Sunday, February 22, 2015

50 Shades of Gray - Pluto's Evil Challenge

Have you or anyone in your circle seen 50 Shades of Gray yet? Chances are you have or probably will. The blockbuster sex-sation opened on Valentine's Day when the Moon, ruling The Public, was exactly conjunct - in the same space with - Pluto, the planet ruling bondage, obsessions and anything to do with hidden power trips. Thus the timing was perfect for offering this film featuring two hours of all that weird stuff. Further more the Moon's last aspects before moving on were a sextile to Venus in Capricorn followed by a sextile to Mars in the same sign. Capricorn governs rules and standards suggesting not only that the movie will become a must-see, but that also it's message promoting female abuse will have a lasting influence on society making it even harder for woman to gain the respect and fair treatment human beings deserve. Yuk.

So what's the good news? Why would heaven and all the higher guides and angels who are supposedly watching over and protecting this lovely planet, allow this hurtful piece of propaganda to circulate? The only light I can detect in the situation is the fact that immediately following the Moon's passage through Capricorn, she joined up with Mercury, the planet of communication, in Aquarius the sign ruling free speech meaning, "It's time to talk about it."

All the unpleasant topics brought to the public attention in 50 Shades are most likely not anything we haven't heard about before so why is this movie suddenly so interesting, so compelling, so important  right now? Possibly because like it or not the subjects pictured here, particularly abuse to young women, are not openly discussed in our society and as a result this behavior has been allowed to flourish unrestricted.  Now with Saturn leaving Scorpio - the sign of secrets - and entering Sagittarius. we're feeling compelled to get straight about our religion - our beliefs and values. This movie supports our search for truth by forcing us to acknowledge this secret behavior exists and also gives us the opportunity to talk about these heretofore unmentionable things. One simply needs to say, "Have you seen it?" to launch a conversation which could lead to meaningful discussions of what can be done to protect our children and create a better society.

This week the planets Venus and Mars in Aries will be trining Saturn (Tuesday and Wednesday, February 24 and 25). This alignment gives a strong desire to form worthy goals along with the determination to achieve them. At the same time the Sun will be conjuncting Neptune, the planet ruling both visions and films. Altogether it's an invitation to talk to our children about our true values and a chance to supplant these horrid movie visions with positive images of our own. But the thing is, we have to consciously choose. Don't think by ignoring the nasty we can make it go away. Vow to focus and do something positive for Love this week!

Because of the New Moon in Aquarius last week we are being supported in any efforts to create group experiences for the next month even though the Sun has now moved into Pisces. Because Pisces is the sign ruling art and music this next weekend could be an ideal time to get a group together for some sort of art day or musical experience. 

When the Sun is in Pisces we seem to all be more open to outside influences. Be vigilant about what images - movies - you expose yourself to.  What we give attention to we invite into our lives.
Invest in the best!

With love,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Super Moon Tuesday and The Chinese Year of The Sheep

Golly gum drops, Boys and Girls, we've got an exciting week coming up!

Be ready to pay attention Wednesday, February 18, when we'll have the second Aquarian New Moon of this year which is also going to be a huge Supermoon. We had a new Moon at the first degrees of Aquarius back in January and now four weeks later this new Moon will fall at the very last degrees of the same sign. All this emphasis on Aquarius, the sign that rules individuals and group activity, suggests each of us will be called to put some extra energy into our connections with neighbors and community this season. You might find yourself being called to participate in community projects, like serving on jury duty, or helping out at church or in some way demonstrating your connection to the world beyond your family and personal friends. If you've had ideas requiring group support now is the time to speak up. You may be delighted to find how easily you connect with others who share your goals.

The Supermoon Wednesday - so called because it's going to be closer to the earth and appear to be bigger than what we're used to - could create some problems because the gravitational force will be stronger and that can mean floods and other disturbances. Also, because it will be occurring at the very last degree of the sign it's in, we may find people being emotionally agitated with situations ending on an emotional rather than rational note. If you are needing to make decisions it could be wise to delay a day or two or you may find your choices are based more on moods than facts.

The Sun leaves Aquarius and enters emotional Pisces Wednesday late afternoon. This sign more than any other makes us aware of fears and fantasies. This is the month to be extra vigilante about what you let slip into your unconscious. Refuse to listen to negativity and look for the possible good in all situations. We have added support coming from the fact that 2015 is the Chinese year of the Wood Sheep. This gentle animal symbolizes peace and prosperity so despite all the negativity we see churned out in the daily news, the energies for 2015 are primed for good fortune - if we choose to tune in on it!

More excitement coming up on Thursday, February 19 when Mars leaves slumbering Pisces and wakes up in fiery Aries. Mars in Aries is all about having clear goals and meeting them. I like the expression "meeting goals" because it implies we set a goal and as we go towards it, it is also drawing towards us. No need to put out exhaustive effort - just be clear and let your goal come to you!  Use the Sun in Pisces to give you faith to visualize the desired result and then let Mars in Aries show you the path. You may get more accomplished in the next six weeks than you have in the last six months!

Oh, and as if this all weren't enough, Venus will be leaving Pisces and entering Aries too on Friday, February 20. Venus the ruler of Love is not so comfortable in Aries the sign of competition and looking out for number one. Still it's very important that we indulge in a bit of selfish love for it's only when we are feeling worthy within that we feel courageous enough to share with others. Even so, Mars the War God pairing up with Venus in Love-Me-First Aries could cause some noisy outbursts. It's just the planets blowing off steam but we earthlings may want to be prepared. If there do seem to be Issues see if you can get people to talk about them while going for a jog. Mars and Venus in Aries need to get physical!

Finally on Saturday the Moon will be in Aries and trining abundant Jupiter = a fabulous day for getting outside and enjoying life to the max!

That's sheep talk for
Happy [Chinese) New Year!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mercury Direct in Aquarius = Becoming Psychic

Children are famous for saying the darndest things. Because both my sister and I had a knack for picking up on feelings and "seeing" things before they happened we became famous for making inappropriate comments at the most inopportune times. "You're not supposed to know that!" was a frequent rebuke around our dinner table. I remember once when a neighbor lady was talking to my dad, my sister started making loud kissing noises on the back of her hand indicating that she saw this woman had a crush on our father - a math professor who was totally oblivious to such social nuances. The poor woman turned bright red, glared at us both and fled. A similar incident occurred when a fellow announced to our group that he had come into a substantial sum of money. "But won't you have to put it back?" I asked, not realizing I wasn't supposed to know the money had been stolen. He too quickly found a reason to leave... Our instincts stayed with us however. My sister combined her knack for seeing patterns with an interest the human brain and went on to work at Harvard. I focused on becoming an astrologer.

Today there seems to be a much greater awareness that children don't always learn things in the traditional ways. Look how quickly they pick up foreign languages. And computers! They catch on faster than adults. My ten year old neighbor taught me how to do Facebook! How do they know all that stuff?

 I believe as Uranus, the planet ruling astrology, computers and flashes of insight, moves through Aries over the next five years we are going to be seeing major breakthroughs in our understanding of how children learn. Uranus also rules group association so it's very likely that we'll be recognizing the importance of surrounding kids with supportive team mates. The caricature of the lonely old scientist coming up with brilliant insights on his own is just that, a caricature. If we really want to develop our abilities the first thing we can do for ourselves is to have a strong support group. It's important to eliminate distractions, yes, but then budding creativity needs mentors and guides who celebrate our enthusiasms and who are not so quick as to be embarrassed when their "children" know things they are not "supposed to know."

If you are wanting to fast foreword your psychic abilities and spiritual insights here's what I recommend you do:

!. Find others who share your interest. If there are no astrology classes or metaphysical study groups available in your area don't be afraid to start one! You may be very pleasantly surprised at the sort of people you draw to you. If that's too big a step then at least surround yourself with pictures of teachers you admire. Your unconscious will get the message.

2. Get psychic readings yourself. Get readings from the best professional psychics you can find but also support those who are just starting out. It's not an indulgence, it's an investment. You need to experience what a psychic reading can do. It maybe that the reader will be able to give you specific facts but it may happen that even if the reading itself isn't too revealing you will find that the information you are seeking comes to you anyway in some other form shortly there after - like a dream or a message you hear on the radio. The important thing for you is to have the experience.

3. Practice giving readings. You may not feel your ready but you gotta try. Nobody learned to swim reading books about water! Many of us were scared when we first started saying what we saw in the cards but the angels are merciful and will send the clients that are perfectly attuned to what you have to give. If being a reader is your true calling you'll find it's fun to do and you just may surprise yourself at how good you can be if you give yourself a chance!

Mercury turns direct in Aquarius Wednesday February 10 - a perfect omen for bringing strange new knowledge out into the open.

It's time to know all those things we're not supposed to know!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Full Moon and The Sabian Symbols

The Sabian Symbols were created in 1925 by Marc Edmond Jones, an esteemed astrologer, and the clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler. Jones wanted images to go with each of the astrological signs and Wheeler had a remarkable ability to receive words and visions. Together in one afternoon she channeled and he recorded 360 pictures - one for each degree of the zodiac. Ever since this astounding feat astrologers have referred to these word pictures to gain insights into the meaning of the planetary placements.

For example, this Tuesday there will be a full Moon at 14 degrees Leo. The Sabian Symbol for 14 Leo is of "A cherub-like human soul whispering into every human ear, seeking to manifest." Now what does this mean for us, how might we expect this energy to manifest? The picture seems to describe some sort of urging to transform, a sense of the need to listen to one's conscience, or that creative talents are attempting to come through into conscious expression. Because these symbols apply to everyone, everywhere, unless you have a planet in your personal chart at 14 Leo you may experience this image through world events. I just had a petition come to my email asking for my signature to support overturning an unjust law. I think this could be a manifestation of a cherub whispering, "It's time to do the right thing." On a personal level, because i do have a planet - Pluto - at 14 Leo, I suspect this full Moon at this degree is urging me to do more about manifesting my own creativity.

Because the full Moon is not exactly at 14 degrees Leo but is a smidgen past that degree, we also look at the Sabian Symbol for 15 Leo:
"A street pageant moving along a street packed with people." This is a very jolly lively image and so different from the 14 Leo quiet whispering cherub that it shouldn't be hard to determine which symbol is manifesting. This image suggests mass demonstrations. Will we see something of that nature on the front page this week? Or perhaps you may simply find yourself aware of loud neighborhoods and disruptive behavior. If you yourself are planning on entertaining this could be a heads up to keep the noise level down!

Other significant astrological happenings coming up include Jupiter opposing the Sun on Thursday. This can be a very positive transit for taking risks but it doesn't mean anything goes. Expand horizons but not beyond reasonable limits. 

Venus sextiles Pluto early Sunday morning making friendships and personal connections an important focus particularly on the weekend. It's not too soon to start thinking ahead to Valentine's Day and how  to let your loved one's know you care.

All in all it looks like a very nice line up of planets coming bringing lots of opportunities to share the love.

Meanwhile, listen - the cherubs are singing!

Rosada, EXT 2340