Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mercury Turns Direct in Aries - I Do Believe It's Getting Better

 Progress is being made folks and we're really going to start to see it this week after Mercury turns direct May 3. If you've been feeling overwhelmed by the political news or by frustrations in your personal life or just by the lousy weather, fear not! Brighter days are coming. Here's how:

First, Saturn has been retrograde for several weeks now so we're all finally getting the message that things are not going to get fixed over night, so we can stop stressing, relax and pace ourselves. There will never be enough time to do or achieve everything we'd like so why beat ourselves up about it? Saturn wont turn direct until September so we've got lots of time to get our lives in order. If we'll just do a little something every day we WILL see gradual improvement.

For the best way to use the energies this week...
Monday, May 1 finds the Moon opposing Pluto and squaring Mercury and Uranus. Start the week slowly, ignore negative words and proceed cautiously.

Tuesday, May 2 promises to be much better. The Moon sextiles Jupiter giving us a chance to relax. Prepare for the work ahead by replenishing your reserves. You should see reasons tonight to be confident you can make it!

Wednesday,  May, 3. Mercury turns direct so we should start thinking straight again. A Moon trine Uranus could urge us to push things ahead too fast however, but a follow up trine to Saturn shows how to find our own tempo and keep moving.

Thursday, May, 4. The Moon moves into cautious Virgo and makes a harsh square to Mars. We will probably become aware of obstructions that must be dealt with. Remain flexible, gather strength and let the Moon Virgo/Mars combo help you find safe ways to move forward.

Friday, May 5. Cinco de Mayo gets off to a great start with the Moon trining rejuvenating Pluto but this can also mean feelings of envy and isolation are floating about so again, remain calm, gather strength and know that any misunderstandings will sort themselves out by morning.

Saturday, May 6. The Moon enters peace making Libra and opposes Venus today. If you've used this week to stay focused on your goals and worked towards gradual, persistent progress this pairing of the planets will bring you a fine reward.

To sum up the energies of the week ahead, just remember that although Mercury is turning direct opening opportunities for progress, Saturn, the task master is still prominent right now meaning we mustn't try to leap over tall buildings with a single bound. To overcome obstacles - including the negative energy of others - we'll have to calm down and stockpile resources. These can be both material resources and our own inner resources, our core values and particularly our sense of humor!

To tame negative energy, stick firmly to what feels right. If others test your inner strength, use this as an opportunity to practice what you've learned - when they go low, we go high!. And of course you can always call me for a personal consultation.

Congratulations! We survived the first hundred days - 1360 more to go!
Love to all,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, April 23, 2017

New Moon in Taurus Brings An Hour of Power!

Over the next two days, Sunday April 23 and Monday April 24, the Moon in Aries will be aspecting  Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, Mercury and Saturn. With the Moon making all these  connections, this is the time when we should go out socializing ourselves. Take every opportunity to create and strengthen friendships  - your success for the month ahead depends on it!

 Aries is the sign that marks the beginning of a new cycle and having the Moon here means now is the time we are to be getting the ball rolling emotionally, that is, start new contacts, form new friendships, and create new alliances. My partner and I have recently moved and are intending to use this line up of planets to introduce ourselves to our new neighbors. As the Moon's final aspect to Saturn particularly rewards forming and building lasting organizations we're hoping to create some enthusiasm for launching a Little Free Library at our new address. You too will benefit if you organize with others to do something this week.

Caution - while some of the people you meet this week may present you with opportunities (or you will see opportunities yourself), beware a tendency to go overboard. With the Moon opposing Jupiter and the squaring Pluto, enthusiasm can quickly take over and perhaps make a person promise too much too soon. We're seeing this energy playing out on the national level with Donald Trump now declaring that judging a president's accomplishments based on his performance during the first 100 days in office is a poor way to calculate success. Furthermore he has also started to back peddle on his promises of  instant tax reform.  Note the Moon's final aspect before leaving Aries is a calm  steady trine to  Saturn meaning exaggeration wasn't necessary, to make progress we only need to take things one step at a time. Of course, you can always give me a call and we can do a reading for the best way way for you to proceed to create your best outcome.

Tuesday, April 25: the Moon is void of course (that is, it doesn't contact any other planets) through out the evening so you'll probably only feel like socializing with just your immediate circle. This isn't a bad thing but it would be better if you were to use the time to reach out to a wider gene pool.

Wednesday April 26: New Moon in Taurus at 7:46 a.m. edt! The half hour before a New Moon and the half hour just after are extremely powerful for launching new projects. If you are on the East Coast this means get active between 7:16 a.m. - 8:16 a.m. Put your heart, soul and clear intentions into whatever  you are doing. You will be rewarded on the Full Moon.

Also, the Moon sextiles Neptune through out the day so we need to be a bit cautious about who we trust. There are always people within a group who may not have our best interests at heart. Be a bit detached and of course act in such a way that YOU inspire trust.

Thursday April 27: The Moon sextiles Chiron, the wounded healer today. If that Jupiter/Pluto energy got you over-doing things a bit earlier in the week you may notice the strained muscles or strained relationships today. Rely on your good sense and call a halt to any aggressive activities or attitudes. You must be low key and accommodating if you are to achieve your goals today.

Friday, April 28: Venus retrograde re-enters Aries and Mercury in Aries joins with Uranus = Great for re-starting old friendships that haven't been getting much attention lately. If you wish to join with another but feel you've been blocked, today would be the perfect day to reach out. There may be some issues that still have to be worked on but if you remain courageous and persevere you will eventually overcome all obstacles and achieve the alliance you seek!

Saturday, April 29: The Moon opposes The Giant Squelch of The Universe, Saturn, today. You may find you wish to get out and mingle but there are obstacles - chores perhaps or some unfinished business - that block the way. However, as Saturn rules fated ties, if you've been paying attention to the planets this week no doubt you have accomplished part of your goal of making new friends and can spend at least some bit of time the way you please and with someone you like.

In summary, the strong Aries influence at the beginning of the week supports us in getting new connections launched. Towards the middle of the week the energies tend to slow down and we need to monitor ourselves to be sure we aren't trying to force things to happen. Continue to act in ways that will attract the highest caliber of friendships and let nature take its course.

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Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sun into Taurus, Mars into Gemini, Pluto Retrograde. The Changes. Just. Keep. Coming.

So far 2017 seems to be all about adjusting to radical change.  Release the past - the old hurts as well as the old expectations - and accept the new.

The Sun moving into quiet stubborn Taurus this week means that with patience and not resisting what ever happens we will be able to hold on to our inner equilibrium until better times arrive.
Pluto turning retrograde Thursday means we accept the past is gone and will not return, and begin to clear away old and useless habits and ideas.
Doing this will set you straight and prepare you for what is coming...

The week starts off with a bang on Monday, April 17 with a Sun-Saturn trine. It's a good time to increase your involvement and to get things done while the energy and opportunities are available. The Moon in Capricorn sextilling Neptune in Pisces motivates you to set ambitious but realistic goals and keep them firmly in mind. Include assisting people in need and your pursuits will bring you good fortune and happiness.

The Moon meets up with Pluto on Tuesday, April 18 and then moves on to sextile Venus in Pisces. Positive energy is increasing and nothing stands in the way. Make sure your goals help others and not just yourself. Be consciously creative!

Wednesday, April 19. The Moon squares the Sun and then Mercury. Don't let setbacks worry you because you may benefit from them. Accept whatever is happening, observe the process and learn from it. You may discover ideas, skills and opportunities that will help and comfort others.

Thursday, April 20. Pluto, the God of Death and Destruction, turns retrograde while the Moon trines Jupiter. This  combo brings opportunities to be of great service when you act as a peacemaker between two parties.. Listen carefully to both sides but stay impartial. Use your wisdom, skills, and resources to propose a solution that is fair and objective and that leads to peace and harmony.

Friday, April 21. Venus squares Saturn but squares aren't always a bad thing. They can motivate us to get active and this one promises that with generosity, kindness, and compassion you can create something that will last. Push yourself to give more than expected. Seek to be of benefit to others and to help and support where you can without expecting any reward.

Saturday, April 22. Moon in Pisces joins Neptune in Pisces and then connects with Pluto and lovely Venus. It's time to start giving some of your abundant wealth, skills, and influence to the less fortunate. Use your experience, energy and resources to tackle large and worthwhile projects that can benefit others. Sharing your good fortune increases it.

It's another wild and woolly week ahead with no short supply of drama. Just be sure to cast yourself in the role of savior and let someone else who wants to play the part of victim.
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Love to all,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, April 10, 2017

Trump May Have Just Done Something Right!

Last week President Trump gave the order to bomb an airstrip in Syria. The location had been used to launch poison gas attacks on the citizens of Syria. By bombing the airstrip the President intended to prevent further attacks.

The results were mixed.

 As I understand it, the runways were not totally destroyed and they were quickly restored. So the action seems not to have crippled the airport's operation but perhaps decimation was not the goal. Perhaps Trump did what he did to draw attention to a situation that had to be dealt with, but he did it in such a way so as not to make matters worse. By bombing and not destroying Trump sent a stern warning of what we can and will do but he did it in such a way that did not kill hundreds of people and launch an all out war.

Now some people, and I feel particularly reporters, have spun this story to make Trump look bad. This is short sighted. By continually accentuating the negativity of this man's actions liberals are becoming as stubborn and bigoted as they accuse the conservatives as being. Consider what the headlines read and then take into consideration some alternative facts, particularly the big deal that has been made about how the Russians were given advance warning of the impending airstrike and so the target zone was nearly deserted and thus there were a minimal number of deaths. Some how people regard this as a failure - but isn't it really an incredible blessing? If a large number of people had been killed Russia would have been practically forced to attack us. If a warning was indeed intentionally leaked ahead of time - and thus a great number of fatalities prevented - shouldn't we be cheering "Bravo, Mr President"?

Now don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying I approve of Trump or that I think he consciously knew what he was doing. No, I talking about how those of us who consider ourselves light-workers and who understand the law of attraction should start recognizing that our prayers are being answered. We've prayed for peace and the end of war. We may have thought this could only happen in a certain way, like only if Bernie Sanders were elected or only if certain laws were repealed. This didn't happen and that's shaken a lot of people's faith in the power of intention. Not to worry! Our visions of world ascension to higher levels of consciousness will manifest and are manifesting. This recent airstrike "failure" is an example that the angels are looking out for us. Let us be grateful.

The astrological aspects continue to be challenging this week as Mercury, Venus and Saturn are now all retrograde meaning it's time for a pullback and everything goes into slow motion. This may help a lot on the international scene as it can put the breaks on a rush to war but individually we may encounter frustration as things don't come together as quickly as we'd like them to. Make a vow not to use force and you may see how delays are actually to your advantage.

May we all be surrounded with love and light,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sun Square Pluto: Don't Rock The Boat, Baby!

Enormous pressures this week. We all should be taking extraordinary measures to control situations so as to not be overwhelmed. The key clue is don't overload your schedule. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Here's the breakdown:

Monday, April 3. Moon in hang-on-to-the-old Cancer squaring the Sun in start-something-new Aries. Deal with the conflict by establishing your priorities. Then with Aries' courage and confidence, make the changes and trade-offs to achieve what is most important to you.

*Tuesday, April 4. Probably the best day this week. Inspiring trine between the Moon in Cancer and Venus in Pisces gives a fresh vision of what is now possible. Encourage renewal and growth by joining with people who are different and dare to think outside the box.

Wednesday, April 5. Mars trines Pluto but SATURN TURNS RETROGRADE. The energizing Mars/Pluto connection can feel like you've plugged into The Source but resist the temptation to try moving mountains, With Saturn turning retrograde obligations taken on at this time can prove much more burdensome than anticipated. Don't overload yourself.

Thursday, April 6. Moon trine Saturn. Hopefully you didn't overdo yesterday so you're able to continue with various projects today. The Moon/Saturn pairing is an encouraging influence for completing the basic necessities and also for strengthening ties with helpful friends. If you've had assistance of late, today would be a good time to make a show of appreciation.

Friday, April 7. Good news! Moon trine Mercury and Sun opposing Jupiter. Unexpected energy and vigor enter our lives. Perhaps a chance to reflect on how far we've come and where we want to go from here. The Sun gives a general feeling of optimism yet again, with expansive Jupiter there's a warning against overextending yourself.

Saturday, April 8. This is the day the Sun squares off with Pluto, the day when an ordinary person's desires - represented by the Sun - clash with the bigger circumstances - Pluto - and you can get mixed up in power struggles. You may feel you're forced to make some sort of sacrifice but remember "When God closes a door,  He opens a window."

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Rosada, EXT 2340