Sunday, January 29, 2017

2017 - The Year of The Fire Rooster

This week we celebrate Chinese New Year.
2017 is the year of the flamboyant Fire Rooster which means it's show time all year long!

Just as we were congratulating ourselves for surviving 2016 with all the Fire Monkey's shenanigans, we come to find out the wild rumpus is just getting started. Like Chanticleer in the story by Chaucer, who thought it was his crow that made the sun rise, The Fire Rooster year dominates center stage with brash over-confident characters in love with the sound of their own voices. Make way for parades and displays, arrogant leaders and lots of cheering fans and angry protesters!
We see the Chinese symbolism backed up by Western astrology when we note that Mars, the fighter and take action planet, has just entered his empowering sign Aries. Fast and brash, he's full speed ahead and unstoppable until mid-March. On a national level we see Mars happening as our new president signs one executive order after another even though - like Chanticleer crowing for the Sun - he doesn't have the power to back up his demands.

On a personal level this planet, along with the firey rooster, is emboldening people to do things they wouldn't have dare considered even a year ago. Fun while it lasts, but please add a strong dose of caution to whatever enterprises you are launching now. Know your facts and get the details. Luck runs out for those who try to get by on bluster and show. By the end of the year we're going to all be demanding reality checks.

There are two tricky events coming up this week that need careful navigating:

Venus will change signs from compassionate accepting Pisces where she begged for universal patience and understanding, to Aries on February 5, which is warrior country and it's No More Misses Nice Gal time. Venus in Aries signifies putting one's own interests first. Will that mean enlightened self interest where we recognize that our success depends on the success of others? Or will we demand everything be done our way regardless of the devastation it brings the next guy? Surely this is the time to remind ourselves "What goes around comes around"!

Also happening on February 5, Jupiter will be turning retrograde in Libra. Jupiter represents seeing the world so Jupiter retrograde could portend a pullback or restriction on travel. In Libra, the sign ruling courts, Jupiter could indicate court battles over immigration policies, which we are already starting to see this weekend with Trump's signing a ban on allowing people from certain countries to enter the U.S. Expect  more court battles to follow.

Together these four events - the beginning of the year of The Fire Rooster, Venus and Mars into Aries, and Jupiter retrograde in Libra - set the scene for outrageous shows of nationalism full of sound and fury but will they signifying something or nothing?

Better load up on popcorn,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Making America Great: Astrological Predictions for 2017

Whether you voted for the new commander in chief or are adamantly clear Mr. Trump is not your president, one thing is sure: we ALL want America to be great. With this thought in mind I'm looking at what the planets foretell for us and our country and the world for 2017...

Uranus, the planet of individual freedom, in Aries dominates the skies for the next twelve months. We are at a time when our main focus and all our spiritual lessons are about finding our true selves. We want to reconcile the duality between what we see on the outside with what we know to be true on the inside. This should bring great opportunities for self knowledge, but they could include some trying times if we resist recognizing our own responsibility in creating our reality.

For the next thirty days particularly  we will all be facing situations where we must sharpen our instincts. We've been lulled to sleep believing that our government, our employers, our mommies and daddies were going to somehow always be there taking care of us. This caused us to ignore blatant signs of decay, from global warming in the world to our own personal bad habits. Somehow we let ourselves be schmoozed into thinking Someone Else would set things right. Well Elsie has left the building, folks, and now it's all on us. We can no longer believe the "alternative facts" being fed us by every news source we turn to. We have to start listening to our inner voice.

Jupiter - the planet of abundance - is opposing Uranus through all this meaning "abundance" is not our friend this year. Be very careful not to bite off more than you can chew. This applies not just to being wary of salesmen and politicians trying to sell you a bill of goods, but also we must be careful not to try to change everything in our lives all at once. Thus while we may know we can't trust the admen and "officials" to have our best interests at heart, we must also not try to stop all our dependencies cold turkey. One stepping stone at a time crosses the swamp.

Mars in Pisces this month showed us how much energy there is among those seemingly without a voice as demonstrated by the unprecedented turn out for The Woman's March and this was just a display of the troops. Mars will enter Aries along with Venus the end of this month and the first part of February. That's when the game will really get going.

Meanwhile, consider what you can do to be the shelter in the storm for those who's lives are being tested at this time. With Mars in Pisces we're either the savior or the victim. I'd much rather be the one offering help.

Furthermore, along with promoting individual freedom Uranus is also known for creating unexpected changes. Keep your freedom and honor your word by being careful not to commit yourself too far into the future. Don't let folks pin you down or force you to sign binding agreements you just aren't comfortable with. Uranus teaches us we are successful when we take each day as it comes and don't spread ourselves too thin.

The important thing to remember is this is a year where you want to keep the initiative in your hands. Circumstances will sharpen your instincts and clarify your vision. Only a fool would not be cautious.

Call me for a more detailed reading for how you can get the most out of this exceptional year of challenge and opportunity.

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Psychic's Guide to Solving Any Problem

 Whether the problem a caller confronts concerns love, health or money, they usually reach out to me when there is a need to do something immediately. But what to do? How to do it? These are questions that need to be answered calmly with a clear head. All too often decisions to take action are made at the height of emotional imbalance and mental confusion, with the result that, instead of our mastering the undesirable situation, we find it has been made even worse.

  Therefore, at this point, it is not so much facts a seeker seeks when calling a reader, but what's wanted is something to restore self confidence, some words or insight to realign us with our own inner knowing. This is very easy to say and not so easy to do , but it can be done!

  Just what do we mean when we say we must have confidence in ourselves? I like to call it Spiritual Self Reliance - that is, the ability to connect and rely on a spiritual knowingness greater than our physical circumstances. So it's not that we need confidence in our own intelligence, rather we want connection to our Higher Intelligence, the Divine Presence that created us, that created this "story" we are now living and which will surly create yet another chapter with a surprise twist leading to a happy ending. Often this means we need someone, such as a psychic reader, who can see things from our point of view - not to schmooze us and tell us what we want to hear, but to validate what we think we see when we don't have confidence in our own instincts.

To give an example, I had a caller who's son disapproved of her new boyfriend and who was threatening to never speak to her again if she did not immediately call off their friendship. The lady doubted if the boy would really disown her but he might and furthermore she was simply feeling really bad that he was taking this harsh attitude. So she felt that if she broke up with her friend it wasn't fair to her - and also not good for her son to wield such power over her - but she also knew her son sincerely didn't trust the man and she didn't know how to reassure him or calm his fears. In fact, she even wondered if perhaps her son was right and maybe she was hooking up with a con-artist?

I laid out the cards. First up was the JUSTICE card which signifies balanced partnership, but it was reversed indicating the question involved issues around the balance of power in relationships. Next came the three of cups and the five of swords. These cards suggest a threesome and the possibility of conflict. So far we were getting a clear picture of the uncertainty surrounding this partnership with perhaps a hint that part of the problem was due to her giving her son - or maybe even the boyfriend - too much power. The card representing her current circumstances was a person looking off into the clouds. This could mean her not seeing things clearly, maybe she was in fantasy land about the romance or maybe it meant she herself didn't know what she wanted to do. In the Near Future position we got the Knight of Hearts, the boyfriend card. I saw this as indicating her friend would continue to woo her as a boyfriend - and thus she really didn't need to make up her mind about him as to whether he was a suitable husband yet. The card representing herself was the eight of hearts - a person going off on a journey, but it was reversed meaning she wasn't going anywhere - no intention to run off with a stranger. The final outcome cards included THE LOVERS and the King of Wands. To sum it all up I told her it appeared the relationship was still at the beginning stages, the man was still courting her and she herself was uncertain how much further she wanted to commit, yet it looked as if she did decide to continue there was reason to believe the friendship would develop into something very positive. All in all it appeared the cards were saying the son was trying to protect the mother - possibly because she herself was still ambivalent? When the cards reassured her that her boyfriend would not leave even if she was not ready to commit, she was then able to see for herself how  she would be able to reassure the son he needn't worry, that she wasn't making any sudden moves or going anywhere anytime soon.

Now you or I might look at that reading and say, "Well shucks, the cards just gave the kind of sound advice you'd expect any clear thinking friend to give." Exactly! And  that's the beauty of the cards! It's not that we need miraculous examples of other worldly powers. When we're confused and hurting, clear sensible advice is what we're needing. Once we get that, we're back on track and can happily say,  "Thanks cards - I'll take it from here."

I'm here when you need me,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 - Your Best Year Ever!

Here are ten suggestions I believe will help you make 2017 the happiest most successful year of your whole life:

Number One - Have a bright, cheerful, and optimistic outlook.
Positive thinking surrounds you with an atmosphere which tends to draw good to you in unexpected ways. Successful people do not indulge themselves in whining about the past or trying to solve every problem that might come up in the future. This includes not watching t.v. shows and movies that feature crime and misery. If you don't want it in your life, don't let it in your fantasies.

Number Two - Learn to Stop Worrying.
Worry is an acquired habit. We didn't worry as children. We started worrying when our minds developed enough to think beyond our current situation, beyond the now. If you are worried it is a sign you are trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist! Practice directing your mind to pass all unresolved puzzles on to your higher power. Consider all you know about a situation as if you were writing down facts and numbers. That is, review the circumstances calmly and thoroughly then say aloud, "I now release this situation to my Higher Self. I let God take care of it." Expect and watch for your answer.

Number Three - Overcome all feelings of inferiority!!!
There are always going to be people who are more talented, more attractive, more enlightened and just plain "more" than anything we might feel ourselves to be. For years I was stymied because I came from a family of amazing achievers. My father really could do anything, my mother was the kindest, most beautiful woman you could ever hope to meet, and I can't tell you how tired I got of people asking me, "Are you as smart as your sister?" I asked a friend, "What should I to do in this household of super stars where I will never be The Best?" Her answer was perfect, "Hire them!"  LOL! Well, I did or at least  instead of being in awe of them I started asking for their advice which helped a lot. It wasn't long before I realized that feeling inferior is a wake up call to get help - !

Number Four - Give attention to creating who you want to be.
How much of our time and money is squandered on things we don't want! Last week I wasted two hours at a coloring book workshop because my neighbor thought I would enjoy it. I didn't, but I didn't want to disappoint her. Still I lavishly thanked her for the lovely time  - and she invited me to do it again next week! Auugghh! We really have to know what we want and how we want to spend our time if we're going to be able to keep from letting others nibble our lives away!

Number Five - "Easy Does It"
Make your work easy. We often here the advice from supposedly successful types, "Make a list of chores and tackle the toughest one first!" Ha. Doesn't work. You end up not doing any of them. In fact, you wont even make up the list. Try doing it the opposite way. Choose the easiest job first and what's more break down all the other jobs into easy baby steps too. Reward yourself stars and happy faces! Life is meant to be joyous.

Number Six - Count your blessings
I probably should have made this number one. Counting your blessings will train your mind to see the blessings in everything you do.

Number Seven - Forgive, forgive, and forgive.
Did you ever look at that word and think about what it really means? For give = to give before, as in, I know this is all going to work out eventually so I'm going to just give love before I understand why. By "'for giving" or "giving before" we are allowing ourselves to live a life of peace and harmony secure in the knowledge that eventually we will see how all things work together for good.

Number Eight - Get along with others.
This is another one that should be at the top of the list. So many unhappy, unsuccessful people are unhappy because they aren't good at creating relationships. Knowing how to get along isn't rocket science. It can be learned. There are books. If you've been claiming you're "just not a people-person," fine, but recognize that it's because you are choosing to be that way.

Number Nine - USE prayer.
Most all of us can site a situation where we were in desperate straits, we sent up a prayer and - wowza! - we got a miracle. Whether it resulted in healing cancer or finding our lost car keys, we all know - we have all experienced! - that prayer works and yet... we don't work it. Why not, I wonder? We probably just never established the habit. Just for fun, PRAY every day for 2017 to be your best year ever. In fact, take it a step further, next write down the good things, the miracles, as they happen. Powerful!

Number Ten - Join a Group
Whether it's a book club, an exercise class, or a Sunday morning worship group, being a part of a like-minded association of friends is going to boost your life experience over the top. Maybe even start a group to make "2017 - Simply The Best"!

Have a good one,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 A New Consciousness Rising

  Many thoughts and impressions streaming through the ethers this New Year's week. Seeing lists of the events of the past year posted all over the internet by reporters and columnists made me reflect on the key events in my own world. Had life really been as disastrous as so many of these pundits proclaimed? After considering the idea several incidents came to mind that I had to admit, really did qualify 2016 as ..... well, let's just say in 2016 was a person, they were born with an extreme personality disorder! Look up Paranoid Schizophrenic on Google and you should fine a pretty accurate description of what Mother Earth was feeling n 2016.

Reading this led me to wonder if every year could be considered to have a personality, and if so what does the astrological chart tell us about 2017 as a new consciousness?

January 1, 2017 was "born" with the Sun in Capricorn, the sign representing world government, certainly a fitting sign for a global birth chart. Furthermore Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth and transformation hovers close by, continuing feelings of dramatic evolution going on here. This alignment has been influential for several years and represents Earth's experiencing global warming and the extinction of so many species. Mercury, the planet indicating one's mental focus, is also in Capricorn now, so this "baby" is born with a stronger awareness of these deaths and thus on an individual level we too are all becoming more aware of the cycles of life. We'll see this manifesting in every area - awareness of the need to recycle for sure, concerns about the potential for war and also perhaps even some breakthroughs in contacting souls who have passed on? Stay tuned.

This year is also born with EXPANSIVE Jupiter opposing the CHANGE planet Uranus which amplifies a sense that change is coming at us like repeating electric jolts. Computer technology, ruled by Uranus, is developing faster than our social network, Jupiter, has been able to absorb. It's as if the world, like an over-protected child, is having to rapidly catch up with reality. If I saw this in a client's chart I'd urge them to learn all they could about computer technology and to be wary of long term investments.

2017 is born with Venus in Aquarius, the sign of universal love and friendship. Any project that strengthens understanding between cultures is sure to be rewarded. On the shadow side, obstacles to brotherhood can become stronger if associations are forced.

Mars is next to Neptune so this year seems uncertain of goals and prone to trusting too much in vague promises and dreams. The higher consciousness types will need to be coming from their most expanded perspectives to find a safe path through the surrounding fog. This is the year to listen to the finest music, eat the purest food and practice your highest ideals.

2017's ruling planet, Saturn is in Sagittarius, the sign of opportunities so this year's Saturn is seeking solid foundations to build long lasting empires. Sagittarius requires him to research plans carefully and beware long term commitments.

If you are wondering what is the best way for you to "make friends" with this year, I feel that Mars/Neptune aspect warns us we've got be very honest with ourselves as we could be easy to be fooled - perhaps into thinking things are better or worse than they really are. Don't ignore unpleasant facts but also don't be discouraged by negative thinkers. Don't let the media tell you what to believe!

 The Jupiter/Uranus link says everything can change instantly so practice changing your perspective till you see things in the best possible light.

The Mercury, Sun, Pluto in Capricorn alignment promises that overtime our thoughts really do become things and thus create our reality.

Finally Venus in Aquarius wants a win-win for everyone.

Welcome 2017!

Rosada, EXT 2340