Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Mars Trine Neptune: Finding Peace of Mind

It's been a tough year for many of us especially with the constant barrage of news stories popping up on our computers forcing us to be aware of all sorts of nastiness we can do little about. More and more I hear people claiming, "I just don't look at the news anymore," which is unfortunate of course, but what else can we do if we want to retain a modicum of sanity? Particularly while Mars, the planet symbolizing our individual energy and direction, is in Scorpio, the most intense of all the signs. It causes us to want to do something about all these wrongs and yet the highest expression of Scorpio says that ultimately the only way to control the outer world is to find peace within. This Wednesday night, December 27, Mars will be making a very beneficial trine to Neptune the planet of visions and dreams. It signals an opportunity to overcome Scorpio Mars' tendency to indulge in anger and instead to be finding that peace. Here's how:

First, celebrate silence. We've been bombarded with ads, carols and jingles this season to the point we've totally confused our inner ears. I'm feeling everyone needs a bit of downtime now to regain balance and think clearly. Find a place of solitude to quiet your heart and get in touch with the silence with in yourself. Assume you're going to need about 15 minutes to get the full benefit of this time out. That's how long it takes for the verbal side of the brain to calm down and let the intuitive side be heard.

Focus on gentle, natural breathing. Neptune encourages letting thoughts drift in and out without giving them importance. Even the people you normally recognize and care about should not be on your mind right now. Remind yourself everything is just an idea, a thought form and Neptune allows you to let all those thought forms dissolve and vanish and then, with the fog out of the way, Neptune enables you to connect with your deeper true inner knowingness.

 Particularly don't let New Year's traditional time of reflection bring you down. January 1 often causes us to stress about what we didn't achieve last year or to worry about what might happen in the months ahead. Vow to focus your attention on being in the here and now instead. Mars can urge us to look ahead to go fast, but Neptune can cause us to lose track of where we're going and why - so slow down and appreciate the moment. Instead of using your mind to think and churn and strategise, just let the thoughts come and go. At the end of your quiet time you may be blessed with some significant insight, but if not, that's okay too. The important thing is that YOU EXPERIENCE INNER PEACE by keeping still and now your body will continue to instinctively find this peacefulness path where ever you are even as you go about your daily routine in the outer world. Thus without thinking, planning or worry you will intuitively and peacefully do the right things and create the best possible outcomes.

You have to feel it before you can find it!

May 2018 be your best year ever!
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Saturn into Capricorn - Time for a Reality Check

 December 19, 2017. That's the day Saturn enters Capricorn. Saturn symbolizes Shared Reality. That is, the world we all live in is a group construct made up of an infinite number of ideas and perspectives. Together all these thoughts form what appears to us to be solid. This phenomenon of a mass that appears to be real is symbolized be the planet Saturn. He rules structure, limits and responsibility. Capricorn is his home sign where he reigns most powerfully. This means that when Saturn is in Capricorn - and particularly when he first enters the sign - we are able to see where we are in the world without any rosy colored glasses. It's a time when we are called upon to be totally honest with ourselves. This may sound like a bad thing but in reality - Saturn's favorite word - it's a very good thing. It's a very good thing because it's only when we see ourselves and accept our situation exactly as it is that we can find helpful friends and make progress. If you call a cab you don't say, "Pick me up at the fancy hotel" if that's not where you are. No, you want the cab to know where you are so it can come get you, even if it's on a street corner on Skid Row. Likewise, when Saturn enters Capricorn it's often a time when we see where we've fallen short and could use some help - but it only comes when we can admit we need it.

A few things you can watch for to prepare for this important moment:

Know that Saturn in Sagittarius promoted a sort of philosophical attitude about reality. "Alternative facts" became the catch phrase of the day, suggesting reality was whatever we wanted it to be, that there were no Ultimate Truths. That's all over now. Once Saturn is in Capricorn we'll be finding out there are some truths that can't just be wished away. For one thing, the reality of Global Warming will be becoming more and more evident. In our personal lives whether we're denying our addictions or making vows we know we can't keep, the half truths we tell ourselves will no longer conceal our suffering. It's time to see it and tell it like it is.

Saturn in Capricorn tightens up rules, boundaries and restrictions. No wonder Trump's vision to build a wall and to restrict travel are at the top of his agenda now. We'll probably be seeing more governmental involvement [restraint] in other areas of our daily lives too in the months ahead. It would probably be good for us all to become more active in local politics. Free speech: Use it or lose it.

Saturn in Capricorn encourages - requires! - us to be self sufficient. Don't assume Big Brother is looking out for your best interests.

But Saturn in Capricorn can also be a very helpful vibration. Particularly when it comes to taking care of ourselves. At first we may feel a bit disoriented and only able to see what is lacking, what help we're not getting, rather than recognizing we have infinite potential  within to create and re-create. Once we get passed that glass-half-empty feeling though and start counting our blessings, Saturn in Capricorn can be our best teacher ever. The key to recognizing Saturn is our friend is to understand he does not punish but only sets boundaries. It's as if Saturn's job is to be the gate keeper that says, "You can't go any further until you do what you promised to do." So if you're feeling blocked or broke or anything other than happy, ask yourself, "What have I promised to do that I haven't done yet?" As you complete those commitments - or just make a start - then Saturn starts bringing the good karma and life starts moving forward again.

Good news:
Mercury turns direct on Friday evening December 22 just as the Moon in Aquarius is making a liberating sextile to Uranus in Aries bringing opportunities to release old limitations. Perhaps after looking at things realistically we come to recognize that things aren't so bad after all or that the burdens we've been carrying needn't be born alone. More reasons to rejoice come through on Friday night when the Moon sextile's Venus.

Altogether it looks like this is the week to honor Saturn by getting things in simple order by Thursday and then give yourself over to a wonderful holiday weekend on Friday.

Did you know Santa Claus is another symbol for Saturn? He knows if you've been bad or good and rewards you accordingly.
Be good for Goodness sake!
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Mercury Conjunct Venus in Sagittarius: All is Merry and Bright

😊 Relax with a cup of egg nog folks and flow with what ought to be the most stress free week of the season...

On Tuesday , December 12, the Sun will be cozying up to retrograde Mercury meaning it's a grand time for reminiscing as we easily access pleasant memories of Christmas past. Send out bushels of Christmas cards to all your friends on this day and you're sure get blessings for helping the angels spread the holiday cheer.

On Friday, December 15 there will be a sweet meet up between Venus and Mercury opening the door for more good wishes. A Christmas party now will do a lot to revive our optimism. If you still have Christmas shopping to do this could be a day where you find the perfect gifts.

These tidings of great joy do come with a bit of a warning however. Mercury is the trickster who may not be counted on to be entirely honest and Venus in Sagittarius is known to love'm and leave'm. Enjoy the moment under the mistletoe but don't get carried away.

The illuminating Sun trines Uranus on Saturday, December 16, bringing the week to an exciting, surprising, unpredictable close. If you have been a bit lonely this season this planetary line could reveal opportunities. Welcome new friends, travel off your beaten path and expect the unexpected. Not a good day for trying to stick to a schedule but a fabulous time for miracles. Indeed, you may find yourself feeling you absolutely cannot continue with old ways that aren't working and guess what? If you decide to make changes now, new doors could appear and automatically open up!

All in all a week to remember old friends and encourage the new.

Happy holidays,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Mercury AND Uranus Retrograde? Even Santa Gets Confused.

I feel like 2017 has been a great big box of crazy and here at the end of the year anything that didn't get thrown at us before is being tossed in now. And we still have four more weeks to go...
Here's what we're dealing with folks - the basic trends are explained by the placement of the 3 outer planets:
Pluto, the planet ruling secrets and sex known as the Lord of Death, Rebirth and Transformation, has been transiting Capricorn, the sign of government. We are now in the middle of this cycle and the awareness how corrupt and unworkable governments are cannot be ignored any longer. Donald Trump ran with the promise of "draining the swamp". His promise resonated with enough voters and the collective unconscious to get him elected. However, he's just a pawn in Pluto's game and Pluto doesn't play favorites. The swamp has hit the fan and everyone in the public eye from t.v. celebrities to Trump himself to is being exposed. This will continue through out 2018 so we can expect more inconvenient truths coming to light.
Next up, Neptune, the planet ruling dreams and illusions and also lies and deceptions continues to be powerful in his home sign Pisces. Neptune is responsible for bringing awareness of all the "fake news" - did anyone even know there was such a thing as fake news. before this year? - and also awareness of the less fortunate. A lot of stories this year have been about victims of all kinds from shootings to floods to sexual assault. Neptune says separation is an illusion and that we are all one. Stories of victims will continue to grow even more prominent in the new year nudging society to recognize what happens to one will eventually effect us all.
Uranus is the planet of free will and in Aries he particularly ignites issues having to do with individual freedoms, like free speech and the right to bear arms. He has been retrograde for several months and during this time harsh debate has been going on as to just what our freedoms are.
Mercury will also retrograde this month. Having both the planets that rule the mind moving backwards suggests finding answers by going within. Time for deep soul searching and deciding just what it is we truly believe in.

These outer planets set the tone for what manifests up close in our personal lives. With Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces I think we're going to find the plight of the underdog will become more and more obvious as indeed more and more of us start to feel we ARE the under dogs. The good news is that Uranus in Aries encourages new ways of dealing with old problems. Independent thinkers will be rewarded. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do to create a whole new country!

Confusing but exciting.
Liveliest days this week will be Thursday December 7 and Friday December 8.
Get a lot done and have a lot of fun doing it.

 Bingle jells!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Mars Opposition Uranus - Keep It Simple, Take It Slow.

The holiday roller coaster ride is gaining traction and this week's forecast alerts to the peaks and valleys that go along with it. It looks like this week is going to be full of ups and downs so fasten your seat belts and focus on the opportunities for joy and soften the possibilities for jolts.

A grumpy Mercury Saturn conjunction on Tuesday, November 28, might emphasize just how tired we are of all the holiday hype and leave us feeling we not only can't get everything done - we don't even want to. This Bah - Humbug! aspect can actually make things less confusing however, if you use it to help you simplify, make lists and keep expectations realistic.

Things will look a lot merrier and brighter on Wednesday, November 29, when a Sun-Moon trine in fire signs lights up our holiday spirit! Could be a good day to launch the season by sending off a stack of Christmas cards.

The good vibrations just keep coming on Friday, December 1, when Venus finally loses her fascination with dark, deep Scorpio drama and floats on into cheerful Sagittarius. Loving Venus in philosophical Sag brings a joyful feeling of good will and this well meaning energy will be with us all the way until Christmas.

That's a good thing to remember as also on Friday Mars will be opposing Uranus, which could trigger sudden disruptions.

But all is not lost! (I warned you this week was going to be full of ups and downs...) The Moon will be in sensuous Taurus on Friday and the final aspect will be a trine to rejuvenating Pluto. Looks to me that while we can expect some Mars/Uranus flare-ups, still a tasty dinner with some holiday sparkle is all that's necessary to heal bruised egos. Any business deals - or romances! - that may have appeared to be heading south this week have a chance to be renegotiated now.

One final warning:
This Mars - Uranus stand off is often associated with accidents, gun fire and all sorts of harsh stuff so do use caution this week. Fortunately there's one more miracle positive alignment coming together on Saturday, December 2. Jupiter will make an unusual once-in-twelve-years trine to Neptune which could go a long way to cushioning the harshness. Just be careful that warm fuzzy feelings don't inspire impulsive budget shattering Christmas shopping!

Ho x 3!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sri Yantra - Shortcut to Enlightenment

"Sri Yantra" is the name of a geometric pattern made up of overlapping triangles. The shapes are arranged so that some of the triangles point upwards and others point downwards. Although often displayed on a banner in tandem with Buddhist and Hindu artifacts, the Sri Yantra can benefit anyone, not just those of a certain religious persuasion. Approach it as an eye exercise that strengthens the connections between the various centers in the brain. By looking at the figure while outwardly allowing the eyes to track from one triangle point to another, the mind begins to make internal connections too. After only one or two sessions of meditating on the Sri Yantra, people report significant improvements in their daily lives. Particularly one's timing seems to improve resulting in many happy coincidences like bumping into friends while shopping and finding perfect parking places. After a bit more practice one experiences thoughts and ideas quickly and easily manifesting into solid things. This is particularly encouraging for those of us who have tried visualization techniques without success.

To make the Sri Yantra work for you, have a clear image in your mind of what you would like to create, stare at the Sri Yantra for about ten minutes, and then..
Be amazed at how quickly your heart's desires come into being!

Also, for those interested in self improvement and spiritual work the Sri Yantra offers the possibility of completely releasing those old unconscious impulses that may have sabotaged conscious intentions - they simply lose the power to interfere.

If you are interested in learning more about the powers of the Sri Yantra, and even buying one of your own, google it and several informative sites will come up. However, although they are not expensive, you can easily draw one for yourself! As to what it "means", you can't really know that until you experience it.

The line up of planets this week are mostly upbeat giving several opportunities but also some important warnings.

We had a very harsh Mars square Pluto mash up this morning, Sunday, November 19. This no doubt triggered some feelings of being unable to continue old unproductive patterns. Whether you announced, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore," or simply quietly decided to make changes, this aspect will be continuing to cause reverberations in the days ahead - so don't try to sweep stirred up awareness under the rug! It becomes obvious now that something's got to give.
Rather than trying to restore old routines look to create new ones.

Tuesday November 21 Venus in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn - an encouraging omen for transformation, particularly for issues involving death, taxes or sexuality. The recent flood of accusations by women claiming to have been sexually harassed may be leading to positive changes.

Wednesday Neptune turns direct. Neptune rules intuition, music and those things that cannot be seen but only sensed. When retrograde, Neptune pulls back from sharing his insights. Now that he is moving forward perhaps we will find it easier to grasp what our unconscious is trying to tell us - a great time for setting up a Sri Yantra!

Thanksgiving Day starts out with a disruptive Moon square Uranus. It may be impossible to stick with our preconceived plans so have an attitude of flexibility. The Moon will go into Aquarius later in the day which welcomes "outsiders" so take advantage of any opportunity to include someone unrelated to the family. Rather than shooting for a "traditional" celebration, this could be the year you excel doing something totally spontaneous.

Terrific line up of planets for finding unexpected bargains on Friday and Saturday with Mercury trining Uranus. Hit the Black Friday sales with gusto!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, November 11, 2017

New Moon in Scorpio - Marching to The Beat of a Different Drummer

The zodiac is made up of 365 degrees and each degree is described by a different image known a a Sabian Symbol. Being aware of these images can often help one grasp the meaning of a planet at a certain degree more fully than words alone can. This week the New Moon happens on Saturday, November 18 at 27 degrees Scorpio. The key word for this degree is "propaganda" which makes a lot of sense when we consider that Scorpios are famous for being able to influence and manipulate  others on a deep and unconscious level. This word makes even more sense when we pair it with it's Sabian Symbol. The Sabian Symbol for 27 degrees Scorpio is of a military band marching noisily through the city streets. The band draws attention with it's music and the loud banging of its drums. A band rouses us - manipulates us! - and can make us feel good about God and country - even when in calmer quieter moments we may totally disapprove of what God and the government are up to. So the image of a marching band brings the word "propaganda" to life.

Now what does this image mean for each of us personally?
If a person is born on this date the image might suggest the person will literally grow up to play in a band! Or perhaps the influence will be more subtle. The image could be alerting us that the person will demand attention just as a marching band cannot be ignored. Or perhaps they will want to join the army or alternatively they may oppose the military and become peace activists, or maybe it just means they will excel in advertising work.. So you see, the symbols aren't so effective for making specific predictions, but they can be very useful in giving a person a few clues to the larger patterns.

The New Moon falling on the degree of the marching band this week suggests we may see some of the following in our lives in the month ahead:
Noisy bands for sure!
Maybe announcements that make you leap to your feet.
Peace rallies or war marches.

 There is also a caution that comes with each image. The noisy marching band could be warning us that a lot of noise drowns out the real messages. More fake news? Perhaps we are beating our own drum too loudly or perhaps we need to beware of someone else putting on a big ego display. Propaganda and threats to peace often show up when this degree is prominent in event charts.

All in all, the Moon message for this month is "Don't let your own inner voice be deafened by outside sounds."
In the words of Henry Thoreau,
"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away."

The exact time of the New Moon is Saturday morning, November 18 at 6:42 a.m. (est). Set your alarm to go off at that moment and you will be totally in tune with this Crashing Cymbals Symbol!
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Venus into Scorpio - It's Kind of a Big Deal.

Whew, I caught you just in time! Venus, the goddess of love, will be leaving her home sign Libra early Tuesday morning, November 7, and wont be back here again for an entire year! Use these last few hours while Venus is still in her sweet spot to promote a little extra good karma for your relationships. Contact friends and loved ones to share some good vibrations. Venus at the last degrees of Libra can pull you through the worst situations and still end with smiles all around.

Next stop - Scorpio! 
On the other hand, Venus in Scorpio portends power struggles and secret affairs. This is because Scorpio rules other people's possessions and those things we can only have access to because someone else agreed to share. To get someone to share their money (or their partner!) many folks resort to bullying or even theft or in the case of a romance, a secret liaison. During the next month while Venus is here we may all find ourselves in situations where we're tempted to use charm rather than facts to accomplish what needs to get done. Sure, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down but beware of becoming down right deceptive! Be aware that you may also be targeted for manipulation yourself. Department stores will be urging us with syrupy advertisements to spend our money on Christmas gifts and decorations and all the Venus stuff that is supposed to mean "love" - but really means debt.

Other planetary aspect to watch for this week:
The Sun will sextile Pluto early Thursday morning November 9, a powerful opportunity for regeneration and growth. This applies to all sorts of situations from healing relationships to finding just what you're looking for at the local thrift store (Pluto rules things that need to be repaired or reactivated).
On Saturday November 11 Saturn will trine Uranus. As Saturn rules physical reality and Uranus rules electronics, this combination could mean what used to be wild ideas and imaginings are solidifying into brilliant new inventions.

Think outside the box this week and see what New Age wonders appear!
Rosada 410-750-0077

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Jupiter in Scorpio - The Midas Touch

Jupiter has just gone into Scorpio which means wealth and abundance for those who know how to tap into this vibration:

1. Attitude of Gratitude.
Like old King Cole, Jupiter is a merry old soul and to align with his happy spirit cultivate your own good nature. Count your blessings and when you must pay a bill, don't begrudge it, think of yourself as being a patron who is honored to be called upon to support a worthy cause.

2. Candles and rituals.
Jupiter loves religions rituals and ceremonies. Light a candle and ask that the flame activate and manifest your heart's desire. White is fine but green is specifically for money. If this is going to do anything for you, you should see results within a week. I recently burned a green candle because I was wanting to purchase a new couch. I then headed out the door but I didn't even have to get to the store. Two blocks away a neighbor was in the middle of loading a moving van. As I walked by she half jokingly asked if I would like their nearly new couch as she didn't have space for it in the truck! The couch was the exact color I had in mind and it is now sitting happily in my sun room!

3. Giving to Get.
Jupiter is nothing if not generous. If you're looking to align with him, give generously yourself. Tithing - that is, giving away one tenth of your income - is a practice many of the super-rich credit with having helped create their success. Besides, giving is fun! I've tried to practice tithing for several years now and I feel The Universe has sent me money many times because Jupiter knew I'd direct it to those in need. Indeed, this week I've been invited to a fund raiser luncheon for lost dogs who've become homeless since the fires we've had out here in California. I accepted the invitation but was feeling uneasy as to what I could afford to give. That afternoon the mailman brought me a letter with a check from a woman who'd owed it to me for over a year. I had been pretty annoyed that she'd never gotten around to paying but I immediately recognized the divine timing of the money coming when it did.  I'm delighted to be able to contribute it to the animals - with enough left over to pay for my lunch!

4. Say "Thank you!"
This is kinda the same as having an attitude of gratitude, but it's taking things a step further. When we say thank you we're not just being polite - we're actually alerting our unconscious to find something for us to be thankful for. Do you know studies have shown that people who pay a higher price for a service often feel they got more value for their money than the ones who paid less and got a "bargain"? So always say "thank you" every chance you get - Jupiter will bless you for it!

Useful date coming up this week:
Venus will be opposing Uranus on Saturday November 4th, the day of the Full Moon. This could bring some shake up to relationships. Eat healthy and allow yourself plenty of time and wiggle room.

Thank you for reading - Really! Thank you!!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Mercury - Neptune Trine: Time for Love, I Swear It's Not Too Late.

To everything there is a season and as we approach the holidays it's time to live by our highest truth: We are all one.

Mercury trines Neptune on Tuesday October 24 giving us an opportunity to feel the connection instinctively but as we know, faith without works is dead. Open your channel wider by acting on your loving impulses now. Don't wait till Christmas to give. Unification with others is of paramount importance this week. We've got to align our attitudes with this ideal. There is no room for anything divisive.

Mercury - Neptune trines are also great days for taking short trips (Mercury) with no planned destination - just follow your intuition (Neptune)!

The Sun will have it's annual meet up with Jupiter Thursday morning October 25. Jupiter rules understanding and forgiveness so here we have another opportunity to create peace in our personal lives and in the world in general.

The Sun - Jupiter conjunction means awareness (Sun) puts a refreshingly sane light upon all (Jupiter) our predicaments. Seek and ye shall find solutions!

The possible glitches around all these good vibrations are described by the Moon in Capricorn making harsh squares on Wednesday and Thursday to Venus and Uranus. Selfish attitudes or people just wanting to be oppositional could delay good fortune - which is why I make such a strong pitch for people to act on their altruistic feelings. Don't wait for the other guy to make the first gesture!

Venus will square Pluto Friday night October 27. This could be a real heart breaker aspect. Venus rules love but in combination with Pluto we could get her dark side - mindless passion and the desire to have intense experiences.  Fortunately mindful Mercury is there too making a positive connect to Pluto so perhaps more reasonable heads will prevail. Even so, postpone stressful meetings for a few days and if you're planning on going out be sure to have a designated driver. No tattoos!

Saturday Night October 28 has a winning combination for a Halloween celebration. The Moon will be in Aquarius sextiling both Saturn and Uranus making it the perfect time (Saturn) to dress up and bring out the strange (Uranus)!

We've got some real hope for seeing improvement this week. The important thing to remember is to trust change is possible and act accordingly. When you hear something hopeful, don't be cynical! Believe!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, October 15, 2017

New Moon at 26/27 Degrees Libra - Transcending Conflict

I always look forward to the New Moon. It's a chance to focus on what I am hoping to manifest in the month ahead and by being clear at the exact time this aspect is forming the path then becomes clear. This week we'll be having a New Moon on Thursday, October 19 at 3:12 p.m. eastern time. Make a point of being in a good space on this day and see how easily the Universe aligns to manifest your strongest intentions.

Because the Moon will be in Libra the emphasis is on partnerships and creating fairness and balance in all our relationships in the month ahead. What is right about our connections will be strengthened but also what is wrong will become unavoidably obvious.

The planet Uranus, the ruler of freedom, is opposing both the Moon and the Sun on this New Moon day so there is liable to be more energy focused on getting out of agreements this month than negotiating for staying in. Politically we see Trump wanting to dissolve many of the programs put in place during the Obama administration. In our personal lives there will probably be a lot of folks wanting to make changes too. Partnerships that aren't working will be abandoned. Even friendships that are solid will be finding adjustments need to be made. If you are in a relationship right now that is not too well defined, this is NOT the month to ask, "Honey where are we going with all of this?" because the emphasis is on independence rather than commitment.

When trying to decipher the potential of a New Moon it is helpful to consider its exact degree. This New Moon will be happening at 26 - 27 degrees Libra. Each degree has an image known as a Sabian Symbol which often turns out to have uncanny significance. The Sabian Symbol for this month's New Moon is "An airplane flying high through clear blue skies." It signifies consciousness able to transcend the conflicts of personal life in order to gain a new perspective and new solutions. This image combined with the disruptive Sun-Moon opposition to Uranus suggests the way we can avoid this potential for upheaval is by intentionally looking for a "higher" way of interpreting our life situations. Often times when we are immersed in crisis we only see the loss, but if we consciously ask ourselves, "How is this serving me?" a whole different way of responding to events becomes possible.

A few other things happening in the skies this week that it's helpful to be aware of:
Mercury is leaving diplomatic Libra on Tuesday, October 17 and showing up in tell-it-like-it-is Scorpio. This shift means our mental attitude becomes more intense as we search for hidden meanings.
Jupiter, the planet of expansion will be merging with Mercury on Wednesday October 18. Hopefully Jupiter will bring optimism to Mental Mercury's take on life, but it could also signal more secrets revealed, more scandals and more drama.
Furthermore, Mars enters Libra on Sunday, October 22. Mars, the planet that demands to be first, is not in a position of strength in Libra, the sign that insists on equality and fair play. The combination is more likely to create stalemates rather than agreements.

All together the stars point to the importance of being flexible for the next seven days.

Good news: There's a terrific line up of planets happening weekend after this! Saturday night October 28 looks perfect for a Halloween celebration. Put your sites on that and avoid arguments and upheavals now.

Best wishes,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Time for a Change

Four difficult aspects and two planets changing signs coming up this week. Get in sync with the flow by being ready to make changes yourself. The Bach flower essence Walnut is for helping us adjust more easily. You can get it at major health food stores or order it on line.

The challenges begin Monday October 9 when both Mercury and the Sun in Libra move to make a harsh square to Pluto. Now Libra is the sign of peaceful negotiation but that confrontation to all or nothing Pluto could manifest in some dramatic power struggles. Keep clear about what's really important to you or something trivial - hamburgers or pizza for lunch? - could turn into something big and ruin a friendship.

The next day, Tuesday, October 10, Jupiter makes it's annual sign change and leaves Libra to enter Scorpio. This is a biggie. In Libra Jupiter was all about enhancing fairness and equal partnership but issues left unresolved now must next be tackled underground as Jupiter - the planet ruling justice - slips into secretive Scorpio.
Scorpio is the sign ruling death, taxes and sex so we'll no doubt be having more heated debate about our countries tax codes and of course the transgender issues aren't about to go away. Unfortunately Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in the death sign Scorpio could also put more mass shootings in the headlines unless Jupiter here means we finally have some justice about gun control.

If you are a Scorpio or have the Moon or Ascendant in this sign Jupiter here could bring you some good fortune. As Jupiter rules Scorpio's money house, Scorpios are encouraged to spend money on themselves this year!

Allow plenty of time for delays on Wednesday October 11. Mars will square Saturn so energy is going to bump up against obstacles. Slow but sure wins the race.

Something nice possible Thursday night, October 12. Mercury sextiles Saturn and the Moon sextiles Venus. Issues you wisely avoided earlier in the week can be tackled now with success.

Friday and Saturday October 13 and 14 will be feeling the effects of Venus leaving Virgo and popping up in Libra. Try to get details handled while Virgo is still in the work and service sign because once she enters Libra all we'll wanna do is have some fun.

Sunday October 15 could be stressful when Mercury opposes Uranus. Those who insist their way is the only way will find plenty to disagree with, but those who are open to new ideas should get some useful insights.

All in all it appears there will be plenty of political drama to suck us in if we choose to spend our time that way, but those who decide to turn off the news and focus on their own world will find the change is liberating.

Set yourself free!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Jupiter Leaving Libra - Next Stop Scorpio!

Jupiter is the planet ruling travel, expansion and abundance. This makes sense when we consider it follows Mars, the energy planet that leaves home and takes off to explore new horizons. Once out the door it's not long before Mars consciousness becomes Jupiter consciousness, that is, we realize that it's a much bigger world out there than we'd ever imagined. Mars consciousness thinks in terms of competition and ways for being top dog. Jupiter consciousness is a champion who has won so many times he becomes a role model for the whole league. Jupiter consciousness recognizes there is abundance for all and has great compassion for the under dog.

 Jupiter takes approximately twelve years to circle the entire zodiac and stays about one year in each sign. This month Jupiter winds up his trip through Libra and enters the next sign Scorpio. The meaning of a planet in any sign often becomes more obvious at these crucial change moments. Thus, we all have the opportunity to recognize and experience the full impact of Jupiter in Libra for the next ten days as Jupiter leaves this sign of balance and fair play, and if we pay attention we should then be getting some clear insights into the meaning of Jupiter in Scorpio, which Jupiter enters in the middle of the month.

Jupiter in your sun sign is considered a great blessing mainly because it gives a person "more." This may mean good fortune in general or literally more of some specific thing like money. But sometimes too much of a good thing is not so good. This is why Jupiter figures in situations that are not always positive. Jupiter in your Sun sign may expand ones feelings of good will but Jupiter here can also indicate that you will gain weight, that is, you will expand physically. Thus while Jupiter was in Libra this last year those who have the Sun in Libra should have experienced some unusual good fortune but they may have also have promised too much, or expected too much or just gained weight. Now with Jupiter entering Scorpio, the sign of endings and transformations, it may be possible to shed the extra pounds but there is a need to also be careful that you don't shed the money too.

However I'm getting ahead of myself. I want to talk about what Jupiter leaving Libra this month means for all of us so you can take advantage of this not-so-common opportunity. Libra is the sign ruling relationships, particularly one-on-one partnerships. People with planets in Libra should have had an easier time negotiating their relationships this year. Even if there were break-ups Jupiter would have made sure things ended with a sense of fairness. I think it's interesting that Trump tried but failed to push through many measures that the public recognized were not just.

In these last days of Jupiter being in this sign of fair play many will find it much easier to renegotiate agreements, reactivate friendships and in general get things on a more balanced footing. It is important that we do this now because Jupiter in Libra gives the ability to make ourselves quite charming. When he moves into Scorpio this wont necessarily be the case.

In Scorpio, Jupiter's quest for finding the larger meaning in life's dramas goes underground. We'll find ourselves wanting to take a look at life's deeper mysteries like sex and death and what's really going on backstage at The White House. Scorpio rules taxes so Jupiter here could refer to the talk of changes in the tax code. Supposedly the suggested changes are meant to help the average citizen - the under dog - but anytime there are planets in Scorpio we need to be skeptical and look for the hidden agenda.

Those with Scorpio strong in their horoscopes will be especially lucky in the coming year. Be particularly aware of to count your blessings on the actual day of the sign change - October 10 - when it will be easier to sense the shift. If new enthusiasms seem a bit slow to get off the ground have patience. Mars will be squaring Saturn on October 11 which almost always means delays.

I am looking for volunteers to allow me to look at your birth charts and post what I see here on this blog. If you would like to have a reading of your astrological chart, post the day, time and place of your birth in the comments section below.

Let's do this!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, September 25, 2017

Jupiter Opposition Uranus: Are You Brave Enough For Freedom?

We had some friends over for dinner last week and decided to cap off the evening with a friendly game of Scrabble. Now my husband and I play almost every day so we have an arsenal of two letter words in our brains - obscure words like Qi and Aa that no one else has heard before much less uses. This often leads to heated debates when we play with folks who aren't avid Scrabble fans themselves and sure enough we weren't far into it when the protests began. How did we figure Za was a word and even if it were a word, if we didn't know the meaning should it still count? We hadn't thought to review the rules with each other before we played so everyone had their own theory and it wasn't pretty. At one point one of the friends even left the table to calm down! Meanwhile I - who can't handle any sort of dissension - found my self in the awkward position of having the highest score and so at the end of the game when everyone was mad at each other, I didn't dare mention the fact I was the winner. I just quickly fixed a round of root beer floats and we moved on. We're all still speaking as far as I know but the experience led me to reflect on the major aspect we're all dealing with this week is a Jupiter, the planet of blessings, opposite Uranus, the planet of upset, upheaval and ultimately freedom. The message here is that at this time we can all expect to be going through some sort of situation or test where we may be totally justified in our position and yet to claim our rights means breaking with tradition and perhaps losing as much as we might gain. For me, I was the winner fair and square but to make much of it might have ruined a very nice evening. I chose to let go of my crowing rights but that might not be the right decision for you. Just be aware you might need to stand up and speak for yourself this week and it may not be easy.

Another example of this being a time when bravery is required to assert our rights, I note the latest Trump induced drama with his bad mouthing (bad tweeting?) the football players who refused to salute the flag as a protest to racism and police brutality. The Supreme Court ruled in 1943 that no one could be pressured to salute the flag on the grounds the laws concerning the separation between Church and State forbid the government requiring anyone to publicly proclaim their faith. Even so, the action of the football players is reopening the debate. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!

Another significant planetary aspect coming up:
Pluto, the planet of life-death-and extreme transformation, has been retrograde since April and will be turning direct in Capricorn on Thursday September 28. This means that changes we have been going through on the inner level these last five months will now become much more obvious in the outer world. My own personal experience with this shift seems to be playing out around my new digs. My husband and I moved into a new home last April and it has a spare bedroom where I have piled high with all the clutter I've been dragging around with me for 10 years. I definitely intended to sort through it "eventually" and also we intended to eventually rent out this room too. However... I haven't done anything more since I got my boxes stuffed in there the first day we moved in six months ago. I've been very aware of it, felt guilty about it, and yet...nothing has changed. Well yesterday an old friend came to town, dropped in and announced she's looking for a room to rent! My husband and I both see her as a perfect fit and so now at last I am inspired to actually complete the junk room transformation. Pluto-retrograde signaled change was starting on the inner level last April when we first got the house. Now Pluto-direct is telling us change is going to be happening on the outer level too.  Our friend is intending to move in the first of December - right when Saturn - the harsh reality planet - turns direct. I see this a warning I've got two months to sort my things and get the room together or else...it's all going to the dump. Really! I'm going to do it! You read it here first...

Incidentally, although Saturn turning direct the beginning of December can mean that's our cut off date for completing significant changes, there's a very helpful aspect for making changes coming up the end of this week you might want to grab on to: Mars will be trining Pluto on Saturday and Sunday meaning a major power surge. Just be sure to channel it in a positive direction.

Now several of you have asked if all these Pluto aspects could trigger further global catastrophes particularly given that Mars is the God of War and Pluto rules destruction. Certainly Trump and Kim have been taunting each other enough to make us all a bit nervous but we have to remember that what we see here on earth is a group mind creation and as long as there are enough of us giving our attention to peace and brotherhood that is what we will manifest. Don't be overcome by evil - don't start wishing bad things for either of these men - instead overcome by focusing on the good.

Till next time,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Dali Lama, "How to Expand Love"

Every day I get calls from people asking about their love lives. Although each person's situation is different, the main stumbling block seems to be that most of us don't have a clear understanding of what love is. Now to adequately define love probably requires the skills of a musician or a poet, but I have received some interesting visions and messages so in the hopes of being helpful I am going to tell you about them now.

When I first realized we all tend to have a rather distorted opinion as to what this extraordinary power is all about, I thought I'd start by consulting the Bible.

What is love?
1 Corinthians 13.4 - 8:
Love suffers long and is kind;
Love envies not;
Love vaunts not itself, is not puffed up.
Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeks not her own, is not easily provoked, thinks no evil, rejoices not in iniquity, but rejoices in truth.
Love bears all things, believes all things, endures all things.
Love never fails.

Whew, that covers it pretty much I guess! And yet, while this passage seems to describe the qualities of love well enough, I still didn't feel I really had a handle on what we are dealing with here. I next lit a red candle (the color to burn for love and relationship prayers) and asked that I might receive a vision of love. Immediately I felt as if I were in outer space and I saw myself surrounded by what seemed to be clouds of glittering pink fluff. As I focused more closely I saw hundreds and thousands of sharp jagged rocks scattered about among these clouds. Where the cloud cover was thin the rocks were banging into each other while where it was thick the rocks seemed to be protected, cushioned. The whole effect was that these clouds were a visual of what love is, a sort of softening space saver that holds us all together but also prevents us from knocking into each other. I was impressed with an awareness that if this is love it doesn't have to "do" anything, it just gives us space and allows each of us to do our own thing, to find our own place of peace and comfort. Also I saw that space is not empty but that it is filled with this sort of cloud or jello like substance and that we each have more or less of it surrounding us. Obviously those rocks who had more of this protective substance were able to move about without being bashed by the others while those with only a few wisps were not so fortunate. And that was it, that was my whole vision but it certainly left me with the desire to know how to create more of this substance that seems to fill the Universe and so completely protects and provides for us. Then - wouldn't you know it? - as so often happens when we sincerely seek answers, I found I had another book that addressed this very question!:

How to Expand Love, by His Holiness, the Dali Lama.
It is my sincere hope that any of you who are looking to cultivate love in your lives will seek out and read this book for yourselves but meanwhile I will give you a few highlights to work with...

The Dali Lama explains that love begins as energy - self-centered energy that we can transform into outwardly directed compassion in seven steps.

1)Identify a friend,
 Starting with the premise that we have set aside our tendency to put people in categories (such as friend or enemy), the first step is to create a strongly positive attitude towards others in ever widening circles. We begin with considering a friend as a model for how to value other not so close friends and from there gradually move outward to include neutral friends and finally enemies.

2)Remember a kindness.
 The second step involves reflecting on kindnesses received from one's mother or from other close friends - especially from childhood when we were particularly dependent on the care and attention from others.

3) We vow to return these kindnesses to others to help in their development.

4) Now we really start learning to love.
 After enhancing our feelings of closeness to others in the first three steps the Dali Lama offers exercises for developing these feelings of concern which then expand finally into love. I wont go into detail about the exercises here but basically they are about being a friend to all, to stop harming, to start helping.

5) Cultivate compassion.
Imagine yourself switching places with those who are suffering. Have a strong wish to see others happy. Have mercy.

6) Become fully committed to altruism, meaning without hope of reward, provide help to others.

7) Finally seek to improve yourself that you may be of even more help to others.

Again, Whew! These are tall orders and are obviously a life long study. Still, it encourages me to at least have this game plan. :-)

For more insights into how your astrological chart reveals your true talents and how you personally can expand love, give me a call!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ester and Jerry Hicks, "The Law of Attraction"

 You've most likely heard the saying, "Like attracts like," and although the idea has been alluded to by some of the greatest teachers in history, it has never been explained in as clear and practical terms as it is by Ester and Jerry Hicks. They call this phenomenon The Law of Attraction which says, "That which is like unto itself, is drawn." This means that whatever you have, you will attract more of the same things and whatever you feel, you will attract more of these same feelings. Simplistic as this may sound, being aware of this truth can have a profound effect on our lives.

You can easily prove the validity of the first idea - that whatever we have,  we tend to collect more of the same. Try this experiment: leave an unwashed spoon in your kitchen sink. Before long a plate will join it and by the end of the day you'll have a whole sink piled with dirty dishes! Now try the reverse approach. Put something you would really like to have more of in a special place, let's say you put a quarter in a savings jar. It's not long before you are contributing more spare change and before you know it you have a pile of money! This may not strike you as particularly miraculous because you think, "Well I'm the one who left the dirty dishes and I'm the one who filled the coin jar," but if you go with this idea for a bit you'll find that actually other factors are contributing too. The important thing to realize is that we are creating the attraction - so are we going to be mess magnets or money magnets?

Naturally we all want to eliminate being a mess magnet and enhance attracting good things. Ester and Jerry Hicks explain how this is to be done.

The most important thing in making the Law of Attraction work for you is your feeling tone. Think of the Universe as being a radio and you are wanting to tune in onto just the right vibration. To do this you need to be experiencing the same feelings, be on the same vibe, as the thing or the experience you are wanting. Let's say you are wanting to have a happy relationship. It may be helpful to think about happy relationships you've had in the past, people you know who are in good partnerships and maybe make a list of the qualities you'd expect to find in your soul mate. These are all good techniques for getting yourself focused. But the most crucial thing to do is to FEEL what it is like to be in love. So this is where it gets tricky. How can you feel you are in love when you're not? Actually it's not that hard. You just do whatever you can to get yourself closer to the feeling. Maybe you put on your favorite songs, maybe you watch a good movie, you get as close as you can to the feeling and trust that the Universe will reveal the next step. The same technique works for manifesting money. You need to FEEL rich. What that means differs for everyone but a good place to start is with your appearance. Wear colors that are right for you, get a really good hair cut. Carry a large bill in your wallet. Most importantly, notice the wealth and abundance around you. Many times when we are feeling less than prosperous we tend to walk with our heads down and our eyes lowered - as if we can't afford to look at a neighbor's beautiful house or even enjoy a community park. But when you start seeing abundance you are training yourself to keep finding it and to FEEL more comfortable with it until you can see how abundance is actually yours too.

Equally important in attracting that which we want is what we give our attention to. Ester suggests if something is unpleasant we should simply look away! Shocking advice to many of us but pause and consider. Whatever we give our attention to, we tend to see and attract more of. Now some might cry, "But we must not ignore the problems of the world!" True, and yet, how is reading more stories about Trump or Hurricane Irma actually helping anyone? It's not easy to be informed with out becoming addicted to drama so this is something we have to be very vigilant about. I find a good approach is to delay looking at Facebook until night time when I've completed the chores of the day. It's very interesting to notice how if I read the stories at the beginning of the day when part of me is feeling lazy and not eager to get into action, I easily get sucked into reading one awful news clip after another yet if I wait until evening when I'm feeling I've accomplished something and deserve a reward, I'm not at all interested in these stories. I'm on a totally different vibration. So we have to watch ourselves, are we reading or listening to depressing news because that's somehow are civic duty to stay informed, or is it because we're depressed ourselves or just lazy? Pay attention to what fills you with enthusiasm and motivation, ignore what drains you.

Finally Ester and Jerry talk about something they call "The 17 Second Rule". Here the idea is that it takes time for our thoughts and feelings to create new manifestations. If we have been living in a world of clutter, we probably wont manifest a maid the instant we proclaim, "My sink is clean!" Yet if we persist in our positive thoughts and refuse to focus on the negative a new awareness will in time rise to the surface, in this case, if we're feeling good washing the dishes wont seem like a chore. Ester suggests that if one can hold a thought for 17 seconds they will see a shift. A good way to test this is to try the theory out first thing every morning. Get in the habit of focusing on positive ideas and images when you first wake up. You may have to make an effort to do this. You may even find you need to place an actual list of positive things to think about by your bed. But once you've got a clear positive image in mind then - automatically - in about 17 seconds a new positive thought will occur - will be attracted to you - and then another and then another. As you get good at this the positive thoughts will keep coming one after another - eventually through out your whole day and then on into the next, one feel good day after another! soon you'll be saying...

Pass the butter - I'm on a roll!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Louise Hay, "You Can Heal Your Life."

Heaven welcomed an angel home this week. Louise Hay, acclaimed author and founder of Hay House, past away at age ninety. She was a leader in New Age consciousness and the person many of us credit with first opening our eyes to the power of attraction. Her best selling book, "You Can Heal Your Life" launched her career as a New Age super star. Rather than repeating the vague and complicated teachings common in metaphysical circles back then, her book gave clear specific guidance for finding the causes of physical ailments and provided specific affirmations for restoring balance and harmony. Her wisdom was embraced by thousands but she did not use her popularity for self aggrandizement. Instead she founded the publishing company Hay House and introduced the world to the words of such brilliant newcomers as Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. We who loved her are saddened to lose her physical presence but we know her  generous loving spirit continues. Happy travels, Louise.

The astrological aspects this week point to a vacuum in the leadership department. The Sun representing the one who is in charge is approaching it's annual opposition to nebulous Neptune - which means whoever is giving the orders for the next ten days or so may not have a clue as to what they're talking about. In fact, each of us individually may find ourselves having a hard time staying on track with our own to-do list and on the larger scale we may have to deal with bosses who aren't clear about what they want or elected officials who seem to be off in la-la land. The good news is that while Neptune rules confusion, it also opens the door to higher consciousness. Thus while we may not be able to follow our stated intentions, if we're able to let go and let God we may find things work out better than we could have ever imagined. At the very least it's a time for turning lemons into lemonade.

Mars is doing some scary things over the next couple of days. Along with the communication planet Mercury, the God of War will be making a powerful connection with Trump's ascendant - so he will be feeling threatened and sending out some threatening tweets himself. Once again he's going to have the world community questioning his ability to govern but Venus trining Chiron, the planet that portends healing, wont let his impulsive nature destroy  the country - not this week anyway.

Saturn, the planet defining organization and authority, has been retrograde since April - which may be why Congress has been so unable to get it's act together. Saturn turned direct last Friday, so as it picks up speed we may see our Senators and Representatives, whose job it is to act as a check and balance to the demands of the President, finally breaking away from party loyalty and individual members starting to speak for themselves.

Saturn turning direct in Sagittarius and heading towards the self-discipline sign of Capricorn could also be an omen that our success in the months ahead is going to largely depend on our abilities to be self-sufficient. Those who take charge of their health and take care with their diet wont need to worry about what the government does with health insurance. Those who take responsibility for their children's education wont be effected by the gutting of our public schools. If we each of us reach out to befriend those of other races and religions we will create a world of love even the best government regulations could not provide.

Love is all around - Feel it, Be it, See it,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, August 27, 2017

August 30 - Moon Trine Mars and Uranus - Progress!

August 30 - circle the date! After weeks of frustrations and delays we should be seeing some major attitude adjustment coming our way in the next seven days.
Here's what's happening...

Early in the morning on Wednesday, August 30, the Moon will be connecting with a newly direct Saturn. As the Moon represents what we respond to and Saturn is the planet of harsh reality, this configuration suggests many, many people will be discarding their rose colored glasses now and seeing how things really are in the world and in their own personal lives.

For example, this aspect is happening while the worst hurricane in 500 years rages in Texas. My prediction is that harsh as this reality is, it will prove to be a blessing because it will lead us to finally recognize the reality of global warming.

Further, as this placement is in Sagittarius, the sign ruling honesty and education, we will no doubt have the true facts coming out in lots of other areas of our lives too. I have been watching videos explaining the historical significance of the monuments now being taken down. Once you know the truth behind them - how these statues are to commemorate the Confederates who killed the most Americans or who were the founders of the KKK - you are sickened that they were ever allowed to be erected in the first place. Just as no statues honoring Hitler stand in Germany and no Americans want statues of Osama Bin Laden erected in New York, we also wont continue to tolerate Robert E. Lee statues in the South when we understand the motivation behind them. But first the truth of what is going on has to be brought out before we can move forward and that is what Saturn in Sag symbolizes is happening now.

The good news is that while ordinarily it is often very disturbing to have our dirty secrets revealed, on this day - Wednesday, August 30 - there is also going to be such a positive link between the Moon and Mars and Uranus - the planets that often bring disruption - that the desire to get to the bottom of things and the relief that will come when we realize we no longer need to maintain facades, will be so overwhelming that the pain of exposure will be quickly erased with the joy of moving forward.

Of course, we always have freewill and there will be those who are not blind but still refuse to see. If you find yourself forced to be in contact with those who still maintain that the world is flat, that humans lived in the same era as dinosaurs and that there were some mighty good people amongst those marching with torches in Charlottesville, don't be discouraged. We're reaching a tipping point this fall and the truth will out!

The best attitude to adopt at this time is to maintain a smiling, optimistic attitude. Read the news reports just enough to stay informed but avoid getting addicted to the drama. Educate yourself. When you know the causes behind the flooding (global warming), the statue removal controversy (white supremacy), the pros and cons of building a wall across the Mexican border (financing drug cartels) you wont need to read endless tweets and with the time we save, we just may be able to find a way to save the world.

Enjoy your week!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Donald Trump and The Solar Eclipse

August 21 brings us the major celestial event of 2017, the Total Solar Eclipse. It will be happening at 28 - 29 degrees Leo, exactly on Donald Trump's ascendant. Unless you've been touring a different galaxy this last week you already know the president has been in the spot light getting into trouble again, this time for refusing to condemn outright the actions of the neo-Nazi hate groups. This eclipse landing on his ascendant Monday alerts us that the outrage he's stirred up isn't going to calm down nearly as quickly as his past dramas have. In fact, as the influence of an eclipse can color events for days, weeks and months into the future we're probably going to be having more upsets that will change things forever in the days ahead.

The ascendant in an astrological chart describes a person's personality. The 28 - 29th degree of Leo here describes a leader who is seen as fiery and charismatic - someone strong willed. dominant, and full of self-confidence. Sound like Donald? It also can mean an arrogant, over-controlling despot who is resistant to change. Again, anyone we know? To add even more fuel, the eclipse will be conjuncting the fixed star Regulus which is also on Trump's ascendant. Regulus is known as "The King Maker" and when a chart has planets at the Regulus degree the native is sure to be blessed - or cursed! Blessed because Regulus bestows great wealth and power but cursed if the native doesn't use his blessings as a benefit for all and especially cursed if the native seeks revenge, in which case the blessings turn and destroy him.. I'm thinking how Trump couldn't let go of Hilary's near victory and how he still threatens to go after her. I wonder if this thirst for "revenge" has somehow tipped the karmic scales to galvanize those who oppose him and to totally up end his administration?

The effect of an eclipse doesn't necessarily show up on the exact day it occurs. The influence of an eclipse lasts for weeks - maybe for the entire year. However, as Trump has some other significant transits happening in the month ahead so we may see the predicted turmoil manifesting in just a few weeks. On September 2, the God of war, Mars, will be joining with Mercury, the messenger God, right on the degree of Trump's birth Mars. Angry words could led to a resignation - or bloodshed.

There is one bright spot in the upcoming planetary alignments. Uranus, the planet ruling change, will be in a positive position which could foretell change coming in a less disruptive manner than the Mars aspect might suggest. However it comes though, change is the only constant this month.

On a less serious note, I've been watching youtube videos about diet and feng shui. Feng shui - again for those of you only recently arriving on the planet - is the oriental art of placement. It is the study of how the arrangement of things can have an affect on our lives. Proper feng shui is said to promote the positive flow of chi - the life force - so when one has their home properly arranged and energy flows it's inevitable prosperity grows!

Good feng shui ideas for diets include the old stand-byes like eating off a smaller plate and using a larger fork, but did you know a blue plate decreases the appetite? Also, a plate with a design on it fools the eye - and the stomach! - into thinking we're eating more and thus we feel full and eat less. Disclaimer: I haven't tried these
tips myself but if you do I'd love to hear about your results!

You can reach me at 410 -750-0077.

I look forward to it!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Venus - Pluto Opposition: Compromise is Not an Option

Each week I tell myself I'm not going to write any more about Trump but then he does something that so perfectly manifests the astrological moment I feel compelled to comment if only to keep a record as a sort of guide to the meaning of the planets for future generations. This week we've got Venus opposing Pluto creating power struggles along with a square to Jupiter which inflates and makes bigger whatever else is going on. PLUS we're heading to the once-in-a-lfetime eclipse which is making harsh aspects to both Trump's chart and the chart of the United States. It all adds up to a man having an inflated - Jupiter - idea of his abilities who consequently exposes himself to danger, and thus invites - Pluto - disaster. We're already seeing evidence of these energies in the stand-off with North Korea and the demonstration in North Carolina, but the influence of an eclipse is said to last for weeks, months, maybe an entire year. Don't expect things to calm down any time soon.

Meanwhile, in our personal lives these unusual planetary patterns are requiring us to be unusually conscious of our own priorities. Where should we place our focus? Is keeping up with the news making us informed, or keeping us immobilized like deer caught in headlights and too frightened to move?
I find it most helpful to remember anything that takes us out of our own personal purpose is a DISTRACTION. I think of the famous ancient Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times." While this simple salutation sounds innocuous enough, it is deceptively cunning. "Interesting times" do not rouse us to action, instead they quietly hook our attention and pull us off our course - without our even noticing! How often have you meant to just check one quick thing on the internet only to fine you get sucked into meaningless side stories and wind up losing all track of your original intention? Hours go by wasted and you may never complete your task - and you don't even realize you are being manipulated. This is what's known as "interesting times" and it's going on big time in society today. We read these awful stories about crazy politicians and insane neo-Nazis, but how is spending our time reading helping?  We are being constantly bombarded news reports that seem to require our immediate attention but really they have nothing to do with us. They are distractions. This week particularly with these very difficult planetary alignments, try to focus on your own world. If there is something positive you can do politically - call your Senator for example - do it, but beware of getting caught up in just reading the horror stories.

The aspects to be particularly aware of ...

Monday, August 14. The day starts off with a very nice Moon in Taurus sextile to Venus in Cancer and a trine to Pluto in Capricorn but ends with a Moon square to the Sun. Simplicity and caution in your behavior wins the day. Proceed at your own pace and in your own way to do something of value in the world. Take it one step at a time and you will make progress without becoming dependent or obligated to others.

Tuesday, August 15. Venus opposes Pluto. Calmly continue on your course and accept what is happening so you avoid entanglements or getting caught up in mass hysteria. Venus rules balance. Be modest, moderate and self-reliant, and you will succeed in accomplishing your goal.

Wednesday, August 16. Venus squares Jupiter. Being too sure of yourself and moving ahead without caring about the consequences exposes your short comings and invites problems. Try small goals and you are more likely to succeed.

Thursday, August 17.  Moon in Gemini moving towards an opposition to Pluto. Faced with a dangerous set of circumstances, use your common sense to consciously plan ahead. Gather information you need, and then move forward gently, in a friendly way, and with extreme caution. As Gemini rules communication you may feel inspired to speak up, write your congressman or somehow let your point of view be known. If so, don't just think about it, act!

Friday, August 18. Moon opposition Pluto. What you propose to do may be risky, and the next step will take courage, resoluteness, and a new strategy. With confidence and your eyes open for potential danger, continue slowly until you succeed.

Saturday, August 19. Mars sextile Jupiter. You may be close to your goal. Consider what worked well and what did not. Continue to proceed with caution.

Over all we see the week ahead is one where we are being guided to be friendly and aware but also to act.

There are those who make things happen, those who let things happen and those who ask, "Uh, what happened?" This is the week to find out which one is you.

You can cal me for a reading at 410 -750 -0077.

Awake and Aware,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Tower of Babel in The Era of Trump and The Internet

Genesis tells a story of the descendants of Noah becoming very smart after the flood because now there is only one language. All human beings can now understand each other and thus they can combine their knowledge - and figure out how to do all sorts of things that aren't necessarily in keeping with God's intention for mankind. In fact, they decided to build a tower in the land of Babel to connect with heaven and thus become as powerful as God Himself! However, God gets wind of the idea and doesn't approve. Indeed, he destroys the tower and scatters the people all over the earth so their language evolves in different ways and eventually they can no longer understand each other at all and the word "babel" comes to be synonymous with confusion.

Fast forward to the present. I recently read where Mark Zukerburg, the fellow who launched Facebook, has expressed regret that this miraculous site he thought would be a vehicle for bringing the world together in love, has instead spawned a culture encouraging people to write and post the most vicious hateful things imaginable. Like the people of Babel with their tower, the internet has created a way for everyone to communicate - but without spiritual awareness. We can all now speak the same language - but we don't have the sense to use our gift of gab as the creator intended. Indeed, the internet with it's constant images of violence has become an abomination working in total opposition to the will of any loving God. Sooo... how will God stop this scourge? In ancient times He simply destroyed the tower and language became scrambled and words no longer held meaning. Will He do the same thing today? Maybe He already has...

Enter Donald Trump. Interesting isn't it that Trump is known for his tower? Could Trump Tower be a modern day Tower of Babel - a gold monstrosity and an affront to all who believe in the value of modesty and humility? Now consider Trump himself. What is he most famous for? His daily tweets that have no relation to reality! What effect is this having on our society? It used to be that we honored someone who "kept his word" - now our country's leader shames such people for being "disloyal." His spokesperson claims there is no difference between truth and lies, saying there are only "alternative facts"! Where is this all heading? Will words come to no longer have meaning? Is this God's solution - that words become so disconnected from reality that we lose all faith in them and thus lose the ability to use them to make threats or design weapons? If that is indeed what's happening, if Trump's trash talk and threats encourage vulgarity to become so common place that hateful words no longer incite violence, then I guess that's a good thing but at what cost? If words no longer have meaning then they won't be able to be used to share ideas or make plans or create love either. It's hard to believe this is happening but the parallels to the ancient Biblical tale seem too obvious to ignore.

Time will tell. The full Moon solar eclipse on Monday August 7 symbolizes dark truths coming to light in the weeks ahead.

Keep calm and keep your word.

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mercury Turns Retrograde - Don't Just Do Something - Stand There!

Mercury is heading for another retrograde. If you're thinking of starting anything new do it before Thursday August third. After that we'll be living with Mercury slowing down to join Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto already retrograde! Auuugh. This manifests as a strong possibility of misunderstandings and difficult communication. Frankly there will probably be too many hurdles to make much further progress at this time. Your best approach is to stand still and wait for difficulties to resolve at their own pace. Be patient, maintain your confidence, and solutions will come.

Here's how the energies are moving:

Monday, July 31. The Moon is void of course meaning it's not connecting with any of the planets and thus making it very hard for you to make a constructive contribution without compromising your values. Simply put, it's likely what you set out to do today wont result in getting what you were aiming for. However, sometimes a void of course Moon can make unexpected but fortunate connections. Like not being able to find what you went to the store for, but the trip is worthwhile anyway because you find something else you need or something unexpected happens.

Tuesday, August 1. The Moon moves into Sagittarius, the sign of truth and travel, and makes a harsh square to Mercury. Stay away from people who flatter you or tempt you to violate your integrity. Stay far away from arguments and don't bother trying to influence debate.

Wednesday, August 2. Uranus turns retrograde. Again, don't even try to break through stuck situations. Go within and quietly continue doing what you know feels good and right. Tomorrow will be better.

Thursday, August 3. The Moon goes into Capricorn rewarding the efforts of those who refuse to give in to less than honorable temptations. Instead, look for win-win opportunities for everyone, people will rally around you. The Moon trines Uranus - watch for synchronicities and insights on how to proceed.

Friday, August 4. Today the Moon in Capricorn, the sign of wisdom gained through practical experience, makes a very helpful trine to Mercury in Virgo, the sign of caution and detailed planning. You could be in a position to significantly improve your situation. Make a To Do list.

Saturday, August 5. Shift happens. The Moon squares Uranus and the time of standing still and waiting is behind us. You can now change things for the better by being creative and making a strong and conscious effort to move into the future with joy and worthy achievements!

To sum up, the old ways aren't working. Each of us is experiencing where we've been hanging on to an old pattern that is simply nor serving us any longer. It's time for us to recognize something's got to give! The good news is these old patterns that must change are probably old roles that have been outgrown anyway. Perhaps now we can stop hanging on to a relationship or a job that gave us security but no joy or maybe we simply find we finally are able to release the clutter in the closet. With this week's line up of planets if we refuse to get caught up with doomed efforts to maintain the past, we will find the feeling of stagnation gives way to awareness of whole new opportunities coming in the future.

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Until then,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 23, 2017

New Moon in Leo - Time for Some Fun!

We've got a heavy duty eclipse coming up in about a month, the likes of which we haven't seen since 1963, the year Kennedy was shot. It will be making some harsh connections with Donald Trump's birth chart as well as with the birth chart for the United States so it's got a lot of astrologers thinking the current dramas playing out on our national stage will be coming to some sort of major denouncement then. What does it mean? How will it manifest? Revolution? Heart attacks? Well, it wont be long and we'll know. Meanwhile we have some delightful planetary aspects coming up for us this week so let's just not worry about what may lie a head and focus on what the fun loving flamboyant new Moon in Leo has ready for us right now :

The Moon is in Leo today Sunday, July 23 and on through out Monday, July 24 enhancing our desires to do something creative and flamboyant. We'll most likely start the week feeling a bit uncertain what to focus on however, as Venus in Gemini will be obstructed by stick in the mud Saturn. Before proceeding with your plans, be sure your purpose is good and that you have a valid clearly defined goal.

Tuesday, July 25. The Moon will enter Virgo giving us a much better shot at establishing objectives that can be reached step by step. Encourage the people you work with by staying close at hand to answer questions and participate in the projects.

Wednesday, July 26 could bring some disorder and confusion as the Sun joins with Mars making everyone feel like a king and no one wanting to play peasant. Maintain control by assigning acceptable roles and responsibilities to each person on your team. Vow to be patient and accommodating.

Thursday, July 27. The Moon goes into Libra, another sign good for causing us to feel creative and charming. However, unlike Leo, Libra works more effectively as a partner rather than as a leader and while there are some strong encouraging aspects to the Sun and Mars today, this is not the time to push yourself beyond your limits. Remember to stop, relax and recharge your batteries as needed. Seek support from friends or professional helpers.

Friday, July 28. The Moon will square Death/Rebirth Pluto this evening. It's time for decisive action in an intentional and carefully planned manner. Use your wisdom and years of experience to lead the way to transforming your situation.

Saturday, July 29. Hurray for the weekend! The morning starts out with a happy Moon trine Venus and the good times keep rolling as the Moon moves on to oppose Uranus in the afternoon. Now ordinarily an opposition to Uranus brings upset and upheaval but this week the meet up portends celebration and a sharing of rewards. Create something that will have an unexpected positive impact on the folks around you.

All in all it's a terrific line up of planets this week for trying new approaches and teaming up with like-minded friends.
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Let the good times roll!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Healing Past Life Trauma

Tired of being the Nice Guy? Mars is too. Now at the last degrees of the home sign Cancer, the planet that rules energy but also anger is fed up with playing happy family. You may find that this is the week you decide to speak up or move on cause you've had it with biting your tongue to keep the peace. Particularly avoid difficult relatives on Monday when Mars squares Uranus. Give yourself plenty of time to keep appointments on this day too, as it's an aspect also known for causing accidents and upset. If you can keep your cool till Thursday you may be able to come up with some workable solutions when Mars enters Leo, the sign of love and creativity.

On Tuesday, July 18 Venus squares Neptune which has been making us feel vulnerable and mental Mercury moves to connect with Saturn, the planet ruling karma. It becomes obvious to all of us how our past actions have led to our current situations. Healing wont happen overnight but today would be a great day to initiate positive change. The Neptune aspect allows us to dissolve harsh ultimatums and the Saturn aspect encourages seeing things realistically. Further, there is also a strong Jupiter presence  encouraging a feeling of safety and abundance. You may not be ready to try the new approach until Mars enters Leo on Thursday but these aspects make this day a great time for at least considering alternative possibilities.

Wednesday, July 19 has the Moon entering Gemini and while it first squares deceptive Neptune it will then trine loving Venus and end with a surprisingly positive sextile to Uranus. It's an encouragement to "fake it till you make it." The power of the past is waning and the possibilities of a better future are coming into view!

Thursday July 20 begins with an expansive Moon trine Jupiter and a delightful Moon conjunct Venus. Accentuate the positive and see the new you emerge. One note of caution: The Sun will square Uranus today so while this brings a fantastic opportunity to break out of old ruts, it also warns  changes could be too much for some folks to handle. Do what you gotta do but no need to cause a scene.

Friday July 21 brings the joyful Sun into contact with healing Chiron. If you've been paying attention to the shifts happening, you may be feeling really good about yourself and your future right about now.

The week ends with a confrontational opposition between the Moon and Pluto on Saturday, July 22 followed by a harsh square to Uranus. Probably best to get your fast action by chilling at home watching a film tonight - Wonder Woman, perhaps? 
No need to experience the crazy first hand!

Over all we're going to be having opportunities this week to see what's wrong and maybe even what's been holding us back for some time - but if we can handle the truth without adding to the crisis we will emerge feeling freed up and invigorated!

Vow to be part of the solution!
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sun Opposition Pluto - Challenges into Opportunities

We start the week with a Sun opposition Pluto, the planet of change and transformation. This puts our focus on turning challenges into opportunities for the next seven days at which time, Sunday, July 16, the Moon will meet up with Uranus, the planet responsible for helping us break free from old ruts. Basically this means the week a head is full of surprises so keep an open mind - it could lead to open doors.

Saturn will be prominent too and as Saturn rules guides it shouldn't be hard to find wise old souls willing to help you when you face these situations where you feel you lack experience. This can manifest as something as simple as clear instructions on a soup can or as sophisticated as a doctor finally giving you an accurate diagnosis. The point is don't be afraid to seek help and ask questions this week.

A Day-by-Day guide for how the energies are flowing:

Monday, July 10. The Moon trines Venus but opposes Mercury. Strive for creative responses to negative events in your life. You probably wont do everything right but you'll know better next time.

Tuesday, July 11. The Moon sextiles Uranus in Aries while making an inconjunct aspect to Mars. Planets in Aries mean young people and inconjuncts show where adjustments must be made. Be patient, gracious and kind to someone who has made a mistake or is just learning - it could be you! Show some compassion and remain outwardly calm.

Wednesday, July12. Moon enters Pisces. Be aware of who or what you give your attention to and don't become discouraged or made jealous by those who seem to have their act together better than you. We're all learning from our own paths.

Thursday, July 13. The Moon and Mercury are both being influenced by Neptune. Confusion reigns and you may feel there are obstacles blocking you. Accept reality, it is what it is. Don't be embarrassed to reach out and listen to others. Keep a positive attitude.

Friday, July 14. The Moon trines action oriented Mars and Mercury sextiles the planet of wisdom, Jupiter. Boldly ask for much needed advice or assistance. You may find yourself leaping over tall buildings with a single bound!

Saturday, July 15. The Moon trines Mercury and then makes a very useful trine to Saturn before meeting Uranus for that brake out move to freedom I mentioned earlier. It's a very useful line up for reviewing the past week, making a few necessary adjustments and then out the door to something totally new!

Thanks for reading and remember you can always get a more personal detailed reading by calling me at 410-750-0077.

Lemons into lemonade,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Free Speech Under Fire with Mercury Squaring Uranus

Mercury, the planet ruling ideas and communication, has been having temper tantrums in emotional Cancer these last two weeks as evidenced by the non-stop turmoil created by President Trump and his early morning tweets. On Tuesday July 4, Mercury's final aspect before leaving the sign will be a harsh square to Uranus, the planet known for causing upset  - so we haven't heard the last of these tirades yet. In fact, this line-up may portend such an outlandish storm of words that we'll all be crying, "Enough!" Fortunately things may calm down quite a bit after this as there are some positive signs in the sky coming up too...

Monday, July 3. The Moon will be in Scorpio making a trine to the Sun and to Neptune. Simplicity and caution in your behavior win the day.

Tuesday. July 4. Here we have the explosive Mercury square Pluto but also a loving Venus will be entering Gemini which could bring some words of comfort. Vow to calmly continue on your course so as to avoid entanglements.

Wednesday, July 5. We may be feeling the aftermath of yesterdays difficult aspects. Plus there is a boastful square from the Sun to Jupiter. Remember that being too sure of yourself and moving ahead without caring about consequences exposes your shortcomings and invites problems. (President Trump, do you read me?)

Thursday, July 6. The Moon in Sagittarius now joins Saturn the Disciplinarian. Use your common sense to consciously plan ahead. Gather what information you need and then move forward in a gentle way using extreme caution.

Friday July 7. The Moon trines Uranus. What you purpose to do today may be risky. Consider if you need a new strategy. Keep your eyes open for potential danger, continue slowly and you will succeed.

Saturday, July 8 Full Moon in Capricorn tonight. You should be feeling close to your goals. An excellent time to review what went well and what did not. Learn from your experiences and continue to be cautious as you move ahead.

The over all message from the stars this week is that to deal with your current difficult problems, you must stay calm and avoid confrontation by finding win-win solutions. Patiently look for ways to create common meaning and to share benefits. Accept what is happening as a chance to learn and not as a serious problem. Put in perspective, most problems are not so bad, and, like dark clouds, they eventually dissolve or move on.

It's all good,


Rosada, EXT 2340