Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pluto Conjunct Venus and the Challenge of the Stars.

They are voting in Iowa this week and the stars aren't taking it lightly.
We have a major smash up of planets coming our way and how it's going to manifest is anybody's guess.

Pluto has been cleaning house in Capricorn for several years now. The planet of death in the sign of governments and heads of state ushered in an era of change in the old guard so total that our whole vision of what it means to be an American has been completely upended. From the basic questions of citizenship - is a candidate born outside the country still eligible to run? - to what America stands for are being reconsidered. Are we a land of freedom and opportunity for all or only for the moneyed few? This week these harsh questions are in our faces as Venus the planet ruling justice crashes into  Pluto, the destroyer on Friday, February fifth. Simultaneously the Moon will be squaring Uranus the planet of surprise manifesting changes that come on like a stomach punch. The aftershocks will resonate far and wide!

As a small example, the Sun and Mars square off a couple of days later on Sunday February 7. If the results of the election create a sense of crisis globally, this clash of the gods could manifest in acts of war both abroad and on the home front.

How can such energies be handled without causing major disaster?

Forewarned is forearmed. Know that during this week ahead there is a heightened potential for violence and accidents. Allow yourself plenty of time to do what you need to do. Try to have your calendar clear by next weekend when there could be many unexpected demands on your resources.

Whatever the outcome of the coming elections, there is a strong vibration of fate, karma and spiritual lessons being acted out now. Maintain poise and persevere.

If you have any interest in sports, hosting a party on Sunday February 7 could be a very effective way to channel the week's competitive energies into something positive and life affirming. 

Certainly the stars are predicting the strongest team is going to win.

Stay focused on the light,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, January 25, 2016

Mercury Direct in Capricorn - Thoughts Create Things

Contrary to what many of the politicians would have you believe, life in America is at its all-time greatest right now...and getting better every day! This is not just some wishful but baseless affirmation. It's an accurate statement based on observation - and an understanding of how the Universe works.

Where we are and what we have today is the manifestation of what we focused on yesterday and tomorrow will be the manifestation of what we focus our thoughts upon today. In short, the future is our present thoughts made manifest.

When we train ourselves to recognize what's good about today we are training ourselves to see positive patterns in the future. Unfortunately, people get in the habit of complaining about their lives, stating that things cost too much or have gotten too complicated or that somehow things were better in the past.

 People make this mistake of seeing life from a negative perspective because they misunderstand their role as co-creator with God. Some believe that God, or some Higher Awareness, created man to be a sort unintelligent low life who must now strive to gain this god's approval. Others believe there is no god at all and so don't aim to please anyone. As I see it however, God is unformed, unseen consciousness - a vibration that ultimately manifests in what appears to be solid physical reality and we are part of this physical manifestation - we are God's consciousness made manifest. Our role then is not to denigrate earthly existence by acting as if we are somehow sinners in need of redemption or worse, powerless bystanders adrift on a rudderless raft. The truth we eventually recognize is that the earth and all that is, is God's vibration made manifest - the physical Universe is God's body, so to speak. Once we get this, the next step is to discover how we can assist in making this consciousness, the power of God, even more visible in the physical world.

We assist the Creator, The Holy Vibration, in It's manifestation process by being aware of what we are feeling for our own inner vibration is the signal we are receiving from God. By putting our attention on what gives us the most happiness, what makes that inner feeling vibrate with the most joy, we are creating an opening for God consciousness to enter and manifest the world.

To many stuck in old religious beliefs that it is suffering that leads to salvation, ideas promoting personal happiness seem selfish and doomed to exploitation. But when you actually practice the art of putting your own happiness first an amazing awareness comes through = we discover that not only do we not become selfish pigs taking many times more than our fair share, we find our greatest joy comes when we share with others.

So today I'm just writing a few paragraphs about the importance and power of recognizing and seeking what you truly want - because when you do, you will feel joy and when you are vibrating joy you are bringing God, the power of creation into life.

To give some astrological support to your quest over the next seven days check out where the planets are going to be:

Mercury has just turned direct in Capricorn. Communicate with clarity! Hints and hopes have their place but this is the month for being specific!

The Moon joins Jupiter in Virgo on Wednesday January 27. Lots of work can be cheerfully accomplished now. It's amazing how quickly things get done when you know exactly what you're after.

Friday the Moon moves into Libra opposing Uranus in Aries. Rebellion against the status quo can lead to major shake ups but that's what makes room for necessary improvements.

Finally on Saturday January 30 Mercury, the mind, will join up with Pluto, power. Some long ignored truths will be coming to public attention. This will cause concern but lead ultimately to healing.

In short, this is the week to be positive, specific and active! Mercury direct in Capricorn says get clear about what you want. Moon conjunct Jupiter will then make you aware of an abundance of opportunities. The Moon opposing Uranus favors breaking out of old routines and then with Mercury conjunct Pluto, strong minded individuals can now bring in a whole new and better world!

To find out your role and how best to play your part,
Give me a call.
Let's do this!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mercury Square Uranus, Conjunct Pluto: Together We Stand

Theme for the week: People getting together to help each other through tough times.

Choose your friends wisely these next seven days. Mercury squaring Uranus Wednesday and conjuncting Pluto on Friday means unusual alliances are in the making. This could bring an opportunity to hire help and to team up with new partners but choose carefully - success requires real commitment, something more than just partial involvement.

To further understand the demands of this time I consulted that ancient Chinese oracle, the I Ching, asking for insight as to how best to go about creating bonds for friendship and assistance. I was guided to read Hexagram 8. Seeking Union.

The I Ching is made up of 64 chapters or hexagrams and each one covers a different life situation with advice on how to navigate it. Hexagram 8 focuses on how to unite with others for the purpose of mutual protection. This could apply to many situations including someone seeking a marriage partner or to a whole country seeking to negotiate a trade agreement with a whole other country. What ever your personal situation is this week I think you will find the I Chings insights useful.

If you are looking to meet with others this week the I Ching offers these important considerations:

1.When you meet with others for the first time - be it a blind date, a job interview, or just asking a waiter for a table - you may first feel somewhat uncertain. This is natural. So when starting out, take a moment to get your bearings, do all you can to feel secure within BEFORE asking for any assistance.

For the purpose of this blog, let's assume you are intending to go to a gathering in the hopes of meeting someone new. This first line of advice says know that the first step to making a good match is to realize you are actually just fine the way you are. In short - don't act needy!

2. Look to see if you can establish some sort of inner connection with the person you wish to join with. Perhaps you share a mutual friend of at least a mutual interest - something that you can both agree is pleasant and positive.

Applying this idea to our meeting-someone-new scenario this advice means come to the party prepared with something light to talk about, sports, the weather etc.

3. Be careful of lending your support to the wrong people. Some folks you talk to will make big promises. If you paid attention to the first step and are strong within you wont fall for flattery!

I think here the I Ching is warning, "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is."

4. Look for support beyond your usual circle. Newcomers and strangers could be bringing new life.

5. No bribery or coercion, please! The ones who are right for you are those who want to join up out of their own free will and inner guidance.

6. Have an idea how long you want the union to last - till death do us part of just long enough to have a pleasant evening?

In any union, knowing how you're going to get out of it can be the toughest - and smartest! - step of all.

Other aspects to be aware of this week:

Venus is leaving Sagittarius Saturday January 23 and entering much more serious Capricorn. Could this mean that after all the Seeking Union, the heart is ready to leave off being the traveling bachelor and start working on the pre-nup?

Full Moon in Leo opposite the Sun in Aquarius Saturday night - As everything comes out in the open under a full Moon, if your are starting to date someone new about now this evening will be a fine time for getting to know that new friend!

It's a great time to get a full reading too so give me a call!
Your friend,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, January 11, 2016

Venus Trine Uranus: Hello Star Shine!

There are so many exciting line ups happening with the planets this week we might as well get right to it:

Tuesday afternoon January 12: Namaste! The divinity in me recognizes the divinity in you.
As the Moon goes into Pisces dissolving all boundaries look at the people around you and see a reflection of yourself. Loving Venus then trines Uranus offering a further opportunity to recognize unusual partnership potential.

Wednesday January 13; Whistle while you work.
Sun in Capricorn shines at being the boss and Jupiter in Virgo reveals there is lots of useful work to be done.
Assign yourself a task and be amazed at how successfully it gets completed. (Moon still in Pisces warns to resist drinking on the job.)

Thursday January 14: Good news and bad news.
Sun in the same space as retrograde Mercury (conjunct) - may bring up some past puzzels to finally be re-solved..
Mercury then trines Jupiter which hopefully leads to spreading the good news but could just mean energy is dissipated by a lot of unproductive chatter.
As the Moon will still be in Pisces this time could be usefully applied to artistic activity and helping others.

Friday January 15: A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.
Through out the day the Moon in Aries partner's with Saturn in Sagittarius making folks feel open to commitments. But there could quickly be some signs of buyer's remorse when the Moon then moves on to square Pluto and team up with Uranus.

Saturday January 16: Ask and ye shall receive.
The Moon in Aries knows what we want but the square to the Sun in Capricorn can cause a person to feel a bit timid about asking. Get clear and speak up. A closed mouth never gets fed!

Sunday January 17: Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.
Venus, the planet of earthly delight squares Jupiter, the ruler of increase and abundance tonight. Invite some friends to the local all-you-can-eat buffet.
No one will turn you down.

All in all it's a good week for clearing up clutter and being good to the neighbors. Big projects and major moves are better suited for the end of the month.

Blessings to us all,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Venus in Sagittarius - Is the Grass Greener Somewhere Else?

 I've been getting a lot of calls lately about relationship troubles. This is probably a good omen since  last year when limiting Saturn was in the death and taxes sign Scorpio it seemed as if everyone was overwhelmed with health and money issues. So perhaps if people are starting to worry about love again it's a  sign we're coming into a less stressful phase! Anyway, I thought I'd share with you some of the messages I've been getting in my meditations and maybe this will help make the path of true love run a little bit smoother.

First off please consider that Venus, the goddess of love, is in Sagittarius this month. This means love and money are made available to us as we align with Sagittarian ruled activities, particularly travel and philosophy. In other words, we are more likely to experience love in our lives as we move to EXPAND and go beyond old boundaries. This can manifest as something as simple as trying a different restaurant on the other side of town or as extreme as pulling up stakes and leaving home completely. The point is, the old thoughts, old routines, are going to feel particularly tedious for the next 30 days as Venus tempts us to move out of ruts and into seeing things from a wider perspective. This is true for everyone this month, not just Sagittarians. And yes, this does mean the grass is going to be greener over the next horizon. The danger is that we might think going someplace new requires leaving our old partners behind. Not necessarily! If your BFF is open to an impromptu adventure you'll probably find the two of you have a grand time getting out of the house together. But if they are not don't you stay home and sulk. Sagittarius is one of the few signs (Aquarius and Pisces are the others) that teach us relationships flourish when we give each other space. Get out, explore, experience! - and then bring your new insights home.

Venus in Sagittarius could also spell some improvements in international relationships this January too. Issues surrounding religious tolerance and refugees will probably be getting wide debate and hopefully there will be improved understanding before the goddess moves into less flexible Capricorn in February.

Because Sagittarius rules philosophy and religion, Venus here will illuminate how the law of love really does work. To test whether doing unto others as we would have them do unto us actually does anything, I have signed up to help out at the local homeless shelter making breakfasts once a week. I'll let you know what  evolves. Just my intention has opened up some interesting conversations with my friends and several have given me warm clothes to take to the shelter. Seems like people have been wanting to donate to A Good Cause for years but just didn't know how to go about it. Already I feel good coming!

I think it's going to be an adventure!

Spread the Love,

Rosada, EXT 2340