Sunday, March 31, 2013

April and It's Time To Be Reborn - Do you Know Who Your Role Model Is?

There's a lot of talk when a baby first appears about who he looks like and who he takes after. I like that expression "takes after". It implies that as children we were intentionally following someone, a role model. We didn't just grow the way we did at random. Nor were we blindly growing according to a genetically programed predetermined course. We grew up the way we did because we CHOSE someone to follow, to take out after, the someone we wanted to be equal to when we grew up.  Now who this role mode may seem clear to us when we're young - little boys want to be Daddys and little girls want to be Mommys.  But as we grow we become more aware of choices and options and before long we completely lose track of what it was we intended to do when we came to the planet! Fortunately astrology can help. Your astrological chart and particularly the sign on your tenth house of Role Models and Authority Figures shows us what we are looking for to pattern ourselves after in this lifetime. In a man's chart the tenth house often represents the father, a boy's primary role model. In a woman's chart the tenth house may also represent the Mother as she would represent a woman's female role model.

If you are born under the sign Cancer, you have Aries on your solar tenth house cusp so your role model embody's the energy of the planet Mars. You will look to follow courageous types and emulate those who initiate action. You want a boots on the ground leader who knows where he's going and who will cut a clear path for you to follow. Be careful of getting involved with those who are only out for themselves or of becoming selfish yourself.

Leos have Taurus on the midheaven so they follow a guide who has great taste and solid values. Leos look to surround themselves with reliable people who show them how to lie down in green pastures and get through life with a minimum of stress. Leo's may come in contact with negative Taurus traits in working for bosses who are stuck or appearing stubborn themselves.

If you are a Virgo you have Gemini is on your mid-heaven - you're looking to follow people who have quick minds and plenty of interesting ideas to share. You should take a courses in what ever interests you. With Gemini for your role model you'll learn quickly and never be bored.

Librans have Cancer - the sign of mother's and baby's - on the midheaven.  With the Moon as your role model you pay attention to your instincts and look to see what you can contribute. Librans often feel overwhelmed by their parents until they become caregivers themselves.

Scorpios have Leo at the top of their charts which means the Sun is your role model. That may seem counter intuitive when you consider Scorpio rules secrets and hidden things while the Sun brings every thing out into the open. Perhaps it is that Scorpios prefer to ADMIRE a Leo role model while maintaining their position in the background - the power behind the thrown. If you are a Scorpio fashion your self after the best (Sun) in your business.

Sagittarians have Virgo's in the place of their highest aspirations. Sagittarius is the sign of travel and philosophy and seeing the big picture while Virgo rules the tiniest details. I think most of the Sagittarians I've known admire people who can handle details although they don't seem to have much love of that job themselves. So if you're a Sagittarian and you've got Virgo on the mid-heaven you may feel like you've got a nit-picking boss - don't let it get to you. Plus be careful you don't become too much of a perfectionist yourself!

Capricorns have Libra on the tenth and are particularly aware of relationships and admire people who have good ones. With the Libran sign of Equality on their midheaven, Capricorns feel they are equal to The Boss and will only serve those who treat them with respect.

Aquarians have Scorpio on the tenth house cusp. Scorpio's make lousy role models. They are secretive and don't let people know their inner motivations. With Scorpio on the tenth house no wonder so many Aquarians feel they never understood the rules growing up and just had to make up their own. Aquarians do best when they don't try to follow others and are proud of their ability to be self-reliant.

Pisceans look up to Sagittarians. Sagittarius the sign of travel and philosophy, is ruled by the planet Jupiter. If you're wise enough to make Jupiter your guide you will have a successful life indeed. Pisces knows if you trust in the abundance of the Universe and Jupiter will show you the way. Remember to show gratitude.

Just as runner focuses on the finish line, Aries knows how to keep their eye on the prize.  Capricorn rules the finish line,  the 10 house pinnacle of success for Aries. It's a hard path until you accept you choose Saturn as your master. He won't do a thing for you if you can do it for yourself and he's even slow to help even when you genuinely need it. Aries are likely to claim they did everything on their own and with Capricorn/Saturn as their role model they are probably right.

Taurus has Aquarius on the tenth house cusp and Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Another poor choice for a role model, IMHO, because Uranus does what ever he wants and never the same thing twice. Stable Taurus may admire unpredictable Aquarius but as a role model Taurians are more likely to emulate Aquarius' slogan, "All men are created equal," and let everyone do their own thing.

Gemini has nebulous Pisces on the midheaven. No wonder so many Gemini people aspire to write poetry. Neptune's sign on the tenth house gives Gemini a love of the ineffable  and the desire to be able to capture it in words.  Choose who to follow wisely if you have Pisces on your mid-heaven. This well intentioned sign can forget the practical facts of life and make a better spiritual guide than real life guru.

If you don't know your 10th house sign, call me and I can look it up for you. Or just use the inner guide we all have and

Follow your bliss!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Life Within Walking Distance

I stopped driving several years ago when I had a series of seizures which I later figured out were due to the mercury in my fillings. If I clenched my jaw a certain way my teeth would grind together and create an electric spark. The shock would send me into seizures which I actually found kinda interesting cause while it's true I would pass out and then wake up with a screaming headache and occasionally a couple of black eyes, the jolt also gave me major out of body experiences - although I didn't so much feel I went out of my body - it was more that my body disintegrated like magnets flying apart when my mind went blank and no longer magnetized the fragments of light together. Then I'd either "awaken" with my body back around me, or sometimes I'd wake up outside my body - which was very, very scary - and sometimes I'd even wake up in the spirit world where I would be in a spirit body standing before a tribunal where I would be arguing that I shouldn't have to come back to earth quite so soon. But I guess it was always decided I had to come back cause I kept waking up here doing the Earthling Thing.

When I did return to my body, the physical world would seem incredibly beautiful for a day or two - colors brighter, sounds more harmonious, people kinder - but before long things would get ordinary and ho hum again. I think now what happened is this "electric shock treatment" gave me me near death experiences and then I got to feel what it's like to be "born again". These seizures happened over a period of about ten years and I did learn and see many things on "The Other Side" because of them. Then I guess my unconscious finally figured out what was causing the seizures, because one day I was guided to a dentist who recognized the source of my problem. So I had the metal taken out of my teeth five years ago and I've been seizure free ever since. The double good news is that  rather than becoming debilitated from all the shocks, I now have unusually good health. It's like my body understands now how to dissolve and recreate itself. Or maybe it always knew how but I was blocking it. Now I have no resistance to believing the body can renew itself, since I've gone through the experience of having it dissolve and then regroup so many times. I also can contact loved ones and other souls on The Other Side because of what I went through. The only negative of that whole experience with seizures is that during that time out I let my drivers license lapse. I didn't dare drive because although the seizures only happened every year or so, I never knew when they might. So instead I started walking where ever I needed to go. It really wasn't that hard to make the change and now, I'm not sure why, but even though I'm seizure free, I still haven't gotten around to getting my license renewed - maybe because my life  just works on the walking level!  When I asked the I Ching for advice about this it replied with  hexagram 1, line 4, "All paths are appropriate if pursued in virtue and at the proper time." A very reassuring comment indeed, at least for now. That last bit " the proper time." gets me thinking, however.  It may be time for me to get my license and start driving again. Meanwhile it's a beautiful spring day out and my inner voice is calling me to go on outside for a walk.

Before I go I need to give you a heads up about some jolting aspects for all of us coming on Tuesday and Wednesday. Mars in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn Tuesday night and then the Moon in Libra will square Pluto Wednesday morning. These combative and confrontational aspects will particularly affect people born around the 2nd of the month but we all should be conscious of them and thus avoid the impulse to push projects through over other people's objections and definitely beware of pushy drivers. Everyone could benefit from walking this week!

Stop and smell the roses,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Enlightenment Made Easy

Have you ever wondered just what this idea that Time is Speeding Up is all about? I used to ask  various knowledgable people about this and all I ever got in response was a bunch of mumbo jumbo about physics and the speed of light. Today - just as Mercury is turning direct! - I spoke with a fellow who gave me an answer that I think sums it up very nicely.

 My friend was talking about the meaning of December 21, 2012, the day the Mayan calendar marked as the end of one era and the beginning of another and this idea that time is now speeding up. "The meaning of this idea that 'time is speeding up'," he explained, "is that people are experiencing less and less of a time gap between their inner feeling and their outer worlds. For example, a hundred years ago if you were pushing yourself too hard and worrying constantly and then had a heart attack at forty it's doubtful anyone recognized it was the stress that killed you because dying at forty wasn't so unusual then, so people didn't connect the outer world manifestation, the heart attack, with the person's inner attitude. They just assumed you died of Old Age. Today we expect to live longer so when something bad happens to a forty year old we no longer accept it as normal, we look for other causes and recognize the inner  attitude had an effect on their health. With this insight comes the realization that likewise a positive attitude can have a beneficial effect. Over time enough people have seen the connections between inner attitude and outer experience so that now it's taken for granted that of course our inner feeling shapes our outer world and furthermore, finally enough of us have come to this awareness that today we've reached a sort of tipping point in Universal Consciousness. Now whether you personally fully accept the idea that your thoughts become things, enough other people do believe this so now the principal is manifesting more quickly in everybody's life, even non-believers.  Plus, as more people are connecting, becoming enlightened - because this is what enlightenment is - seeing the connection -  the connections are becoming more and more obvious and thus manifesting faster and faster: The more we see it, the more we see it! This will have enormous consequences for all of us in the months ahead because what this means is people are waking up to their power! We no longer think sayings like, "Be the change you want to see in the world" are just sweet platitudes. Hundreds and thousands of us are GETTING IT, really seeing this is how it's done, this is the only way it's done: we  change the outer world by changing our inner life.  What fabulous miracles will be occurring this year as we singlely and collectively go within, focus on our highest good and then recognize it manifesting in our outer worlds. And the more we practice this, the more we exercise this principle, the more we get this, the less resistance we'll have to seeing this is how it works and thus, the more quickly our inner feelings will be manifesting, and time between feeling and seeing will be speeding up."

This conversation got me thinking about The New Moon last week and it's Sabian Symbol. The symbol at the New Moon has meaning for events coming up in the month ahead. The Sabian Symbol for the degree the New Moon was at this month - 22 Pisces - is "A prophet bringing down the new law from the mountain." So did that image millions of faithful astrology fans were focusing on manifest? I think so - last week was when they elected a new pope!  I mean that seems like a pretty close connection between an inner visualization - a new prophet - and an outer manifestation - a new Pope! So now will he breathe fresh life into the Catholic church? Will he indeed be "bringing down new law"? It will be interesting to watch and see if he does - or, since this is what the times demand, what happens to him if he does not...?

This week's Sabian Symbol is chosen for the degree of the first quarter moon coming up on Tuesday, March 19. The moon will be at 30 degrees Gemini and the image is of "A parade of bathing beauties before a large beach crowd, a gathering of goddesses and water nymphs." What could this possibly be referring to? The emphasis on the feminine could bring issues of female empowerment to the forefront. On the other hand, there is only one winner at a beauty contest so perhaps there is a warning here that anyone who has been playing around with multiple partners will be finding their infidelities exposed. I guess we'll have to hold this thought and see what manifests. With the Moon opposing Pluto and Mars conjuncting Uranus this week I wouldn't recommend you fellows telling your wives about all your old girlfriends just now...

The planets this week:

Wednesday March 20 is The Spring Equinox and International Astrology Day.
The moon in Cancer will be opposing Pluto in Capricorn at 2:02 edt. Power struggles and drama between The Individual and Big Government. Not a good time for trying to launch radical change but if you just sweetly keep on keeping on with projects already begun you could accomplish a lot before the Moon enters Leo early Friday morning.

Mars conjuncts Uranus Friday afternoon. The best way to deal with Mars and Uranus is to do things that REWARD disruption and change, cause when these two wise guys get together sparks fly and nothing follows a schedule.

The Moon will trine Pluto on Palm Sunday, a positive aspect for the new Pope's first Easter week. A great aspect for everyone to feel the return of Spring.

Join the Parade!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Leapin' Leprechauns!

The New Moon Monday (3:51 pm est.) happens at 22.24 Pisces. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is the image of A Prophet Bringing Down The New Law From The Mountain. To understand what this might portend in your life try visualizing such a scene and then describe what you see in words. Could the prophet be you channeling new information? Perhaps the prophet is guidance coming to you, either from the outer world or from your own inner wisdom. In our public lives the new moon here may be about manifesting new rules and guidelines at our work, maybe a new contract or even a whole new job. On the universal stage we may note significant new laws and amendments. It could be a caution not to take what others say as "gospel" without considering our own beliefs and whether this "New Law" rings true in your inner being. This aspect is significant for the whole month but may be particularly meaningful on the full and three quarter moon. How ever this energy manifests it's sure to be bringing in the strong Piscean message: when the student is ready, the teacher appears!

Tuesday Mars will begin his month long sojourn in Aries. This is Mar's home sign meaning all the qualities Mars is famous for - initiative, speed but also rash action - will be on parade. After having spent this passed month floating around in Pisces, Mars is now eager to get to work making those Piscean fantasies real. Be careful on this day not to go too far too fast. Uranus is also in Aries and when these two meet up strong feelings of entitlement throw caution to the wind - which could lead to some rude awakenings when the Moon conjuncts both of them and then moves on to square Pluto on Wednesday. Particularly don't get talked into running up your credit cards on get rich quick schemes. Mercury is retrograde so just say, "I'll get back to you."

Hopefully any trouble we find ourselves in at the beginning of the week we'll be able to sort out when the Moon goes into Taurus and trines Pluto Friday morning and continues the flow to a lovely sextile with the Sun (still in Pisces) on Saturday. This Moon in Taurus / Sun in Pisces combo invites you to call your friends for a delicious St. Patrick's Day feast Saturday night. Now there's a Prophet we can all enjoy!

Mercury will turn direct Sunday afternoon, so we can breathe a collective sigh of relief then. Although maybe I shouldn't promise too much - Mercury is in Pisces till mid April and when this planet that rule's the mind is swirling in the Piscean sea of dreams I don't know if direct or retrograde makes any difference. It's the right time for writing poetry though and for remembering that it's all good and that, hey, we're all just making this up anyway!

Think Green!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oscars 2013: Seth MacFarlane and Captain Kirk = Proof Affirmations Work.

Did everyone see Oscar Night last week? Didn't you think it was terrific before the critics came out and thoroughly panned the whole show? I loved it and most folks I know enjoyed themselves too.  So why do you think the reviews were so universally scathing in the morning? I think it had something to do with the Captain Kirk bit. For those who didn't watch, the show opened with William Shatner appearing as Captain Kirk coming back from the future to warn Seth MacFarlane that the next day's headlines were going to read, "Worst Oscar Host Ever! The jokes are tasteless, inappropriate and everyone hates you.." How weird! Right at the beginning of the telecast with lights flashing and cymbals crashing, when everyone is most open and accepting, they make this prediction the show is going to bomb! Talk about a self fulfilling prophecy.. Anyway, while the ordinary viewer probably didn't feel it was so bad, it seems as if every writer, announcer and talk show personality certainly did. Like they all had been hypnotized in that first moment to find everything wrong with The 2013 Academy Awards Ceremony - and that's just what they wrote the next day. I see this as proof we really need to be careful what we say about ourselves - this year's Oscars taught us affirmations do work.

Lots of planets in Pisces this week: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and on Saturday the Moon connects with all of them. Wowza, that should be a full day! But we have to remember we're talking Pisces so visualizations and affirmations will be more effective than outward action now. You may appear to be doing nothing but trying to force results will only create resistance. Have a clear idea and show up on time - then watch and see if people don't pick up on the vibe and start seeing things your way on their own. 

Wednesday morning the Moon conjuncts Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. Make a note of what's happening in your world then - there could be some life altering insights. Wednesday afternoon Venus trines Saturn, perhaps an opportunity to make progress at last? 

Speaking of Saturn, this planet Is very prominent and powerful in everyone's chart this year. It's at the first degrees of the sign Scorpio but it's retrograde until mid-July so we are all of us having a sense of new beginnings somewhere in our lives, yet there is also a feeling the new beginnings are somehow being delayed.  Like we know the check is in the mail but the post office has stopped making deliveries...  Saturn rules responsibility so with this planet retrograde there is the strong possibility that old promises and old responsibilities need to be fulfilled before we can move on to new adventures. Maybe you have some practical matter that needs to be handled, a parent needing help or a class you skipped that now you have to complete. If such is the case for you, relax and take care of business. There's nothing more important going on. Once Saturn turns direct you may not have another chance to go back and finish things the way you'd like.

Mars, the planet of energy and action is in Pisces for another ten days. Pisces rules music. The combination sounds like this weekend would be the perfect time to go dancing!

Pisces also rules sleep. Having the energy planet in this sign could stir up the unconscious. Seems like everyone I talk to mentions they aren't sleeping well lately or else they're having vivid dreams.

Compassionate Venus is in Pisces for another three weeks. Do unto others... Mercury in Pisces for the next month promotes poetry - read some or write some. Neptune will be in Pisces for several years - plant a flowering tree - something beautiful that attacks fairies, 

Or best of all, be the perfect Pisces and just..


Rosada, EXT 2340