Sunday, July 26, 2015

Full Moon in Aquarius - Expanding The Family Circle

Last week many of us experienced shock and upheaval in our lives as Mars, the planet of energy smashed into Uranus, the planet of disruption and change. If you didn't have some sort of shake up happening to you personally you probably were made aware of difficulties happening in your circle of friends. This week we are heading for a full Moon, the planet ruling family, in Aquarius the sign ruling friends. Thus many of us are wrestling with questions concerning how much help do we owe our friends, are they to be treated like family? And if we do feel moved to assist, how can we best help?

We get some clues by looking to the key planet of karma, debt and responsibility, Saturn. Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio today but will be turning direct next weekend. While in Scorpio Saturn brought a lot of things one might have preferred to ignore out into public view. The Bill Cosby sex (Scorpio) scandal involving incidents that happened years ago particularly illustrates Saturn's slow but sure relentless push. The secret shenanigans of government - particularly the police (which Scorpio rules) - have also been front page news thanks to the steady vibe from the planet of karma.

 In our private lives, Saturn has been challenging each of us to review the clutter we've been carting around both literally as we clean out our closets and figuratively as a great awareness seems to have descended upon us that we don't want to take old hurts and bad feelings into the future. Saturn turning direct this week is a strong support for getting problems up and out. It's not going to happen overnight, but I do feel we are now at least ready to admit we have problems to work on. As to what this means concerning helping our fellow man, I feel we are being given a chance now to set our values in place by acting on them. What we give unto others now will indeed become the measure of what is to be given unto us. Saturn will continue to be in Scorpio until he enters Sagittarius mid-September. This means the habits we set in place now, become solidified into our karma when Saturn enters the sign of Law, Sagittarius This should give us an incentive to make changes now with the encouraging promise that once we have made our commitment to improve, the path will become much clearer - and easier! - in just a matter of weeks. Saturn in Sagittarius, the sign of philosophy, will support us as we live our new resolutions.

Venus is in Virgo now but will be retrograding back into theatrical Leo at the end of the month. As Virgo rules health, many have been made aware of the need to restore balance in their personal habits but also awareness is growing as to the unhealthy state of our enviroment. We may see some dramatic (Leo!) demonstrations aimed at improving our laws around environmental issues this fall. Virgo also rules workers and Venus here brought a bit of relief to this sector when the courts ruled the minimum wage must be raised. However, as the planet only barely touched a toe into Virgo before turning retrograde we may not see much implementation of all the good intentions until she enters Virgo to stay which wont be until October. Meanwhile, Venus in Leo means any show of help and friendship to loved ones in need will do wonders for lifting flagging spirits.

Thoughts become things - pick the good ones!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sun AND Mercury into Leo: Don't Let The Big Talk Fool You!

I usually try to avoid making negative predictions but what's the point of consulting an oracle if you're not prepared to hear the truth? This week we have some very significant planetary activity so I'm just going to tell it like it is and don't say I didn't warn you!

The problems are coming at us from several directions but the crucial thing to be aware of is that both the Sun and Mercury are going into Leo this week. Passion, drama and a tendency to make big promises and even bigger threats happen when these two prima donas pair up. Suddenly every story gets turned into a soap opera. Every emotion has to be jacked up a notch. Friends can't just like each other, they must be Soul Mates! Not such good friends are now Sworn Enemies! It's fun that successes can now be triumphs but  must difficulties become such tragedies? Your heart strings are going to be very vulnerable these next seven days so be careful about how you respond. Remember people who are overwrought probably only need your compassionate ear - not your whole paycheck.

On the other hand, if grand pledges have been made to you please don't celebrate till you have the cash in hand. Venus, the planet ruling both love and money is turning retrograde at the end of the week symbolizing backing up from commitments and thus the promised support may not materialize.

Furthermore, Mars, the planet of energy will be squaring accident prone Uranus through till Saturday.  This line up adds the possibility of short tempers and angry rebellions.

So what's the good news, or at least how should one navigate such a mine field? Well, by the end of the week five of the ten planets we look at are going to be retrograde (Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). This should create a sense of a general slowdown so while this can indicate promises being slow to be kept, it can also delay the bad times too. The key thought to hold right now is don't over react and don't over commit. Instead with all those planets moving backwards use the time to bring the past up to date.

We are going through a very crazy time now in the awakening of human consciousness. The idea that we are indeed the creators of our lives and that we manifest experience by what we focus our attention on is catching hold with lightening speed. Yet even as we recognize this truth we have not yet managed to put it to use. We KNOW that focusing on drama only creates more drama but still we get caught up in it. We are addicted to it. This month as the Sun and Mercury turn on the creative power vow to let your focus be on the positive. Let's make this one soap opera with a happy ending.

Thanks for thinking,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 12, 2015

New Moon in Cancer - Large Groups and Private meetings

The New Moon this month happens at 23 degrees Cancer on Wednesday July 15 at 9:24 p.m. According to the Sabian Symbols oracle this is the degree known as "The Meeting of a Study Group or Literary Society". Awareness the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon degree and watching for it's manifestation through out the month always adds another layer of understanding to the life drama for me. I am particularly delighted with this month's symbol as I will be attending a ladies' luncheon on that day and as I just so happen to be lugging around two big boxes of books in the trunk of my car this could be an opportunity to create a Literary Society. I had been intending to donate the books to the library but I kept now I'm thinking they may be fun to share to the woman's gathering. The stars certainly seem to be supporting the idea!

Even if you are not looking to launch a book club this week however, the omens are supportive for any sort of meetings aimed at encouraging sharing ideas. If you've gotten fed up with the superficial chit-chat and blather that so often passes for conversation, this is the month you can tune your mind on to a higher frequency. The news reporting upcoming presidential election has been particularly silly lately with little in depth discussion of the real issues Americans care about. If you're tired of hearing about Donald Trump, send an email to the editors. It's amazing the influence a few well written letters can have.

When astrologers look to the Sabian Symbols they will often look at two; the one for the exact degree and the one for the degree following. Thus we must also consider the symbol for 24 degrees Cancer, "A Woman and Two Men (or a man and two women) Cast Away on a Small Island". This image is quite the opposite of the former one. With the symbol for a study group we had a feeling of people sharing ideas without fear. Here we have a feeing of people wanting to get away from the crowd, away from those who may have conflicting views. As we are in Cancer, the sign of The Home, this could be a feeling of not wanting outsiders to dictate  how we run our private lives.

Bottom line, this month ahead could feel like a pendulum swinging between having too many people in our lives or having no one. There may be some rivalry and competition for time and attention. Setting up a schedule could help moderate the flow.

Key dates to tune in on this week:

Venus is making a hard square to Saturn now through Monday night. Pleasure meets limitation. You may not be feeling the love. Focus on one thing that brings you joy and don't stress if good news is delayed.

The Moon in Cancer meets up with Mercury Tuesday night. People may decide they need to express their true feelings. I advise against such impulses. Don't drink and dial.

Wednesday is a mixed bag with some pretty hairy Moon, Mars, Uranus and Pluto aspects bringing much needed change and transformation to the forefront. Don't get forced into commitments now and if you feel you must come to some sort of agreement be sure to include an escape clause. Saturn as the planet of last degree this day meaning contracts signed will be enforced.

Friday brings a short but helpful connect between the Moon and Uranus. If you can hold off negotiations until this day you'll save yourself a lot of stress.

Venus leaves flamboyant Leo to more reasonable Virgo on Saturday, July 19. Things should start to make more sense after this.

Here's hoping,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Astrological 12-Step Guide to Wealth and Happiness

Each of the 12 signs represents a key to manifesting the life you were born for. Put these lessons into practice and see your world transform.

ARIES insight: DESIRE fuels the fire.
The surest indicator how successful we are going to be in life is the intensity of our desire. While there are plenty of platitudes about going with the flow, no one ever drifted to the top. If we are ever going to achieve anything beyond our current circumstances, Mars the ruler of Aries and the god of war teaches it will be because we passionately want something better and we want it with a life or death intensity. What are you passionate about today? What could make you care even more? Pick some small goal and decide to make it happen with passion. In an attempt to test this theory, I decided I would be PASSIONATE about cleaning the living room. Don't laugh! I put  some military parade music on youtube and attacked! At the end of 15 minutes the room not only glowed, but I realized how much more fun it is to do things, how much easier, when there is enthusiasm.

TAURUS insight: BELIEVE and achieve.
We soon give up trying if we don't believe success is possible. The sign Taurus is famous for patience, for being willing to stay with a process because they believe - know! - in time a tiny seed will turn into a flower. Water your plants and nurture your dreams.

GEMINI insight: CALL your world into being.
So much of what we create in life is determined by the words we use to describe it. You want more love in your life? Use words of love to describe your world as it is right now. Movie stars are famous for calling everyone Dahling, and that just may be why they come to be surrounded by so many fans. Don't save your words of appreciation as though they can only be used for special occasions. Use words of appreciation every chance you get. Affirmations work - so work'em!

CANCER insight: IMAGINATION is more important than knowledge.
Hm, was Einstein a Cancerian? Certainly his famous quote about the importance of the imagination fits perfectly with the wisdom of the Moon sign. Imagination, the ability to inwardly see what is not outwardly there, does not come to us full blown. It has to be consciously developed. Choose to imagine yourself in different circumstances, like married or single or on a trip to Hawaii. Whatever, just exercise your ability to imagine something different. At first your mind may be blank but then images will start to form. Slowly but surely ideas will come to you, ideas that could lead to wonderful adventures - the sort you would never have thought of if you only relied on the outer world for inspiration.

LEO insight: TRUST your creative instincts.
Leo the lion rules courage and creativity. You can't have one with out the other. If you're going to be a success in life you have to have the courage to express your unique original creative self.

VIRGO insight: PLAN your work and work your plan.
Highly successful people make lists, have written goals and budgets and deadlines.  Like Virgo herself - it helps.

LIBRA insight: MARRY consciously.
Who we choose to partner with is probably the single most important choice we make for creating the life we want. Don't FALL in love, ASPIRE to it. Know what you like, what you're goals are and pair up with someone headed in the same direction.

The sign of life and death and rebirth reminds us that to achieve our goals we must never, never, never give up.

Surround your self with people and things of the highest caliber. If you don't have a circle of genius friends, put up pictures of people you admire. We all come to think pretty much like the people we are surrounded by. Choose to surround yourself with the best.

The need to learn didn't stop with a diploma. Successful people learn everything they can about their subject - and keep on learning more all their lives.

AQUARIUS insight: BRAINSTORM with others.
Don't just have a bunch of smart friends to hang out with, discuss ideas with them, have group projects, network.

PISCES insight: SWEET DREAMS create blissful realities.

Happy manifesting!

Rosada, EXT 2340