Thursday, September 26, 2013

October 4: Miner's Emerging From a Deep Coal Mine.

Busy week coming up! Mercury changes signs on Sunday September 29, Uranus opposes the Sun on Thursday October 3 and then there's a New Moon Friday October 4. Let's take a closer look at what this all means and how you can best go with the flow:

Mercury leaving loving Libra and entering sarcastic Scorpio means communications can be intense and just plain nasty. It's going to hang there for the next nine weeks but it brings some opportunities for healing if we keep our cool. I expect a lot of hidden resentments will be coming to the surface until after the he said - she said dance slows down and Mercury turns retrograde (October 21). Then we may find we're able to back track and clarify and get on a the upward trail again. Meanwhile, keep your words sweet cause you may have to eat them.

The Sun is going to square Pluto October first and then move on to oppose Uranus on the third. Agreements made under pressure (Pluto) aren't going to last long with rebellious Uranus opposing the deal. Plan for change and be prepared to change your plan!

Finally we have a New Moon in Libra coming on October 4. The Sabian Symbol for this moon is Miners Emerging From a Deep Coal Mine.
Some of the interpretations of this symbol include:

Release from arduous labor.
Stopping work.
Coming into the light.

Gosh, sounds profound. Maybe this October is going to be known for labor stoppages or maybe just in your own life you'll see where you can simplify your efforts and discover your true calling this month.

Make a point of being in a good place the exact moment of the New Moon (5:35 p.m. eastern time). Then watch and see if you find this energy expands in your life all month long.

Let me know your experiences!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pluto Turns Direct : Hidden Information Comes to Light

Pluto will be turning direct Friday, September 20 just before 9 degrees Capricorn- exactly where it was last December when the Mayan Calendar predictions had us all anticipating major change here on planet earth. Many who had anticipated death and destruction and spent their life savings moving to obscure locations to avoid the coming of Sodom and Gomorrah ended up feeling they had been the victims of a hoax. However those of us who interpreted the dates as only a heads up that major change lies ahead, continue to watch world events with an eye for signs of a shift in cosmic consciousness. Like many of you I too have felt this year seems to have had an unprecedented amount of mind blowing revelations (our governments secret operations, the fallout from Fukushima, the intentional fracking - cracking! - of our earth) and I've wondered, where is the peace and love the New Age is supposedly ushering in??? Well, perhaps we had to first see how bad it was before things could get better. Pluto retrograde means the dark god of the underworld was going even deeper into our unconscious and now direct it brings all that is hidden out into the light. That is what is happening this week. The God of Death and Rebirth has been illuminating for us all the dark decay and corruption that needs to be cleansed. Now as he turns direct we begin to see where the path is out of this mess:

 The Sabian Symbol for Pluto's position - 9 Capricorn - is the image of a sailor feeding an albatross, meaning this is a time for overcoming fears through gentleness. Even seemingly natural "enemies" can realize the possibility of interaction and the joys it can bring. I think about the stand off in Syria and wonder if perhaps this is a positive omen for a peaceful resolution to the tensions there. Unfortunately when I look at the whole chart for September 20, although I see Pluto moving into this position that augers such positive potential, I also see that the Moon will be conjuncting Uranus that day putting attention on disruption and chaos. Those aspects plus some particularly difficult ones coming up November 1 - Uranus will be squaring Pluto again - make me think we're coming to a crossroads here where we have the knowledge to heal, but have things gotten so bad that it's too late to put knowledge into effect? Uranus predicts unorthodox, radical action. Our governments are pushing for military intervention. Maybe the most radical, and the most helpful thing we can do is to notify our representatives that we don't believe war is the answer. We are ready to Give Peace a Chance.

On the home front there maybe an unusual number of road bumps, glitches and misunderstandings in our lives this next week, but there is also a wonderful sextile from Venus to Pluto. By tapping into this energy - which is a fancy way of saying just be aware of it - we bring the soothing vibration of love into our lives and thus cushion all the other events and upsets rendering them merely curiosities and entertainment. So keep the faith. Believe!  - which means Be Living the higher consciousness principals you know to be true.
It's gonna be a bumpy ride but we all get home safe.

Love will find a way,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Friday, September 13, 2013

Venus in Scorpio - the Fine Art of Elimination

For the next three weeks Venus, the planet/goddess of love, resides in Scorpio, sign of shared resources. To fully understand what this means it is useful to note the changes Venus makes as she travels through all the signs:

Starting with Aries, Venus in this sign denotes a love of self. A person with this planetary placement needs to be careful not to be too self absorbed or inclined to think whatever is going on is "all about me." 

Venus in Taurus bestows a love and appreciation for the physical world. Beauty, good food, all the earthly delights are attracted to this Venus. It's as if Venus in Aries comes in and says, "I know what I want" and then goes on to Taurus and gets it!

Venus in Gemini grows tired of the fixed physical realm and now wants to move on to the world of ideas. Finding people to trade with and share stories with is the next step for the evolution of the heart.

Creating a network/family of these connections is the love expression of Venus in Cancer. 

Venus in Leo takes pride in the beauty they have created.

Venus in Virgo now works to keep it all running smoothly. Virgo is traditionally the sign of perfection and also of the bachelor so Venus here denotes the highest level one can reach working alone. Then when we have reached a reasonable degree of confidence in our ability to function on our own, the heart starts to consider the possibilities of partnership.

Venus in Libra is something of the opposite of Venus in Aries. Venus in Aries asks, "What works for me?" In Libra Venus asks, "What works for you?" and thus begins the subtle negotiations of "What will work for US?" In Libra, Venus practices the art of diplomacy. When she is in this sign there can be many delightful parties as people strive to maintain cordial relationships while exploring the possibilities of making a deeper commitment..

When Venus finally enters Scorpio, where it is now, that's when we start dealing with the heavy negotiations. Scorpio rules elimination and one of the most difficult tests for a partnership comes when it starts to be obvious there are things we must let go of in order to make room for the relationship to grow.

This month take advantage of Venus being in Scorpio and use this time to release all the things that have been blocking your path forward. You may find it's easier now to get rid of junk and clutter. You may also recognize there are people in your life that you have out grown. Certain goals that once motivated you may now have lost their attractiveness. Don't try to ignore these realities. By being willing to release and let go you are paving the way for Venus in Scorpios greatest benefit: transformation.

Some examples of Venus in Scorpio;
A couple moving in together finds they have duplicate items and must eliminate the extras but in so doing they make room for what they really do want.
A person admits a dream they have been cherishing is not going to happen - yet when finally releasing that fantasy a better, more suitable goal comes to mind.
As Scorpio is the sign of intense experiences, Venus here can manifest emotions going to an extreme. Possessive jealousy is possible. Release the need to own or control on any level and see if the angels don't have a better solution.

At the end of September Venus will be moving on to Sagittarius - the sign that simply advises, "Get over it!" as in "There's a huge world out there. Release your hang-ups and move on!" Thus what ever struggles you maybe having with people and things just now, I just want you to know they can all be eliminated by the end of the month.

Let go and let God,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

All You Need Is Love

All systems are go this week with a Sun/Pluto trine, a Moon/Mars conjunction and a new Moon  September 5th. That Sun-Pluto connection says the need for change is obvious which leads to decisive action when the Moon meets up with Mars. By the time the new Moon happens in service oriented Virgo on Thursday the major decisions will have been made and now it will just be a matter of carrying through doing the actual work. 

What this means to you:
If you've been uncertain how to move forward, this weeks planets should help you come to a clear decision and once you make up your mind all the rest will be details.

Meanwhile, family matters attract attention this month as Jupiter in the hearth and home sign Cancer inspires us to communicate honestly with the relatives. Pour on the love and watch healing happen.

Speaking of love, we could sure use some on the international scene. Uranus continues it's years' long square to all-or-nothing Pluto from the Me First sign, Aries. This combo brings out extremes of positive and negative energy in each of us individually and creates a feeling of restlessness and a growing sense of urgency to act. This week it's the horrific goings on in Syria with their civil war and chemical weapons that grab the headlines. Once again the nation's conscience is stirred as we ask ourselves, do we have a moral obligation to intervene? And if we do, would our involvement help or would it escalate the fighting into an international war? The question involves a more careful analysis of the situation than we simple citizens have the capability for. The information we get is so spun and distorted that when I try to do a reading on the situation time and time again the cards depicting lies and deception keep coming up. Thus rather than spending our energy trying to decipher what Washington is up to, I feel our best contribution to the energy flow is to pray for healing for all sides.

So if you find yourself caught up thinking about the Syria drama, or any drama at all for that matter, tap into the healing energy of Jupiter in Cancer. Affirm that mankind is a family, we desire to be at peace with our brothers and sisters, and then do something in your own world - help a neighbor or a friend - to get the universal energies flowing in this direction.

While writing this I am hearing in the back of my mind the lyric's to The Beatle's song, Across the Universe:

Sounds of laughter,
Shades of life are ringing through my open ears, 
Exciting and inviting me.
Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns,
It calls me on and on across the universe.

Keep your ears open!

Rosada, EXT 2340