Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween - The Ancient Celebration of The Stars

Halloween, coming up Monday, October 31, is a day set aside each year to recognize the dead are still very much alive and right here with us separated only by the thinnest vail. Children dress up in costumes of all description. We'll be seeing monsters, spooks and super stars, how ever do they choose? Perhaps they are channeling some past life?  The whole holiday encourages conversation about subjects usually tabu - death and reincarnation. It's a chance for us to talk to our kids about serious subjects in a light-hearted way and gives them a chance to bravely face fears and be rewarded with candy. At our house we invite the "Trick-or-Treaters" in and ask them to do a trick before they get a treat. It's great fun!
But it wasn't always a children's celebration...

Halloween began thousands of years ago to mark the half-way point between the equinox and the winter solstice. Back then it was a Gaelic festival called Samhain.  Performers disguised in costumes known as "Mummers" put on scary skits plus there were great roaring bonfires all to mark the end of the harvest season and to prepare the community for the beginning of the darker season of winter.

We have a "darker season" coming up now too. This week also marks the end of the extra hour of light we've had since March and Daylight Savings Time. Be sure to "fall back" by setting your clock back one hour before you go to bed next Saturday night. You may also want to invest in the bachflower remedy Walnut  which is for helping to adjust to change. (Walnut is also a great help for adjusting to different time zones when you travel btw.)

Important planetary event taking place this week:
On Wednesday night Mercury will sextile Pluto and the Moon will meet up with Venus in Sagittarius making this an excellent time to launch any new project. The Moon leaves Sagittarius the next day will be a lively trine to Uranus meaning the new projects launched may go off in unanticipated directions but the fresh ideas should work out well in the end.

Also take advantage of the happy opportunities coming Friday night November 4. The Moon will then be in Capricorn sextiling the Sun in Scorpio while Venus trines Uranus altogether giving us reliable Capricorn insights to support Venus/Uranus fun new adventures.

Should be a lively week with plenty to think about other than politics!

Happy Halloween!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Teachers and Treasures

So much has been written about the up coming election that I vowed this week I'd do us all a favor and write about something else entirely!

I had no sooner made this intention when I got a phone call from a former classmate. Amber and I met when we took a course in hypnotherapy together and while I chose to pursue my interest in astrology she stayed with the program and has gone on to be a well known and highly respected therapist in Orange County. I was delighted to hear from my old friend and got her to agree to let me share some of her stories and insights here.

As you probably know, psychologists often treat their clients over a long period of time. My own sister saw a therapist weekly for seventeen years and while I think they came to feel very deeply about each other - which is very important in any healing or helping relationship. Indeed, Amber commented that it is not the knowledge that cures but the love that passes between the doctor and the patient and between the teacher and the student that heals. -"Still" I asked Amber, "if there is a problem that is blocking a person from experiencing a full rich meaningful life, shouldn't there be a more efficient way to deal with it than 17 years of talking?" Amber laughed and then launched into this amazing true life adventure tale:

"I had a client whom I'll call Jerry. Before he came to me he had been getting psychiatric care from a variety of physicians his entire adult life. He confided how at first he experienced a deep sense of relief simply from being able to express his thoughts privately to a caring non-judgemental professional. He felt being able to be his true self with out fear of being shamed was worth the price of the consultations right there. However he wanted more. He didn't want to just be reassured that his anger, failed relationships, and anxiety attacks were understandable - he wanted them to be gone, he wanted to be normal, he wanted to be happy. So after a period of time when one doctor didn't seem to make him feel any better he would try someone else and then someone else and so on..

"He didn't blame the doctors for not being able to do more for him. Indeed, he was very grateful for the deep and insightful diagnoses they would give him. In fact he admitted he was sort of flattered no one seemed able to help him, as if he was a very unique and complicated individual.

"And so he continued to seek out one therapist after another sometimes spending as much a $500 an hour to pay for the help - all the while being assured that while he was nuts [Amber's words, not the doctors'!], he was certainly getting better. Only it didn't feel that way to him. It seemed like the therapy had only made him feel more comfortable with his nuttiness - that is, jobless and unable to have relationships and basically afraid to leave the house.

"When his latest therapist announced her retirement - which Jerry saw as another failed relationship leaving him abandoned once again - she suggested he call me although I am not a therapist in the traditional sense. I practice hypnosis and I only see a client once or twice for the same issue. Not because I don't want to - but because I don't need to. So Jerry came to see me, we had three sessions and last I heard he's no longer in  any sort of therapy - he's putting his money into river rafting instead!"

Wow, I was impressed. I've known many people who have been helped with hypnosis but Amber seemed to have really refined her art into a science so I asked her what she did that made her work so successful and particularly were there any helpful ideas she could teach me and my readers?

Her first suggestion surprised me as I had never heard it before. "When ever we pay money for something or give our time and attention to something, we want it to be a wise investment. Have you ever paid to have a mechanic fix your car and then been annoyed when it turned out you spent all that money and there wasn't much wrong at all, like maybe you just needed a screw tightened? Likewise, when we see a doctor we subconsciously are wanting to be really really sick. We want to be assured that our  money was well spent, that our condition is indeed difficult and that we could not possibly have gotten better on our own. Right off the bat this mind set creates an obstacle to healing because we are thinking, 'I'm paying a lot of money - I better be sick!!' This is why I start off by telling a client I will only see him for two, maximum three sessions. This sets up a clear goal and a deadline - a powerful incentive to get better quick"

Her second suggestion also got my attention, "Often my clients have been to hypnotists before where they have been told to relax and visualize success. I tell my people to visualize death [!] I guide them to see and talk to the people they would most like to meet on the other side - usually that's a parent but sometimes it's Jesus or even their future selves. These conversations get very deep very quickly and usually result with the person getting some sort of revelation about who he is, what his life purpose is and inspire him to heal."

Her final suggestion made me laugh: "Here's a tip your readers can all try themselves at home. I give everyone a card and tell them to carry it in their wallet because it is advice more valuable than gold." And what does the card say?


Works for me - and obviously for a lot of other people too! 

Thanks Amber, you are a great teacher and a true treasure.

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bob Dylan - Gemini Sun Sextile Pluto

One of the most effective ways to learn astrology is to study the charts of well known personalities. They usually have some singularly dominant  aspect in their chart which their lives seem to have perfectly - brilliantly! - manifested. In Bob Dylan's life we have a living example of the extraordinary transformative power of Sun sextile Pluto.

Bob Dylan was born under the sign Gemini, known for being the preferred vibration of poets, messengers and short story writers. Dylan is famous for writing songs with a message. Furthermore, he has Pluto, the planet of death, re-birth and transformation - POWER! - in his solar third house, the house ruling communication and it EXACTLY sextiles his Sun, the ruler of creativity. Thus we know that here is a life that is going to epitomize the meaning of Sun sextiling third house Pluto, which is, creativity being channeled through communication in a most powerful way. Anything less would be extremely unhealthy for the individual. That is, if one one with this line up of planets is denied an outlet  for their energies - if such energies had to be suppressed and internalized - the result could be a life filled with constant unwanted upheaval and perhaps even an early death due to heart disease (the Sun rules the heart).

Fortunately for Dylan, and for the fans who love him!, he was able to follow his muse and create a life that allowed for all the transformations. In fact, isn't it interesting that one of the songs we most identify with him is his "The Times They Are a Changing"? Still we know that Dylan's life has not been an easy one. He began his career feeling completely disconnected from the status quo and this too fits with the meaning of the Sun/Pluto aspect. The isolating nature of Pluto would have almost certainly made him feel he was "a complete unknown with no direction home". The only avenue open for him was to continue on, to persevere, to write the songs, deliver the messages he had to give without any guarantee his truth would ever be recognized. And indeed, now that it has - a Nobel Prize, congratulations, Bob! - it appears he still prefers to maintain his Plutonian solitude. But "that's okay, Ma, It's life and life only!"

Now a few pointers about the aspects coming up this week we should all be aware of:

There is a full Moon today that includes a crazy opposition to Uranus in Aries. We have already seen the effects of this line up in last week's revelations about Trump as a sexual predator. Will there be even more hysterics in the days ahead? Most likely! Wednesday the Moon trines Mercury who in turn opposes Uranus so another opportunity for things we never imagined to be happening to be - well - happening..Keep your schedule flexible and as Dylan says -

May you stay forever young,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Good Vibrations part 2

I had another session with my friend who studied with the internationally renown proponent of vibratory healing, Dr. Masaru Emoto and learned more about his discoveries:

Dr Emoto first began developing his theories about water and sound when he took photos of water crystals and noticed the contrast between water from natural sources and tap water with chemical additives. The crystals formed by the water from pure sources were clear and beautiful whereas the crystals formed by tap water with chemical additives often had dark spots and breaks in them. These pictures clearly demonstrated the effects the surrounding environment had on the molecular structure of water.

Now it may not seem surprising that water from a natural spring would produce crystals appearing more healthy than the crystals produced by water polluted by chemicals so Dr. Emoto took his investigations a step further. He compared the crystals of ordinary water with water taken from the Lourdes Fountain in France which is famous for its healing properties. He discovered the water from Lourdes created an exceptionally exquisite clear geometric crystal pattern - obviously very healthy! The question then was, "Why is this water is so different from the similar - unpolluted - water in the same area? Could this have anything to do with the prayers and good vibrations people bring to it, and furthermore, could any water be made to promote healing if it were similarly exposed to prayer?

In his extensive research Dr Emoto went on to prove that water indeed responds to prayers, feelings, words and especially to music. He found that different vibrations created different patterns in the water crystals. But that's not all. He went on to consider that as the human body is about 70 percent water,  our cells might likewise be influenced by our thoughts. Furthermore, he hypothesized that when our thoughts and emotions are negative they create stressful vibrations  and much like the stressful vibrations that create breaks in the water crystals, the negativity in our body's vibration could de-harmonize the water in our cells  and eventually MAKE US SICK!  To be water crystal clear: negative thinking creates negative vibrations and these negative vibrations effect the water our cells are made up of. This is how we think ourselves into many illnesses! So please consider this: everything you think and feel is creating a frequency which is making the energy around every cell in you resonate to the same frequency and thus your thoughts are creating health or illness.  What you vibrate is what you create!

My tutor and I performed some simple but fascinating experiments that you can reproduce for yourself at home:
Dr Emoto found that by putting words on jars containing distilled water he could effect changes in the water crystals. The most beautiful and complex images came from words like "angel", "gratitude" and "love".  The words "stupid" and "hate" produced dark chaotic blurred images. So my friend and I tried putting positive words on water bottles which we sipped throughout the day (we didn't dare try the negative words!). It might have just been out own positive thinking but we both noticed some delightful coincidences and harmony happening over the next couple of hours.

 I wonder if this is why we feel good when we celebrate occasions by making a toast before drinking a glass of wine and are we raising the vibration of our food when we pray over it before dinner?

Perhaps the expression "You are what you eat" should augmented to, "You are what you think and feel while you drink!"

Bottoms up!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mars squares Jupiter and Push Comes to Shove

Mars moved out of idealistic Sagittarius last week and now is in take-practical-action Capricorn. What does this mean?  Well, from a political point of view, as Mars rules energy, this meant that when he was in philosophical Sagittarius a lot of energy was put into discussing the state of the world and the various presidential candidates' promises to improve it from a philosophical point of view. A lot of ideas got tossed around and many of them, like building a wall along the Mexican border, were blatantly impractical. Still they got a hearing because Sagittarius makes no restrictions and just likes to hear all the ideas out there. Mars has now moved into Capricorn however, so this week talk of building a wall drops off the radar screen as we feel a shift towards getting practical. Indeed, as election day comes closer and we realize that one or the other of the top candidates will actually win, the loose promises lose momentum and more and more we want to focus on facts.  (Not fact checking sites getting more hits.) Revelations come out about Trump's tax records (he didn't pay any because he'd gone bankrupt so many times) as well as whether the Cilntons stole things when they left the White House (they didn't - they took the gifts they'd been given while in office but heads of state aren't supposed to keep those gifts so they agree to pay for them). People wont settle for vague ideological sentiments now. Just the facts, Mam.

That's the big picture meaning of Mars in Sag moving into Capricorn. In our individual lives the shift from Think Ideal to Think Real is showing up with people needing to make decisions about how we walk our talk. For example I have friends who've insisted that they were going to vote for Bernie or even Jill Stein as some sort of idealistic statement. Now they say are voting for Hillary out of a practical desire to block her opponent.

 Mars' move into Capricorn isn't just showing up in politics, however. I use the election because it's a phenomenon we can all relate to but in your daily routine you can also spot Mars in Cap at work by noticing a desire to use your energy in ways that get results. No more being satisfied with wishing, dreaming and visualizing. It's time for planning, doing, and manifesting!

Which could be a bit of a problem this week because Mars is running up to a square with expansive Jupiter..

Where ever Jupiter appears he brings a sense of abundance - a euphoric feeling there's enough time, enough space, and lots of opportunity for anything to happen. Indeed, when Jupiter is active in a chart I can usually promise a caller things are going to work out better than expected. Usually... The problem this week with the Mars/Jupiter meet up is that Mars rushes into things and actually needs someone or something to block him or get him to slow down, to keep him under control (to keep him from sending out tweets at 3 a.m.!)  That's not Jupiter's forte. Indeed, Jupiter says, "Go for it!  Double your bet! Maybe you'll get lucky!"

In other words, when pushy Mars comes along Jupiter just shoves him ahead even faster! That's what's happening this week so we may hear Trump saying even more outrageous things.

In our own lives there could be some practical benefit. One common way this could manifest is you might find a sale on some product and want to stock up. If you are using good Capricorn prudence, this planetary line up could help you make some money. On the other hand. if you get swept off your feet and instead of buying only what you need you way over spend then Jupiter's helpful encouragement ain't so helpful after all.

Bottom line, opportunities are out there but if something sounds too good to be true - it probably is.

Tally Ho!

Rosada, EXT 2340