Friday, September 26, 2014

Venus In Libra: Relationships, Lawsuits and Social Networking.

Lots of exciting aspects happening as we enter October:

 Pluto recently turned direct empowering all efforts to transform old patterns and to start living a more authentic life. Monday the Moon is in Sagittarius conjuncting Mars so there's another super magnet pulling us out of inertia and steering us to explore new possibilities. Then Venus adds the final touch by shedding prudish Virgo and slipping something a bit more comfortable - silky Libra. It all adds up to a delicious wave of supportive energy so today start Living Large and be the person you always knew you came here to be. 

Then keep it up!...Tuesday the Moon continues in Sag so you may get to continue celebrating excess far into Tuesday night! Don't fight it - laugh out loud, get outdoors, be spontaneous! 

But then cool it because…Wednesday the Moon hunkers down in Capricorn where she becomes organized and practical. Early in the evening she has her monthly meet-up with Pluto, an aspect I find to be as important and informative as The New Moon. When the Moon conjuncts Pluto the changes that have been evolving underground now become obvious. Thus, if you've been doing something but not seeing any results, the day after the Moon connects with Pluto you will see the changes. Sometimes something dramatic happens right on the day, but usually this energy manifests more subtly. If you've been dieting without results now is when you see a change on the scales or if you've been working with out recognition this could be the day your efforts are noticed. Of course, if you've been getting away with something this planetary line-up could get you caught.

The Moon next squares Uranus but then makes a friendly final aspect to Saturn Thursday morning - this would indicate that surprising upsets could actually lead to some improved arrangements. Maybe a good day for marching in a protest or writing a few letters to the editor!

Friday night the Moon will be in the super friendly sign Aquarius and moving to trine Venus in Libra. Its a very optimistic meeting but be wary of trying to push your luck. Venus in Libra wants contracts to work out as win-wins for everyone and with Mercury turning retrograde on Saturday morning, people will back out of any foolish promises made that don't hold up in the light of day.

Saturn is particularly prominent this month as it's moving to the end of Scorpio and will frequently be the planet of last degree, meaning it will be the last planet the Moon aligns with as the Moon exits each sign every couple of days. Saturn is a sober vibration so there could be a feeling of serious obligations depressing more lighthearted activities. It doesn't have to manifest in a negative way way. Just make a point of giving your plans a bit of forethought and even the craziest ideas should turn out well. For example, on Halloween the Moon' s last aspect will be a square to Saturn meaning if you don't plan ahead you might not feel particularly inspired to dress up. On the other hand, with a little planning this year the celebration could make your -Saturn! - reputation. I'm giving a Come As You Were Party where everyone will be asked to dress as someone they were in a past life.

Have a Fun One!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sun in Libra. Fall Equinox. Pluto Direct. Jupiter/Uranus Trine. Mercury Changes Signs.

The Sun leaves summer and enters fall on Monday, September 22. Coincidentally Pluto, the planet of transformation, will be turning direct that day emphasizing the potential for us to actually feel the shift. As the flow changes focus, you may find your interests change. Indeed, you may find you have no energy for subjects that hold no real meaning for you. You may simply forget appointments. Ordinarily when we experience these temporary "power outages" we over ride them. We force ourselves to stay on task and in a day or two we're back into our routine. This week I suggest we make a point of NOT immediately trying to soldier on when our enthusiasm wanes and instead, if you don't feel like doing something, especially if it's something you usually enjoy doing, pause and ask yourself if the flow of energy in your life is subtly changing. If you receive an affirmative (like your head nods or you feel like smiling or just feel a bit uplifted), then consciously ask that you be aligned with the new direction.

 The Bachflower essence Walnut is specifically for cutting ties to the past and adjusting to the new. You may get benefit from taking some this week.

Sun is going into Libra with a new Moon at 1 degree Libra on Tuesday, September 23. As Libra rules balance this is the time to hit the pause bottom and evaluate: What's our state of balance? Who or what are we surrounding ourselves with to create harmony?

The Libra New Moon gives an opportunity to start new partnerships, particularly business rather than romantic because the emphasis here is on equality and conscious agreements. So the more clearly agreements are spelled out - the more we consciously understand what we are committing to - the better our chances of having an enjoyable experience this month. 

Art is also accentuated under Libra's rulership because the principals of balance have so much to do with whether an arrangement is experienced as beautiful.

Thursday Jupiter trines Uranus - an excellent day for signing documents as the principal of expansion will stretch to include and protect even the most unusual and unexpected of circumstances.

We round out the week with Mercury leaving communicative Libra and entering secretive Scorpio. Make progress in communicating with friends and loved ones before this happens or you may find that the door to understanding has slammed shut.

Wonderful opportunity for family gatherings and parties on Sunday September 28. Couples who chose to marry on this day will feel their union is divinely blessed.

May we all recognize our blessings and be thankful!
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bach Flower Essences On Line Study Course: Aspen

My house nearly caught fire last night. I live up in Mendocino where we've had  record draught this  year. The hills are covered with brown brush and people make jokes about how this politically aware community has had to tone down our debates because even a heated discussion poses a fire threat!

It's possible this fire was started by an off the grid meth lab exploding. I wonder if Neptune, Uranus and Pluto had anything to do with that? Personally I note how Mars (fire) was at the last degrees of Scorpio making a very dangerous inconjunct to Uranus in my own chart - thus the possible threat in my own backyard.

 Anytime a planet is at the last degrees it seems we get some sort of crash course in whatever lessons we're needing to complete before the planet enters the new sign.. Mars in Scorpio has been manifesting in my community with an unprecedented number of public events emphasizing fire prevention. I hadn't done much with the information so it seems fitting karma that as Mars was about to leave the sign I was personally getting a life lesson on the the necessity of fire prevention. That is, because I'd postponed doing anything, yesterday afternoon found me out exhausting myself raking all the leaves in a couple of hours that I could have - should have cleared slowly over the last month.
Even so, I was peacefully calm through the whole ordeal. I think I know why….

This week our focus has been on the Bach flower essence Aspen. Aspen is the remedy prescribed when one is suffering from fears of an unknown origin. You can remember Aspen = vague fears by considering that Aspen leaves appear to tremble, as in trembling with fear.

 Although usually we only take essences for a particular need, in an effort to learn it is appropriate to take them just to experience what effect they might have. So while I don't consider myself to be of a nervous disposition, I started taking Aspen at the beginning of last week.

The first thing I noticed was how intentionally our news stories frame their reports to create feelings of worry! Wow, if I were trying to sell cures for anxiety I'd advertise right after the evening news. So Aspen made me aware of how habituated we are by the news to feel vaguely uncomfortable all the time. It's so subtle an influence we're used to the way it makes us feel. We don't even realize that going about the day a bit uncertain and a bit fearful is not a normal balanced way to be. 

Next evidence of the effect of Aspen came later in the week when a friend commented to me that she suffered from vague fears. We talked for a bit and I learned that she even has to leave the lights on to be able to sleep at night. I don't know if she was worried about intruders or ghosts or dreams or what, but I think it's interesting that as I was taking Aspen I was able to connect with - and not be pulled off center by - someone who suffered from just the condition Aspen was supposed to help. I told her about the essence so hopefully she'll be able to get some relief.

The final proof of the benefits of Aspen came to me yesterday when the fire alarms started wailing. Smoke clouds were swirling across the sky while planes and helicopters dive bombed the neighborhood with bright orange flame retardant. Nobody seemed to know what was going on. People around me were in a state of panic yet I managed to stay calm. We got through it without incident and this morning I'm hearing reports from neighbors about how they discovered they'd loaded their cars with the craziest things and wondered what in the world they were thinking that caused them to grab what they did. I had been able to think clearly enough to be able to pack just a bagful of essentials - particularly my Bach Flower Essences - and today while others are sorting through chaos I've been able to put things back in order very quickly. Yea Aspen!

 Hmm…ever notice how "essence" means "essential" ?

Next week we'll be exploring Beech.
And yes, it is for intolerance, criticism and all those things that make us say, "Son of a Beech!"

Talk to you soon,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bach Flower Essences On Line Study Course: Agrimony

Today we focus on the flower essence Agrimony, the essence to chose when you're feeling forced to conceal your true feelings behind an outward show..

The healthy well-balanced AGRIMONY type is the optimal optimist. They deal with their problems by not focusing on them and instead, secure in the knowledge that all things work together for good, they put their attention on the positive possibilities and sail through life - a joy to all who know them. The unbalanced AGRIMONY personality only appears to be cheerful while beneath the surface they hide a world of churning emotions. It can be hard to recognize this Agrimony condition because these folks are so agreeable and they don't tell you about the troubles behind their smiles. Inevitably a time comes however when a light-hearted joke is an inappropriate response. When a more serious attitude is required, those needing Agrimony find they are unclear how to respond. It's as if after years of hiding anger and sadness they have become numb to their emotions and don't know how to navigate. Agrimony helps reconnect the feelings with the outer expression.

In daily life, Agrimony is a good essence to have handy if you've got a job working with the public where you're required to follow a script or mumble some phrase like, "It's our pleasure to serve you!" until it has no meaning. Agrimony also helps when you're in a position where you have to put up with a lot of minor agrivations and interruptions till your patience is exhausted yet you must keep smiling because it would be worse to "come unglued". 

In more extreme situations, Agrimony can help where there has been a history of severe abuse that has been concealed. Children of alcoholics often tell stories of having had to hide the truth about their home life and to put on a happy face for school to the point where they didn't even know what their feelings are anymore. Likewise, unhappy couples staying together for the sake of the children are probably candidates for Agrimony.

Results to expect:
When people start taking a few drops of Agrimony through out the day they report they sense themselves becoming more aware of their moods, feelings and intuitive impressions - but rather than feeling overwhelmed by a flood of turbulent feelings, they find their enhanced emotional sensitivity makes them confident they can accurately gauge situations and handle them successfully - this gives the true optimism Agrimony is known for.

Remember AGRIMONY by thinking of it as lighting the path from AGRIvation to harMONY.

Full Moon in Pisces Monday September 8. A lot of hidden emotions wanting to come out - A great time to put Agrimony to the test!


P.S. Next week:Aspen

Rosada, EXT 2340