Sunday, July 27, 2014

Venus Opposing Pluto + Mercury Conjunct Jupiter = The Shout Heard Round The World

If you agree that it pays to advertise, this upcoming weekend will give the perfect line up of planets for placing ads. Communications planet Mercury will be entering the sign Leo Thursday afternoon bringing you lots of colorful and dramatic ideas for how to present your pitch and then Friday night this planet that loves to spread the news will be catching up with expansive Jupiter, almost a guarantee your word will travel far and wide!

We have some not so joyful aspects coming into affect too this week so we may also be getting worrisome news. Venus in Cancer is opposing Pluto creating the "Ancestor's Curse" aspect. According to Chinese folklore it is important to remember and honor the ancestors (Venus in the family sign Cancer) least they become angered by neglect and send sickness and misfortune (Pluto). If you've had a chain of frustrating experiences lately, stubbed toes, broken plates, lost items etc., you've been experiencing the Ancestor's Curse and you don't have to believe in angry ancestors to be stung by it's effects! Whether we inherit its darkness from our past, our culture or through our parents, what we do have to do is recognize it's time to examine those old, old patterns at last, to seek out their source and give them necessary attention. It's only when you understand where your experience comes from that you can restore the creative flow and make a genuinely new beginning.

Here's the line up of planets this week. Use them to help you get out of whirl pools and back into the flow:

1) Monday July28 - Venus opposes Pluto: 
    *Spot hidden causes.

2) Friday August 1 - Mercury into Leo joins Jupiter:
   *Bring them to light.

3 )Friday August 1 - Mars squares Jupiter:
    *Recognize what we should do now.

4) Sunday August 3 - Moon into Scorpio joins Mars:
   *Do it!

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Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, July 21, 2014

Electional Astrology Handbook Part 2

An electional chart is a chart set up to find the best time to begin a specific endeavor. Last week we discussed the key elements we look for in picking the perfect moment:

1. As the purpose of a chart is to give an advantage to the one initiating the action the first thing we look for is a time that gives us a well aspected rising sign as this rules the initiator. Also, there should be no malefic planets in the first house. This week the positive planet Venus is in Cancer and the super positive Sun and Jupiter are in Leo. Thus we start by considering times when Cancer or Leo are rising. This week Cancer and Leo are rising in the early morning hours around 6 a.m. depending on where you live. This early morning time doesn't work for scheduling interviews but thanks to the wonders of the internet we can still use it for sending emails and shopping on line.

2. In electional astrology, The Moon is always the co-ruler of the ascendant so next we consider the aspects the Moon is making, particularly the last aspect it will make before leaving the sign it is in or "going void of course" because the last aspect the Moon makes tells us how a matter will conclude. Affairs started after the Moon "goes void" are found to end without results. Like a letter sent off without an address, a void of course Moon won't make it to the desired destination.

 Happily for the first five days of this week the Moon leaves each sign on a positive note, so in general, projects launched on Monday through Friday morning should have positive results. However on Saturday and Sunday the Moon's last aspect is a square to Saturn signaling that agreements entered into on these days could ultimately feel more restrictive than supportive. True, there are going to be lovely Moon - Jupiter - Sun connections on Saturday and no doubt these pleasant planets will manifest some lavish summer wedding celebrations but with that heavy final Moon - Saturn connection looming I would advise couples thinking of marrying at this time to be very careful not to spend themselves into debt just because that Jupiter in Leo loves a good show. You might have a good time but an inflated bill could spoil the fun. A simple affair will satisfy Saturn's thrift requirement without losing any of the Leo Sun's warm good wishes. 

3. We need to also consider if the Moon is waxing or waning. The Moon is said to be waxing when it goes from new Moon to full and waning when it goes from full Moon to new Moon. Projects are thought to grow under a waxing Moon and decrease when the Moon is waning. This week the Moon is waning until the new Moon on Saturday July 26. Therefore, this week is more suitable for projects involving completions, clean up jobs and activities you don't need attracting attention. When shopping, a waxing Moon favors the seller while a waning Moon lowers the price and gives the advantage to the buyer. Therefore, this Saturday morning would be a lucky time for bargain hunters to get up early and hit the garage sales. With the Moon conjuncting Jupiter you'll have lots of good fun and while the waning Moon maybe disappointing for the seller, the buyers could benefit from give-away prices - just remember ultimately the Moon will square limiting Saturn and you may end up wondering where you're going to put all those bargains!

4. The rising sign, the Moon's final aspect and the Moon's phases are the three key things to look at when setting up an electional chart, but it's also important to look at the aspects the other planets are making:

Uranus, the ruler of computers, will be changing direction and turning retrograde Monday and Tuesday so this is not a good time for launching an internet business, or doing anything too eccentric. Uranus rules friends and the unexpected so there could be surprise visitors popping in.

Mercury will be opposing Pluto early Tuesday morning so I'd wait until we're passed that aspect before trying to launch any projects requiring permits and licensing and deals with big institutions. The negotiations could go on for hours with no one knowing how to cut the red tape.

Venus will be trining Neptune late Wednesday evening creating a very pleasant atmosphere but Mercury will then be squaring Uranus creating some rude awakenings. If an opportunity seems too good to be true it probably is.

 As you can see, it's not easy to find a perfect day! Fortunately a path opens up this Friday morning. The Moon will have just left a conjunctions to Venus and while still in a good mood it will then be willing to nail down commitments when it trines Saturn and goes on to conjunct Mercury. Just be sure to take advantage of this opportunity before the Moon goes void at 9:53 a.m.

I hope you'll put some of these ideas into practice. Be sure to take notes and if you have questions you can call me or post them here.

Best wishes,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Electional Astrology Handbook

Have you ever heard the statement, "Millionaires don't use astrology - billionaires do"? I used to wonder how astrology could give such a huge advantage - I mean, sure it's fun to look at charts and see if a couple is all that compatible or to use astrology to try to predict a winning horse, but can astrology really tell us something we couldn't figure out on our own with a bit of common sense? Then I learned about electional astrology! Electional astrology is the art of choosing the most  appropriate time to begin something. You don't wait for the Universe to pick the right time to give birth, you choose it yourself - and the results can be spectacular!

Some of the areas where electional astrology can give you an advantage include everything from buying a car to taking wedding vows, to having surgery, taking a trip, even gambling. Supposedly The Declaration of Independence was signed in the middle of the night because many of our founding fathers were astrologers and understood the importance of timing. Ronald Reagan supposedly used an astrologer to advise him - and to this day has a reputation for being one of our greatest presidents - even though it's rumored he had Alzheimers...

What electional astrology can do for you:
The elected time is the exact moment chosen to begin something. It is calculated to give you an advantage in the matter. If you are applying for a job as a teacher and three other people are also being considered, arranging to have your interview at your most auspicious moment can tip the scales. However, if you have aren't qualified for the job, have no credential and hate kids, then even having the right time won't get you employed. But if you really are in the running, electional astrology can definitely put you at the head of the pack.

How an electional chart works:
In setting up an electional chart we are looking to enhance the moment when you are taking the first step to set the mater in motion.  In a marriage this would not be when the wedding starts but when the couple says "I do" because up until then the bride or groom could still call it off. In applying for a job you would want to set up the time not for when you fill out the application but for when you put the application in the mail box. It's often tricky to know exactly when the "start" is so a good rule of thumb is to define the moment of beginning as the time when the matter is no longer in your hands.

The first house of the chart represents you or the person initiating action, so our main focus is to be sure the planet ruling the first house sign is making only positive aspects. The Moon is always the co-ruler of the first in electional astrology so along with protecting the ruler of the first house we also look to be sure the Moon is well situated.

We next move on to see if the planet that rules the matter we are concerned with is in good alignment. Mercury should be direct for business meetings and signing contracts, Venus needs to be happy in matters of love, Mars should be on your side if you are entering a contest or battle and so forth.

The most crucial thing we look for in an electional chart is to see what is the last aspect the Moon makes before leaving the sign it is in. This tells us how the matter will end.

Here are some times coming up in the next week that should give positive results generally although I have not calculated an exact time because to do that we would also need to know your location. Still if you care to initiate something on these days around the times I have suggested, your results should be positive.

Monday afternoon July 14 the Moon is going to be trining Mars in Libra and then Venus in Gemini. It offers a particularly fruitful time for talks and opportunities for getting clear answers. (Could be a very productive time to call me!)

Wednesday night July 16 the strong Moon in Pisces aspect to Venus will be good for artistic matters and helping others. Begin an art project or initiate contact with someone you wish to help.

Finally Saturn turns direct Sunday July 20 as the Moon heads for a beautiful sextile to the Sun. This is a day when we can just plain get a lot done.

I hope you'll experiment with these possibilities and let me know your results!

See you at the Billionaires' Table!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Saturn Direct in Scorpio - Rock Bottom Rebirth

I just got off the phone talking with a lady who wanted to know if she and the man she was dating were "soul mates". I looked at their charts which easily explained both the attraction and the obstacles. He was a bit younger than she, and had his Venus in Aquarius. On a good day this placement would indicate he thrived on relationships that were somehow unique, even unorthodox, so while it's unusual for the woman to be older, the age difference in this case could work to their advantage. However,  his Venus in the sign ruling friendship tells us he is happiest in relationships that have a strong sense of freedom about them - not necessarily meaning infidelity or one of those friends-with-benefits arrangements, but certainly something where the couple didn't spend every waking moment together. She on the other hand was born under the partnership-oriented sign Libra, so even though her Sun in Libra made a very happy trine to his Venus, she was still feeling uncertain as to whether he could make as deep a commitment as what she was hoping for.

 I laid out the cards and got the Devil and The Hanged Man in the position of Past Influences. The Devil card indicates there was some past commitment binding at least one of them and The Hanged Man card says until that past obligation is completed progress for this relationship would be in limbo.

I asked her if either of them were still involved with an ex-lover, or some other commitment that had to be fulfilled before their relationship could take off? Yes on both sides. He had an ex-live-in-girlfriend who, though they had never been legally married (typical Venus in Aquarius!), felt she was still entitled to some of their shared possessions and thus she was taking him to court. Since his planet of last degree - which shows how situations in the person's life end - was the karma planet Saturn, new relationships could not move ahead until this past relationship debt was paid. As Saturn in his chart made a nice aspect to Jupiter, the planet of justice, it would not be difficult for this man to pay his debts if he chose to do so. I encouraged the caller that there was every reason to assume the court ruling would be just and he should not fight it but do whatever he had to do to complete the "divorce". Indeed with Jupiter in good aspect even if the settlement seemed unfair he would quickly recover.

The Devil and Hanged Man cards also applied to the woman herself. She had a past history of being taken advantage of in partnership - The Devil shows two who had once been lovers now chained together in misery and The Hanged Man pictures a feeling of betrayal. Her planet of last degree was the planet Neptune which meant things had a way of ending for her on a blurry or not well defined note. This suggests she had a pattern of committing without knowing what she was getting herself into.

In summation I told her it appeared the fellow and she had a shot at making something good come to life eventually but that for now while he was clearing up the past with his ex, she should consider their Venus in Aquarius relationship to be "just friends". Otherwise his Saturn at the last degree would end up with him putting off making a commitment indefinitely and her Neptune at the last degree would have her end up feeling victimized.

So this now leads to the question, just how long should she Hang In There (an alternative meaning to The Hanged Man card)? I recommended she give it at least until the end of July. That's when Saturn, the planet of harsh reality will finally turn direct meaning that is when we'll see if the relationship is real and either the two of them start moving forward together or she'll clearly see that there will always be some excuse for delay and be able stop being in limbo and start moving on with her life alone.

For the rest of us, Saturn being retrograde this year and backtracking in Scorpio, the sign of hidden secrets, has caused a lot of soul searching this spring with more and more of us waking up to the harsh realities of our own lives. While it's a good thing to focus on the positive, it's not helpful to be in denial of where we are in the here and now. To move forward, Saturn retrograde says we first have to see where we are starting from. Once we are able to recognize our true position then what steps to take to improve things become obvious too. For example, along with burning green candles and thinking positive thoughts, a person who is worried about their finances should also use this time to calculate exactly what their expenses are. They may be very pleasantly surprised to discover things are not as bad as they thought or they may see where they simply cannot continue to commit their resources and thus get the courage to make necessary changes. Saturn doesn't have to be a bad planet if we use it to our advantage.

Take advantage of Saturn turning direct by making a point of noticing what is going on in your life this month particularly around July 19, the exact day Saturn goes direct. You should find you're able to look at your world very realistically - and see what you need to do, what commitment you need to complete so you too can get out of Limbo and move on. If you still feel stuck but you honestly don't know what it is you should be doing or focusing on, just try practicing forgiveness. It's the key lesson we're here to learn in this lifetime so if you're feeling at the bottom and don't know how to transform the situation, try repeating the word "Forgive" over and over throughout the day and before you fall asleep at night. You don't even need to know who or what you are forgiving - the Universe does and you will set miracles in motion. Saturn in Scorpio opens the dirtiest darkest caves in our souls. Forgiveness cleans them out.

Just say it!

Rosada, EXT 2340