Sunday, April 27, 2014

Venus enters Aries, Taurus New Moon and The Solar Eclipse: Keep Calm and Carry On.

How often do you check up on where the planets are and how they are affecting your own personal chart? Regularly, randomly or only every once in a while? Well, if you only look at them now and then you may not be recognizing the full benefit an awareness of the stars can bring. However, experience proves that even if you are only aware of what is going on at the time of the New Moon each month you will still have given your inner guide a major assist.

 This month the New Moon will be an eclipse and it happens in the sign Taurus,  Tuesday April 29 at 2:14 a.m. est. If you make a point of celebrating the New Moon that day I promise you, you will reap real and tangible benefits by the Full Moon and Three-quarter Moon May 14 and May 21.

Ways to celebrate the New Moon:

1. The New Moon this month will be in the sign Taurus. Taurus is the first fixed sign of the zodiac meaning that after the sense of new beginnings initiated by last month's New Moon in Aries, there now emerges a sense of wanting stability, a sense of needing the new beginnings to become "fixed" routines. Honor this New Moon by recognizing what's new in your life and do something to stabilize and encourage this new potential. For example, if you recently met someone, this week would be a grand time to call them and STRENGTHEN CONNECTIONS.

2. Taurus rules beauty and earthly pleasures and it also rules the steady work necessary to maintain this beauty. It should be especially easy to work color and beauty into your home now, particularly because Venus, the goddess of Love, will be trining Pluto, the God of Regeneration, on Tuesday, making it a great time to up date your look and SCHEDULE A PERSONAL BEAUTY MAKE-OVER.

3. Although this New Moon is an eclipse - an event often connected with misfortune - you may be able to profit from the shake-ups this aspect brings. Seek and FIND SALES on clothing and furniture and items for the home at drastically reduced prices.

4. Taurus rules food. On this New Moon purchase only the best and healthiest you can afford. EAT WELL - It's the quickest way to train your body to guide you to ever greater levels of prosperity!

5. Taurus is the antithesis of Aries. Once the War God has had worn out his welcome, Taurus appears bringing a longing for peace and quiet like no other sign. REFUSE TO BECOME SUCKED INTO ANY CONFLICTS on this New Moon. Remember the old question, "What if they gave a war and nobody came?"

6. Mercury opposes Saturn until Friday May 2. Practical and monetary concerns may weigh heavily on your mind until then but try to hold your fears in check because later that day Venus, ruler of finances, will be leaving dreamy Pisces and entering ardent Aries. If you've been searching for a job without luck you just may find a way now to BECOME SUCCESSFULLY SELF-EMPLOYED.

Finally I always benefit from making a special point of being aware of what is going on in my life exactly at the time of the New Moon. I like to write down my current issues and light a candle asking for clarity and love for all. It's fun to see how that moment "comes into fruition" two weeks later on the Full Moon. As the New Moon will be happening in the middle of the night this month and you don't care to stay up, you can make a note of what is going on as you are going to bed.

Let me know what your issues are and let's together light a candle for you.

New Moon in Taurus - Keep calm and carry on!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Cardinal Grand Cross-Roads

This is it. This is the week the planets come together in the Cardinal Grand Cross. To understand the significance of this line up let's first examine the positions of the planets involved:

Pluto is the planet in charge of situations that have gone beyond their past due date. The windows of opportunity stay open for only so long then if no action is taken interest wanes, the romance fades, someone else gets the job. Pluto will often show up strongly in a chart where a choice must be made for something to evolve to a greater commitment or else the whole thing will come to an end and pass away. Either way, Pluto aspects say times up, things are going to change. Pluto is at 13 degrees Capricorn now so transformation is manifesting in the areas of government and the way things are organized.

Uranus is the planet of freedom and independence, flashes of insight and unexpected "out-of-the-box" type experiences. At 13 degrees Aries, Uranus is exactly squaring Pluto. These two slow moving planets have been jousting with each other for a couple of years now and they will continue to be in square aspect for a couple more so the Big Government vs. The Individual debate we've seen making headlines worldwide won't be over this week but how current issues are resolved could set a tone. Think of the United States and Russia and how the situation in the Ukraine is being handled. Will it become the next major shoot 'em up or will the governments demonstrate they can solve problems peacefully? 

Jupiter rules expansion and at 13 degrees Cancer, the sign of home, family and food - all the issues pertaining to our core security are up for re-examination. Jupiter is opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus. Issues like Social Security. healthcare, GMO's are brought to light by these aspects. Will government expand it's protection of the family or merely continue to expand it's power?

And now finally this week on Wednesday, April 23,  Mars, the planet of action, jumps into the fray at 13 Libra. Will Mars here be the call for action for the world to change (Uranus), to expand it's vision and see the whole of humanity as one family (Jupiter in Cancer) and thus to transform its institutions (Pluto in Capricorn)?

Many times when we see these do-or-die type planetary line ups we expect some sort of life changing event to happen right on the day the aspects are exact. Sometimes things do indeed happen at the precise moment the planets align - and I would certainly caution anyone who's birthday falls on the 13th degree of a cardinal sign to take it easy this week (April 3, July 5, October 7, December 4). However, it can be change happens but only gives very subtle signs and it's not until some time later that we realize a shift has taken place. To fully appreciate the magnitude of the evolution going on this week you might want to make some notes of just where you are right now. I bet six months from now we're all going to be saying - Wow, it's a whole new world!

Love and light,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mars, Saturn and Pluto All Retrograde = Recycle City

Retrograde literally means "backwards." Planets don't ever really move backwards but sometimes it appears as if they do. This happens when the earth moves passed a planet and although both planets are still moving forwards, from an earthly perspective the planet we pass appears to be falling behind. We see the same affect when we drive faster than the car next to us on the freeway. As we move ahead it appears as if the other car is moving in reverse but in actuality both cars are moving in the same direction. However, in astrological readings a retrograde planet is interpreted as an energy that is indeed pulling back.

 Mars has been retrograde since the beginning of March and won't turn direct till the end of May. Mars is known as The Initiator and symbolizes taking action. Actions initiated when Mars is retrograde are famous for being based on wrong assumptions or the results are not what was initially intended. Pick your battles carefully this next month and be sure you know what you're getting into because typically when Mars is retrograde the aggressor is defeated. Romance-wise this is the wrong time to push for a commitment or the partner may counter by pulling way back.

Saturn also turned retrograde in March and will continue in that mode until mid-July. I always say Saturn shows us the unvarnished truth as opposed to Jupiter who seems to be more interested in philosophical truth, or idealistic possibilities.Furthermore, Saturn is in Scorpio now, the sign of deep dark secrets, Saturn isn't going to move forward until all the buried stories are brought to light. We see evidence of this in the revelations we're getting about government spying and other activities I'm sure the C.I.A. would have preferred to keep hidden, but more importantly for us average Americans Saturn retrograde can give us opportunities to ask questions of anyone we make agreements with - employers, landlords, moneylenders romantic partners - and get a clearer sense of just what we're committing to.

Together like it or not, these two mighty movers and shakers are offering us the opportunity to stage a sit-down strike. The best use of their alignment is to pause and consider how you are committing your time and resources and if something doesn't make sense to you trust your instincts and refuse to be schmoozed.

This brings us to the major retrograde happening this week. Pluto, the planet in charge of Death Destruction and Decay is reversing direction Monday April 14. Align with this power by using it to assist you in cleaning and clearing your mind, your body and your refrigerator!

The Moon conjuncts - joins - Pluto on  Easter Sunday, April 20 - a wonderful omen for a joyous rebirth.

Happy Easter,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mercury Enters Aries - Talk about Fire!

Mercury has been slipping and sliding through ambiguous Pisces lately but Monday it bursts into Aries - meaning unspoken thoughts and worries we've kept to ourselves are going to be bursting through the sound barrier this week. Expect to hear some clear announcements telling us how things are in no uncertain terms.
If you yourself have been wanting to break some important news to all the world, Monday could be the day you come right out and say it.

The Sun has a face-off with Mars on Tuesday which could manifest as some hard negotiating between partners who sometimes act more like rivals. As Mars is retrograde someone will probably have the self control to pull back before any real harm is done but if these planets are energizing issues in your personal life you could save yourself a whole lot of trouble by simply toning down your presentation from the very beginning. Taken together the entrance of Mercury into Aries on Monday and the opposition between the Sun and Mars on Tuesday reads like demands will have a better chance of being fulfilled if they are presented as reasonable requests.

On the lighter side these fiery energies could be put to positive use if we use the time to have some honest discussions with the understanding that people can get a little wild at times but it's all in good fun. I was just listening to a Joan Rivers interview. Her enthusiastic greeting, "Can we talk?" along with her raunchy yet hilarious humor seems a perfect expression of this week's burning energy.

Snap decisions often happen when Mercury enters the Aries - do it now! - realm. People giving the orders may seem annoying or overbearing but - and this can be even more irritating - they are usually right so get don't waste time asking for politeness, just follow the leader and be thankful Mercury's stay here won't be long ( Mercury leaves Aries in two weeks, April 24 ).

More displays of fire power happening Wednesday, April 9, when the Aries Sun trines the Leo Moon. Impulsive energies fuel theatrical performances. Fortunately the Moon then squares strict Saturn meaning grandiose threats will be held in check by unamused responsible types. Considering the international scene and the drama being acted out in the Ukraine I am hopeful that all the saber rattling we hear about in the news will calm down as calmer heads prevail.

The possibility of happy endings are certainly enhanced by the lovely alignment of Venus and Neptune happening at the end of the week as Venus conjuncts Neptune in Pisces on Friday, April 11. Keep this reassuring promise in mind while you experience what is sure to be an exciting next five days.

I take comfort in the phrase, "It's all good in the end - if it's not yet good it's not yet the end."

Enjoy the ride,

Rosada, EXT 2340