet if I wait until evening when I'm feeling I've accomplished something and deserve a reward, I'm not at all interested in these stories. I'm on a totally different vibration. So we have to watch ourselves, are we reading or listening to depressing news because that's somehow are civic duty to stay informed, or is it because we're depressed ourselves or just lazy? Pay attention to what fills you with enthusiasm and motivation, ignore what drains you.

Finally Ester and Jerry talk about something they call "The 17 Second Rule". Here the idea is that it takes time for our thoughts and feelings to create new manifestations. If we have been living in a world of clutter, we probably wont manifest a maid the instant we proclaim, "My sink is clean!" Yet if we persist in our positive thoughts and refuse to focus on the negative a new awareness will in time rise to the surface, in this case, if we're feeling good washing the dishes wont seem like a chore. Ester suggests that if one can hold a thought for 17 seconds they will see a shift. A good way to test this is to try the theory out first thing every morning. Get in the habit of focusing on positive ideas and images when you first wake up. You may have to make an effort to do this. You may even find you need to place an actual list of positive things to think about by your bed. But once you've got a clear positive image in mind then - automatically - in about 17 seconds a new positive thought will occur - will be attracted to you - and then another and then another. As you get good at this the positive thoughts will keep coming one after another - eventually through out your whole day and then on into the next, one feel good day after another! soon you'll be saying...

Pass the butter - I'm on a roll!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Louise Hay, "You Can Heal Your Life."

Heaven welcomed an angel home this week. Louise Hay, acclaimed author and founder of Hay House, past away at age ninety. She was a leader in New Age consciousness and the person many of us credit with first opening our eyes to the power of attraction. Her best selling book, "You Can Heal Your Life" launched her career as a New Age super star. Rather than repeating the vague and complicated teachings common in metaphysical circles back then, her book gave clear specific guidance for finding the causes of physical ailments and provided specific affirmations for restoring balance and harmony. Her wisdom was embraced by thousands but she did not use her popularity for self aggrandizement. Instead she founded the publishing company Hay House and introduced the world to the words of such brilliant newcomers as Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. We who loved her are saddened to lose her physical presence but we know her  generous loving spirit continues. Happy travels, Louise.

The astrological aspects this week point to a vacuum in the leadership department. The Sun representing the one who is in charge is approaching it's annual opposition to nebulous Neptune - which means whoever is giving the orders for the next ten days or so may not have a clue as to what they're talking about. In fact, each of us individually may find ourselves having a hard time staying on track with our own to-do list and on the larger scale we may have to deal with bosses who aren't clear about what they want or elected officials who seem to be off in la-la land. The good news is that while Neptune rules confusion, it also opens the door to higher consciousness. Thus while we may not be able to follow our stated intentions, if we're able to let go and let God we may find things work out better than we could have ever imagined. At the very least it's a time for turning lemons into lemonade.

Mars is doing some scary things over the next couple of days. Along with the communication planet Mercury, the God of War will be making a powerful connection with Trump's ascendant - so he will be feeling threatened and sending out some threatening tweets himself. Once again he's going to have the world community questioning his ability to govern but Venus trining Chiron, the planet that portends healing, wont let his impulsive nature destroy  the country - not this week anyway.

Saturn, the planet defining organization and authority, has been retrograde since April - which may be why Congress has been so unable to get it's act together. Saturn turned direct last Friday, so as it picks up speed we may see our Senators and Representatives, whose job it is to act as a check and balance to the demands of the President, finally breaking away from party loyalty and individual members starting to speak for themselves.

Saturn turning direct in Sagittarius and heading towards the self-discipline sign of Capricorn could also be an omen that our success in the months ahead is going to largely depend on our abilities to be self-sufficient. Those who take charge of their health and take care with their diet wont need to worry about what the government does with health insurance. Those who take responsibility for their children's education wont be effected by the gutting of our public schools. If we each of us reach out to befriend those of other races and religions we will create a world of love even the best government regulations could not provide.

Love is all around - Feel it, Be it, See it,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, August 27, 2017

August 30 - Moon Trine Mars and Uranus - Progress!

August 30 - circle the date! After weeks of frustrations and delays we should be seeing some major attitude adjustment coming our way in the next seven days.
Here's what's happening...

Early in the morning on Wednesday, August 30, the Moon will be connecting with a newly direct Saturn. As the Moon represents what we respond to and Saturn is the planet of harsh reality, this configuration suggests many, many people will be discarding their rose colored glasses now and seeing how things really are in the world and in their own personal lives.

For example, this aspect is happening while the worst hurricane in 500 years rages in Texas. My prediction is that harsh as this reality is, it will prove to be a blessing because it will lead us to finally recognize the reality of global warming.

Further, as this placement is in Sagittarius, the sign ruling honesty and education, we will no doubt have the true facts coming out in lots of other areas of our lives too. I have been watching videos explaining the historical significance of the monuments now being taken down. Once you know the truth behind them - how these statues are to commemorate the Confederates who killed the most Americans or who were the founders of the KKK - you are sickened that they were ever allowed to be erected in the first place. Just as no statues honoring Hitler stand in Germany and no Americans want statues of Osama Bin Laden erected in New York, we also wont continue to tolerate Robert E. Lee statues in the South when we understand the motivation behind them. But first the truth of what is going on has to be brought out before we can move forward and that is what Saturn in Sag symbolizes is happening now.

The good news is that while ordinarily it is often very disturbing to have our dirty secrets revealed, on this day - Wednesday, August 30 - there is also going to be such a positive link between the Moon and Mars and Uranus - the planets that often bring disruption - that the desire to get to the bottom of things and the relief that will come when we realize we no longer need to maintain facades, will be so overwhelming that the pain of exposure will be quickly erased with the joy of moving forward.

Of course, we always have freewill and there will be those who are not blind but still refuse to see. If you find yourself forced to be in contact with those who still maintain that the world is flat, that humans lived in the same era as dinosaurs and that there were some mighty good people amongst those marching with torches in Charlottesville, don't be discouraged. We're reaching a tipping point this fall and the truth will out!

The best attitude to adopt at this time is to maintain a smiling, optimistic attitude. Read the news reports just enough to stay informed but avoid getting addicted to the drama. Educate yourself. When you know the causes behind the flooding (global warming), the statue removal controversy (white supremacy), the pros and cons of building a wall across the Mexican border (financing drug cartels) you wont need to read endless tweets and with the time we save, we just may be able to find a way to save the world.

Enjoy your week!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Donald Trump and The Solar Eclipse

August 21 brings us the major celestial event of 2017, the Total Solar Eclipse. It will be happening at 28 - 29 degrees Leo, exactly on Donald Trump's ascendant. Unless you've been touring a different galaxy this last week you already know the president has been in the spot light getting into trouble again, this time for refusing to condemn outright the actions of the neo-Nazi hate groups. This eclipse landing on his ascendant Monday alerts us that the outrage he's stirred up isn't going to calm down nearly as quickly as his past dramas have. In fact, as the influence of an eclipse can color events for days, weeks and months into the future we're probably going to be having more upsets that will change things forever in the days ahead.

The ascendant in an astrological chart describes a person's personality. The 28 - 29th degree of Leo here describes a leader who is seen as fiery and charismatic - someone strong willed. dominant, and full of self-confidence. Sound like Donald? It also can mean an arrogant, over-controlling despot who is resistant to change. Again, anyone we know? To add even more fuel, the eclipse will be conjuncting the fixed star Regulus which is also on Trump's ascendant. Regulus is known as "The King Maker" and when a chart has planets at the Regulus degree the native is sure to be blessed - or cursed! Blessed because Regulus bestows great wealth and power but cursed if the native doesn't use his blessings as a benefit for all and especially cursed if the native seeks revenge, in which case the blessings turn and destroy him.. I'm thinking how Trump couldn't let go of Hilary's near victory and how he still threatens to go after her. I wonder if this thirst for "revenge" has somehow tipped the karmic scales to galvanize those who oppose him and to totally up end his administration?

The effect of an eclipse doesn't necessarily show up on the exact day it occurs. The influence of an eclipse lasts for weeks - maybe for the entire year. However, as Trump has some other significant transits happening in the month ahead so we may see the predicted turmoil manifesting in just a few weeks. On September 2, the God of war, Mars, will be joining with Mercury, the messenger God, right on the degree of Trump's birth Mars. Angry words could led to a resignation - or bloodshed.

There is one bright spot in the upcoming planetary alignments. Uranus, the planet ruling change, will be in a positive position which could foretell change coming in a less disruptive manner than the Mars aspect might suggest. However it comes though, change is the only constant this month.

On a less serious note, I've been watching youtube videos about diet and feng shui. Feng shui - again for those of you only recently arriving on the planet - is the oriental art of placement. It is the study of how the arrangement of things can have an affect on our lives. Proper feng shui is said to promote the positive flow of chi - the life force - so when one has their home properly arranged and energy flows it's inevitable prosperity grows!

Good feng shui ideas for diets include the old stand-byes like eating off a smaller plate and using a larger fork, but did you know a blue plate decreases the appetite? Also, a plate with a design on it fools the eye - and the stomach! - into thinking we're eating more and thus we feel full and eat less. Disclaimer: I haven't tried these
tips myself but if you do I'd love to hear about your results!

You can reach me at 410 -750-0077.

I look forward to it!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Venus - Pluto Opposition: Compromise is Not an Option

Each week I tell myself I'm not going to write any more about Trump but then he does something that so perfectly manifests the astrological moment I feel compelled to comment if only to keep a record as a sort of guide to the meaning of the planets for future generations. This week we've got Venus opposing Pluto creating power struggles along with a square to Jupiter which inflates and makes bigger whatever else is going on. PLUS we're heading to the once-in-a-lfetime eclipse which is making harsh aspects to both Trump's chart and the chart of the United States. It all adds up to a man having an inflated - Jupiter - idea of his abilities who consequently exposes himself to danger, and thus invites - Pluto - disaster. We're already seeing evidence of these energies in the stand-off with North Korea and the demonstration in North Carolina, but the influence of an eclipse is said to last for weeks, months, maybe an entire year. Don't expect things to calm down any time soon.

Meanwhile, in our personal lives these unusual planetary patterns are requiring us to be unusually conscious of our own priorities. Where should we place our focus? Is keeping up with the news making us informed, or keeping us immobilized like deer caught in headlights and too frightened to move?
I find it most helpful to remember anything that takes us out of our own personal purpose is a DISTRACTION. I think of the famous ancient Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times." While this simple salutation sounds innocuous enough, it is deceptively cunning. "Interesting times" do not rouse us to action, instead they quietly hook our attention and pull us off our course - without our even noticing! How often have you meant to just check one quick thing on the internet only to fine you get sucked into meaningless side stories and wind up losing all track of your original intention? Hours go by wasted and you may never complete your task - and you don't even realize you are being manipulated. This is what's known as "interesting times" and it's going on big time in society today. We read these awful stories about crazy politicians and insane neo-Nazis, but how is spending our time reading helping?  We are being constantly bombarded news reports that seem to require our immediate attention but really they have nothing to do with us. They are distractions. This week particularly with these very difficult planetary alignments, try to focus on your own world. If there is something positive you can do politically - call your Senator for example - do it, but beware of getting caught up in just reading the horror stories.

The aspects to be particularly aware of ...

Monday, August 14. The day starts off with a very nice Moon in Taurus sextile to Venus in Cancer and a trine to Pluto in Capricorn but ends with a Moon square to the Sun. Simplicity and caution in your behavior wins the day. Proceed at your own pace and in your own way to do something of value in the world. Take it one step at a time and you will make progress without becoming dependent or obligated to others.

Tuesday, August 15. Venus opposes Pluto. Calmly continue on your course and accept what is happening so you avoid entanglements or getting caught up in mass hysteria. Venus rules balance. Be modest, moderate and self-reliant, and you will succeed in accomplishing your goal.

Wednesday, August 16. Venus squares Jupiter. Being too sure of yourself and moving ahead without caring about the consequences exposes your short comings and invites problems. Try small goals and you are more likely to succeed.

Thursday, August 17.  Moon in Gemini moving towards an opposition to Pluto. Faced with a dangerous set of circumstances, use your common sense to consciously plan ahead. Gather information you need, and then move forward gently, in a friendly way, and with extreme caution. As Gemini rules communication you may feel inspired to speak up, write your congressman or somehow let your point of view be known. If so, don't just think about it, act!

Friday, August 18. Moon opposition Pluto. What you propose to do may be risky, and the next step will take courage, resoluteness, and a new strategy. With confidence and your eyes open for potential danger, continue slowly until you succeed.

Saturday, August 19. Mars sextile Jupiter. You may be close to your goal. Consider what worked well and what did not. Continue to proceed with caution.

Over all we see the week ahead is one where we are being guided to be friendly and aware but also to act.

There are those who make things happen, those who let things happen and those who ask, "Uh, what happened?" This is the week to find out which one is you.

You can cal me for a reading at 410 -750 -0077.

Awake and Aware,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Tower of Babel in The Era of Trump and The Internet

Genesis tells a story of the descendants of Noah becoming very smart after the flood because now there is only one language. All human beings can now understand each other and thus they can combine their knowledge - and figure out how to do all sorts of things that aren't necessarily in keeping with God's intention for mankind. In fact, they decided to build a tower in the land of Babel to connect with heaven and thus become as powerful as God Himself! However, God gets wind of the idea and doesn't approve. Indeed, he destroys the tower and scatters the people all over the earth so their language evolves in different ways and eventually they can no longer understand each other at all and the word "babel" comes to be synonymous with confusion.

Fast forward to the present. I recently read where Mark Zukerburg, the fellow who launched Facebook, has expressed regret that this miraculous site he thought would be a vehicle for bringing the world together in love, has instead spawned a culture encouraging people to write and post the most vicious hateful things imaginable. Like the people of Babel with their tower, the internet has created a way for everyone to communicate - but without spiritual awareness. We can all now speak the same language - but we don't have the sense to use our gift of gab as the creator intended. Indeed, the internet with it's constant images of violence has become an abomination working in total opposition to the will of any loving God. Sooo... how will God stop this scourge? In ancient times He simply destroyed the tower and language became scrambled and words no longer held meaning. Will He do the same thing today? Maybe He already has...

Enter Donald Trump. Interesting isn't it that Trump is known for his tower? Could Trump Tower be a modern day Tower of Babel - a gold monstrosity and an affront to all who believe in the value of modesty and humility? Now consider Trump himself. What is he most famous for? His daily tweets that have no relation to reality! What effect is this having on our society? It used to be that we honored someone who "kept his word" - now our country's leader shames such people for being "disloyal." His spokesperson claims there is no difference between truth and lies, saying there are only "alternative facts"! Where is this all heading? Will words come to no longer have meaning? Is this God's solution - that words become so disconnected from reality that we lose all faith in them and thus lose the ability to use them to make threats or design weapons? If that is indeed what's happening, if Trump's trash talk and threats encourage vulgarity to become so common place that hateful words no longer incite violence, then I guess that's a good thing but at what cost? If words no longer have meaning then they won't be able to be used to share ideas or make plans or create love either. It's hard to believe this is happening but the parallels to the ancient Biblical tale seem too obvious to ignore.

Time will tell. The full Moon solar eclipse on Monday August 7 symbolizes dark truths coming to light in the weeks ahead.

Keep calm and keep your word.

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mercury Turns Retrograde - Don't Just Do Something - Stand There!

Mercury is heading for another retrograde. If you're thinking of starting anything new do it before Thursday August third. After that we'll be living with Mercury slowing down to join Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto already retrograde! Auuugh. This manifests as a strong possibility of misunderstandings and difficult communication. Frankly there will probably be too many hurdles to make much further progress at this time. Your best approach is to stand still and wait for difficulties to resolve at their own pace. Be patient, maintain your confidence, and solutions will come.

Here's how the energies are moving:

Monday, July 31. The Moon is void of course meaning it's not connecting with any of the planets and thus making it very hard for you to make a constructive contribution without compromising your values. Simply put, it's likely what you set out to do today wont result in getting what you were aiming for. However, sometimes a void of course Moon can make unexpected but fortunate connections. Like not being able to find what you went to the store for, but the trip is worthwhile anyway because you find something else you need or something unexpected happens.

Tuesday, August 1. The Moon moves into Sagittarius, the sign of truth and travel, and makes a harsh square to Mercury. Stay away from people who flatter you or tempt you to violate your integrity. Stay far away from arguments and don't bother trying to influence debate.

Wednesday, August 2. Uranus turns retrograde. Again, don't even try to break through stuck situations. Go within and quietly continue doing what you know feels good and right. Tomorrow will be better.

Thursday, August 3. The Moon goes into Capricorn rewarding the efforts of those who refuse to give in to less than honorable temptations. Instead, look for win-win opportunities for everyone, people will rally around you. The Moon trines Uranus - watch for synchronicities and insights on how to proceed.

Friday, August 4. Today the Moon in Capricorn, the sign of wisdom gained through practical experience, makes a very helpful trine to Mercury in Virgo, the sign of caution and detailed planning. You could be in a position to significantly improve your situation. Make a To Do list.

Saturday, August 5. Shift happens. The Moon squares Uranus and the time of standing still and waiting is behind us. You can now change things for the better by being creative and making a strong and conscious effort to move into the future with joy and worthy achievements!

To sum up, the old ways aren't working. Each of us is experiencing where we've been hanging on to an old pattern that is simply nor serving us any longer. It's time for us to recognize something's got to give! The good news is these old patterns that must change are probably old roles that have been outgrown anyway. Perhaps now we can stop hanging on to a relationship or a job that gave us security but no joy or maybe we simply find we finally are able to release the clutter in the closet. With this week's line up of planets if we refuse to get caught up with doomed efforts to maintain the past, we will find the feeling of stagnation gives way to awareness of whole new opportunities coming in the future.

Give me a call and let's see where the new doors are opening for you.
410 - 750 - 0077.

Until then,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 23, 2017

New Moon in Leo - Time for Some Fun!

We've got a heavy duty eclipse coming up in about a month, the likes of which we haven't seen since 1963, the year Kennedy was shot. It will be making some harsh connections with Donald Trump's birth chart as well as with the birth chart for the United States so it's got a lot of astrologers thinking the current dramas playing out on our national stage will be coming to some sort of major denouncement then. What does it mean? How will it manifest? Revolution? Heart attacks? Well, it wont be long and we'll know. Meanwhile we have some delightful planetary aspects coming up for us this week so let's just not worry about what may lie a head and focus on what the fun loving flamboyant new Moon in Leo has ready for us right now :

The Moon is in Leo today Sunday, July 23 and on through out Monday, July 24 enhancing our desires to do something creative and flamboyant. We'll most likely start the week feeling a bit uncertain what to focus on however, as Venus in Gemini will be obstructed by stick in the mud Saturn. Before proceeding with your plans, be sure your purpose is good and that you have a valid clearly defined goal.

Tuesday, July 25. The Moon will enter Virgo giving us a much better shot at establishing objectives that can be reached step by step. Encourage the people you work with by staying close at hand to answer questions and participate in the projects.

Wednesday, July 26 could bring some disorder and confusion as the Sun joins with Mars making everyone feel like a king and no one wanting to play peasant. Maintain control by assigning acceptable roles and responsibilities to each person on your team. Vow to be patient and accommodating.

Thursday, July 27. The Moon goes into Libra, another sign good for causing us to feel creative and charming. However, unlike Leo, Libra works more effectively as a partner rather than as a leader and while there are some strong encouraging aspects to the Sun and Mars today, this is not the time to push yourself beyond your limits. Remember to stop, relax and recharge your batteries as needed. Seek support from friends or professional helpers.

Friday, July 28. The Moon will square Death/Rebirth Pluto this evening. It's time for decisive action in an intentional and carefully planned manner. Use your wisdom and years of experience to lead the way to transforming your situation.

Saturday, July 29. Hurray for the weekend! The morning starts out with a happy Moon trine Venus and the good times keep rolling as the Moon moves on to oppose Uranus in the afternoon. Now ordinarily an opposition to Uranus brings upset and upheaval but this week the meet up portends celebration and a sharing of rewards. Create something that will have an unexpected positive impact on the folks around you.

All in all it's a terrific line up of planets this week for trying new approaches and teaming up with like-minded friends.
For a closer look at your personal chart, give me a call.

Let the good times roll!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Healing Past Life Trauma

Tired of being the Nice Guy? Mars is too. Now at the last degrees of the home sign Cancer, the planet that rules energy but also anger is fed up with playing happy family. You may find that this is the week you decide to speak up or move on cause you've had it with biting your tongue to keep the peace. Particularly avoid difficult relatives on Monday when Mars squares Uranus. Give yourself plenty of time to keep appointments on this day too, as it's an aspect also known for causing accidents and upset. If you can keep your cool till Thursday you may be able to come up with some workable solutions when Mars enters Leo, the sign of love and creativity.

On Tuesday, July 18 Venus squares Neptune which has been making us feel vulnerable and mental Mercury moves to connect with Saturn, the planet ruling karma. It becomes obvious to all of us how our past actions have led to our current situations. Healing wont happen overnight but today would be a great day to initiate positive change. The Neptune aspect allows us to dissolve harsh ultimatums and the Saturn aspect encourages seeing things realistically. Further, there is also a strong Jupiter presence  encouraging a feeling of safety and abundance. You may not be ready to try the new approach until Mars enters Leo on Thursday but these aspects make this day a great time for at least considering alternative possibilities.

Wednesday, July 19 has the Moon entering Gemini and while it first squares deceptive Neptune it will then trine loving Venus and end with a surprisingly positive sextile to Uranus. It's an encouragement to "fake it till you make it." The power of the past is waning and the possibilities of a better future are coming into view!

Thursday July 20 begins with an expansive Moon trine Jupiter and a delightful Moon conjunct Venus. Accentuate the positive and see the new you emerge. One note of caution: The Sun will square Uranus today so while this brings a fantastic opportunity to break out of old ruts, it also warns  changes could be too much for some folks to handle. Do what you gotta do but no need to cause a scene.

Friday July 21 brings the joyful Sun into contact with healing Chiron. If you've been paying attention to the shifts happening, you may be feeling really good about yourself and your future right about now.

The week ends with a confrontational opposition between the Moon and Pluto on Saturday, July 22 followed by a harsh square to Uranus. Probably best to get your fast action by chilling at home watching a film tonight - Wonder Woman, perhaps? 
No need to experience the crazy first hand!

Over all we're going to be having opportunities this week to see what's wrong and maybe even what's been holding us back for some time - but if we can handle the truth without adding to the crisis we will emerge feeling freed up and invigorated!

Vow to be part of the solution!
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sun Opposition Pluto - Challenges into Opportunities

We start the week with a Sun opposition Pluto, the planet of change and transformation. This puts our focus on turning challenges into opportunities for the next seven days at which time, Sunday, July 16, the Moon will meet up with Uranus, the planet responsible for helping us break free from old ruts. Basically this means the week a head is full of surprises so keep an open mind - it could lead to open doors.

Saturn will be prominent too and as Saturn rules guides it shouldn't be hard to find wise old souls willing to help you when you face these situations where you feel you lack experience. This can manifest as something as simple as clear instructions on a soup can or as sophisticated as a doctor finally giving you an accurate diagnosis. The point is don't be afraid to seek help and ask questions this week.

A Day-by-Day guide for how the energies are flowing:

Monday, July 10. The Moon trines Venus but opposes Mercury. Strive for creative responses to negative events in your life. You probably wont do everything right but you'll know better next time.

Tuesday, July 11. The Moon sextiles Uranus in Aries while making an inconjunct aspect to Mars. Planets in Aries mean young people and inconjuncts show where adjustments must be made. Be patient, gracious and kind to someone who has made a mistake or is just learning - it could be you! Show some compassion and remain outwardly calm.

Wednesday, July12. Moon enters Pisces. Be aware of who or what you give your attention to and don't become discouraged or made jealous by those who seem to have their act together better than you. We're all learning from our own paths.

Thursday, July 13. The Moon and Mercury are both being influenced by Neptune. Confusion reigns and you may feel there are obstacles blocking you. Accept reality, it is what it is. Don't be embarrassed to reach out and listen to others. Keep a positive attitude.

Friday, July 14. The Moon trines action oriented Mars and Mercury sextiles the planet of wisdom, Jupiter. Boldly ask for much needed advice or assistance. You may find yourself leaping over tall buildings with a single bound!

Saturday, July 15. The Moon trines Mercury and then makes a very useful trine to Saturn before meeting Uranus for that brake out move to freedom I mentioned earlier. It's a very useful line up for reviewing the past week, making a few necessary adjustments and then out the door to something totally new!

Thanks for reading and remember you can always get a more personal detailed reading by calling me at 410-750-0077.

Lemons into lemonade,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Free Speech Under Fire with Mercury Squaring Uranus

Mercury, the planet ruling ideas and communication, has been having temper tantrums in emotional Cancer these last two weeks as evidenced by the non-stop turmoil created by President Trump and his early morning tweets. On Tuesday July 4, Mercury's final aspect before leaving the sign will be a harsh square to Uranus, the planet known for causing upset  - so we haven't heard the last of these tirades yet. In fact, this line-up may portend such an outlandish storm of words that we'll all be crying, "Enough!" Fortunately things may calm down quite a bit after this as there are some positive signs in the sky coming up too...

Monday, July 3. The Moon will be in Scorpio making a trine to the Sun and to Neptune. Simplicity and caution in your behavior win the day.

Tuesday. July 4. Here we have the explosive Mercury square Pluto but also a loving Venus will be entering Gemini which could bring some words of comfort. Vow to calmly continue on your course so as to avoid entanglements.

Wednesday, July 5. We may be feeling the aftermath of yesterdays difficult aspects. Plus there is a boastful square from the Sun to Jupiter. Remember that being too sure of yourself and moving ahead without caring about consequences exposes your shortcomings and invites problems. (President Trump, do you read me?)

Thursday, July 6. The Moon in Sagittarius now joins Saturn the Disciplinarian. Use your common sense to consciously plan ahead. Gather what information you need and then move forward in a gentle way using extreme caution.

Friday July 7. The Moon trines Uranus. What you purpose to do today may be risky. Consider if you need a new strategy. Keep your eyes open for potential danger, continue slowly and you will succeed.

Saturday, July 8 Full Moon in Capricorn tonight. You should be feeling close to your goals. An excellent time to review what went well and what did not. Learn from your experiences and continue to be cautious as you move ahead.

The over all message from the stars this week is that to deal with your current difficult problems, you must stay calm and avoid confrontation by finding win-win solutions. Patiently look for ways to create common meaning and to share benefits. Accept what is happening as a chance to learn and not as a serious problem. Put in perspective, most problems are not so bad, and, like dark clouds, they eventually dissolve or move on.

It's all good,


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mars Opposition Pluto: Security Alert!

I had intended to write about the blessings and abundance foretold by the continuing Mars-Neptune trine in effect this week, but when I began to research the current line up of planets I realized this mildly inspirational aspect is being overshadowed by some heavy duty Mercury and Pluto shenanigans that need to be addressed first. Mars and Neptune are still inspiring hopes and visions for the future but we mustn't ignore the harsh realities taking center stage over the next seven days:

Tuesday, June 27, trickster Mercury squares expansive Jupiter and then trines  imaginative Neptune. Some possibly wonderful opportunities could manifest but remember the old saying, "If something appears too good to be true, it probably is." I recommend you use this aspect to indulge in short term pleasantries such as listening to good music, visiting an art gallery or an antique shop and possibly discovering some delightful treasure - but if you're being asked to make a major investment decision wait another week when the planets will offer more than pipe dreams.

Wednesday, June 28, Mercury will conjunct Mars. Mercury is communication and Mars rules fast fire energy. This could simply mean everyone is thinking quickly but the pugnacious nature of Mars makes the possibility of angry words more likely. The Moon also opposes deceitful Neptune on this day so liars and con artists could promise more than they intend to deliver.

Thursday June 29, offers a mixed bag. In the morning we have the Moon making a very friendly trine to lovable Venus but by nightfall all bets are off when Mercury opposes Pluto. Schedule important meetings for the a.m. and try to get signatures on paper before people start changing their minds later in the day.

Friday, Saturday and next Sunday, June 30 - July 1, are all under the threat of the Mars opposition Pluto stand off. Tension builds and something's got to give. I'm trying to avoid focusing on the current political dramas but this week's line up of planets makes me think the false promises and secrecy we've recently seen around our government's moves and manipulations are going to explode with force over the next ten days. For each of us personally I think now's the time we're going to have to face situations and difficulties we may have been trying to ignore. Put your attention on areas where strong physical activity will pay off - like weeding the front lawn or exercising - and avoid notorious trouble spots.

Okay, you've been warned. Now let's talk about something more upbeat. Many times callers ask about romance and the tarot cards certainly have plenty to say about that! If you are wanting to create more joy and love in your life one of the most powerful and easiest things you can do to manifest this, is to surround yourself with images of joy and love. If you have a deck of tarot cards - or even just a regular deck of playing cards - pull out these ones whose symbols are meant to activate your inner cupid:

The Ten of Hearts. Many hearts means many loves. Put this card out where you'll see it - like on your bathroom mirror - and before long you'll find yourself thinking about all the loving connections you have in your life. As you remember family and old friends you then miraculously find yourself connecting with new friends in your current life. You start to recognize the role of The Loving Mother once played by your birth mother is now being channeled by a neighbor or someone else in your present environment and once you see this you can build on it. Remembering past boyfriends can facilitate recognizing similar possibilities here and now.

The Queen of Clubs. You might have thought the Queen of Hearts would be a stronger symbol for attracting romance but the Queen of Hearts is actually known for being a bit of a bitch. ("Off with their heads!" is her famous line from Alice Through the Looking Glass) The Queen of Clubs however, is a strong kind woman who attracts the best people. Strengthen your inner Queen of Clubs!

The Ace of Spades. This image attracts a fresh start. It programs your unconscious to allow in totally unexpected new love and adventure. Powerful!

Finally, I get results with burning candles. Red candles are for making you more aware of the love in your world. Light one and let it burn for several hours. If it's going to do anything for you, you should see results right away - like within a few days or a week.

I hope you'll try these suggestions and let me know what happens!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, June 18, 2017

New Moon in Cancer - Healing Broken Hearts

  This Friday, June 23, the new Moon will be in Cancer, the sign ruling the emotions both good and bad and putting the spotlight on all the ways we can nourish ourselves to get past emotional blocks to be able to love again. Therefore today I'm going to write about what I so often find the cards are telling callers when they have questions about how to survive loss and disappointment.

First of all, there are certain cards that always seem to appear when there has been heartache in a relationship:
The Five of Cups, the Five of Swords, and the Two of Pentacles. When I see these cards come up i know there's been some sad misunderstandings in the caller's life.

The Five of Cups is a picture of a woman obviously grieving as she looks at three Cups that have spilled while behind her are two full Cups she doesn't notice. The number Five represents change and Cups rule emotions so obviously there has been a change in the emotions that has created deep distress. The advice from this card is that one must find a way to stop the focus on the negative Cups that have spilled, in order to to see positive opportunities, the Cups that are full - and they are close by right there just waiting to be noticed! Even if you have not called me for a reading or gotten the Five of Cups, the message from this card can be helpful to anyone trying to elevate their emotional state and that message is, "You must stop focusing on the negative. When you do you automatically attract more and more reason to feel bad. You actually strengthen your ability to see the worst in any situation! When you refuse to give attention/energy to those situations they will automatically shrink and no longer have a role in your life story. Focus on what is positive and be amazed at how quickly good things appear."

The Five of Swords is depicted as the aftermath of a battle. A victor wearing a nasty grin holds three swords as he leers at two vanquished opponents. Again Five means change and the Sword suit represents mental energy so drawing this card indicates someone has changed their mind possibly due to a situation where they felt pressured. If this card came up in a reading about relationships it's likely there was an actual quarrel. The advice from this card is that some powerful destructive forces have been involved here and most likely people lost their tempers and that such a response - anger with anger - never gets us anywhere. I think of the poem, "A person convinced against their will is of the same opinion still." As the Swords rule the mind the advice that comes with this card is to calm down until we can think clearly again.

The Two of Pentacles actually has a rather benign looking image. It's  of a dancer hopping from one foot to the other while he juggles two balls in the air. Pictures can be deceiving, however, and unfortunately this one conceals a sad truth. In a question about partnership the two globes represent the two people and while their worlds gaily circle around each other, they never mesh together and become one world. In a reading, especially when one is wondering if the relationship will ever result in a deeper commitment, receiving this card is a warning not expect more than a light-hearted fling.

So those are some of the biggest problems we see coming up in card readings about love and relationships: Focusing on the past when it's time to look to the new, trying to talk when we're too angry to listen, and foolishly hoping a relationship will be something more than it is. The healing advice is don't dwell on the past, wait till you're calm to talk about any difficulties, and don't expect more than is realistically possible.

The good news is Venus will be trining Pluto on Saturday, June 24 - a very positive omen for the rejuvenation of love and romance. So vow to let old hurts go this week and next week we'll focus on opening up to blessings and abundance.

Family First!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Psychic Impressions of The Week Ahead.

Lots of traffic in the stars this week will keep us busy running here and there and everywhere. Mercury in Gemini brings us messages from all over on Tuesday, June 13. First a jolly tine to Jupiter but then a confusing square to Neptune. Lots of happy talk but none of it may have much substance. Assume you're hearing alternative facts till we see what comes out on June 15, when a Sun-Saturn opposition means the truth will not be hid. If you've been faking it till you make it this is your cut-off date to keep promises and live up to responsibilities before your reputation gets set in stone. If you are feeling you've taken on more than you can carry now's a good time to bow out gracefully.
Neptune turns retrograde on Friday, June 16. Neptune rules visions, dreams and areas of our lives that we're not  consciously aware of. Say special prayer on this day and be amazed by a powerful response.

Monday, June 12. Moon square Uranus. Off on the wrong foot?
 You need more information, understanding before attempting a major step forward. At this time stick to conventional ways of doing things and seek only modest gains. Be cautious, and pay attention to detail!

Tuesday, June 13. Mercury trine Jupiter. Mercury square Neptune. Ideas bouncing off the walls..
Stay calm and be willing to wait until you can see clearly which way to go in order to reach your goal. Be modest and limit yourself to what ever you can realistically achieve. Look for reliable people to assist you.

Wednesday, June 14. Moon sextile Saturn. Moon sextile Uranus. Nice and easy does it.
If you have been too proud or overconfident today is the day you are in danger of running into difficulties. Take precautions, and plan your steps very carefully. Pay attention to small and seemingly insignificant details.

Thursday, June 15. Sun opposition Saturn. TIME OUT!
This day we all need to be extremely cautions in words and actions and maybe even in just our all powerful thoughts. Not the time to try to force your way into anything. Better to be patient and hold back for now. Enjoy life, be confident, and wait for a more auspicious time to proceed.

Friday, June 16. Neptune turns retrograde. Angels walk among us.
 To continue progressing toward your goal, ask for the assistance of the higher beings. You will recognize them in your friends with the honest hearts and creative minds. Listen for and be open to follow their guidance. Express your appreciation.

Saturday, June 17. Moon enters Aries, heads to a square with Mars, then Pluto and finally a conjunction with Uranus­čś▒
OMG - keep a low profile and zip your lip. The temptation to spill your guts and tell it like it is may be vastly amusing over a few glasses of wine, but will you still love me tomorrow?

Have a great week,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Jupiter Turning Direct - Ask and It Shall Be Given Unto You!

Blessings and lollipops this week folks! Turn up the volume and hear the good news!

Venus is moving in to her home sign of Taurus on Tuesday, June 6, and a couple of hours later Mercury is entering his home sign, Gemini. Time to talk, to enrich one another and learn from each other as we combine for mutual benefit. Great and good things happen when people freely share ideas! This good fortune combination doesn't mean everyone necessarily agrees. It's more like people realize it doesn't matter if everyone agrees. The important thing is people feel they can share their view points this week even when others don't agree at all.

The daily planets go like this:

Monday June 5. The week gets off to a slow start. You may be tempted to drift without focus so take this heads up. Things are going to get very busy very soon and you must use your time to get organized. Be prepared!

Tuesday June 6. The excitement begins. It's time to put your talent and wisdom and resources to work for the greater whole. If you're not directly involved in the political state of the world just now, don't waste your time obsessing about Trump. Real opportunities are opening up and you don't want to miss out!

Wednesday June 7 The Moon enters Sagittarius in the mid-afternoon and Jupiter turns direct. Think big even if you can only give small. Sincere gestures are appreciated.

Thursday June 8. The Moon in makes a positive connection with Jupiter and Neptune today. A wonderful sign line up for blessing and spiritual insight.

Friday June 9 The Moon first meets limiting Saturn but then breaks free with a wake up call from Uranus. Get work and chores completed early and then enjoy an exciting, unexpected rest of the afternoon.

Saturday June 10. The Moon trines Venus -  a promise - a guarantee! - of good fortune for those who refuse to get side tracked. 

 The planets for this week are all encouraging so let's accentuate the positive!

Thanks for reading,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mars Opposition Saturn and Push Comes to Shove

The planets this week are all about helping us repair and renew.

 Certainly we could use some good vibrations. It seems like every day the newspapers have scrambled to come up with yet another nasty story about our President humiliating himself (and our country). Last week's viral video featured Trump shoving his way to the center of a group of world leaders, literally pushing other heads of state aside as he rushed to be the at the front of the line. This happened just as the planet Mars, ruler of the individual ego and the desire to be first, was approaching an opposition to the planet Saturn, ruler of tradition, respect and established authority. It seemed to me to be a perfect example of the planetary energies creating standoffs and fortunately no major international outrage ensued. It might have - Mars / Saturn contacts  are known for being prominent in charts of warfare! - but fortunately a protective Sun-Jupiter trine is also hovering overhead so people seemed to take the President's foolishness in stride. Now that this particularly angry and disruptive combination of planets has moved on, perhaps the fortuitous aspects coming up this week will help to repair and rebuild diplomatic ties between nations and of course we can use the energies to improve our personal lives:

Monday May 29 the Moon inters creative Leo and makes a lively sextile to the Sun. Spring is in the air and long-established rigid patterns can be easily recognized and replaced with new attitudes leading to success and renewed growth.

Tuesday May 30 is jumping with lively energy activated by a Mars sextile Uranus yet softened by a Moon trine Venus. There's a desire to rectify past blunders but a need to be gentle and to pay attention to the feelings of others.

Wednesday May 31 starts with Mercury trining transformer Pluto like a shot out of a cannon. Using too much force to correct mistakes may give people the impression you are thoughtless and uncaring. Nevertheless there is an abundance of things that could get accomplished if you use the energy and stay focused.

Thursday June 1 could find you sidetracked with indecision and even laziness when the Moon opposes foggy Neptune. Venus is trining Saturn at the same time so a little bit of creativity and persistence could get you back on track.

Friday June 2 the Moon in perfectionist Virgo squares Saturn making frustrations impossible to ignore. The Moon's final aspect is a square to energetic Mars so if you take charge of straightening things out, those around you will assist you.

Saturday June 3 brings divine opportunities for spiritual insights when both the Sun and the Moon aspect Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces and Unseen Realms. Deliberately let go of day - to - day affairs and seek a bit of solitude. Be ready to receive and act on intuitive promptings and synchronistic experiences.

The planets have been creating tough challenges in our lives for some months now. Much of it has been caused by the internet promoting stories designed to turn us into crisis junkies, Like heroin addicts searching for our next fix we've tuned our antennae to find the next outrageous happening and our next adrenaline rush. Although this week there's a lot in the stars to offer help for healing, perhaps the biggest help comes when we simply refuse to get caught up in the dramas. It's all about mind over matter - if we don't mind, it doesn't matter.

Let's talk soon,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, May 21, 2017

New Moon and The Gemini Twins - Like Attracts Like

This week is all about making connections. Thursday, May 25 is the power day. The New Moon in Gemini will be trining Jupiter and opening up fabulous opportunities for both personal and business relationships. Approach others with an open heart and an unprejudiced mind. Gemini rules communication and this fortuitous line up of planets means conversation comes more easily as we recognize we're all brothers and sisters looking to connect in ways that create win-wins for everyone.

The week starts off Monday, May 22, with the Moon in Aries heading for a stabilizing trine to sensible Saturn and then making a breakout conjunction to the new partnership planet Uranus. Use this time to take no major action but to observe and be receptive. Watch for a new twist to an old relationship.

Tuesday May 23 the Moon enters Taurus and joins Mercury, the planet ruling information. Today is perfect for gathering more facts before making commitments. Hold back until you know what is going on and can see which path to follow.

Wednesday May 24 brings a dramatic Moon trine transformative Pluto. Sounds good but Pluto is known for obsessions and power plays. Be aware you may need to control yourself and not act impulsively. Don't try to manipulate others and don't succumb to someone else's enthusiasm either. Just relax and watch for something better emerging and then let it develop naturally.

Thursday May 25 begins with a Venus square to Pluto. Remember the song, "Did you ever have to make up your mind? To say yes to one and leave the other behind?" Well today is the day to quit being indecisive and stop wavering between options. You need to take action, but do not try to manipulate people because then you risk losing control in the end. Be yourself and follow the deepest motivations of your heart.
The New Moon kicks in at 12:22 p.m. Eastern time. Write down a few key words to stay focused on your goals for this month and the right people will naturally be attracted to help you.

Friday May 26 The Moon teams up with energizing Mars, gets a warning from oppositional Saturn and breaks free with a fresh insight from Uranus. Let your inner wisdom tell you what you deeply want to achieve. Follow this conviction with sincerity and determination toward achieving your goal andl be open to offers of assistance from unexpected sources.

Saturday May 27 ends the week with the Moon in Cancer heading for a difficult square to now disruptive Uranus. Carefully consider what you do and say. Do not listen to gossip or make empty promises yourself. Words without real meaning behind them influence no one. Better to let your actions and behavior speak for you.

So there you have it folks - Pause and consider on Monday, gather information on Tuesday, don't push the river but watch for good things emerging naturally on Wednesday, then take action Thursday afternoon. Persevere on Friday and patiently hold your tongue on Saturday!

There are challenges in this week a head but we will all get by with a little help from our friends.

Your friend,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Saturn - Uranus Trine: Let Freedom Ring!

This is the week we finally gain freedom from all the frustrating obstructions that have blocked our progress and given us all the tension and depression this past season. Saturn is trining Uranus  on Thursday, May 18, bringing deliverance from a long-time cycle of anxiety, failure, and misunderstandings and bringing us new hope and peace of mind. It's an opportunity to take back our faith that we can create our own lives and not be manipulated by fear.

Progress will come naturally now if you fully disengage from negative influences and stop talking about the bad stuff. Change your attitude and let the past be over and done with.

Each day this week the planets support our awakening:

Monday May 15. The Moon joins up with the Death Star, Pluto. Release the past, build up your strength and decide what to do next.

Tuesday, May 16. Moon enters Aquarius, the sign of Other People and makes a difficult square to the mind planet, Mercury. The new positive patterns are just beginning to form while old habits die hard. Especially the habit of being hampered by the cunning and hostility of others or your own self defeating attitudes. To free yourself from this and achieve your aims, you must make a special effort be honest, open, and correct in everything you say and do today.

Wednesday, May 17. The Moon makes a fortunate sextile to Venus in Aries and then on to a happy trine with Jupiter. Caution recommended however as over confidence might lead some to become arrogant, show off, or attempt things for which they do not have the skills. A strong Saturn influence helps you be true to yourself and recognize your limitations.

Thursday, May 18. The Moon continues in Aquarius and squares the Sun in stubborn Taurus. Let go of relationships with selfish people who are doing you no good. This will make room in your life for the Saturn/Uranus types now coming in - that is, the more reliable people who could become friends and be of great help as you move forward.

Friday, May 19. Now Mars makes a tricky connection to Pluto and the Moon teams up with idealistic Neptune. To change your world for the better, you need to completely break away from harmful relationships, situations, and attitudes that are causing you danger or pulling you down. Once you have freed yourself from these inferior involvements and influences, you will succeed if you believe in yourself and your vision and commit to see through to completion what you have started.

Saturday, May 20. We end the week with the Moon making a final harsh square to task master Saturn. In order to make further progress, you must take decisive action now to let go of the remaining opposing person or situation that holds you back or threatens your happiness or peace of mind. Removing this final obstacle will begin a new cycle of time, release from the old, and you may now succeed in everything you set out to do.

This is the week to be true to yourself and to take care of yourself. Listen to your own inner wisdom and seek out supportive friends who are equally dedicated to positive progress.

There's plenty of good news out there - Enjoy!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sun Trine Pluto on Tuesday: Are You Feeling Lucky?

This is the week it could all change, are you ready for a brand new adventure? Tuesday May 9th, the Sun will be trining Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth and transformation. This line up happens only twice a year and signifies the release of old outgrown ways of being and the introduction of brand new opportunities. The more you are aware this shift is happening the more easily you should be able to complete past obligations and take advantage of new start ups.

First you are probably coming to recognize significant "story lines" in your life are winding down and coming to a close. Eager as we may be to get on with the new, it is important at this time to not just abandon old jobs and friendships but to carefully bring them to completion. This is particularly true on Monday, May 8, when the moon will oppose Mercury and Uranus and sextile Saturn. The combo could bring upsetting - Uranus - news - Mercury - which Saturn says must be handled responsibly. In other words, while you may feel tempted to just quit your work your marriage or your diet, it would be wiser to avoid abrupt change, think it through, give some advanced warning and if you must end things do it on a good note.

Tuesday is the Pluto trine the Sun. We'll be feeling particularly confident - ready to take on the world! As Pluto rules power struggles you may also experience some sort of run in with people in positions of power. Don't try to prove yourself  to them or get into a competition, just continue striving to do your best. Show you can handle yourself with poise! Later in the day a Mercury conjunct Uranus line up could bring some important insights and maybe even exciting offers.

The full Moon in Scorpio happens on Wednesday. You can look back on your progress now and recognize how you've overcome some significant difficulties. (Just don't get too impressed with yourself - there's always more to learn!)

Be careful on Thursday May 11 when energy loses focus as Mars squares Neptune. Never ignore  apparently insignificant details. When people get too confident they tend to trip up.

Wonderful aspects Friday. The Moon trines Venus and encourages sincere generosity from the heart, not the head or pocket book. Express real feelings!

Saturday May 13 is a mixed bag. The Moon will first trine Uranus which could be a boost for freedom and independence, but shortly there after it will bump up against Saturn meaning any chores  or lessons left incomplete could prevent graduating to the next level. It may be Saturday but don't use that as an excuse to slack off and admire your past - stay focused on the present and keep aiming for the future.

All in all a great line up of planets for making changes but with a bit of a warning that once the changes are made it's still important to manage the details.

Thanks for reading,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mercury Turns Direct in Aries - I Do Believe It's Getting Better

 Progress is being made folks and we're really going to start to see it this week after Mercury turns direct May 3. If you've been feeling overwhelmed by the political news or by frustrations in your personal life or just by the lousy weather, fear not! Brighter days are coming. Here's how:

First, Saturn has been retrograde for several weeks now so we're all finally getting the message that things are not going to get fixed over night, so we can stop stressing, relax and pace ourselves. There will never be enough time to do or achieve everything we'd like so why beat ourselves up about it? Saturn wont turn direct until September so we've got lots of time to get our lives in order. If we'll just do a little something every day we WILL see gradual improvement.

For the best way to use the energies this week...
Monday, May 1 finds the Moon opposing Pluto and squaring Mercury and Uranus. Start the week slowly, ignore negative words and proceed cautiously.

Tuesday, May 2 promises to be much better. The Moon sextiles Jupiter giving us a chance to relax. Prepare for the work ahead by replenishing your reserves. You should see reasons tonight to be confident you can make it!

Wednesday,  May, 3. Mercury turns direct so we should start thinking straight again. A Moon trine Uranus could urge us to push things ahead too fast however, but a follow up trine to Saturn shows how to find our own tempo and keep moving.

Thursday, May, 4. The Moon moves into cautious Virgo and makes a harsh square to Mars. We will probably become aware of obstructions that must be dealt with. Remain flexible, gather strength and let the Moon Virgo/Mars combo help you find safe ways to move forward.

Friday, May 5. Cinco de Mayo gets off to a great start with the Moon trining rejuvenating Pluto but this can also mean feelings of envy and isolation are floating about so again, remain calm, gather strength and know that any misunderstandings will sort themselves out by morning.

Saturday, May 6. The Moon enters peace making Libra and opposes Venus today. If you've used this week to stay focused on your goals and worked towards gradual, persistent progress this pairing of the planets will bring you a fine reward.

To sum up the energies of the week ahead, just remember that although Mercury is turning direct opening opportunities for progress, Saturn, the task master is still prominent right now meaning we mustn't try to leap over tall buildings with a single bound. To overcome obstacles - including the negative energy of others - we'll have to calm down and stockpile resources. These can be both material resources and our own inner resources, our core values and particularly our sense of humor!

To tame negative energy, stick firmly to what feels right. If others test your inner strength, use this as an opportunity to practice what you've learned - when they go low, we go high!. And of course you can always call me for a personal consultation.

Congratulations! We survived the first hundred days - 1360 more to go!
Love to all,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, April 23, 2017

New Moon in Taurus Brings An Hour of Power!

Over the next two days, Sunday April 23 and Monday April 24, the Moon in Aries will be aspecting  Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, Mercury and Saturn. With the Moon making all these  connections, this is the time when we should go out socializing ourselves. Take every opportunity to create and strengthen friendships  - your success for the month ahead depends on it!

 Aries is the sign that marks the beginning of a new cycle and having the Moon here means now is the time we are to be getting the ball rolling emotionally, that is, start new contacts, form new friendships, and create new alliances. My partner and I have recently moved and are intending to use this line up of planets to introduce ourselves to our new neighbors. As the Moon's final aspect to Saturn particularly rewards forming and building lasting organizations we're hoping to create some enthusiasm for launching a Little Free Library at our new address. You too will benefit if you organize with others to do something this week.

Caution - while some of the people you meet this week may present you with opportunities (or you will see opportunities yourself), beware a tendency to go overboard. With the Moon opposing Jupiter and the squaring Pluto, enthusiasm can quickly take over and perhaps make a person promise too much too soon. We're seeing this energy playing out on the national level with Donald Trump now declaring that judging a president's accomplishments based on his performance during the first 100 days in office is a poor way to calculate success. Furthermore he has also started to back peddle on his promises of  instant tax reform.  Note the Moon's final aspect before leaving Aries is a calm  steady trine to  Saturn meaning exaggeration wasn't necessary, to make progress we only need to take things one step at a time. Of course, you can always give me a call and we can do a reading for the best way way for you to proceed to create your best outcome.

Tuesday, April 25: the Moon is void of course (that is, it doesn't contact any other planets) through out the evening so you'll probably only feel like socializing with just your immediate circle. This isn't a bad thing but it would be better if you were to use the time to reach out to a wider gene pool.

Wednesday April 26: New Moon in Taurus at 7:46 a.m. edt! The half hour before a New Moon and the half hour just after are extremely powerful for launching new projects. If you are on the East Coast this means get active between 7:16 a.m. - 8:16 a.m. Put your heart, soul and clear intentions into whatever  you are doing. You will be rewarded on the Full Moon.

Also, the Moon sextiles Neptune through out the day so we need to be a bit cautious about who we trust. There are always people within a group who may not have our best interests at heart. Be a bit detached and of course act in such a way that YOU inspire trust.

Thursday April 27: The Moon sextiles Chiron, the wounded healer today. If that Jupiter/Pluto energy got you over-doing things a bit earlier in the week you may notice the strained muscles or strained relationships today. Rely on your good sense and call a halt to any aggressive activities or attitudes. You must be low key and accommodating if you are to achieve your goals today.

Friday, April 28: Venus retrograde re-enters Aries and Mercury in Aries joins with Uranus = Great for re-starting old friendships that haven't been getting much attention lately. If you wish to join with another but feel you've been blocked, today would be the perfect day to reach out. There may be some issues that still have to be worked on but if you remain courageous and persevere you will eventually overcome all obstacles and achieve the alliance you seek!

Saturday, April 29: The Moon opposes The Giant Squelch of The Universe, Saturn, today. You may find you wish to get out and mingle but there are obstacles - chores perhaps or some unfinished business - that block the way. However, as Saturn rules fated ties, if you've been paying attention to the planets this week no doubt you have accomplished part of your goal of making new friends and can spend at least some bit of time the way you please and with someone you like.

In summary, the strong Aries influence at the beginning of the week supports us in getting new connections launched. Towards the middle of the week the energies tend to slow down and we need to monitor ourselves to be sure we aren't trying to force things to happen. Continue to act in ways that will attract the highest caliber of friendships and let nature take its course.

For a personal reading, call me at 410-750-0077

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sun into Taurus, Mars into Gemini, Pluto Retrograde. The Changes. Just. Keep. Coming.

So far 2017 seems to be all about adjusting to radical change.  Release the past - the old hurts as well as the old expectations - and accept the new.

The Sun moving into quiet stubborn Taurus this week means that with patience and not resisting what ever happens we will be able to hold on to our inner equilibrium until better times arrive.
Pluto turning retrograde Thursday means we accept the past is gone and will not return, and begin to clear away old and useless habits and ideas.
Doing this will set you straight and prepare you for what is coming...

The week starts off with a bang on Monday, April 17 with a Sun-Saturn trine. It's a good time to increase your involvement and to get things done while the energy and opportunities are available. The Moon in Capricorn sextilling Neptune in Pisces motivates you to set ambitious but realistic goals and keep them firmly in mind. Include assisting people in need and your pursuits will bring you good fortune and happiness.

The Moon meets up with Pluto on Tuesday, April 18 and then moves on to sextile Venus in Pisces. Positive energy is increasing and nothing stands in the way. Make sure your goals help others and not just yourself. Be consciously creative!

Wednesday, April 19. The Moon squares the Sun and then Mercury. Don't let setbacks worry you because you may benefit from them. Accept whatever is happening, observe the process and learn from it. You may discover ideas, skills and opportunities that will help and comfort others.

Thursday, April 20. Pluto, the God of Death and Destruction, turns retrograde while the Moon trines Jupiter. This  combo brings opportunities to be of great service when you act as a peacemaker between two parties.. Listen carefully to both sides but stay impartial. Use your wisdom, skills, and resources to propose a solution that is fair and objective and that leads to peace and harmony.

Friday, April 21. Venus squares Saturn but squares aren't always a bad thing. They can motivate us to get active and this one promises that with generosity, kindness, and compassion you can create something that will last. Push yourself to give more than expected. Seek to be of benefit to others and to help and support where you can without expecting any reward.

Saturday, April 22. Moon in Pisces joins Neptune in Pisces and then connects with Pluto and lovely Venus. It's time to start giving some of your abundant wealth, skills, and influence to the less fortunate. Use your experience, energy and resources to tackle large and worthwhile projects that can benefit others. Sharing your good fortune increases it.

It's another wild and woolly week ahead with no short supply of drama. Just be sure to cast yourself in the role of savior and let someone else who wants to play the part of victim.
For a more detailed reading call me at:

410 - 750 - 0077

Love to all,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, April 10, 2017

Trump May Have Just Done Something Right!

Last week President Trump gave the order to bomb an airstrip in Syria. The location had been used to launch poison gas attacks on the citizens of Syria. By bombing the airstrip the President intended to prevent further attacks.

The results were mixed.

 As I understand it, the runways were not totally destroyed and they were quickly restored. So the action seems not to have crippled the airport's operation but perhaps decimation was not the goal. Perhaps Trump did what he did to draw attention to a situation that had to be dealt with, but he did it in such a way so as not to make matters worse. By bombing and not destroying Trump sent a stern warning of what we can and will do but he did it in such a way that did not kill hundreds of people and launch an all out war.

Now some people, and I feel particularly reporters, have spun this story to make Trump look bad. This is short sighted. By continually accentuating the negativity of this man's actions liberals are becoming as stubborn and bigoted as they accuse the conservatives as being. Consider what the headlines read and then take into consideration some alternative facts, particularly the big deal that has been made about how the Russians were given advance warning of the impending airstrike and so the target zone was nearly deserted and thus there were a minimal number of deaths. Some how people regard this as a failure - but isn't it really an incredible blessing? If a large number of people had been killed Russia would have been practically forced to attack us. If a warning was indeed intentionally leaked ahead of time - and thus a great number of fatalities prevented - shouldn't we be cheering "Bravo, Mr President"?

Now don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying I approve of Trump or that I think he consciously knew what he was doing. No, I talking about how those of us who consider ourselves light-workers and who understand the law of attraction should start recognizing that our prayers are being answered. We've prayed for peace and the end of war. We may have thought this could only happen in a certain way, like only if Bernie Sanders were elected or only if certain laws were repealed. This didn't happen and that's shaken a lot of people's faith in the power of intention. Not to worry! Our visions of world ascension to higher levels of consciousness will manifest and are manifesting. This recent airstrike "failure" is an example that the angels are looking out for us. Let us be grateful.

The astrological aspects continue to be challenging this week as Mercury, Venus and Saturn are now all retrograde meaning it's time for a pullback and everything goes into slow motion. This may help a lot on the international scene as it can put the breaks on a rush to war but individually we may encounter frustration as things don't come together as quickly as we'd like them to. Make a vow not to use force and you may see how delays are actually to your advantage.

May we all be surrounded with love and light,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sun Square Pluto: Don't Rock The Boat, Baby!

Enormous pressures this week. We all should be taking extraordinary measures to control situations so as to not be overwhelmed. The key clue is don't overload your schedule. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Here's the breakdown:

Monday, April 3. Moon in hang-on-to-the-old Cancer squaring the Sun in start-something-new Aries. Deal with the conflict by establishing your priorities. Then with Aries' courage and confidence, make the changes and trade-offs to achieve what is most important to you.

*Tuesday, April 4. Probably the best day this week. Inspiring trine between the Moon in Cancer and Venus in Pisces gives a fresh vision of what is now possible. Encourage renewal and growth by joining with people who are different and dare to think outside the box.

Wednesday, April 5. Mars trines Pluto but SATURN TURNS RETROGRADE. The energizing Mars/Pluto connection can feel like you've plugged into The Source but resist the temptation to try moving mountains, With Saturn turning retrograde obligations taken on at this time can prove much more burdensome than anticipated. Don't overload yourself.

Thursday, April 6. Moon trine Saturn. Hopefully you didn't overdo yesterday so you're able to continue with various projects today. The Moon/Saturn pairing is an encouraging influence for completing the basic necessities and also for strengthening ties with helpful friends. If you've had assistance of late, today would be a good time to make a show of appreciation.

Friday, April 7. Good news! Moon trine Mercury and Sun opposing Jupiter. Unexpected energy and vigor enter our lives. Perhaps a chance to reflect on how far we've come and where we want to go from here. The Sun gives a general feeling of optimism yet again, with expansive Jupiter there's a warning against overextending yourself.

Saturday, April 8. This is the day the Sun squares off with Pluto, the day when an ordinary person's desires - represented by the Sun - clash with the bigger circumstances - Pluto - and you can get mixed up in power struggles. You may feel you're forced to make some sort of sacrifice but remember "When God closes a door,  He opens a window."

For more tips on the week coming up, give me a call at

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, March 26, 2017

New Moon in Aries, Mercury Trine Saturn: This Week We've Got to Get Organized!

The week starts off with a New Moon in Aries on Monday March 27th.
Like last week's first day of spring, this Sun/Moon combo fills us with a boost of enthusiasm and makes us aware the times are a'changing. Leaders become followers and followers become leaders. Start this cycle with an intention to get out and about. See new people, mix it up a bit. Listen more and talk less, let go of old prejudice, be open to opportunities. No need to choose or confuse. Just be a wide-eyed innocent and take it all in.
(The bachflower essence "Walnut" is specifically formulated for helping us adapt to new circumstances. It's available on line and at health food stores.)

Tuesday March 28:
The Moon bumps into disruptive Uranus, the planet ruling friends but also strangers, alerting us that today we need to be careful of the company we keep. If you made a point of listening  yesterday it shouldn't be difficult now to recognize who are the strong people of good character and to let go of relationships with people whose habits are not bringing out the best in you. Everything tends to get tossed up in the air with these Uranus aspects but after breaking out of the old patterns there's an opportunity coming up (tomorrow!) to regroup in a more harmonious way.

Wednesday March 29:
Mercury trines Saturn: Easy to get organized. When you've eliminate the clutter and stop associating with people who are unsatisfactory or leading you astray you automatically make room for meeting the right kind of people who can help you achieve your goals. Create a routine that's easy to follow.

Thursday March 30:
Moon trine Pluto: This powerful connection awakens a similar Can-Do vibration in you. With the weak willed cling-ons now out of the way you can move mountains with your well chosen associates. In the words of Mother Teresa, "What I can do, you cannot do and what you can do, I cannot do, but together we can make something beautiful for God."

Friday March 31:
Mercury leaves Aries, enters Taurus:
When the planet ruling the mind changes signs we tend to feel mildly disoriented. It's as if we are suddenly adrift in uncertain and changing times. Keep calm and carry on. Mercury in Aries urged us to make the best choices by setting our sights on what is beautiful, good and truly worthy of our devotion. Now as Mercury progresses through Taurus, the sign ruling the physical world, we will start to see these intentions manifesting - but it can be a bit of a test of faith as we first have to release the old to make room for the new. So have no doubts. Stay on your path with confidence and decisiveness and you will succeed!

Saturday April 1:
Moon trine Jupiter:
Jupiter rules vast experience and it's accumulated wisdom while the Moon represents the general public. Together these two bring you opportunities to share what you have and what you've learned. You may find the day filled with interruptions - Tuesday's Uranus disruptive aspect is still resonating! - but if you unselfishly live up to your obligations to help and guide others you will be rewarded with goodwill, lasting friendships, and a sense of fulfillment. 

Bottom line:
With Pluto involved, it's a powerful line up of planets for transformation and healing this week. Seek to align with the flow by choosing a worthwhile focus and then surround yourself with positive people who are dedicated to moving in a similar direction.

To more fully understand how you can best harness these energies for your own purposes call me for a personal reading.:

Rosada, EXT 2340