Monday, December 30, 2013

The Most Powerful New Year's Resolutions Ever!

Small child: What's are New Year's Resolutions?
Honest Father: They're a To Do List for the first week of January...

Ah, how true. Why is it so many of us can't seem to manage to keep our resolutions for more than a couple of days? And for that matter, what about affirmations and visualizations and all the other methods we are urged to use to change our world by reprograming our brains? Sometimes we stick with them, often we don't. Why is that? And can we really make things happen simply by willing them to? If it is possible, are there things we can do to make our intentions more powerful? The stars tell us there are...

Pluto is the planet that rules change and transformation. Wherever Pluto is active in the chart there we will find our most profound changes happening. Pluto is in Capricorn this year, the sign of structure and organization. Thus if we're going to see improvement in 2014 we must start by considering how we've organized our lives and be willing to restructure our habits in ways that are more than superficial. For example, if you are wanting to take a class and learn a new subject, the change is going to require more than just vowing to study hard. With Pluto in Capricorn real improvement may mean eliminating other subjects so you can focus, maybe even eliminating friends or possibly moving completely away from home and all the world you know to go to the right school. This is the year to be willing to do what ever it takes!

Neptune rules visions so having pictures of what we are wanting to manifest is a good way of tapping into this planet's ability to help us actualize our dreams. Neptune also rules feelings and things that are not solid and can easily dissolve - like hunches that maybe true but need solid facts to back them up. Neptune is strong in Pisces now warning us that even with a really strong feeling to improve, without a clear game plan our resolve will most likely dissolve. 

Uranus rules upset and the unexpected and when this unruly god is active it's very hard to keep on a schedule. On a good day he can help you break out of old negative ruts but frequently Uranus is responsible for disrupting our best laid plans. However Uranus also rules friendship. Keep him on your side and your resolutions on track by having a support buddy you can call on when find yourself slipping.

Saturn is the great task master, the planet ruling deadlines and limits. He is in Scorpio now, the sign of death and re-birth. If you want his help keeping you on the path make up a schedule with definite dates and time limits for reaching your goals. You may find that yourself feeling compelled to complete these tasks because when Saturn is strong it seems like your life just can't move forward until you fulfill your promises - even if you only make them to yourself.

Jupiter in Cancer will be a marvelous ally for nurchering the new you. Family type support groups should be particularly effective.

Energetic Mars is in Libra for the first part of 2014. As Libra is the sign of partnership, this is another indicator that change can happen more easily if you align your efforts with a partner.

Venus is the planet of attraction. Where we find Venus we find what we are attracted to. Venus is in Capricorn this month as it often is every year at this time. With Capricorn being the sign of organization it makes sense that we are all so attracted to the idea of making resolutions in January. Put your good intentions in writing, perhaps even frame them in a lovely Venus picture frame and watch your goals become even more compellingly attractive!

Mercury can be our best helper when it comes to getting things done. He's particularly effective when you break down your goals into mini-steps and check off your achievements.

Finally look to the Sun and the sign it is in both in the sky right now and where it was when you were born. Different signs respond to different types of encouragement. A Taurus person may need to give themselves tangible rewards through out the year to stay motivated where as secretive Scorpio may not want anyone to even know what they are up to until the task is a completed. But what ever sign the Sun is in, it is always cheering us on to be the best we can be.

Here's to your best year ever and a fabulous New You!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Moon in Virgo - Sweating The Small Stuff.

At certain times extraordinary caution is absolutely necessary .But it is just in these sort of life situations that we are apt to think that we somehow aren't the one's who need to be concerned. Well, this week we ALL need to be aware:

 Moon in Virgo today through Christmas Eve indicates that for the next forty-eight hours the group energy stream will be flowing through lots of intricate ins and outs and no doubt finding all sorts of previously unknown bumps in the road. I suspect many small chores previously postponed or ignored will now demand doing. How to get it all done in time for Christmas?  The Moon trine Pluto Monday morning gives us a clue. Pluto is the planet of transformation. When he appears it's time to  re-prioritize. If you let Pluto have the reins Monday he'll show you how to cut your To-Do list in half. Just don't insist on things being Virgo Perfect.

The pace noticably picks up on Christmas Day. Vow to be extremely careful and TAKE YOUR TIME. I don't like to give negative readings but look at what is going on in the sky this December 25:

The Moon in Libra conjuncts Mars, the planet of energy and anger.
The Moon opposes Uranus, the planet of surprises and accidents.
The Moon squares Mercury, misunderstandings. 
The Moon squares the Sun, pride, ego.
The Moon squares Pluto, power struggles.
The Moon squares Jupiter, overdoing.
The Moon squares Venus, jealousy.

I don't want to put into words what these aspects could create and thus actually empower a negative manifestation but to just give a little hint, Moon in difficult aspect to Mars and Uranus can mean accidents, Mercury and Sun active can indicate people who think they are too smart to need to follow rules, and Pluto, Jupiter and Venus all in the mix can cause people to go to extremes and take risks. Put it all together and it's one wild and crazy group.

Bottom line, vow to take it easy. There is no need to rush. Decide that whatever gets done by Christmas Eve is all that needs to get done. On Christmas Day transform any lingering concerns by simply affirming, "It may not be a perfect Christmas, but it's a perfect whatever it is!"

The Moon moves into Scorpio on Friday offering a chance to restore sanity. If you apply Saturday's Moon conjunct Saturn to completing responsibilities (writing thank you notes? Eating up the last of the pecan pie? Somebody's got to do it..) Saturday night particularly could be pleasant and relaxing.

Wishing you a peaceful and joyous holiday - or a perfect whatever it is!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Winter Solstice Celebrations!

Lots of planetary activity this week!

Bright ideas crackle now through Monday while the Moon sextiles Uranus. On top of that the Moon appears full at 25 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius on Tuesday PLUS stimulating Uranus turns direct on that same day. Whew, our minds may be so hyped up with all that mental energy providing ideas for the To Do list we'll find ourselves either Gemini multi-tasking or Sagittarian-like running away from home.

Fear not - a few hours later the Moon will enter Cancer and trine Neptune meaning we should all be able to find some snug hiding hole from the Christmas madness Tuesday afternoon. But not for long because...
Wednesday the Moon conjuncts with generous Jupiter thus opening the doors for a Shopping Spree! Wouldn't it be fun to know when people do the most Christmas shopping? I'd bet money this year it will be on this Jupiter powered Wednesday and Thursday.

The week's headliner is the Winter Solstice coming up on Saturday, December 21. This is the day the Sun enters the sign Capricorn and it marks the shortest day of the year. From this date on the days become longer but for right now we have darkness and cold. How fitting that the birth of Jesus is celebrated at this time. The Sun of God came at the darkest hour but his arrival offered mankind a way to return to The Light. Celebrate Solstice this year by joining with friends and make it a moment of light and good cheer returning in your own world!

Sometimes it's harder than others to comply with what the stars show us is the right path but the lovely thing about Christmas coming during the month of Capricorn means even the simplest expression of Love is honored and appreciated as long as it's sincere. Homemade gifts are always more treasured than store bought finds and home baked ones are the best. If you would like a copy of my secret Egg Nog recipe give me a call and I'll share it. I guarantee Santa will be extra good to you this year if you leave him a mug.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 8, 2013

BIT Coins and Uranus in Aries - The New World Economy?

Is the American dollar in trouble? If you keep up with economic forecasts at all you are undoubtedly aware that we have been bombarded with such gloom and doom predictions for some time now. Until recently I didn't bother with these nay-sayers because I use astrology as an investment guide and I didn't see any cause for widespread panic. I still feel confident in our ability to ride out the current shock waves but I no longer assume everything will remain the same. Shift happens and survival means being able to evolve with the changes. The key planets forcing this evolution are Uranus in Aries and its ongoing square to Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus represents freedom and self-determination while Pluto rules power and in Capricorn it particularly means the power welded by governments and large corporations. In squaring each other they create conflict between the needs of the individual to be independent and the desire of government to be in control. When these two first squared off a few years back we had the beginning signs of rebellion with what became known as Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street movements. These shows got a lot of airplay by the media but because the core nature of Uranus is to be free and to resist any kind of organization, the movements were destined to dissolve or become embroiled in the same sort of power games they were opposing. So how can the individual be free of government control without creating another more controlling government? As always on this earth plane the answer is "Follow the money." As long as the large corporations and Wall Street fat cats have the power to manipulate the money the little guy is always going to remain weak. But true to it's rulership of computers and inventive solutions, Uranus has now come up with a scheme that may change all that. In the last six months or so "BIT coins" have become the latest rage and may ultimately launch a whole new world monetary system. When they do - or at least when the coins shoot up in value - you can say you heard about it here first!

Meanwhile there are a couple of major planetary happenings worth tuning in on this week:

Monday December 9 the Moon will be in Pisces, the sign ruling artistic matters, meditation and selfless service. It will be making a supportive trine first to Saturn giving backbone to our intentions, and then on to trine Jupiter and sextile Venus. One way to put these aspects to use would be to first get your tools lined up - Moon trine Saturn - and then let your creative juices flow. If you are sending out cards this year I bet if you do them tomorrow you will be inspired to write poetry!

On the down side whenever Jupiter is active there's the prospect of there being too much of something so weather wise we may see some extreme conditions - like unusual snow fall or flooding.

Mars leaves old maid Virgo and tries to get along in partner oriented Libra on Saturday December 7. Mars is the god of war so in peace seeking Libra he tends to feel stifled and frustrated. If you feel him urging you to give a quarrelsome answer, take a deep breath and ask him to help you come up with a more pleasant way to phrase your thoughts.

Meanwhile here's a thought:

Young souls play hard to get.
Mature souls play hard.
Old souls just play!

Have a great week,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, December 2, 2013

New Moon in Sagittarius - An Astrological Guide to Celebrating The Holidays

To help us all navigate the weeks ahead I'm posting a Christmas To Do List based on the planets. I've found doing things at the astrologically right moment can make a big difference in the ultimate outcomes. This week has some stellar opportunities!

1.The New Moon will be at 11 degrees Sagittarius today - the astrological degree most often associated with physical fitness and the idea that the body is our temple.
  Hopefully if you keep this in mind through out this month of festive temptations it will help you make wise choices.            

2. On December 3 Mercury - the planet of communication - makes an enthusiastic sextile to Mars - the planet of energy - creating a perfect time to write and send Christmas greetings.

3. The Moon conjuncts Pluto Wednesday, December 4 - garner yourself some really good karma by making a donation to a homeless shelter or some other cause that serves those who are going through extreme difficulties this holiday.

4.Moon opposition Jupiter and conjuncting Venus on Thursday PLUS a trine to Mars early Friday morning - you can get a lot done now with these angels clearing your path - even some crazy new ideas might work out. Terrific line up for shopping and finding delightful and unique mementoes.

5. Mercury leaves tense suspicious Scorpio on Wednesday and enters optimistic jovial Sag. This helps, but the Christmas spirit REALLY kicks in on Friday when Mercury squares Neptune giving a rosy glow to all the evening festivities.

6. Mars enters diplomatic Libra on Saturday where his fiery temper may calm down enough to actually enjoy friendly gatherings. Could be the best day for visiting Santa - even naughty children will stand a chance of getting something nice. 

7. The Moon conjuncting musical Neptune through out the night makes this the perfect evening for caroling.

Put it all together and we're seeing Monday starts off with a New Moon emphasizing taking care of our "temple" - meaning going easy on the egg nog but also encouraging us to get into decorating our home temple. If you don't usually get a Christmas tree, this could be the year you'll really enjoy one.

Tuesday - best for writing and sending those holiday wishes (aka. Affirmations!)

Wednesday - helping others in the true spirit of Christmas.

Thursday - shopping!

Friday - attend a gathering - maybe a Christmas movie?

Saturday - take the kids to have their pictures taken with Santa. Go hear some live music tonight!

Okay, that should get us off to a good start ... But what ever you do,
Whatever the season brings,
Remember to stay merry and bright!
Rosada, EXT 2340