Monday, December 28, 2015

May The Force Be With You!

There's a saying about how astrology works: "The stars impel, they do not compel." This means the ancient cycles encourage us to follow the old patterns but no one is forced to align with The Force. Indeed, it is the very act of choosing to align - or not - that develops our consciousness. But whatever  we decide, by charting the courses of the planets, astrology enhances our ability to understand and make informed decisions.

Here's how we're being impelled this week:
The Sun, Mercury and Pluto are all in Capricorn this week meaning it's never been easier to make a plan and see it through. Capricorn is the sign of the executive, the CEO, boss and King. Take charge and find yourself leaping over tall buildings with a single bound! The two traits that might trip you up are:

1. Failure to delegate. Capricorns are famous for starting at the bottom and working their way to the top. Not because they love to suffer but because they want to know how everything is done from the ground up. A Capricorn doesn't mind starting on the lowest rung. He knows he's there to learn and that it's only a matter of time before he will advance. When carried to extremes however this idea of pulling one's self up by their own bootstraps becomes counter productive. A successful Capricorn doesn't bother to re-invent the wheel. He hires others to do what he wants done - especially when he knows someone else can do the job better than he can. A Capricorn friend of mine was out of work. He declared he was going to "hire himself an employer," which he did two days later. The new boss gave him complete freedom for designing the job - including setting his own pay. Capricorn in action.

2. Capricorn planet's warn us the second biggest pitfall now would be a failure to accept full responsability for whatever happens.

Many times when people experience setbacks or disappointments you hear them say it was due some unfair unforeseeable circumstance outside of their control – bad luck, bad planets(!) or maybe just their tragic childhood. Many might agree with them but the bottom line is blaming outside circumstances only disempowers you. Capricorns know we are responsible for all of it, even when we're not! When you find yourself in less than ideal circumstances affirm that you actually chose to have the experience. By accepting responsibility for whatever happens you are putting yourself in control. It's sort of like jumping on a runaway horse. You can't get him back on the path until you get in the saddle.

Next we need to consider that Venus will be leaving intense, nasty Scorpio on Tuesday December 29. We've seen some outrageous behaviors in the presidential debates due to Venus in Scorpio's fascination with sex and private parts. Donald Trump's obsession with Hilary Clinton's bathroom break was Venus in Scorpio at its worst. Perhaps our attention will finally move on from such shock and awe performances when Venus enters Sagittarius.

Mars, the god of war continues to navigate Libra, the sign of peace. Not an easy task. In the world of diplomatic affairs we see his influence in the successful negotiations to create a international agreements about global warming but when Mars is involved there is no promise of longevity so who knows if the treaties will last?. On a personal level we too may find ourselves needing to find a way to express ourselves effectively without ruffling a feathers. I think of some thank you notes I need to write for Christmas gifts that left me wondering. How to say "Thanks for thinking of me" when what I really want to ask is, "What ever were you thinking?"

Jupiter, the god of abundance continues in Virgo, the sign of work and service. Lots of details demanding our attention now through September. If you are looking for a new relationship take this opportunity to work on yourself and then meet your mirror image next fall when the good fortune planet enters the partnership sign of Libra.

Saturn in Sagittarius tries to bring practical form to philosophical ideals. At the first degrees of this fast moving sign he puts the breaks on progress until all the kinks have been worked out. He'll be pretty much a squelch till mid January when Venus in Sag will finally move past him and open up the road. Meanwhile be very sensible about investments. This placement rewards hard work and solid facts. Get rich quick schemes wont hold up.

Uranus has turned direct in Aries giving us all a stronger faith in our own insights. Enjoy your unique perspective – just don't expect everyone else to see things your way!

Neptune continues in Pisces making the barriers between us less and less solid. Whether it's refugees crossing borders into foreign countries, or cell phones connecting to people on the other side of the world, or visions and dreams invading our sleep, boundaries are becoming a thing of the past.

Pluto is such a slow moving planet it's influence often goes unnoticed unless it is connecting with one of you personal planets. This year Pluto will be having a strong effect on people born around the 8th and 9th of the month. If that's you then expect 2016 to be a year of major change and transformation.

Finally the Moon will be transiting through Leo, Virgo and Libra this week. We may start out feeling a bit blue now that the holidays and festivities are over because Moon in Leo is always hoping for a party but when she moves into healthy Virgo on Tuesday the mood should change and we'll actually want to eat right, clean house and get ready for 2016. When New Year's Eve finally arrives we may not even want another big holiday celebration as the Moon will then enter Libra where the emotions crave personal one-on-one connection.

I will be at the phones New Year's Eve so be sure to call for your personal 2016 reading!
Happy New Year Everyone and May The Force Be With You!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Cancer Christmas Full Moon. Let Your Feelings Soar!

Awakenings aplenty this week:

Winter Solstice on Monday December 21 marks the longest night of the year. It's grand time for fellowship and feasting. Remember when two or three people are gathered together with intention, Higher Consciousness is there also.
Intend something good!

The Christian holiday of Christmas falls on Friday with a Super Full Moon. Our emotions will be stronger than our ability to suppress them so don't even try. Just hold onto that earlier intention of good will and enjoy the ride.

Okay, you've got the ideas now watch and see some major shifts and miracles manifesting over the weekend as Uranus, the god of electricity, turns direct thus electrifying - bringing to life! - the visions you've been holding.

How this will manifest in your personal life will probably be something along the lines of seeing opportunities to bring dreams into reality. Thus if you got together with some friends on the Winter Solstice and talked about how wonderful it is to be warm and cosy on a winter's night, Higher Consciousness will make you start to wish everyone could be warm too, and then...the feeling grows and...On the Christmas full Moon your feeling of compassion reaches  such a peak as you sense your own joy of home and family but also feel the heartache of those who are lost... and suddenly... there's a breakthrough when... Uranus turns direct and you recognize an opportunity where you can help make a difference!

So that's the path this week - talking and sharing + building emotions = surprising new solutions!

I think you will also enjoy being aware of some of the minor aspects taking place this week.
First off we are still in orb of the rare meet up between Mercury and Pluto that took place this last weekend. Pluto tends to first make things go bad but then after clearing out the old, new and better conditions enter in. Thus you may be experiencing situations where at first something goes wrong but then it is replaced by something better - turning lemons into lemonade so to speak. An example happened in my life yesterday when I called a fruit company to complain the gift basket I'd ordered never arrived. They promised to replace it with an even larger basket. :-) So if mix ups happen this week don't get mad, just deal with them calmly and see something better appear.
Thursday Venus in Secretive Scorpio will sextile generous Jupiter in perfectionist Virgo. Playing Secret Santa will be lots of fun and you just may get a surprise gift yourself.

The joining of the planet of Love, Venus in the sign of intense feelings, Scorpio with Jupiter. the planet of expansion, in Virgo the sign of details and perfection. puts me in mind of Mother Teresa's words of wisdom,

"We may not all be able to do great things, but we can all do small things with great love."

Merry Christmas!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mercury conjunct Pluto - He Knows If You've Been Naughty!

The Christmas spirit got a special boost of brotherly love this last week as 200 countries signed on for the Paris Climate Agreement. Equally auspicious, the main stream media is finally acknowledging what scientists have known for decades: Global Warming is a man made phenomenon. Next step is to see how we're going to handle this new understanding/problem. I see that already there are reports of politicians spinning the story to their own advantage but fear not, the change is already happening. The planet to thank is Mercury, the god of communication, passing through Capricorn, the sign known for telling it like it is. Plus now that it's no longer politically correct to deny climate change I believe Mercury is going to be bringing us more news of just how precarious our situation here on earth really is: On Saturday December 19 Mercury meets up with Pluto, the planet that rules pollution and - interestingly enough - also secrets. So in the days and weeks ahead we'll be learning things are even worse than we had thought but at least now the truth will be coming out.

This Saturday Mercury/Pluto meet up will most likely be effecting us in several other ways too. As there is also going to be a Moon conjunct Uranus that day you may find your schedule falls apart and things could become hectic. I urge you to get your major Christmas shopping done now because by next Saturday it's going to be CRAZY! However, this line up suggests the possibilities for some very lively holiday partying if you've got something fun and original to do. Just be sure to allow yourself lots of time to get where ever you need to be. And don't be afraid to spend a little extra. Mercury/Pluto can be intense - let's make it intensely special.

Earlier in the week we have a particularly pleasant line up on Wednesday when the Moon joins Neptune in Pisces, the sign of music and Venus trines Pluto suggesting an outpouring of goodwill. It could be a perfect time to invite a few friends over for caroling and hot cocoa.

On the political front we are seeing the Republican headliner, Donald Trump, continuing to grab headlines. The Mercury/Pluto conjunction on Saturday could catch him saying some even more outrageous things over the weekend. I'm expecting there to be a significant bit of weeding happening with the whole line up of candidates now. Pluto rules death so look for it to become obvious who will not be continuing till election day.

Finally, if you haven't sent your letter to Santa yet, get it in the mail (along with your Christmas cards) by the 15th to get the best response. Letters sent after that will be caught up in the Mercury-Pluto weekend frenzy, meaning they might get lost or worse, Santa will think we've been naughty, or worse that we don't care and THAT wouldn't be very nice at all!

Ho x 3,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Why is Mother Teresa Already Recognized as a Saint?

  The debate concerning granting Mother Teresa sainthood is building to a crescendo this month. Like Princess Diana who became known as "The People's Princess" after Buckingham Palace refused to recognize her as one of their own, Mother Teresa has come to be considered a Saint by many even though the Catholic church has yet to bestow it's official approval. Astrologically it makes sense that both of these woman had to go outside the walls (the palace and the convent) to fulfill their destinies as there are very similar planetary patterns in the two charts. Furthermore these placements are getting intense attention this fall and early winter from Mars and Neptune meaning the Spiritual (Neptune) Energy (Mars) of these women will be more easily experienced and recognized by those who are attuned to it. Thus if you happen to be a fan of Diana or Mother Teresa you will most likely find them on your mind or popping up in your conversations now. In fact, if you are in need of a miracle this would be an excellent time to ask for Mother Teresa's help in your behalf as her "receiver" is wide open!

  Meanwhile, can you believe it? Christmas in less then three weeks! If you're not feeling the vibe yet don't despair - we're in  a waning Moon phase so it makes sense for emotions to be a tad sluggish and not easily enthused. I do expect we'll all be getting some sort of happy inspiration Monday morning, Dec. 7 when the Moon conjuncts Venus in Scorpio and there is a very jolly line up of planets Tuesday night, Dec.8. Still, as I say, it's a waning Moon so although these are very encouraging aspects, you should still probably lower your expectations and continue to be cautious for awhile.

  Hopefully, by maintaining a calm steady attitude we'll be able to keep centered through the rest of the week as I'm thinking it's not going to be an easy ride. Thursday morning Dec. 10, the Moon squares Neptune and conjuncts Saturn while Mars opposes Uranus. Suffering (Neptune) meets  Reality (Saturn) while Energy (Mars) ignites Chaos (Uranus). Obviously this is not very good news for the world political situation. That is, it's not very good if our thinking continues to be programmed by old fear messages. But what if rather than thinking these fearful aspects as portending WWIII, how about we consider Neptune representing prayer and using it to dissolve Saturn's fearful vib? Perhaps if we use our innate ability to contact Higher Mind we can channel the Mars/Uranus energies so they do not create panic and destruction but rather seed us each individually with breakthrough knowledge and insight?

Certainly it's worth sending up a prayer - and if you're up for a little name dropping, don't hesitate to say Mother Teresa sent you!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fasten Your Seat belts, It's going to Be a Bumpy Week!

Major shift happening in the next few days, Friends. Venus, the goddess of love and money is leaving her peaceful home in Libra and taking up residence in the all-out-war sign Scorpio on Friday, December 4 - which means no more Mrs. Nice Guy at the shopping malls or in the headlines. Emotions will be escalating and the possibility is we'll be feeling less like Peace on Earth and more like Santa Got Run Over By a Reindeer. Scorpio is the intensity chamber and any planets passing through this sign will get a jolt of truth serum that makes it impossible to pretend things are anything but the way they really are. Thus folks are not going to be willing to continue to just suck up hurts, indignities, and lies any longer. We may feel like stomping on a few reindeer ourselves. Hopefully the world leaders have a few astrologers on their staffs to remind them this is not the time to make ultimatums.

What this means for the rest of us is first of all you're probably not going to be spending as lavishly for the holidays this year. Venus in Scorpio wants real value for her money and she'd rather get something small that sends a powerful message than squander her resources on something big just for show.

Mercury will be trining Uranus on Tuesday celebrating those who DON'T WAIT for permission to do good. If you've been thinking of volunteering to help others this season you'll find it particularly rewarding to start now. You don't even need to be involved with a particular organization. Just help a friend or neighbor or man on the street. Uranus will help make sure the right people benefit from your (Mercury) message.

There's a tricky line up of planets next weekend when the Moon joins Mars and squares Pluto on Saturday and then Mars moves on to square Pluto on Sunday. Again not cool for World Peace but as the last aspect or the week is a Moon sextile Mercury in truth telling Sagittarius perhaps we will get some clear answers to recent conflicts. Or perhaps we'll see more clearly what the root causes are for the conflicts in our world and thus be able to be more effective.

Personally I think this week is shaping up to be a time where we are given an opportunity to be particularly aware of where we are putting our attention and to whom we are giving our power. Which leads me to suggest we let the world solve the world's problems. Let's you and I focus on creating something good and meaningful right in our own backyards.

"We may not be able to do big things, but we can do small things with great love."
- Mother Teresa

Happy holidays,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Full Moon in Gemini: The Solution Becomes Obvious.

The Full Moon occurs in Gemini on Wednesday, November 25 this month. Gemini rules curiosity and puzzles and clever answers. We can expect a lot of talk and chatter over the Thanksgiving holiday with this Moon placement  - including some wonderful opportunities to resolve family issues simply by being willing to be present and communicate.

The Moon in Gemini reminds us that every problem can be solved. Whether the obstacle that blocks us concerns money, relationships, health or whatever, there is always some path that will move us forward if we can only recognize it. The difficulty is that when we feel confronted with an obstacle we stall, we shut down, we lose focus on our goals when what we really need to do is be calm - and turn to our Higher Power. Now "Higher Power" is a phrase that makes a lot of people uneasy but I'm using it here to mean the mental construct we all have that there is an intelligence greater than ours that surrounds and creates us. We may not own up to the fact we believe there is such a one but truly each of us knows we have greater guidance available than that which we normally tap into. Call it The Universe or God or The Flow or just call it our Better Self - when there are difficulties in our life it is a sign we've forgotten our connection to the part of ourselves that is The Creator and as a result we've become too earth bound, reality has become foo solid, too real. Too Taurus, one might say, stubborn and frustrated and feeling stuck. And when life starts feeling stuck, when problems appear, it's a sign we need to reconnect with spirit. Time to move on to Gemini!
Indeed, after leaving Taurus and moving into Gemini the Moon will be highlighting for us opportunities to connect with that which is not solid, not "real". We'll turn from the Taurus realm of things to the Gemini land of talk and ideas. 

So how do we reconnect with Spirit? Simply by acknowledging that Spirit exists! Speak of the Angels and they appear!
But it also really helps if you take a moment to become calm. Think of problems as being like static on old time televisions. The wires have gotten loose and the picture has become distorted. Likewise, it is when we are agitated that the peaceful flow of things is disrupted and then, because we are now tuned into this disturbed wavelength, everything we do creates and attracts more disruption! As Einstein once said, " A problem cannot be solved on the level at which it is created." We cannot create Peace when we are living Chaos! So at the first sign of a problem, or a sense of being stuck or not knowing which way to turn, SLOW DOWN. You may not even feel agitated but if there is a problem, it's a sign you need to slow down.

Saturn Squaring Neptune.
Now that you have taken a moment to relax and and shift your focus  - "Excuse me while I call God," is a phrase I like to use - now take a moment to acknowledge four or five things that are going right in your world. This will make your vibration less solid, more flowing, stronger, more able to transform that which is to that which could be. Now articulate what you would like to see in your world AS IF IT IS ALREADY HERE. This week, Saturn, the planet that rules solid "reality" is squaring Neptune, the planet that dissolves solid reality and empowers the imagination. It is a particularly useful time for erasing the past and creating a whole new reality. The more you are aware of this and use this opportunity consciously the more likely you will be able to create the future as you want it (otherwise you may find yourself sitting passively by the way side while others dissolve (Neptune) your boundaries (Saturn) and intrude or use you to their advantage).

So the challenge is clear this week: Hold on to your vision. Know your goals, pace yourself and acknowledge your Higher Power - and you will find yourself manifesting a very happy holiday weekend.

I'm so thankful you are reading this email. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mercury in Scorpio: The Soldier Obeys His Conscience

The Sabian Symbols consist of 360 images, one for each degree of the zodiac. Supposedly these pictures come to life in daily experience as the planets move across the heavens and connect with each of these degrees. Often people will pay particular attention to what pictures were activated by the planets at their time of birth and find there is a message for them there. For example, I have the planets Mercury and Venus at 29 Gemini. The symbol for this degree is of a bird singing from a treetop. The meaning of this symbol is about passing on messages, seeing and telling things ahead of their time. I think that's a great image for a psychic! Of course, each picture has a downside and this bird also represents being nosy. Ha! But seriously folks, it often works out that one Sabian Symbol is indeed worth a thousand words so today I thought I'd write out what the images are for us this week:

Mercury is at 21 degrees Scorpio today, Sunday, November 15. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is of a soldier who obeys his conscience and resists orders. Oh my, well, I bet there is a lot of talk going on about how are we going to end the fighting in the world. Maybe it will take going against the so called status quo and each one of us deciding for ourselves what we can do to create peace.

The Sun is in Scorpio and will be conjuncting Mercury in Scorpio on Tuesday, November 17 at 25 degrees. The Sabian Symbol for 25 Scorpio is of an X-Ray photograph helping with diagnosis. This means we may be in need of deeper understanding of our current issues in order to solve problems. There is a desire for "penetrating" insight. No obvious answers.
 This planetary sign placement is for everyone but only those who themselves have planets at or near this degree may experience it personally. However, I've found that often the top news stories of the day will seem to relate to the Sabian Symbol so I am predicting there will be many news stories about needing to find the deeper facts behind the latest current events.

Neptune will be turning direct at 8 degrees Pisces on Wednesday November 18. The image for 8 Pisces is of a girl blowing a bugle. A bugle call is used by the armed forces to announce it is time to rise and shine. If you personally have planets at or near the 7th or 8th degree of Pisces you may be getting some sort of "wake up " call on this day. In general the message is that we may be in for some loud noises from politicians or others wanting to rouse us to their message. As the planet Neptune is involved we are warned not to be hypnotised by their words.

Veuns will be at 14 Libra squaring Pluto at 14 Capricorn on Friday November 20. The symbol for 14 Libra is of a man taking a siesta, an invitation to take some time out. The symbol for 14 Capricorn is of gods and goddesses carved in stone representing limitations that don't allow for change. How will such a combination manifest? Wouldn't it be wonderful if the world held an international day of morning for all our fallen heroes this day and just decided to take all our wars and battles and just give it all a rest?

Peace be with you,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, November 9, 2015

New Moon in Scorpio - Drawing Aside The Veil

Last month we celebrated Halloween which means there was an intense focus on ghosts and the supernatural. According to the Law of Attraction, what ever we put our attention on we tend to attract more of so I wasn't surprised to notice in the days just following October 31 there was a glut of UFO sightings and several photographs of ghosts posted on the internet. I wonder if this happens every year right after Halloween? Perhaps the public is more receptive to believing and investigating such ideas at this time after all the pictures of pretend ghosts and goblins made the unknown a little less scary. The awareness of things hidden behind the veil will continue this week as we are having a New Moon in the secret power sign Scorpio on Wednesday, November 11.

This Scorpio New Moon calls on us to venture down new pathways and to investigate new possibilities each year. It will present you with situations where you'll need to draw on your intuition, have faith and overcome any fears. You are urged to enter into new realms and explore areas you dared not go into before! Travel may be involved but more importantly ideas you hadn't dared consider will be attracting you. Take advantage of the planetary support and vow to look a little more deeply at your beliefs and prejudices. You may find it's time for an attitude adjustment!

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars so success this month comes in direct proportion to your willingness to exercise courage and BE INQUISITIVE! Your sphere of action and operation will become vastly enlarged and new perspectives will open up to you as you test your limits and look for dreams to start coming true.

Here is my check list for things to watch for this month. See how many you experience:

Mysteries revealed, sometimes after a long wait.

Getting past inhibitions or things that have blocked you.

Clairvoyant readings that reveal your path.

A sense of situations that had seemed dead or hopeless now coming back to life.

How ever this New Moon manifests in your life, it appears that help will soon be at hand in sorting out some mystery that has been troubling you. Be receptive, be loving and take that step into the unknown!

Planetary line ups to take advantage of:

Tuesday November 10: The Sun sextiles Jupiter as the Moon sextiles Pluto. A lovely day for travel and healing. Reach out to loved ones. Early Christmas shopping could net some perfect gifts.

Wednesday Nov. 11: New Moon in the morning. If you have something important to start around now, this is a great time to do it.

Thursday Nov. 12: Mars changes signs and enters Libra while the Moon joins Saturn. Be cautious about making new agreements. Have things clearly spelled out and make sure everyone feels the rules are practical and fair.

Friday Nov. 13: Venus sextiles Saturn and Mercury sextiles Jupiter. This Friday the 13th could bring good news!

Saturday Nov 14: The Moon joins the Death-and-Rebirth planet Pluto today. This monthly meet up accentuates what we have outgrown and need to release while pointing us towards where we should be focusing our energies next. Align with this opportunity by intentionally cleaning out abandoned projects or else doing something to rejuvenate them - beware stagnation!

Thank you so much for reading,
Talk to you soon,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, November 1, 2015

This Five Letter Word Will Make You Sick!

During the last years of her life my sister had the job of looking after our elderly mother. When Mother passed away at 93 my sister put all of Mom's affairs in order, breathed a deep sigh of relief - and then died herself, just a few months later. I was saddened but not surprised. I knew my sister had not been all that well - she had Lyme's disease - and I also knew that taking care of Mom had been very stressful for my sister. And if there is one thing the body cannot "cure" it is stress. When we are feeling the least bit agitated or stressed out our body goes into "flight or fight" mode. That means all of our energy, all of our bodily functions and resources stop any repairing and healing activity and become focused on survival. It doesn't matter what the cause is or if the threat is even real, if our brain interprets our outer environment as being less than safe  it will put all other activity aside until the crisis is passed. Just as there is no such thing as being "a little bit pregnant" there is also no such thing as being just "a little bit stressed." The body can't heal unless it feels safe enough to totally relax. Therefore, it is crucial that to maintain health we all avoid under all circumstances, that five letter word, stress!

Astrological tools for dealing with stress:

Aries: The reason Aries is able to move so fast and get so many projects launched is because an Aries doesn't carry extra baggage - that is, grudges. You can't get to the finish line first if you're weighed down by a lot of would-of, could-of, should-of. Aries may not ALWAYS win, but sometimes it looks that way because a true Aries never worries about old losses.

Taurus: The bull knows the world will spin on it's own and that it's not his job to fix it. Let It Be is the Taurus stress-free motto.

Gemini: Talk therapy aka The Gemini Solution. Find a good listener and get those fears up and out. Also, a Gemini knows to keep busy and focuses his mind of the things he can change, not the things he can't. That's stress free living at it's finest..

Cancer: The crab hangs on to memories, particularly the ones made of tears so this sign more than most needs a plan for staying positive. Surrounding the self with familiar things that symbolize love and stability like family photo albums can help a Cancerian stay calm and carry on.

Leo: So many people look to Leo to be the source of sunshine and salvation and indeed, often it is a Leo who will stand up and make everyone feel good even while there are problems going on back stage. It can be quite draining however, so Leo needs to curb the instinct to give of themselves to the point of exhaustion.

Virgo: What is more stressful than striving for perfection? Virgo's will never settle for anything less, but they can make their lot easier if they don't let others criticism bring them down. You can't please everyone so you might as well please yourself.

Libra: This sign is known for being so easy going and hospitable you'd find it hard to believe they have problems with stress, but it's true. Libran's can be so aware of  the importance of fair play and inevitable karma, that they tie themselves in knots trying to make situations a win-win for everyone because otherwise, well, did you know peace loving Libra is also the sign ruling war? Talk about stress! Librans respond well to one-on-one conversations and therapy.

Scorpio: Do Scorpios experience stress - or do they just cut right through it? They do experience it, but they hide their feelings well.  It's said Scorpios don't get mad - they get even. Some more highly evolved Scorpios deal with their issues by taking up sports and physical activities.

Sagittarius: This sign is supposed to have a broad perspective that dissolves stress before it can become an issue. However... many Sagittarians I've spoken with are grinding their teeth at night just like the rest of us - it's just that the things that make them tense most of us don't even think about, like The Environment and Governmental Corruption. Sagittarians focus on big issues and can get mighty stressed. If you have someone like this in your circle urge them to take trips and vacations and do things to encourage a truly broad perspective - one that can see the problems AND the good things.

Capricorns seem to be the least likely to be stressed - they never expected good times to last anyway! Still those who do start to worry can get caught up in some truly dark depressions. Remind a Capricorn of the cost of a visit to the doctor's for anti-depressants, that will get him to at least try to pep up on his own! But if a Cappy truly is suffering don't delay - take him to a really qualified top-drawer doctor and get it handled.

Aquarius will have all sorts of curious ways of dealing with stress, In fact, abandoning routine and being free and unpredictable is their best bet for getting out of a funk.

Pisces: The Savior/Victim sign can help his cause by being more conscious of the drama he is helping to create. His best answer to stress is to turn everything over to God or his higher power and then get a good night's sleep.

Works for me!

Wishing you a stress free week!
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Full Moon at 4 Taurus = The Pot of Gold at The End of The Rainbow

My husband had a habit of using the expression, "What could possibly go wrong?" i know he meant it to be humorous but it felt disconcerting, as if he was making a negative affirmation almost willing the Universe to create problems.  Then we read the book Afformations which puts forth the idea that the most creative thing we can do is ask a question. Whenever we ask a question we send our minds off seeking into the unknown and we invite brand new information and experiences into our lives. By asking a negative question like, "What's wrong?" we are commanding our higher selves to only show us how to make everything wrong! However, when we ask a positive question like, "What's the good word?" we instantly get a new perspective and access to previously unseen opportunities.. Simply put, when ever you are troubled, don't just ask God to help you with your problems, ask Him to show you why all your problems are so quickly and easily solved!.

For example, if you've been feeling sluggish and grumpy, rather than saying some affirmation you don't even believe in 500 times like, "I'm fit and fabulous!" which only makes you feel even more fat and miserable, instead ask a positive question such as, "Why is it I like to exercise every day?" and "How come it's so easy for me to be at my right weight?" The unconscious wont reject a question the way it does an affirmation and pretty quickly you'll find your world is morphing to give you all you've been asking about!

This week is a particularly opportune time to start using Afformations because we've got a New Moon coming up on Tuesday October 27, which means our dominate thoughts and feelings are more likely to manifest at this time. Furthermore, The Sabian Symbol for this full Moon is "The Pot of Gold at The End of The Rainbow." What a wonderful encouragement! To help program your unconscious to make you clearly aware of your blessings, read this list of questions aloud - and then watch your life show you your path to abundance (you don't even need to try to answer the questions - just ask them):

Why am I so richly rewarded?
Why does money come to me so easily and in such good amounts?
Why is it so easy for me to create whatever I imagine?
Why is it I'm always surrounded with good friends?
Why am I so gifted and talented?
Why am I so good looking?
Why do I have such radiant good health?
Why does my partner love me so much?

If you want to really see the power of this technique, print out the list and check off each question as you see the answers manifesting in your life. The results may cause you to wonder...

Why are we so blessed?

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Venus and Jupiter in Virgo: Don't Sweat The Petty Stuff

The monthly meeting of the Moon and Pluto happens in Capricorn this week, Monday October 20. As Pluto is the planet ruling birth and death and total transformation, each time the Moon connects with him it marks an awareness of change. Dramatic turns of events may happen on the actual day of their conjunction or it may be that this is the time when we finally notice changes that have been creeping up over time. The point is, when the Moon conjuncts Pluto we recognize what's working and what is sooo over.

 As the last new Moon was in Libra, the sign of partnership agreements, this "awareness of change" moment particularly marks an opportunity for re-evaluating relationships. Some significant relationships may have ended (I attended two funerals in this last month) and new connections made during this time may prove to be important (take special notice of new faces in your world now). Over all however this line up of planets suggests it is our own relationship to the world that is due for some tweaking. If we've been too arrogant or too passive, now the results will be obvious. The process may look something like this:

Moon joins Pluto Monday Oct 20. Saturn at first degrees of Sagittarius.
Strong awareness of old patterns that are in need of updating.

Moon trines Mercury Oct. 21.
Great day to re-negotiate! It will appear the decay has not penetrated too deeply and so can easily be discussed and remedied. However, don't overlook problems or take matters too lightly because tomorrow...

Mercury squares Pluto Thursday Oct.22.
Any objections will come up now. (Some nasty words are better left unspoken.)

Venus trines Pluto Friday Oct. 23.
If one is conscious of the danger connected with every reform then everything should go well in the end.
The Sun leaves Libra and enters Scorpio Friday Oct. 23.
Now that the new agreements are in place we begin a month of testing their validity. Did we negotiate in good faith? Hidden agendas will come to light!

Venus joins Jupiter in Virgo Sunday Oct. 25
This should be a lovely day for a Sunday Brunch. Celebrate the new agreements! Because the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter, are in Virgo we may have opportunities to be very kind and helpful but there is also the temptation to get bogged down with annoying details. Keep it simple: Don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff!

Mercury opposes Uranus Sunday Oct. 25
Mercury, the messenger god opposing Uranus, the god of freedom and independence warns that arguments could erupt if people feel their right to free expression being stiffed. The earlier Venus/Jupiter conjunction could have put people in such a good mood however, that this potentially disruptive aspect simply means the time is ripe for some crazy stories, jokes and laughter.

All in all it looks like this is the week we are ready to acknowledge old problems, create new solutions and make Sunday a day of celebration!

Have a good one,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Moon in Libra - Renegotiating Relationships

For the last several weeks we have been studying the meanings of the planets in the various signs and houses. Now it's time to put what we've learned into practice. Let's begin with the new Moon on Oct. 12:.

The Moon symbolizes feelings. This new Moon will be in the sign Libra, the sign of partnership. Thus our feelings will draw us to partnership issues this month - romantic partnerships, business partnerships, any relationship where we are dealing one-on-one as equals.. Issues you may have will probably be around negotiating new agreements with an old partner and all of us will have an opportunity some time this month to enter into a brand new relationship with a new partner. This won't necessarily be a romantic relationship. It could be a business contract. There will be a need to negotiate and there will be an emphasis on treating people fairly and coming up with win - win solutions. This could prove tricky, however, because just prior to this new Moon, the Moon was opposing Uranus, the planet representing independence, in Aries, the sign of strong self-interest, Thus new agreements will be coming as a response to previous experiences of crisis in the relationship. There will be a sense that we need to talk because the old ways weren't working. One person, represented by the Moon in Libra, may be wanting a closer relationship while the other person, represented by Uranus, may feel smothered. When the Moon meets up with the Sun this day there could be a moment of clarity and an appreciation of the other side's point of view.  Unfortunately, shortly after the connection, the Moon goes on to square Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto represents power and squares indicate tests, so the peace might not last and good intentions will be soon tested.
So recognize opportunities to begin discussions on this day but resist being too determined to see immediate results. Get the ball rolling but leave the door open for new insights coming up - perhaps as soon as the the end of the week.

On to October 15:
 Mars will be in Virgo and moving to make a trine to Pluto. In plain English this means the planet symbolizing drive and ambition, Mars, will be in expressing itself in an orderly and efficient Virgo fashion and will be in easy communication with the planet of total transformation, Pluto, also working in an orderly fashion in Capricorn. Together this appears to be a very auspicious indication that previous tensions and misunderstandings can be easily rectified if the parties involved are willing to forego drama and stick to the facts.

October 17:
Another good day, Sunshine! After the empowering back up from Pluto, Mars now moves to join protective Jupiter, the symbol of good fortune now also in Virgo. The reason Jupiter is considered to represent good fortune is because he is so big. He promises there is plenty of room and plenty of time to accomplish whatever needs to get done. Mars is known for his fiery energy and when this planet is active tempers may flare and accidents happen. However, with tolerant Jupiter around to give everyone space, the greater possibility is there will be enough room for Mars excitement and risk taking AND getting everyone home all right in the end.

Altogether it appears that if people can keep their cool and be patient the first half of the week when the need for change is most apparent, the second half will be very auspicious for working through any obstacles that may have come up.

You read it here first!
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Reading Your Chart Like a Professional Astrologer pt 5 The Houses 7 -12

Understanding the meanings of the houses 7 -12 is not hard if you recognize that they are pretty much the opposites of houses 1 - 6:

House 7 Partners and Other People::
 When you consider that the first house represents the self then you can easily recognize why the opposite sign would represent others, particularly our significant other, our marriage partner. The sign on the cusp of the 7th and the planets in this house describe the sort of partnerships we create. For example, some one with Cancer on the 7th would tend to want "partnership" with "family". This could manifest in various ways. Perhaps the person successfully launches a business with a family member or spouse. Conversely they might have problems because they treat business partners as if they were family resulting in ignoring appropriate boundaries. The planets in the house will describe specific partners. Pluto in the 7th house could represent a powerful partner, perhaps a wife who encourages the husband to become more than he might have ever been on his own or negatively a powerful adversary who is very hard to defeat.

House 8 Shared Resources:
 The second house describes our personal finances so the opposite house defines shared resources and other people's money. Think sex - a great shared resource! - inheritances and income from any partnership. Thus if a person has Aries, the sign ruling the self, on the cusp of the 8th of shared resources there could be a tendency to take advantage of a partner's generosity or  a problem with partners who want to grab everything for themselves. The planets in this house tell even more about the 8th house activities. Saturn here would delay an inheritance or perhaps issues around inheritances would be burdensome. Jupiter in the 8th is very good for going into business with a partner as Jupiter here indicates partnership would create wealth.

House 9 Travel:
The third house represents near relatives and the local neighborhood and short stories. The 9th house is about foreigners and distant lands and long philosophical discussions. The sign on the 9th can explain why we left home for the first time. Libra might indicate leaving home to get married. Leo on the 9th could mean the native is a born adventurer, travel is where his Leo star shines. The planets in this house indicate teachers or guides or people who lead us to experiences beyond our usual habit trails. Neptune in the 9th could represent a guru or some mystical ideal. Mars warns there might be problems in foreign countries.

House 10 Fame and Reputation:
The fourth house represents the home base, the quiet place we go to for privacy and rest. The opposite house, the 10th, is the Fame and Reputation area. It is the most public house and the sign on it's cusp tells what we will be famous for, both positive and negative. Taurus on the 10th could give you a reputation for being strong and trustworthy or maybe just stubborn. The planets in this house can reveal a lot about a person's work, or at least what the public impression is of their work. The Moon here will give a reputation for being responsive to the public, so actors often have an elevated Moon in their charts. Uranus in the 10th can be seen as a genius or a crack pot or their actual job may be involved with computers or electricity.

House 11 Friends and Group Organizations:
The fifth house represents our children and close family ties so it makes sense that the 11th house rules friends and people we enjoy but don't necessarily feel obligated to be with 24/7. The sign on the cusp of the eleventh tells us our attitude towards friendship. Scorpio here would mean we prefer a few close friends to whom we confide our deepest secrets. Gemini would connect with lots of friends but only for light-hearted conversation. The planets here in would tell you who you're  friends are. Venus would give you a sweetheart who was truly your best friend. Mars could be a pal you play sports with but they might also tend to be quarrelsome.

House 12 The House of Self-Undoing:
The sixth house represents our day to day activities - our chores, our habits, our work routine. Things we pay attention to and want to do as close to exactly right as possible. The 12th house on the other hand is the house for all the things we don't particularly want to think about - visions and dreams and how we handle problems by learning to let go and not worry. The sign on the 12th tells who you are when nobody's watching. Capricorn here might mean you're a lot more organized than people give you credit for. Pisces on the 12th house cusp says no matter how sociable you may appear, you need your alone time. If the 6th house is the house of "doing" then the 12th house is the house of "undoing" and planets here reveal how we might be the victims of our own self-undoing. Thus while Jupiter the planet of protection and abundance in the 12th can mean a guardian angel, it can also warn the native must be careful not to over do, not to lose friends by being too loud, too demanding, even too generous. Mercury here might give a knack for writing in private but also the owner might be too isolated and with no one to talk to the Mercury mental faculties could become troubled with ungrounded fears and paranoia.

Okay, that's it! Those are the basics and once you start putting them into practice you'll find a whole universe of knowledge becomes available!

Have fun,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Reading your Chart Like a Professional Astrologer pt 4 The Houses 1 - 6

The horoscope is divided into twelve pie-shaped wedges that are known as "houses." Like rooms in a house, each area represents an area of our lives and the sorts of experiences we will have there. For example, the Fourth House represents our home and family. If you have your Venus here it indicates that there was be a feeling of love in your childhood home and maybe the house itself is beautiful. The Ninth house represents travel so if you have your Venus in this house love would come into your life through experiences away from home. You might even fall in love with someone while traveling and maybe a beautiful foreigner who's background is very different from your own. The sign (Aries, Taurus, etc.) on the cusp of each house tells us something about the experiences you'll have in these areas too. Someone with Leo on the cusp of the Second house which rules possessions will tend to surround themselves with grand objects that create a bit of drama, whereas someone with Capricorn on the second house would only want utilitarian items that served a purpose.

The First Six Houses

The First House
The first house shows the sign that was ascending over the horizon at the moment you were born. This sign is therefore known as your rising sign or ascendant. The degree on the ascendant changes every four minutes which is why it is so important to have an exact birth time to find out the exact degree of your rising sign. The first house describes your personal point of view, that first impression you got when you popped out and saw the world for the very first time. Therefore the sign on the ascendant is considered the most important bit of information in a chart, even more than the Sun or Moon because it can tell us so much about ourselves, our attitudes, our likes and dislikes and it also tells about the first impression we make on others.

The Second House
If the first house is ourselves, then the next house is our possessions, what gathers around us and what we value. Venus in the second house tends to attract nice things. Uranus in the second would more likely manifest as electrical equipment or unique items that appear suddenly and then move on.

The Third House
The third house tells about things beyond ourselves and our possessions so it rules other people who are still close by, like brothers and sisters and neighbors. Saturn in the third could indicate an older brother or an elderly neighbor who has a significant influence. The sign on the house cusp will also tell us something about our relationship with our siblings and something about the neighborhood we live in. For example, Pisces on the third could give a strong intuitive bond with a brother. It also might mean the neighborhood is without boundaries with plenty of opportunities to roam but also perhaps a danger of getting lost.

The Fourth House.
This house is at the bottom of the chart and so tells a lot about a person's foundations. Saturn here could mean the person grew up in an environment where conditions were somewhat harsh. Maybe only a basic structure for the house or little money for extras. Jupiter in the fourth on the other hand promises a home filled with abundance and learning.

The Fifth House.
Welcome to the fun house! A house is not a home without fun and children so it naturally follows that once the fourth house foundation is secure, children and creative endeavors come next. The sign on the fifth house cusp describes the setting that gives you pleasure and the planets there tell the activities you love. Thus if you have Taurus, the sign of beauty and comfort, on the cusp and the Moon, ruler of children, in the house you will enjoy being involved with children, perhaps as a nanny or you may enjoy painting pictures of children.

The Sixth House.
After the fifth house of creativity, the sixth house defines our regular fixed schedules and routine thus it is often considered to be the house of work and we can look to the sixth to see what sort of daily routine, work, would most suit us. If a person has Gemini on the cusp of the sixth they will want to talk and share information as part of their daily routine so work as a teacher might appeal. On the other hand if a person has Pisces on the cusp of the sixth house they may crave music or they may need a schedule that is very flexible.

This is a lot of information to take in at once so I will leave off telling about the other houses until next week. Meanwhile if you would like me to set up your chart for you complete with your exact ascendant please give me a call. I will need to know your birth date, time and place of birth. It only takes a couple of minutes and if you're going to read a chart like a professional you've got to have an accurate chart!

You're worth it!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, September 20, 2015

How to Read Your Chart Like a Professional Astrologer pt.3 The Signs 7 - 12

Today we continue with our discussion of the signs.

Libra (September 23 - October 23) is the seventh sign of the zodiac. It rules balance, fairness and marriage. If you consider that Virgo is the sign of the bachelor than it makes sense that Libra rules the opposite, the marriage partner. Planets in Libra will reveal what we are looking for in a relationship. Venus, the goddess of love, rules Libra emphasizing that relationships thrive best when people have an attitude of acceptance towards their loved ones rather than attempting to change a partner or to impose restrictions. The previous sign,Virgo, had a reputation for being critical because their job is to look for errors. That's not always the best approach in partnership however, so Libra is known for having developed diplomatic, gracious, good manners.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 22) is the eighth sign of the zodiac. It is the most intense sign of all, as if here the balanced scales of Libra have been swinging back and forth so wildly that now planets in Scorpio manifest their most extreme characteristics. Pluto, the god of life and death and the underworld, is the ruler of Scorpio and where you find Pluto in your chart tells you where you are going to have your most extreme life changing experiences.

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 23) is the ninth sign of the zodiac. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, planets in Sagittarius tell how you will broaden you mind and widen your world. It's as if after all the intensity of Scorpio the soul says, "This is too much! I gotta get out of here. I need to go on vacation, travel, clear my head, get a new perspective."

Capricorn (December 23 - January 22) is the tenth sign of the zodiac. It is ruled by Saturn the planet of experience and harsh reality. it's as if after all the traveling in Sagittarius a soul has accumulated enough experience to have a fairly realistic view of the world. There's a feeling of now wanting to organize the parts of our lives that have become scattered, to make sense of it all. Planets in Capricorn tend to be organized, practical and businesslike. The sign brings out the the dutiful, cautious, and pessimistic side of us.

Aquarius (January 22 - February 21) is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. After the rules and restrictions in Capricorn, Aquarius brings out the rebel. I think of the saying, "You first have to know the rules in order to break them," and that other well used phrase, "Think outside the box." Aquarian energy shakes things up. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and also the ruler of electricity. This makes sense when you consider what a game changer electricity was when the electric light bulb first came on the scene. Whenever you see planets in Aquarius know you are dealing with a player who isn't going to toe the party line. Planets in the sign of The Individual think for themselves and sometimes do unexpected things just to show they can.

Pisces (February 22 - March 21) is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac. Aquarius launched you in whole new directions - Pisces gets you utterly lost in space. Here planets are successful depending on how willing they are to trust their instincts. Neptune, the god of the seas, rules this sign of dreams and things that are nebulous, not solid. Where you have Neptune in your chart shows where you are most likely to be aware of your intuition, where feelings mean more than facts. Planets in Pisces tend to have a hard time maintaining focus but can lead to great spiritual insights.

Okay, now you're ready to start putting together the planets in combination with the sign they are in. A good exercise is to pick a planet and then just run through your mind how that planet might function in each of the signs. Let's take the Moon as an example.

When the Moon, ruling focus and feelings and what one notices or responds too,, is in the sign of the self, Aries, people tend to be self absorbed.
Moon in Taurus = we seek peace and quiet, stability and creature comforts.
Moon in Gemini = we want to communicate, to feel mentally connected.
Moon in Cancer = we want emotional security, a sense of home and family.
Moon in Leo = we respond to children and things that are in a state of developing, being created.
Moon in Virgo = there's a pull towards tidiness, a sense of order.
Moon in Libra = makes us aware of others.
Moon in Scorpio = pulls us towards privacy.
Moon in Sagittarius = gives a desire to travel, to leave past dramas behind.
Moon in Capricorn = a longing for simplicity, system.
Moon in Aquarius = now a desire to change the system, to be unique, original.
Moon in Pisces = a feeling to blend in with the flow, to be one with the greater system.
Now try this exercise with the other planets and soon you'll be talking to the planets like a professional!

Meanwhile, thanks for talking to me!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, September 13, 2015

How to Read Your Chart Like a Professional Astrologer pt.2 The Signs 1 - 6

Reading what others have to say about the stars can be interesting, but getting that sudden flash of clarity on your own is the really fun part - and once you've memorized a few basic principles the planets will indeed begin speaking to you directly. So let's get started on the meanings of the twelve signs and let the "Ah-ha!" moments roll!

Aries (March 20 - April 20) is the first sign of the zodiac. (By the way, when you're talking to someone about their chart and their birth date falls around the 20 - 23 of the month check an astrological calendar to be sure you've got their sign right as the sign doesn't always start exactly on the 20 day of the month.) Just knowing that Aries is the first sign can tell you a lot about the Aries nature. They are known for being courageous, enthusiastic and always eager to try something new. The sign is also associated with sports and competitions where there are rewards for being first. Aries natives rarely hold a grudge which I think explains why they so often end up crossing the finish line first - they don't waste any time worrying about the past!

Taurus (April 20 - May 21) is the second sign of the zodiac and you can remember Taurus traits because they are the exact opposite of Aries. Where Aries is known for moving fast, Taurus is famous for creating stability and being stubborn. Aries travels light, Taurus doesn't want to travel at all and furthermore likes to accumulate stuff. Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. Aries burns energy, Taurus cultivates food, the source of energy. A person born with the Sun in Aries will get things started, a person born with Sun in Taurus will stabilize them.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21) is the third sign of the zodiac. Known as The Twins, you can remember the Gemini characteristics if you think of Gemini as being the result if Aries and Taurus had a kid = one day the Aries energetic nature hops out, the next you meet calm Taurus. So Gemini is known for being a split personality able to change and adapt. It's ruled by the planet Mercury, the messenger who's full of ideas but may not understand them too deeply. If you have a Gemini friend they often delight you with their snappy one-liners but they wont stick around for heavy speeches.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22) comes next and rules the idea of family. It's as if Aries married Taurus, they had the Gemini Twins so now they can create a sense of home with Cancer. Home is where feelings matter more than facts and likewise planets in Cancer will express through moods and intuition rather than logic. It's as if the fast talking Gemini only needs to say a few words and Cancer intuitively grasps the whole concept.

Leo (July 22 - August 23) is the fifth sign and is ruled by the Sun. Thus Leos are known for being the shining Sun/star of the (Cancer) family - and what character is the star of the family? The child of course. So Leo rules children and as children grow and change, Leo is also known for creativity. Children think their parents are the best in the world and likewise Leos want to be proud of their family and are fiercely loyal. Planets in Leo wont hide themselves like the shy-signed Cancer and many successful stage performers have Leo or the Sun prominent in their charts.
Have you noticed how each sign seems to be in some ways the exact opposite of the previous one? Silent Taurus/Talkative Gemini. Shy Cancer ruled by the Moon/ Center-stage Leo ruled by the Sun. If you are wanting to understand a sign you can get some powerful clues just by considering each sign as the flip side of the one that came before.

Virgo (August 23 - September 23) is the sixth sign and is known as the sign of the perfectionist. Flamboyant Leo needs someone to follow after them and tidy up their creative frenzies and polite refined Virgo is just the sign for the job. Planets in Virgo express themselves best in situations that reward precision and a love of doing a job for it's own sake rather than for recognition and applause (I guess Leo got all of that - another example of one sign being the reverse of the previous one).

The first six signs cover the path of a person by themselves. The signs 7 - 12 describe the experiences we encounter when we pair up with others. We'll cover these signs next week.

Until then,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, September 6, 2015

How to Read Your Chart Like a Professional Astrologer pt.1 The Planets

Have you ever wished you could read your own chart but have been overwhelmed with all there is to know? I've decided that over the next two months I'm going to write out an astrological handbook and post it here. If you follow along with me and do the exercises you should be ready by the end of October to do readings yourself - just in time for Halloween!

First of course you need to set up your astrological chart. This used to be a long complicated process but now you can get a chart instantly on the internet by going to If you have any difficulty give me a call and I'll walk you through it.

Once you have your chart the fun of interpretation can begin. There are three basic things we need to know to interpret a chart: The planets, the signs and the houses.

This week we will begin with the study of the planets:

The Sun.
 Every organization needs a creator or boss who guides the crew. The Sun in a chart represents this Creator and the Creator is you, your true self, and the sign the Sun appears in describes the role you create for yourself. Although the other planets in the chart are important, they all circle around the Sun just as while other people are important and have an influence, ultimately you must take responsibility for all that happens in your life - you created it!
Where you find the Sun in your chart, the "house" it is in, tells where you will shine. If the Sun is in the 1st house of the self, you will have radiant good health and will attract attention whenever you walk into the room. In the other hand, if your Sun is in the 7th house of other people you most likely will be at your best working in partnership and could be very successful as a counselor as you help others shine.

The Moon.
  The Sun tells us about our conscious self. The Moon tells us about our unconscious. Her mode of communication is feelings so where we find the Moon in our chart tells us where we have our strongest emotional reactions - what we feel for, what we care about. How smoothly the Sun and the Moon harmonize in a chart will give a clue as to how well our conscious drives mesh with our unconscious desires.

 Messenger of the gods, Mercury tells how you communicate. A strongly placed Mercury - that is, one who is in a sign it operates well in (such as Gemini or Virgo) or that has positive connections to other planets - promises a good mind and indicates the possibility of success in a career that rewards communication skills. A poorly placed Mercury (such as one that is in difficult aspect to Neptune, the planet of lies and deception) warns this will be a lifetime in which one will need to pay particular attention to what they are told and what they sign to be sure there are no misunderstandings. Mercury is in Libra this month where it does well because Libra is the sign of partnership. So it's a good omen for successful negotiations with partners over the next several weeks.

Venus, the goddess of love, tells what you want and how to go about attracting it. Knowing where your Venus is and when you will be having good Venus days is one of the most practical bits of advice you can get from your chart. Venus in Aries loves to be first and often Venus in Aries people will fall in love at first sight - but Venus here can be very fickle and want to move on once the newness wears off. Venus in Capricorn on the other hand, is slow to commit but don't let their careful pace discourage you - they only invest their time where they feel sure it will pay off. Venus turned direct today so friendships should have a feeling of moving forward this week.

Mars is the god of action and also of self-defense. Where you have your Mars in your chart tells you where you are going to want to put your energy. A third house Mars - that is, Mars in the third house, the sign of communication and near neighbors - will be active in the neighborhood and may be known as a bit of a gossip or at least someone who is never at a loss for words. A 9th house Mars - Mars in the house of travel and distant neighbors - will leave home at an early age and travel in this lifetime, always wondering if the grass might be greener over the next horizon. This month Mars is in Leo the sign of showmanship, so we're seeing a lot of flamboyant politicians grandstanding in the news.

Jupiter is the god of expansion, abundance and good fortune. Where he appears in your chart shows where you can expect to have some extra good luck and wiggle-room. Jupiter in your first house could give an expansive nature - and possibly a problem with weight if the person is too generous at the buffet table as Jupiter here can expand your vision but also your waistline. This year Jupiter is in Virgo ruling work and health issues. Could bring expanding work opportunities (or just seeing a lot that needs to get done) and also we should see some health related breakthroughs in the year ahead.

Saturn keeps track of the rules. Where he appears in your chart says this is the area that will suffer if you take short cuts or don't fulfill your commitments. Saturn is usually considered to be a "bad guy" but he can also bring rewards for steady effort over time. Saturn is moving into Sagittarius this month so projects may feel like they are slow to get off the ground (Saturn at the beginning of a sign indicates things getting off to a slow start), but it's always good to have a solid foundation and Saturn will be helping with that over the next couple of months.

 Saturn guards the jail, but Uranus always finds a way to break out. Where Uranus lands in your chart reveals where you are going to shake things up and refuse to be tied down by The Rules. Uranus thinks outside the box and if you have Uranus prominent you may be known for your unusual ideas and unique understandings. Uranus is in Aries these days and as Aries rules the individual we are manifesting stories of people feeling rebellious and refusing to follow the law (Saturn) such as the woman who has gone to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses.

Whenever your feeling confused or sleepy or even romantic - any feeling that is not related to the solid here and now, you're under the influence of Neptune, the god of dreams. Where you find you're Neptune you'll find where you are most likely to have inspiration and compassion but also where you must guard against deception. Many movie stars have elevated Neptunes - that is, Neptune positioned towards the top of the chart meaning it's influence is out in the open. These people enchant us with their magic even though we know it's all a deception. Neptune is strong in Pisces this year, the sign that rules refugees but also compassion. Pope Francis has taken up the cause of the refugees in Europe, a wonderful opportunity for Neptune to dissolve boundaries.

Death, re-birth and transformation. Where you have your Pluto is where you are going to have life changing experiences. I spoke to a woman recently who had Pluto next to the Sun in her chart. She worked as a Life Coach, a perfect manifestation of the Sun-Pluto Transformation influence!
Pluto is in Capricorn for the next several years. As Capricorn rules structure and governments we're seeing tremendous change all over the world in governmental institutions. The old ways are breaking down. Hopefully something better will be reborn. 

Okay, those are the key players. Next week we'll discuss the meaning and influence of the signs.

Meanwhile, circle the calendar for Saturday night, September 12. There will be a New Moon in Virgo. A perfect time to launch a new job and a new health regime.

If you do not have your astrological chart call me and I can give it to you over the phone.

Thanks for reading,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, August 31, 2015

Venus and Mars Play Kissy Face Tuesday

Lots of interesting aspects coming up this week. The Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces on Monday making for so many mixed signals we maybe literally dizzy before the day is through. If you're trying to negotiate any agreements on this day be sure to get your final plans in writing to avoid misunderstandings. Otherwise this line up simply means you have to be careful not to assume too much when it comes to relationships. This is because the Sun represents the signal we're putting out and the planet opposite describes how others receive it. Sun in Virgo suggests we'll think we're being clear and concise but Neptune defuses, confuses and fantasizes so we have to be careful not to ignore what we don't want to hear and also not to be paranoid and think we're hearing things we're not.

Tuesday will bring some much needed clarity when Venus and Mars meet up for their annual hug. Wednesday has some very friendly aspects too. In fact, if you're considering booking a reading either Tuesday or Wednesday would be great days to call as this line up promises to give you practical insights. For now, so many callers have asked me how they can find true love I thought I'd take advantage of this encouraging aspect to write out some of the suggestions people tell me have worked for them.

Finding love really shouldn't be so difficult especially if you follow Rosada's Guide to Match Making Made Easy!

1. Do unto yourself as you would have others do unto you. Hopefully you'll meet a partner who treats you even better, but by taking good care of yourself you're telling the world, "I'm a prize catch" and we know everyone wants to win the prize!

Somethings you can do to be good to yourself: Obviously taking care of your health and dressing for success but there is also one thing we often don't do for ourselves that can be a major turn off. The number one thing we don't always do for ourselves is we don't give ourselves enough time. We try to stuff too much into our busy schedules and end up being chronically late. Surveys show being late is the number one reason people come to be considered unreliable, unsuitable and ultimately, unlovable! So be kind to yourself and keep your schedule realistic - others will love you for it.

2. Let them do for you too! Another interesting social experiment found that people tend to value more what they pay/work more for. Seems odd but it's true. If someone asks to buy you dinner don't pick the cheapest thing on the menu. Studies show people will make more of an effort to see you as being "worth it" because they don't want to think they were wrong to spend so much money on you (within reason of course)!

3. Do what YOU like. Sure you might meet more men at a bar or sporting event, but if you don't share their enthusiasm for drink or love soccer, what's the point? Join a group promoting your own interests - that's where you'll meet a partner who's on your same wave length.

4. Feng Shui your house for love. This means decorating to reinforce the idea of partnership. Take down the picture of the lonely coyote howling at the moon and replace it with a photo of two love birds. If your china is chipped and grungy replace it too. Invest in some cups you're so excited about you'll want to have a party to show them off! And of course box up any momentos from past relationships and get them out of your house. If you can't see buying a whole new bed and mattress set at least toss the old sheets.

5. While we're on the subject of detoxing from former attachments, if you're still trying to to get over a previous engagement get the movie Swingers. I'm not going to go into detail about it here but I promise you, rent that delightful dvd and it will fast forward your recovery by light years. The book How to Survive The Loss of a Love is a healer too.

6. Check out an online dating service. Now if you've never done that you may think that's a really weird scary idea, but I'm not suggesting you should necessarily sign up (although if you do feel to do that call me and we can pick an astrologically perfect time for making sure you get the best results!). The point is that we tend to see in the world what we see in our mind's eye. Thus, if you haven't met anyone with partnership potential lately it may be because you have a limited vision of what's out there and so you're just not recognizing them. When you look online you'll be inundated with pictures and descriptions of all kinds of curious characters and possibilities. Maybe some will appeal to you, maybe they wont. But the mere looking at these folks - trying them on for size! - will stir up your brain to start noticing potential partners in your real world. What ever you put your attention on you're going to manifest more of. Look at websites of people looking for friends and you will manifest people looking for friends!

7. Finally, I get results burning candles. I know this sounds hokie but it works. Red candles are for energizing love relationships. The first time I burned a red candle a bird flew out of a tree and landed right at my feet. It wasn't a knight in shining armor but I did see it as a positive omen. Then later that evening the friend I had burned the candle for called out of the blue. We had had a major falling out and I don't think he even knew why he was calling me but we got things back on track and so now I am definitely a believer! If you would like me to burn a candle for you - I do a special ritual - just ask. There is no charge.

Wishing you the best of love,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Full Moon in Pisces: Dreams Do Come True.

Limiting Saturn at the last degrees of Scorpio put a squelch on good vibrations for many of us this summer. Perhaps with Jupiter in Leo we aimed too high and now things have come crashing down. Or maybe Saturn's relentless focus on reality ruined a light romance or even caused us to feel downright used and forsaken.  Even when there was cause for celebration - like kids graduating from high school and moving on to college - the sense of loss that change brings often over shadowed our awareness of new opportunities now coming in. If you have been one of those experiencing a sense of losing your identity as your role in life has lately evolved, take heart - this week's full moon in Pisces (Saturday, August 29) means you will soon experience a true awakening, a reconnection with your spiritual ideals and hopes for the future!!!!

Good fortune favors the prepared so here are a few suggestions for how to be sure you receive and recognize the spiritual messages coming through next week end:

The Sun will be in Virgo, the sign of healthy living habits. To be sure you are alert and able to receive intuitive guidance make a special effort to eat healthy this week.

The full Moon will be in Pisces so while you may be aware of darkness and suffering, put your attention on the possibility of positive outcomes. 

Mercury is also in Virgo the sign of healing AND practical details - so again we are encouraged to have faith - but also to be sensible!

Venus continues to be retrograde in Leo. Back off from outworn relationships, allegiances and beliefs. If someone isn't responding, don't chase after them. 

Mars in Leo. Activate and celebrate what is good in life this week - by Saturday you'll be seeing good all over.

Jupiter in Virgo. The planet of blessings in the sign of style and uniforms suggests you can enhance your chances and improve your luck by dressing for success. Let your clothes do the heavy lifting!

Saturn at the last degrees of Scorpio means it's time to complete old responsibilities. Do whatever you can before the full Moon to bring your promises up to date. Make room for new opportunities!

Uranus retrograde in Aries : Holding back independence. Along with Saturn at the last degrees of Scorpio, this is the planet that's been holding back our breakthrough revelations until we somehow show we can handle our own power. Use the gifts you've been given wisely this week to demonstrate you won't be spoiled by the incredible mind-blowing insights coming up!

Neptune, the planet of intuition, in Pisces is going to be right there next to the Moon at it's full Saturday. This is why I'm saying the planets are lined up to give you a special personal message this week. As Neptune rules those who have been lost or forgotten, this message will not only help revive your own hurt feelings, but you may also get some clues as to how you can be of real practical assistance to your loved ones who are going through hard times now too.

Finally we have Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto rules death and re-birth. Every month when the Moon meets up with Pluto there is an opportunity to put some chapter of our life to rest and to see where new life is calling. The Moon will join Pluto this month late Tuesday evening. Notice  changes on Tuesday and Wednesday. There's an opportunity to release the past here but we have to recognize and accept this or we might waste a lot of energy trying to hang on or trying to rebuild something that should be let go. This line up may help you see clearly what isn't working but you will need to be patient until the full Moon next Saturday to understand where to focus next.

All in all it's a week full of grand possibilities.
Call me for a reading on your personal opportunity,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturn Leaving Scorpio - Last Chance for a Power Grab

I have a Capricorn friend who tends to be a tad negative. Even when she's trying to be upbeat she can't help but say something that brings the conversation down with a thud. Her most common response, whenever someone speaks of a plan that needs a bit of encouragement, is to give a wide smile and say, "That's a great idea! What could possibly go wrong?"  Naturally this steers the conversation to why the plan will fail and soon the whole idea, whether it was to end war or order a pizza, is tossed aside as undoable. This drives me over the top crazy. I can't seem to make her understand that by simply asking this question she is creating the obstacles. Like so many who have not paused to consider how the Universe works, she tends to think of the physical world around us as something outside of us, something beyond our control. But if you look at the world around you as a response to your most dominant thought, and most particularly as a response to any request or question you have been dwelling on, you quickly come to recognize that there is a link so profound, that your thoughts are so powerful, that you may come to be scared to think of anything at all..

Consider, have you ever been furious about something and then a short time later dropped a plate or had something break? Maybe you weren't even the one who broke it, yet you instinctively recognized there was a connection between your inner tension and the outer crash. I compare it to seeing lightening in your brain and then several seconds later hearing the thunder in the world. Or think of a time you were looking for something. You asked yourself over and over, "Where is it?" and then, for no real reason you wandered into another room and just happen to glance about - and there was your missing item! The Universe responds to our dominant thoughts and manifests them.

It is essential for our spiritual growth and indeed for our physical survival that we get this - that we make the connection that the world around us is our own thoughst and feelings become manifest. Einstein talked about this 50 years ago when he said all is energy vibration. Yet we have been so slow to believe - to BE LIVING - this truth, we have ignored and denied our power for so long that we are now on the brink of world wide global disaster. None of our outer attempts to save the planet are powerful enough. No laws, no armies, no miracle scientific breakthroughs will be able to make a difference. The only thing that will work is the awareness that the outer world is a reflection of our inner state.

There is a story that Ghandi was approached by a woman and asked would he please tell her son to stop eating too much candy. Ghandi said that he would - if she would bring the child back in a week. The woman agreed and when she returned a week later Ghandi admonished the boy to stop eating the sweets. The mother, surprised that there was not more to the conversation asked Ghandi why he had not simply told the boy this the week before. "Ah," Ghandi explained, "A week ago I myself had not stopped eating too much candy." Ghandi understood the world is a reflection of our own inner being. He knew the youngster would be a reflection of him and that until he gave up candy himself, his vibration could not strengthen a child to give up candy.

Saturn is the planet of personal responsibility. It is at the very last degrees of the sign of power, Scorpio, now until mid-September. It's placement here makes us aware that it is time for us to recognize the power of our thoughts and words. If we use this time to be particularly reliable - responsible - we will be rewarded with clear, strong, undeniable evidence that our intentions create our personal Universe. 

Do everything you can in the next 30 days to strengthen the power of your word by being completely reliable. Then as Saturn moves into Sagittarius, the sign of philosophy and travel, you will find your inner conviction has become stronger than the outer world - you'll be able to part the sea!

You've got the power!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Jupiter into Virgo - Good Things Coming in Small Packages.

Jolly Jupiter is leaving lavish Leo and wont be back again till 2026. It might be good to pause for a moment now and reflect on all the good times we've had these last twelve months while he was hosting the party. As Leo rules children, romance and creativity you may have strengthened ties with kids, had a romantic fling or maybe recognized your own creative potential this year. But if you let those opportunities slip by fear not. There's a delicious Moon sextile Jupiter aspect coming up tonight - just right for one last blow out before we all have to straighten out and be sensible as the fun God slips into Virgo Tuesday morning.

Jupiter expands and while in colorful creative Leo you may have been inspired to take on big projects. Now that Jupiter is moving into detail oriented Virgo you may find your energy is focused on fine tuning work already begun. Personally I used the energies to update my kitchen and seating area. Jupiter in courageous Leo gave me the nerve to make some big purchases, a stove and a new couch. I probably should have done it earlier in the year though because I ignored the warnings of Venus being retrograde - a clear signal that the love affair would not last. As its turned out the stove is terrific except for one teeny tiny detail - it needs a special part to connect it to my gas line. The part will be here Tuesday - the day Jupiter goes into Virgo! The couch is totally comfortable but it's Jupiter huge and so much brown in my living room is a real simply depressing. Maybe I'll like it better when Jupiter is in Virgo because brown is Virgo's color but Virgo also rules sewing so I think it's more likely I'll take on a Jupiter/large sewing project and make the couch a slip cover.

To recognize for yourself the opportunities Jupiter in Virgo brings, simply consider the meaning of Virgo and where it is in your chart and imagine these areas of your life are all going to be expanded and blessed when Jupiter enters. For example, Virgo rules health, diet and daily routine. With Jupiter in this sign there is an opportunity for easy improvement here. You may find yourself not only motivated to eat better and in general take better care of yourself, it also shouldn't be too hard to create a health routine and stick with it. I predict there will be major breakthroughs in vitamins and food supplements this year. Tiny pills carrying miraculous healing would perfectly fit the Jupiter/Virgo vibration. One warning - as Jupiter rules expansion there could be health issues from over doing.Whether it's over eating or over fasting, Jupiter can be over the top!

Our daily routine usually involves a job so Jupiter blessing your daily routine could mean having work that you really enjoy this next year. If you don't see that as a possibility then make a point of noticing what you do love about your daily routine. By focusing on what you enjoy you're inviting Jupiter to bring you more of it. Of course here again the expansive nature of Jupiter could manifest as just more work piled higher and deeper. Bottom line: the tendency here is for MORE to come to you in your daily routine. Create a routine that's right and you wont go wrong.

A few words now about the effects of Jupiter in Virgo on the political scene. Donald Trump has been center stage this summer while 4 - 5 planets in Leo put the spotlight on circus entertainers. Now with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all going into Virgo the sign of the skilled worker attention will most likely shift to those who demonstrate the more technical skills of a career politician. Unless Trump can prove he's got some workable ideas, his flamboyant style wont be enough to keep him center stage. However, Virgo does represent a man going forward alone so if the Republican nomination does not go to Trump it's conceivable he will run as an independent.

Should be an exciting week!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, August 3, 2015

Saturn Direct in Scorpio: Going Clear

Saturn is one of the most important planets to examine as you follow the transits. It represents your physical reality, the way you see and experience the universe as you have structured it. The location of transiting Saturn in your chart indicates the part of your life that - like it or not - will be showing who you really are. This is why the first "Saturn Return", which happens at age 28 -29 when Saturn in the sky returns to the place it was when we were born, is considered to be a particularly rough transit. It's a time when it seems the rosy colored glasses are removed and we recognize the world isn't giving out any more free passes - that if we're going to achieve, we're going to have to work. The second Saturn Return is considered to be a much happier occasion. It kicks in when we're around 58 - 60 and often coincides with some sort of recognition and reward for all our efforts.

Currently Saturn is in the sign Scorpio, the sign of shared resources, which manifests either as great power from combined efforts or power struggles as one side strives to dominate. His presence here the last couple of years accounts for the mounting feeling we are living in "the end times" - a sense that civilization has somehow reached a tipping point, that all the woes of the world, the pollution, the corruption etc. - can not be righted and that we're heading for global disaster. Saturn briefly entered Sagittarius at the beginning of 2015 and I noticed then there seemed to be a brief period where people were feeling a bit more optimistic but in March it turned retrograde and moved back into Scorpio as if to say, "Okay, you've had a glimpse of how the world could be (Sag is such an optimist!) but before things can be that way we have to go back and clean up the past." Since then the news has been filled with horrific stories of police/government brutality and the abuse of power as Saturn shows us the harsh reality of what our combined energies have created. The good news is that by bringing these patterns to our awareness we are now at a level of consciousness where we are ready to transform them. I think we're going to see strong evidence of this shift in the upcoming Presidential debates. Saturn at the end of Scorpio is going to be bringing ever more secrets out into the light and then when it enters truth loving Sagittarius there is going to be a groundswell of demands that candidates give substantive real answers.

Would you like to know how Saturn in Sagittarius will be demanding you get real? Here are some possibilities:

ARIES: Saturn in Sagittarius is entering your solar 9th house of philosophy, higher knowledge and travel. (Interesting that higher knowledge and travel are ruled by the same sign - travel opens the mind to learning!) Having the harsh reality planet here may bring an opportunity to travel for work related purposes. Be careful to double check your plans because the passport fairy and the hotel angels wont be allowed to help you this time. Keep your schedule simple and realistic.

TAURUS: Saturn activates your 8th house of shared resources this fall. Don't count on windfalls but it should bring you what is owed. Sex may feel more like work than pleasure but if you put a little thought into it the results could be very rewarding. Remember, Saturn brings you what you've earned.

GEMINI: Saturn is going into your 7th house of partnership, dear Gemini. If you're ready for love, Saturn here may bring someone wise and dependable and there could be a bit of an age difference. If it's not your perfect karmic soul-mate however, Saturn in the 7th  means it's better to be single than to settle for anything less than the best.

CANCER: Saturn will be in your 6th house of work and service. While this could bring tedious chores it can also present an opportunity to work your way to the top. Make a vow to do every job for it's own sake and give it your best.

LEO: Sagittarius is a sign that is compatible with your energy so having Saturn here in your solar 5th house will likely turn out to be a good thing. Children may be involved in your work or you may take on some creative responsibility but over all it should be rewarding. There may be a feeling that chores need to be completed before pleasure or somehow pleasure is delayed, but still it's a fortunate line up.

VIRGO: Virgos will have Saturn transiting their 4th house of the home. Any repairs that have been put off will demand attention now and there maybe a sense of loneliness in the home. Another possibility is that an elderly relative moves into the house or that you find you've got some serious responsibilities on your plate. Strive to keep the house clutter free and you may come to enjoy the simplicity.

LIBRA: With serious Saturn in your 3rd house of ideas and communication you may find yourself wanting to know the facts. It's an excellent opportunity for taking classes and learning something that is of actual use. Warning: Saturn does have a tendency to see the glass half empty. Keep your thinking realistic - not pessimistic!

SCORPIO: Saturn going into your 2nd house of money and possessions demands you keep your financial affairs in order. It may feel like every nickle coming in has somebody else's name on it this fall. The good news is that Saturn here assures you will have what you need - you just may have to buy it at the $1 store.

SAGITTARIUS: Saturn in your sign will bring you opportunities to get focused. This needn't be a bad thing, though. As Saturn rules Capricorn, the sign of your money house, having the ruler of your money on your Sun encourages you to spend money on yourself! If there's any kind of body work you need done - braces? Massage? Tattoo? - now is the time to go for it!

CAPRICORN: Saturn in Sag means he's in your 12th house of hidden matters. If you've been inclined to tell everything you know to everyone you meet this may be when you learn how to keep a few things private. In fact, you may find you just want to drop off the radar screen entirely. Before you go into hiding completely however, consider the possibilities of getting a job where you are working back stage. You could be the power behind the throne!

AQUARIUS: Saturn entering your 11th house of friends and group associations will manifest some fated ties coming into your life. You may feel like pulling back from group activities which could bring heavy duties but you might also connect with a wise old soul willing to guide you to make all your hopes and wishes come true.

PISCES: I know you don't usually go for the spotlight, but Saturn up in your 10th house of fame and reputation is going to bring significant attention to you and your career. Make sure all your paper work is in order and a well deserved promotion could be heading your way.

Saturn will be in Sagittarius for the next couple of years (until December 2017) but we tend to be able to discern most clearly what it's message is all about when it first changes signs. Therefore, I suggest you make a special point of noticing the affects of this planet in Sag this fall. Once you recognize it's presence - and demands! - you'll find it much easier to flow with from then on.

Saturn doesn't have to be a negative, it's really just trying to light up your path


Rosada, EXT 2340