Monday, January 30, 2012

Famous Psychics Throughout History

 Maybe it's because I was born under the sign Cancer, the sign that rules history, but I love reading autobiographies. I especially enjoy learning about psychics and particularly about how they first became aware of their abilities. Many claim to have been born with them, only realizing as adults that not everyone played with "imaginary friends" who told them the future. There are also stories of people who became readers after accidents and near-death experiences. And then, like so many of us, there are folks out there who don't really consider themselves "psychic" but from time to time they've had something extraordinary happen, like getting a strong hunch that proved to be accurate or hearing a voice or seeing a vision. I love these sorts of true adventure stories and indeed I find I am a better reader myself after I've spent some time studying those who have them. I think this is because we become one with the people we think about.

Perhaps the most well known natural psychic of our modern era is Edgar Casey. He was known as The Sleeping Prophet because of his ability to put himself into a sleep-like meditative state during which he claimed to be able to access knowledge about many things and especially about healing. He gave thousands of readings which were faithfully recorded by his wife and so today we have a huge library of his recommendations for curing all sorts of ailments using mostly natural remedies. I first became familiar with Casey when I was about eight. I was very sick and so my mother put me to bed with a book about him and our pet cat. I didn't understand all I read about his technique but I got the general idea I could be healed in my sleep. That night I asked The Universe to heal me. I had a dream where in I was shown I was allergic to the cat! The next morning we got rid of the cat, I got well and I've been interested in psychics ever since.

Harriet Tubman was a famous psychic who came by her abilities through a head trauma. Actually Harriet is primarily remembered for her work guiding slaves to freedom with her Underground Railroad. What is not so widely known is that Harriet relied on her Guardian Angels to tell her when it was safe to travel and what paths to take. She first started being visited by the angels after suffering a head injury when her owner threw a two pound metal block at her giving her a concussion. While she was knocked out angels appeared to her and told her she had a mission to free the slaves and ultimately she led 1000 to freedom and never lost a "train" or a single "passenger". Indeed, in one account I read she even arranged to meet with Lincoln and relaid to him the message she had received from her spirit guides: The war between the states would not be won until all the slaves were freed! A month later he issued The Emancipation Proclamation and a few months after that the South surrendered. 

 A similar experience of an injury leading to a revelation is recorded in the Bible where Saul of Tarsus was struck by lightening and couldn't see for three days. When he recovered he reported Jesus appeared to him asking, "Why do you persecute me?" Saul immediately abandoned his life of persecuting Christians and became Paul and spent the rest of his life spreading the gospel. .

 I have a friend who became a wide open psychic when he accidentally picked up a frayed electrical cord that was lying in water. A couple of thousand volts of electricity surged through him not only burning off all his hair and eyebrows but leaving him as sensitive as a raw egg without a shell. That's getting to be psychic the hard way! For months he inwardly felt everything going on around him and indeed, he couldn't even read a book because he would pick up on the state of the author. I once saw him burst into tears reading a geometry textbook! We later learned this was just at the time the author was going through a divorce and most likely very sad..

Now if you didn't grow up with an imaginary friend and you don't care to set your hair on fire now, is there some way you can develop psychic abilities even as an adult? I believe it's possible. When people ask me if I have a special psychic gift I say my gift is my interest. Because I am so interested in psychic abilities and phenomenon I pay attention to them and where attention goes, energy flows. As you notice the little signals - the green lights, the "chills of confirmation" - and look to understand what they might mean, I know you will find yourself receiving insights. Understanding the signs is kind of like learning to think in a foreign language. Just keep being aware of them and lo, it wont be long before you'll just know what the signs are saying and soon you'll find you've become a Famous Psychic yourself!

Thanks for reading me - I look forward to reading you!

P.S. Astrological tip for the week: The moon will be trining Saturn on Wednesday and Thursday. Simple agreements could launch long time partnerships.

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year!

Monday January 23, 2012  begins The Year of The WATER Dragon according to Chinese astrology. Since It's pouring rain outside my window as I write this, I'm hoping Mother Nature is just celebrating the day and not giving us a taste of what she has in store for the next twelve months - otherwise, if you are in a flood zone this is the year to buy insurance!
Unlike western astrology which divides the calendar into monthly signs, Chinese astrology assigns one of twelve animals to each year. This year is associated with the Chinese mythical Dragon, a spiritual creature known for his joy, compassion and perseverance. The Dragon is considered to be the most fortunate of all the animals so many believers make a point of getting married and having children during a Dragon year. Indeed, if you or a friend is expecting a child in 2012 get ready to welcome a colorful, confident passionate soul into your life!
My personal insight on this Water-Dragon year concerns the upcoming presidential election. Obama's western astrological chart did not show his 2008 victory except in hindsight (Hilary actually had the stronger chart that year), but if you looked at the Chinese astrology it was obvious he would be the winner. The same is true for the up-coming election. Obama again appears to be at a disadvantage according to the various planets but when you consider the Chinese elements he is supported by The Power Dragon - thus I'm calling the election for Obama. You heard it here first!
Last week I promised I'd share some thoughts about the rumors and speculation swirling around the Mayan Calendar and the so-called End of The World prediction for December 21, 2012. When this idea hit mainstream awareness ten years or so ago the thought was that because the Mayan Calendar did  not list dates beyond 2012 this must be some sort of evidence the ancient civilization believed this was when the world would end.
That idea certainly captured our attention for a time but as clarification surfaced as to how their calendar works and why this date was selected most 2012 enthusiasts have reinterpreted the warning to mean not the end of time, but the end of an era. So now the question is, what is the era that is ending and is there anything we can do to prepare for the new one about to begin?
The era that is ending is the Age of Ignorance. We can no longer deny we are indeed all one. It's not just a pretty saying, we KNOW what effects the butterfly in South America impacts the polar bear in Alaska. The era that is before us is the Age of Community. Those who continue to live selfishly will find themselves becoming isolated to the point they will be unable to survive. Those who make choices based on what is best for the group will see themselves strengthened and prospered. Furthermore - as this is the year of The Water Dragon, a time when things happen very quickly - the awareness that this is how it's going to be is coming upon us rapidly. So while Dec.21 does have somethings going on astrologically that make it a significant date, there is no need to wait until the end of the year to start living in The Age of Aquarius. Anything you can do right now to energize the part of you that wants to live a more community-conscious life will be blessed and rewarded. So join the fun - vow to be a compassionate Dragon today!
Gong Hei Fat Choy!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Karma Crash!

We're dealing with work and repair vibes this week when the moon connects with Saturn and ends up in Capricorn. Here's what it means:
Every month the moon circles the earth and makes contact with every planet. When the moon  conjuncts a planet (conjunct means the planets are in the same sign at the same degree) it sets the foundation for whatever is to follow until the moon moves on to conjunct the next planet. Because the moon will be conjuncting Saturn, the harsh reality planet, on Monday, January 16 whatever happens after that for the next several days will reflect how well we've established our foundation, how well we've dealt with life's physical realities. This week ahead will be revealing just exactly what our true situation is. If we've been taking short cuts, skimping on vitamins, postponing car repairs etc., the Universe wont let us get away with it any longer. This is the week for getting the basics in order. Delays and disappointment are sure to crop up if we don't. This is the time to play it straight.
 Relatioship realities are also in the spotlight this week. Saturn is in Libra the sign of contracts, so many of us may find ourselves having to negotiate agreements with others. Finding the balance point may be particularly difficult if we try to go quickly. Slow moving Saturn wants all perspectives to be throughly considered. Resist the temptation to force a deal, it just wont hold. But take heart - by carefully discussing every one's viewpoint you most likely will come up with a win-win that suits you better than your original idea would have anyway. 
 This heavy-duty influence lasts through Thursday when the sun will enter freedom loving Aquarius and new people/new potentials will appear.  Have an attitude of helpfulness a few days longer while the moon moves through Capricorn - Saturn's home sign, so again the emphasis on duty - and then finally Saturday, January 21 when the moon conjuncts Pluto, the planet of karma we'll get our reward. Pay-off or pay-back will be coming quick!
Best Day of The Week: Thursday afternoon through Friday noon. The sun will get past a very limiting square to Saturn meaning roadblocks will be lifted and Venus will make a beautiful sextile to Pluto: Love will find a way!
Next week: Count down to December 21, 2012.
Let there be light!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

I've been a professional astrologer all my adult life and yet I'm embarrassed to admit that even I don't always pay attention to the planets. For example I KNOW going shopping when the moon is void of course means I'll just end up buying some fool thing I'll never use and yet I think, "Oh, just this once..." and of course I end up wasting my money. So this year I am resolving to take my own advice, check on the stars and follow their guidance.

I'm going to keep a record of my efforts here and I hope you, Dear Reader, will post your experiences in the comment box too.

Okay, the line up of planets we should be paying attention to this coming week...

There will be a full moon in Cancer, the sign of food and family, tomorrow night, January 8. Everything comes out in the open under a full moon so this is an ideal time to gather friends and loved ones together for an open hearted exchange. The sun will be in Capricorn, the sign of traditions so if you've been wanting to start a family tradition - Sunday dinner? - this is the time to do it.

Energies peak at the full moon, after that they start to wane. Enthusiasm for new projects begun after the 8th may not last, but it is a fine time for starting a diet - your weight will wane right along with the moon! You should avoid putting things on the market between the full moon and the new moon (Jan. 23) or you will have to settle for a low price. On the other hand, if you are looking to make a purchase, a waning moon favors the buyer and you will be able to get what you're wanting at a bargain discount!

Mercury is heading into Capricorn for the next three weeks. Mercury rules communication and Capricorn supports messages that are serious and stick to the facts. Mercury in Capricorn presents a fine time for writing up contracts and official agreements. Maybe this is why I'm inspired to write a serious blog today!

BEST DAY OF THE WEEK: Friday January 13. The moon's final aspect will be a trine to the sun, meaning agreements reached on Thursday and Friday have a very good chance of working out as intended.

SPECIAL TIP FOR THE WEEK: Make a point of noticing who you are spending your time with Thursday night. There's a romantic Venus/Neptune connection happening and a terrific sun trine energetic Mars. This means not only will love be in the air, but there will be the energy to do something about it. With this line up of planets your loved ones will have no excuses for not giving you a call. On the other hand, if you don't hear from that certain someone at this most favorable time for manifesting true love I'm afraid it means the relationship just wasn't meant to be.

Happy New Year!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, January 1, 2012

21. The World - Happy New Year!

Out with the old! In with the new! Time to celebrate!

These wishes are precisely the message of the image on card 21. The World.
 It represents the end of a major cycle and a time when everything flows in divine order.
Whenever The World shows up in a reading you can confidently predict that somehow or other, everything is going to work out just fine.

It may seem surprising at first to learn that the ruling planet for this most positive card is that old task master, Saturn. But rather than being seen as a cruel withholding disciplinarian, here he appears as a solid reliable friend. We realize that Saturn's lessons ultimately lead us to being self-sufficient and capable in any situation - able to dance on top of The World! 

 We can see this growth in consciousness in the cards by comparing The World card to a card we studied several months ago, card 10.The Wheel of Fortune.
The Wheel of Fortune shows the four figures representing the four fixed signs of the zodiac (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) strapped to the wheel of life, thrown to the top one moment and plunged to the depths the next. In The World card, however, the four figures are stable and Sophia, the goddess of Wisdom - dances before them all.
The message is that where in the past one might have experienced life as being a game of chance where the rules constantly changed, now there is an awareness that life is a cycle with an acceptance of change and a joy in the beauty of it all.

Frank Sinatra said it best I believe in his song, "That's Life":
"You're riding high in April, shot down in May...
But I don't let it get me down, cause this old world keeps spinning round."

For those who have been following this tarot study since its beginning I look for you to see some sort of reward for your efforts this week. Expect plans to come together and new opportunities to appear. If changes have to be made they will turn out to be for the better. If there are difficulties, listen to Old Blue Eyes again:
"Each time I find myself flat on my face,
I just pick myself up and get back in the race!"

It occurs to me now that this card representing the rewards that come at the end of a cycle is an ideal image for the year ahead as we look towards December 21, 2012 the supposed end of a major cycle for all humanity according to The Mayan Calendar.

May this entire year be a celebration of your life!

Rosada, EXT 2340