Sunday, February 26, 2017

Manifesting Perfect Health

A long time client and friend called me last week but rather than discussing another friend's up coming marriage (after months of frustration with nasty planets blocking every move finally turning direct) we were now dealing with a stupid but painful health issue. It seems that in trying to be a helpful member of the team when folks had gathered to prepare the church where the wedding was to be held, my friend foolishly lifted a very heavy box and did some real damage to her shoulder muscles. Talk about no good deed going unpunished! She is now getting medical attention but the healing process has been slow and she was wondering if the planets or the cards could give her further suggestions for recovery. If you read my column for last week you know that the planets right now are creating some very harsh conditions and when I laid out the cards they too seemed to only say, "It is what it is." Still, I have found that prayer and positive thinking can work miracles so we talked for a bit about what she could think or say to make the whole healing process a bit less arduous and maybe even fast forward her rejuvenation. It occurred to me some of you reading this might also be struggling with health issues so I thought I would post here some of the more meaningful ideas that came out of our conversation:

Your thoughts create your TOTAL physical experience.
We usually think of thoughts manifesting things - that is, we think of our thoughts being able to guide us to manifesting things we want and maybe also helping us in getting jobs or maybe even a relationship but we don't really get it that it is our thoughts that create our physical body. Yet, when you do think about it, the first area the thoughts are going to impact is the body - and vice versa, that is, how we are feeling physically then creates our thoughts. When we think positively we tend to smile and to look good and thus draw prosperity to us, which makes us feel even better and thus we think even more positive thoughts and create even more good feeling - a great spin to be in!  However, when we're thinking negatively we start looking grumpy and stop taking good care or ourselves which causes us to feel even worse and it becomes a vicious downward spiral. Therefore, no matter how bad you are feeling, no matter how bleak the outlook for the future, it is imperative you allow words of encouragement to circulate around and through you. Words have a vibration. Repeating a positive mantra like, "Health, Happiness and Wholeness" in the back of one's mind throughout the day has got to manifest in something positive by the next.

Now my caller and I discussed why did she manifest injuring herself when her thoughts had been all about wanting to be helpful? It's hard for an outsider to know exactly what thought caused a condition. Perhaps she had been so focused on this wedding being a heavy difficult responsibility that it continued to manifest that way even when the major difficulties had already been resolved. Or maybe it was the Universe saying "Don't be a show off!" when she charged in to lift the heavy boxes. Who knows? It really doesn't matter. The important thing is that she now focus her mind on the positive things she now wants to manifest more of. But what if if you can't see anything positive in your current circumstances?  Don't be discouraged. Realize your current circumstances are already in the past because they are the manifestation of past thinking! Ignore your circumstances and let the positive words vibrate you to the higher healthier wave length. You may not see the manifestation for a certain amount of time - it depends on how quickly and completely you can turn away from the old ideas that made you feel stressed and think about new things that make you feel good - but eventually you will see the change because that's  all the physical world is - the solidification of our feelings.

What to do in the meantime? Refuse to give the health issue more attention than it absolutely requires. Sure see a doctor it you feel that will help, but don't make your visit to the doctor's anybody's business but your own. Don't make being physically challenged your identity! Instead, focus on something so positive, so compelling that it causes your body to release all the right juices for healing.

Humor of course is the best medicine. Why is that, do you suppose? I think it's because humor is based on the idea of surprise. A joke is funny because the punchline is unexpected. It breaks up an old idea and pops in a new one that causes us to see things from a totally different perspective - and isn't that what we need for healing? Humor helps us to break out of an old sick way of looking at reality and suddenly have a totally different - healthier! - way of seeing at things.

So what eventually happened to my friend with her shoulder issue? She reported back that after two days of religiously doing affirmations and focusing on humor and feel good situations she had another doctor's appointment. She kept it - after all the stars and the cards had urged her stay on her current path - but this time her physical therapist announced he had a new tool he wanted to try out on her, some sort of a heating rod that stimulated deep healing, and guaranteed to get her arms working again in weeks, not months! Well, that was just a couple of days ago so I can't report back to you yet the final results but even so, it's a lot more fun to feel hopeful than anxious so I count this as a win for affirmation manifestation!

Good health to all,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Weather Alert! Hazardous New Moon in Pisces.

The sh*t hits the fan this week, folks. Lay in a supply of wine and chocolate because, believe me, you are not going to want to be out wandering around in the energies coming up...

The rough stuff starts when Mars, the God of war, squares off with Pluto, the God of death and destruction, Wednesday, February 22.  This aspect has been forming since the time of the presidential inauguration last month. Not only that, but the Moon is going to set off the whole powder keg by conjuncting Pluto, and then squaring Mars AND Uranus all on this exact same day!  The combination strongly suggests the possible use of military force. Will it be towards immigrants and illegal aliens wanting to enter the country? Or will the U.S. be the illegal invaders trying to take over the Indian lands in South Dakota? Or random fights in general breaking out as people reach their personal breaking points? 

As if that weren't enough, the threat level rises even higher on Sunday, February 26, with the New Moon Solar Eclipse happening in confusion causing Pisces. New Moons signal new awareness and when it's an eclipse it brings awareness of danger. We're being forced to see the truth about how our government works and also, as this line up portends harsh weather conditions, more awareness of the environmental breakdown.

So what does all this mean for us earthlings? Well,  first of all, as I said above, I expect we'll have some harsh weather happening so prepare for that.. We're having it already out here in California. But possibly even worse, I expect we're going to see the dramas coming out of the Trump White House reaching an even higher pitch as the various sides of congress and the media all refuse to back down from their entrenched positions. We might even see incidents of terrorism escalating. My one hope is that just as it came out in the news this morning that Trump's claim of Sweden being attacked turned out to be "fake news," perhaps all the drumbeats for war will likewise turn out to be just so much saber rattling. Even so, there's a whole lot of something shaking this week and it's absolutely NOT a good week to make a big decision or initiate a new idea.

How do we protect ourselves? Usually the best defense is to stay informed but with Mercury going into Pisces next Saturday the chances of getting straight facts are pretty slim.  Pisces does reward empathy and compassion, however. Awareness of the sufferings of others and doing whatever we can to promote goodwill is always a step in the right direction. Refuse to let the media invade your brain, be kind and focus on those things that are under your control.

This too shall pass.

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, February 12, 2017

How to Give a Psychic Reading

  There are no hard-and-fast rules that must be followed in doing a psychic reading. Some prefer to have certain rituals they follow. I cut my cards into three piles and ask the caller to state their question and pick a pile, but it's not that there is any significance to having three piles rather than two or four. It's just my way of getting in the mood. The important thing is that both the client and I are directing our thoughts to connect with a higher consciousness. We are intentionally putting aside our personal hopes and wishes and asking that we may see our situation from a broader perspective - one that includes a positive outcome for all concern.

  There is nothing complicated in giving a psychic reading, but it does require a clear mind and direct thinking. The only will power or effort involved should be in keeping attention focused on what we want it to be focused on. This is why it is often helpful to write down our questions, however this is not essential. Eventually with practice we become aware of when we are focused and when our minds are drifting. Meanwhile, although it is not necessary, it can be helpful to have a certain area set up where one does the readings. This spot should be free of clutter and it is empowering to have pictures about that reinforce our desire to contact spirit. I have a beautiful drawing of the Oracle of Delphi over my desk and I swear she comes to life with every phone call.

 The recent Lunar eclipse we had last week gave added awareness to feelings and intuition. However, there is no time, no place, no condition or situation that is more appropriate than another for a contacting spirit and giving or receiving a reading. Most people have found it is helpful to be alone, to be quiet, to be removed from distracting surroundings, because this allows the mind to be free of a sense of pressure, worry, and tension, but again, with practice you will find you can tune in to your inner knowingness under any circumstances. Sometimes all you need to do is say, "God is all there is" and you will feel the shift in your focus and an awareness that guidance is there, ready for you to tap into.

It is not possible to give you specific steps to follow for giving a reading because every reader and every reading is different. However there are certain things you will find you instinctively do and if you are aware of them you can do them more intentionally:

Recognition: We recognize that there is a higher consciousness and this is who or what we are contacting when we give a reading. We may think of this higher consciousness as a spiritual guide, God Himself, or perhaps we feel more confident just asking that our own future self talk to us. The point is we acknowledge we are not simply giving our own opinion when we give a reading and also we want to be sure we are contacting a force for good and not leaving the door open for some goofy demon to take over.

Invitation: We intentionally invite this spirit speak to us and through us.

Asking: We state our questions. The more clear we can be about what it is we want to know the more likely we will get a clear response.

Transmitting the message: This is where it is so important to stay focused on what the planets or the cards or the inner voice is really saying without putting our own personal spin on it. At first this may sound daunting but if one practices and follows the three steps above soon the messages start coming in loud and clear.

Acceptance: Some times a reading offers help or confirmation and sometimes information comes through that is totally contrary to what was expected. If we as readers have been disciplined about being a channel for spirit and have not tried to influence the messages it then becomes much easier to accept what ever comes through. The reading may be accurate, it may be way off base. Obviously we all have free will and so no one really say what will ultimately happen! Personally I have given and received readings that were very hard to believe at the time - and then a little further down the road I learned the reading was uncannily accurate. So don't worry about being right or wrong. Honor the process and keep up the good work!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Lunar Eclipse Friday February 10 in Leo - Messages from The Sacred Heart.

Clear your calendar's this week, Friends!
Messages are coming in from higher source and will be speaking to each of us.
Let he that hath ears, let him hear!

How do we know this is true? Look at the planetary line-up:

Sun in Aquarius means light and empowerment coming to the individual. The month of Aquarius is the month when we're making new plans, new resolutions, re-calibrating, and re-aligning with our soul purpose. The influence of the outside world - what other people think - is at it's lowest ebb when the Sun is in Aquarius. For thirty days we have a chance to hear our own thoughts and think for ourselves.

The Moon will be eclipsing the Sun on Friday February 10 meaning the conscious mind will be eclipsed by the unconscious allowing the often drowned out inner voice to heard and be recognized.

Furthermore, Mercury, the messenger of the Gods has just arrived in Aquarius to facilitate translating this Sun/Moon energy into telepathic signals we can each understand!
This combination of the Sun strengthening the individual and the Moon strengthening awareness of the unconscious and Mercury here to translate, promises the wisdom of the Universe will be coming through clear and strong to all those who wish to put their attention on this potential.  Listen up!
The stars will be speaking your language!

To best prepare to get the most out of this astonishing download of psychic information coming through over the next seven days there are several things you can do:

Venus will be in Aries. When the Goddess of Love is in the sign of the Ram she is only attracted to strong, bold courageous types. Attract her attention by standing up for your beliefs. Take action of some sort that differentiates you from the herd.

Mars is in Aries too this month. We hear a lot of talk of war when Mars the War God is in this sign. Make an effort to direct your energies to something productive.

Jupiter has turned retrograde signifying resolution to legal matters being held back and delayed. You may want to hold off making major decisions now too.

Saturn is traveling through the last five degrees of that often too big sign Sagittarius. "Keep It Simple" is his mantra. Follow that advice and everything else shall be added unto you.

So once again, the dates to watch for are the night of the eclipse, March 9 -10. Keep your life as simple and clutter free as you can leading up to this date and then watch for major clarity to be lighting up your space in the days and weeks following.

And unless you are a die hard Trump fan, please don't think about him at all this week. We grow to become like that which we focus on and this week we want to contemplate only our greatest and highest good.

Stay strong,

Rosada, EXT 2340