Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sun - Pluto Opposition July 4. Fireworks Celebration!

There's a sense of renewed enthusiasm for each of us personally at the start of this week as Mercury stops reviewing the past and prepares to move forward again. Projects long delayed seem viable once more and there's a desire for old hurts to be resolved so new adventures can begin.. The euphoric feeling of optimism may be only a short lived moment, however as the heart-warming Sun quickly comes up against cold-hearted Pluto Friday July 4 in a Cancer-Capricorn opposition frustrating efforts to let bygones be bygones. Power struggles and passive aggressive standoffs can make fresh starts nearly impossible. Saturn retrograde in Scorpio wants to dig deeper into what "really" happened while Mars in Libra wants to endlessly weigh and measure in the interests of "justice". If you feel yourself being distracted by these interminable he said/she said debates call on Uranus in Aries to support your independence and don't get dragged in. If there was a real problem to be solved doubtless it will come up again and next time you can handle it more gracefully. For now just pronounce all situations healed and keep moving.

For our country the Sun - Pluto opposition may not be so easy to rise above. The Sun represents the God of Life while Pluto embodies the God of Death. Having them exactly opposed on July fourth, our country's birthday and the day we as a nation begin our next cycle, indicates the year ahead will be a time of major transformation for all of us under the care of Uncle Sam. I suspect the Sun being in the sign Cancer ruling memories focusing attention on Pluto, the keeper of hidden things now in Capricorn - the sign of time and karma  - will result in subtleties of our past history hitherto buried, coming up out of their graves to be properly acknowledged. Will having the truth come out be good news or bad news for our government and for us as a nation?

It's a major line up of planets this week and how you align with it will carry you for some time.

How you can align positively with the flow:

Mercury turning direct in Gemini means this is a time when it's important to be informed. Pluto's dark power is an expression of ignorance. When the Sun turns it's light on the dark disappears. Align with Mercury by giving clear answers - avoid as much as possible knowingly coloring stories for a bit of drama.

Saturn retrograde in Scorpio is holding back on taking on more responsibilities now. Align with Saturn by recognizing where you have left over promises to keep - and keep them. If you find yourself caught up worrying about the future it's most likely a mental distraction indicating part of you is trying to avoid some chore in the here and now.

On a more upbeat note there is a really productive period Thursday July 3, late afternoon and evening. The Moon in Virgo sextiles Jupiter in Cancer meaning also sorts of work and necessary details can be well handled. Get things completed and out of the way. Then when the Sun opposes Pluto on Friday the only hidden secrets to be revealed will be how well and happy we are. 

Now that's cause for a celebration -
…From sea to shinning sea!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, June 22, 2014

ABC's of Venus in Gemini - Always Be Charming

Venus leaves Taurus tomorrow and enters a new sign. See if you can recognize the shift. While in Taurus the emphasis was on art, music, entertainment and luxury items. When you look back over the last month can you see where an extra focus was put on these areas in your life? I went to a family reunion - entertainment! - and also spent a ridiculous amount of time on the internet looking at luxury items. Venus in Taurus is also favorable for investigating business opportunities and a few of those came up too. The planet is moving on however, so what absorbed our passions only a week ago may now no longer hold our attention...

Venus enters Gemini Monday, June 23. Venus rules love and Gemini is the sign of communication so for the next five weeks while Venus is in this sign watch for opportunities to enjoy pleasant social and romantic connections. Even business communications are primed to be more fun than work.  

ABC's for Venus in Gemini. 
Print out this list and see how many of these events show up in your life now through July:

1. Venus in Gemini favors TACTFUL SPEECH and graceful communication. You'll be best able to get your point across when you send and receive short cheerful messages. Text a few love notes. For  those in business, when Venus is in Gemini it pays to advertise.

2. Gemini rules light reading material. Venus here should bring some GOOD BOOKS our way.

3. This Venus period will be a good time for SHORT TRIPS connected with social activity, pleasure, romance, business or artistic endeavors.

4. As Gemini promotes connecting with those who are close by (as opposed to Sagittarius which rules distant lands), now is the time to strengthen friendly ties with brothers, sisters, neighbors and co-workers.

5. BEWARE of the Venus in Gemini's tendency to waste time talking about trivial matters.

The Cancer New Moon will be on Friday, June 27, making first a trine to Neptune (fantasies) and then with Saturn (practicalities). This tells us that by first visualizing where we want to go, we'll more likely manifest the means for getting there. As both planets are retrograde the emphasis is on completing old projects - perhaps making a dream you'd nearly given up come true at last? Actually there are quite an unusual number of planets retrograde at this time - Mercury, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto, which makes this summer ideal for bringing things up to date and for completions - but it is not the easiest time for launching something entirely new.

Mars will be moving to an exact opposition to Uranus on Tuesday. Give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to be as the airwaves will be filled with the static and nobody will feel like following the rules.

Always Be You!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Venus Sextile Jupiter and Your Right to Be Rich

Summer Solstice Saturday June 21. This is the longest day of the year and the day the Sun goes into the sign Cancer. Supposedly there are more millionaires born when the Sun is in Cancer than under any other sign. I don't know if this is true or even how one would go about finding out such information but since I was born a Crab I definitely find the idea intriguing! Actually, it would make sense for Cancerians to be among the rich because Cancer is the sign that rules real estate and security in general.  Presumably giving these areas of life attention would tend to promote a healthy bank account. Another reason Cancer is known for creating wealth is that the sign also rules the emotions and certainly it is our feelings that determine our sense of prosperity. Today I want to talk about how we can enhance our wealth and abundance feelings.

First a story to illustrate how important our feelings are in creating the prosperous life. Some years ago a friend convinced me to buy some Iraqi dinar. Dinar is the name of the currency used in Iraq and one dinar is worth about a tenth of a penny. Speculators have invested in this currency hoping that when the war is over the Iraqi government will re-value the dinar to be worth more and thus the speculators who bought it at the low value will make  money when it is re-valued at a higher rate.. At the time I bought mine, the Iraqi government seemed to be stabilizing and people were certain the dinar would be increasing in value any minute. Thus, I very carefully carried my dinar with me and although I had only  about $100 worth, I FELT as if I was carrying $100,000! I did this for a week before I realized that a re-evaluation was not coming anytime soon and stopped taking it with me everywhere I went. However, the curious thing is that during that week when I thought I had thousands of dollars in my purse AMAZING things happened. Not only did lights turn green and parking places miraculously appear, I was given the best seats in restaurants and I was even bumped up to first class on an airplane trip. I FELT as if I were rich so I got treated as if I were rich! Rule number one for creating the experience of abundance is do whatever it takes to FEEL abundant - with or without the cash to go with it.

Some simple ways to jump start your feelings of wealth: 

1. Recognize your right to be rich. While we tend to think of money comes a reward for outstanding service and accomplishment, the reality is that money also comes to those who have done nothing to deserve it. Have movie stars really done anything so incredibly special so as to deserve their million dollar salaries? No. And for that matter, do the less advantaged deserve to be poor? Of course not. When we think about it we realize that money does not necessarily go to those who have earned it and often it goes to those who haven't earned it at all. Still, since on some inner level we do tend to believe money will only come to us if we "work" for it, it's important do something to make yourself feel you've got a right to abundance. It doesn't have to be a major accomplishment. Simply cleaning the house or being nice to your mother-in-law can make you feel you deserve the moon!

2. Dress for success. Seems like a no-brainer but how often do we put on grubbies letting our much nicer clothes hang in our closets endlessly waiting for a more special occasion? This reminds me of the one about the time Caesar was disappointed that the evening meal presented to him was not as lavish as usual. When he complained, his cook explained that as there were no guests that evening he hadn't felt it necessary to prepare a sumptuous dinner. Caesar reprimanded him saying, "Ah, but tonight Caesar dines with Caesar!" So don't wait - dress up - YOU are the special occasion!

3. Put energy into your life as it is.  Don't wait for a better opportunity. Work with what you have, from where you are right now. Do not assume that just because you start from scratch you're going to be scratching forever! When you put energy - attention, focus - into a situation it changes. This is natural law. Put energy into your life and it will grow and evolve. I had a friend who wanted to get a new motorhome. She was living in one but it was old and the interior paint was that awful burnt orange color so popular years ago. Her sister happened to give her a beautiful white bedspread. When she put it on her couch it lightened up the whole feeling of the place. It was still an old dumpy trailer but this small improvement inspired her to go further and to get some flowers for the front entrance. These  changes also brightened things a bit but then as her feelings lifted the real miracle happened = the next day an ad appeared in the paper offering a free well-cared for motorhome to anyone who would haul it away! My friend quickly answered the ad and soon had a home to match her good feelings. She had directed energy into improving her situation and The Universe multiplied her efforts ten-fold! 

To sum things up, begin building your prosperity by first recognizing you have the right to wealth and all the good things this life has to offer then live in such a way that you can be proud of yourself - for  abundance will only open up for you when you are feeling deserving. Next start "living rich" right now where ever you are with whatever you have. Fix your hair! Use the good dishes! 90% of success is just showing up. And finally don't wait for better opportunities. Move forward putting energy into improving your life right now - then watch the opportunities come!

Venus will be sextiling Jupiter Tuesday June 17. Put these ideas into action then and see results fast!

Blessings to us all,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Moon Trine Jupiter: Making The Most of Your Opportunities

The Moon enters Scorpio Monday morning and proceeds to make one positive connection after another. Grab hold of these energies early because by midweek things quickly change and it's not going to be such an easy ride - but let's focus on the good things first:

Scorpio is the most intense sign and when the Moon is here she feels everything to the highest degree - and of course then we do too. Joy, passion, betrayal, nothing in small measure. How fitting that the latest big news story being singled out for our attention is about Sergeant Bergdahl, the soldier rescued in Afghanistan. First considered a prisoner of war and a hero, now he's suspected of being a defector. The facts are unclear and the media is using this story to stir up public opinion into a Scorpionic emotional frenzy. Astrologically,it seems the gods are offering us an opportunity to either be manipulated by the media's latest spin, or to withhold judgement and with Scorpio like calm wait and dig deeper. The Moon will be trining Mercury Monday morning so important information could come to light then.

Meanwhile, in our individual lives, if there have been misunderstandings this planetary line-up offers a time for frank conversation as the Scorpio influence will bring hidden facts out in the open.

 With this welcomed clarity the Moon will next conjunct Saturn, the planet of rules and limitations. The pairing could indicate people are ready to come to agreements and could provide an excellent time to make commitments. This positive indication is further supported by the Moon's final aspect - a trine to Jupiter. Honest negotiations should work out well for everyone. Perhaps a happy ending for Sergeant Bergdahl?

Not quite yet. Wednesday, June 11, the Moon enters Sagittarius, the sign ruling expansion, travel, philosophy and the hips. (I often tell people that when Sagittarius is prominent we can either expand our lives through travel, or our minds through philosophy, or else we can stay home and expand our hips!) This month the Moon here will be squaring (not good) Neptune before it trines (good) Uranus. Neptune's influence can fog and confuse so after the first days of the week offering clarity we now have the danger of new lies and deception - and a new challenge. Do we agree with the conclusions of our President or the media? The positive alignment with Uranus, the planet of independent thinking, now demands we decide for ourselves and not be hypnotized by spin. 

And there's no avoiding taking a side because Thursday June 12 diplomatic Venus has to make a harsh opposition to realistic Saturn. Bottom-line realities could be forcing everyone to abandon cherished fantasies of American moral superiority. In the Sergeant Bergdahl story, the Moon in Sagittarius will present us with hard philosophical questions. If the soldier did indeed desert but he did it because he felt  as he said in his emails home, that a true American would not randomly shoot children as the other members of his platoon were doing, what then is our position? Do we support a government that invades a foreign country and shoots children? Or do we wish we too could have the moral courage to put down the weapon and just say no? Stay tuned because the final aspect Thursday will be a full Moon in Sagittarius opposing the Sun in Gemini - beliefs will be made public with no place to hide.

Thus when the week ends with an extremely angry Mars in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn negotiations with The Powers That Be are not likely to run smoothly with neither side being willing to meekly back down. The concluding realistic Capricorn Moon opposing an extravagant Jupiter favors those who know the facts and warns people caught between a rock and a hard place may gamble more than they should. Whatever happens we're going to want to be able to say we kept informed and didn't let anyone else do our thinking for us.

Keeping it real,

Rosada, EXT 2340