Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jupiter Turns Direct in Gemini

Have you ever read your horoscope for the day, taken in all the words of advice and then gone out and gotten into exactly the sort of trouble the stars were trying to warn you about? I think we do this because either we don't remember the warnings - studies show we forget more than half of what we read within eighteen minutes! - or we don't recognize what the oracle meant until it's too late OR perhaps the problem is that by reading about potential difficulties we are actually giving them energy. With this thought in mind I am going to look at the stars this week with an eye just on the opportunities:

The Moon will be in Virgo making a lovely trine to Pluto on Tuesday, January 29 and then a trine to Venus before leaving the sign on Wednesday, January 30. This gives a fail-safe window for socializing but even better, use this moment to do a few good deeds - your investment will pay off big and soon because...

Jupiter turns direct Wednesday, January 30. Jupiter has been retrograde in Gemini for the last four months delaying good karma or shall we just say a lot of our blessings have been very heavily disguised? Anyway, once The Great Protector gets moving full speed ahead we should see some of the promises of Dec. 21, 2012 starting to show up. Jupiter key words include Abundance, Justice, and Forgiveness. I've made a Cosmic To Do List of these words and I intend to watch for their manifestation!

Thursday night the Moon will be in Libra trining the Sun and then it will move on to trine Mercury all day Friday. A lot could be easily accomplished with this Sun/Mercury connection. Clear (Sun) Thinking (Mercury) gets the job done!

Okay, I didn't want to say anything the least bit negative in this column but I would be remiss if I didn't mention Mars will be changing signs and leaving Aquarius Friday evening February 1. Once in Pisces Mars is apt to be much more introspective and a lot less eager to jump and fetch. With so many helpful aspects earlier in the week I would use this "warning" as a heads up to get the chores out of the way before Friday and leave your weekend open. When Mars teams up with dreamy Neptune you're not going to want to follow any To Do List at all.

Coming soon:
Next week is the beginning of the Chinese Year of The Snake. 
Call me now for Feng Shui tips on what you can do to properly align your home with the marvelous opportunities Snake years bring.


Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Come to The Garden Party

The Boss has left The Office!

Last week we talked about how the planets could be seen as living entities playing different roles in our life situations. As we identify with them, do what they do, we take on their power and abilities. The Sun, the celestial Commander and Chief, was in the sign Capricorn last month so to shine like the sun in our own lives we had to take on the role of being in charge and keeping our troops in line. Today the Sun enters Aquarius, the world of freedom, equality and personal responsibility. To inherit the Sun's blessing this month we need to quit micro-managing others, leave The Office, and get out for some fresh air. In my mind I'm hearing Ricky Nelson singing Garden Party, "You can't please everyone so you might as well please yourself."

Curious isn't it that every four years in this country we swear in our new President when the Sun is in Aquarius? The man takes charge just when the planets are in the sign that says no one can be in charge of anyone! For some Presidents this wasn't a problem. President Roosevelt who was elected to the office four times was himself an Aquarian so I guess he instinctively knew how to harness the energies of this independent Sun. But what does the Sun in Aquarius mean for a Leo like Obama? Certainly an Aquarian swearing in ceremony seems appropriate in a country founded on the idea that all men are created equal and that we do not bow before any king, but I wonder if something about this date makes it hard for a Leo President to be the leader?  Whatever, the main thing is that this month in our personal lives we'll probably save ourselves a lot of heartache if we can simply recognize that people are going to do what they are going to do and not worry about the things we cannot change.

Mercury, The Messenger, has also entered Aquarius this week where he'll be much less up-tight than he was in Capricorn. Just as you have to know the rules before you can break them, Mercury in Capricorn gave us the facts but now in Aquarius he'll help us use those facts to facilitate new ideas and creative solutions. Particularly on Monday and Tuesday when Mercury will be meeting with Original Uranus and cavorting with Generous Jupiter,  information will be available to untangle misunderstandings.

On the down side, Venus had a harsh run in with Pluto a few days back. Even as Mercury tries to explain, hurt feelings could linger. Vow to see things objectively to avoid getting stuck in old dramas.

The Aquarian Sun will be joining the discussion on Thursday and Friday when he too connects with Uranus and Jupiter, perhaps giving the go ahead to long awaited opportunities.

I say "perhaps" because the final aspects the Moon makes after reaching its full on Saturday are a square to Saturn, an opposition to Mercury and an opposition to Mars. Even while this full Moon brings all the facts and all the issues out in the open to be resolved (re-solved!), there will still be those who want to argue and fight. Do the Aquarian thing and refuse to get sucked in.

This week is going to truly be the week to practice everything we know about creating: avoid focusing on the negative and put attention only on the positive.

I'm putting my attention on you!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Office

If we want to understand the nature and influence of the planets it can be helpful to think of them as living entities who have specific roles in this divine comedy we call Life. First imagine a situation and then figure out what role each planet/person plays. For example, if we're doing a story about a family the Sun would be the father, the Moon would be the mother, Mercury would be the siblings and so forth. Next, look at the aspects the planets are making with each other. Are they coming closer together or separating? Are the aspects positive or difficult? This will tell you how your "actors" will perform. If the Sun is squaring the Moon, Daddy and Mommy are fighting but if the Moon then moves to a friendly trine aspect between them, they kiss and make up. By looking at the planets as people you will find you can more easily recognize their energies active in your life - and know what's going to happen next!

Today I'm looking at the planets as representing the folks we meet in the office:

Every office needs a boss, someone who makes the final decisions. Naturally that role goes to the Sun. The other planets play their parts but they all circle around the Big Guy. By knowing what The Boss wants each month we can align with his intentions and thus become the boss in our individual lives.
This month the Sun is in Capricorn, the sign that rules time and efficiency. So this month be The Boss by doing Capricorn type stuff: get organized, simplify your life. 

The Moon is the Sun's Executive Secretary. She empathizes with everyone's feelings and lets The Boss know when something doesn't set right. This week she starts out in Pisces so hurt feelings will need to be acknowledged and soothed or instead of moving full speed ahead at the end of the week when she enters the fast-action but pugnacious sign Aries, we could find those tangled emotions escalating into a full on brawl.

Mercury is the office messenger/gossip. He too is in realistic Capricorn this week so right now he's only interested in the straight facts. He won't be very helpful if you're trying to be imaginative or poetic but he might be useful to call on if you're needing to learn how to set up a new system. Long standing problems have a chance of being dealt with Friday when Mercury's meeting with The Boss/Sun and everything is sure to get talked about.

Venus is the office matchmaker. Usually she's a sweetheart who wants everyone to have their morning coffee and doughnut. Truly, whenever you're feeling pleased or satisfied you know Venus has been around. However I say "usually" because this Wednesday she's got a conference with Pluto, the company axe man. He's in charge of hiring, firing and reorganizing. When these two planets get together they play for keeps.  Keep your head down and try to stay the course. It doesn't have to be bad, but most likely many of us will wake up Thursday morning knowing there has been a significant shift somewhere in our lives.

Mars is your co-worker and back up buddy. If he ever thinks you've been disrespected he'll hit now and ask questions later. Fortunately this month Mars is in Aquarius, the sign of group activities. You couldn't wish for a better partner if you've been thinking of joining a gym or doing some collective bargaining.

Jupiter heads the department of office supplies. Sometimes he gets accused of being too generous and even wasteful. This month he's retrograde - that is, backing up - so we may find promised benefits retracted or maybe we now regret our own extravagant behavior. Did you run up your credit cards over Christmas or drink too much at the office party? That was your inner Jupiter at the helm. This month call on your inner Saturn to reign him in.

Saturn keeps the books. He's just started a two year sojourn through Scorpio where he's looking to root out bad habits and re-organize. Make him your friend by setting up your own budget and bringing your promises up to date.

Uranus is the office odd-ball or maybe he's an outside consultant brought in from time to time. He has crazy ideas but they often work. Plus he's the only one who knows how to run the computers. This year he really wants to buck authority and do his own thing. If you've been feeling to tell The Boss "Adios," maybe you need to have a chat with your inner Uranus before he gets you into trouble. 

Neptune is the funny little fellow who hides inside his cubicle. If you see him early this week when the Moon joins him in Pisces he'll probably be reminding you to acknowledge any co-workers who are out sick or needing encouragement. Your inner Neptune will thank you for remembering.

And of course remember to call me!
Wishing you all the best,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Do Unto Animals..

I finally got around to seeing the movie Avatar - a visually beautiful film but disappointing in that what started out to be a story about love overcoming greed devolved into the usual battle scenes. The Good Guys won but only because they proved better at slaughter and mayhem  than the Bad Guys. Rats. I did come away with one uplifting idea though which I feel worth sharing:

In one of the scenes the hero must leap off a cliff. He hesitates until his companion urges him not to think too much but to "Trust your body!" He jumps and sure enough, after a lot of rolling and tumbling and bouncing and banging he lands safely. This sequence got me considering how many times I've experienced unexplainable good fortune and how perhaps my good luck was not due to random chance or divine intervention but rather perhaps to my body's inner knowingness being capable of guiding me to these happy endings. We recognize our bodies instinctively know what to do to keep balance and how to catch ourselves in a fall, but is it possible our bodies also instinctively know how to guide us through life's other challenges? Does the human body have an instinct for finding true love and parking places? We're constantly urged to trust in Spirit to guide and protect us, but how about we trust our bodies? What changes would such an attitude create in our lives?

Certainly we'd all start eating better. The owner of a race horse doesn't try to cut corners feeding his animal junk food and likewise when we recognize our body is a prize animal that must be cared for I bet we won't want to feed ourselves chemicals either. Furthermore, just as a valued horse would not be expected to race every day, if we realize we're spirits entrusted with the care of  human animals we wont admire models who starve their bodies or anyone who pushes themselves beyond endurance.

Of course many animals are mistreated all over the world. Perhaps the karma, the result, of allowing such cruelty is we also mistreat human animals. Perhaps if humankind were to take better care of the animal kingdom the result would be we'd instinctively come to take better care of human beings too.

Meanwhile, the most exciting thing to come from this awareness that our physical being must be respected and cared for like any other animal, is the further awareness that the body can instinctively preform all sorts of miracles that our minds have no idea how to achieve. How often have we stifled our hopes and dreams because we couldn't imagine how our wishes could be made to come true? But if we recognize it is not necessary for us to know how a thing is to be accomplished - that we our bodies instinctively know how to find the pot of gold! - then we are embolden to dream big, jump off the cliff, and let the body show what it can do!

Now having written all this I think my body deserves a little treat. I'm thinking I'll take it for a walk but my inner pony wants chocolate. Anyone know a good horse whisperer?

Happy landings!

Rosada, EXT 2340