Saturday, September 29, 2012

Show Me The Money!

J.P. Morgan once famously said, "Millionaires don't use astrology, but billionaires do." He relied on the advice of astrologer Evangeline Adams and became one of the richest financiers in history. What can we learn from his example? Can astrology really time the market or help us place the winning bet? usual, the answer is yes and no.

No, if you're not destined to make money as a gambler.
 Even if astrology accurately predicted the right outcome, if winning wasn't in your chart that day, somehow you wouldn't be able to take advantage of it. Something would happen and you'd be unable to place the bet or you'd lose the ticket before you could cash it in. You must have a chart that favors gambling or you just won't be able to make any money that way. Oh, you might be able to pick a $2 lottery number now and then but to attract real money on a steady reliable basis you need to know where money comes to you in your chart and more importantly where you should spend it. That's being with the flow and an astrological chart shows you how to do it.

So, yes, astrology can make you rich if you look to where the money planets are in your birth horoscope and align with them.

First, where does money come to you? Jupiter is the planet of Blessings and where Jupiter falls in your astrological chart is where you will receive abundance:

Jupiter in the 1st house of The Self says you have an innately generous nature. Jupiter rules philosophy and having this planet here means you are blessed with a knowingness that we live in an abundant universe with more than enough for everyone. Honor your impulse to live large!

Jupiter in the 2nd, the house ruling Possessions, can attract an abundance of clutter if you're not careful. However - because Jupiter also rules travel - if you release the excess baggage, opportunities for travel will magically appear.

Jupiter rules publishing and in the 3rd house of Communication ideas easily come to you. Write them down and become a published author! However, the third house also rules the neighborhood so - if you don't use your gifts  - Jupiter in the third could mean the buck stops at the neighbor's house instead!

Jupiter in the 4th house of The Home Base gives you a large loving home and family. (Warning: Don't let Jupiter's expansive optimism give you a mortgage you can't afford.)

Jupiter in the 5th house of Fun and Creativity actually can give you luck in gambling - especially if you maintain a lighthearted attitude.

In the 6th Jupiter can give an abundance of Work - be careful not to take on too much.

Jupiter in the 7th house of Partnership can mean a wealthy partner - or multiple marriages, an abundance of partners!

Jupiter in the 8th house of Endings can mean you benefit from a death - money from an inheritance.

 Jupiter in the 9th  house of Far Away Neighborhoods blesses/protects you while traveling.

Jupiter in the 10th house of fame and reputation will attract attention - great for a career in the public eye but don't try anything sneaky.

Jupiter in the 11th, the house of Friends and Groups, means good fortune comes to you through a generous friend or in group situations - Amway anyone?

 I have Jupiter in my 12th house, the house of Hidden Matters in Sagittarius, the sign of travel. Maybe  this is an indication my money is hidden in a galaxy far, far away. However, Sagittarius also rules wisdom and so having Jupiter here hints I could access wealth through learning "hidden wisdom" - like astrology. Well, I'm trying...

 Even if you don't know where the abundance planet is in your chart you can always attune to Jupiter just by being conscious of the blessings in your life. 

Venus is the second money indicator in the horoscope. Where we find the Goddess of Love and Beauty will clarify for you what you value most and WHAT YOU SHOULD SPEND YOUR MONEY ON! We are bombarded everyday with ads telling us what we're supposed to want but how many of us really give a rat's ear about all this things? Look at where Venus is in your chart to find out what your heart is craving. Then put your money where your heart is. Money will come to you easily when you are directing it this way.

Venus in the 1st, the house of Self, says money flows to you to spend on yourself! Hey, it's a tough job but somebody's got to do it..

Venus in the 2nd says your money is meant to beautify the world around you.

Venus in the 3rd tells us a beautiful mind is your prize possession. Join the book of the month club. And while you're at it - since the 3rd house rules the hands - you might also treat yourself to a manicure and ... a diamond ring..

Venus in the 4th gives you a knack for creating beauty in your home, put your money there.

Venus in the 5th says the goddess gives you money to spend on children.

I have Venus in my 6th house of work. No wonder I love my job! If you have Venus in your 6th house invest in your work and you'll always have a job you enjoy.

Venus in the 7th house of partnership says go ahead and lavish money on your partner.

The 8th house rules sex. Does Venus in the 8th house give permission to splurge at Victoria's Secret?

Venus in the 9th house of travel and higher education promises your money will never be wasted if you spend in those areas.

Venus rules art and if she's in your 10th of Fame and Recognition don't be afraid to invest in your talent because you could make it as an artist.

Venus in the 11th attracts money when you use it to support your friends.

Venus in the 12th house of Hidden Things may tempt you to stash your wealth under a mattress but Venus in the 12th house also rules The Less Fortunate - those hidden from the world - and so when Venus enters this house every penny we share with those less fortunate will come back to us ten fold.

If you don't know where your Venus is, just remember that Venus is the planet of Love. When ever you are spending money - whether it's buying a gift or paying a bill - do it with a sense of giving Love and Love is what will come back to you.

To know where your planets of getting and giving are in your chart, give me a call and..
Let's get with the flow!
Rosada, EXT 2340

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is Obama Destined to Win?

The Destiny Card Reading System defines the cycles in our lives by assigning a different playing card to each day of the year. Supposedly each card has unique characteristics that describe the nature of the person born on the day the card rules. Thus a person born on a Queen of Hearts day is predicted to have insight into love and marriage, while a person who's card is an Ace of Spades will be drawn to opportunities for launching new projects. This week I thought it would be interesting to look at the presidential candidate's Destiny Cards to see if the cards gave us any clues as to the men's prospects in the upcoming election.

President Barack Obama was born August 4, 1961, a 9 of Diamonds day. Diamonds have to do with money and 9's represent universal values and global perspective. 9's take everyone possible into consideration when they are creating, planning, or making decisions. No wonder Obama refused to ramrod directives through when he had a majority in the Senate. His message was/is all about getting people to work together. Furthermore, 9's represent death and rebirth, re-creation and reinvention. How appropriate that Obama became president at a time when the country was in a financial and emotional death grip. He envisioned a rebirth and voters joyously embraced his affirmation that we all could work together to turn things around, "Yes We Can!" Now however four years have passed and the country is still having economic difficulties. The electorate must decide, is Obama's vision of America working together realistic or is it time to change leadership? The Republicans have nominated Governor Romney - March 12, 1947 who happens to be a Jack of Diamonds. All Jacks represent clever people who can cut corners and come up with schemes to get what they want. The Jack of Diamonds particularly describes a businessman who knows how to play the money game. Romney is known for being a self-made millionaire and his key campaign promise has been that with his financial expertise he is the candidate better suited to rebuild our economy. So who's vibration resonates more with the electorate this year? Do the majority of voters still believe in Obama's idealistic message of brotherhood? Or are voters feeling it's time to get real and follow a leader with a specific knack for managing finances?

Perhaps we can get greater insight by also looking at the candidates cards for the year ahead. Along with a Birth Card, The Destiny Card System assigns each person a specific card for every year of life. Romney's card for this year is the Ten of Hearts, a particularly positive omen for being loved by large groups. But wait a minute, Obama's annual card is the Queen of Spades, an equally powerful symbol for success. No wonder the polls have them running neck and neck! So who's holding the best hand over all?

To get the defining answer I called my friend Bruce The Bookie. Now after talking to Bruce, even though the polls show the two candidates in a dead heat, my money is on Obama. Bruce is involved in the gambling industry in Las Vegas and he tells me that while the pollsters say the candidates are nearly even, the people who bet on these things, the people whose instincts are right enough often enough that they are willing to put money on their hunches, these folks have run up the odds in favor of Obama. Bruce trusts the gamblers. He says he's seen time and again how The Collective Unconscious knows in advance what the final outcomes are going to be. When a large group of people individually one by one feels to place their money on a candidate, a horse or a raindrop, that pick almost invariably turns out to be the winner. So if you're tired of listening to all the campaign rhetoric and want to skip the debates and the polls and the news analysts and just cut to the finish:
My friend Bruce The Bookie says Obama is Destiny's Child by 2 to 1.

Meanwhile I'm voting for you!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mary and Her Little Lamb

We will be experiencing the new moon at 23.37 degrees Virgo on Saturday 10:11 p.m. eastern time. The Sabian symbol for this degree is of Mary and her white lamb, a symbol of friendship, purity and simplicity. It seems somewhat disingenuous to focus on such a pleasant image at this time after the horrific events in the middle east this last week, but perhaps this symbol of innocence is giving us an opportunity to test our ability to change situations by guiding our attention to what's positive and to direct energy to what we want to manifest more of. Certainly the world could use more simple, honest friendship. In fact, now that I write this I wonder if that is to be our challenge in the month ahead? What if each of us befriended one or two new people, or strengthened one or two ties and then asked those people to likewise make new friends and like a chain letter would this energy of love then circle the world and reach every soul by the end of the month? It's mathematically possible, let's give it a shot! After all, as Albert Schweitzer once said, "Civilization is such a good idea that somebody ought to start it."

Other than the new moon, the planets aren't giving us a whole lot of support in the building friendships department just now. The on going square/conflict between Uranus in Aries ( free individuals) and Pluto in Capricorn (powerful governments) which has been the cause of all the civil unrest and uprisings this last year will be exact Wednesday. It's not unlikely that there will be more demonstrations and drama before the week is over. Anything each of us can do in our personal lives to sooth hurt feelings and diffuse potential disruptions will be doing a great service for humanity as a whole. Sun in Virgo means energy flows to those who are attending to the small stuff. What we do now for the least will be a service for the most.

Mercury goes into Libra Sunday. Mercury rules communication and Libra is the sign of partnership but also of war. When Mercury is in Libra we either find areas where we can agree with the other person and become partners or we get polarized into totally opposite points of view - and become enemies. So If you are dealing with someone who's opinion you just can't agree with but you don't want to get locked into a battle with them either, what can you do? One useful trick (Mercury rules tricks!) is to listen to the person without comment until they are totally finished. Then ask them to repeat themselves as in, "I don't think I quite understood that. Could you explain it to me again?" This is an especially useful technique if they are angry or irrational. Asking the person to repeat what they said, not only means they will pause and think for a moment - and thus be speaking from their calmer self - but they may then see the flaw in their reasoning without you having to point it out to them. And of course it may be that when you hear their argument for a second time you may discover you hadn't understood and that now you can find areas for agreement. Or you may find that it's better to postpone any conversation entirely - at least until after Thursday September 20 after Mercury moves past squaring both Uranus and Pluto.

We've had a rough week and the planets for the coming one look equally volatile. Keep the image of Mary and her lamb in mind and stay on the path.

The best way to make a friend is to be one,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Poll Dancing

Do you follow these political polls that supposedly tell us who's ahead and who's falling behind as the November election draws near? 
It's so absurd. I mean, first of all, what's this about "Undecided"? Who's undecided? I don't know anyone who hasn't always known exactly which side they were going to vote for. Indeed, it would be fabulous if there really were a huge percentage of Undecided Voters. Ideally 99.9 percent of the country should be Undecided right up until the debates! Then everyone would listen with an open mind and only then choose which candidate to vote for. Unfortunately that's not the way it is. We've become so closed minded we can't even bare to hear what the other side has to say. I was talking to a friend the other day who is a brilliant astrologer and who teaches yoga at the local college. A real "spiritual type", right? I mentioned what a kick I had gotten out of Clint Eastwood's appearance at the Republican Convention. As I knew she hadn't seen it I urged her to look it up on Youtube. Her response was so depressing - she wasn't interested, didn't want to see it, she just knew she would find it "negative" and on and on. I usually vote to the left myself but this refusal to even listen to what the other person has to say is bigotry no matter which side you're on.

I really do feel the big challenge/opportunity upon us in this fall is going to be all about developing the ability to listen to differing opinions without getting angry and without dropping out. Jupiter is in Gemini now giving us a gazillion sound bites competing for our attention, Mars will be moving into Sagittarius in the weeks running up to the election and thus opposing Jupiter suggesting that every idea will trigger an opposite opinion - and probably an angry one! If that isn't stressful enough, Venus will be going into Virgo in October squaring both these planets resulting in a tendency to nit pick and criticize. How should we deal with it? Hopefully not by refusing to participate at all. Mercury will be turning retrograde on Nov. 6, Election Day - that could discourage people from thinking their vote even counts. So whatever you do, don't let all the political chatter keep you away from the polls!

Meanwhile a few comments on how to take advantage of the opportunities coming up this week:
It's a waning moon, traditionally a time for completions rather than beginnings. With the sun in Virgo to help bring your work to perfection you may be delighted at how many chores can get checked off your Mop Bucket List by the New Moon Saturday September 15. The Sabian Symbol for this moon will be Mary and Her White Lamb, a delightful image of innocence and purity and a wonderful omen for friendship, kindness and the bonds between pets and their owners. Hmm..perhaps also a warning that if we're gonna be sheep, at least let's find someone worth following.

Laugh and Play!

Rosada, EXT 2340