Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 29 - Mars Direct, Save The Date!

Wednesday, June 29, is the high spot of this week because that's when Mars turns direct in Scorpio and marks the end of its ten-week retrograde cycle. There's been a lot of frustration and delay in peoples' lives these last three months as plans seemed to be continually stalled almost as if there were some secret force out to block us. If there has been some divine method to the madness I believe  the benefit with Mar's retro in secretive Scorpio has been to cause a lot of problems people had been in denial about to be exacerbated to the point where something had to give. No more Mr Nice Guy as the issues got so intense they had to be brought out into the open.

The Brexit vote is a prime example of the effects of Mars' turning direct and leaving oppressive Scorpio for freedom seeking Sagittarius. Unable to continue to stomach what they felt were oppressive government policies and unwilling to pretend everything was alright any longer, the majority of citizens in England voted to exit the European Union. Whether this will prove to be a wise move is yet to be determined but its a perfect manifestation of the astrological energies around us with Mars in Scorpio moving into Sag saying "Give me liberty or give me death!"

Likewise, in our individual lives we're going to be finding it's no longer productive to stifle our true feelings in order to keep the peace. Just as I am writing this I've gotten a call from a woman asking for a reading about this very issue. She had finally had it with a alcoholic neighbor who had been threatening her off an on since the beginning of the year.  Today she called the police. They came, but when they arrived they explained they could do nothing as they had not themselves witnessed the abuse. But Mars turning direct in Scorpio brought the hidden drama out into the open for her: At the exact moment the police were saying they needed to see the neighbor threatening her for themselves, he appeared and threw a beer can into her yard! Right in front of the cops! So they hauled him away... She was calling me concerned that he might come back and cause more mischief but I felt confident in reassuring her that the stars this week are on the side of protesting - the angels want this nonsense stopped! She was also wondering what was happening to her. Calling the police on someone was totally not her style. This again is Mars turning direct in Scorpio - we've looked deep within and we know our limits.

Another example: Earlier I had a call from a woman who's grown son gives her a lot of unsolicited advice. He had been doing this a lot lately and she was calling because she found herself  suddenly feeling uncharacteristically numb to his bully tactics. She said she still loved him but the truth for her was that frankly, she no longer could give a damn. This too is an example of Mars turning direct and leaving Scorpio. We're tired of drama and we just want out.

If you are recognizing some similar shifts going on in your own world, that is,  if you have been recognizing there are areas in your life where you are supposed to care but suddenly, finally you realize you simply don't, take heart! Mars turning direct will not only give you the energy to pull yourself out of stuck patterns, but in a few weeks it will enter Sagittarius making you aware of new opportunities and possibilities. You may have to realize some old fantasies are never going to happen but the new ones coming in are going to be oh so much more fun!

Bring it on!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Crisis of Character, UFO Sightings and The Full Moon in Sagittarius

There's a new book about the Clintons coming out and from the previews it looks like it's going to be pretty disturbing. Crisis of Character by ex-Secret Service agent Gary Byrnes is a tell all expose concerning sexual shenanigans going on in the oval office during President Clinton's time and it also includes some scathing observations about then First Lady, Hilary Clinton.

The timing for these revelations could not be more astrologically appropriate as we are experiencing a Sagittarian Full Moon Monday at the very last degree of the sign. Sagittarius has to do with publishing and the last degree signifies EVERYTHING coming out. So what will be the  revelations and more importantly, the ramifications?

First I think it will be particularly interesting to observe the reactions of the general public to what is obviously a grave breech of trust by a member of the Secret Service. He had, after all, sworn to protect the President. It strikes me as a curious culmination to the uproar these last few years around the revelations of government snooping into private lives. We could say this drama dates back to when government agent Edward Snowdon exposed the secret emails proving the U.S. government spies on it's own citizens. While we were shocked  to learn the truth about how our government operates, there was more outrage that Mr.Snowdon would tell what he knew. Now the scales have tipped.  Acceptance for government spying has become common place to the point where a Secret Service officer feels comfortable not only spying on the President, but selling a book telling about it! Will the public recognize this hypocrisy? Shouldn't these stories trigger a similar sense of outrage as when Snowdon outed the government? Or if this breech of trust is tolerated shouldn't Snowdon then likewise be forgiven? If Gary Byrnes is seen as a "whistle blower", a citizens doing their public duty, rather than as a squelor betraying the President for money, well then, it's only fair to pardon Snowdon.

Perhaps the public good does demand that these hidden happenings come to light. What I think is troubling however, is the harsh judgements Mr. Byrne makes about Hilary. He claims she had an angry temper and a fascination with guns. He gives as an example a story of her being greeted by a Secret Service agent at the White House, "Good Morning Mrs. First Lady," to which she responded, "F-k you!" Wowza! Admittedly that certainly doesn't sound like we're dealing with an emotionally stable personality here, but then perhaps there was more to the story. After all, she knew the entire White House Secret Service staff was in cahoots to protect her husband's frat boy lifestyle. It's possible she felt no need to pretend she thought these agents were her friends. Rather than smile and act dumb she called them on their b.s. If that was the case then I say "Good, that's just the kind of chutzpah we need in a leader!" Further, what's the big deal with Hilary knowing how to fire a weapon? Seems to me what this Full Moon in Sagittarius is bringing out in the open is yet another  example of women being shamed for claiming their power and refusing to be bullied.

Sagittarius is also the sign ruling Foreigners and Distant Travel so this Full Moon seems to be triggering some amazing stories in that department too. Have you googled UFO activity for this past month? Some fascinating videos of unidentifiable space craft hovering over Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

Other planetary activites worthy of note this week include a beautiful trine between the Sun and Venus in Cancer and the Moon in Pisces next Saturday, June 25, followed by a rare trine between Jupiter and Pluto = a strong opportunity for wishes coming true and renewed faith in the future.

Maybe some good secrets coming out then too!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Neptune Retrograde - Lead Us Not Into Temptation!

Neptune is slowing down and turning retrograde Monday, June 13. This means that for the next 5 months the planet known for dissolving boundaries and promoting awareness of our universal inner connection will be making it easier for us to share the good vibes but also making it much more difficult for us to resist falling in with lower consciousness negativity.

Key points to help us stay on track:

1.Know Your Purpose
True joy must come from within. But if a person has no plan, no focus, no belief or philosophy, Neptune retrograde allows idle pleasures to come streaming in from without. This is what happens to so many of us when we turn on the computer. After intentionally looking up one thing, we find ourselves sucked into reading about all sorts of other nonsense. Sometimes we don't "come to our senses" for hours. I actually need to set a timer to go off so I don't get lost in computer la-la land!

 With the up coming election we are all challenged to be very clear about what we believe in, otherwise Neptune retro means there is a strong possibility of being swayed not by facts but by emotions and by personalities.This is Neptune dissolving our boundaries and of course has very bad results.

2.Don't Compromise Your Values
Neptune also has the effect of making all things appear to be equal. On a good day this means Neptune promotes compassion. Both the robber and the victim are worthy of God's love and both will ultimately leave this life so how can one judge what is right and what is wrong? Neptune retrograde just shrugs and says, "Sometimes you're the hammer, sometimes you're the nail." But do we truly want to live that way?! Neptune retrograde is sure to put us in the position of having to chose. Even in the most mundane areas of our lives we are being tested to define and know and live by our values. Do we spend our money on wholesome food or do we go for the fast-food burger? Do we educate ourselves about the various candidates or do we just vote the party ticket - or not vote at all? We will see the choices everywhere these next five months and as long as we are uncertain of our moral compass we will be constantly weighing things and have no inner peace. However, ultimately these opportunities to consciously choose lead us to recognize that the lower choices bring suffering. Finally when we make up our mind to turn away from the lower pleasures and strive for the higher, the inner conflict is overcome and then we find peace - and even joy.

3. Don't Let Your Ego Tell You You're Special.
 Even when we have become certain of our values, with Neptune retrograde we must not over estimate our ability to resist temptation. One of the most insidious effects of this planet is it's tendency to make us think we are somehow stronger than the outer world's disintegrating influences. Perhaps we think we can safely go out walking after dark or drink without it effecting our judgement or that we can hang with low consciousness people without becoming like them  just because somehow we have "made our decision for Christ" and are now on a "higher vibration". Actually we now more than ever need to see people and situations not with "faith" but with sensible logic. We need to recognize dangers and protect ourselves if we are going to remain unharmed.

The good news is that if we follow these simple guidelines, have a focus, stick with it and don't fool ourselves into thinking we're stronger than we are, Neptune retrograde will lead us out of the world of suffering and into a place of great good fortune and success.

Love is lifting us higher and higher,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, June 6, 2016

Can This Marriage be Saved? Venus Gives The Clues.

This week starts off happily enough with the Goddess of Love - Venus - meeting up with her soulmate, Apollo the Sun-God on Monday June 6. Lots of reasons to be happy now but there are some clouds coming up on the horizon on Thursday, June 9, when Mercury - the messenger - opposes angry Mars. News wise we're hearing that Hilary sewed up the Democratic nomination today so plenty of people are feeling happy about that. I wonder if this Mercury /Mars opposition will stir up some controversy about it though or perhaps Bernie will not drop out but will continue to put up a fight. Or we may see some particularly nasty tweets from the Trump camp as Mercury in Taurus stubbornly holds onto opinions - facts be damned! - and  Mars in Scorpio is known for sarcasm. As for your relationship, if you've been keeping secrets they could come out now so better have your story straight.

On Sunday Mercury moves into Gemini, his home sign where he's more willing to exchange ideas and information so we may at last begin to get some real discussions going. Partnership-wise this new development is very encouraging for being able to finally start to understand the other person's language. Know this brighter day is coming as you navigate the week and particularly put off trying to win any arguments on Thursday.

Very interesting line up of planets coming up later on this month that could be good to know about now -
There was a full Moon at the FIRST degree of Sagittarius on May 21 last month and there will be a full Moon at the LAST degree of Sagittarius on June 20 this month. The Full Moon is the time when things come out in the open. Sagittarius is the sign of travel, foreigners, higher education and the law. (You can see the connections if you consider that travel causes us to have a much broader understanding of the world and to come in contact with foreigners and thus the need to have laws.) It's the sign ruling Truth and Philosophy. Together this means opportunities for wider understanding - miracles even. Interesting that one of the stories all over the news at this time is about Trump's legal difficulties - the law - with his now defunct Trump University - higher education - and the judge who is of Mexican heritage - foreigners. The full Moon at the first degree of Sag put the spot-light on foreign ideas, and now the full Moon at the last degree suggests we'll be seeing some sort of results at that time. For you personally you may be drawn to consider foreign ideas - like alternative medicine for example - or to rethink your philosophy and discover what you really stand for.

 As Jupiter ruled Sagittarius is known for creating miracles we really could see some wonderful breakthroughs in all sorts of situations. If you have been wrestling with some seemingly insurmountable problems lately, take heart. Spend the next two weeks practicing your faith and watch for God and the angels to bless the results..

It's a good thing!

Rosada, EXT 2340