Sunday, December 25, 2011

20. Judgement - Rise and Shine!

The Judgement card shows Gabriel blowing his horn and men women and children all rising from their graves. The card signifies rebirth and renewal. I swear I didn't plan this ahead of time - but what a grand card to be our focus this week as we end 2011 and look forward to a rebirth of positive intentions and opportunities coming in the new year!

Judgement is associated with the planet Pluto, the planet ruling death and rebirth, particularly the rebirth of faith. Although we like to think we always believe in something higher, something greater than the mundane world of work and routine, in reality many of us have forgotten our spiritual mission. When The Judgement card  appears in our reading it's calling, "It's not too late! Awaken!"  

With January first - the time for making New Year's Resolutions - right around the corner, let's intend our study of Judgement to guide us to evaluate our past decisions, particularly in terms of forgiving self and others.

Note the river flowing in the background. It is the same stream we first connected with at the very beginning of our journey with The High Priestess card, suggesting some sort of awareness of a stream of consciousness connecting us all.

If you are doing a reading for another and Judgement comes up you probably are dealing with someone who has had a recent "awakening." Perhaps they are seeing a common thread connecting their past experiences and recognizing how their own attitudes and actions have created their current situation. Advise them they are at a point where they can make some life changing decisions. All the pieces are coming together and their Judgement will be particularly clear at this time. If they need further guidance, suggest they 
reconsider forgotten ambitions and the possibility of renewal.

Bottom line:  It's time for fresh starts and new beginnings! Meditate on this card and make some powerful affirmations for the New Year!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 18, 2011

19. The Sun - The Time to Be Happy is Now.

Last week the Pisces card, The Moon, pictured lots of strange omens with no understanding of what they all meant: a landscape of confusion and uncertainty. This week's card, The Sun depicts the magical moment when this scary realm of darkness and dreams suddenly becomes decipherable. Like the sun rising in the morning bringing light, The Sun card's appearance in a reading reassures us that fresh insights will dissolve old fears and we can be happy again taking life one day at a time.

We have seen this pattern of highs and lows, darkness and then light several times now:

 The Fool starts out high, literally. He is on a mountain top but being oblivious to his surroundings it appears he is about to stumble over the edge of a cliff and fall to the bottom. The next cards describe his journey to  return to the mountain top, which he finally does in card 9 only by then he is no longer an unconscious fool, but now he is The Hermit - the wise one who has made the ascent fully conscious - fully aware of where he is and what it took to get there..

Notice, however, The Hermit is not the last card in the deck. Life does not stop just because one reaches a goal. Even though The Hermit describes a man who has made his ascent wisely and without folly, the next card, The Wheel of Fortune, shows fortunes change, what seemed like an upper now becomes a downer. The Hermit does not fall off the mountain as The Fool may have, but most likely comes to decide "It's lonely at the top."  Or perhaps achievements are forgotten as the soul seeks new challenge. The next several cards describe these ups and downs, particularly Temperance - the joy of creating - The Devil - the boredom that sets in when the creation is complete and The Tower - the shake up of the status quo that leads to The Star, and the hope for a new life but then The Moon, the fear that we don't know how we'll be in this new life, we're back to being Fools again...

So up and down, up and down...Ultimately - after repeating this cycle for about a zillion lifetimes - the realization kicks in that it is not the destination that is is important, it's the joy in the journey. Or as The Sun illustrates, it's finding the joy in each moment. 

The Sun has a beautiful baby as it's symbol. What a grand card to be focusing on this week as we approach the birthday of baby Jesus!

Merry Christmas Everyone,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 11, 2011

18. The Moon - Naughty or Nice?

Card 18. The Moon, features a scowling full moon, a howling wolf, a dog and a creepy crayfish crawling out of the primordial goo. Scary and disgusting - definitely the opposite in feeling from last week's cheery Star card! The sequence is telling us that when you have a vision, a dream, a Star to follow for the future, well then you you can dare to open your eyes a little bit wider and actually see how yucky things are in the present - for make no mistake, The Moon predicts a difficult circumstance. Yet it's a good card too. The Moon card appears when we are recovering from major changes (The Tower) and although we may have a clue as to where we want to go next (The Star) we aren't sure yet how to proceed. The path ahead seems poorly lit - the light coming from the full moon is not direct light -the wolf and the dog have strong instincts but we don't understand them, and that crayfish looks just plain weird. So guidance from the outer world is unreliable and The Moon card says you can't trust it! The Moon advises relying on your psychic intuition and warns against getting caught up in fear about the way things may appear to be. 

To understand this card a bit better let's look at the sequence of the past few cards:

15. The Devil with the bodies chained in slavery could represent someone feeling trapped. I think of a child born in poverty with no way out.

16. The Lightening Struck Tower means something happening to shake up that situation.  The child may be removed from his home and placed in foster care, thus giving him a lightening flash of insight into a better world.

17. The Star is the feeling of hopefulness - the child sees this better life and vows to make it his own.

18. If you don't know how to deal with a problem ultimately you'll try to ignore it. We saw this in the Ignorance is bliss!" attitude in the Fool. However, if you feel confident that what you are on the inside is stronger than anything you see on the outside - well, then you open your eyes and fearlessly recognize the truth. I think of the Bible quotation, "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil, for Thou art with me." The vision of something greater being possible gives one the courage to see things as they are now. So if in the past one has been in denial because it would have been unbearable to admit how truly precarious, unreliable and just plain messed up their life path had been, now after the experience of hope and faith being instilled with The Star, one can look at their world around them and see it for what it is and not feel afraid. So The Moon card actually means seeing the unpleasant truths, things like security is an illusion and there are no guarantees. Can we handle knowing this? Can we handle knowing the truth - that everything is in a state of flux? that is seeing all the instability and deception we didn't dare allow ourselves to see before. We can do this successfully if we have a sense of hope or inner purpose, or a strong sense of who we are. Without that anchor, however, The Moon describes a very dangerous situation - knowing too much.

When The Moon appears in a reading it portends there is some sort of deception going on. Let it be your cue to give your client a pep talk about ignoring what the world tells them they should believe and trusting their own inner knowingness.

Trying to fit this card in with the days ahead with Christmas around the corner, this is probably a good reminder to ignore all the advertisements out there threatening us that if we don't buy what they tell us Christmas will flop. The Moon says that's all lies and deception and that the inner spirit of Christmas will prevail no matter what!

Meanwhile it just occurred to me I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what my grandson would like under the tree. Now, I just realized, I already know darn well what he wants - he wants this creepy crayfish dinosaur robot! I've been resisting his wish because I think it's disgusting but maybe this card is an omen, a prompting from my inner knowingness to ignore what I think and get the kid what he wants. Yeah, that feels about right and with the Moon card your feelings are the only thing you can trust!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 4, 2011

17. The Star - Wisemen Follow It

Card 17. The Star is the card of hope and it comes when we need it most! We've experienced 12. Hanging, 13. Death, 15. Bondage and 16.Catastrophe in the last five cards. Even 14.Temperance,  the card with the angel tossing ideas about could only offer as much relief as our own belief system would permit. But now 17. The Star appears to tell us that when things are at their worst, when everything has fallen to pieces, we find we are in our best position ever! No more dragging around that long tail of disappointments and unkept promises. No more trying to figure out what we should have done differently. The Star says "Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Make a wish - then follow the lead that comes to you." The Star's appearance means we are now truly ready to let go and let God.

How does this manifest in real life? My experience has been that when it comes to miracles and blessings we only acknowledge the really big stuff and disregard the little ones that are even more important for helping us stay on our path. We think if angels are real they'll give us something huge - winning lottery numbers! - and we discount every day miracles like green lights and parking places. And so we forget to acknowledge our angels, we forget we can call on them, we try to manage everything from our own limited understanding until inevitably something catastrophic happens like losing a home or health issues. Suddenly we realize we cannot control ANYTHING, that we must trust in Life for EVERYTHING. By recognizing that even the tiniest bits of good fortune are not of our doing, but come by Grace, then at last we appreciate even the smallest gifts we are given. To Appreciate means to make more of something. In times of crisis sometimes it seems like there aren't even the smallest blessings but then something comes along, maybe just an unexpected dab of toothpaste left in what we thought was an empty tube. But we thank God for it, we appreciate it, and when we  appreciate our Higher Power, we are signaling our unconscious to allow even more, and more, and more, of these blessings in our lives.

So when The Star appears, it means appreciate what you've got - just as the figure is pouring water on the land - and appreciate the good things you know are coming - just as she also pours water into the river. 


Now I would like to respond to a comment one of you was good enough to post last month with concerns about when we come to a card that obviously does not describe a pleasant experience. Must we focus on such a card for the whole week? 
Absolutely not! If you find that focusing on The Devil or The Tower seems to be drawing bad experiences to you then put the card away immediately. My hope is that this exercise will bring you just enough of what each card represents so you'll be able to understand the card when it comes up in your readings, but no need to become an expert!
Furthermore, If you are wanting to erase an influence from your mind, put The High Priestess and The Fool our where you'll see them. They will quickly restore your natural equilibrium. 

Having said that, I don't think anyone will be troubled having 17. The Star card supporting them this week. Indeed, it's perfect timing that this card appears in our study just as we are celebrating the Three Kings following The Star to the manger! As for wishing on a star, this is the time of year for writing wishes to Santa and also for sending cards wishing each other all good things. So it should not be difficult to get in tune with The Star this week!

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season,

Rosada, EXT 2340