Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mercury Retrograde at 14 Degrees Gemini - Mental Telepathy is for Real

Mercury enters Gemini Thursday night, April 30. Sense the shift yourself by noting how your mind is becoming more aware of words and stories after a month of being in the "physical reality" sign Taurus.

If you bought a friend a birthday present last month you were probably drawn to choosing something physical, something a person could actually hold. This month when Mercury is in Gemini, an air / mental sign, you may find you want to give gifts inspiring ideas like a book or a night at the theatre - something for a busy mind to play with.

Your own thought processes will start surprising you now as Mercury in Gemini brings new ideas and activates new insights - all clamoring for your attention. Enjoy the stimulation but don't take on too much as we're heading for a Mercury retrograde mid-May.

Mercury retrograde is what we call the effect of Mercury and Earth passing each other giving the appearance of Mercury moving backwards. It's not really, it just looks that way from Earth's perspective but the effects of this illusion are very real. Think of Mercury as being a living consciousness responsible for getting all our energetic intentions sorted out and directed to their proper destinations. Since the mental world moves faster than the physical world (for example, we can think about the future before we get there) about four times a year Mr. Mercury must shut down and let everything catch up. During this period when the god of connections is on vacation it's particularly easy to experience glitches and mistakes in the way communications flow. This May is expected to be a particularly interesting Mercury retrograde because it falls in Gemini - the sign that rules connections so there's a possibility of even bigger mis-communication experiences then - especially if you're only looking at facts and figures but ignoring the underlying motivations. On the positive side, however, retrograde planets are said to work on the inner level. This means that when Mercury is retrograde, inner communication - psychic knowingness - will be enhanced. So it's a time to not stress about outer world headlines but to listen to what our inner knowingness tells us. In fact, this retrograde is happening just as Mercury is at 14 degrees Gemini - the exact degree describing mental telepathy in the Sabian Symbols Oracle:

14 Degrees Gemini:
"Two People at Widely Different Points, are in Conversation with Each Other by Means of Telepathy."
The Sabian Oracle

What this symbol means:
This image shows that even when there is distance or misunderstandings, the lines of communication can still be established between loved ones. Furthermore, in this day of frequent change, many of us have had dear friends move and then be lost as the pace of modern life dilutes our ability to forge and keep strong bonds.This year as our worlds seem to be morphing faster than ever, Mercury retrograde is giving us a month long opportunity to reconnect with old friends, strengthen ties and then move on with the knowingness that our friendships are real and will continue - even when we are again physically apart.

Make this coming Mercury retrograde easier on yourself by getting you business facts and figures organized now. Record your passwords, update your address lists and make sure all your friends have your current numbers.

This is also a perfect time to send out any owed thank you notes or forgotten birthday cards. Bring your life up to date!

More opportunities to be aware of:

Wednesday April 29 offers a splendid window for dealing with financial matters. The Moon will be in Virgo trining Mars in Taurus favoring moves for creating wealth. Also, the Sun will be sextiling Neptune offering the energy to transform dreams into reality. If you have a specific $ project in mind -such as launching a website, seeking a job or asking for or making a loan, morning is best.

The Moon in Libra will be squaring Jupiter and opposing Uranus Friday afternoon. Fine for Casual Friday occasions - not good if you're trying to impose order (Uranus is too rebellious to put up with that!).

Final big moment to watch for:
There's a full Moon in Scorpio squaring Jupiter in Leo Sunday May 3. A great time to activate those psychic lines and experience powerful connection.

Telepathically yours,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mars Trine Pluto - Bring Out The Zest!

When I was a little girl and first learned there was such a thing as Astrology I wanted to have my chart done because I wanted to know my future. Nowadays however, although there are thousands more astrologers around than there were way back then, you're lucky if you can find any who are actually able to use astrology to tell your fortune accurately. Why is that? Why has our grand science, famous through out history for being able to predict the rise and fall of princes and kings, become merely another pop psychology plaything - useful for talking about personality and possibilities but rarely used for making the sort of amazingly successful predictions it was famous for in former times.

I think the problem lies with computers and our own vanity!
Now that we have the ability to set up charts in a matter of seconds and access interpretations with the click of a key, we think we're astrological wizards when we barely know an eclipse from a retrograde. Worse, when we can't make sense of it all, we claim the fault in not in ourselves but in the stars. That is, we excuse our lack of ability by saying the stars only show trends, not realities.

Don't be fooled!

Astrology CAN tell us the future because it shows us the recurring cycles we are all subject to. Just as we can use the Sun's setting to tell when night will fall, if we understand how to interpret the orbits of the planets we can predict what is going to be manifesting in our personal lives. The trick of course is in being able to interpret - and that takes practice and experience. If you have more than a superficial interest in astrology and would like to be able to use it to make accurate predictions about your future, the best thing you can do for yourself is to KEEP A JOURNAL. Note the week's aspects and write down a few predictions of your own. Recording how you think the planetary line-up will manifest in your world makes you much more likely to pay attention. Then check back at the end of the day and note what actually did occur. You might even want to give yourself a score - grade yourself on a scale from one to ten how closely your own prediction came to the real experience. If you do this I guarantee you will see improvement - miracles! - in your ability to use astrology with accuracy. It will be as if you've signaled the angels your ready to be a channel and Kiddo, they are eager to send you the information!

To get you started, here are the dates of some planetary alignments coming up this week worth noting. Write down your best interpretations of what they could mean for you then come back later and record what actually happened:

Monday. April 20.
The Sun leaves Aries, sign of fast action, and enters Taurus, sign of stability. Do you feel the shift? Maybe a sense that you've been doing a lot of running about lately and now you want to stay home more?
Mercury, planet of communication, will square Jupiter, planet ruling abundance Monday evening. Do you feel you talked to a lot of different people today or somehow experienced a sense of "over-doing"?

Tuesday. April 21
Mars trines Pluto this afternoon. This powerful duo could signal a LIFE CHANGING OPPORTUNITY!
The Moon in Gemini, sign of information, will sextile Uranus, the planet ruling groups, tonight.
 Do you want to sign up for a class or broaden your education?
9:05 p.m. eastern time is the perfect moment to launch the project.

Wednesday. April 22
Mercury, communication, trines Pluto, transformation. Could signal a time to easily learn something important.
Venus, love & money, sextiles Pluto, rebirth. Maybe you'll come up with an idea that pays off. Or if you're working on one already now could be when you invest in new tools to make transformation happen.
Mercury, communication & short trips, conjunct Mars, energy. Zipping around getting things done or maybe just a lot of talk or even arguments?

Thursday. April 23.
Moon in Cancer, sign of home and family, trining Neptune planet of beauty and forgiveness. Could open a door to seeing the best in everyone, particularly housemates. You might even find yourself doing something to lift the atmosphere in your home. 

Friday. April 24.
Moon, ruler of feelings and day to day activities, sextiles Mercury, ruler of systems and work routines. Notice if work related activities go particularly smoothly today.

Okay, that should get you launched! Please realize I have only given my own interpretations of what these planets might manifest. If you are really going to "tune in" and hear what the planets have to say
to you personally you should put things into your own words.

I'm really hoping - Predicting! - that Mars trine Pluto on Tuesday means some major transformation / improvement on the world stage.

You heard it here first,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, April 13, 2015

Uh-Oh: New Moon at 28 Aries - Sabian Symbol for Disappointment

The New Moon this month happens at 28 degrees Aries on Saturday April 18. The Sabian Symbol or image for this degree is "A Large Disappointed Audience." Ouch! Are we in for a month of feeling let down? Does the new Moon at this degree mean whatever we do this month is destined to flop? Not necessarily... The Sabian Symbols give us a clue or heads up for what might be coming but as with all forms of divination, the message here is meant to help us prepare for action - not to scare us into immobility!

So what is this warning and how should we apply it? Because this picture comes when the Moon is at the last degrees of the sign there's a strong feeling here of time running out and of having put things off until it's too it's late. For me personally I am reminded as I write this that I had suggested to several friends, my "audience", that we all get together next week and go to the  local community theatre performance of "Spamalot". It's possible this symbol is saying the play might turn out to be mediocre, but knowing the quality of the plays put on in this small town - really good - and my own tendency to procrastinate - really bad - I'm inclined to think if there is any message here for me it is a reminder that the tickets will probably quickly sell out and if I am to avoid having to confront a large disappointed audience of my friends I had better reserve our seats today. Likewise, perhaps you too could benefit from a gentle nudge into action so as not to be disappointed.

Another way to cope with the idea that life may not be a grand celebration this month is to consider what Lewis Black, the comedian, tells his audience at the beginning of each show: "Please, just lower your expectations about 20%!" I've found this to be a marvelous bit of advice for all matters. When you apply it regularly and just don't expect so much, life becomes a much smoother ride. Do you remember the Peggy Lee song "Is That All There Is?" Google it now to enjoy her soothing reassurance that while life may not be a constant fireworks display it's still worth living and we can still "keep dancing."

Finally this image of a large disappointed audience reminds me of the time I had a part in organizing an end of summer children's talent show made up of kids from all the different parks around the city who were coming to our park to put on the extravaganza. I didn't know the children and was only there to make sure they were lined up properly and to give them their cues when it was their turn to go on. One of the teenss had put together a break dance full of wonderful flips and spins. It made a good act but at the final rehearsal I noticed that when his music stopped he just did an awkward shrug and walked off the stage. There was no applause. So that night as he was about to go on for the actual performance I whispered to him, "At the end of your dance, turn to the audience and give a big smile. If they think you are having a good time - they'll have a good time." He did exactly as I had instructed. At the conclusion of his act he flashed a beautiful 14 year old boy sweetheart grin and the crowd went wild.

I've never forgotten that moment and the message: If you look like you're having a good time - everyone is going to have a good time. So enjoy your life and the audience won't be disappointed. 

Sabian Symbols also appear in your birth chart. If you would like to know what your Sabian Symbols have to say about you, call me and ask for a Sabian Symbol reading.

You won't be disappointed,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Roll Out The Red Carpet! Jupiter Turns Direct in Leo!

Happy Spring Time Bunnies, Angels and Starships everywhere! The planet Jupiter, creator of the vibration that brings all good possibilities, is turning direct Wednesday April 8 in the sign Leo, sign of Man as The Glorious Co-Creator of Miracles on Earth.

Okay, that was a tad over the top flowery but I wanted to give Jupiter-in-Leo his proper introduction. After all Leo does rule art, theatre, children and creativity so Jupiter here means awareness of love and beauty taken to a glorious new level. In individual charts, a strong Jupiter in Leo can motivate people to act from their highest best self - although if a person isn't advanced enough to recognize his talents are  gifts to be used for the greater good this line-up can indicate an over bearing ego acting as if he thinks he's got some sort of divine right to be king.

This is the awareness I'm seeing opening up here in California! I believe this season we're seeing nothing less than a full on rejuvenation of human self-determination and hope! Pluto in Capricorn battled mightily with Uranus in Aries to determine whether outside authority or free will would determine the course of the next millennium. The  result was that Rules found they were unable to sustain themselves without the support of the Individual and now the Individual is finding his/her self eager to try to create a more humane system of Rules. It's as if Jupiter is moving up to say, "Yes, you are now awakened! You see that outside influences cannot save you nor can they enslave you! Each has the power within to attract or resist any and all experiences. You are living power generators that project energy to move forward and you are super magnets to attract all back to you! You can create and have it all!"

Whew! Well, Jupiter IS known for being an optimist. Still it's exciting to know such strong positive vibrations are out there for us should we choose to accept them.

Other super star days coming up:

The Sun meets with Mercury on Thursday April 9. Both will be in Aries so some fresh ideas could be sparking.

Saturday April 11 Venus leaves her comfy Taurus garden and starts trotting around the neighborhood spreading Gemini happy talk.

It all sounds like we're due for a time of new energy and new insights PLUS new enthusiasm to share them.

With all this drive to go, go, go, I just feel to add the caution that Saturn is in the first degrees of the sign it's in. Saturn at the first degrees of a sign means make each step solid before moving on. No need to rush building a new Utopia - once we're clear on our direction we can make haste slowly!


Rosada, EXT 2340