Saturday, October 27, 2012

Living with Awareness

When I declared my intention in my blog last week to spend this next year following the guidance of the stars in a focused disciplined manner, I imagined that I might be able to foresee potential problems (and opportunities!) and thus adapt accordingly. Perhaps this will eventually become the case but this last week I found that even with all my planetary awareness I was still sucked into drama. For example, I was intending to be traveling last Tuesday, October 23. The sun was squaring Mercury - never good for travel or making connections, and also the sun was trining Neptune that morning, a warning to allow plenty of time for delays. I figured this could mean the desire to sleep late could lead to missed flights (Neptune rules sleep) and also there could be a series of confusions and misunderstandings meaning I might possibly have to do a teensy bit of waiting... So...I intentionally packed a good book and set my alarm clock. I got to the airport and onto the plane without a hitch. We left right on time. "Aha!" I thought, "By being prepared for them, the problems don't even manifest!"  Then... Neptune took charge. We landed in Houston, not my final destination, just a stop over - just the sort of nebulous area Neptune rules. We were told there would be a 15 minute delay while they fixed some fuel gauge... 30 minutes later we were told there would be a 15 wait while they brought in a replacement gauge... An hour later we were told to get off the plane to stretch before take off in 15 minutes... Then a suitcase fell out of an over head bin and hit a stewardess in the head... We were told there would be another wait while they called in a replacement stewardess... By this time the entire flight crew had gone into overtime so now we had to wait as all of them had to be replaced... Ultimately, after this series of very strange and unusual Neptunian incidents, the plane did take off and we finally made it home - 5 hours late!

So what does an astrologer learn from this? If I had started this study earlier I probably would have noted the aspects and chosen not to travel on that day at all. But by the time I decided to check the planets I'd already bought my ticket so off I went. Anyway, I will make a note of this and hopefully remember not to schedule a trip the next time the moon is squaring Mercury and especially not when the sun is trining Neptune - which will be in about 4 months.

 Keeping a journal detailing what you have experienced on the days the planets are making their various aspects is a wonderful way of developing your awareness of what the planets cycles mean for you personally. Even if you are not able to avoid the difficulty, knowing it makes sense astrologically can make you feel a bit better. (Seeing that difficult aspect coming did remind me to take a book along which made the wait so much easier.)

Some of the planetary aspects to watch for this week:

Monday, October 29. Mercury, the ruler of travel, will now square Neptune, the planet of dreams and confusion. Plus it's the day of the Full Moon! Yowza, the line up of planets tonight looks like a repeat/intensification of what we just went through! It's true the moon will be in Taurus which tends to be grounding, but it can't totally undo the effects of the Mercury-Neptune square. Make lists, carry a map and double check your facts. Beware of space aliens and UFO's.

Halloween night Venus in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. Original costumes and unlikely partnerships win the top prize.

Saturday, November 3. Venus then moves on to square Pluto in Capricorn. Focus on the next week's election could cause tempers to flare. Note to self: Don't try to change anybody's vote.

The harsh heavenly aspects coming up next week do point to some trials here on the earth. With Neptune at the first degree of Pisces and then Saturn at the first degrees of Scorpio I think we're being guided to look within to know what's real and who to trust. Events that don't add up in the physical plane may make sense to us from a spiritual perspective.

With all the confusion going on don't forget to vote!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Year of Living Astrologically

The author A.J. Jacobs recently came out with a book titled "A Year of Living Biblically" in which he recorded his experiences trying to live for one year following every rule in the Bible. Although some of the restrictions seemed absurd and some even impossible to follow, he concluded his adventure feeling it had been worth the effort. Reading his journal inspired me to consider doing something similar:

 As of Monday October 22, I am hereby intending to live this next year following the guidance of the stars. I intend to record in advance what the stars are advising each week AND also to follow up with how I used this advice and whether or not it proved helpful. I hope you all will post comments or call me to report how these predictions worked out for you too. By the end of the year we will finally have the evidence to know if astrology is just for pleasant conversation or can it really make a difference in a life?

I'm starting this project officially on October 22 because this is the day the sun will go into the sign Scorpio which rules research. It will then quickly connect with Neptune in Pisces - symbolizing chaos - and next it will conjunct Saturn, the planet of discipline and long term commitment. I think that rather nicely supports a project dedicated to discovering if astrology can bring order (Saturn) out of confusion (Neptune).

So, let us begin!

As I look at the planets for the first week of our study, this is what I see happening and how we might put the guidance to practical use:

The sun will be leaving Libra and going into Scorpio on October 22: 
Libra was all about partnership, listening to the other person without judgement, and seeing how the other half lives. We had a vivid example of the sun in Libra when the debates gave the whole country  an opportunity to hear both candidates, side by side, present their points of view. In our personal lives this last month we had unusual opportunities to see both the good and the bad more clearly in our own situations. Now the sun will enter Scorpio, the most closed and secretive of the signs and a total opposite of wide open Libra. It will no longer be appropriate to try to balance and harmonize with everything. Sun in Scorpio means it's time to eliminate influences we don't want and to focus on what we do. 

Tuesday October 23: The sun entered Scorpio on Monday and then quickly trines Neptune, the planet of visions, dreams, and confusion.
This sounds like the world may be swirling in chaos Monday so I am intending to give myself lots of extra time to get where I need to be on that day! Furthermore, even if my friends and I are sharing the same dream it's probably not time to negotiate commitments yet. Better to hold off until Thursday when the sun will conjunct realistic Saturn.

Thursday October 25: The sun will meet Saturn early in the morning meaning be sure to eat a  wholesome breakfast to prepare for this day ahead. The afternoon planets are going to be wonderful for artistic projects and with the moon traveling through Pisces, psychic readings will be spot on through noon tomorrow!

Saturday October 27: The moon in Aries starts the day with a square to Pluto and a trine to Mars = lots of ENERGY! 
Capitalize on this aspect by finding where you have Aries in your chart - that's the place you can do the most good.

Sunday October 28: Mercury and Venus will both be changing signs If we used the planets' promise to help us get moving this last week we should see brand new realities opening up for us today.

I can hardly wait!

Until then,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, October 13, 2012

...And They Lived Happily Ever After.

The new moon appears on Monday October 15 at the end of Libra - the sign of partnership. This will be the last aspect it makes before going void of course, meaning that after this conjunction with the sun, the moon won't connect with any other planets before it leaves Libra and thus the partnership agreements we make in this next lunar month are sure to be significant and binding.

How interesting that in this country we have our elections during the month of Libra symbolizing that our government is a partnership and not a dictatorship. This election's the line up of planets is particularly intriguing:

 The new moon will be at 22 - 23 degrees Libra. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is Chanticleer, the rooster who thought his crowing made the sun rise. It's a joyous and colorful image encouraging everyone to speak their truth. Doesn't that sound like our two presidential candidates? I'm looking forward to a boisterous debate this week. Everyone is sure to be at their best!

On Sunday October 21 the moon will square the sun at 29/30 degrees Capricorn. The Sabian Symbol here is amazingly appropriate: "Powerful men holding discussions about world affairs!" Another omen for a must-see debate. This aspect will also be the last one the moon makes before going void of course so again a sense of finality and ultimatums, particularly because the moon will be in Capricorn the sign of authority. No one will be able to get around the rules. I think this could mean the candidates should be particularly careful to stick to the facts. Whatever they say can and will be held against them! 

The full moon on October 29 will be in Taurus the sign ruling physical manifestations. Everything comes out in the open under a full moon anyway, so in Taurus the truth should be particularly self evident. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is the image of Jesus meeting the woman at the well where he told her everything she'd ever done. What a powerful combination of omens for this being an election where everything we need to know will be out there for us to see if we take the time to look.

Finally, the three quarter moon - the moon that tells us how the energies of the new moon ultimately play out - will appear exactly on election day. Although there are some disturbing aspects on this day - i.e. Mercury turns retrograde - which many astrologers see as a warning of potential voter fraud - at 15/16 degrees Leo the Sabian Symbol is truly inspiring: "A storm ends and all of nature rejoices!" 

Wouldn't that be loverly? Well, certainly the stars tell us the potential is here for meaningful debates and the right man getting elected. Meanwhile, make your own partnership vows Monday October 15, then proceed slowly and cautiously being alert for unexpected revelations on the full moon. By the three quarter moon we should feel the truth has set us free.

Love will find a way,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

  I intentionally didn't write about the position of the stars last week. Uranus was making an exact square to Pluto symbolizing accidents and - not wanting to focus on the negative but not being able to think of anything positive to say either - I opted to ignore the aspect completely. Alas, that was not one of my better ideas. I shoulda paid attention...

  Heartless Pluto was right on the cusp of my third house ruling short trips which woulda alerted me to the danger of going for a stroll if I'd looked at my chart, but it was a sunny day and besides, who checks their horoscope to see if it's safe to go walking? I coulda but instead I sauntered out thinking of nothing other than how quickly the skies had cleared from an earlier morning rain. I did notice the sidewalks were still kinda slick...

 Kaboom. I slipped, fell, and landed face down. At first I thought I had shattered my cellphone. Nope, the cellphone was in tact. Turns out the crunch I had heard was the sound of one arm snapping... 

Sigh, so now now I'm typing single handedly with a whole new respect for doctors, drugs and the power of Pluto.
But moving right along...

A few columns ago I wrote that Obama was in a strong position for the upcoming election because his Destiny Card for this year is the Queen of Spades. This Queen represents Self-Mastery and promises you can manifest anything you want in the outer world if you first accept it within. Thus Obama can be said to be in a prime position to achieve anything he wants - if he wants it. His poor performance at the first debate has left me wondering, does he even want his job? Given the spiritual sensitivity of his birth card -The 9 of Diamonds - I'm thinking the weight of being the Commander-in-Chief and the ultimate responsibility for all the killing going on in Afghanistan could be too burdensome for this empathetic soul. Was he just tired the night of the show or is he perhaps tired of the whole political scene altogether? Does he still want to be president? 

The major phenomenon in the sky this week is Saturn's exit from Libra and entrance into Scorpio. For the past 2 1/2 years Saturn, the planet of responsibility and limitation has been in the sign Libra, the sign of partnership. During this time there was an emphasis on the importance of mutual commitment and when progress stalled it was often because the parties involved refused to come to an agreement. (Look at what was going on in Congress!) As Saturn reached the end of Libra this month we saw people coming to the end of their patience - there was a sense that whatever we had accomplished together so far was as good as it was going to ever get and now, if there was no sign of further improvement, it was time walk away from the partnership all together. For example, the day before the debate Romney's approval ratings had fallen so low that if he didn't prove his worth  that night his party was ready to walk away from their commitment to his campaign. Likewise, in our personal lives everyone I've talked to seems to have been dealing with some sort of now-or-never situation at home.

Now Saturn has moved into Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth.
The storm has passed. We access the damages. We begin to rebuild. Saturn at the first degrees means that we should pause and be particularly aware at this beginning of what we are agreeing to be responsible for. The important thing is to take it slow, to not promise more than we can deliver, to keep life under our own control. Obama will need to revive the spirit he showed the world in 2008. The rest of us will most likely be facing tests of our own accountability. Saturn doesn't ask for miracles. He just wants us to play it straight.

We will, We can, We shall.



Rosada, EXT 2340