Saturday, November 26, 2011

16. The Tower - Enlightenment Strikes!

When card 16. The Tower appears in the spread I pause and take a deep breath. Experience has shown me that you just can't predict what will happen with this card  - but whatever happens will change everything! Whatever plans you're making, The Tower card says something will come along and pull the rug out. Indeed, when I sat down to write this column earlier today I couldn't access the Internet - the power had gone out all over the city! That's The Tower for you. Luckily the power wasn't out for long and now I'm writing a way with new and hopefully even better insights!

 When we consider the sequence of the cards we can understand The Tower a bit better:

13. Death. Game over.
14. Temperance. A miracle! The situation is revitalized and comes back to life.
An example of this would be someone who literally was thought to be dead being brought back to life but it could also describe a business venture about to go under when a new source of money is found that then keeps the doors open.
But whether it's renewed health or new money the result is...

15. The Devil. Debt.
The soul brought back to life may have months of therapy ahead of them. The business that takes out a new loan will of course have to pay it back.

Now consider combining the Temperance card with The Devil = a Miracle combined with Harsh Reality leads to a major shake up in the structure of things, and thus..

16. The Tower. Crisis / Enlightenment.
This card indicates that whatever the sense of debt and bondage the soul was experiencing with the previous card, something now has happened that totally dwarfs that experience. It could be something very positive. The patient might learn of a new therapy that cuts their recovery time in half. Or it may at first appear to be negative. In the case of the business person struggling to pay back a loan, The Tower could mean something that closes down the business - like a fire or flood! - but at the same time frees him from all his debts. 

When we were kids in school I can remember being assigned to write stories and the tales would become so complicated we wouldn't know how to end them so we'd resort to ditching the whole thing by turning it into a dream and end with the line, "And then I woke up!" - a perfect example of a whole new consciousness -The Tower experience- setting one free!

The Tower is associated with the planet Mars, the planet associated with personal insight and free will. Mars refuses to be restricted by anything or anyone. I think of the story of The Emperor's New Clothes and how one boy shook up the whole establishment by simply speaking his truth.

Another good Tower line, "Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come."

When The Tower appears in a spread, note the surrounding cards. The one on the left describes the old structure that must change, the one on the right suggests what the new structure will be.
For example:

The Fool, The Tower, The Magician.
A careless attitude will certainly lead to disaster so please start using better judgement now..

The Wheel of Fortune, The Tower, The Hanged Man.
Luck is changing, leave the casino and suspend your gambling habit!

The Lovers, The Tower, The Hierophant.
Cupids arrow has struck, better get her to the alter, before she changes her mind!

The key thing to remember with The Tower is that it indicates clearing away old restrictive conditions and while this may create a crisis it ultimately leads to a better life.

If life gets a little hectic this week just remind yourself it's only a dream and then..

Wake up!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Friday, November 18, 2011

15. The Devil - Reality Hits With A Thud

Last week I mentioned that card 14.Temperance was my favorite card.  This week's card, 15. The Devil, is the one I like the least. With Temperance we had a sense of rejuvenation after the previous card, Death. Temperance encouraged exploring all possibilities and even situations that at first appeared to be dead and over and done with showed they still had life when Temparance revealed new points of view.. Well...with The Devil card we see that all the options have been explored and we're left with harsh reality. "No more loop holes," says The Devil, "What you see is what you get." Notice how the image with The Devil is very similar to the drawing on The Lovers card only there an angel is blessing a loving couple and here a devil keeps two souls in chains. I think of the line, "Marriages are made in heaven...but we have to live them here on earth."

The Devil is associated with the sign Capricorn which has to do with personal responsibility, physical reality and particularly with debt and karma. The idea is that what ever manifests in our lives is the exact result of our own actions and thinking patterns. Thus The Devil card doesn't necessarily have to be a bad card but how many of us would be thrilled to hear God is going to give us just what we deserve? Not me! When The Devil shows up in a reading advise your client that the situation they are in is their own creation and only total honesty can set them free.. If things appear to go against them they mustn't waste time trying to rebel or blaming others but rather they should ask themselves how the situation is serving them? A sore throat can excuse us from having to say things we'd rather not, or perhaps it serves us because it forces us to stop talking and listen. Likewise a stalled car might turn out to have protected us from a traffic accident. Often when we look at our situations from this perspective amazing new insights come to mind.

Of course, just because a person recognizes how they themselves created their problems doesn't mean they are given a clean slate and the situation will no longer exist. After the sore throat heals one mustn't jump back into talking too much and the car with the broken clutch needs to go to the garage! The Devil has the couple in chains and freedom will only come when the lessons are learned. The Temperance angel promises we have a cure - The Devil says yes, but you still have to take your medicine.

When the Devil card is combined with other cards it tends to alert us to the negative potentials of those cards. The Devil next to The Empress cautions that appears to be a generous opportunity may not be the easy money we imagine. Next to The Hermit, The Devil warns we aren't going to get any leniency from the wise old man. Next to The Wheel of Fortune, The Devil reminds me, "If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all."

Where The Devil appears in a spread tells us what cannot be ignored or wished away. As a foundation card he is warning that nothing good can happen till we've covered the basics - the rent, food etc. Maybe the question involves applying for a job. The Devil says you must have the legal qualifications. Perhaps we're asking about a romance, The Devil asks is the loved one single and available? As a final outcome card The Devil is very clear: you will get out of your situation exactly what you have put into it.

There IS a positive side to the old goat. If we have learned the lesson of the previous card, Temperance, which says toss ideas back and forth, then we know that when we get negative news from The Devil while we can't deny reality, we don't have to give it more value than it deserves. The truth may be you are in a tight spot, but we have respond-abilities. Respond to what's good. Thoughts become things.

Here's to manifesting the good ones,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Friday, November 11, 2011

14. Temperance - Tossing Ideas Back and Forth

Card number 14. Temperance is probably my favorite card of the whole deck. It represents miracles happening which makes sense when you consider the previous card was Death and for there to be anything more coming after death would certainly be considered a miracle! The picture is of an angel pouring water from one jug to another as if to say, "You don't have to stop here - toss some ideas back and forth, let's see what else we can come up with."

Temperance is associated with the sign Sagittarius which rules long distance travel and philosophy. When this angel appears in a reading she is telling you to see your situation from a larger perspective. Things don't have to work out all in favor of one side or the other. Discuss matters. Consider ways to create a win-win. There's been a lot of buzz this week about the presidential primary debates. Looking at this card it occurs to me it would be a more interesting discussion if they would give the candidates a problem and have them show how they would be capable of working together to find a solution. Any fool can make the other fellow look bad. We need leaders who can make us all look good!

Because of the card's emphasis on communication, particularly notice what cards appear on either side of Temperance. They represent two people, or viewpoints, that need to be better acquainted. Temperance always shows a need for better communication. Thus if The Lovers is on the left of Temperance and The Emperor is on the right it could mean a great plan (The Lovers) needs to be more carefully considered (Temperance) to be sure it fits the needs of the individual (The Emperor). 

This week while we are focusing on Temperance expect miracles! Temperance says the old ways of thinking needn't restrict us. Think BIG, think different, have faith. Temperance says anything can happen.
I got an email today from a friend who's son was in a coma. She wrote to say he woke up this morning healthy and with all his memory and body in tact. A true miracle.

I look forward to hearing your most outrageous ideas!

Did you hear about the psychic midget who broke out of jail?
The headlines read, "Small Medium at Large!"
Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, November 3, 2011

13. Death - It's Just A Card!

I'm sorry I didn't pay attention to the calendar and post this card a couple of days ago - it's the perfect image to be studying this Halloween week! Card number 13 is the card titled Death but I suggest you call it "Death and REBIRTH", just to calm your clients when Mr Skeleton pops up in their spread. Otherwise you'll have people calling you back for days worried that getting this card means the end is near. But meanwhile just between you and me this card does mean Death and it freaks me out too. However, it doesn't necessarily mean the person you are reading for is going to die. Rather it means the end of something but just what depends on the question. It could mean a literal death but more likely it refers to the end of an era. Something - a job, a romance - has run it's course and it's time to let it go. 

This makes more sense when we reflect back on the sequence. Our previous card The Hanged Man was about surrendering ones hold, just letting it all go, and so of course, when we're no longer putting energy into a situation it ceases to exist, thus the next card is Death. Even so, it's probably better not to use the D word when doing a reading. "Run out of enthusiasm," and "Time to recharge your batteries" are my prefered phrases.

Card 13 is associated with the sign Scorpio which is the sign of intense, life changing experiences. When this card comes up, the meaning of whatever card it appears next to is also intensified. The Lovers usually indicates a light hearted romance but next to the Scorpio card it means a soul mate - till death do us part! - relationship. The High Priestess suggests silence. Next to this card it means taking a secret to the grave.

This week as we focus on The Death card I anticipate we'll all be particularly aware of time marching on what with the temperature dropping and Winter coming fast upon us. You may be packing away the summer clothes - the end of the old you! You may be starting to review the past year, you may be recognizing time is running out before Christmas. There are lots of ways to be aware of death short of losing a loved one!

Meanwhile, this is a short column this week. I guess I need to recharge my batteries...

May all your transitions flow smoothly,
Rosada, EXT 2340