Monday, August 29, 2016

Venus into Libra: It All Balances Out.

Insane line up of planets this week, Fellow Truth Seekers:
Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo telling us not to move forward with work and health issues...meaning what? Back up from plans to start new jobs? Physician heal thyself? 
 But this is completely contrary to the message of the New Moon in Virgo on Thursday, September 1 because a New Moon means this is absolutely the perfect time for launching new projects! So hold off on new beginnings or move full speed ahead?Arrugh... it's crazy making!

Well, we should probably consider that this New Moon is also going to be a Solar Eclipse and eclipses always make things a bit squirrely. so probably the best advice is to delay new beginnings this month, particularly because we're also facing a very peculiar Sun, Neptune, Saturn mix-up. The Sun stands for truth, Neptune creates deception and Saturn rules time limits. It's as if the Gods are saying, "Tell the truth right now, even if you have to make something up!"

Hmm... now that I think about it, that certainly fits in with the news story of Donald Trump getting his physician (Sun in Virgo - health issue) to sign an official document (Saturn) that we now are hearing he may not have written at all (Neptune - deception)!

Anyway, bottom line is, if you're not confused this week you just haven't been paying attention.


Venus is going into Libra Monday evening, Aug. 30.
Venus is the peace maker and ruler of the sign Libra where she will be strong and sure to get her way. Why is Venus considered to be so powerful here? Because Libra is the sign of the partner, the one who responds to what others initiate. Venus here strengthens our ability to respond to what we do want and to ignore what we don't. The tricky thing is we don't usually recognize our options and end up feeling forced to "choose" something we don't want at all simply because like the advertisement said, we didn't realize we could have had a V-8! So this month make it your intention to know you have choices. A good all purpose mantra is "I choose peace." Say this to yourself through out the day and particularly when you are uncertain. By holding this thought your unconscious will re-evaluate your situation and you'll find yourself seeing things from an altered - and improved - perspective. Plus remember, sometimes not responding, doing nothing, is the best choice of all.

A bit more about the benefits of Venus in Libra:
Basically it's a wonderful time for finding mutual understanding and creating win-win situations.  Hanging on to old hurts will slow you down. If you are part of a group, be loyal and generous, share the credit for your accomplishments, over look the faults of others, and forgive, forgive, forgive. By bringing a benefit to your friends or associates you'll find that you too are rewarded and experience that we are indeed "all one."

Good fortune lies ahead!
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter ALL in Virgo - Can This Be Healthy?

  Virgo is the sign most concerned with health and hygiene and fixing and fussing. With half the planets we look at in this part of the chart this month we're all sure to experience some sort of call to pay attention to what needs a tune up in our lives. After a summer of lazy Leo, Virgo awakens an instinctive urge to get up, shake off the sand and turn one's focus onto cleaning up our act. Let the planets help you...

 Where the Sun is tells us where we should put our primary focus, where we will get our biggest return for our efforts. On Monday August 22 The Sun will go into Virgo, the sign ruling foot soldiers and worker bees, the unsung heroes who get the job done. It's as if while in Leo the Sun put the spotlight on big names, big personalities, theatrics and circuses like political campaigns and the Olympics. Now that Sol is moving into Virgo we no longer feel to sit back and watch someone else perform - Sun in Virgo energizes our need to do things ourselves - and we want it to be something worthwhile. Vacation is over and we feel a call to stop lounging around and get back to work.

Mercury entered Virgo the beginning of the month helping to make what at any other time might have felt like tedious chores seem more enjoyable. Straightening out the files, cleaning out the sock drawer, planning and organizing all flow a bit easier when the planet ruling the mind is in the sign celebrating attention to detail.

Venus in Virgo through till August 30 adds another layer of pleasure to the work scene. Think "Office Romance" or if that isn't your thing just be aware that the planet of love in the sign of service means you should be able to easily find joy in your job and be paid well for it too. Also, as Virgo is the sign ruling health, Venus here can support you in launching an improved diet and daily routine. If you ever were thinking of spending money on a gym or a weight loss program this is the month to do it. With Venus in Virgo you'll get real value from investing in your health.

And finally Jupiter, the planet known as "The Greater Benefic" who is famous for bestowing abundance and growth, will also be in Virgo this month. However, Jupiter isn't considered to be "happy" in Virgo. The sign's obsession with perfection and detail doesn't easily express Jupiter's enthusiasm and tolerance. People may find themselves covered with a Jupitarian abundance of Virgo details needing to be taken care of. For example, on the national scene it's very fitting that Hilary's abundance of emails are in the headlines. In our personal lives we may need to be careful we don't get bogged down running errands (Jupiter rules travel but in Virgo this could mean travel for work). However, as Jupiter is considered to be one of the good guys of the zodiac we'll no doubt experience more blessings than boredom when he's around.

A couple of difficult aspects coming up this week, but if you know what to expect you should be able to handle them, no problemo:

Mars conjunct Saturn. Mars is in Sagittarius now and moving quickly to become the unstoppable force crashing into the immovable object, Saturn, also in Sag, this Wednesday. This pairing of the urge to speed and the need to go slow could cause situations where we're feeling held back or find things moving at an infuriatingly long drawn out pace. Or perhaps it is we who are procrastinating. Whatever, the meet up happens Wednesday. If you are prepared and don't rush the energies may come together and manifest in a very positive way but if you try to push the river this line up could cause stress.

Difficulties could become even more complicated as the week wears on and Neptune - the planet of lies and deception - makes a square to the Mars/Saturn smash up. Could mean dramas where we never learn the true causes. Vow that you at least are gonna be one of the good guys who stands up for honesty and patience.

The good news is everything works out well in the end. Mercury joins up with Venus late next Sunday night to put a happy spin on the week's events. Until then, keep calm and call me on!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, August 15, 2016

Dowsing for Miracles

We've all heard of dowsing for water:  A farmer needing a well calls on someone known as a "dowser" to locate the best place to dig. The dowser walks the property until he feels a shift in the energies which he recognizes as a sign water lies below. In addition to using his own inner knowingness, a dowser also uses tools such as a tree branch to guide him. Traditionally, he will walk holding the forked ends of the branch with the stem extended before him. When the dowser crosses over underground water the branch tilts down towards the earth as if pulled by a magnet.  This indicates the spot to dig has been found. Through out history this method for finding water has been so successful that people continue to call on dowsers to this day. Where I live in California in the back woods of Mendocino County three of our neighbors have wells they successfully built with the help of dowsers. However, today I am not writing about using dowsing to find water - although with the drought we're experiencing here perhaps I should! Today I want to share with you some of the other miraculous benefits of this technique:

Dowsing  can also be used for divination. Rather than a tree branch, when a dowser is looking for answers to questions they will use a pendulum. Pendulums can be elaborate affairs made with crystals and magnets that hang on golden chains. Metaphysical bookstores carry them but be prepared to pay the price. If you prefer to go a simpler route, a string and a paper clip will also work just as well provided the intention is strong and clear.

Once you have your pendulum you are ready to start asking your questions. Hold your pendulum suspended from your thumb, index and middle finger. You want it to swing freely without you guiding it. Now ask, "What is a YES?" The weight will swing either to the left or the right. Then ask, "What is a NO?" Amazingly, you will see the weight reverse direction. Once you can recognize a yes or no response you should then ask three ritual questions:

Can I?
Is it possible for me to get an accurate reading? Some days we're totally tuned in, some days the weather is just wrong.

 May I?
Getting and giving a reading always involves entering another's space and before charging in we need permission first.

 Should I?
 If our knowing would somehow disrupt divine intention we'll get gibrish or worse, misleading answers. Be on the safe side and ask first.

 If it's yes on all three you know you and the universal energies are in sync and you can proceed.

So what kind of questions might one ask? Really there's no limit or restrictions but some of the most delightful demonstrations I've seen of using a pendulum to get answers have been when an expectant mother wants to know if her baby will be a boy or a girl. Traditionally we make the pendulum using a ring and string - the mother's wedding ring hanging on a thread. Hold the pendulum over the mother's belly and ask, "Are you a boy or a girl?" If it's a boy it will swing back and forth in a straight line. If it is a girl it the ring will swing in a circle. This makes a great game at baby showers! 100% success rate so far!

Now there is one more use of dowsing and pendulums that I only learned recently. You can use dowsing to reverse and clear negative energies!
For example, one of my most astonishing personal experiences was when I got a call from a mother who was having all kinds of difficulty with her son.  He was rude and hurtful often for no particular reason. His disrespectful attitude had become a home wrecking habit.
I took out my pendulum, asked my three questions and was granted permission to proceed. I then asked that the boys energy and negativity be neutralized. The pendulum started swinging it in a counter clockwise motion. I continued to ask that all the resentment, anger and non-beneficial negative energy be removed, scrambled and neutralized between and surrounding the boy and his mother. Although I made no effort to move it, the pendulum continued to swing for some time  - a sign there were a lot of issues to heal! When it finally stopped I asked that this space be filled with the highest positive energy possible along with a sense of peacefulness and respect for one another past, present and future. The pendulum now commenced swinging in a clockwise direction.  It swung for a little while and came to a stop. Then the caller and I said our goodbyes. I didn't know what the results would be but it felt like something "real" had happened.

Well, long story short, the mother called again about an hour later to let me know there had been a marked improvement within minutes - in fact, neither she nor her son could even remember what the latest argument had been about! Since then I hear from this mom from time to time (long standing problems may need more than one session to completely transform). We do the ritual and she then reports improvement. It's miraculous.

Pendulum and dowsing techniques can be used to find water, lost items, answer questions, heal situations. It's a fabulous tool
Try it yourself. It may be a while before your abilities kick in but with practice you will see results.

The family that dowses together...
Lives in happy houses together!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Donald Trump Astrological Chart

I find myself feeling a little sorry for The Donald this week as the news has become a daily pile on of ridicule for the Republican Presidential nominee. I'm even considering putting out a call for group prayer for this man for certainly if he is indeed as messed up as the reporters and pundits are now claiming, then holding him in the light for a minute or two would be a kindly thing for all New-Agers to do. But first, in order to really tune in on this hurting soul I decided to first consider his astrological chart. It was a sobering revelation.

Donald Trump was born under a full Moon in Jamaica New York on Friday June 14, 1946. He's time of birth gives him the Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius and Leo on the ascendant. Let's see what all this means.

First of all, we look at his ascendant. Donald was born with the entertainer's sign Leo on the cusp of his first house  - meaning he's at his best putting on a show and indeed much of Trump's approval with the public comes from the name recognition he's received from his television series, The Apprentice. But he's a showman in whatever he does whether it's hosting a t.v. program or performing for crowds at his campaign rallies. The force is with him when he is being entertaining. This explains why he has been able to be a successful candidate even when he has been at his most outrageous. All that his chart requires of him is that he keep putting on a good show.

Each sign is associated with a planet and which house that ruling planet is in tells us where the energy of the sign will express itself. Donald has the sign Leo on the ascendant and Leo's planet is the Sun. The Sun in Donald's chart is in the 11th house of friends and associates in Gemini. This explains Trump's feeling that he shines out as the best in any group and indeed it explains his belief that only he can solve America's problems.

The Sun was in Gemini when Donald was born and typically for Geminis, he has made a career out of wheeling and dealing and making connections. Gemini rules writers and Trump published a very successful autobiography (ghost written) and is famous for his many tweets. Geminis are also known for taking shortcuts and saying things that may be useful or witty in the moment but are not necessarily based on fact. Indeed, Trump has gotten himself in hot water this last week particularly for making up lies about viewing videos from Iran. Someone should point out to him the full ramifications of being born under a full Moon which are that it's very hard to keep secrets under a full Moon - eventually the truth comes to light. Curiously as the various potentially damning facts do come out about Trump he seems not to be hurt or slowed down. This may be because again, he's being entertaining and that is what his soul came here to do. Thus he has not broken any of his spiritual commitments and so the slings and arrows don't seem to hit him. Heaven help him if the mob ever gets bored!

Trump has the Moon in Sagittarius, the sign ruling foreigners and religion, exactly conjunct the unfortunate south node. Much of his campaign has been about his fears of foreign countries and Muslims. Also the Moon rules women and his wife is from a foreign country.

Other interesting aspects in the chart:
Saturn, the harsh reality planet, is next to his Venus. the planet ruling love and material possessions, in the sign Cancer, the sign of home and family. Trump has been married multiple times and has many children but the Saturn influence has given him an inability to forge lasting ties with partners and so the marriages ended in divorce and the children were raised by others. However, as Saturn rules fathers and is conjunct loving Venus, his now adult children seem to have positive feelings about dear old Dad. His latest marriage may also turn out to be successful as he is old enough to be his new wife's father.

 Saturn rules that which is worn out and thus Donald's Saturn in Cancer influence also accounts for his attempts to characterize America, a Cancer country, as somehow feeble and in need of being made "great again."

 Mars, the planet of war, rules his ninth house of foreigners and is in his first house of self. Thus he honestly believes immigrants, Muslims and illegal aliens are threatening him personally.

He has Pluto, the planet ruling nuclear destruction on the cusp of the first house which explains why he thrives on attacking and never backs down. While this may be a helpful placement for him in his business negotiations it could be potentially catastrophic were he ever to actually become Commander and Chief.

So what is ahead for this B.T. Barnum act-a-like? For the past 30 years Trump has had his progressed Sun in Leo, further rewarding his out sized personality. However, this week his progressed Sun moves into the sign Virgo - the sign ruling health and attention to small details. Already we are hearing stories of his campaign being in trouble as no one seems to be taking care of the mundane essentials like printing signs and organizing volunteers. But even more telling are the reports coming out that his supporters are beginning to question his mental HEALTH! How Virgo can you get? Whether Trump really has the classic signs of a sociopathic narcissist is open to debate but I do think it's fascinating from an astrological point of view that the news stories are now spinning to portray Trump as a very sick man.

Well, as I said, I think the poor guy needs our prayers.

I'll be looking at Hilary's chart next week but I can tell you this already, it's equally troubling. We may have a third party candidate getting elected for president after all!

You read it here first,

Rosada, EXT 2340