Sunday, February 24, 2013

Do The Limbo Rock!

The full moon is coming up at 3:36 pm eastern time tomorrow at 7 Virgo. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is A Girl Takes Her First Dance Instruction. Lots of possibilities suggested by this image: teachers, students, learning new skills and practice makes perfect etc. Yet a little voice in the back of my head is singing, "Do the Limbo!" What could that mean? Then, oh, I get it. How many of you have been feeling stuck in Limbo Land lately? I sure have. I'll get back to the significance of our Full Moon symbol in a minute but first I just want to comment that if you've been bogged down and feeling stuck in the mud there's a good reason for that. Saturn, the planet of Reality has just turned retrograde in Scorpio. Saturn going into Scorpio suggested we were going to get to the bottom of various schemes and cover ups at this time, but after all sorts of uncomfortable revelations we have pretty much been left in a swamp feeling uncertain how to proceed to make things right. Like we KNOW gun control laws need to be revised, we KNOW the people responsible for the mortgage melt down have gotten off scott free, we definitely suspect the Pope's resignation has something to do with covering up the sex scandal in the Catholic church etc. etc. but even as we know all this, we don't know what to do about it. So far stirring things up seems to have only created more mud. In our personal lives many of us are feeling we KNOW we want to do something more authentic in 2013, eat right, have a job that use our abilities, find a soulmate - but how to get out of the current quagmire, the relationships, the responsibilities the commitments that no longer have meaning? How do we reawaken an inner awareness of the path? How do we find a dance instructor that really knows how to teach? Lately, I venture to say, many have felt there just aren't any around and so we keep on doing the Limbo...

Here are my suggestions for getting unstuck this week:

The Sun is squaring Jupiter on Monday, a wonderful support for expanding our understanding and getting out of tight places. Resonate with this aspect by literally getting out of the house and taking off in a new direction.

Mercury conjuncts Mars early Tuesday morning inspiring lots of talk and communication these first days of the week. One of the reasons people become stuck is they are uneasy about trying alternatives. Mercury conjunct Mars can facilitate finding out just what your options are. Clarify your commitments, you may not be as tied down as you thought. 

The Moon opposes Uranus and ends with a square to Pluto on Wednesday February 27. Maybe just agree to disagree today.

Late Thursday night the Sun in Pisces makes a lovely sextile to Pluto and then a beautiful trine to Saturn Friday noon. A lot of issues finally start to work themselves out and you'll be sooo glad you didn't throw a hissy fit yesterday. As the Sun is in Pisces you may find some helpful revelations even coming to you in your dreams. 

Saturday the Moon will be trining Mars - now here's the day to focus and get moving!

Finally, Saturn represents older wiser guides. This week might be a good time to hire one to help you - especially if there are things you've wanted to know but always thought you should be able to learn by yourself. Saturn retrograde says it's time to get a teacher who can fill in those blanks. Welcome in a spiritual guide or maybe you need some simple practical help. We could all benefit now from someone who can show us how to live in this world - how to use all those extra attachments on our cell phones, how do our taxes and yes, maybe even someone to teach us to dance!

Rock on!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Treasure Hunt

I love Thrift Stores, Garage Sales, Antique Stores and Swap Meets. Any place where there's a possibility of finding a treasure is where you'll find me. It's probably my Sun in Cancer prompting all this. Cancerians are supposed to love antiques and bargains. Plus I have Uranus in Gemini so I'm primed for finding Surprises (Uranus) in The Nearby Neighborhood (Gemini). This week coming up I'm making plans to hit my favorite Salvation Army. It's about 30 miles from where I live but always worth the drive. They are set up on what used to be a horse ranch. The main paddock is now filled with tables, chairs, pianos, and all manner of stray pieces of furniture. The huge barn is filled with racks of clothes. The various side buildings house china, toys and knick knacks. It's more than a little overwhelming at first but what fun to spend a day out in the fresh air and then come back and fill the house with a wonderful pile of new junk! (Now you know why I'm always exhorting folks to de-clutter - I'm really hoping I'll take my own advice...) This Saturday afternoon, February 23rd, should prove to be a particularly magical day for manifesting all sorts of things you never even knew you needed. The Moon will be in Leo squaring Saturn in the morning - which could make sellers reluctant to lower their price and buyers won't want to part with their money either, so the market could lag until the Moon starts connecting with Mars after lunch. Then the enthusiasm builds and continues all weekend till late Sunday night when the Moon will connect with Venus in Aquarius. Altogether a grand time for meeting and greeting and dealing with people.

Earlier in the week, Saturn is turning retrograde Monday February 18th  and won't be going direct until mid-July. When a planet is retrograde it signals the issues ruled by that planet won't move forward until the planet turns direct again. Saturn rules responsibility so Saturn retrograde then could mean people will want to pause and not take on more responsibility or perhaps there are things that need to be reviewed, details to be handled before one can move full speed ahead. For example, a suitor might get cold feet when Saturn turns retrograde and want to back off from commitment or perhaps the suitor continues to be marriage minded but there are past responsibilities that must be completed before they can move forward - like maybe their divorce isn't final. When Saturn turns retrograde it's time to fill in some blanks  -  then the new adventures can succeed. This spring would be an excellent time to take a refresher course in some topic that would keep you current in your profession.

Mercury is also turning retrograde this week. Mercury rules the mind and he's in Pisces this month which is good for flashes of intuition but lousy for specifics like calculating taxes. Give yourself plenty of time to fill out those forms or better yet wait until after Mercury goes direct March 17th, Saint Patrick's Day.

All in all the energies this week reward bringing old promises up to date, double checking facts and figures and then doing something fun with friends on the week-end.

Have a good one!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, February 10, 2013

How to Make Love.

 Last week I wrote about how the clashing fire and water elements in this Chinese year of The Water Snake could lead to stubborn power struggles and deadly ultimatums. Since neither element can subdue the other,  I predicted we would be confronted with tough situations that could only be resolved through compromise. Well, guess what? I was confronted with such a situation the very next day! I was asked to meet with a son who had become estranged from his mother in a tragic no-win scenario.

 The fellow - I'll call him Tom - had been born into a family that practiced a religion which demanded total allegiance to the group's beliefs. They were so adamant about this that if any member questioned the beliefs they would be "dis-fellowshipped," meaning all the other members of the sect would be forbidden to associate with the person ever again. Since this was the environment Tom grew up in, the group's religious beliefs - which might have seemed odd to others - seemed totally normal and acceptable to him.  His mother however, had been raised in a different religion and over time the demands for unquestioning obedience to this congregation's ideas - which she never fully agreed with or even understood - became burdensome and intolerable. She stopped attending church. As a result her family disowned her. After six years her grown children were still refusing to see her and would not allow her to see her grandchildren. It was a major power struggle!

Hoping that I might be able to say or do something to open Tom to the possibility of a reunion, a mutual friend invited me to have lunch with him and a few of his church associates.  We met, but I quickly recognized there was nothing I could do. It turned out it was only our friend and not Tom who had asked for the meeting and therefore Tom was not open to any psychic reading. I didn't blame him for that. Indeed, I make a point of never talking about what I see or hear intuitively unless a person specifically asks me - but what was really unexpected here was that Tom and his friends were not open to any conversation at all! We sat in almost total silence for an hour as each comment seemed to be carefully weighed to be sure it was politically - or religiously - correct. Afterwards my host asked me if I had "picked up on anything." Well you didn't have to be psychic to get that those fellows were not coming from a place of joy and confidence! Their religion only served to keep each other mute and in bondage. I didn't get the feeling Tom really wanted to shun his mother but this group pressure was too much for him and in order to cope he had not only shut down his instinctive love for her,  he had shut down his feelings altogether.

I had also been invited to meet with Tom's mother - I'll call her Judy - and so shortly after Tom and his friends left,  Judy arrived. I felt badly that I didn't have anything hopeful to tell her about Tom, but it turned out I needn't have worried. Unlike her son, Judy had not had to go against her inner knowing in any of the things she had done. She felt bad about not being accepted by her family but even feeling bad was better than feeling numb. By not denying her feelings she was able to mourn and then move on. She continued in her words and attitude to wish her son the best, but she heart had healed and she had found new friends to love.

This was a real eye-opener for me.  We are so programed by the media to believe "nothing can shake a mother's love," and "true love lasts forever" etc. that I had assumed that having her son cut her off would have ruined her life, but this woman, a dear kind sensitive soul, had simply stopped caring about what her son thought years ago. How was this possible for a mother to stop caring?  It's possible because contrary to popular mythology, Love is not a natural phenomenon. It can't be taken for granted. It must be created, there must be a connection and then it must be cultivated. Otherwise, like any other emotion, it dissolves and drifts away....
With February 14 - Valentine's Day - coming up on Thursday this week, it seems appropriate that we consider the ways we can create and sustain love in our lives:

Venus is in Aquarius now as it often is at this time each year. Venus in Aquarius promotes friendships and freedom, but not necessarily monogamy. Perhaps this explains why on Valentine's Day it's appropriate to send cards to lots of friends, not just your one and only. In keeping with this "Just Friends" attitude the sentiments on Valentines are famous for being funny, light-hearted and gay. I love sending out Valentines because unlike Christmas cards that often get lost in the deluge, people don't often receive more than a handful so each one makes a big hit.

Fresh flowers attract love. Give some to others and give some to yourself.

Supposedly burning red candles will bring back lovers who have strayed.

Feng Shui considers the far back right hand corner of the house to be the love area. Cultivate love in your life by making a point of keeping this area bright and clutter free. Put a picture of you and your love here or figurines representing a couple.

Most importantly, spend time cultivating love relationships. In spite of our supposed deep-seated craving for love, in reality we let almost anything else be more important than relationships: career, prestige, money - almost all our energy is used pursuing these goals. We think Love will magically take care of itself and thus we ignore it and it slips away... This week let's make time for love.


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy Chinese Year of The Water Snake!

The Chinese have some of the richest and most colorful traditions in the world. One of their most anticipated celebrations is the Chinese New Year. It is held each year on the day of the Aquarian New Moon which this year falls on February 10. As Aquarius promotes groups and friendship and diversity it seems particularly fitting that each year this celebration honors a different animal from the group of twelve that make up the Chinese calendar. This year the spotlight is on The Snake.

In Chinese astrology each year is associated with an element. 2013 is associated with the element Water making 2013 is The Year of The Water Snake.

Each animal is also associated with an element. The Snake's element is Fire.

Thus we have Water for the year element and Fire for the animal element. To find out what sort of year it is going to be we look to see how the year element and the animal element interact. As Fire and water are extreme opposites, the prediction is that this year will be filled with many extreme opposites of both good and bad luck. Also since the elements oppose each other and since Fire represents authority and Water represents unrelenting demands, there are bound to be power struggles happening on all levels. 

Fire opposing Water = Authority opposing Demands = Disagreements.

Interesting how similar that sounds to what we've been hearing in Western astrology about Uranus confronting Pluto creating rebellion and revolution. Amazing how very different systems of divination come up with the same predictions!

With Fire confronted by Water, those holding traditional authority - governments, bosses, parents - will not be in a powerful enough position to automatically have things go their way. Indeed, the stronger our position the more likely we'll have to consider someone's opposite points of view. This year it will be very important to be ready to listen and compromise. If power struggles come up in your life personally it may help to intentionally look for the valuable qualities in the other - We can't live with out Fire! We can't live without Water! Augment what is positive and the differences then become comparatively trivial. The solution to this Fire/Water combination is to develop a sense of proportion. 

 Bottom line: Beware taking your power for granted this year. Anyone attempting to put their foot down on a water snake is going to get bit! 

Feng Shui tips for the New Year:

Get ready for your Close-Up. Traditionally one wants to start the new year with a fresh clothes and a clean house. If you can't clean your house from toe to tip before the big Celebration Day arrives at least clean your wallet and purse. We store our most valuable treasures in these things and having them up to date and clear of clutter sends a strong signal to The Universe that we are valuable ourselves.

The Snake's tongue is used both for eating and speaking. Treat yourself to a new toothbrush to keep your mouth AND your words clean and bright.

To guarantee prosperity in your future, give the children in your life gifts of money presented in bright red envelopes. Watch for your investment to be returned ten fold!

For a personal feng shui reading give me a call.

Gung Hei Fat Choy!
Eat well and Prosper!

Rosada, EXT 2340