Monday, May 27, 2013

Becoming Psychic

It's easy to develop psychic abilities. The biggest hurdle is not believing it's possible. If you can put aside ideas like "Psychics have to be born gifted" or "Only years of meditation on a Himalayan mountain top will open your third eye chakra" and at least consider the possibility that we all have a sixth sense...well, amazing results start materializing pretty quickly.

There's an unusual Mercury conjunct Venus conjunct Jupiter in Gemini aspect forming this week and it offers us a rare opportunity to connect and support each other in developing our psychic potentials. It's like the doors to a cosmic classroom have opened and we are all invited to step in so why not do it? I'm going to post a series of lessons for us here over the next month or so. Let's see what we can create together!

Lesson One: Mind Reading.

Do you often know who is calling before you answer the phone? Get in the habit of saying out loud who you think is on the line before you pick up. This will build your confidence that you can indeed do this.

One of the quickest ways to know what another person is thinking is to mimic their body language. Notice how they hold themselves and then arrange yourself in that same position. Try to match your breathing to their's too. In less than a minute you will find yourself feeling the other person's mood and possibly even getting images in your mind identical to theirs. Some people will be easier for you to read than others. See if you can practice with a friend you have some rapport with. Before long you'll notice you are able to read quite a variety of people. 

Next try sending mental messages - that is, see if you can get others to pick up on what you are thinking. A subtle and useful exercise is to have an idea you would like to introduce into a conversation - perhaps a joke you'd like to tell. Rather than simply blurting it out, mentally ask the people you are talking to to give you an opening. Then quietly wait for your cue. It won't be long before someone will make a comment that is the perfect introduction to what you are wanting to say.

Now that you've had a bit of experience, find a friend to practice sending and receiving messages with on a regular basis. I have a friend I exchange psychic "hellos" with first thing every morning. We've been doing this for years and now we've gotten our connection so strong we can intuitively tell if the other person is awake or asleep, happy or sad and often we can even have brief "conversations" that later when we talk we find the messages did indeed get through!

 Another good time to practice your psychic mind reading is while out walking with your friend. As you walk together your body and your breathing comes in sync and your minds become quiet and it's a perfect time for playing "what color am I thinking of?" or "what number?" One important guideline, overtime you will become better at this but in the beginning you may have fewer hits than misses. Avoid labeling guesses wrong. You are tapping into your unconscious here and it takes awhile to fine tune it. Also you may get more than you bargained for.  One time I was jogging with a friend and trying to vibe her the color red. She didn't receive any particular color but started describing an argument I'd had with a neighbor earlier that day! Yikes!

Astrological happenings to be aware of this week:

The Moon conjuncts Pluto early Monday morning. This aspect comes around once every month and it always marks a moment of endings and new beginnings. There could be a significant event or it may be more subtle. For example, you may have been day-dreaming about doing something and when the moon-Pluto connects you find your idea morphs from a vague vision into a real plan.

The Moon trines Mercury, Venus and Jupiter Thursday May 30. Should be a lovely day for travel and making connections.

Mars enters Gemini and the Sun sextiles Uranus next weekend: ideal for parties and light hearted conversation with old friends and new.

If it looks like a great week ahead to you - well, I think you just read my mind!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Saturn Retrograde, Uranus Square Pluto and the Full Moon Eclipse.

 I frequently will KNOW where the planets are, I'll even have been studying them, reading up and writing down everything I can learn about them - and then I'll trot out the door and get into exactly the sort of trouble they were trying to warn me against. So today I'm putting the big three astrological events coming up right in the title to help us all zero in on what's important this week.

First recognize that Saturn is retrograde until July 8th.
 When planets are retrograde they keep the area of your life they control in a sort of limbo state. They lose their power to initiate and move things forward. Most of us are familiar with the idea that when Mercury is retrograde communications get all confused. Mercury rules the mind and retrograde it just can't keep up. Saturn rules responsibility,  commitment and harsh reality - the way things are without any rosy colored glasses. Saturn believes tomorrow won't be much different from today, certainly no better and retrograde Saturn thinks things will be even worse! When Saturn is retrograde people tend to be pessimistic about the future. We hold off making purchases or promises - we instinctively know not to to trust that the money is in the mail or that love will last. The result is something of a self fulfilling prophecy - people want surety before they commit and when they can't get it they may end a partnership all together. The smart ones consider where the planets are and realize when Saturn is retrograde it's in our own best interest not to push for commitment! Most likely there is some glitch we don't know about and when it's finally resolved we'll be glad we hadn't already given up our options. For example a caller was frustrated that she couldn't get transportation to a wedding. She wondered if she should reserve a plane ticket. The stars said not to make that commitment. Later she told me the wedding had been called off. Bottom line: With Saturn retrograde, if plans don't fall in place easily have PATIENCE (Saturn's favorite word) until they do. You'll gain a REPUTATION (another Saturn term) for having great wisdom.

Uranus' square to Pluto will be exact Monday evening, May 20th.
Because Pluto and Uranus will be going in and out of retrograde in the months ahead, these two slow moving planets will be connecting with each other again and again before Uranus gets passed Pluto and moves on. This means the tensions created when these two cross paths will be active for several years yet - until March of 2015 to be exact. Pluto rules power and control while Uranus rules upset and upheaval. Their locking horns is reflected in the current financial mess we see in the world today where a few corporations/individuals seemingly hold all the money/power while the majority of citizens feel their rights and opportunities are being suffocated. The current uproar in this country about the IRS targeting conservative political parties is an example of Pluto (the all powerful IRS) abusing Uranus (the political groups). We may see this scandal coming to a head this week when the Moon goes into Scorpio and puts the spotlight on all that is dark and hidden. Because Pluto is also retrograde now (and will be through the summer), we may see the government held in check and unable to make as many successful demands as it would like.
 In out personal lives this aspect gives us a heads up to be SELF-RELIANT  (Uranus) and not get MANIPULATED (Pluto). A personal example from my own life: I've been asked volunteer at the local community center on the day of the square. I am happy to oblige - I think I'll meet some unique Uranus type souls there - but when they asked me to also donate a dessert I turned them down. I knew I wouldn't be able to resist the Pluto-power of chocolate and would eat half of it myself so I had to say no. Hmmm...I guess that's also an example of not over committing with Saturn retrograde. 

The full moon will be a lunar eclipse on Friday May 24th.
Everything comes out in the open under a full moon - especially this one in Sagittarius, sign of the TRUTH. It's following a harsh Moon in Scorpio opposition Mars in Taurus. While this could indicate some major dramas in Washington D.C. it might also give us all an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to remain calm and true even under fire.

Okay, that's three for the road - have a good trip!

P.S. There's a delightful opportunity next weekend when the Moon in Gemini trines Uranus Saturday morning until it enters Capricorn Sunday night. Grand for both WORK and PLAY.

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The One Thing I Want You To Do.

Someone sent me an email titled "The 33 Steps to Enlightenment." It was full of insights and good suggestions but I have to tell you, I forgot half of them before I even finished reading the list! This led me to compose a list of my own: Your Personal Astrological Guide to Happiness. It's made up of proverbs and phrases I'm pretty sure we're all familiar with plus I've linked them to the astrological symbols to make them easier to remember. I'm posting it here today but I'm not suggesting you attempt doing them all, rather I hope you will pick out just one suggestion, perhaps one that fits your astrological sign, and give it a try. If we make an intention - like to be happy - and then consciously chose one thing to focus on, we can count on our unconscious mind to take care of the rest!

Your Personal Astrological Guide to Happiness.

Advice from the planets:

The Sun: Live in The Now.
Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that's why we call it The Present.

The Moon: Love the one you're with.
Positive social relationships create much of our happiness. Nurture your connections. 

Mercury: Rise and shine on time.
Getting up at the same time every day and having a regular morning routine gives your brain a chance to wake up gently. It's depressing to have to start thinking when you're computer is still asleep!

Venus: Do onto others as you would have them do unto you.
Kindness is contagious PLUS it's also proven to trigger the feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters (serotonin, etc.) that make you happier.

Mars: Exercise!

Jupiter: Teach only love.
It's so tempting to talk negatively about others but your brain processes everything you say as if you are saying it about yourself. (Yikes!)

Saturn: K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple, Silly.
Clutter = chaos = depression.

Uranus: Birds of a feather flock together.
This planet represents independence but Uranus also rules friendships, the people we surround ourselves with. Our chosen people may be utterly unique and different from us but they still influence us. Surround yourself with people you admire and want to grow to be more like - because that's exactly what will happen. 

Neptune: Accept what cannot be changed.
Happy people know how to pick their battles and don't sacrifice their time and energy to no purpose.

Pluto: You've got the power.
Avoid letting others manipulate the way you live. 

Advice from the signs;

Aries: Be yourself - everyone else is taken.

Taurus: Count your blessings.
Literally. Keep a journal. Write down good things about your life. Review it often.

Gemini: Silence is golden.
Yes, Gemini rules communication but God gave us two ears and only one mouth so we would listen twice as much as we speak!

Cancer: Eat well.

Leo: Don't sweat the small stuff.
After all, Leo is the sign of nobility!

Virgo: Find a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life.

Libra: Maintain a balanced view, don't compare yourself to others.

Scorpio: Let go of grudges. Transform lemons into lemon meringue pie! 

Sagittarius: Think Big.

Capricorn: The buck stops here.
Happy people take responsibility and avoid making excuses.

Aquarius: Think outside the box.
Change your inner dialog so that any time you have a "problem" you train your mind to view it as an opportunity to be creative.

Pisces: Get enough sleep and... Dream.

Okay, that's the message of the stars for this week.
Oh, and one more thing I want you to do -
Give me a call or post a comment and let me know your own best ideas for staying happy.

I'll print them here next week. Until then

I'll be talking to you,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tapping Into Power.

Isn't the power of focused attention amazing? Last week I wrote about affirmations. This week I've discovered a whole book on the subject is topping the The New York Times Best Seller list! "The Tapping Solution" takes doing affirmations to a whole new level by combining speaking affirmations with tapping different parts of the body. There's more to it than that but it's still pretty simple: Tap all around your eyes, mouth, neck, chest, underarm and the fleshy side of your hand while stating first what it is you don't like about your current situation and then say, "I still totally and completely accept myself." For example, as I have been working on getting my driver's license a suitable affirmation for me according to this method would be, "Even though I don't have a license I still totally and completely accept myself" The idea is that we must first accept the situation as it is before we can change it. Kinda like you have to first get into the car before you can drive it. I intend to try this technique because as you will see, I haven't gotten my Learner's Permit yet but first I want to report to you the results of my own affirmation experiment of last week.

If you read last week's column you know that I am wanting to start driving again. I've driven in the past but I did not renew my license when my husband I moved to a mountain top in Washington about ten years ago. We had sold our car and bought a 4 wheel drive truck - perfect for snow country but too big and scary for me. Since there was no place I wanted to go and my husband was always there to drive if we needed to travel to town, I let my license lapse and decided to enjoy life in the slow lane. I didn't  miss driving and indeed I had so many pleasant adventures on foot I even thought about writing a book, "Life Within Walking Distance," all about the delightful and bizarre experiences I've had just taking things one step at a time. Last year however my husband passed away and I decided to leave our  mountain cabin and move back to my home state of California. While I think I could continue to navigate without wheels here, I've decided it would be good to at least have the option to drive if I ever want to. So I set out to re-activate my license which meant first getting a Learner's Permit and getting a permit meant taking a test. Auuugh! Every time I went to the DMV there was a long line or else it was just closed. I really was starting to think this was somehow A Sign that I wasn't meant to drive. But just as I was mulling over that discouraging thought I heard several people talking about how they too were having frustrating experiences getting their licenses renewed so that too seemed to be A Sign, a sign a lot of people were having the same problem and that I shouldn't give up. So that's when I decided I needed some extra energy on the situation and posted my affirmation here. I declared and decreed that I would have a Learner's Permit by the end of last week! Here's what happened...

Things started out very well - amazingly well. On Monday I had no trouble scheduling an appointment to take the test on Wednesday. On Tuesday my neighbor came over and asked would I be interested in buying her car? I had never met this woman before but she had noticed I always walked. It seems she is planning to move to Hawaii at the end of the month and thought I might be able to use her car. She offered me a very fair price and I immediately said yes. Now I really had incentive to get my license! Then just as we were discussing the possibilities another neighbor came by and insisted that she would help prepare me for the driving test. We all jumped into her car and headed out of town where I spent about an hour going up and down dirt roads getting familiar with being behind a wheel again. I had no trouble and we all had a grand time laughing and reminiscing about how each of us had first learned to drive. I came home confident and ready to take The Test.

And then..changes. My son called Wednesday morning just as I was heading out the door to the DMV. I won't go into all the details here, but the gist of what he was calling to tell me was that for tax purposes I need to maintain my status as a Washington resident for another couple of months. Getting a California Driver's Learner's Permit could make me appear to be a California resident and jeprodize that status. How did he know to call just then? The last time we'd talked he was urging me to get my license and I was telling him I had sworn off driving forever and yet here he was calling at the exact moment I was about to change all that. Anyway, long story short, I decided this call too was a sign and rather than stubbornly insisting upon having things my own way I decided to postpone getting the permit until July.

So what do we learn from this? I haven't sorted it all out yet, but I think I'm seeing a very interesting example of personal will versus Divine Will. Or maybe not "versus", more like an example of aligning one's own will with the greater flow. I didn't manifest my intention, that is, I didn't get my permit by the end of last week, but I think I got a lot closer to it - a car and a driving lesson! Plus I could have gotten it but I CHOSE not to continue which I think is an important consideration. Bottomline, I think making the affirmation got me focused and got my energy moving. The real test now will be if I follow through and get the permit next month - or do I just keep manifesting excuses?

Stay tuned,

Rosada, EXT 2340