Sunday, March 29, 2015

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 14 Libra - Imagine The Best (Plan for The Worst)

Okay, real quick let's review where the planets are this week and then we'll look at what it all means:

Because Saturn is in the early degrees of Sagittarius, this is the first planet the Moon makes an aspect to whenever she enters a new sign. Saturn in Sag. can be imagined as a wise old sage going off on a far journey to a foreign land. Because the Moon connects with him first, the implication is that before any of us start off on any new adventures it is important to wisely consider what we are getting ourselves into. Saturn is the planet law and order, Sagittarius on the other hand is the sign of the wild west, a land where there are no restrictions. This combo gives the feeling that we must be very strong in our own convictions as temptation lurks everywhere and no one else is playing by our rules. Practically speaking the advice here is to be very cautious about going too far out on any limbs. Don't run up your credit cards, don't over commit, beware to taking short cuts. Saturn emphasizes the importance of knowing how to do things from the ground up. Furthermore, Saturn retrograde now until August again emphasizes this is the time to pull back, to take care of old responsibilities. Trying to visualize the future is apt to make us more aware of the clutter and chores that need to be completed before we can even start see where the path may be opening ahead. As Saturn rules parents we may be particularly aware of our debts there.

Mercury at the last degrees of Pisces changes signs on Monday March 30 to be at the planet of first degree in Aries. Now the Moon's first contact will no longer be serious Saturn but instead, light-hearted Gemini ruler Mercury will be getting the lunar cycle off to a good start. Folks who have been demonstrating an Eeyore complex lately, that is, coming up with negative reasons why nothing will work so why even try? will find they are starting to see reasons for optimism.

Then as if to back up this news positive outlook, Mars at the last degrees of Aries changes signs on Tuesday March 31 to become the planet of first degree in Taurus. Now the Moon's first contact will no longer be stick in the mud Saturn or think and talk Mercury but Get - her- done - Mars! People will recognize shift happening as all the reasons why something cannot be done will suddenly seem trivial and powerless to stop an idea whose time has come. Mars in Taurus doesn't race or rage as he was prone to do in Aries. Instead there's sort of a relentless fated feeling as events unfold as if pulled by gravity. 

There may be some frustration Tuesday evening when the Moon gets stalled with a square to Saturn but you'll find an escape hatch as she moves on to oppose Neptune in Pisces. Neptune in Pisces offers a portal to angels and ancestors. Play some music, ask God for guidance and go with the flow.

The Moon next touches base with the Sun in Aries on Wednesday April 1 and then onto Pluto in Capricorn a few hours later. This could make self (Sun) transformation (Pluto) remarkably easy at this time. 

Thursday April 2 may prove to be the most fortuitous day of the week. The Sun will trine Jupiter in Leo magnifying all our efforts and rewarding us tenfold. 

Putting it all together:
Saturn retrograde warns us to stop, look and listen.
Mercury into Aries is helping us come up with new ideas and solutions.
Mars at the first degree of Taurus promises the ability to stay on task once we get started. 
Neotune in Pisces is showing us that obstacles can dissolve before our eyes when we turn on to higher vibrations.
Sun in Aries gives us the courage to try something new.
Pluto in Capricorn says we have the power to transform our lives.
Jupiter in Leo forgives, blesses and enjoys it all tremendously.

We cap the week of with the Moon going into Libra and creating a solar eclipse to the Sun on Saturday April 4, closely followed by a square to Pluto and an opposition to Uranus. These are some pretty heavy indicators of karma bringing each and everyone of us exactly what is right for our own best and highest good.

So we see this week ahead is going to be all about courageously looking at what needs to be done to clean up our act, calling on help when we see we need it, and effecting glorious transformations with the added warning that we won't have to wait long to see the results - the weekend - Easter! - could be a time where the Truth is obvious to us all.

Invest in the Best-

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Jupiter in Leo - The Gambler's Lucky Star

What is the best use of our time? Now that computers have given us access to more information than we can absorb in a hundred lifetimes, the real problem emerges - where should we be putting our attention?? Even though we have access now to all the answers there simply isn't enough time to sort through all the questions! Thus comes the big question we look to astrology to answer:
 Where should we be focusing our attention to get the most out of each day's possibilities?

When we know what the planets are doing we can get some pretty strong clues as to where our opportunities lie:

This month the Sun and Mars are in Aries, the sign of beginnings. Like spring itself, this placement is energizing every possibility for brand new start ups. So right off we know the best use of our focus now is going to be on recognizing opportunities to open new doors.

Mercury, the planet of communication is drifting in Pisces confusing clear communication but encouraging listening to hunches and intuition.

Venus - strong in Taurus - is manifesting beauty in all it's possible forms.

Jupiter is in Leo creating a bit of flair and flash.

Taken together I decided the aspects showed today was not the time to be rigidly sticking to rules and procedures. Rather it seemed today folks would be rewarded for getting out of old routines, taking risks and appreciating the good things nature has to offer.

Now before we imagine this means today's the day to quit our jobs and run off to join the circus, we should also consider that Saturn is retrograde this spring at the first degrees of Sagittarius. Having the planet of responsibility and slow growth retrograde means delays will almost surely be part of launching any new adventure and indeed, it may be that the best adventures don't carry major expectations.

Still with Jupiter prominent my partner and I thought we might take some small risks and so off we went to check out the local gambling casino!

Now I am not much one for gambling - I have Jupiter in my 12th house of hidden matters which on a good day acts like a secret guardian angel protecting me but the 12th is also the house of "self-undoing" and having the planet of expansion here also warns I can get in trouble if I indulge the Jupiterian tendency to overdo. However, because the planets seemed to be promising this was a good time to get out (Sun and Mars in Aries), follow feelings and hunches (Mercury in Pisces) and maybe be somewhere there might be some color and flash (Venus in Taurus and Jupiter in Leo), I decided not to worry about Saturn and hit the road!

Well it was a lovely drive - full of beauty (Venus in Taurus) and through a part of Mendocino County I'd never seen before (Mars in Aries = New adventures). We even did a bit of Saturn slowing down as 12 magnificent wild turkeys fanned their tails and strutted their stuff for us (Jupiter in Leo putting on a show!) But ultimately Saturn The Squelch put an end to our fantasy of easy riches when we got into the casino and found it just sort of dark and stuffy with none of the party feeling the signs advertised. I played the slots and was up $5 briefly but then the tide turned and I quickly recognized Saturn wasn't going to let m be a big winner today. We started to slide backwards and decided to leave the casino after only a short time. We came home with only a little less than we started.

What do we learn from this? I think I was shown once again that one of the hardest things in using astrology is to be willing to listen to the stars, to recognize when the stars are not favoring what we want to do - and to follow their guidance rather than our own wishful thinking. The planets this week are great for beauty and adventure but I tried to twist that into meaning winning money when the true highlight of the day turned out to be just what the planets promised: a ride in the country exploring new sights topped off with a beautiful parade of turkeys - and all for free!

Thanks for reading and call soon,

Something to look forward to :
Venus will be squaring Jupiter all week. If we can resist more gambling and wild spending sprees this pairing could be very supportive for getting a beauty makeover and re-decorating. Within Saturn's bounds of good sense, of course!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Venus in Taurus - The Goddess Enters Her Garden

First let me begin by apologizing for being a bit late in posting our weekly blog. All I can say is that the delay planet Saturn turned retrograde last Saturday and when it did everything slowed to a crawl - in my corner of the Universe anyway. Perhaps I was more aware of it because I have Saturn's sign, Capricorn on my ascendant. Whatever, this last weekend seemed to be all about standing in lines but I suppose you could say there was an upside - if ever I had questioned if astrology were "true" this bout of Saturnian waiting has convinced me the stars don't lie.

Indeed, I became so aware that every frustration I experienced I had been warned about in advance - in fact, I even warned you, Dear Reader, in last week's column - that this week I am vowing to not only pay closer attention to what the stars are telling us but I am going to endeavor to put this foreknowledge to use. Join me and let's make some magic!

Venus goes into her home sign Taurus on Tuesday March 17. As Venus rules Taurus she is particularly influential here. Her desires are easy to recognize and impossible to ignore.  Although you personally may not have any planets in Taurus and even if Venus does not make contact with anything in your own birth chart you can still profit from understanding the implications of Venus in Taurus. Venus rules love and money, this means that wherever we find Venus, that is where we will find our greatest pleasure and treasure - even if it is in a sign unrelated to our birth chart. No matter where your Venus is in your natal birth chart, knowing the significance of Venus in Taurus will help to guide you to finding happiness this month.

Venus in Taurus puts the spotlight on beauty, nature and possessions/finances. It's the time when it seems the Gods really really want you to be beautiful and have whatever your heart desires. When you recognize this and allow yourself to be open to it you may find that all sorts of beauty bargains and money making opportunities come your way. It's not that they weren't there before, it's just that now we're more likely to notice them - and what's more, we'll see how we can take possession of them.

Some areas of life that Venus is blessing now till April 11:

Beauty - your sense of what looks good will be delightfully acute. When you see something you think might look good on you this month trust your instincts and don't be afraid to splurge. Venus don't like ugly and will reward your efforts to be beautiful.

Nature - particularly gardens and fresh vegetables. Bring some fresh flowers into your house and some fresh vegetables into your kitchen. It will be easier to get loved ones to try a meatless menu now - the veggies are just going to taste so darn good!

Finances - Venus has more to do with small investments rather than the huge holdings that are Jupiter's domain, still now is an excellent time for meeting with advisers - you'll be able to understand the numbers and intuitively know what's right for you.

To put this knowledge into practice myself, I have made plans to host a woman's art day in the park this month. I have already been amazed at how positive the response has been to the idea but that's how it should be. Venus rules art and gardens so she's calling to us to join her there.

Meanwhile, whatever you choose to do with this powerful Venus passage, I hope the month brings you increased awareness of love and blessings in all areas of your life! Venus wants you to be happy - and so do I!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mars Conjunct Uranus and Squaring Pluto This Week - Consider this Your Wake Up Call!

For several years now we astrologers have been watching the influence of the Uranus-Pluto square stir up social and environmental chaos all over the planet. Because these rulers of revolution and transformation didn't just move smoothly ahead after their initial contact a few years back - remember Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street movements? Those happened at the beginning of the Uranus/Pluto connection - but instead, the planets took turns retrograding then redirecting then retrograding again and thus repeatedly re-forming this disturbing aspect - not just once but six times! The result over the last several years we have experienced Uranus-rebellion against Pluto-control breaking out to redefine almost every area of our lives. The theme has been that where ever government or big business has stifled the freedom of the individual, tensions have erupted into events aimed at throwing off the imposing power. Thus on the global scale we have seen many examples of "the little guy" refusing to take it any more with results like Edward Snowden releasing the proof of government spying on citizens and Israel no longer being able to strong arm unquestioning support from the the U.S. electorate. On a personal level we are recognizing the dangers of going along with the status quo in our individual lives - for example, we see clearly now how it  has resulted in tax structures that favor the wealthy, schools that squelch independent thinking, and predatory lending policies that enslave the masses.  People are recognizing the old systems, the old ways of thinking, are no longer serving us and we must take back individual responsibility or perish. For anyone who hasn't gotten this message yet, the final Uranus - Pluto square coming up next week is apt to be a dozy.

To help you navigate this ski slope, here is a list of the aspects you need to be aware of, leading up to the final Uranus - Pluto square happening Monday, March 16:

Monday night March 9:
We'll be having a terrific Mars trine Jupiter. High energy time. Use it to get stuff done. As Mars can also indicate anger, don't waste this energy getting sidetracked into arguments.

Wednesday March 11:
Things start to heat up as Mars conjuncts Uranus in the morning and then squares Pluto in the afternoon. With the Moon squaring the communication planet Mercury in the afternoon this looks like there could be some major misunderstandings. I don't intend to schedule anything that is going to require careful co-ordination with others today! There may may be a glimpse of the major issues in our lives that need to be revised. Pay attention because these same issues will be poked again - even more harshly - when Uranus squares Pluto next week.

Thursday March 12:
Mercury moves into Pisces, the sign of spiritual awareness. Troubles come to us to remind us to turn to our higher power and let Him carry the burden.

Saturday March 14:
Saturn turns retrograde. Saturn is the planet of rules and limitations. he recently left Scorpio and entered Sagittarius. Now, just barely 4 degrees into the sign he will back up and return to Scorpio. It's as if the Universe having started on a new course has now realized there were some things left undone that now we must return to and complete before we can move forward. On a personal level, this line up often indicates having taken on a new responsibility or relationship - and then recognizing the commitment as first agreed to is unworkable and we must now step back and renegotiate. The way to survive this tricky two step is to take things slowly. Don't over commit.

Fortunately this seemingly frustrating turn of Saturn could actually indicate that humanity realizes before it is too late that various laws and policies cannot be allowed to continue. Pay attention Friday, March 13 and Saturday March 14. Projects and relationships that are no longer serving you need to be halted now. Otherwise…

Monday March 16:
The final Uranus/Pluto square. If we haven't paid attention, if we've tried to ride roughshod over anyone just because we were in a power position, this is the day it all falls apart. Fortunately we have this advanced warning and it doesn't have to be this way.

Light a few candles and consider Mercury's message in Pisces:
"We are safe in all areas of our lives. We give and receive lots of love."

Take care,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, March 2, 2015

Jupiter Trine Uranus and Finding Your Life's Purpose

I spent the weekend doing Grandma Duty taking care of my two lively Gemini grandsons while Mom and Dad had their first ever without-the-kids get away.
Grandpa amazed them with juggling and rope tricks and then launched a conversation with the older boy about his life goals. "I want to be an engineer!" announced my five year old pride and joy before turning thoughtful and adding, "I sure hope I can remember that when I grow up.."

We laughed, but then got serious. My grandson is an old soul who frequently say things that cause us to pause and wonder. This comment got us talking about how it's said we make agreements before incarnating but then once we're born we forget what it was we promised to do when we got here and how many lives are lived with a feeling of being unfulfilled as if a person never discovered/remembered their true calling. 

I think one of the best uses of astrology is for helping people recognize their talents and find the work they're best suited for. I was told early on that my astrological chart emphasized using my psychic gifts to do readings. Before this I had been in a real muddle career-wise. Whatever I tried to do, I was always getting into long personal conversations with people instead doing the job I was hired for. I just didn't seem to be able to put up any boundaries. One day Grant Lewi's astrology classic "Heaven Knows What" crossed my path and I was saved. I saw I had Jupiter, the planet ruling intuitive knowing, in strong aspect to Uranus, the planet ruling astrology, in the part of the chart describing work and service. A career in astrology was strongly recommended! Indeed, there was a warning that otherwise this combination of planets might cause a person to be a wide open radio receiver for any knowledge they were curious about - and end up getting into long conversations with people instead of doing the work they were hired to do… In short, astrology described my situation perfectly. I began reading everything I could find on it and never looked back. 

This week we are having a repeat of this powerful Jupiter - Uranus aspect that so strongly guided me in my own chart only now it will apply to everyone in some way. If you have had any desire to pursue a study of astrology you may discover your understanding of the stars is greatly enhanced at this time. Even if astrology is not your thing this planetary line-up can be very auspicious for clarifying what is your life's mission. Jupiter is the god of wisdom, broad understanding and luck while Uranus is the planet ruling flashes of insight, particularly when considering one's personal role in the grand scheme of things. Together this combination encourages seeing your unique self AND being able to actually apply this insight in ways are fortunate for you.

In short, the celestial guides are particularly available this week for making dreams come true.
Give me a call - Let's see what astrology says is your true work so you can get on with living the life you were meant for and doing the work you were designed to do.


Rosada, EXT 2340