Monday, December 30, 2013

The Most Powerful New Year's Resolutions Ever!

Small child: What's are New Year's Resolutions?
Honest Father: They're a To Do List for the first week of January...

Ah, how true. Why is it so many of us can't seem to manage to keep our resolutions for more than a couple of days? And for that matter, what about affirmations and visualizations and all the other methods we are urged to use to change our world by reprograming our brains? Sometimes we stick with them, often we don't. Why is that? And can we really make things happen simply by willing them to? If it is possible, are there things we can do to make our intentions more powerful? The stars tell us there are...

Pluto is the planet that rules change and transformation. Wherever Pluto is active in the chart there we will find our most profound changes happening. Pluto is in Capricorn this year, the sign of structure and organization. Thus if we're going to see improvement in 2014 we must start by considering how we've organized our lives and be willing to restructure our habits in ways that are more than superficial. For example, if you are wanting to take a class and learn a new subject, the change is going to require more than just vowing to study hard. With Pluto in Capricorn real improvement may mean eliminating other subjects so you can focus, maybe even eliminating friends or possibly moving completely away from home and all the world you know to go to the right school. This is the year to be willing to do what ever it takes!

Neptune rules visions so having pictures of what we are wanting to manifest is a good way of tapping into this planet's ability to help us actualize our dreams. Neptune also rules feelings and things that are not solid and can easily dissolve - like hunches that maybe true but need solid facts to back them up. Neptune is strong in Pisces now warning us that even with a really strong feeling to improve, without a clear game plan our resolve will most likely dissolve. 

Uranus rules upset and the unexpected and when this unruly god is active it's very hard to keep on a schedule. On a good day he can help you break out of old negative ruts but frequently Uranus is responsible for disrupting our best laid plans. However Uranus also rules friendship. Keep him on your side and your resolutions on track by having a support buddy you can call on when find yourself slipping.

Saturn is the great task master, the planet ruling deadlines and limits. He is in Scorpio now, the sign of death and re-birth. If you want his help keeping you on the path make up a schedule with definite dates and time limits for reaching your goals. You may find that yourself feeling compelled to complete these tasks because when Saturn is strong it seems like your life just can't move forward until you fulfill your promises - even if you only make them to yourself.

Jupiter in Cancer will be a marvelous ally for nurchering the new you. Family type support groups should be particularly effective.

Energetic Mars is in Libra for the first part of 2014. As Libra is the sign of partnership, this is another indicator that change can happen more easily if you align your efforts with a partner.

Venus is the planet of attraction. Where we find Venus we find what we are attracted to. Venus is in Capricorn this month as it often is every year at this time. With Capricorn being the sign of organization it makes sense that we are all so attracted to the idea of making resolutions in January. Put your good intentions in writing, perhaps even frame them in a lovely Venus picture frame and watch your goals become even more compellingly attractive!

Mercury can be our best helper when it comes to getting things done. He's particularly effective when you break down your goals into mini-steps and check off your achievements.

Finally look to the Sun and the sign it is in both in the sky right now and where it was when you were born. Different signs respond to different types of encouragement. A Taurus person may need to give themselves tangible rewards through out the year to stay motivated where as secretive Scorpio may not want anyone to even know what they are up to until the task is a completed. But what ever sign the Sun is in, it is always cheering us on to be the best we can be.

Here's to your best year ever and a fabulous New You!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Moon in Virgo - Sweating The Small Stuff.

At certain times extraordinary caution is absolutely necessary .But it is just in these sort of life situations that we are apt to think that we somehow aren't the one's who need to be concerned. Well, this week we ALL need to be aware:

 Moon in Virgo today through Christmas Eve indicates that for the next forty-eight hours the group energy stream will be flowing through lots of intricate ins and outs and no doubt finding all sorts of previously unknown bumps in the road. I suspect many small chores previously postponed or ignored will now demand doing. How to get it all done in time for Christmas?  The Moon trine Pluto Monday morning gives us a clue. Pluto is the planet of transformation. When he appears it's time to  re-prioritize. If you let Pluto have the reins Monday he'll show you how to cut your To-Do list in half. Just don't insist on things being Virgo Perfect.

The pace noticably picks up on Christmas Day. Vow to be extremely careful and TAKE YOUR TIME. I don't like to give negative readings but look at what is going on in the sky this December 25:

The Moon in Libra conjuncts Mars, the planet of energy and anger.
The Moon opposes Uranus, the planet of surprises and accidents.
The Moon squares Mercury, misunderstandings. 
The Moon squares the Sun, pride, ego.
The Moon squares Pluto, power struggles.
The Moon squares Jupiter, overdoing.
The Moon squares Venus, jealousy.

I don't want to put into words what these aspects could create and thus actually empower a negative manifestation but to just give a little hint, Moon in difficult aspect to Mars and Uranus can mean accidents, Mercury and Sun active can indicate people who think they are too smart to need to follow rules, and Pluto, Jupiter and Venus all in the mix can cause people to go to extremes and take risks. Put it all together and it's one wild and crazy group.

Bottom line, vow to take it easy. There is no need to rush. Decide that whatever gets done by Christmas Eve is all that needs to get done. On Christmas Day transform any lingering concerns by simply affirming, "It may not be a perfect Christmas, but it's a perfect whatever it is!"

The Moon moves into Scorpio on Friday offering a chance to restore sanity. If you apply Saturday's Moon conjunct Saturn to completing responsibilities (writing thank you notes? Eating up the last of the pecan pie? Somebody's got to do it..) Saturday night particularly could be pleasant and relaxing.

Wishing you a peaceful and joyous holiday - or a perfect whatever it is!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Winter Solstice Celebrations!

Lots of planetary activity this week!

Bright ideas crackle now through Monday while the Moon sextiles Uranus. On top of that the Moon appears full at 25 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius on Tuesday PLUS stimulating Uranus turns direct on that same day. Whew, our minds may be so hyped up with all that mental energy providing ideas for the To Do list we'll find ourselves either Gemini multi-tasking or Sagittarian-like running away from home.

Fear not - a few hours later the Moon will enter Cancer and trine Neptune meaning we should all be able to find some snug hiding hole from the Christmas madness Tuesday afternoon. But not for long because...
Wednesday the Moon conjuncts with generous Jupiter thus opening the doors for a Shopping Spree! Wouldn't it be fun to know when people do the most Christmas shopping? I'd bet money this year it will be on this Jupiter powered Wednesday and Thursday.

The week's headliner is the Winter Solstice coming up on Saturday, December 21. This is the day the Sun enters the sign Capricorn and it marks the shortest day of the year. From this date on the days become longer but for right now we have darkness and cold. How fitting that the birth of Jesus is celebrated at this time. The Sun of God came at the darkest hour but his arrival offered mankind a way to return to The Light. Celebrate Solstice this year by joining with friends and make it a moment of light and good cheer returning in your own world!

Sometimes it's harder than others to comply with what the stars show us is the right path but the lovely thing about Christmas coming during the month of Capricorn means even the simplest expression of Love is honored and appreciated as long as it's sincere. Homemade gifts are always more treasured than store bought finds and home baked ones are the best. If you would like a copy of my secret Egg Nog recipe give me a call and I'll share it. I guarantee Santa will be extra good to you this year if you leave him a mug.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 8, 2013

BIT Coins and Uranus in Aries - The New World Economy?

Is the American dollar in trouble? If you keep up with economic forecasts at all you are undoubtedly aware that we have been bombarded with such gloom and doom predictions for some time now. Until recently I didn't bother with these nay-sayers because I use astrology as an investment guide and I didn't see any cause for widespread panic. I still feel confident in our ability to ride out the current shock waves but I no longer assume everything will remain the same. Shift happens and survival means being able to evolve with the changes. The key planets forcing this evolution are Uranus in Aries and its ongoing square to Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus represents freedom and self-determination while Pluto rules power and in Capricorn it particularly means the power welded by governments and large corporations. In squaring each other they create conflict between the needs of the individual to be independent and the desire of government to be in control. When these two first squared off a few years back we had the beginning signs of rebellion with what became known as Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street movements. These shows got a lot of airplay by the media but because the core nature of Uranus is to be free and to resist any kind of organization, the movements were destined to dissolve or become embroiled in the same sort of power games they were opposing. So how can the individual be free of government control without creating another more controlling government? As always on this earth plane the answer is "Follow the money." As long as the large corporations and Wall Street fat cats have the power to manipulate the money the little guy is always going to remain weak. But true to it's rulership of computers and inventive solutions, Uranus has now come up with a scheme that may change all that. In the last six months or so "BIT coins" have become the latest rage and may ultimately launch a whole new world monetary system. When they do - or at least when the coins shoot up in value - you can say you heard about it here first!

Meanwhile there are a couple of major planetary happenings worth tuning in on this week:

Monday December 9 the Moon will be in Pisces, the sign ruling artistic matters, meditation and selfless service. It will be making a supportive trine first to Saturn giving backbone to our intentions, and then on to trine Jupiter and sextile Venus. One way to put these aspects to use would be to first get your tools lined up - Moon trine Saturn - and then let your creative juices flow. If you are sending out cards this year I bet if you do them tomorrow you will be inspired to write poetry!

On the down side whenever Jupiter is active there's the prospect of there being too much of something so weather wise we may see some extreme conditions - like unusual snow fall or flooding.

Mars leaves old maid Virgo and tries to get along in partner oriented Libra on Saturday December 7. Mars is the god of war so in peace seeking Libra he tends to feel stifled and frustrated. If you feel him urging you to give a quarrelsome answer, take a deep breath and ask him to help you come up with a more pleasant way to phrase your thoughts.

Meanwhile here's a thought:

Young souls play hard to get.
Mature souls play hard.
Old souls just play!

Have a great week,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, December 2, 2013

New Moon in Sagittarius - An Astrological Guide to Celebrating The Holidays

To help us all navigate the weeks ahead I'm posting a Christmas To Do List based on the planets. I've found doing things at the astrologically right moment can make a big difference in the ultimate outcomes. This week has some stellar opportunities!

1.The New Moon will be at 11 degrees Sagittarius today - the astrological degree most often associated with physical fitness and the idea that the body is our temple.
  Hopefully if you keep this in mind through out this month of festive temptations it will help you make wise choices.            

2. On December 3 Mercury - the planet of communication - makes an enthusiastic sextile to Mars - the planet of energy - creating a perfect time to write and send Christmas greetings.

3. The Moon conjuncts Pluto Wednesday, December 4 - garner yourself some really good karma by making a donation to a homeless shelter or some other cause that serves those who are going through extreme difficulties this holiday.

4.Moon opposition Jupiter and conjuncting Venus on Thursday PLUS a trine to Mars early Friday morning - you can get a lot done now with these angels clearing your path - even some crazy new ideas might work out. Terrific line up for shopping and finding delightful and unique mementoes.

5. Mercury leaves tense suspicious Scorpio on Wednesday and enters optimistic jovial Sag. This helps, but the Christmas spirit REALLY kicks in on Friday when Mercury squares Neptune giving a rosy glow to all the evening festivities.

6. Mars enters diplomatic Libra on Saturday where his fiery temper may calm down enough to actually enjoy friendly gatherings. Could be the best day for visiting Santa - even naughty children will stand a chance of getting something nice. 

7. The Moon conjuncting musical Neptune through out the night makes this the perfect evening for caroling.

Put it all together and we're seeing Monday starts off with a New Moon emphasizing taking care of our "temple" - meaning going easy on the egg nog but also encouraging us to get into decorating our home temple. If you don't usually get a Christmas tree, this could be the year you'll really enjoy one.

Tuesday - best for writing and sending those holiday wishes (aka. Affirmations!)

Wednesday - helping others in the true spirit of Christmas.

Thursday - shopping!

Friday - attend a gathering - maybe a Christmas movie?

Saturday - take the kids to have their pictures taken with Santa. Go hear some live music tonight!

Okay, that should get us off to a good start ... But what ever you do,
Whatever the season brings,
Remember to stay merry and bright!
Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, November 25, 2013

Five Things to be Thankful For This Thanksgiving Week

Counting your blessings? Here are five more things to be thankful for this week:

1) Mercury joins with Saturn for the third and last time today Monday, November 25. This depressing influence has been playing in the background all month and will finally breathe it's last today. On the larger screen this aspect has been responsible for all the Obamacare computer glitches and also the President's abysmal ratings in the recent polls. In our individual lives this frustrating aspect has effected all things Mercury, particularly work and trips. If you've misplaced your tools or are wondering if you should even try to drive all the way to Grandma's on Thursday, you should be feeling much more optimistic later on tonight.

2) The next big thing to be thankful for happens Wednesday evening November 27. Mercury will be making a friendly trine to Jupiter meaning no matter how crazy the travel conditions with so many people trying to make it home for the next day's festivities, folks should still be in a good mood on the road. 

3) On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day the Moon will be in Libra making a t-square to the on going Pluto/Uranus stand off. Ordinarily we would worry the Moon activating these two warriors would create some sort of holocaust but here the Moon is in the sign of diplomacy so there's hope she'll keep things peaceful, in fact she might even be able to negotiate some sort of resolution between these bullies! Certainly it's a lovely omen for all the relatives being on their best behavior at the turkey table.

4) Not only will the Moon be in rational Libra on Thanksgiving Day, she'll also be making a pleasant sextile to the Sun in Sagittarius. This combo helps calmer heads prevail if things get a bit rowdy - which they might because...

5) Venus will oppose Jupiter at 7:00 a.m. Thanksgiving morning. Ordinarily oppositions create conflict but when the two planets of blessings and abundance connect the only danger is in overdoing a good thing. Sounds like diets don't stand a chance this week but maybe we can limit ourselves to seconds? Well then, how about thirds? 

Whatever you decide the stars are wishing you and yours a very happy holiday - and so am I!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sun in Sagittarius + Jupiter in Cancer = Home on The Range

Each week when I sit down to write this blog I want to start out by saying, "Congratulations Survivors!" It's been such a roller coaster ride this year I think we all deserve a round of applause just for still being here. Fortunately this week the Sun will leave intense psycho-crazy Scorpio and breakthrough to easy going optimistic Sagittarius. As a further bonus Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius continues a bit longer in Cancer, the sign of home and family meaning all these enhanced Sagittarian good vibrations are going to be first expressed in the home - Jupiter in Cancer - and then the enthusiasm expands to the larger world - Sun in Sagittarius.

To consciously support this growth process here are some key steps you can take:

Connect with family:
Sun in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Cancer's goal is to expand the sense of family to ultimately include everything and everyone, to create the Family of Man in the world. Imagine if the love between a father and son were mirrored in the relationships between a boss and the employee or think how good it could be if politicians were as honest with the public as a faithful husband and wife, or just in general how wonderful life would be if we all treated each other like brothers and sisters?!
 Fact is, this is how it is already but unfortunately because the relationships in our homes are often so messed up that when these patterns expand into the larger world the result is not a happy family but one great big very dysfunctional one. So first if we're going to use Jupiter in Cancer and the Sun in Sag to create a better world we must improve relationships in our immediate circle. This month we have a great opportunity to do this with Thanksgiving coming up. 

Do the work that is closest:
While our aim is to create a larger sense of family, the journey begins with doing something small. Jupiter and Sagittarius rule publishing - how about sending out some really fun emails to your nearest and dearest? Something up-beat and useful to counteract all the shock and awe the public news shows are always pushing. 

Set boundaries:
I used to be frustrated with my pals who's parents wouldn't let them play on Sunday or who wouldn't even answer the phone during the dinner hour. Now older and wiser I recognize how much precious time gets lost to outside intrusions. Jupiter is The Great Protector. In Cancer he's there to support you if you dare to protect your family time.

Celebrate family:
The Sun and Jupiter rule fun and parties and this month the best ones are all about close friends and comfort food - a great omen for having an unusually successful Thanksgiving next week.

Family is all about shared history passed on through stories:
Jupiter is wisdom and in Cancer the sign ruling History there's sure to be lots of stories to tell around the family dinner table.

Gobble gobble!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Two Weeks Until Thanksgiving - Time IS Speeding Up!

Whew, turkey time is upon us again already - can there be any doubt time is speeding up? Seriously, didn't this year seem to flash past? Next year is expected to spin by even faster so at least for this week let's take a moment to slow down and look at the map for what's ahead...

There's a very unusual line up of planets coming up over the next ten days. Be aware of what's happening and don't waste the opportunities..

The Moon is entering Aries Wednesday and making a harsh square to Venus in Capricorn before it squares Uranus, the planet that rules electricity. There's a rumor circulating that our government is going to be testing our electric grid to see how the country would fare if a terrorist attack were to disrupt our energy system. I think that's just a Mercury-Neptune news fantasy but the story coming at this time does fit with the line up of planets underscoring that this would be a good time for all of us to consider how dependent we are on Capricorn Government and what we need to do to shore up our Uranus ability to be independent. The Moon then goes on to square Pluto which could manifest as power struggles and finally it makes a harsh aspect to extravagant Jupiter. People fighting for supplies and selfishly grabbing all they can get for themselves? If you've been toying with the idea of investing in food storage you may find yourself feeling really paranoid the next couple of days. Don't let the ad-men manipulate you into buying disaster preparedness supplies you'll never need.

Thursday Venus squares Uranus - outgrown relationships are going to be severely tested as Venus in Capricorn demands fulfilling commitments but Uranus in Aries says "I gotta be me, I gotta be free!"

These aspects are unnerving but the real tests are coming up Friday November 15. The Moon will enter Taurus, the sign ruling the physical world - the time of month when thoughts become things. Plan your day consciously:

Friday November 15:

The Moon sextiles Neptune Friday morning. Visualize what you really want.

Venus joins with Pluto Friday afternoon. Major changes start happening.

The Moon opposes Mercury Friday afternoon. Opportunity to redefine what we're seeking.

The Moon sextiles Jupiter Saturday night. Now feel joy and success.

Final aspect - Full Moon as the Moon opposes the Sun Sunday morning. It all comes out in the open. If you took advantage of these energies you should be feeling really blessed by the results!

To sum up - the beginning of the week we become aware of how our feelings may have been manipulated by others but at the end of the week we have a chance to re-write the script the way WE want it.

Thoughts become things - choose the good ones,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Question You Should Never Ask a Psychic and The One You Must.

  When you call me for a reading I take pride in giving you information that is real, useful and worth your hard earned $. Do you want to know how he/she really feels about you? If your job is secure? Are you going to win at Bingo tonight? No problem, astrology, tarot and clairvoyant insight can answer all of these questions with an amazing degree of accuracy. But there is one question that only you can answer:

Is he my soul-mate?

Oh puleeze.
I think some Hollywood adman made up this one. First, if a partner is your soul-mate you will know it. The co-incidences, the synergy, the compelling need to be together will be so strong you wont even have time to consult a psychic. But more than that, I sigh when I hear this question because of the underlying misconception - that is, people think "soul-mate" means there is only one partner suitable for us on this earthly plane and that we must search high and low to find them. Furthermore, the fantasy continues with the idea that when we do find them the fit will be perfect - like we'll never have another bad hair day again for the rest of our lives...

So what do I tell people when they ask me where will I find him and is this one is The One?
First, I need to tell you, you don't have to "search" for a soul-mate. Be yourself and make yourself available. Wear the clothes YOU like, listen to the music YOU ressonate with. This will attract your life partner to you even on a desert island.
Remember, however, even when you do connect with Mr. Right this doesn't mean the road ahead will be smooth. The truth is, our soul-mate is really our soul-mirror. Thus if we are kind, compassionate, loving people then the person we are attracted to will most likely have similar values and the relationship should be a good one. On the other hand, if we haven't quite reached perfection yet then most likely the Mr. Right who mirrors us will have a few flaws too - just to push our buttons and spur us on to greater consciousness. For example, if we ourselves aren't respectful of the promises we make it's likely we'll fall in love with someone similarly inclined to bend the rules - so if you're willing to flirt with a married man, dollars to donuts you'll find your soul-mate appears in this lifetime as a married man along with all the hurt and drama that entails. Thus finding a soul-mate is not a guarantee of happiness, in fact it could mean opening the door to heartache! 

I prefer to skip the soul-mate question and look at the astrological charts while asking, "What is the potential for this friendship?" He might very well be your soul-mate but if he's married or a confirmed bachelor or somehow else unavailable, it's not likely you came together in this lifetime to share a traditional marriage. In that case, an astrological chart can tell you how to make the best use of the connection. I explained this a while back to a woman who had met the man of her dreams in church - along with his wife and three children. We looked at their charts and they had a lot of strong planets in the 7th house, the house of marriage = obviously, they had a great connection for some sort of partnership. But "Partnership Issues" doesn't necessarily mean they are destined to be marriage partners, only that this would be the arena where they could most easily bond. Since the man already had a partner, I advised her to be the best friend to the wife. She agreed to give that strange suggestion a try. I heard from her recently and she reported that once the euphoric feelings for the man had calmed down she discovered she and the wife really did like each other and furthermore, while the sense of joy when ever she saw Him continued, she also saw where the wife - a gourmet cook and devoted mother - was probably a better partner than she could ever be. Thus while it very well may be she and this fellow had spent many previous lifetimes together, fortunately the woman recognized that in this lifetime they had work of a different sort to do.

This brings us to the question you really should ask a psychic:

What sort of work am I best suited for?
In today's uncertain economy I've been getting a lot more calls about money and career issues. Astrology can be a wonderful tool for pin-pointing not just when and where you might be working next, but more specifically, what work you should be doing. When you know what you came here to do - and do it! - you not only will find your bliss, but most likely find your Soul-Mate too.

Give me a call and let's find yours!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Total Solar Eclipse

Do you have more fancy clothes in your closet than occasions to wear them? Well this weekend brings the perfect opportunity to show off your glad rags. The New Moon in Scorpio Saturday night November 3 happens on the degree for the Sabian Symbol, "Dignitaries at an official Embassy Ball". Make the magic your own by Inviting some friends over for a holiday meal or at least dress up and go sing a little karaoke!

This New Moon is a rare one. It will be a total solar eclipse. Eclipses always bring in strange happenings and people born on the 3rd of this month or on  the third of May in Scorpio's opposite sign Taurus will no doubt find the year a head filled with bizarre and unexpected happenings. For the rest of us the Moon in Scorpio offers opportunities to Transform Through Love, meaning a few well placed "I'm sorrys" and some heart felt "Please forgive mes" at this time could transform relationships over night and get us heading for the holidays with real joy.

Ordinarily  a waxing Moon, that is a New Moon on it's way to becoming a Full Moon, portends a time for growth and development but as Scorpio is the sign of elimination, the next two weeks also offer a good time to start endings. Start letting go of the dramas of 2013 so you can move on to the new adventures awaiting in 2014.

Venus leaves adventurous Sagittarius and enters calm careful Capricorn on Tuesday November 5th. Time to change our play clothes for more serious attire. But this doesn't mean we have to get serious ourselves. Venus in Capricorn appreciates formal occasions but she still knows how to party!

Jupiter will be turning retrograde in Cancer on Thursday November 7. This is a positive U-turn that will keep Jupiter in Cancer (my sign!) until July of 2014, and supposedly will reward efforts to build family harmony.

Putting it all together we have a week coming up that encourages us to...

New Moon in Scorpio: Eliminate any feelings of resentment or blame.
Venus in Capricorn: Put on a happy face.
Jupiter retrograde in Cancer: And then - Behold! - feel an ocean of warm fuzzes coming at us from the sense of family solidarity we've created.

I'm looking forward to it -
Best wishes,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Friday, October 25, 2013

Mother Teresa and The Second Miracle

I got to attend a private showing of a new movie coming out next Easter called "The Letters". It's the story of Mother Teresa, the nun who started The Mission of Charities in India. It seems she received a vision and calling from Jesus to help the poorest of the poor. With no other support and less than $5.00 in her pocket Mother Teresa left the protective walls of her convent and went out into the streets of Calcutta to see what she could do. Although she faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles, she over came them all to eventually build a world wide organization of hospitals dedicated to the needs of humanity's lost and forgotten ones. She particularly focused on setting up hospices so these people would not have to die in the streets but in a clean bed surrounded by love. Her belief in the worthiness of every soul attracted the attention of  the media including one reporter who, marveling at her caring as she bathed a man covered with oozing sores, commented, "I wouldn't do what you do for a million dollars." Mother Teresa paused for a moment and then replied, "You know what? Neither would I."

Now the Vatican is considering her nomination for sainthood. To be recognized as a saint there must be two verified miracles attributed to the candidate. "The Letters" tells of the first miracle which was experienced by a woman who suffered from a tumor. She prayed while holding a picture of Mother Teresa and saw a beam of light shoot out from the picture and into her body. When the doctors next examined the woman, the tumor was gone. There is enough evidence to support the contention that this did indeed happen. The woman was in a hospital, she really did have a tumor and then for no known medical reason, it was gone. So that was the first and now we wait for a second miracle...

When I left the darkened theater and came out into the sunny lobby I couldn't help but notice the good vibrations. My fellow theatre goers and I were smiling at each other as if we had each personally experienced something very special. This seemed reasonable, it had been an uplifting tale and a good movie. What surprised me was that when I went out on the street people were smiling at me too, and for the next couple of days it seems every where I went people were inordinately friendly. Then what really was uncanny was the various synchronicities that kept happening. A friend who was staying with me needed a ride to San Francisco (400 miles away) and another friend called out of the blue to say they were on their way to S.F. - and would be delighted to have company on the trip. Later that same day the strap on my shoes broke just as I was walking passed a store that sold shoes - and they were having a sale too! A couple of other similar things happened and not just to me but also to my friends who had seen the movie with me. They too experienced various issues in their lives clearing up nicely - miraculously! - since watching the film.

This has me wondering if perhaps the "Second Miracle" of Mother Teresa will not necessarily be some grand and obvious event but instead a series of minor miracles like the above, simple things that one person can do for another when they open their hearts. As Mother Teresa herself said, "We cannot do great things on this earth, but we can do small things with great love."

Wishing you many miracles,
And love,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lunar Eclipse Opens Up The Channel for Change

We've got a full Moon coming up on Friday October 18 at 7:30 p.m. The Moon will be in the I Gotta Be Me sign, Aries, while the Sun in Libra will be urging us to think about others. It's bound to be a tricky balancing act between doing what others want so they will like you and doing what you want without feeling bad. PLUS a full moon signifies that the unconscious lunar forces have reached their monthly power peak. What did you start or at least where were you back at the New Moon on October 4th? That was when you shot out an arrow of energy and over the next couple of days we will see what it attracted.The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon was an image of Miners Stopping Work - which seems amazingly appropriate considering the government shut down in force this month. The Sabian Symbol for this coming Full Moon is of A Man Possessing More Gifts Than He Can Hold. On the plus side this sounds like a wonderful sense of abundance but it could also foretell an inability to gain everything one desires, so perhaps as far as the shutdown is concerned neither side gets all they want but hopefully government comes up with some sort of workable compromise? Here at my house I'm seeing this moon manifesting as the boxes and boxes of stuff I now have piled around the living room. I've recently moved in with a friend and our combined households now really do have "more gifts than we can hold"!

This month's Full Moon has particular significance because it will be an eclipse. Eclipses are special times when the Sun/Moon/Earth are in a unique alignment creating an opportunity for change to occur. This is true for all of us but particularly if your birthday is around October 15 - 20 or April 15 - 20 this eclipse could signal a significant turning point or milestone in your life during the next six months.

Mars opposes Neptune on Saturday which could mean a showdown of some sort. Misunderstandings are likely plus there's a potential for problems with drugs, alcohol, chemicals and gasses. Also with Neptune involved there's a real possibility of lies and cover-ups. I don't mean to be melodramatic - it could just mean we should all be careful not to ignore warning signals like a gas gauge pointing to empty or a bug bite that needs salve. But it could signify something significant so do be careful, count your change and don't believe everything you hear.

Mercury will be turning retrograde next week so take care of business this week. Get new projects up and running and sign important papers before Monday, October 21.


Do affirmations work? Most definitely yes if you follow the proper procedure.

1) Start with a clear and simple statement such as, "I have a job I love and it pays me well." 
Don't worry whether this is even remotely true, just make the affirmation.

1a) Oh, and be sure to write it down. After you write down that one clear concise statement it's also a good idea to write some follow up notes like, "The hours for my job suit me perfectly," or "I work with friendly people" or whatever else you can think of. However, this is not as important as having the one clear statement you can remember and reflect on through out the day.

2) Watch for proof the affirmation is working. 
First you pronounce The Word, then that sound goes forth and resonates with everything in your universe that is on it's same wave length until enough energy has been put into the idea that it manifests. Thus in a short time you will see evidence of your affirmation. It may be something as obvious as the work you do becoming more enjoyable or it may be that new work is offered to you but usually affirmations start with only some very small changes and we must be alert to recognize them. Even if the improvement is minuscule - maybe a previously aloof co-worker happens to nod good morning - recognize the change. As you acknowledge changes - no matter how minute or far fetched - the power of your affirmation builds and the changes start happening faster.

3) Embrace the change!
Many times when we've been down we don't trust positive new possibilities and lose out because we don't take advantage of the gifts being offered. In fact, now that I write this I note the above paragraphs above about the Sabian Symbol for the up coming Full Moon being about being able to hold on to gifts - can we hold the gifts the affirmations bring us? Will we walk through the portal this coming eclipse is opening? Make a point of acting on the opportunities your affirmations bring you! If you want nice clothes and you've affirmed that you have them then when you see the cute outfit on sale don't walk by it - buy it!

I'm affirming wonderful possibilities opening up for us all this week,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Venus in Sagittarius - Dancing with The Stars!

Venus gets tired of being the Scorpio drama queen this week and transforms into a carefree vagabond as she dances into Sagittarius. For the next four weeks she'll be urging you to travel, fall in love with foreigners and to spend your paycheck on whatever you like because Sag's philosophy knows "it's only money" after all. Be sure to enjoy this playtime because when it's over she'll be stuck in hyper-reponsible Capricorn until the end of the year.

Helpful tip: As Venus is fond of material possessions - particularly items of beauty - and Sagittarius rules travel you may find some great garage sale bargains if you're willing to leave your comfort zone and drive to a different neighborhood.

Meanwhile, mental Mercury is joining up with serious Saturn and these two will continue in close partnership for the next six weeks. Don't expect the government shut down to end anytime soon. When these two get together theirs no hugs and kisses as thoughts become dark and depressing. This needn't mean you and I need to succumb to their negativity, however. You may find you've got some serious chores that can't be ignored but put on some music and just get'er done.

Helpful tip: Mercury and Saturn are just trying to tell us the simple truth. If you find yourself starting to over react take a deep breath and count to ten - Mercury and Saturn rule math and mind games too after all.

On the lighter side, the Sun and Moon make a nice trine Monday, October 14. The Moon will be in Aquarius inspiring you to be inventive and to share your insights and of course the Sun in Libra gives you the ability to charm your way through anything. 

Bottom line, the next seven days focus responsibilities to be taken care of but if you dress with a bit of flair you needn't get bogged down in it all. If you have to deal with reality try to handle things in a straight forward efficient manner.

On another vein, I've been trying to get my mind around the metaphysical idea that not only can our present thoughts change the future - by changing our attitude we can also change the past. It's a hard concept to define in words but just for grins try sending love and forgiveness to yourself and the circumstances surrounding some past hurt or injustice. You may find your mind starts coming up with a whole new interpretation of what happened - like a positive spin occurs to you that changes everything. For example, perhaps you were teased or embarrassed as a small child. Talk to that child in your mind and tell her about all the good things that have happened to you since. Then give the exercise a rest. Check in tomorrow and see how you now remember the incident. You may find you now remember it differently and what's more, doesn't seem to matter at all! Amazing. Take it another step: if you're going through a tough time today, consider that some future you is sending you love and positive vibes. Tune in on that thought for a minute and I bet you'll find yourself actually feeling strengthened and loved.

I'm sending you good vibrations right now!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mars in Leo: Why Are We Here?

My mother did beautiful water color paintings but it was her wonderful Little Old Lady from Pasadena cartoons we all loved. She had a knack for capturing the essence of the senior experience and transforming it into the sweetest images. One of the favorites was of two women in a car with the lady at the wheel saying, "I'm blind as a bat, but thank heavens I can still drive!" It seems everyone could identify with that - which is actually kind of scary when you think about it! Another popular card that always got a knowing nod of agreement was a picture of a woman standing in the attic muttering, "Now what was it I came here for?" To forget why we came into a room is not an unfamiliar experience for us Baby Boomers, but seeing the card again today reminded me of how many of us feel we've somehow forgotten why we came to the planet altogether. We like to think we were born with a mission, that our existence has a purpose, a higher calling, but darned if we can remember what it is. Now some philosophers of course will claim the true purpose to life is to love and be loved. Or maybe it's to learn to forgive. But I'm talking more about concrete experiences. Did we come here primarily to teach? To work? To heal? Just what sort of cosmic contract did we sign when we agreed to manifest in a body?

Astrology looks to Mars to discover the life purpose. Mars is the planet ruling energy and ambition. Where you find your Mars will tell you what you are aiming for and how you go about getting it. Mars will also show where you need to consciously develop your courage - the area where you have the most self doubt which can only be over come by getting into the race and building your own muscles.

The first half of this month Mars is in Leo. Leo is all about the joy of just being. It rules children, creativity and the theatre. Mars here means people feel the urge to speak up, to be noticed, to feel their opinion counts. No matter whether they are right or wrong, Mars in Leo is committed to putting on a show.

Mars enters Virgo October 15th. Virgo is about refining Leo's performance. Mars here has a deliberate, cautious attitude. If a Mars in Virgo person appears wild and spontaneous you can bet it's only because they planned to be that way. Mars in Virgo came to earth to learn to slow down, get organize and perfect. "The only sin," a Virgo friend of mine once said, "Is to settle for second best."

For those of you who want to plan way ahead I will mention that Mars will be going into Libra in December. Mars the god of war in Libra, the sign of peace and harmony, is not the easiest place for the planet to be. People born with this placement often find themselves in situations where they want to create harmony but their very presence stirs up opposition. Perhaps this Christmas it would be wise to give your friends gift cards and let them choose their own gift!

I think it's interesting to note that Congress voted to shut down the government at this time of Mars being in Leo. Is it really necessary or are they just putting on a show? Hopefully this posturing wont last long. Mars entering into Virgo mid-month encourages finally getting some real work done. Also the New Moon this week is at 12 degrees Libra and highlights the Sabian Symbol of the miners emerging from a deep coal mine. I mentioned in last week's blog that this image portends work stoppages so I guess we shouldn't be surprised the shutdown happened. Unfortunately, like a miner smeared with coal, Congress will probably come out of this with a "blackened face."

Looking forward to talking to you soon - after all, that's why I'm here!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, September 26, 2013

October 4: Miner's Emerging From a Deep Coal Mine.

Busy week coming up! Mercury changes signs on Sunday September 29, Uranus opposes the Sun on Thursday October 3 and then there's a New Moon Friday October 4. Let's take a closer look at what this all means and how you can best go with the flow:

Mercury leaving loving Libra and entering sarcastic Scorpio means communications can be intense and just plain nasty. It's going to hang there for the next nine weeks but it brings some opportunities for healing if we keep our cool. I expect a lot of hidden resentments will be coming to the surface until after the he said - she said dance slows down and Mercury turns retrograde (October 21). Then we may find we're able to back track and clarify and get on a the upward trail again. Meanwhile, keep your words sweet cause you may have to eat them.

The Sun is going to square Pluto October first and then move on to oppose Uranus on the third. Agreements made under pressure (Pluto) aren't going to last long with rebellious Uranus opposing the deal. Plan for change and be prepared to change your plan!

Finally we have a New Moon in Libra coming on October 4. The Sabian Symbol for this moon is Miners Emerging From a Deep Coal Mine.
Some of the interpretations of this symbol include:

Release from arduous labor.
Stopping work.
Coming into the light.

Gosh, sounds profound. Maybe this October is going to be known for labor stoppages or maybe just in your own life you'll see where you can simplify your efforts and discover your true calling this month.

Make a point of being in a good place the exact moment of the New Moon (5:35 p.m. eastern time). Then watch and see if you find this energy expands in your life all month long.

Let me know your experiences!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pluto Turns Direct : Hidden Information Comes to Light

Pluto will be turning direct Friday, September 20 just before 9 degrees Capricorn- exactly where it was last December when the Mayan Calendar predictions had us all anticipating major change here on planet earth. Many who had anticipated death and destruction and spent their life savings moving to obscure locations to avoid the coming of Sodom and Gomorrah ended up feeling they had been the victims of a hoax. However those of us who interpreted the dates as only a heads up that major change lies ahead, continue to watch world events with an eye for signs of a shift in cosmic consciousness. Like many of you I too have felt this year seems to have had an unprecedented amount of mind blowing revelations (our governments secret operations, the fallout from Fukushima, the intentional fracking - cracking! - of our earth) and I've wondered, where is the peace and love the New Age is supposedly ushering in??? Well, perhaps we had to first see how bad it was before things could get better. Pluto retrograde means the dark god of the underworld was going even deeper into our unconscious and now direct it brings all that is hidden out into the light. That is what is happening this week. The God of Death and Rebirth has been illuminating for us all the dark decay and corruption that needs to be cleansed. Now as he turns direct we begin to see where the path is out of this mess:

 The Sabian Symbol for Pluto's position - 9 Capricorn - is the image of a sailor feeding an albatross, meaning this is a time for overcoming fears through gentleness. Even seemingly natural "enemies" can realize the possibility of interaction and the joys it can bring. I think about the stand off in Syria and wonder if perhaps this is a positive omen for a peaceful resolution to the tensions there. Unfortunately when I look at the whole chart for September 20, although I see Pluto moving into this position that augers such positive potential, I also see that the Moon will be conjuncting Uranus that day putting attention on disruption and chaos. Those aspects plus some particularly difficult ones coming up November 1 - Uranus will be squaring Pluto again - make me think we're coming to a crossroads here where we have the knowledge to heal, but have things gotten so bad that it's too late to put knowledge into effect? Uranus predicts unorthodox, radical action. Our governments are pushing for military intervention. Maybe the most radical, and the most helpful thing we can do is to notify our representatives that we don't believe war is the answer. We are ready to Give Peace a Chance.

On the home front there maybe an unusual number of road bumps, glitches and misunderstandings in our lives this next week, but there is also a wonderful sextile from Venus to Pluto. By tapping into this energy - which is a fancy way of saying just be aware of it - we bring the soothing vibration of love into our lives and thus cushion all the other events and upsets rendering them merely curiosities and entertainment. So keep the faith. Believe!  - which means Be Living the higher consciousness principals you know to be true.
It's gonna be a bumpy ride but we all get home safe.

Love will find a way,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Friday, September 13, 2013

Venus in Scorpio - the Fine Art of Elimination

For the next three weeks Venus, the planet/goddess of love, resides in Scorpio, sign of shared resources. To fully understand what this means it is useful to note the changes Venus makes as she travels through all the signs:

Starting with Aries, Venus in this sign denotes a love of self. A person with this planetary placement needs to be careful not to be too self absorbed or inclined to think whatever is going on is "all about me." 

Venus in Taurus bestows a love and appreciation for the physical world. Beauty, good food, all the earthly delights are attracted to this Venus. It's as if Venus in Aries comes in and says, "I know what I want" and then goes on to Taurus and gets it!

Venus in Gemini grows tired of the fixed physical realm and now wants to move on to the world of ideas. Finding people to trade with and share stories with is the next step for the evolution of the heart.

Creating a network/family of these connections is the love expression of Venus in Cancer. 

Venus in Leo takes pride in the beauty they have created.

Venus in Virgo now works to keep it all running smoothly. Virgo is traditionally the sign of perfection and also of the bachelor so Venus here denotes the highest level one can reach working alone. Then when we have reached a reasonable degree of confidence in our ability to function on our own, the heart starts to consider the possibilities of partnership.

Venus in Libra is something of the opposite of Venus in Aries. Venus in Aries asks, "What works for me?" In Libra Venus asks, "What works for you?" and thus begins the subtle negotiations of "What will work for US?" In Libra, Venus practices the art of diplomacy. When she is in this sign there can be many delightful parties as people strive to maintain cordial relationships while exploring the possibilities of making a deeper commitment..

When Venus finally enters Scorpio, where it is now, that's when we start dealing with the heavy negotiations. Scorpio rules elimination and one of the most difficult tests for a partnership comes when it starts to be obvious there are things we must let go of in order to make room for the relationship to grow.

This month take advantage of Venus being in Scorpio and use this time to release all the things that have been blocking your path forward. You may find it's easier now to get rid of junk and clutter. You may also recognize there are people in your life that you have out grown. Certain goals that once motivated you may now have lost their attractiveness. Don't try to ignore these realities. By being willing to release and let go you are paving the way for Venus in Scorpios greatest benefit: transformation.

Some examples of Venus in Scorpio;
A couple moving in together finds they have duplicate items and must eliminate the extras but in so doing they make room for what they really do want.
A person admits a dream they have been cherishing is not going to happen - yet when finally releasing that fantasy a better, more suitable goal comes to mind.
As Scorpio is the sign of intense experiences, Venus here can manifest emotions going to an extreme. Possessive jealousy is possible. Release the need to own or control on any level and see if the angels don't have a better solution.

At the end of September Venus will be moving on to Sagittarius - the sign that simply advises, "Get over it!" as in "There's a huge world out there. Release your hang-ups and move on!" Thus what ever struggles you maybe having with people and things just now, I just want you to know they can all be eliminated by the end of the month.

Let go and let God,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

All You Need Is Love

All systems are go this week with a Sun/Pluto trine, a Moon/Mars conjunction and a new Moon  September 5th. That Sun-Pluto connection says the need for change is obvious which leads to decisive action when the Moon meets up with Mars. By the time the new Moon happens in service oriented Virgo on Thursday the major decisions will have been made and now it will just be a matter of carrying through doing the actual work. 

What this means to you:
If you've been uncertain how to move forward, this weeks planets should help you come to a clear decision and once you make up your mind all the rest will be details.

Meanwhile, family matters attract attention this month as Jupiter in the hearth and home sign Cancer inspires us to communicate honestly with the relatives. Pour on the love and watch healing happen.

Speaking of love, we could sure use some on the international scene. Uranus continues it's years' long square to all-or-nothing Pluto from the Me First sign, Aries. This combo brings out extremes of positive and negative energy in each of us individually and creates a feeling of restlessness and a growing sense of urgency to act. This week it's the horrific goings on in Syria with their civil war and chemical weapons that grab the headlines. Once again the nation's conscience is stirred as we ask ourselves, do we have a moral obligation to intervene? And if we do, would our involvement help or would it escalate the fighting into an international war? The question involves a more careful analysis of the situation than we simple citizens have the capability for. The information we get is so spun and distorted that when I try to do a reading on the situation time and time again the cards depicting lies and deception keep coming up. Thus rather than spending our energy trying to decipher what Washington is up to, I feel our best contribution to the energy flow is to pray for healing for all sides.

So if you find yourself caught up thinking about the Syria drama, or any drama at all for that matter, tap into the healing energy of Jupiter in Cancer. Affirm that mankind is a family, we desire to be at peace with our brothers and sisters, and then do something in your own world - help a neighbor or a friend - to get the universal energies flowing in this direction.

While writing this I am hearing in the back of my mind the lyric's to The Beatle's song, Across the Universe:

Sounds of laughter,
Shades of life are ringing through my open ears, 
Exciting and inviting me.
Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns,
It calls me on and on across the universe.

Keep your ears open!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, August 26, 2013

Mars in Leo - Bold and Beautiful

We start this week with a Sun opposition to Neptune on Monday August 26. Neptune aspects always bring in a feeling of uncertainty like sailing in a fog and this time the clouds are particularly thick. You may find yourself wrestling with issues where you don't have all the facts or else maybe you just don't quite know how to proceed. Don't try to be too precise just now or you'll just find yourself lost in confusion. Instead use this time to step back and re-evaluate your dreams, weed out the fantasies and focus on reasonable goals.

Mars enters Leo Tuesday evening around 10 p.m. eastern time -  after all that soul searching on Monday the right direction to take may become much clearer now.

Wednesday August 28 is going to be a very busy day what with the Moon making connections with almost all the planets and culminating with a lovely trine to Venus. Perfect for strengthening ties with friends and sending out resumes.

To further motivate you, Mercury will be in the background making a powerful connection with Pluto - old obstacles evaporate as new opportunities invigorate!

The Sun sextiles Saturn Thursday evening August 29. After the confusion earlier in the week, the new reality starts to materialize. Note who is around you now. You may see who your real friends are.

The Moon enters Cancer, the sign of family ties and the past, on Friday August 30. There may be a bit of emotional blowback from all the changes happening this week. Friends who haven't felt properly appreciated will be needing extra attention although with the final aspect Saturday evening being a square to Venus there may not be a way to please everyone.

Fortunately the Sun makes an exact trine to Pluto early Sunday morning again offering opportunity for rebirth and healing. It may only require a change in attitude.

Finally on Sunday September 1 the Moon goes into Leo and connects with Mars offering a boost in confidence and then moves on to trine independent Uranus in Aries.
Be bold! Be yourself! After all, everyone else is taken.

Best wishes,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Full Moon in Aquarius - Choose Joy!

The month has come when we are most likely to achieve our aims through the encouragement of others. The full moon in Aquarius opposition Sun in Leo absorbs all the love energy of the Sun has to give, which means people in general - Moon in Aquarius means individuals as a group, the group entity - are looking to respond to those who offer love and inspiration - Sun in Leo.

 Encouragement is one of the great motivators of mankind. It can inspire us to co-operate and achieve, even to the point of overcoming the fear of death itself. Indeed, when we encourage others we take on God-like powers. Practice your ability to radiate love this week to all those you come in contact with, particularly on August 23 - 24 when there is going to be a stressful line up of planets with Venus in harsh aspect to Uranus and Pluto. This difficult connection between the planet ruling relationships and the planets known for upset and jealousy could manifest in power struggles between lovers and friends. By knowing in advance social functions will be highlighted now, your encouragement and kindness will sooth hurt feelings and lead the way to significant social achievements. This is not the time to be critical or opinionated! Don't be fooled by the striking effect intimidation has over others. It wears off quickly and leaves behind only unpleasant associations. Instead, strive to create accord within your society by encouraging others in the pursuit of their individual goals.

On the national scene the Sun in Leo tells us if ever there were an audience for a charismatic and exceptional leader among men, it exists now. In business and political affairs, friendliness, kindness, and expansiveness toward others will create a spirit unparalleled in loyalty. Pluto in Capricorn says people are willing to take upon themselves all manner of hardship and sacrifice toward the attainment of goals, and due to the harsh aspect to Venus there is the possibility of taking pleasure even in suffering. There is great potential for benefit for all concerned this week. To discover your special reward, ask yourself through out the day, "What am I getting out of feeling as I do?" Sadness turns to joy when we dare to look deeply.

Generally, the waning moon ( the two weeks following the full moon) favors talk and discussion. It's the time for evaluating what has passed and planning for what's ahead. The two weeks following the annual Sun in Leo/ Moon in Aquarius full moon is particularly favored for communication with others. We now have the opportunity to get into honest and open philosophical accord with our fellow man.

Quick tip - The Sun loves to give gifts especially to encourage children. Give a child a learning tool this week and watch your good karma grow!

Reality is a group fantasy,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, August 15, 2013

"May You Live in Interesting Times" - Ancient Chinese Curse

Why would living in "interesting times" be considered a curse? It's a wish that sounds mild and almost friendly. Everyone hates to be bored so what's the big deal? Oooh, don't be fooled. It's a diabolical greeting as you will realize when you think about it:

 Ever gone to your computer for a quick peek only to be suckered into reading one thing more and then another and then another until finally you've wasted an hour reading worthless junk you don't remember any of one mouse click later? That's an example of Interesting Times doing it's evil work and it's definitely the times we're living in today. Our motivations and good intentions melt away in this world of constant distraction. Keeping focused on our goals becomes a near impossibility but astrology can help keep you on track:

Each month the Sun lights up a new sign and a different sector of our lives. This month the Sun and Mercury are in Leo energizing creativity. Let your goal this next week be to get out of the house (that was sooo last month with Cancer) and do something festive. Do you have clothes you've been saving for a special occasion? Why wait? Wear the good stuff and create the occasion! 

Venus in Virgo rewards those who give attention to completing pesky chores and eating their vegetables. Don't get distracted by all the interesting items on the menu. Focus on Fresh!

Mars in Cancer can really get us into trouble if we don't keep our priorities in mind. The fiery planet in this emotional water sign can ignite arguments unless energies are well grounded in some productive project - preferably something to do around Cancer's turf - that is, your own backyard.

Jupiter in Cancer provides a balm of peace and blessings for the home if we look for it. Combined with this month's Leo planets supporting entertaining it promises any gatherings in the home will be well attended. As Jupiter also rules higher learning, a gathering to learn about something would be particularly favored. Host a Book Club meeting!

Saturn is now moving direct in Scorpio. The planet of discipline in the sign of transformation warns us that Shift Happens and we must keep up with the changes. Don't let old stuff sap your energy. Nothing is more distracting than clutter you can't let go of. Saturn in Scorpio helps us recognize what we've out grown, what can be recycled and what just needs to be tossed.

Uranus in Aries provides a slew of distractions but also opportunities to try something different - just don't commit yourself too far in any direction.

Neptune in Pisces dissolves barriers making it easy to disregard our self-imposed limits. This can make us unfocused and confused or allow us to connect with our hopes and dreams.

Thoughts become things - focus on the good ones,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mercury Squaring Saturn - Times Up!

"I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not deter or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again."
-Stephen GrelletI

Mercury has moved out of Cancer this week and heads into Leo. This means that many of us are now waking up to how we have let our mental state - Mercury - be manipulated by our security issues - Cancer. 

We see this energy pattern manifesting on the global scene with governments trying harder and harder to guarantee security by creating more surveillance devices. more laws, more systems of control. It's hasn't worked. Indeed we are witnessing a very bad example of The Law of Attraction: All this attention on creating security has only served to create more paranoia. The recent news headlines have been all about how government's attempts to prevent problems have actually created them. From the Trayvon Martin tragedy where a man acting under the assumption that he was protecting his neighborhood from a criminal was lead by his own fears to kill an innocent boy, to the Manning trial where a soldier has bee given a life sentanse for leaking information the government admits caused no harm, we see where focusing on eliminating terrorists has created more fear and insecurity than ever.

What is the solution? We're being given a clue today as we see Mercury now moving into Leo, the sign of Love and Creativity. I think of the expression, "Nature abhors a vacuum" and the idea that fear is the absence of love. In other words, where love does not exist, we don't just have neutrality. If we do not have Love we have Fear. To move out of Fear and into Love we need to do something pro-active. Mercury in Cancer worries. Mercury in Leo loves!

But time is running out. Mercury squares Saturn this Sunday -  a harsh aspect meaning our habitual mental attitude creates our physical reality - without mercy. In other words, we starkly see how our attempts to control our experience along with our abilities to rationalize, justify and just plain ignore what's happening aren't going to save us any longer. What will work is our willingness to accept ourselves and all that is with the knowingness that It's All Good AND there is a fabulous line up of planets coming up on Sunday to show us this is true:

 Make a point of being aware Sunday August 10,  1:09 p.m. est.
 The moon will be in the seventh house and Jupiter will be aligned with Mars. Sound familiar?:

When the Moon is in the seventh house
And Jupiter aligns with Mars..
Then Peace will rule the planets.
And love will steer the stars.
-The Dawning of The Age of Aquarius.

Ready for take off!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Rosada, EXT 2340

Friday, August 2, 2013

Messages from Polly

I apologize for being a few days later than usual with my weekly blog.My sister passed away Monday. The transiting planet Uranus was exact on her Sun, describing some sort of accident. So far until we get the autopsy report all we know is she collapsed in her bedroom after telling the cleaning lady she was going to give herself an antibiotic injection (she had Lyme's disease). The lady, Maria, says she heard Polly scream and then there was a thud. When she entered the room she found Polly lying on the floor unresponsive. When the ambulance arrived they pronounced her dead. What happened? My guess is that there was an air bubble in the needle that went into the blood stream. Alternatively her son wonders if perhaps the antibiotic had something wrong with it. We'll know next week. Meanwhile I consulted the I Ching asking for a message.

The I Ching is an ancient Chinese Oracle. One consults it by tossing coins. The way the coins land indicates which pages to turn to. For the reading about my sister's passing I received Hexagram 33. Retreat with particular attention to lines 4.5.6. Read what the I Ching has to say and see if you don't think it beautifully describes her leaving her earthly life and moving on:

33. Retreat.
This is a time for withdrawal and consideration, not for action. 

Line 4. 
He easily makes mistakes which he later regrets.

[Does this refer to a mistake with giving herself an injection?]

Line 5.
He has worked hard - he should feel free to rest. He deserves a comfortable life because he has done so much for others.

[Could be describing my sister. Do the words "deserves a comfortable life" mean she goes on to reincarnate in some place pleasant? She certainly did so much for everyone who knew her.]

Line 6.
He hides away honorably. This will bring many advantages.
He has nothing to worry about because he is polite, honest and considerate. 
He will have a comfortable life.

[Another beautiful line that comforts me - assurance that my sister will move on well.]

Finally the I Ching  directed me to read Hexagram 15. Modesty.
Modesty considered to be the most positive hexagram in the I Ching because Modesy is the virtue that will get us through any situation.
"The modest man will eventually succeed in everything. He is successful because of his courteous behavior. This hexagram also refers to people who give to the poor and are never reliant upon those in power."
[This line actually gave me a chuckle - my sister could never be described as "modest" - with a tenth house Aries Sun and Moon she wanted to be sure EVERYONE was aware of her hard work and accomplishments. But she did donate money to worthy causes and the bit about never being reliant upon those in power was true but not by choice. She strongly felt she had been wrongfully denied a pension. I wonder if perhaps this second hexagram is describing what's ahead for her? Like, perhaps in her next lifetime she will not work so hard for public recognition and will consciously choose not to look for pensions, inheritances or support from any program that suggests she is unable to be anything less than totally self-reliant.

So that's what the I Ching had to tell me about my sister. I found it very accurate and reassuring. Since that reading I have tried asking several other questions and have been amazed at how they seem to be giving me insight into my sister's experience passing over into "The Next Room."

I am going to give her soul a little time to settle in and then hopefully next week I will begin posting here excerpts from the messages she has been sending me.

God bless you, Polly!
You are the best sister ever,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, July 22, 2013

Full Moon in Aquarius: Honest to God!

The annual opposition of the Moon in independent Aquarius to the Sun in kingly Leo is often a time when people feel compelled to speak their truth to authority - and to hear an honest answer in response. This year the challenge intensifies with karma-counting Saturn squaring both the lights like a strict referee reminding everyone that to survive and go forward we must accept the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Anything less will be immediately recognized and penalized.

Who is this authority we so desperately want to hear us? On the national scene we see dedicated Americans -whistle-blowers- confronting government spy practices. Shallow explanations from elected officials are not tolerated because Saturn will not let the issue be resolved until we know the full truth. The Tayron Martin case is another example of the truth needing to come out before the wound can heal. The "Stand your ground" law doesn't work and until that is acknowledged and remedied there will be more tragedy.

What about each of us individually? In our private lives we may not necessarily be needing to confront some outside authority. It is truths we haven't accepted about ourselves that now demand attention. The consciousness raising foretold in the Mayan Calendar is moving foreword. As we become conscious that we are indeed all one nothing will remain hidden and this means bad habits and addictions will have to be faced. Not necessarily eradicated, but at least acknowledged - for how else can our higher selves connect with us to assist us if we don't admit where we're at? If you ask God to send an angel to the corner of Smart and Perfect, He'll never be able to find you if you're really at Bottom of the Barrel Road! So this week we must acknowledge where we really are - like it or not - because...

On Saturday July 27 Mars opposes Pluto square Uranus. This could be volatile. Instigating Mars in Cancer opposes - challenges - super power Pluto in Capricorn and then squares lightning-like Uranus two days later on the 29th suggesting reason gets swept aside by anger and impetuous behavior.
[This line up particularly connects with anyone born right around the first and second of any month but particularly January, April, July, and October.]

Those who haven't done the work of self-searching for the cause within, could find themselves threatened by the world without. However, those who aren't wasting any time or energy playing the blame game, those who have totally and completely accepted themselves and taken responsibility and authority for their lives will recognize opportunities this week to shed old grudges and to make great leaps forward, to initiate change and even access Universal Mind itself!

Venus entering Virgo Monday gives us all a clue for how to be on our best behavior. In Leo, Venus welcomed the more and the merrier. In Virgo she's asking us to use some discretion. It's time to be more selective in our choices of what we do and who we do it with. But most of all Venus in Virgo gives us the right tools to create balance and harmony in our lives. Venus reminds us a little compassion, a little forgiveness can go along way toward putting the world back together.

So please, this week play it straight and you just may find yourself living on Smart and Perfect avenue after all - or maybe even on Brand New Beginnings Blvd!

Moving on up,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Uranus Retrograde in Aries: Hurry Up and Wait!

Uranus in Aries urges us to be free and spontaneous this week. It's square to Pluto in Capricorn however could mean unthinking impulsiveness will lead to harsh consequences. This warning is apt to be particularly significant when Uranus turns retrograde on July 17. When a planet is changing direction whether it be turning retrograde or later turning direct, it appears to pause and that's when it's influence manifests most intensely. For example, retrograde Mercury's famous miscommunications seem to happen most on the day it turns retrograde even though it continues to be retrograde for several weeks after that. Saturn changed direction - turned direct - last Sunday and many of you reported that day's activities seemed especially more like work than play - evidence of Saturn's influence intensified. Now Uranus the planet of fast action is changing direction so this week will be testing our ability to stay cool when our minds are projecting all sorts of reasons why we need to rush ahead, grab the wheel, do something!!!! before the time is ripe.

To help handle this planet that demands freedom and refuses to recognize any restrictions imposed from the outside, I consulted the I Ching, the chinese oracle. The I Ching gives it's advice through images. The image it gave me today was one of wind gently blowing across the sky. Now what does a gentle wind have to do with dealing with rambunctious Uranus? Well think of Uranus as being an actual person. Someone you know - maybe yourself! - demanding change and revolution. If you are dealing with someone of this nature, the I Ching seems to be saying it's best to be calm and soothing like a summer breeze. Or perhaps we are being shown our own wild rebellious actions won't get us anywhere right now. In the words of the I Ching, this is a time of "clouds but no rain." Think of Uranus as a farmer wanting rain and all he's getting is fluffy clouds blowing by. If he huffs and he puffs will that make any difference? No. How about if he tunes in on the square to Pluto and tries to force rain through some environmentally devastating weird weather manipulation? Possible perhaps but obviously not good.  So the I Ching is saying if we're smart farmers (and Uranus is known for strokes of genius) we will CHOOSE to be patient this week just as the freedom Uranus calls for now is the freedom to choose Self-Restraint.

The Tayvron Martin - Zimmerman trial is in the news this morning. A stark example of what can go wrong with this line-up of planets. Zimmerman acted impulsively (Uranus) and grabbed power (squared Pluto). Even though he was acquitted, his stupid thoughtless act (Uranus in Aries) will have long term consequences for our whole justice system (Pluto in Capricorn). Belief in America as a land of equality has been shattered. That it's a system slanted towards protecting a few is undeniable. The only question now is, what can people do about it?

This week ahead is sure to bring out more debate about individual freedom vs. government control. Some people will want to riot, others will claim the issues aren't even important, but they say a master is one who can listen to anything without getting angry and without getting bored so hopefully enough of us will master this art of self-restraint at least to the point that we can listen, stay involved and share a perspective of peace.

Keep calm and carry on,

Rosada, EXT 23

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Saturn Turns Direct - Is It December 21, 2012 Yet?

Checked your New Year's Resolutions lately? This week offers terrific opportunities to reactivate those good intentions and see the positive results!

Saturn, the god of structure and The Way Things Really Are has been retrograde in the first degrees of Scorpio since February. Having the god of firm foundations moving backwards has resulted in our seeing a lot of frustration in our efforts to get projects off the ground this year. Plans have been stalled and connections just haven't come together. Many of you have asked me when are we going to see the shift in consciousness we all hoped for last December 21, 2012. The changes have been happening but it's been slow going because we're having to choose to surrender the old belief systems before the new awarenesses can become effective. Good news is change will be coming more obvious this week as Saturn turns direct. It is a slow moving planet and will take a while to get up to speed but by October when Saturn will be back to where it was in February we should be feeling the roadblocks and delays are dissolved and we're finally moving ahead.

Now of course this doesn't mean bad habits that caused problems before can no longer cause problems now - we won't be able to suddenly eat fat yet stay thin! - rather, Saturn being retrograde showed us what the problems were and now through October we have an opportunity to fix them. You might say we can start with our resolutions again and this time since we now know how to eat healthy, if we choose to eat right we can still get in shape by the end of the year.

"Eating healthy" doesn't apply just to what foods we put in our bodies. Saturn in Scorpio is showing us that everything we surround ourselves with - the food, the friends, the ideas we allow in - whether we  admit to them or not! -  all make up the building blocks that create our lives. Saturn lesson is "like attracts like" meaning we can only attract the people and situations that are somehow on our same wave length - and thus we can't resonate with the people and situations that are right for us until we release the ones that are not. Unfortunately, the ongoing rise in consciousness doesn't mean we can change this rule - but maybe it means at least we'll stop ignoring it!

We are seeing this principle of What You Vibe Is What You Get playing out in our personal lives as Saturn makes us aware of our deeper feelings and won't allow us to mask our inner knowingness any longer. We may have hoped that Higher Consciousness would mean Universal Love and Brotherhood. It does, but not instantly. The gods don't suddenly blast us with some sort of cosmic euphoria. Rather we're having a gradual awakening but as we become more experienced (Saturn) we no longer fall for what is fake and manipulative. We've now reached a tipping point in mass consciousness where the phony vibration is intolerable. Saturn direct says this is the week we start realizing that feeling alone is better than pretending to feel connected.

On the world scene Saturn retrograde in Scorpio has revealed the government secret spying programs and other activities inconsistent with our professed beliefs in what "Freedom" means. Saturn got us to look at our secrets and now America has to decide either it approves of government intelligence gathering or it does not. This is what "Expanded Consciousness" is all about. When you become more conscious, you start to become aware of all realities, not just of angels and rainbows. As human consciousness connects and becomes One, it's inevitable we'll be seeing things we recognize we really didn't want to know before..but now it's time, we can't ignore, or pretend we don't know Reality any longer. 

Another awareness you may have coming in this week: The Sun is going to be conjuncting (in the same space with) Mercury in Cancer on Tuesday so the mindless jingles and hypnotic suggestions planted in our brains by the media are going to be particularly obvious and irritating - another sign human consciousness is rising above the sheep-to-the-slaughter wave length we've been living on for so long.

So it's all good, even though things may be feeling a bit slow or isolated. 

The new moon in Cancer happens at 3:14 a.m. Monday morning.
Make out a list of New Moon Resolutions!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Venus Squares Saturn, Sun Opposes Pluto, Sun Squares Uranus and I'm Not Feeling Too Good Myself.

The line up of planets is genuinely frightening this week. Mercury is retrograde making you feel indecisive and with Venus squaring Saturn (July 1) you question whether what you are trying for is even possible. PLUS the Sun opposing Pluto (July 1) sounds like a power struggle and Sun squaring Uranus (July 3) means things just fall apart - to the extent that by mid-week you may be feeling like Rhett Butler and wondering if you even give a damn!

Here's the answer: Jupiter in Cancer is moving to a trine with Neptune and Saturn. It won't be exact till the middle of the month but this most fortunate planet coming up to bless both the planet of dreams AND the planet of reality means we can act now with confidence. In fact, we must for confidence - Jupiter - is the channel that connects your daily work - Saturn - with creative inspiration - Neptune. Such powerful motivation leaves no room for negativity. So for the next couple of days when all these harsh aspects are taunting us with nameless anxiety be more present in the NOW, act with confidence, and watch the fear go away by itself.

Once we get past Wednesday the line up of planets quickly becomes more hospitable. Venus in party mode (Leo) starts moving towards a trine to Uranus, the significator of freedom and independence, a fitting combination for celebrating our country's birthday on July 4. The coast won't be completely clear though as Pluto will be making a difficult inconjunct to Venus Friday just as the Moon is meeting up with an angry Mars Saturday morning. After the brief time out on The Fourth we may find people slipping back into hostile attitudes once again. Moon conjunct Mars in Gemini does offer an opportunity to speak your truth. Just try to remember it's time to communicate, not fight. It will serve you better to focus with clear intention on what you are moving towards, rather than what you are reacting against.

I'm looking forward to Saturn turning direct next Sunday. He's been retrograde since last February making it hard to get traction but hopefully now we'll start seeing our efforts creating some results - provided we still care. If projects (relationships) have lost their significance, Saturn turning direct can signal now is the time to walk away.

Reviewing what I've outlined above, I think the way to tie it all together is to be aware there are a lot of planetary aspects indicating shake up and then Saturn is slowing down and turning direct at the end of the week. It's kinda like we're taking some final sharp turns on a roller coaster with all sorts of things flying out of the car but then we slow down and with a lighter load start heading in the direction we wanted to go in all along. Oh - and don't forget Jupiter is saying, "Have confidence! It only gets better from here!"

Feeling better already,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, June 24, 2013

Jupiter in Cancer - Mercury Retrograde - Venus in Leo

An optimistic outlook and unshakable self confidence characterize the planet Jupiter. Where ever he goes, he encourages a more constructive way of life. This week he is going into the sign that rules home and family, Cancer, and he'll be there for a year. Don't waste this wonderful opportunity to host the God of Good Fortune right under your own roof! Invite him in by making yourself open to new ideas, new friends, good food, and an expansive attitude.

You'll know Jupiter is in the house when... 
1. ..Friends stop by with stories to tell. Welcome them! Jupiter loves any kind of knowledge and his favorite way of spreading it is through storytelling and theatre.

2. ..Books and magazines appear just when you need their information most. Jupiter rules colleges and universities. Make your house a learning center and he'll start teaching.

3. ..You sense a deeper harmony in family relations. With Jupiter around, caring, sharing and forgiving have never been easier. Jupiter may also bring in some new people into the family circle and your extended family grows big time this year.

4. ..You don't feel like scrimping. Jupiter provides plenty of food and calories don't count!

5.  ..You feel like hosting a friendly game of poker. Jupiter loves to gamble.

6. Win or lose you have a good time. With Jupiter it all balances out in the end.

This list could go on for pages, so just know that the essence of Jupiter in Cancer is the sense of Abundance, Education and Spiritual Ideals in the Home, with Land and Family.
  If you play around with combining those words you can come up with your own ideas of what Jupiter in Cancer might mean for you:
Abundance + Land = Will home prices be going up significantly this year?
Education + Family = Will taking classes at home on line get a boost in popularity?
Abundance + Family = More people living in the house?
Spiritual Ideals + Home = Will there be an emphasis on one's home being one's private retreat from an increasingly busy world?

Try this mind game and see what you came up with. Write down your thoughts and review them several months from now. I think you'll be amazed at how accurate you predictions turn out to be.

Now a few predictions for this week...

Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer Wednesday June 26. People in general even in the astrological world weren't so aware of the Mercury Retrograde Curse up until just a couple of years ago. Now however it seems like everyone has some terrible tale of all the things that went wrong for them when this planet of communication was heading "backwards". This is becoming something like a bad hypnotic suggestion and we've got to wake up and get rational folks! Mercury is retrograde a lot - about three times a year and for six weeks at a time. Now we know not every computer sold at these times is a lemon, not every lease signed with Mercury retro is regretted, not everything goes wrong!! Please join me in debunking Mercury's bad rap! First of all, Mercury is not even retrograde. It is not moving backwards, it only appears to be because it is moving between the Earth and the Sun. Just as a car traveling in our same direction on the freeway can appear to be moving backwards if we zip past it, Mercury only appears to be moving backwards because the Earth is moving passed it. What this symbolizes for us astrologically is that we may feel our timing is off during this period. We may may feel pressured to make decisions too quickly and thus need to come back later and change things. If we would just allow ourselves to take all the time we need to think things through, perhaps saying, "Let me get back to you on that in a day or two" but not necessarily postponing an answer until Mercury turns direct, we should find our inner computer is able to handle this tricky aspect just fine. 

Having said that, I will now predict that this week many of us will probably find ourselves having to deal with more than the usual number of mental mistakes - misplaced items, wrongly addressed letters, etc. because Mercury IS retrograde after all and we're still not used to being extra attentive. The good news is that with Jupiter going into the same sign as Mercury, the various glitches will all balance out in the end.

Delightful Venus enters Theatrical Leo June 27.
Keep her in your thoughts and the next three weeks should be full of fun!


Rosada, EXT 2340