Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mercury in Aries Tells It Like It Is

Mercury is the messenger god. Where ever he appears in your chart you can know there's going to be a lot of talk, a bit of gossip and just maybe some worthwhile information. This week he is the main attraction as he makes significant aspects - connections - with three of the other planets. But before we get into what all that means, first a few facts about Mercury and particularly how he expresses himself in the sign Aries:

Mercury rules information and the sign he is in each month reveals how his messages will be communicated. Now while he is in fiery, fast acting Aries through most of April, we can expect people to be less restrained in speaking their minds. Indeed, as Aries is the sign of war, we may find ourselves feeling attacked as requests  come across as demands or we ourselves may be the aggressor and shout, "I wont put up with this any longer!"

 Mercury in Aries is not known for his patience. This shows up particularly when we are making plans. Beware a tendency to ignore obstacles and instead to focus only on the shortest distance to a goal - with the result being that ideas that sounded doable in discussion may create problems when put into practice.

Furthermore, when Mercury is in Aries manners tend to be  tossed aside and people speak directly, even forcefully - which is not always a good thing.

Still, as Aries is the sign of beginnings, Mercury here can open conversations to considering brand new ideas and often lots of worthwhile projects are initiated when Mercury is in this sign.

Mercury trines Saturn in Sagittarius Tuesday, March 29 - a very useful aspect for making plans and scheduling productive meetings. However, these best laid plans may not amount to much in the days following as Mercury then moves on to square deadly Pluto on Wednesday and conjunct disruptive Uranus Thursday. Therefore please avoid the Aries impulse to come to quick agreements thinking you'll flesh out the details later, otherwise the next two Mercury aspects could challenge your good intentions:

Mercury will be squaring Pluto on Wednesday, March 30. Expect significant communication but be alert to manipulation.

Mercury conjuncts Uranus on Thursday, March 31. As Uranus rules surprises this meet-up could indicate some unexpected event. Schedule your day with plenty of wiggle room.

All in all the influences point to a week where people feel enthusiastic and eager to get out and enjoy new ideas and warmer weather. If you feel you must speak your mind by all means do it. Just be aware others will be inspired to share their personal opinions too!

Bring on the Spring!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mercury into Aries- Think Before You Speak!

Sharpen your pencils, Psychic Playmates - Major information download coming in this week as Mercury's presence in Pisces means communication happening without restriction, through the feelings.

Indeed, this last month there's been a huge gathering of the planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Neptune) in Pisces, the sign that stores all things that don't fit in any of the other signs - and thus there has been a spotlight particularly on those people who don't seem to fit into society. Whether you've been more conscious of homeless people on the streets or been on the verge of homelessness yourself, most likely this month you felt in someway more aware, more connected to the plight of those in need.

Now that we feel their/our pain, now that we know, what should be done? Mercury having absorbed the FEELINGS of what's going on, will leave Pisces and bring us Aries INTELLIGENCE late Monday afternoon. What are we likely to hear? First beware of vague Piscean rumors now  presented as truth. Mercury in Aries wants to be first with the story and doesn't always check the details so there are likely to be some pretty wild fantasies being reported.  However, on Wednesday, March 23 Mercury catches up with the illuminating Sun and I think this alignment is going to hit like a megawatt spotlight. Look for major revelations in the news. The truth behind the Flint Michigan water cover-up, Donald Trump's business dealings, Hilary Clinton's emails and Bill Cosby's escapades - they could all be calling for our attention this week. Indeed, there's a real potential we'll be feeling smothered with Way Too Much Information. The thing to ask yourself then is, "What information is useful for me?" and refused to have your time and attention hijacked by the 24Hour News machine.

Even though there will be more than a truck load of misinformation flying about over the next five days, there will also be some nuggets of worthwhile truths - but just because a fact is true doesn't mean it should be shared. Mercury in Aries can create a desire to get things off one's chest - to confess! - and this is not always the wisest route. Please, this week more than ever, think before you speak! Don't over commit because....

Jupiter will be squaring Saturn on Wednesday. Over-exuberant plans could bump up against harsh reality today. The limits of the bank account may be felt as bills from impulsive spending come due or if we've been acting as if calories don't count this could be the day our jeans don't fit. Today is the day we hit the wall. Then with Saturn turning retrograde Friday this all suggests this will be the week of restructuring boundaries and re-negotiating agreements.

Wednesday night we have the full moon lunar eclipse in Libra, the sign of partnership which means this is NOT a good day for making agreements as many considerations could be hidden or ignored.

The good news is a very positive line up of planets is coming together Saturday night March 26. Venus will have sextiled Pluto early in the day paving a road for rejuvenation. Then the Moon will come along and trine Neptune, filling us all with renewed faith in the endless possibilities. Finally the Moon will sextile Jupiter and Pluto, giving even stronger evidence of good potential being positively used.

 It will be interesting to watch what results from Obama's visit to Cuba. The planets in Pisces could represent the spotlight is on a nation of people condemned to live outside world society, the positive aspects could point to some real information being exchanged but the eclipse tells me we aren't going to be getting the "full story". Still, with such excellent aspects at the end of the week I am optimistic this visit is leading to change we can believe in.

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Jupiter Trine Pluto + Venus Conjunct Neptune = The Very Best Can Be Ours

Two very powerful, very positive planetary aspects are coming up this week. Align with these energies and you can rule your world like it's spinning in your hand:

First, on Wednesday March 16 Jupiter, the planet ruling abundance, goodwill and intelligence, will be trining Pluto, the ruler of power and transformation. This combination creates experiences that remind us we are surrounded by a positive loving consciousness which, when we are open to it, can connect us with anything and everything our hearts' desire. It is truly the time to ask and ye shall receive.

To empower your God given ability to attract every single thing you want into your life, remember that we live in a world where like attracts like. Whatever you are wanting, recognize first how you already have it! For example, if you are wishing you had something good to eat don't focus on how hungry you are but instead think about good meals you've had in the past. As you bring to the forefront of your mind this image of fantasy food you will also find the real world begins to mirror this thought and before long real food is manifesting on your table! Likewise, if you are wishing you were better looking, look about and recognize the beauty you have. Admire your fingernails! Notice the delightful curve of an eyebrow! As you acknowledge the small beauty, more and more beauty will then start coming to you and through you.

Whatever you are wanting - love, happiness, abundance, whatever - recognize where it already exists in your life now - even if it's only as a small token. As you recognize what you have that represents the thing already, this will make you open and receptive to receiving more. If you want a lover, recognize who represents "lover" in your life now. It may be a friend, it may be a pet, it may be a favorite t.v. show. Recognize that sense of love you feel around this. Cherish it. Now watch - more love will start coming to you!

Sunday March 20 Venus will be joining Neptune in Pisces. The planet ruling the physical world aligning with the planet ruling visions and dreams will bring opportunities for making dreams come true. Because Pisces is all about dissolving barriers and experiencing our oneness, the surest way to connect with this powerful blessing is to see the people around you as somehow extensions of yourself. Do some thing nice for some one on this day. Notice how in a day or two something good comes back. As we help others make their dreams come true we find miracles are also happening for us.

A quick mention now of the Moon's positions this week. By being aware of the sign the Moon is in each day you can become much more sensitive to the Universal Flow and thus position yourself to be benefited by it:

March 14 - March 15: The Moon is in Gemini and the last aspect it makes before leaving the sign is a quarrelsome square to the Sun. Not a good time for negotiating business deals but could be good for drawn out heart-to-heart discussions.

March 16 - 17: the Moon is in Cancer and the last aspect will be a trine to the Sun - a much more positive omen for talks leading to win-win solutions. Helpful hint: Moon in Cancer craves comfort food and old friends.

March 18 - March 20: The Moon appears in Leo now with the final aspect being a sextile to Uranus: Surprising outcomes may be better than carefully plotted results. The Moon here favors outspoken creativity. Don't hide your light!

Final important date to be aware of:
The Sun enters Aries Saturday evening March 19. This date marks the first day of the astrological new year. After this last month of sleepy Pisces this would be a good time to wake up and sing a few bars of "I Gotta Be Me!"

And of course - Be the very best you can be, the stars will support you!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, March 6, 2016

How to Tell What Sign The Moon Is In.

After last week's column where I gave predictions about the stock market I thought this week it would be good to write about something a bit more light-hearted:
 How to tell - feel! - which sign the Moon is in each day.

 I'm posting a list here of things to watch for this week. Check them off as you see them manifesting and you'll be well on your way to recognizing the Moon in action.

Monday March 7 - March 8 the Moon will be in Pisces. When the Moon slips into this sign we crave some sort of spiritual experience that allows us to escape the harshness of reality. Watch for:

___ A desire to get away, escape, take some time out.

___Opportunities to drink alcohol or take other mood altering substances.

___Interest in meditation, prayer.

___Awareness of homeless people, victims, and others who seem to have lost their place in society.
___ Issues concerning sleep and dreams.

___ Sensitivity to intuition, hunches, messages from other universes.


___Weather-wise, Pisces favors fog and mist which make it hard to see outlines clearly.

March 8 we will have a total lunar eclipse in Pisces. The energies are relaxing and releasing their former alignments. To blend with the flow use this month to let go of old attachments and simplify your life.

Wednesday March 9 - Friday morning March 11 the Moon will be in Aries. Aries is the sign of the single athlete - the runner who carries no extra baggage, focuses solely on his goal and is determined to make it over the finish line first! It's as if in Pisces the Moon dissolved all the old and now we are ready to make a fresh start. You can recognize the Moon is in Aries by noting these common occurrences:

___You are the people you interact with seem a bit more feisty, maybe even a little argumentative. We've just come out of Pisces/victim mode and we're not going to take it anymore!

___ Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and the Moon here brings a feeling to start new projects.

___ Watch for opportunities to try something different - be a bit impulsive.

___You could find you have the nerve to go after what you really want - and get it!

Friday March 11 - Sunday March 13 the Moon will be in Taurus. The Moon in Taurus is a very different energy from the Moon in Aries and if you pay attention you should be able to readily spot the changes:

___Taurus Moon wants stability - no more Aries stress and hurry! You may find yourself looking forward to a quiet, stay-in-one-place weekend.

___Moon in Taurus provides opportunities to see beauty and celebrate nature. Visit an art gallery. Watch the sunset.

___No more Aries protein drinks and grab-n-go snacks. Taurus Moon provides more than just nutrition. It's time for scrumptious meals served in colorful settings.

___ As Taurus rules money and resources, with the Moon here you may feel pulled to get your affairs in order now.

Finally, there are a few significant aspects between the other planets this week you might like to be aware of:

Monday night the Sun will be lighting up expansive Jupiter. Optimism reigns!
Thursday Mental Mercury aligns with Imaginative Neptune. Good for anchoring ideas to make dreams come true.
Saturday Venus enters Pisces. Do unto others as you would have done onto you.

By watching for these various happenings in your life this next week you will find yourself feeling more and more in-tune with the celestial flow.

Oh, and for those who were watching my predictions about oil last week - Yes! It did go up and now with Venus going into Pisces and further strengthening this sign ruling oil I'm expecting it will continue the upward trend this week too!

Just a prediction-suggestion but it might be a good one,


Rosada, EXT 2340