Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mars Opposition Saturn and Push Comes to Shove

The planets this week are all about helping us repair and renew.

 Certainly we could use some good vibrations. It seems like every day the newspapers have scrambled to come up with yet another nasty story about our President humiliating himself (and our country). Last week's viral video featured Trump shoving his way to the center of a group of world leaders, literally pushing other heads of state aside as he rushed to be the at the front of the line. This happened just as the planet Mars, ruler of the individual ego and the desire to be first, was approaching an opposition to the planet Saturn, ruler of tradition, respect and established authority. It seemed to me to be a perfect example of the planetary energies creating standoffs and fortunately no major international outrage ensued. It might have - Mars / Saturn contacts  are known for being prominent in charts of warfare! - but fortunately a protective Sun-Jupiter trine is also hovering overhead so people seemed to take the President's foolishness in stride. Now that this particularly angry and disruptive combination of planets has moved on, perhaps the fortuitous aspects coming up this week will help to repair and rebuild diplomatic ties between nations and of course we can use the energies to improve our personal lives:

Monday May 29 the Moon inters creative Leo and makes a lively sextile to the Sun. Spring is in the air and long-established rigid patterns can be easily recognized and replaced with new attitudes leading to success and renewed growth.

Tuesday May 30 is jumping with lively energy activated by a Mars sextile Uranus yet softened by a Moon trine Venus. There's a desire to rectify past blunders but a need to be gentle and to pay attention to the feelings of others.

Wednesday May 31 starts with Mercury trining transformer Pluto like a shot out of a cannon. Using too much force to correct mistakes may give people the impression you are thoughtless and uncaring. Nevertheless there is an abundance of things that could get accomplished if you use the energy and stay focused.

Thursday June 1 could find you sidetracked with indecision and even laziness when the Moon opposes foggy Neptune. Venus is trining Saturn at the same time so a little bit of creativity and persistence could get you back on track.

Friday June 2 the Moon in perfectionist Virgo squares Saturn making frustrations impossible to ignore. The Moon's final aspect is a square to energetic Mars so if you take charge of straightening things out, those around you will assist you.

Saturday June 3 brings divine opportunities for spiritual insights when both the Sun and the Moon aspect Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces and Unseen Realms. Deliberately let go of day - to - day affairs and seek a bit of solitude. Be ready to receive and act on intuitive promptings and synchronistic experiences.

The planets have been creating tough challenges in our lives for some months now. Much of it has been caused by the internet promoting stories designed to turn us into crisis junkies, Like heroin addicts searching for our next fix we've tuned our antennae to find the next outrageous happening and our next adrenaline rush. Although this week there's a lot in the stars to offer help for healing, perhaps the biggest help comes when we simply refuse to get caught up in the dramas. It's all about mind over matter - if we don't mind, it doesn't matter.

Let's talk soon,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, May 21, 2017

New Moon and The Gemini Twins - Like Attracts Like

This week is all about making connections. Thursday, May 25 is the power day. The New Moon in Gemini will be trining Jupiter and opening up fabulous opportunities for both personal and business relationships. Approach others with an open heart and an unprejudiced mind. Gemini rules communication and this fortuitous line up of planets means conversation comes more easily as we recognize we're all brothers and sisters looking to connect in ways that create win-wins for everyone.

The week starts off Monday, May 22, with the Moon in Aries heading for a stabilizing trine to sensible Saturn and then making a breakout conjunction to the new partnership planet Uranus. Use this time to take no major action but to observe and be receptive. Watch for a new twist to an old relationship.

Tuesday May 23 the Moon enters Taurus and joins Mercury, the planet ruling information. Today is perfect for gathering more facts before making commitments. Hold back until you know what is going on and can see which path to follow.

Wednesday May 24 brings a dramatic Moon trine transformative Pluto. Sounds good but Pluto is known for obsessions and power plays. Be aware you may need to control yourself and not act impulsively. Don't try to manipulate others and don't succumb to someone else's enthusiasm either. Just relax and watch for something better emerging and then let it develop naturally.

Thursday May 25 begins with a Venus square to Pluto. Remember the song, "Did you ever have to make up your mind? To say yes to one and leave the other behind?" Well today is the day to quit being indecisive and stop wavering between options. You need to take action, but do not try to manipulate people because then you risk losing control in the end. Be yourself and follow the deepest motivations of your heart.
The New Moon kicks in at 12:22 p.m. Eastern time. Write down a few key words to stay focused on your goals for this month and the right people will naturally be attracted to help you.

Friday May 26 The Moon teams up with energizing Mars, gets a warning from oppositional Saturn and breaks free with a fresh insight from Uranus. Let your inner wisdom tell you what you deeply want to achieve. Follow this conviction with sincerity and determination toward achieving your goal andl be open to offers of assistance from unexpected sources.

Saturday May 27 ends the week with the Moon in Cancer heading for a difficult square to now disruptive Uranus. Carefully consider what you do and say. Do not listen to gossip or make empty promises yourself. Words without real meaning behind them influence no one. Better to let your actions and behavior speak for you.

So there you have it folks - Pause and consider on Monday, gather information on Tuesday, don't push the river but watch for good things emerging naturally on Wednesday, then take action Thursday afternoon. Persevere on Friday and patiently hold your tongue on Saturday!

There are challenges in this week a head but we will all get by with a little help from our friends.

Your friend,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Saturn - Uranus Trine: Let Freedom Ring!

This is the week we finally gain freedom from all the frustrating obstructions that have blocked our progress and given us all the tension and depression this past season. Saturn is trining Uranus  on Thursday, May 18, bringing deliverance from a long-time cycle of anxiety, failure, and misunderstandings and bringing us new hope and peace of mind. It's an opportunity to take back our faith that we can create our own lives and not be manipulated by fear.

Progress will come naturally now if you fully disengage from negative influences and stop talking about the bad stuff. Change your attitude and let the past be over and done with.

Each day this week the planets support our awakening:

Monday May 15. The Moon joins up with the Death Star, Pluto. Release the past, build up your strength and decide what to do next.

Tuesday, May 16. Moon enters Aquarius, the sign of Other People and makes a difficult square to the mind planet, Mercury. The new positive patterns are just beginning to form while old habits die hard. Especially the habit of being hampered by the cunning and hostility of others or your own self defeating attitudes. To free yourself from this and achieve your aims, you must make a special effort be honest, open, and correct in everything you say and do today.

Wednesday, May 17. The Moon makes a fortunate sextile to Venus in Aries and then on to a happy trine with Jupiter. Caution recommended however as over confidence might lead some to become arrogant, show off, or attempt things for which they do not have the skills. A strong Saturn influence helps you be true to yourself and recognize your limitations.

Thursday, May 18. The Moon continues in Aquarius and squares the Sun in stubborn Taurus. Let go of relationships with selfish people who are doing you no good. This will make room in your life for the Saturn/Uranus types now coming in - that is, the more reliable people who could become friends and be of great help as you move forward.

Friday, May 19. Now Mars makes a tricky connection to Pluto and the Moon teams up with idealistic Neptune. To change your world for the better, you need to completely break away from harmful relationships, situations, and attitudes that are causing you danger or pulling you down. Once you have freed yourself from these inferior involvements and influences, you will succeed if you believe in yourself and your vision and commit to see through to completion what you have started.

Saturday, May 20. We end the week with the Moon making a final harsh square to task master Saturn. In order to make further progress, you must take decisive action now to let go of the remaining opposing person or situation that holds you back or threatens your happiness or peace of mind. Removing this final obstacle will begin a new cycle of time, release from the old, and you may now succeed in everything you set out to do.

This is the week to be true to yourself and to take care of yourself. Listen to your own inner wisdom and seek out supportive friends who are equally dedicated to positive progress.

There's plenty of good news out there - Enjoy!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sun Trine Pluto on Tuesday: Are You Feeling Lucky?

This is the week it could all change, are you ready for a brand new adventure? Tuesday May 9th, the Sun will be trining Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth and transformation. This line up happens only twice a year and signifies the release of old outgrown ways of being and the introduction of brand new opportunities. The more you are aware this shift is happening the more easily you should be able to complete past obligations and take advantage of new start ups.

First you are probably coming to recognize significant "story lines" in your life are winding down and coming to a close. Eager as we may be to get on with the new, it is important at this time to not just abandon old jobs and friendships but to carefully bring them to completion. This is particularly true on Monday, May 8, when the moon will oppose Mercury and Uranus and sextile Saturn. The combo could bring upsetting - Uranus - news - Mercury - which Saturn says must be handled responsibly. In other words, while you may feel tempted to just quit your work your marriage or your diet, it would be wiser to avoid abrupt change, think it through, give some advanced warning and if you must end things do it on a good note.

Tuesday is the Pluto trine the Sun. We'll be feeling particularly confident - ready to take on the world! As Pluto rules power struggles you may also experience some sort of run in with people in positions of power. Don't try to prove yourself  to them or get into a competition, just continue striving to do your best. Show you can handle yourself with poise! Later in the day a Mercury conjunct Uranus line up could bring some important insights and maybe even exciting offers.

The full Moon in Scorpio happens on Wednesday. You can look back on your progress now and recognize how you've overcome some significant difficulties. (Just don't get too impressed with yourself - there's always more to learn!)

Be careful on Thursday May 11 when energy loses focus as Mars squares Neptune. Never ignore  apparently insignificant details. When people get too confident they tend to trip up.

Wonderful aspects Friday. The Moon trines Venus and encourages sincere generosity from the heart, not the head or pocket book. Express real feelings!

Saturday May 13 is a mixed bag. The Moon will first trine Uranus which could be a boost for freedom and independence, but shortly there after it will bump up against Saturn meaning any chores  or lessons left incomplete could prevent graduating to the next level. It may be Saturday but don't use that as an excuse to slack off and admire your past - stay focused on the present and keep aiming for the future.

All in all a great line up of planets for making changes but with a bit of a warning that once the changes are made it's still important to manage the details.

Thanks for reading,

Rosada, EXT 2340