Monday, August 26, 2013

Mars in Leo - Bold and Beautiful

We start this week with a Sun opposition to Neptune on Monday August 26. Neptune aspects always bring in a feeling of uncertainty like sailing in a fog and this time the clouds are particularly thick. You may find yourself wrestling with issues where you don't have all the facts or else maybe you just don't quite know how to proceed. Don't try to be too precise just now or you'll just find yourself lost in confusion. Instead use this time to step back and re-evaluate your dreams, weed out the fantasies and focus on reasonable goals.

Mars enters Leo Tuesday evening around 10 p.m. eastern time -  after all that soul searching on Monday the right direction to take may become much clearer now.

Wednesday August 28 is going to be a very busy day what with the Moon making connections with almost all the planets and culminating with a lovely trine to Venus. Perfect for strengthening ties with friends and sending out resumes.

To further motivate you, Mercury will be in the background making a powerful connection with Pluto - old obstacles evaporate as new opportunities invigorate!

The Sun sextiles Saturn Thursday evening August 29. After the confusion earlier in the week, the new reality starts to materialize. Note who is around you now. You may see who your real friends are.

The Moon enters Cancer, the sign of family ties and the past, on Friday August 30. There may be a bit of emotional blowback from all the changes happening this week. Friends who haven't felt properly appreciated will be needing extra attention although with the final aspect Saturday evening being a square to Venus there may not be a way to please everyone.

Fortunately the Sun makes an exact trine to Pluto early Sunday morning again offering opportunity for rebirth and healing. It may only require a change in attitude.

Finally on Sunday September 1 the Moon goes into Leo and connects with Mars offering a boost in confidence and then moves on to trine independent Uranus in Aries.
Be bold! Be yourself! After all, everyone else is taken.

Best wishes,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Full Moon in Aquarius - Choose Joy!

The month has come when we are most likely to achieve our aims through the encouragement of others. The full moon in Aquarius opposition Sun in Leo absorbs all the love energy of the Sun has to give, which means people in general - Moon in Aquarius means individuals as a group, the group entity - are looking to respond to those who offer love and inspiration - Sun in Leo.

 Encouragement is one of the great motivators of mankind. It can inspire us to co-operate and achieve, even to the point of overcoming the fear of death itself. Indeed, when we encourage others we take on God-like powers. Practice your ability to radiate love this week to all those you come in contact with, particularly on August 23 - 24 when there is going to be a stressful line up of planets with Venus in harsh aspect to Uranus and Pluto. This difficult connection between the planet ruling relationships and the planets known for upset and jealousy could manifest in power struggles between lovers and friends. By knowing in advance social functions will be highlighted now, your encouragement and kindness will sooth hurt feelings and lead the way to significant social achievements. This is not the time to be critical or opinionated! Don't be fooled by the striking effect intimidation has over others. It wears off quickly and leaves behind only unpleasant associations. Instead, strive to create accord within your society by encouraging others in the pursuit of their individual goals.

On the national scene the Sun in Leo tells us if ever there were an audience for a charismatic and exceptional leader among men, it exists now. In business and political affairs, friendliness, kindness, and expansiveness toward others will create a spirit unparalleled in loyalty. Pluto in Capricorn says people are willing to take upon themselves all manner of hardship and sacrifice toward the attainment of goals, and due to the harsh aspect to Venus there is the possibility of taking pleasure even in suffering. There is great potential for benefit for all concerned this week. To discover your special reward, ask yourself through out the day, "What am I getting out of feeling as I do?" Sadness turns to joy when we dare to look deeply.

Generally, the waning moon ( the two weeks following the full moon) favors talk and discussion. It's the time for evaluating what has passed and planning for what's ahead. The two weeks following the annual Sun in Leo/ Moon in Aquarius full moon is particularly favored for communication with others. We now have the opportunity to get into honest and open philosophical accord with our fellow man.

Quick tip - The Sun loves to give gifts especially to encourage children. Give a child a learning tool this week and watch your good karma grow!

Reality is a group fantasy,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, August 15, 2013

"May You Live in Interesting Times" - Ancient Chinese Curse

Why would living in "interesting times" be considered a curse? It's a wish that sounds mild and almost friendly. Everyone hates to be bored so what's the big deal? Oooh, don't be fooled. It's a diabolical greeting as you will realize when you think about it:

 Ever gone to your computer for a quick peek only to be suckered into reading one thing more and then another and then another until finally you've wasted an hour reading worthless junk you don't remember any of one mouse click later? That's an example of Interesting Times doing it's evil work and it's definitely the times we're living in today. Our motivations and good intentions melt away in this world of constant distraction. Keeping focused on our goals becomes a near impossibility but astrology can help keep you on track:

Each month the Sun lights up a new sign and a different sector of our lives. This month the Sun and Mercury are in Leo energizing creativity. Let your goal this next week be to get out of the house (that was sooo last month with Cancer) and do something festive. Do you have clothes you've been saving for a special occasion? Why wait? Wear the good stuff and create the occasion! 

Venus in Virgo rewards those who give attention to completing pesky chores and eating their vegetables. Don't get distracted by all the interesting items on the menu. Focus on Fresh!

Mars in Cancer can really get us into trouble if we don't keep our priorities in mind. The fiery planet in this emotional water sign can ignite arguments unless energies are well grounded in some productive project - preferably something to do around Cancer's turf - that is, your own backyard.

Jupiter in Cancer provides a balm of peace and blessings for the home if we look for it. Combined with this month's Leo planets supporting entertaining it promises any gatherings in the home will be well attended. As Jupiter also rules higher learning, a gathering to learn about something would be particularly favored. Host a Book Club meeting!

Saturn is now moving direct in Scorpio. The planet of discipline in the sign of transformation warns us that Shift Happens and we must keep up with the changes. Don't let old stuff sap your energy. Nothing is more distracting than clutter you can't let go of. Saturn in Scorpio helps us recognize what we've out grown, what can be recycled and what just needs to be tossed.

Uranus in Aries provides a slew of distractions but also opportunities to try something different - just don't commit yourself too far in any direction.

Neptune in Pisces dissolves barriers making it easy to disregard our self-imposed limits. This can make us unfocused and confused or allow us to connect with our hopes and dreams.

Thoughts become things - focus on the good ones,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mercury Squaring Saturn - Times Up!

"I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not deter or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again."
-Stephen GrelletI

Mercury has moved out of Cancer this week and heads into Leo. This means that many of us are now waking up to how we have let our mental state - Mercury - be manipulated by our security issues - Cancer. 

We see this energy pattern manifesting on the global scene with governments trying harder and harder to guarantee security by creating more surveillance devices. more laws, more systems of control. It's hasn't worked. Indeed we are witnessing a very bad example of The Law of Attraction: All this attention on creating security has only served to create more paranoia. The recent news headlines have been all about how government's attempts to prevent problems have actually created them. From the Trayvon Martin tragedy where a man acting under the assumption that he was protecting his neighborhood from a criminal was lead by his own fears to kill an innocent boy, to the Manning trial where a soldier has bee given a life sentanse for leaking information the government admits caused no harm, we see where focusing on eliminating terrorists has created more fear and insecurity than ever.

What is the solution? We're being given a clue today as we see Mercury now moving into Leo, the sign of Love and Creativity. I think of the expression, "Nature abhors a vacuum" and the idea that fear is the absence of love. In other words, where love does not exist, we don't just have neutrality. If we do not have Love we have Fear. To move out of Fear and into Love we need to do something pro-active. Mercury in Cancer worries. Mercury in Leo loves!

But time is running out. Mercury squares Saturn this Sunday -  a harsh aspect meaning our habitual mental attitude creates our physical reality - without mercy. In other words, we starkly see how our attempts to control our experience along with our abilities to rationalize, justify and just plain ignore what's happening aren't going to save us any longer. What will work is our willingness to accept ourselves and all that is with the knowingness that It's All Good AND there is a fabulous line up of planets coming up on Sunday to show us this is true:

 Make a point of being aware Sunday August 10,  1:09 p.m. est.
 The moon will be in the seventh house and Jupiter will be aligned with Mars. Sound familiar?:

When the Moon is in the seventh house
And Jupiter aligns with Mars..
Then Peace will rule the planets.
And love will steer the stars.
-The Dawning of The Age of Aquarius.

Ready for take off!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Rosada, EXT 2340

Friday, August 2, 2013

Messages from Polly

I apologize for being a few days later than usual with my weekly blog.My sister passed away Monday. The transiting planet Uranus was exact on her Sun, describing some sort of accident. So far until we get the autopsy report all we know is she collapsed in her bedroom after telling the cleaning lady she was going to give herself an antibiotic injection (she had Lyme's disease). The lady, Maria, says she heard Polly scream and then there was a thud. When she entered the room she found Polly lying on the floor unresponsive. When the ambulance arrived they pronounced her dead. What happened? My guess is that there was an air bubble in the needle that went into the blood stream. Alternatively her son wonders if perhaps the antibiotic had something wrong with it. We'll know next week. Meanwhile I consulted the I Ching asking for a message.

The I Ching is an ancient Chinese Oracle. One consults it by tossing coins. The way the coins land indicates which pages to turn to. For the reading about my sister's passing I received Hexagram 33. Retreat with particular attention to lines 4.5.6. Read what the I Ching has to say and see if you don't think it beautifully describes her leaving her earthly life and moving on:

33. Retreat.
This is a time for withdrawal and consideration, not for action. 

Line 4. 
He easily makes mistakes which he later regrets.

[Does this refer to a mistake with giving herself an injection?]

Line 5.
He has worked hard - he should feel free to rest. He deserves a comfortable life because he has done so much for others.

[Could be describing my sister. Do the words "deserves a comfortable life" mean she goes on to reincarnate in some place pleasant? She certainly did so much for everyone who knew her.]

Line 6.
He hides away honorably. This will bring many advantages.
He has nothing to worry about because he is polite, honest and considerate. 
He will have a comfortable life.

[Another beautiful line that comforts me - assurance that my sister will move on well.]

Finally the I Ching  directed me to read Hexagram 15. Modesty.
Modesty considered to be the most positive hexagram in the I Ching because Modesy is the virtue that will get us through any situation.
"The modest man will eventually succeed in everything. He is successful because of his courteous behavior. This hexagram also refers to people who give to the poor and are never reliant upon those in power."
[This line actually gave me a chuckle - my sister could never be described as "modest" - with a tenth house Aries Sun and Moon she wanted to be sure EVERYONE was aware of her hard work and accomplishments. But she did donate money to worthy causes and the bit about never being reliant upon those in power was true but not by choice. She strongly felt she had been wrongfully denied a pension. I wonder if perhaps this second hexagram is describing what's ahead for her? Like, perhaps in her next lifetime she will not work so hard for public recognition and will consciously choose not to look for pensions, inheritances or support from any program that suggests she is unable to be anything less than totally self-reliant.

So that's what the I Ching had to tell me about my sister. I found it very accurate and reassuring. Since that reading I have tried asking several other questions and have been amazed at how they seem to be giving me insight into my sister's experience passing over into "The Next Room."

I am going to give her soul a little time to settle in and then hopefully next week I will begin posting here excerpts from the messages she has been sending me.

God bless you, Polly!
You are the best sister ever,

Rosada, EXT 2340