Thursday, June 21, 2012

Saturn and Venus Turn Direct - Graduation Time is Here!

 Important astrological events coming up this week:

The sun has entered the Cancer, the sign of Babies and Mothers and Home and Family. The attention shifts from Gemini light-hearted flirtations and silly love songs to recognizing that people we have been casually chatting with are becoming part of our daily life, our foundation. It's time to get it together - settle down and start a family.

June 23 
Like a chiropractor administering a sharp neck adjustment, Uranus square Pluto triggers a realignment of our outer lives and inner values. Take care you don't bump into stuff and if you get a flash of insight that causes you to want to do things differently, go with it. 

(Uranus square Pluto is the "Live Free or Die!" aspect. We're due to experience it several more times over the next couple of years but those who grasp the concept early will have an easier time as the same lesson repeats itself in the months ahead.)

Sun trines Neptune: Goodwill and Faith are better than drugs for taking the edge off the above challenging experiences.

June 25
Saturn turns direct in Libra:
Long delayed decisions are finally clarified. Suddenly awareness of what we are here to do, what we agreed to do, kicks in. 
(Political prediction: I think we're going to see Obama make major progress during the next several months to complete campaign promises he has so far not been able to carry off.)

June 27:
Venus turns direct in Gemini:
Following Saturn's lead and clear guidance, The Goddess of Love finally starts making good on her promises.
Begin being kind to people today and get extra points when She gets moving Wednesday.

People born on May 28, aka. 7 degrees Gemini - the degree Venus is at now - may be particularly blessed at this time.

June 28:
Moon squares Mercury - Moon sextiles Mars:
Now through midnight Friday night is a highly productive time. Ideas (Mercury) quickly translate into taking action (Mars)

Anyone getting married this week or going into any kind of personal partnership agreement should put some extra awareness into making sure both parties are clear about their intentions and expectations. The rose-colored glasses won't stay on long but the rewards can be tremendous if each one takes responsibility. 

We're learning about diplomacy this summer so it may feel as if everything is having to be negotiated. That's because as a species we've fallen behind in being able to think on our feet and speak up, so a lot of lessons in negotiation are being presented to us all at once it seems. Knowing how to make, keep, and re-negotiate an agreement may be as important as the agreement itself this summer.


Now a few words for our Cards of Destiny study.

The number 9 is about Completion, Graduation.

Hearts represent emotions.
The 9 of Hearts then symbolizes completion of an emotion, the end of an affair. There is the implication of sadness because even though the next card, the 10 of Hearts, promises Universal Love and Understanding, still we all miss our first puppy.

Clubs represent the mind.
9 of Clubs is a completion on the mental level. Graduation! But again a tinge of disappointment as in weren't we all sort of disappointed after we got our diploma that we weren't the all-knowing sages we thought we'd be by this time? Ah matter how much we know there is always more to learn. The 9 of Clubs is The Teacher's Card. Makes sense when you consider the completing step to learning a subject is to teach it.

Diamonds represent our values, money and ways of earning it.
The 9 of Diamonds means the end of some monetary system. Some way of making money is no longer productive. Could signal the loss of a job or losing actual money. It's time to let go, move on.

Spades intensify the meaning of the number.
The 9 of Spades combines the number of Completion with the suit of intensity. Thus the 9 of Spades indicates a completion of such intensity it could mean a death or a total change of lifestyle. 

Until next time,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gemini New Moon June 19

Did you hear the one about the woman who consulted a clairvoyant in
hopes of contacting her deceased husband? Sure enough the medium was
able to connect and the wife spoke to him, "Oh Darling," she cried,
"What's it like where you are?"

"It's wonderful here," her husband reassured her. "I'm in a lovely
valley surrounded by blue skies and green pastures."

"Oh my," she says, "You must be an angel in heaven!"

"Well, not quite," says hubby, "I'm a cow in New Jersey."

I'm not quite sure what the point of that story was but I like it...

Plus we're going to need our sense of humor this week as we head for a
major planetary event coming up Saturday night/ Sunday morning: Uranus
- the planet of freedom and rebellion - will be in Aries, the sign of
the individual making an exact square to Pluto - ruler of life and
death power struggles - in Capricorn, the sign of entrenched systems
and government. The combination warns that any system that has kept
individual free will suppressed is going to be strongly challenged if
not overthrown. This could manifest anywhere from a global scale
particularly with uprisings in the middle east to our most personal
situations where we may be finding ourselves quitting jobs, cutting
ties and in general saying, "I'm not going to take it any more!" This
doesn't have to be a bad thing - change is necessary and inevitable -
but recognizing how volatile and disruptive the planets are next
weekend could help us modify our reactions so we don't go to extremes.

Other planetary activity to watch for:
There will be a New Moon the morning of June 19. What you are doing at
the time of the new moon sets the tone for the month ahead. This
month's new moon will be in Gemini meaning the focus is on how we
communicate with our immediate surroundings - brother's and sisters,
the neighborhood. Make plans to reach out to the folks around you on
this day and you could reap benefits from these contacts in a couple
of weeks at the time of the full and three-quarter moon.

Mercury squares Saturn June 20. Could be a deadline of some sort for
coming to agreements and getting paper work filed. You might bump up
against a bunch of rules and regulations that must be dealt with.

Sun Trines Neptune on Saturday the 23. This is a beautiful aspect and
I suspect many June brides will be having fairy-tale weddings on this
day. Since the rebellious Uranus- Pluto aspect is also forming I
wouldn't be surprised if many of these marriages are staged in unusual
settings or have a note of being somehow very different from the norm.


To continue now with our study of The Cards of Destiny. This week we
focus on card number 8, The Power Card. We can understand why eights
represent power when we consider 8 follows 7, the number that
represents the mind and knowledge. So... Knowledge leads to Power!

8 of Hearts:
Emotional power. When the eight of hearts shows up in a spread the
person has the ability to get their way with people, both personally
and professionally. It's a very positive omen for a successful outcome
even when the other cards are negative.

8 of Clubs:
Mental power. The ability to focus the mind. Focus and concentration
leading to success.

8 of Diamonds:
Financial power. When we know what we want (7 of Diamonds) we are
empowered to attract it. Can indicate a major purchase.

8 of Spades:
Will power. When this card appears you could have major power in your
work and health areas.

I hope you spend a bit of time with the cards this week. The new moon
in Gemini favors card games and with Mercury squaring Saturn Wednesday
you may find a little bit of study locks the learning in and it later
pays off.

Sending you powerful happy thoughts!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Who's to Say What's Real?

My deceased husband Harris appeared at my front door this morning. Okay, not really but let me explain..
I have a neighbor who was my husband's best friend. Jose was the one driving the car when we met (I was hitch hiking in Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco back in the sixties during The Summer of Love). He and my husband Harris were always together so of course I was used to seeing the two of them standing side by side. The other thing you need to know is that in his later years my husband grew a goatee. He was so adorable with his soulful brown eyes and his silver whiskers!
Anyway, about an hour ago Jose stopped by with Jack, an old pal whom I hadn't seen in years, who happens to also have soulful brown eyes and a white goatee. I heard a knock and when I opened the door there was Jose standing side by side with this sort of familiar looking fellow with the big brown eyes and whiskers - My mind jumped out of my body and went in a zillion places all at once! For one split instant I was seeing my husband again!  My brain couldn't grasp it. How could this be? Had he only pretended to die but had been living next door all along? Or in another body?! And then the pieces came together, reality set in and I recognized that of course this wasn't my husband, it was Jose with our old friend Jack. But gosh my one prayer had been that I could see Harris just one more time and wow, for a moment - he was here. It makes me wonder if we are indeed all one, or can we channel for each other - can a person let their physical body let another soul come in for a moment? Aw, well, it was a wonderful nano=second.

Last week we reviewed The Cards of Destiny 1 - 4 and introduced 5 - 6. This week I want to once again go over the meanings of the cards we have discussed and then talk about card number 7. I hope you don't this tedious but I know many of us have forgotten last weeks cards and probably wont search the archives for them. Plus 7 is the number of Reviewing the Past so it's appropriate that we do a quick re-run.

1. Initiating.
Hearts: Initiating emotion. Clubs: Initiating mind. Diamonds: Initiating manifestation. Spades: Initiating change, transformation.

2. Responding.
Hearts: Responding to love. Clubs: Responding to ideas, Diamonds: Responding to money. Spades: Strong response, transformative.

3. Creativity.
Hearts: Creating Love, a romance, a child. Clubs: Creative thinking, The Writer's Card. Diamonds: Creative finances, many opportunities to make money - or worry!. Spades: Creating transformation, The Artist's card.

4. Stability.
Hearts: Established home, family. Clubs: Stable thinking, clarity. Diamond's Stable finances, hording. Spades: Stablity to the point of stubbornness.

5. Change.
Hearts: Change of heart. Clubs: Change of mind. Diamonds: Change of values. Spades: Complete change, travel.

6. Balance, harmony, karma.
Hearts: Relationships brought into balance. The Family Card. Clubs: Thinking brought into balance. The Forgiveness Card. Diamonds: Finances brought into balance. 
Spades: Everything brought into balance, negotiating, major karmic payback.

This brings us to today's card, the seven, the card that represents the mind and spirituality. When ever a seven appears in a spread it means the issues are more than what they seem - there is a spiritual lesson unfolding and the querent should be particularly careful that the situation is handled according to the highest principals. The angels are watching! The result is seven cards seem to describe people who tend to think things through carefully and who may appear to delay taking action.

7. Spiritual Understanding
Hearts: Unconditional love but there maybe frustrations on the physical side. Clubs: Active mind but not necessarily productive. Playing games. Diamonds: Creating wealth by applying the spiritual law of abundance: thoughts become things. Spades: Spiritual understanding in Spades!

I'll go into more detail next week but perhaps a hint can help you figure out 8's and 9's  and 10's on your own:

The spiritual knowledge of 7 now leads to 8. Power.
The power of 8 doesn't weaken or wane till it reaches 9. Completion.
When you've experienced 9 Completion it means you're ready for 10. Mastery.

Okay, I hope now that I've repeated things a few times that you are starting to catch on and can apply some of these ideas to the world around you. For example, notice the numbers on the buildings in your town. Consider homes as Hearts. Buildings that house activities like schools and restaurants are Clubs. Businesses are Diamonds. Government offices and churches are Spades.

Thus a house with the number 168 would be considered to be an Ace, 6 and 8 of Hearts house - a wonderful place for raising a strong family (ace = a young love, a child, 6 = balanced emotions, family, 8 = strong emotions.)

Although this system may seem absurdly simple please give it a chance. We're doing more here than just learning clever fortune telling tricks. Your conscious mind craves amusements and puzzles and gets easily bored and thus may discard this study after a superficial glance, but your unconscious is longing for a way to organize all your life experiences. By learning this easy system for evaluating all experience, you're giving your unconscious, your inner computer, a way to sort out and remember everything that's ever crossed your consciousness. Just learn the cards. In a few weeks you'll be amazed at how much more you're learning from life - and remembering it too!

And of course remembering you read it here first! 

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cards of Destiny

This week I want to continue discussing the reading system that relies on an ordinary playing card deck. This system dates back for centuries but it is popularly known now as The Cards of Destiny. I particularly like it because it's easily understood by the people you are reading for and when everyone in the group understands your method it's amazing how in tune we all become and how clear the readings are.

In the last two postings I covered the cards Ace through four. Today let's look at the fives and sixes.

First to review for a moment about the cards we covered last week:

One is beginnings so of course all Aces refer to an energy that is just starting to manifest. Think of an Ace as representing a desire as in a desire for love (Ace of Hearts), a desire for knowledge (Ace of Clubs), a desire for money (Ace of Diamonds), or a desire for transformation/work (Ace of Spades).

Two means a response to the Ace. If the Ace of Hearts is the desire for love, then the Two of Hearts is a response to that desire and thus the two would represent a loved one, the hearts desire in person. The Two of Clubs is a response to the Ace of Clubs desire for knowledge so you might think of the Ace as being a question and the Two as the answer or at least as an answer, a conversation or maybe even an argument. The Ace of Diamonds desires money, the Two of Diamonds then is trading, bartering, wheeling and dealing. The Ace of Spades is the desire for change and so powerful that it is known as the card of Death. If you have a problem an Ace of Spades person can bust through it. The Two of Spades represents working together with a partner, doing something that creates a result.

Threes means variety, indecision and creativity. Consider a person faced with the two paths of the Ace or the two. Be a leader or a responder?. They may not know what to decide so thus indecision, but they may also come up with a whole different idea, thus creativity. The Three of Hearts then can indicate indecision in love, light hearted relationships with no clear commitment and also self expression. The Three of Clubs is such a creative thinker it must be careful it's good ideas don't grow into worry but usually this card is positive and known as The Writer's Card. The Three of Diamonds is diversity in values, financial creativity or if negative, worry about money. The Three of Spades means Creativity in Spades! This is The Artist's Card.

Fours grant stability. Four of Hearts, stability in love or home. Four of Clubs, an organized mind, a stable mind. Four of Diamonds, financial stability. Four of Spades, solid security.

Now on to the new cards!

Fives represent change. Five of Hearts - a change of heart, change of home. Five of Clubs - changing the mind (restlessness/ travel). Five of Diamonds - change of values, change in finances. Five of Spades - major change, change in lifestyle, travel, change in health.

Six must now find harmony and balance after all this change. The Six of Hearts brings balance and peace to relationships. The Six of Clubs brings balance to the thinking - can indicate strong intuitive abilities! The Six of Diamonds balances the budget, a time of karmic payback. The Six of Spades means settling all affairs and can bring much needed peace into one's life.

Well that's enough for today I think. Don't hesitate to write these meanings on your cards to help you remember.

Tally Ho!
Rosada, EXT 2340